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CAPITAL, $700,000. 

W. C. /). GRANNIS, Pres't. 

F. P. WILSON, Cashier. 

('. B. FAR WELL, Vice-PresH, 

S. W. STONE, Ass't Cashier. 


Prompt attention given to Collections. Correspondence solicited. 





pres't anglo-american provision oo. 














W. M. HOYT, 





D. W. IRWIN, Pres. D. B. DEWEY. Vice-Pres. 

D. K. PEARSONS, 2d Vice-Pres. A. L. DEWAR, Cashier. 

/American Exchange 

imal Bank, 


Collection of Chicogoono 


The University Library 


o : 


G. F. Bissell, 
E. Buckingham, 
A. N. Young, - 
J. A. Markley, 
Wm. C. Seipp, 
Robert Hill, 
J. H. Swan, 
Geo. R. Jenkins, 
Geo. Oberne, - 
D. B. Dewey, 

5 : 

3en & Co., Grain Commission. 


;on & Merriman Co., Lumber 

Comptroller C. N. W. R'y Co 

o. o. jurk & Co., Soap Manufacturers 

- . Gen'l Agent Hartford Fire Insurance Co 

President Traders Insurance Co 

Young & Nichols, Grain Commission. 

Markley, Ailing & Co., Wholesale Hardware. 

Conrad Seipp Brewing Co. 

Storm & Hill, Dry Goods. 

White, Swan & Co., Lumber. 

Kenly & Jenkins, Oils. 

Ob2rne, Hosick & Co., Hides, Leather and Wool. 

Beveridge & Dewey, Bankers. 



A tla 5 









W. C. D. GRANNIS, Pres't. 

F. P. WILSON, Cashier, 


Prompt attention give 












W. C. D 








W. M. HOYT, 






D. W. IRWIN, Pres. D. B. DEWEY, Vice-Pres, 

D. K. PEARSONS, 2d Vice-Pres. A. L. DEWAR, Cashier. 

/American Exchange 

Rational Bank, 





r w w ? 

D. W. Irwin, 

D. K. Pearsons 
I. K. Hamilton, 
M. M. Kirkman, 
John B. Kirk, 
G. F. Bissell, 

E. Buckingham, - 
A. N. Young, - 

J. A. Markley, 
Wm. 0. Seipp, 
Robert Hill, 
J. H. Swan, 
Geo. R. Jenkins, - 
Geo. Oberne, - 
D. B. Dewey, 


Irwin, Green & Co., Grain Commission. 


- Hamilton & Merriman Co., Lumber 

Comptroller C. N. W. R'y Co 

J. S. Kirk & Co., Soap Manufacturers 

- , Gen'l Agent Hartford Fire Insurance Co 

President Traders Insurance Co 

Young & Nichols, Grain Commission. 

Markley, Ailing & Co., Wholesale Hardware. 

Conrad Seipp Brewing Co. 

Storm & Hill, Dry Goods. 

White, Swan & Co., Lumber. 

Kenly & Jenkins, Oils. 

Oborue, Hosick & Co., Hides, Leather and Wool. 

Beveridge & Dewey, Bankers. 

(3) B 




or e^iCAse. 

N. E. Corner La Salle and Adams Sts. 


CAPITAL $2,O0O,O0O. SURPLUS, $400,000. 


C. R. CUMMINGS, President. J. J. P. ODELL, Vice-President. 

W. C. OAKLEY, Cashier. W. O. HIPWELL, Ass't Cashier. 

/\ Qeneral Banking B usiness *r RANSACTED - 

Letters of Credit for Travelers and Importers issued. Foreign Exchange bought and sold. 
Investment Securities dealt in. 






J. J. P. ODELL. 


The J. M. W. JONES 

Stationery and Printing Co. 


Lithographing, Engraving, 






L. G. HANSEN, Proprietor. 











" IU M Ml E KS, Cor. 40th Street and Stewart Avenue, 

TELEPHONE No. 9544. 

Corner Michigan and Franklin Sts., 

TELEPHONE No. 3097. 

General Office, 234 South Clark Street, 

TELEPHONE No. 1085. 





0% Commissioner for the United States Court of Claims, 

| Government PASSPORT ACENT at Chicago, Notary Public and 

For all the 





Alabama, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, 

Alaska, Georgia, Michigan, Nebraska, Utah, 

Arizona, Idaho, Mississippi, New Mexico, Vermont, 

Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, West Virginia, 

California, Indiana, Maine, Ohio, Wisconsin, 

Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, 

Connecticut, Kansas, Montana, Pennsylvania, Wyoming. 

Dakota, Kentucky, New York, Rhode Island, 

Delaware, Louisiana, New Jersey. South Carolina, 

Dist. Columbia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Tennessee, 

Also Commissioner to take Affidavits, etc., for the British Provinces. 
MR. K I SG gives special attention to~drawingIiE«AU INSTRUMENTS according 
to the law where used or recorded; to taking and certifying ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 
and PROOFS OF THE EXECUTION OF DEEDS, etc., for any State. Ter- 
ritory or Foreign Country. DEPOSITIONS, AFFIDAVITS, ete., taken, to 
be used in any State, Federal, Territorial or Foreign Court. PASSPORTS OUT A I MED 
on short notice. Annual Insurance Statements sworn and certified to. Collections 
and Legal Business of all kinds, promptly attended to. Acknowledgments, Affi- 
davit!*, and Depositions, a Spec ialty . 




HAND. The ONLY place in the cit y, where they can be found.cejfFj 

Office, No. 612 First National Bank Building, 164 Dearborn St. 
Residence, No. 7 Congress St. c:EXic-fc.<3-©, ill. 



The german-amerigan 

J oung * J_^ac}ie^ 9 * J^ n&titufe, 

605 and 607 North Clark Street, 


Offers all advantages of a liberal thorough education in English branches, 
Soiences, Mathematics and Literature, and affords to American pupils unusual 
opportunities for acquiring French and German from native resident teachers. 
For prospectus apply to 

Mrs. Amelia Erdg, 


American Electrotype Bo. 

Successors to A. WAGENER & CO. 



196 and 198 South Clark Street, 


SHMrlSSffiSftf* proprietors. I LLI NOIS 



National Bank of Illinois, 


109 to | 15 DEARBORN STREET, 

PAID-UP CAPITAL, - - - $1,000,000 



GEO. SCHNEIDER, President, 

WM. H. BRADLEY, Vice-President, 

WM. A. HAMMOND, Cashier, 

CARL MOLL, Asst. Cashier. 

Accounts of Banks, Bankers, Corporations, Merchants 
and Individuals received on favorable terms. 









Chicago, 1885. 336pp ^° 







Rational Bank of Illinois, 

t . D pacific Ocean, From the 
Se ^ ^-fNo. 82). 15.00 

109 to | 15 DLnneUKN STREET, 


PAID-UP CAPITAL, - - - $1,000,000 



GEO. SCHNEIDER, President, 

WML H. BRADLEY, Vice-President, 

WM. A. HAMMOND, Cashier, 

CARL MOLL, Asst. Cashier. 

Accounts of Banks, Bankers, Corporations, Merchants 
and Individuals received on favorable terms. 









A. N. MARQUIS & . CO.'S 














Index to Classified Directory. 

Abstract of taxes .475 

Abstract of title 475 

Accordeon repairer 475 

Accountants 475 

*Actors' Books 475 

Actuaries 475 

Adding machines 475 

Addressed envelopes and wrappers 475 

Advertising agencies • 475 

Advertising agents 476 

Advertising cards. __ 476 

Advertising sign painter 477 

Agents' goods 477 

Agricultural implements 477 

Ales.... 477 

Alloy manufacturers «..477 

Alum manufacturers 477 

* Altar builders ..478 

Amusements, places of 478 

♦Analytical chemists 478 

♦Aniline colors 478 

*Annunciators 478 

Anti-shaft rattlers 478 

Anvils and vises 478 

"Arcadian mineral water 478 

Architects 478 

-'Architects' supplies 478 

*Architec tural iron works 480 

Art dealers 480 

*Art glass _. 480 

*Art painters 480 

Art schools... 480 

Artesian well contractors 480 

Artificial eyes 480 

Artificial flowers.. 480 

Artificial limbs 480 

Artists 480 

Artists' materials 481 

* Artists' materials & architects' supplies .482 

♦Asbestos goods.. 482 

*Asbestos materials 482 

* Asphalt paving 482 

Assayers _ 482 

Assayers' supplies 482 

Auctioneers .482 

* Automatic sprinklers 482 

Awnings, tents and flags 482 

Axle grease 482 

Baby carriages (manufacturers) 482 

Badges ...482 

♦Baggage checks . 483 

♦Baggage checks and badges 483 

Bags 483 

Bakeries (wholesale) 483 

Bakeries (wholesale and retail) 483 

♦Bakers' ovens 483 

Bakers and conf ectione rs 483 

Bakers' and confectioners' supplies.. 488 

Bakers' and confectioners' tools 488 

Bank punches 488 

Baking powders 488 

Baking powder materials 488 

Ballast burners . 488 

Bands 488 

*Bank fixtures 488 

*Bank and office fittings .488 

Bankers 488 

♦Bankers and brokers...: 489 

Banks ...489 

Banks (savings) 490 

♦Banners and flags 490 

*Bar fixtures 490 

Barbed wire 490 

Barbers _ 490 

-Barbers' chairs 495 

Barbers' supplies 495 

♦Barometers ■- 495 

Barrel hoop machinery 495 

Barrels 495 

Basket manufacturers 495 

Baths T ...496 

Bedding manufacturers ... .496 

Bedsteads (iron) 496 

♦Beekeepers' supplies 496 

Beef extract 496 

♦Beer pump repairer... 496 

Beer pumps... 496 

Bell cords 496 

Bellows 496 

Bell hangers 496 

Belting manufacturers. ..496 

Belting mnfrs. (rawhide) 497 

Bicycles 497 

Billposters 497 

Billiard balls 497 

Billiard cloths 497 

Billiard cues 497 

Billiard halls i 497 

Billiard table repairers 497 

Billiard tables 497 

Bird cages 497 

Bird stores 497 

Blacksmiths 497 

Blank book manufacturers 498 

Blank books (pat. hinge joint) 499 

Bleachers 499 

♦Blocks, pulleys and rope 499 

*Blow pipes and furnaces 499 

Bluing- 499 

♦Boats 499 

♦Boarding houses 499 

Boat builders _ 499 

Boiler compound and cleaners 499 

♦Boiler and flue cleaners 499 

Boiler and pipe covering 500 

Boiler makers 499 

Boiler makers' supplies ...500 

Bolts and nuts 500 

♦Bonds and other investments 500 

♦Book corners 500 

Bookbinders 500 

Book binders' dies and stamps... 500 

♦Book binders machinery 500 

♦Book binders (refiners and assayers) 500 

Book binders' tools and machinery 501 

Book binders' supplies 501 

Booksellers ...: ..501 

Booksellers' subscriptions 504 

Booksellers (wholesale) 501 

Booksellers and stationers 501 

Boot, shoe and gaiter uppers 502 

Boot and shoe soles 502 

♦Special Headings. 


Boots and shoes (commission) 502 

Boots and shoes (mnfrs'. agts.)_ 502 

Boots and shoes (uifrs. and wh. dealers)... 502 
Boots and shoes (rnkrs. and ret. dealers).. 502 

Bottle dealers 511 

♦Bottle mnfrs 512 

Bottlers (ale, beer and porter). 512 

♦Bottlers' machinery 512 

Bottlers' Supplies 512 

* Bower-Barff, Rustless Iron Works 512 

Box manufacturers 512 

Bracket manufacturers 512 

♦Braids, mohair and silk 512 

♦Brandies 518 

♦Brass dies for printing on wood 513 

Brass founders and finishers 513 

Brass goods (mnfrs.) 513 

♦Brass rollers for picture frame mnfrs and 

book-binders 513 

♦Brass and copper tubes (seamless) 513 

♦Brass and copper tubes (seamless and 

brazed) 513 

♦Brass and wire works 513 

Brewers 513 

Brewers' association 514 

Brewers' supplies ...514 

♦Brick machinery ___514 

Brick manufacturers 514 

Brick mnfrs. (ornamental) 514 

Brick mnfrs. (pressed) 514 

Brick preserving 515 

Bridge builders 515 

♦Brokers (mining stock) 515 

Bronze powders. 516 

♦Bronze powder and gold paint 516 

Broom corn 516 

Broom manufacturers 516 

Brush manufacturers 516 

Brushes and brooms (steel wire) 516 

♦Buckskins 517 

♦Buggies 517 

♦Buggy tops and cushions 517 

♦Builders' hardware 517 

*Building materials 517 

Building raisers and movers 517 

Building and loan associations 518 

♦B ung mnfrs 519 

B urial cases ; 519 

Burial robes 519 

Burial shoes 519 

♦B urning brands 519 

Business colleges 519 

♦Bustle manufacturers 519 

Butchers' supplies 519 

Butter (dealers and manufacturers) 519 

Butter and cheese 519 

Butter, cheese and eggs 520 

Butterine 520 

Buttonhole and tacking machine 520 

Cab Jines 52 i 

Cabinet hardware 520 

Cabinet makers 520 

Calcimining 521 

Calcium lights 521 

♦California wines 521 

Candle manufacturers 521 

Canned goods, (brokers). 521 

Canned goods 521 

Cane manufacturers... 521 

Cans (paper J... 521 

Can manufacturers 521 

♦Canvas folding swings 1 521 

( ,'ar bui lders 521 

Car companies' livestock 522 

Car roofers 522 

Car springs... 522 

♦Car warmers.. ..522 

Car wheels 522 

♦Card bevelers 522 

Cards... 522 

♦Care of estates ...522 

♦Care of property 522 

Carpenters and builders 522 

Carpet cleaners ...531 

♦Carpet sweepers ..532 

Carpet weave is 532 

Carpels and oil cloths (wholesale) 532 

Carpets and oilcloths (retail) 532 

Carriage lamps 533 

♦Carriage trimmers 532 

Carriage and wagon materials 533 

Carriages, mnfrs. and dealers 533 

Cash registers .536 

Caterers 535 

Cattle companies and breeders 535 

Cedar posts, poles, and R. R. ties 536 

Celluloid goods 536 

Cement 536 

Cemeteries .: 536 

Chain manufacturers 537 

Chair manufacturers 537 

♦Chandelier manufacturers 537 

Charcoal 537 

♦Chattel loans 537 

Cheese (wholesale) . 537 

Chemists (analytical and consulting) ..1.537 

Chemists (manufacturing) 537 

Chewing gum (manufacturers) 538 

♦Children's carriages 538 

♦Chimney sweeps 538 

China decorators 538 

China, glass and queensware 538 

Chiropodists 538 

Chocolate manufacturers 538 

Church furniture 538 

Church goods (catholic) 538 

Cider 538 

Cigar box labels 538 

Cigar box manufacturers 538 

Cigar brokers 538 

Cigar moulds -538 

Cigars (manufacturers and wholesale deal- 
ers) 539 

Cigar and tobacco mercantile agency 539 

Cigar and tobacco (wholesale and retail). .541 
Cigars and tobacco (makers and retail deal- 
ers) 541 

♦Cinders 548 

♦Circus and show tents — _518 

Civil engineers and surveyors 548 

Claim agents 549 

Clairvoyants 549 

♦Clasps. -549 

Clearing houses -549 

Cloaks, suits and suitings 549 

Clocks -550 

♦Cloth cleaning compound... 550 

♦Clothes wringers -f>50 

Clothes wringer repairers- 550 

Clothing manufacturers for dealers -550 

Clothing (mnfrs. and wholesale) -551 

Clothing (retail dealers) .-551 

Clothing forms - 553 

Coal 553 

Coal and wood.. 554 

Coffee brokers -561 

♦Coffee mills 561 

Coffee and spice mills 561 

Coffins.. 561 

Coin bags 561 

Coi ns and postage st'< m ps 561 

Coke 561 

Cold storage - 561 

Collars and cuffs 561 

Collection agencies 561 

Coin b manufacturers -. . 562 

Commercial agencies 562 

Commercial coUeges ..563 


♦Commercial photographers.. 563 

Commission merchants (dressed meats)... 563 

Commission merchants (board trade) 563 

Commission merchants ( produce) 566 

Commissioners of deeds 568 

*Concrete and macadam stone 568 

♦Condensed milk 568 

Confectioners (manufacturers and whole- 
sale) 568 

*Conf ectioners' and bakers' suppli s 568 

Confectionery and f rait 568 

Constables 573 

Contractors and builders ...573 

Contractors for public works 574 

♦Coopers' stock 574 

Coopers and cooperage 574 

♦Copper manufacturers 574 

Coppersmiths 574 

Copying books and apparatus 574 

♦Copyists 574 

♦Cordage and twine 574 

Corks 574 

Cornices 574 

♦Corrugated iron works 575 

Corset manufacturers 575 

Costumers 575 

Cotton batting mills 575 

*Cottonduck 575 

Cotton goods 575 

*Cotton waste 576 

Cracker bakers 576 

Crape , 576 

Crockery and glassware (wholesale) 576 

Crockery and glassware (retail) 576 

♦Crushed stone 577 

♦Crystal light producers 577 

*Crystallized tin 577 

Curled hair 577 

Curtain poles and fixtures 577 

Custom house brokers 577 

Cutlers and grinders 577 

Cutlery (manufacturers and wholesalers).. 578 

Cutting schools 578 

♦Daily plates 578 

Dairy supplies 578 

Dancing academies 578 

Decalcomanie , 578 

Decorative metal work 578 

Decorators 578 

♦Deer, elk and antelope skins . 578 

Delicacies 578 

Dental depots 578 

Dentists 578 

Department stores 581 

♦Derrick outfits _. 581 

Designers . 581 

*Designers and engravers .581 

Desks.. 581 

Detective agencies 581 

Diamond brokers 585 

Diamond pointed rock drills 585 

Diamond setters .585 

Diamonds 585 

Dictionary holders 585 

*Die makers... 585 

Die sinkers. 585 

♦Dies (embossing) 585 

*Dies and molds for imitation bronzes 585 

♦Differential pulley blocks .586 

Dinner box manufacturers 586 

Directory publishers 586 

Dishwashing machines .586 

Disinfectants.. 586 

Distillers' agents 586 

Distillers and rectif ers 586 

Divers 586 

Docks and ship yards 586 

*Door hangers ...586 

*Drain tile .586 

Dramatic agencies 586 

♦Dramatic books ..586 

Draughtsmen... 586 

♦Drawing instruments. 586 

Dredging in a chines 586 

Dredging and docking... 587 

♦Dress and cloak cutting 587 

Dressmakers ..587 

Dress trimmings 591 

Drill manufacturers ..591 

Drive well points 591 

Drug brokers 592 

Drug millers 592 

♦Drug store fixtures ...592 

♦Druggists (commission) 592 

Druggists (mnfg.) 592 

Druggists (wholesale) 592 

Druggists (retail) 592 

♦Druggists' paper boxes and powder 

papers . 595 

Druggists' sundries 595 

Dry goods (commission) 596 

Dry goods (wholesale) 595 

Dry goods (retail) 596 

♦Dumb waiters 599 

Dye stuffs 599 

Dyers and cleaners 599 

Dynamite 600 

♦Educational books 600 

Egg cases 600 

♦Ekstrom kitchen ventilators 600 

Elbows 600 

♦Electric belts : 600 

♦Electric copper wire 600 

♦Electric gas lighting apparatus 600 

Electric goods and instruments 600 

Electric lights 600 

Electric pen writing 601 

Electrical conduits 601 

Electrical engines 601 

Electricians . 601 

Electrotypers' machinery 601 

Eiectrotypers and stereotypers 601 

Elevator appliances 602 

♦Elevator buckets 602 

♦Elevator builders 602 

♦Elevator repairs and supplies 602 

♦Elevators (freight) . 602 

Elevators (hand, hydraulic and steam pow- 
er) ..602 

♦Elevators (hydraulic) 602 

♦Elevators (passenger) 602 

♦Elevators (steam) 602 

Elevators (grain) ..603 

♦Elocutionary books 603 

Elocutionists ..603 

Embroidery and stamping... 603 

Emery wheels 603 

Emigrant agencies 603 

Employment agencies 603 

Enameled letters 603 

Engine builders 604 

Engine turners 604 

♦Engineer's supplies ^...604 

♦Engines aud boilers 604 

♦Engravers 604 

Engravers (jewelry) 605 

Engravers (map) 605 

Engravers (metal) 605 

Engravers (photo) 605 

Engravers (portrait) .605 

Engravers (seal) 605 

Engravers (steel and copper plate) 605 

Engravers (stone) 606 

Engravers (wax) 606 

Engravers (wood) 606 

Engravers' tools... 607 

Engravers' woods 607 

♦Engravers and die sinkers 607 


Envelope manufacturers . 607 

♦Envelopes ( addressed) ...607 

♦Envelopes (merchandise) 607 

♦Envelopes (.metal).. _. 607 

Exchanges 607 

♦Execution of trusts GU7 

♦Exhaust fans 607 

♦ Experts in patent cases 607 

Exposition ...608 

Express companies.. 608 

Expresses (baggage and city) 608 

Fancy goods (wholesale) 610 

Fancy goods (retail) 610 

♦Eancy meats 610 

East freight lines 610 

Feather duster manufacturers 610 

F'eather renovators .510 

F'eather trimmings.. 610 

Feathers 610 

F'eed mills 610 

Feed stores 610 

Feed water heaters 610 

♦Fences .611 

Fertilizers 611 

File manufacturers 611 

♦Fire apparatus 611 

♦Fire arms 611 

Fire brick... 611 

♦Fire brick and clay 611 

♦Fire department supplies 611 

Fire escapes ...611 

Fire extinguishers 611 

♦Fireproohng 611 

♦Firehose 611 

*Fire hydrants 611 

Fire salvage wreckers 612 

Fire works 612 

Fish 612 

Fish net manufacturers 612 

♦Fish nets and seines 612 

♦Fishing tackle 612 

Flags and banners 612 

Flavoring extracts 612 

Flaxseed 612 

Flax seed inspector 612 

♦Floor oilcloths and carpets 612 

Florists 612 

Flour (wholesale) 614 

Flour inspector 614 

Flour mills 614 

Flour sacks 614 

Flour and feed.. ..614 

Flower preserver 617 

♦Flue linings 617 

Fluid food (bovinine) 617 

Folding beds 617 

F'orge works 618 

♦Founders 618 

Foundry facings and supplies 618 

Freight claim agents 618 

Fringes and tassels 618 

Fruit butters 618 

Fruits, dried 618 

FYuits (wholesale and commission) 618 

Fluits (retail) 619 

F'urnaces and ranges 619 

Furniture specialties 620 

Furniture (manufacturers) 620 

Furniture (retail) 621 

F'urniture (secondhand) 628 

♦Furniture fixtures 624 

Furniture frames (manufacturers) 624 

F'urniture repairers 624 

Furriers.. 624 

♦Galvanized iron cornices 624 

Galvanized iron manufacturers 624 

Gardeners _ 624 

Gas burners.. .625 

Gas companies 625 

Gas engines... 625 

Gas fixtures.. ...625 

♦Gas furnaces 625 

Gas machines 625 

Gas meters 625 

Gas stoves 625 

Gates .625 

♦General merchandise 625 

Gentlemen's furnishing goods (wholesale) 625 

Gentlemen's furnishing goods (retail) 626 

Gilders (book and card) 627 

Ginger ale -627 

♦Glacier window decoration .627 

Glass 627 

♦Glass bevelers 627 

♦Glass blowers 627 

♦Glass bottles 627 

Glass cutters 628 

♦Glass letters for window signs 628 

Glass stainers 628 

Glassware 629 

♦Glassware, lamps and lanterns 629 

Glaziers' diamonds ...629 

♦Glove materials 629 

Gloves (retail) 629 

Gloves and mittens (mnfrs. and wholesale) 629 

Glucose 629 

Glue manufacturers 629 

Glue stock 629 

Gold leaf manufacturers 629 

Gold paint 629 

Gold pens 629 

Gold, silver and nickel plating 630 

Grading machines 630 

Grain brokers 630 

Grain dealers ..630 

Grain elevators 630 

Grain inspectors 630 

Granite dealers 630 

♦Granite monuments 631 

Grate bars 631 

♦Gravel 631 

♦Grease 631 

♦Greenhouse boilers 631 

Grinding and polishing 631 

Grindstones 631 

Grocers (fancy) ..631 

Grocers (wholesale) _ .631 

Grocers (retail) 631 

Grocers' sundries 650 

Guarantee companies.. 650 

Guidebooks 650 

Gunpowder 650 

Guns and pistols... _. 650 

Gunsmiths 651 

Gymnasiums 651 

Hair curling irons 651 

♦Hair felt --651 

Hair goods (mnfrs. and wholesale dealers) .651 

Hair goods (dealers and workers) 651 

♦Hammocks and camp stools 651 

Handkerchiefs 651 

♦Hard rubber 651 

Hardware (commission) ..651 

Hardware, heavy 652 

Hardware specialties (mnfrs,) 652 

Hardware and cutlery (wholesale) 652 

Hardware and cutlery (wholesale and ret.) .652 

Hardware and cutlery (retail) - -652 

Harness and horse furnishing goods 

(mnfrs. aud wholesale dealers) 655 

Harness and horse furnishing goods 

(mkrs. and ret. dealers). _. 655 

Hassocks and ottomans 657 

Hat and bonnet frames 657 

♦Hatchway doors 657 

Hats and caps (wholesale) ..657 

Hats and caps (mnfrs)... ..657 

Hats and caps (ret.) 657 


Hatters' tools 658 

Hay, feed and grain 658 

Hay presses 659 

♦Heating and ventilating 659 

*Heavy hardware 659 

Hide brokers . 659 

Hides, pelts and tallow 659 

Hoisting machines 659 

Hollowware 659 

Homoeopathic pharmacies 659 

Hominy mills 659 

Honey and beeswax 659 

Hops, malt and barley 659 

Horse clippers _ 659 

Horse collars 659 

Horse dealers 659 

Horse nails (mnfrs.) 660 

Horse shoe pads ...660 

Horseshoers 660 

Horse and cattle feed.. 663 

*Hose manufacturers 663 

Hosiery (mfrs. and wholesale dealers) 663 

*Hot water heating apparatus 663 

* *Hot water boilers 663 

Hot air flues 663 

*Hotel car ranges 663 

Hotels 663 

Household furnishing goods 667 

House raisers and movers 667 

Husking gloves 667 

*Hydraulic engineer 667 

Ice cream manufacturers 667 

Ice dealers ..667 

Ice machines 669 

Ice tools 669 

♦Imitation stained glass 669 

♦Imported rock asphalt floors 669 

Incubators 669 

♦Injectors 669 

Ink and mucilage.. 669 

Insect powder 669 

Insurance adjusters 669 

Insurance agents (accident).. 669 

Insurance agents (fire) 669 

Insurance agents (guarantee) 669 

Insurance agents (life) 671 

Insurance agents (live stock) 671 

Insurance agents (marine) 671 

Insurance agents (.plate glass) 671 

Insurance agents (steam boiler) 672 

Insurance associations 672 

Insurance brokers 672 

Insurance^fompanies (accident) 672 

Insurance companies (fire) 673 

Insurance companies (guarantee) 677 

Insurance companies (fife) ..677 

Insurance companies (live stock) 678 

Insurance companies (marine). ...678 

Insurance companies (plate glass) 679 

Insurance companies (steam boiler) 679 

♦Insurance directory 679 

Insurance fire maps . 679 

Intelligence offices 679 

♦Interior decorations 679 

♦Investment of trust funds 679 

♦Iron beams 679 

♦Iron doors and shutters .679 

♦Iron fences. _ 679 

Iron foundries. 679 

Iron merchants ...680 

♦Iron manufacturers 680 

Iron ore 681 

Iron pipe 681 

♦Iron railings 681 

♦Iron roofing 681 

♦Iron shutters and doors 681 

♦Iron stairs 681 

Ironworks ._ 681 

Iron work for buildings... 682 

♦Iron and wood working machinery 682 

Japanese and Chinese goods 682 

Japaners 682 

♦Jellies and preserves J 682 

Jewelers (manufacturing) 682 

Jewelers (wholesale) - .683 

♦Jewelers cases 683 

Jewelers (retail) _ 683 

Jewelry cases and trays (manufacturers) . .686 

♦Jewelry trays .'. 686 

Jewelers' paper boxes, cards, tags etc 686 

Jugs and jars (wholesale) 686 

Junk dealers 686 

Justices of the peace (city) 686 

Justices of the pea.ce (county) 687 

Kindergarten supplies 687 

Kindergartens 868 

Kindling wood 687 

Knit goods .687 

Knitting machines 688 

♦Kumyss mnfrs 688 

Labels 688 

Lace and curtain cleaners 688 

Laces and embroideries (mnfrs. andwhol.)688 

Ladders 688 

Ladies and children's furnishing goods... 688 

Lambrequins and draperies 868 

Lamp black mnfrs ..688 

Lamp burners 688 

Lamps, lanterns and signals 688 

Land dealers 689 

Lapidists 689 

Lard and lard oil 689 

Last manufacturers 689 

Laundries ...689 

Laundries (Chinese) 692 

Laundry machinery and supplies 694 

Lawyers 695 

Lead pencils and rubbers 708 

Lead pipe and sheet lead (manufacturers) 708 

♦Leather (buckskin) 708 

Leather (commission) 708 

Leather manufacturers 708 

Leather novelties (manufacturers) 708 

Leather and findings 709 

Lecture and musical bureaus 709 

Legal blank printers 709 

Letter files 709 

Lightning rods 1 709 

Lime 709 

Linen goods (wholesale) 709 

♦Linen thread ...709 

Lithographers 709 

Lithographers' machinery 710 

Lithographers' supplies 710 

Live stock commission 710 

Livery, boarding and sale stables 710 

Loans 713 

♦Loans on real estate 713 

Locks (manufacturers).. 713 

Locksmiths and bellhangers 713 

Lodging houses 715 

Log rules 715 

Looking glasses (manufacturers)... 715 

Lounge manufacturers 715 

Lubricators (automatic) 716 

Lumber (commission).. 716 

Lumber (hardwood) 716 

Lumber 716 

Lumber dockage.. 716 

Lumber dryers (manufacturers)... 718 

*Lumber drying 718 

Lumber inspectors 718 

Lumbermen's tools 718 

Lye manufacturers 718 

Macaroni and vermicelli. 718 

Machine knives.. ...718 

♦Machinery (manufacturers)... 718 

Machinery (woodworking) 718 



Machinery.. 719 

♦Machinery supplies 719 

Machinists 719 

Machinists' tools and supplies 721 

Magnetic appliances 721 

•Mahogany 721 

♦Malleable iron castings 721 

Maltsters 721 

Manicures •„ ..721 

Mantels and grates (manufacturers) 721 

Manufacturers agents 722 

* Manufacturing buildings 722 

*Map engravers 722 

Map mounting 722 

Map and atlas publishers 722 

*Marble flooring 722 

Marble works and dealer 722 

*Mason contractors 723 

Massage treatment 723 

*Massage and movement cure 734 

Masters in chancery 723 

*Mastic flooring 723 

Matches . 723 

Mathematical instruments 723 

Mattresses 723 

Meat markets 734 

Mechanical engineers 734 

Medical colleges 734 

^Medicine cases 734 

*Mercantile agencies 734 

Merchandise brokers 735 

Metal signs 735 

Metal spinners 735 

Metals 735 

Midwives : 735 

Milk depots 737 

Mill furnishers and machinery 740 

*Mill supplies 741 

♦Millwright 741 

MiU picks 741 

Millinery goods (wholesale) 741 

Millinery goods and milliners 741 

Mineral waters 743 

*Mineral wool 744 

*Mining 744 

Mining companies 744 

♦Mining geologists 744 

Mining machinery . 744 

♦Mirrors 744 

Model and pattern makers 745 

Moldings 745 

'Monograms and coats of arms 746 

Monuments 746 

Mortgage bankers 746 

*Mortgage loans 746 

*Movementcure institute 746 

Mowers and reapers 746 

Music schools 746 

Museums 746 

Museums of anatomy 746 

Music teachers 747 

Music typographers 748 

Music and musical instruments 748 

*Musical directors 748 

♦Musical literature 748 

Musicians 748 

Mustard mills --749 

Nails 749 

Neckwear ... 749 

Neck-yokes .. 749 

Needles 749 

News dealers (wholesale) 749 

News depots 749 

Newspaper deliveries 7.50 

Newspaper stereotype plates 750 

Newspapers and magazines 750 

Newspapers and publications ...751 

Nickel and silver plating.. - -758 

♦Notaries ' 758 

Notions (wholesale) ...759 

Notions (retail) ' 759 

Notions, jewelry, and street peddlers 

supplies ...759 

Novelties 761 

'"Numbering machines (automatic) 761 

Nurseries 761 

Oat meal mills 761 

Oculists and aurists 761 

*Office Chair Fixtures 761 

"Office desks 761 

Office fixtures 761 

Office furniture 761 

♦Office and stationery supplies 761 

Oil cloths (manufacturers) .762 

Oil stoves (manufacturers) 762 

Oils 762 

*Oils (lubricating) 763 

OOiled clothing 763 

♦Oil tanks 763 

Oleomargarine 763 

Omnibus lines 763 

♦Opera chairs 763 

*Operaand church chairs 763 

Optical goods (wholesale ( 763 

Opticians 763 

Organs (dealers and manufacturers) 764 

Organ cases (manufacturers) .764 

Organ stops 764 

Organ supplies 764 

♦Ornamental glass 764 

Ostrich feather dyers 764 

Over sleeves 764 

Oysters and fish (wholesale) 764 

Oysters, fish and game 764 

Packers of beef and pork 764 

Packers' supplies 765 

♦Packing 765 

*Packing cement 765 

Painters (carriage) 765 

♦Painters (decorative) 765 

Painters (fresco) 766 

Painters (house and sign) 766 

Painters (sign) 769 

♦Painters' supplies 769 

Paints (manufacturers) ..769 

Paints, oils and glass (retail) 770 

Paints, oils and glass (wholesale dealers 

and manufacturers... 770 

♦Paints and varnishes 772 

Panoramas 772 

Pants, vests and overalls 772 

Paper • 772 

Paper bags 773 

Paper bottles 773 

* Paper box machinery 773 

Paper boxes 773 

Paper cutters... 773 

Paper stock and rags 773 

Paper makers 773 

Paste makers 773 

*Patent articles 773 

♦Patent expert 773 

Patent lawyers and solicitors. 773 

Patent medicines 774 

Pattern and model makers 774 

Patterns.... 774 

Pavements 774 

Paving (asphalt) ...775 

Pawnbrokers _ 775 

Peanut roasters 775 

Perfumery (mnfrs.) 775 

*Photo engravers... .775 

Photocopying 775 

*Photo gravure works 775 

Photo-litho transferers 775 

*Photo mechanical printers 775 

Photographers 776 

♦Photographers (commercial) 776 



Photographers' supplies 778 

Physicians and surgeons 778 

Piano stools 787 

Piano tuners 787 

Pianos and organs 787 

Pickles and sauces 787 

Picture frames and looking glasses 788 

Picture frames and moldings ..788 

Picture mats 789 

Pictures ....789 

Pie bakers 789 

Pig iron 789 

Pig lead and spelter 789 

Pillow sham holders 789 

Pipe manufacturer 789 

Planing mills 789 

Plasterers 790 

Plasterers (ornamental) 790 

Plasterers' hair 790 

♦Plators 790. 

Plnying cards 790 

Pleating machines and pleatings 790 

Plumbers' supplies _,. 791 

Plumbers and gas fitters 791 

Pocket books (manufacturers) 793 

*Police detective agency 794 

Pool rooms 794 

Pop corn 794 

*Portland cement paving 794 

♦Portrait artist 794 

Post hole diggers 794 

Post office equipments 794 

♦Postage stamps for collectors 794 

Powder 794 

Potteries 794 

Poultry and game 794 

Poultry supplies 794 

Press associations 794 

♦Pressed brick (manufacturers) 794 

*Pretzels 794 

♦Printers (brief and abstracts) 794 

Prrinters (legal) 794 

P inters 794 

Printers (music) 799 

Printers (on wood) 799 

Printers (tip) 799 

♦Printers' chases 799 

♦Printers' furniture 799 

♦Printers' imposing stones 799 

♦Printers' machinery 799 

Printers' machinist 799 

♦Printers' materials.. 799 

Printers' supplies 799 

Printers' rollers and composition 799 

♦Printers' warehouse 800 

♦Printers' and bookbinders' cutters 800 

Printing inks_ 800 

Printing presses 800 

* Printing press repairers 800 

♦Promoter 800 

Proprietary medicines 800 

Provision dealers 800 

Provision inspectors 801 

Publishers 801 

♦Publishers (railway books and maps) 801 

Pumps (manufacturers and dealers) 803 

Purchasing agents 803 

Quiltsand quiltings 803 

Rags ...803 

Railroad associations 803 

Railroad companies... 803 

Railroad contractors 805 

*Railroad printers 805 

Railway supplies .805 

*Rain proof covers 806 

Ranges 806 

Rattan furniture ...806 

♦Rattan and reed ware 806 

Razor strops... 806 

Real estate ..806 

*Real estate loans.. ..813 

Real estate and loans 813 

Rectifiers 813 

*Redwood lumber and shingles 813 

Refrigerator car companies .813 

Refrigerators 813 

Regalia 813 

*Registers, cash 813 

♦Registers 813 

♦Renting agencies 813 

*Reporting machines 814 

Restaurants 814 

Riding schools 818 

♦Ribbons (wholesale) 818 

♦Rock as-halt (floors)... 818 

Rolling mills 818 

♦Roofers (felt, composition and gravel) ..818 

Roofers 818 

♦Roofers (slate, tin and iron) 818 

*Roofing materials .819 

*Roofing slate 819 

Rope, cordage and twines 819 

Rubber goods 819 

Rubber stamps 819 

Rugs (Turkish) .820 

Rules 820 

Saddlery hardware (wholesale) 820 

*Saddlery publications 820 

Safe manufacturers 820 

Safety deposit vaults 820 

♦Safety valves 820 

Sail makers 820 

Sale stables 820 

Saloons . ....821 

♦Saloon and bar fixtures 821 

♦Saloon supplies .821 

Salt Dealers 864 

Sand and gravel 864 

♦Sand paper 864 

Sash, doors and blinds 864 

♦Sash weights (lead) 865 

Sauer kraut (manufacturers) 865 

Sausage casings 865 

Sausage manufacturers 865 

Saw gummers 865 

Saw manufacturers 866 

Sawing machines : 866 

Scales (manufacturers) 866 

Scavengers ^ 866 

Scenic artists 866 

Schools, colleges and academies 866 

School furniture and apparatus 869 

♦School and church furniture 869 

♦School supplies ...869 

♦Scientific apparatus 869 

Scrap iron 869 

Screws (manufacturers) 869 

Sculptors 869 

Seals (notary and corporation) 869 

Second-hand dealers 869 

♦Secret Service 869 

Seeds 869 

♦Seines and fish nets ...869 

Sewer builders 869 

Sewer pipe. _ 870 

Sewing machine attachments and repair- 
ers 870 

Sewing machine furniture 870 

Sewing machines (companies and agents) .870 

Sewingsilk and twist 871 

Shaftings, pulleys and hangers 871 

Shavings and sawdust. 871 

♦Sheet iron 871 

♦Sheet lead 871 

Shells and shell workers 871 

Ship chandlers 871 

Shipsmiths 871 

I Shirt manufacturers 871 



Shoddy mills 872 

Shoe blacking (manufacturers) 872 

Shoe heels „ 872 

Shoe manufacturers 872 

♦Shorthand institutes 872 

♦Shorthand machines 872 

Shot manufacturers ...872 

Show cards .872 

Show cases (manufacturers) 872 

♦Sidewalks 873 

Sidewalk and vault lights 873 

Sign boards 873 

Sign hangers 873 

♦Sign letters and figures 873 

*Sign painters 873 

♦Signs 873 

Signs 874 

♦Silk fabrics 874 

Silk manufacturers 874 

♦Silk yarns 874 

Silver plated ware 874 

♦Skylights 874 

Slaughter houses 874 

Sleeping car companies 874 

Sleighs 874 

Slipper manufacturers 875 

Smelting and refining 875 

Smoke consumers 875 

Smoke stacks 875 

Smokers' articles 87 5 

Soap manufacturers 875 

♦Soap molds and presses 875 

Soda water (manufacturers) 875 

Soda water apparatus 875 

♦Solder.... 875 

♦Speaking tubes 875 

♦Spool cotton 875 

Sporting goods 876 

Spring beds 876 

Springs . 876 

Sprinklers 876 

♦Stable furniture . 876 

♦Stain manufacturers 876 

* Stained glass ( substitute) 876 

♦Stained glassworks 876 

Stair builders 876 

♦Stamp cutters 876 

♦Stamps (steel and brass) 876 

♦Stamped tinware. _. ,.. 876 

Starch manufacturers 876 

Stationers 877 

Statuary 878 

♦Steam boilers 878 

♦Steam engines and boilers 878 

Steam fitters 878 

Steam guages and valves .. 878 

♦Steam generators 878 

♦Steam heating apparatus 878 

Steam pumps ..878 

♦Steam specialties 878 

♦Steam pipe and boiler covering 878 

Steam warming and ventilating apparatus 878 

Steamship lines and agents 879 

Steel manufacturers 880 

♦Steel stamps, letters and figures 880 

Stencil cutters 880 

*8tencils and steel stamps 880 

Stenographers 880 

Step ladders 881 

Stereoscopic views 881 

♦Stereotype machinery 881 

♦Stereotypers and electrotypers 881 

Stone contractors 881 

♦Stone flagging.. 881 

Stone cutters' tools 882 

Stone jacks 882 

♦Stone preserving 882 

Stone yards 882 

Stoneware 883 

Storage 883 

Store, office and saloon fixtures 883 

Store service 884 

♦Store stools 884 

Stove boards 884 

Stove polish 884 

Stove repairs 884 

Stoves and ranges.. 884 

Stoves, tin and hardware (retail) 884 

Straw boards 886 

Straw goods 886 

♦Street lamps 886 

Street railways 886 

Structural and ornamental iron work 886 

Sugar (refiners, agents and brokers) 886 

Surgical instruments- 886 

Surveyors 886 

Surveyors' instruments 8cS6 

Suspenders (manufacturers).. 886 

Swimming schools ...887 

Syrups.... 887 

Tables (manufacturers) 887 

Table slides and supports 887 

Tacks (manufacturers) 887 

Tags (manufacture rs) 887 

-Tailors (merchant) 88^ 

Tailors and repairers 891 

Tailors' trimmings 895 

Tanks and cisterns 896 

Tanners 896 

Tanners' tools and supplies 896 

Taxidermists 896 

Teaming 896 

Tea brokers 897 

Teas (wholesale) 897 

Teas, coffees and spices (wholesale) 897 

Teas, coffees and spices (retail) 897 

Telegraph companies 898 

Telegraph and telephone supplies 899 

Telegraph schools 899 

Telephone companies 899 

♦Telephones (for private lines) 899 

♦Tents , awnings and paulins 899 

♦Terracotta coping 899 

Terra cotta works 899 

Theaters 900 

♦Thermometers '...OOO 

Thread (manufacturers) 900 

♦Thresholds 900 

Ticket agents and brokers 900 

Ticket cases 900 

♦Ticket punches and dating stamps 900 

Tiles 900 

Timber i 900 

Tin, copper and sheet iron works 900 

Tinfoil (manufacturers) 901 

♦Tin plating 901 

Tin and japanned ware 901 

♦Tin and metallic plating works 901 

Tinners' stock and trimmings 901 

Tinners' stock... 902 

Tinware (retail) 902 

Tobacco (leaf) 902 

Tobacco (manufacturers and dealers) 902 

Tobacco brokers 902 

Tools (manufacturers) 902 

Tourists' agencies 903 

Towel and office supply companies ..903 

Tower builders 903 

Toys (manufacturers and dealers) 9U3 

Toys and fancy goods (retail) 903 

Transom lifters 904 

Transportation lines 904 

Trusses (manufacturers) 905 

Trunks and traveling bags 905 

Trust companies 905 

♦Tube manufacturers 905 

♦Tubing... 1 905 

Tug owners and agents 905 



*Twine and cordage.. 905 

♦Turkish baths 905 

Type founders... 905 

♦Type founders machinery 905 

♦Typewriters' papers and supplies. 905 

Typewriting (copyists) 905 

Typewriting machines 906 

Umbrellas and parasols.. 906 

Undertakers .- -906 

Undertakers' supplies 908 

♦Uniforms , 908 

U. S. Commissioner 908 

Upholsterers 908 

Upholsterers' goods 909 

Vaccine Virus 909 

Vacuum treatment 909 

♦Valves . 909 

♦Valves and packing 909 

Variety stores 909 

Varnishes (manufacturers) 911 

Veneers .:., 911 

Ventilators 911 

Ventilators (globe) 911 

Vest manufacturers 911 

Veterinary surgeons 911 

Vinegar (manufacturers) .912 

♦Vinegar makers' supplies and fixtures 912 

Violin makers 912 

♦Vises (manufacturers) 912 

♦Vocal literature 912 

Wagon attachments 912 

Wa«on manufacturers 912 

Wall paper ( manuf a cturer s ) 913 

Wall paper and window shades 914 

War claim attorneys 915 

Wash boards 915 

Washing compound 915 

Washing machines 915 

Watch cases (manufacturers) 915 

Watch makers' materials and tools 916 

Watch makers and jewelers 916 

Watches (manufacturers) 916 

Watches (wholesale) .....916 

Watches and clocks (manufacturers) 916 

Water filters 916 

Water guages 916 

♦Water heaters 916 

Water valves 916 

♦Wax engravers 916 

♦Wax figures 916 

Weather strips. 916 

Weighers 916 

♦Western lands 916 

Wheelbarrows 917 

Whip manufacturers ..917 

White goods 917 

White lead (manufacturers) 917 

Willow and rattan ware 917 

♦Wig makers 917 

Window cleaning companies 917 

* Window cleaners 917 

Window shades (manufacturers) 917 

*Wine and liquor dealers' supplies ..918 

♦Wines (growers and distillers) 918 

Wines and liquors (wholesale)- 918 

Wines and liquors (wholesale and retail) .-919 

Wines and liquors (retail) 920 

♦Wire (brass and copper) 920 

♦Wire (broom) 920 

Wire (manufacturers) -920 

♦Wire cloth mnfrs -920 

Wire fencing 920 

♦Wire mattresses - 920 

♦Wire forms . 921 

♦Wire merchants . 921 

♦Wire rope and its fittings 921 

♦Wire rope (manufacturers) 921 

Wire works -921 

Wood carpet - .921 

Wood carvers 921 

♦Wood engravers 921 

Wood turners 921 

♦Wood type 921 

Wooden ware (manufacturers and deal- 
ers) 921 

Wool brokers 922 

Wool dealers 922 

Wool pullers 922 

Woolens (wholesale) 922 

Wrecking companies 922 

Wrench manufacturers 922 

Wringer repairs 922 

Yarns 922 

Yeast 922 

Zephyrs and worsted 923 

♦Zinc etchers 923 

Zinc work 923 

♦Zither manufacturers 923 

Index to Advertisements. 

Acme Hotel 663 

Adam & Bahn, har ware 653 

Adams John, undertaker 906 

Ahern James, saloon 822 

Ahlers David, saloon 822 

Aiax Forge Company 805 

Albeck & Co. merchant tailor 887 

Aistrup & Monberg, saloon 822 

Altaian Michael, fancy meats 610 

Alvensleben H. V. real estate 806 

American Electrotype Co 7 

American Exchange National Bank 3 

American Photo-Gravure Works 776 

American Press Association newspaper 

plates 750 

American Railway Pub. Co 756 

American Show Case Works 5-872 

American Tube & Iron Co 905 

American Wine House 920 

Anchor Line steamships 880 

Anderson Bros, brass foundry 513 

Anderson Jennie Mrs. dressm aker 587 

Anderson John, saloon _..822 

Anderson Mary Mrs. emp. agency 603 

Anderson Reporting machine 474 

Anderson & Carlson, carpenters 522 

Andrews A. H. & Co. . . 617 and 761 

Andrews Bros. & Co. iron. 680 

"Arcadian" Waukesha Water 743 

Armbrust Nicholas, florist 612 

Armiger C. H. & Co. laundry.. 689 

Arnold Geo. A. & Co. carpenters 522 

Arnold W. L. printer 795 

Arnott Thos. restaurant 814 

Atlas National Bank. 2 

Atzel George, harness. 655 

Aubert A. J. photog — 776 

Auw N. F. carpet cleaning 581 

Ayling Bros, paints. 770 

Bachelder I. H. restaurant 814 



Bachmann Wm. meatmkt 724 

Badgley Ed. saloon 823 

Bailey W. R. & Co. meatmkt 724 

Baker & Smith Co. steam heating and ven- 
tilating 879 

Baldwin D. &Co. fruits 619 

Ballard C. W. dentist 579 

Balling George M. furniture 621 

Ball in ger Jacob, saloon 823 

Barker Cornelius, contractor 573 

Barnet N. coal 554 

BarnettM. saloon '_ 823 

Barth George, saloon 823 

Bartholomew H. E. merchant tailor 887 

Bartz Wm. bakery 483 

Batty H. W. carpenter.... 523 

Bauer Jacob, horse shoer 660 

Baumer & SlomerCo. planing mill 864 

Baxa Martin , boots and shoes 503 

Beaumont Eug. saloon 823 

Beck Charles, stoves and hardware 8*5 

Beck John, saloon 824 

Beck Louis, hardware - 653 

Becker Casper, saloon -_824 

Becker Charles, horseshoer 660 

Becker Edward & Co. florists 612 

Behren Jacob, saloon 824 

Beilman John J. wines & liquors— 920 

Bell W. A. carriagemaker 533 

Bendin Henry, saloon 824 

Bending John, saloon - 824 

Benedict E. R. wines 920 

Benedict Geo. H. &Co. engravers 605 

Benedict Geo. H. & Co. map engravers -722 

Benjamin & Co. wood working machinery-718 

Bennett George M. locksmith 715 

Benson Henry, saloon - 824 

Benson & Bovik, merchant tailors 887 

Bentley & Gerwig (limited) twines ... 905 

BenzingChas. saloon.... _. 824 

Berd & Schick, meatmkt 724 

Berger Bros, charcoal 537 

Berger Henry C. saloon 824 

Bertini& Citti, saloon 824 

Besley's Waukegan Brewing Co 822 

Best Fred, meatmkt 724 

BestMathilde Mrs. saloon 825 

Biewer Aug. saloon 825 

Bigden George, plumber 791 

Bigden R. A. photog 776 

Binz Peter, clothing 552 

Bird Dane D. printer 795 

Bird & Co. window shades 917 

Bischoff Harry, saloon 825 

Bitter Chas. saloon 825 

Blackburn D. W. express 608 

Blair Wm. E. sign painter 769 

Blake, Shaw & Co. cracker bakers 576 

Blankschain Wm. F. saloon 825 

Block W. F. cut glass 628 

Blocks A. restaurant 814 

Blomgren Bros. & Co. photo-engravers 

and electrotypers 601 

Blumenthal I. insect powder 669 

Boettiger Louis, saloon 825 

Bogue & Hoyt, real estate, (see bottom 

margin lines)... 

Bohn William, hotel 664 

Bonfield M. W. undertaker 906 

Borsch H. optician 763 

BosleyE. F. house mover 517 and 667 

Boston shirt factory .872 

Bostrom G. saloon 825 

Bo wen J . coal 555 

Bowles & Coughlin, saloon 825 

Boyle P. R. meat market 725 

Brachtendorf B. saloon 826 

Bradley & Company glass 627 

Bradley & Flynn, horseshoers 660 

Bradt S. B. postage stamps for collectors. 794 

Bredtschneider &Co. engravers 606 

BrenkeF. H. artist 481 

Brennwald Rudolph, saloon 826 

Brent N. F. carpenter. 523 

Brienen Gerhard, carriage maker 533 

Brinker Henry, saloon 826 

Broderick M. J. coal ... .555 

Bromstedt William, hotel 664 

Brown H. H. & Co, ins. agts 669 

Brown John J. carriage trimmer 532 

Brown John J. harness .655 

Brown Wm. B. saloon 826 

Brucker Michael, foundry 680 

Brunner & Lay, stone jacks 882 

Bruns J. H. grocer 633 

Brustad H. butter, cheese, etc 520 

BryanW. H. coal 555 

Bryant & Stratton Short Hand Machine Co. 474 

Buckeye Automatic Engines 604 

Bullock M. C. Manufacturing Co. mining 

machinery .744 

Burley & Tyrrell, glassware and lamps 629 

Burley and Tyrrell, crockery 576 

Buscher Christian, marble 722 

Bush J. P. Mnf g. Co. fluid food 617 

Butzow Wm. G. hay and feed 658 

Buxton E. J. crockery 576 

Byrne H. saloon supplies 821 

California Refining and Preserving Co 682 

Calkins T. E. engraver 607 

Call John V. marble 722 

Callahan D. J. harness 655 

Cameron A. J. & Co. worsted and woolen 

yarns 922 

Campin E. & Co. plumbers __' 791 

Cam pin & Eckman, plumbers 791 

Canfield & Co. show cases 873 

Canrath Nicholas, saloon 827 

Caretti John, marble flooring 722 

Carey M. J. carriage painter 765 

Carmody J. saloon 827 

Carpenter & Wharton, carpenters 523 

Carr C. & Sons, hardware 652 

Carr E. W. & Co. addressed envelopes 476 

Cart Collecting Co , 561 

Carter Z. R. & Bro. hay and feed '..658 

Case & Martin, pie bakers 789 

Casey T. S. & Co. nails 749 

Casey & Belanger, horse shoers 660 

Cave Brothers, boots and shoes 504 

Centennial American Tea Co 897 

Central Detective Agency.. 582 

Chalifoux John B. undertaker 906 

Chamberlain Charles, undertaker 906 

Champion Lye Works 718 

Chantry John E. horse-shoer .....660 

Chapman & Wilson, printers 795 

Chicago Board and Log Rule Co 820 

Chicago Dermal Institute 782 

Chicago Electrotype and Stereotype Co... 602 

Chicago Forge and Bolt Co 6 

Chicago Gold Pen Mnfg. Co 629 

Chicago Hansom Cab Co 520 

Chicago Machine, Dye and Model Works. .719 

Chicago Pie Co ...483&789 

Chicago Raths-Keller (wines) 919 

Chicago Renovating Co. bedding, &c 496 

Chicago Safe & Lock Co 820 

Chicago Top & Cushion Co 533 

Chicago Vacuum Med. and Surg. Institute. 931 

Chicago Watch Case Manufacturers 916 

Chicago Willow & Rattan Works 917 

Chicago Wrought Iron Works 681 

Chouinard R. L. photog 776 

Christoph E. G. Lithographing Co. opp. .. .709 

Clark J. H. saloon 827 

Clarke & Co. chattel loans -537 

Claussen C. F. pickles 887 



Clean Towel Supply Co. (The) 903 

Cleaveland & Schobert , saloon 828 

Cleaver Charles & Son, real estate 807 

Cleveland S. E. & Co. livery. 711 

Cloud Jesse, step ladders... 881 

Cluett Coal Co 555 

Corn Bernard, merchant tailor 887 

Coffey Barney, saloon 828 

Coffin, Devoe & Co. paints etc 770 

Cohen M. carpenter 524 

Cole George, merchant tailor 887 

Collier H. H. carpenter. ! 524 

Collins J. D. icecream 667 

Collot C. F. & Co. real estate 807 

ConnellM. coal 555 

Conraths H. coal 555 

Cook& Son, carpet cleaning 531 

Copp G. A. carpenter . 524 

Corney John, horse shoer, 660 

Corry & Fuller, plumbers 791 

Costello & Dwyer, saloon 828 

Coyle P. & H. H. undertakers and livery.. 906 

Crawford G. L. & Co. carpenters 524 

Creditors' Agency (The) collections 562 

Crerar, Adams & Co. railway supplies 806 

Cook & Bryden, carpenters 524 

Crowe M. & Son, house mover 517 

Cubbon C. H. paints 771 

Curley P. C. saloon 829 

Czmock Edward, horseshoer 660 

Dake Bakery 576 

Daleiden John P. books 501 

Dammann Martin, grocer 634 

Davis Chester B. civil engineer. 549 

Davis John & Co. fire escapes.. 611 

Davis John & Co. steam heating 879 

Dayton & Poole, Pat. solicitors. See bo* 
torn margin lines. 

Dederick P. K. & Co. hay presses 659 

Delmonico Saloon , 852 

Denicomb John, boots & shoes— 504 

Denney & Busse, saloon - 829 

Dennison Mnfg. Co. jewelry trays 686 

Dent J. A. flour & feed- 615 

Dettmer Henry, carpenter 524 

Dick Walter, contractor 573 

Dicke & Pilf usek, cutlery 578 

Diesel Frank, can mnfr - 521 

Dieterich Charles, saloon ...829 

Ditfurth Francis, artist 481 

Dix William E. furniture 621 

Dixon & Peterson, moldings 745 

Doerhoefer John, coal 556 

Doherty W. J. & Co. adv. cards.. ....476 

Doll William, merchant tailor 888 

Donnelly P. J. saloon 830 

Donoghue M. saloon 830 

Donohue & Cleary, saloon 830 

Doughty George F. dry goods 597 

Downes W. J. florist 612 

Drake S. & Co. picture frames 788 

Dreier Carl, saloon 830 

Dueber Watch Case Mnfg. Co 915 

Duff Joseph, wines and liquors 920 

Dunlea Ed. saloon 830 

DuPage House 664 

Duvall & Sons, livery 711 

Eagle Flouring Mills 614 

Eagle House 858 

East Side Casino 1 857 

Easterly & Pitcher, com. mers . 566 

EbertTheo. paints 771 

Eckhardt Nic. saloon . 830 

Edelblnt & Schnell, saloon 830 

Einfeldt & Eastman, lumber 717 

Eisenberg J. W. carpenter 525 

Ellacott J. P. mechanical engineer _.. 734 

Ellickson L. H. hardware specialties 758 

Elliott B. C. carpenter . 525 

Elston Ave. House 831 

Elton G. A. undertaker back cover 

Emich Louis, saloon 831 

Ende Amelia Mrs. German- American Young 

Ladies Institute 7 

English Bill's sample room 836 

Enright J. H. Jr. grocer 636 

Erickson & Larson, boots and shoes 505 

Erikson Gustaf, saloon 831 

Erikson & Borgesen, furniture.. 620 

Erpelding N. & J. mnfrs. dinner boxes 586 

Ertl John, saloon. 831 

Esnorff J. G. J. printer 796 

Etzel Louis, saloon 831 

Eureka Livery Co 711 

Evans T. merchant tailor 888 

Ewing House 665 

Ewing & McLaughlin, carpenters 525 

Excursion House.. 856 

Feldman F. C. upholsterer 908 

Fels William, saloon 831 

FelsenthalM. steamship agt 879 

Felz Nick, carriages 533 

Fetter George C. flour and feed 615 

Fichter John H. coal 556 

Fick & Schutt, German-English School... 867 
Fieldhouse & Dutcher Manufacturing Co. 

iron pipe 681 

Fifth Avenue House 664 

Filstrup Larsen, model maker 745 

Filstrup Larsen, musical instrument at> 

tachments 748 

Finstad & Smith, saloon 832 

Fitzgerald P. saloon 832 

Flach Fred, restaurant 815 

Fleishmann & Co. compressed yeast 922 

FlynnBros. saloon 832 

Flynn Redmond, saloon 832 

Fnlke & Kjellberg, movement cures 746 

Folzy Charles, real estate 808 

Forrest J. F. & Co. boot and shoe uppers.. 502 

Forster John S. florist 613 

Fowler Ed. L. photog 776 

Frank Chas. restaurant 815 

Frank John, carriages 533 

Franklin S. picture frames 788 

Franzen H. C. carpenter .525 

Freiberg Bros, orchestra 748 

Freitag J. F. carriage lamps 533 

Frenzel Herman, saloon 833 

Friedrich Andrew, saloon 833 

Friedrich E. meatmkt 726 

Friend & Fox Paper Co 772 

Fuchs&Lang, bronze powder 516 

Fuhr Theodore, painter 767 

Fuller Chas. H. adv. agency 476 

Fuller D. B. florist 613 

Gaertner C. J. cigars 539 

Galbraith John, horse shoer 661 

Ganschow Wm. machinist 719 

Garcia B. & Co. cigars 539 

Garden City House 664 

Garden City Model Works 745 

Garden City Steam Carpet Cleaning W'ks.531 

Garfield Park Horse Shoeing Shop 662 

Garvey & Hoban, saloon 833 

Gay & Culloton, plumbers 791 

Geiss A. & Co. metal spinners 735 

Geissmann Sol. sale stable 820 

Gengelbach Gustav, meatmkt 726 

Georgas Chas. F. & Co. grocers 636 

German-American Young Ladies' Institute 7 

Germania Turn-Halle 839 

Gerstendorfer Bros, bronze powder 516 

Gildemeister Albert, saloon 834 

Gindorff Peter, saloon 834 

Girsch Nicholas, saloon ._ .834 

Girsch & Geimer, saloon 884 

Gisleson Olaf J. saloon 834 



GlasouT. J. artist 481 

Glawe &Sacht, saloon 834 

Gleason Arthur P. saloon 834 

Globe House 664 

Goebel Henry, dry goods 597 

Goetze R. & Co. sale stable 820 

Gold Bros, grocers 637 

Goldbohm J. undertaker 906 

Goldsmith Bros, refiners and assayers 684 

Goodwick Fred, saloon 834 

Goodwillie & Goodwillie, box mnfrs 512 

Gordon Charles, furniture 622 

Goritz Herman, saloon 834 

Graf Anton, steam dye works 599 

Graham Clayton L. hardware specialties. -652 

Grainer Valentine, altar builder 477 

Grand Crossing, Livery & Boarding Stable 713 

Greenough C. H. saloon 835 

Grief Thomas, saloon, 835 

Grepling Otto, meatmkt 727 

Griffing A. A. Iron Co. radiators 879 

Griswold Bros, hay and feed 658 

Grossman Louis, livery and undertaking. _ 907 

Grundler William, saloon 835 

Guarantee Co. of North America, .front cover 

Guenthner B. bakery. ._ 485 

Gundermann Bros, plumbers 792 

Gundlach & Geil, furniture . _ , 622 

Gunther Henry, merchant tailor _ 888 

Hagedorn Charles, prop. Kuhn's Park 478 

Hagemann Louise Mrs. costumer.. _ 575 

HagenF. coal 556 

Hagner Chas. saloon 835 

Hales Simeon, horse shoer 661 

HallC. O. moldings 745 

Hall William, mnfr. chewing gum 538 

Halla George T. printer 796 

Halladay J. C. machinist 720 

Hallstrom J. A.&Co. furniture 622 

Hammes Henry, florist 613 

Hammill Fire Escape 611 

Hammond Type Writer Back rover 

Handy & Co. abstracts of title 475 

Hanisch H. R. & P. R. harness 656 

Hansen H.C. flour & feed 615 

Hansen H. L. books . 501 

Hansen John, merchant tailor 889 

Hansen L. G. show cases 5 & 872 

Hansen Wm. confect 570 

Hansen & Amundsen, machinists 720 

Hanson Jas. P. machinery 719 

Hanson M. coal 557 

Hanson William, saloon ( 36 

Harbert Edward E. & Co. telephones 899 

Harkins John J. boots and shoes 506 

Harley Peter, carriages 534 

Harris W. H. saloon 836 

Harris & Winslow Co. iron wks 480 

Hartmaa's Private Detective Bureau 583 

Haskell C. H. & Co. gas burners 625 

Hathaway J. L. coal. See backbone 

Haubold Gust, cigars 544 

Hauck Ernst, hardware 653 

Hawkins Chas. H. iron 681 

Hay & Prentice Co. steam heating 879 

Hayden G. F. merchant tailor 888 

Hayes Bros, grocers 638 

Hayes Michael, horseshoer 661 

Haynes W. Knox, patent lawyer 724 

Heath James, horse shoer 661 

Hebblethwaite John L. undertaking 907 

Hedden H. D. grocer 638 

HeegaardW. H. & Co. cigars ..539 

Heesch Henry, saloon 836 

Heine Elizabeth Mrs. flour & feed 615 

Heinrich F. saloon.. 836 

Helbrig Otto, saloon ...837 

Helschoff Conrad, boots & shoes 506 

Henaghan Thos. saloon 837 

Henderson Bros, steamship agts 880 

Henneman Geo. broom mnfr 516 

Hennessey & Antaya, horse collars... 659 

Henry F. furniture 622 

Henry Joseph, merchant tailor... ..888 

Henry Martin & Co. cigars 541 

Hermann Bros, meatmkt 727 

Herrig Nic, saloon... 837 

Hessemer William, saloon .837 

Hill Bros, bottlers 512 

Hill C. C. mechanical engineer 734 

Hill Geo. W. & Sons, hardware 653 

Hill Ira A. harness 656 

Hinckley O. W. mineral water. 743 

HintzeFred, saloon 837 

Hintze & Baker Co. sash doors and blinds. 865 

Hisgen Anton, flour and feed 615 

Hoefsaes Nic, carriages 534 

Hoffmann Robert, crockery 576 

Hollenbeck Edward N. saloon 838 

Holmgren Chas. cigars.. 539 

Holz Bernard, meatmkt. 728 

HolzapfelB. Jr. saloon ...838 

Home National Bank... 489 

Home Savings Bank 490 

Hoppe John, grocer, 638 

Horn Adolph, machinist 720 

Horning & Co's express 609 

Hornuth John, sign painter 769 

Hotel Leonard 665 

Hottua Nic. carriages 534 

Howie A. horse-shoer .661 

Howie George B. horse- shoer 661 

Hoyne Philip A. Commissioner of Deeds. .569 

Hughes Thomas, painter 767 

Hulton & Anda, grocers 639 

Humberstone A. J. Chicago tin plating 

wks 901 

Humbert Charles, tin and sheet iron 901 

Hurlbut C. & Co. icecream 667 

Hutchinson Mahlon Dr. Chicago Dermal 

Institute 782 

Hylen A. engraver 605 

IUingworth C. M. Dr 782 

Illinois Street Gas Co. street lamps 886 

Illinois Terra Cotta Lumber Co .612 

Illinois Trust and Savings Bank 489 

Illinois Wire Works 497 

Inglund & Peterson, hardware 654 

International Terra Cotta Lumber Co 612 

Irwin Richard, merchant tailor. 888 

Jackson John C. mining engineer 744 

Jackson J. W. Jr. meatmkt 728 

Jacob Paul, coal 557 

Jacobs Abraham, saloon 838 

Jacobson Niels, coal 557 

Jacques Martin, saloon 838 

Jaeger P. K. saloon 838 

Jaeger & Frausch, saloon ..838 

Jaeshke P. plumber 792 

Janeway & Co. wall paper 913 

Jansen Henry, wines 919 

JansenO. M. saloon 838 

Janssen & Bosworth, real est. and loans.. .813 

JarvisG. M. Co. wines 918 

Jenks Chancellor L. real est 809 

Jennings' Evanston and Chicago Express_609 

Jennings F. W. carpenter 526 

Jennings S. A. architect 479 

Jensen James, cigars 539 

Jewell Francis & Co. flour & feed 615 

Johansen Chas. T. saloon 839 

Johnsen C. Mrs. delicacies -578 

Johnsen O. merchant tailor 888 

Johnson August, saloon ,...839 

Johnson Chas. O. saloon 839 

Johnson J. C. saloon ..839 

Johnson Kolben, foundry... 679 ^ 

' J ohnson Victor, saloon 8 &" 



Johnson <% Carlson, flour & feed 615 

Johnson & Co. crockery - 577 

Johnston Wm. S. carriages 534 

Jones A. siem painter 873 

Jones J. M. W. stationery and printing 

Co. 5 

Jones Owen T. horseshoer 661 

Jones R. Ralston, iron 680 

Jones Thos. F. saloon 839 

Jordan C. H. & Co. undertakers 907 

Jotten John, saloon 839 

Journal of Railway Appliances 756 

Judd's College of Commerce ...563 

JuferChas. L. cigars 540 

Jung's Hotel 665 

Jurende Ernst, carpet weaver 532 

Jurgens C. & Bro. electrotypers 601 

Kaehler J. wines and liquors 920 

Kafka S. wines and liquors 920 

Kane Wm. H. saloon 839 

KarstF. A. Dr .782 

Kauffmann Charles E. architect... ...479 

Kaufmann Alois, saloon 840 

Kaul A. carriages 534 

Keats H. G-. & Co. saloon 840 

Keeney D. E. & Son, real estate 809 

Keil August, saloon 840 

Keil Jacob, saloon 840 

Kelleher Michael, saloon 840 

Keller John, saloon 840 

Keller Martin, saloon 840 

Kellogg O. P. real estate 809 

Kelly Edward, cornices A 575 

Kellv Frank P. merchant tailor 888 

Kelly John J. saloon 840 

Kelly P. J. saloon 840 

Kelly & Dnnlap, saloon 840 

Kendig William E. bakery 485 

Kenny M.J. locksmith 715 

Keon Francis, saloon 841 

Kerpen Philip Jr. saloon... 841 

Kerrott W. F. picture frames 788 

Kierman Jas. B. coal 557 

Kilberg John, saloon 841 

Kimball Geo. F. glass... 628 

King Simeon W. Commissioner of Deeds. 6 

King's Tea Stores 898 

Kirchen Peter, marble 723 

Klee &Tausig, sale stable 821 

Klein N. & J. printers 796 

Kleinman George, saloon 841 

Klin g Charles, model maker 745 

Klipfel Louis, saloon 841 

Klipfel & Kohr, pottery 794 

Knab A. Mrs. midwife 736 

Knauf L & Co. grocers 640 

Knickerbocker Ice Co 668 

Knie Chas. Wm. saloon 841 

KoblitzPaul, saloon 842 

Koch Charles & Son, undertakers... ..907 

Koellner Christ, saloon 842 

KoenigFred. W. saloon 842 

Kohler John B. saloon 842 

Kornbrodt Theodore, steam dye wks 599 

Kotva Charles, plumber 792 

Krabbe &Kaeding, saloon 842 

Kraft L. A. photog 777 

Kraft & Attkinson, coal 557 

Kramer. Spring & Co. wallpaper etc 914 

JKratzenberg Wm. carriages 534 

Krauel John, saloon.. .842 

Krause Wm. H. model mkr. 745 

KraussC. W. livery 712 

Krauss Joseph P. saloon 842 

KrauthahnLouis, saloon 842 

Kray Joseph, saloon 843 

Krebs Louis, undertaker 907 

Kretzschmar Fred, willowware 917 

Krey A. F. wall paper 914 

Krimbill Andrew, real est. 8 10 

Krohn Peter, saloon 843 

Knhnen Geo. carriages 534 

Kurth Adolph, saloon 843 

Kurz & Allison, art painters 480 

Ladd Herman W. Co. folding beds 618 

Ladies' Employment Bureau R03 

Lake Huron Stone Co. grindstones 631 

Lake View News 752 

Lake View Tribune 753 

Lang J. shirt manufacturer 872 

Lang J. & Co. florists 613 

Lange Gustav, printer 796 

Lange Henry, saloon 843 

Lange J. H. flour and feed 616 

Langlois Ed. carpenter 527 

Lanphear S. T. grocer 641 

Lanz, Owen & Co. leather novelties 708 

Laparle W. B. wines and liquors 918 

Lapointe Francis, architect 479 

Larsen John T. saloon 844 

Larson Alfred, saloon 844 

Larson, O] son & Co. printers 797 

LassT. F. &Co. grocers 641 

Laubersheimer Chas. saloon 844 

Lauk & Muller. carpenters 527 

Lawrence & O'Louglin, plumbers 792 

Learned E. W. grocer 641 

Lee H. T. Dr 783 

Lee Tohn, saloon 844 

Lee William, saloon 844 

LeesonT. V. coal 558 

Lemon John, saloon 844 

LeonardsonO. C. lawyer ..... 702 

Leontin Mile J. & Co. dressmkrs 589 

Lerminiaux Jos. B. saloon 844 

Leutz Ennil. saloon 845 

Levin Charles, merchant tailor 889 

Lewis D. W. grocer 641 

Lincoln Ice Co 668 

Lincoln Park Laundry 691 

Lincoln St. Iron Foundry 680 

Lind August, coal 558 

Lindemann William, saloon 845 

Lindholm J. T. merchant tailor 889 

Litterer Phillipp, saloon 845 

Little Harry, saloon 845 

Littleson Theo. & Co. grocers 641 

Livingston Wm. G. & Co. coal 558 

Lloyd R. E. confectr 571 

Loeb Adolph, ins. agt 670 

Loff & Stoelting, machinists 720 

London & Liverpool Clothing Co 552 

Loomis S. 0. photog ..777 

Lord & Thomas, adv. agency 476 

Lorden Jerry, saloon, 845 

Lorenz Aug. saloon 845 

Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Ry 64 

Love J. J. contractor 574 

Lovell E. meatmkt 729 

Lovi Henry, paints 771 

Ludwig Wm. detective agency 583 

Lueders Gnstav. grocer 642 

Lyberg J. P. artist 481 

Lyons B. J. copyist 905 

Lystad & Anderson, bakery 483 

Mc Andrews James, metals. 735 

McClellan Geo. R. bottles 511 

McConnell Bros., real estate, 19 Major blk. 

MoElheny & Son, harness 656 

McEnery John, marWh 723 

McOeeny & Hagerty, foundry .680 

McHugh P.J. saloon.. 846 

McTntosh J. A. model maker 745 

McLane James A. real est. and loans 813 

McMahan & Nichols, real est ...810 

McMullen Alex, bakery 486 

McNeill Malcolm & Bros, real est. and 
loans „ ,,,,,„_,—._- .447 



McNulty W. W. saloon 846 

MeVean D. C. hotel 665 

MacDonald J. S. & J. S. & Co. lawyers 702 

Mack James, coal 558 

Madison St. House 843 

Madson C. M. moldings 746 

Mahler & Gale, saloon 847 

Magren C. O. model maker 745 

Maney James D. plumber 792 

Mann John, stone yard 882 

Manz J. & Co. wood engravers 921 

Maplewood Fair, (The), crockery 576 

Mariner G. A. & Co. assayers 482 

Marquis A. N. & Co. pubs, and booksel- 
lers 473 

Marsh S. Mrs. undertaker 907 

Martell Chas. restaurant 816 

Martin Bros . kindling wood 687 

Martin J. W. carpenter 528 

Martland & McKeown, cornices 575 

Mason & Hanson, tailors' trimmings 887 

Maternes Jac. saloon 847 

Matthiesen F. J. delicacies 579 

Maxwell White Lead Co 917 

Mayer S. real estate 810 

Mayerhofer Martin, sale stable 821 

Meacham & Wright, cement 536 

Meadows A. bakery 486 

Mearns J, C. signs 873 

Meath Bros, furniture 622 

Meinken John, orchestra 748 

Meiser Peter, saloon 847 

Merz G. cigar box mnfr 538 

Merz John, furniture 622 

Messinger OrieDr 784 

Metal Novelty Works 652 

Metropolitan Safety Fund Accident Assn. 673 

Metzler S. Dr. veterinary surgeon 912 

Meyer W. merchant tailor... J 889 

Mezzettey James & Co. fruits 619 

Michigan st. Iron Foundry 680 

Mikkelsen & Bendtsen, store fixtures 883 

Miller Bros, meatmkt 730 

Miller C. & Co. upholsterers 909 

Miller A. R. & Co. carriage painters 765 

Model Shoeing Shop 661 

Moene C. Miss, restaurant 816 

MollerH. meatmkt 730 

Molloy Henry & Son, dry goods 598 

"Monon Route" (L. N. A. &C. Ry.) 64 

Monroe Jerry, saloon 848 

Montgomery W. H. artificial limbs 480 

Montie Prof, dress cutting 587 

Moody & Schmitt. model makers 745 

Mooney & Boland, detective agency 

back cover 

Moore D. B. horse shoer 662 

Moore John, marble 723 

Morier H. carpenter 528 

Moritz Charles, merchant tailor 889 

Morrill Geo. H. &Co. printing inks 800 

Mortensen L. A. photographer 777 

Moss Asa, milk 739 

Moss J. T. grocer 643 

Muehlhaus George, boots and shoes 508 

Mueller Henry, barber 493 

Mueller H. harness 656 

Mueller John, coal 558 

Mueller John, saloon 848 

Mueller Julius, saloon 849 

Mueller William, carriages... 534 

Mueller & Hardekopf, undertakers 907 

MullenS. J. saloon 849 

Munro John, restaurant 816 

Murling & Morf, machinists 720 

Murtha Bros, saloon 849 

Myers & Davis, livery 712 

Nash Frank J. saloon 849 

Nathan Herman, wines and liquors 919 

National Bank of Illinois 8 

National Cash Register .536 

National Restaurant. 815 

National Storage Co 883 

Neidhardt H. F. photog 777 

Nelson Bros, oil 763 

Nelson Charles, hardware 654 

Nelson Martin, saloon 849 

Nelson Peter, merchant tailor 889 

Nelson T. furniture... 623 

Nemitz Fred, brush mnfr 516 

Neustadt Fred, plumber 793 

Newren Bros, carriages 534 

Nilsen Frank, vinegar 912 

Nieth John, saloon 850 

Noble A. E. carriages 534 

Noel Ignatius, wines & liquors 920 

Nolan Bros, picture frames 788 

Norcott E. tin & copper ware 901 

Nordstrom A. machinist ... .720 

North Chicago Feed Mills 616 

North Chicago Knitting Mills 663 

North Chicago Roof ing Co 818 

North End Retreat 842 

North Frank, saloon 850 

Northwestern Brick Co 515 

Northwestern Show Case Mnfty 873 

Northwestern Steam Cigar Box Mnfty 538 

Novak & Matejka, grocers 644 

Noye JohnT. Mnfg. Co. mill machinery.. 740 

Oakwoods Cemetery Association 536 

Oehme F. A. saloon 850 

Oertel August, carriages 535 

Office Toilet Supply Co. (The) 903 

Ohlson S. D. wall paper . 914 

Olff Abe, wines and liquors 919 

O'Neil P. E. marble 723 

Ornberg Chas. saloon 851 

Orth Nic. saloon 851 

Osgood M. L. real est 811 

Otto Louis & Co. card bevel ers 522 

Otto & Smith, hardware 654 

Owen Electric Belt & Appliance Co fiOO 

Paesch Chas. bakery 486 

Painter &Tucker, grocers 644 

Palmer John, horse shoer : .662 

Paltzer C. A. & Co. lumber 717 

Parisian Steam Carpet Cleaning & Reno- 
vating Works 532 

Parker H. N. D. Dr 931 

Parthier F. willow ware 917 

Patterson & Sanberg, boots and shoes 509 

Paulsen H. C. saloon 851 

Paulsmeier F. undertaker 907 

Pederson & Anderson, boots & shoes 509 

PeeneyB. & E. A. planing mill 790 

Pegelow Wm. C. furniture 623 

PeilGustav, milk 739 

Pelz John, saloon.. ..851 

Perlich E. boots and shoes J...509 

Perlmann Robert, bottles 512 

Petersen A. & Co. office desks 761 

Petersen C. C. cigars 540 

Peterson A. F. saloon 851 

Peterson Bros, saloon 851 

Peterson Bros, paints 771 

Peterson Thomas, saloon 851 

Phillip R. flour and feed 616 

Phillips R. merchant tailor 889 

Phillips W. G. & Co. furniture 623 

Pinkerton's National Detective Agency 583 

Pinkerton & Co.'s U. S. Detective Agency. 585 
Pitkin & Brooks, crockery, front cover &. .576 

Pitkin & Brooks, glassware 629 

Pitkin & Brooks, lamps .....689 

Plummer Henry M. livery 712 

Pollard L. D. machinery 719 

Porter Mnfg. Co. (limited) engines 604 

Post Bros, carpenters.. 529 



Posta Frank, saloon __ 852 

Power (newspaper)... 756 

Powers Dennis, saloon 852 

Presser George, cigars ..._' 540 

Price Baking Powder Co 488 

Price E. S. & Co. hardware 654 

Prins&Koch, western lands 917 

Prospect Machine & Engine Co. 604 

Pulver J. & Co. cigars 540 

Quinn A. Mrs. emp. agency 603 

Rabs Charles, grocer 645 

Rahm Kajetan, saloon 853 

Reithel George W. coal. See bottom margin 

lines and 929 

Ratto G. R. & Co. confectrs 572 

Rauchenecker Frank, bakery .487 

Recher Joseph, saloon. 853 

Rector T. S. saloon 853 

Reed James F. crockery 577 

Reeder J. S. hair goods 651 

Regan J. L. Printing Co .798 

Regan & Bona, saloon .853 

Reid John F. merchant tailor 890 

Relic House saloon .845 

Rellingl. T. & Co. books.. 501 

Rettig A. saloon 853 

Rezek M. B. flour and feed 617 

Rhode & Schutz, photogs. 777 

Rhodes' Exhaust Steam Flue-Cleaner 499 

Rice & Bassett, contractors 574 

Richardson H. J. jeweler 683 

Richardson O. W. & Co. jobbers of carpets. 532 

Richer J. W. & Co. carpenters 529 

Richter S. bottles 512 

Richter Charlie R. saloon 853 

Richter & Hiesdorff, merchant tailors 889 

Rider M. D. stationer 877 

RiedelF. W. cabinetmkr... 520 

Riegert & Knorr, architects .479 

Rieser William, saloon 854 

Rieshe L. meatmkt 731 

Riley Albert A. mantels and grates 721 

Riley & Oswald, carriages 535 

Ritchie W. C. & Co. paper box mnfrs 773 

Roach Joseph Prof, music 749 

RobbinsE. F. harness 656 

Roberts D. T. syrup ...887 

Rogers, Brown& Co. pig iron.. 789 

Rohde William, saloon 854 

Rome E. & Co. carpet cleaning 532 

Rosback F. P..& Co. machinery 721 

Rose Chas. W. merchant tailor 889 

Rosenblum H. dry goods 598 

Rosenfeld Louis, cloaks and suits 549 

Roskopf J. J. harness... .656 

Ross J. W. cash register.. 536 

Rossow R. grocer 646 

RothH. meatmkt 731 

Rourke & Larson, plumbers 793 

Rubel Bros, printers .797 

Rudelius G. cutler and grinder.. ...577 

Rudolph F. crystalized tin 577 

Rueben & Schilensky, junk . 686 

Ruel Edward & Co. grocers 646 

Runyan & Runyan, lawyers 705 

Rushworth D. carpenter 529 

Russ Fred H. & Co. undertakers 908 

Russell S. P. carpenter... ..529 

Russell & Ives, meatmkt 731 

Ryan Edward P. Dr 785 

Ryan Tim. restaurant 817 

Ryan T. M. confectr 572 

Ryczewski John, saloon 854 

Sample & McRae, livery 711 

Sandhagen T. leaf tobacco 902 

Satchell Chas. H. merchant tailor 889 

Sauquoit Silk Manufacturiug Co 874 

Scales & Goodman, news 750 

Scahack Toney.ealoon 855 | 

Schaefer John, grocer 646 

Scharinger John, milk 740 

Scheunemann Otto F. & Co coal 559 

Schillo Adam M. livery 712 

Schillo, Cossmann & Co. foundry.. ...680 

Schippers John, Jr. bakery 487 

Schlechte August, bakery 487 

Schlumbrecht P. meat market 732 

Schmerler A. tailor 895 

Schmidt Frank E. harness 656 

Schmidt Fred, grocer 646 

Schmidt Ira T. & Brother, plumbers 793 

Schmidt Joseph, store fixtures 884 

Schmidt William C. carpenter 530 

Schmit Pierre, saloon 855 

Schmitz N. horseshoer 662 

Schnake Aug. grocer 647 

Schneider Frederick, stained glass 628 

Schneider Philipp, boots and shoes... 510 

Scholzen Theo. books 502 

Schreiber& Annas, cut glass 628 

Schriver P. A. laundry 692 

Schrohe Henry, saloon 856 

Schubert C. steam dye works 600 

Schuetzenhof Lum, saloon 827 

Schultheis Louis, saloon 856 

Schuttler & Hotz, mnfrs. wagons 913 

Schwab & Wallendorn, wine and liquors. ..919 

Schwarz A. & Co. printers 797 

Schwass William, meatmarket 732 

Schwegel Nicholas, furniture 621 

Schweitzer Matthias, saloon 856 

Scotford Mnfg Co. rubber stamps 819 

Scott & Merrion, coal 559 

Scrock Victor A. cigars 547 

Sears & Sears, engravers 608 

Sedgwick Wm. sign letters, etc 873 

Selle Theodore, saloon 856 

Sembach Charles, meatmkt 732 

Seng & Company, furniture fixtures 624 

Senne J. W. undertaker 908 

Sennholtz Wm. saloon 857 

Servoss Furnace Co 929 

Severmghaus & Beilfuss, printers 799 

Seymour & Keefe, carpenter 530 

Shampay A. lace cleaner 688 

Sheboygan Mineral Water Co. 743 

Sheeler H. house mover 518 

Sheeran Thos. livery 713 

Shults Frank, saloon 857 

Sievers H. J. saloon 857 

Simmons Daniel M. coal 560 

Simon H. bottles... 512 

Simpson Bros, meatmkt 932 

Simpson Geo. coal 560 

Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. silver plated 

ware 874 

Sitz & Orgelmann, harness 657 

Skinner William & Sons, tailors' trim- 
mings 896 

Sladeck & Olsen, model makers 745 

Smidt James J. saloon 857 

Smith Al. cigars 540 

Smith George H. saloon 857 

Smith J. W. saloon 858 

Smith P. P. & Co. plumbers 793 

Smith Wm. D. gas burners 625 

Smith W. Fitz Hugh, teas 898 

Smith & Son, upholsterers. 909 

Smolik Vaclav, saloon 858 

Snyder & Van Ostrand, furniture specialties 


Soiberg C. flour & feed 617 

Sokup Joseph, stoves & hardware 886 

South End Tailoring Co 889 

Speidel Robert C. restaurant. 817 

Sperain C. saloon 858 

Splinter Herman, sign painter 769 

Springfield Iron Co .818 



Stadler & Schoeben, painters 768 

Stauler & Schoeben, sign painters 769 

Stahi G. A. shirt mnfr. .872 

Stanley's Western Detective Agency.. 584 

Stapf George, saloon 858 

Star Brinting ink Works... 800 

Start S. S.& (Jo. coal. 560 

Staub Max, plumber ...793 

Staver j±. C. Implement Co. carriages 535 

Steens' Carriage Works 535 

Steger Charles 668 

Steniin h\ A. merchant tailor 8y5 

Steidle Adolph & Co. signs 873 

Steinbach Adam, saloon 858 

Stembrecher's Morse Shoeing Shop 661 

Stepnen .Bros, carpenters 530 

Steudel Ernst, saloon. 858 

Stevens Milo B. & Co. claim agts 549 

Stevens Milo B. & Co. war claims 915 

Stickel F. mnfr. pretzels 794 

Stierlin if. liotei 664 

Stoesinger A. C. tin, sheet iron, copper and 

brass wares 901 

Stoltregen's Hotel 666 

StoBey Hans, saloon 859 

Stone W. H. meatmkt 732 

Stone & .Brooks, photogs 778 

Storms John hi. paints ..772 

Strauss Wm. E. & Bros, brickmfrs 515 

Strauss H. knit goods 66rf 

Street BaBway journal 756 

Strieker .Bros, sale stable 821 

Stuob Jacob, furniture 621 

Stumph H\ Jos. saloon 859 

tttun&ei J ohn, mnfr. wagons and buggies.. 913 

Sues Douis & Co. liquors 919 

Sullivan 1V1. coal 560. 

Summers John, saloon 859 

Superior JNickel Works 758 

Tate it. H. & Co. coal ..560 

TeDbetts&Eedterman, real estate 812 

Tewes Henry, ice . 668 

Thatcher A.T. coal 554 

Tnayer U. B. photographer ...778 

Tne "Only" Juaundry 1..689 

Thiele William H. carriages 535 

Tnien Jorm, saloon 859 

Tnies Aug. upliolsterer 909 

Tnompson & Taylor Spice Co._. 561 

Thorns .Bros. & Co. paper 773 

Tnormeyer Jf» B. livery.. 713 

Tnurston Edwin E. patent lawyer 774 

Tierney M. J . & Co. engines 604 

Tindiii Chas. saloon 860 

Todnunter J ohn, carpenter 530 and 929 

Tomlinson A. pnotog 778 

Tookey T. Seymour, gent's furnishings 627 

Toscn A. nour and feed 617 

Trausch .Bros, grocers 648 

Treftz J. Ered. step ladders.. 881 

Treuiblay Joe. saloon 860 

Tres Beter. boots and shoes 511 

Tresham W. J. stoves, tin and hardware.. .901 

Troeinner Henry, scales 866 

Trompeter Chas. saloon 860 

Troost Bros, marble 723 

Turner E. H. steam fitter 878 

Turner's European Hotel 666 

Turner E. & Co. livery 713 

Twelfth St. Bargain House, crockery 576 

U hi Henry, saloon 860 

Umback Martin, saloon. 860 

Umbright Edward, saloon 860 

Union Meat Market ..724 

Union National Bank.. 4 

Union Steamboat Co.. 904 

U. S. Desk & Office Fitting Co 762 

Universal Spring lied Co 876 

Urban Bros, undertakers 908 

Vacuum Uil Co 762 

Yancleef Charles, merchant tailor 891 

Vanderlip Hugh, meatmkt 733 

Van Slyke Bros, cigars 541 

Vehmeyer C. C. saloon ....860 

Veverka & Huml, cigars 541 

Viiiwock Wm. saloon ".861 

Vincent Chas. O. grocer 649 

Vogeier Bros, photo-engravers 606 

Voilor & Co. mnfrs. chewing gum 538 

Voorhees Alex, hour and feed. 617 

Voss August, saloon ..861 

Voss S. A. saloon 861 

Wadsworth Jas. B. hardware 655 

\Vagner Cnarles, saloon... 861 

Wagner J ulius, restaurant 818 

Wagner Nic. saloon 861 

Wani & Henius, chemists 537 

Wakeheld M. A. carpenter 531 and 929 

Waldo cfcMundt, merchant tailors 891 

Wall J. T. saloon 861 

Wallace WiBiarn, model maker 745 

Walsn John J. wines and liquors.. 920 

Walshe B. J. merchant tailor 891 

Warner's Hotel 666 

Warren Bros, metallic centre pieces 923 

Wasnington ice Co 669 

Watkins W. undertaker 90tf 

Watson G. W. & Co. waB paper. 915 

Weaver A. modeimkr 745 

Weaver Mailing Envelope & Box Co.. 607 

Webb W. Mrs. dress cutting 587 

Webber E. Jf . livery 713 

Weber Bros, metal spinners 735 

Weber John, saloon 861 

Weber & Bingen, store hxtures 884 

Wehrenberg Herman H. saloon .862 

Weidemann Conrad, saloon... 862 

Weiland M. horist .613 

Weiss J ohn, saloon 862 

Welch C. E. saloon 862 

Welch J . A signs . *873 

Wells W. H. saloon " 862 

WeBsW. W. horist 614 

Welter J acob, .merchant taBor 891 

Wercker Henry, saloon. 862 

West Division Club Boom 853 

West Bandolph Street House .. r .836 

Wheeler C. CBbert, assay er 1.482 

Wick Wm. meatmkt 733 

WBnelmy Edward, saloon 862 

Wiiken Henry, saloon .863 

WiB Chas. E. cigars _^_ 548 

WiBEred. E. plasterer... 790 

WBiard V. B. spring beds ..876 

WiBiams Bobert, carpenter 531 

WBiis & Brassiard, saloon 863 

WBson J. Appleton, real est 812 

WBson J". B. photog 778 

WBson E. B. saloon 863 

Windsor Dining Boom and Bakery .816 

Wineman's Vessel Supply Market ...734 

Winter Bros, grocers. 649 

Winter & Co. 's laundry 692 

Wisconsin Butter Co 520 

Wittboid Ceo. horist 614 

Wittsang Henry, saloon 863 

Witting Henry, saloon J .863 

Wittzmann E. pipe organ bldr 764 

Woelhng George, boots and shoes 511 

Woerner Ch. A. saloon 863 

WoodviBe Jas. B. scavenger 866 

Woodworth & SheB, livery 713 

Wuif Henry, saloon... ....863 

Wyckoff , Seamans <& Benedict, typewriting 
machines, back cover. 

Yack JSIick, Du Bage House 664 

Youngs Jay A. grocer 650 

Zache WBBain, carriages ..535 

Zimmerman W. G. & (J. coal 561 

Zivnustka J. merchant taBor _ 891 

Zuber Christian &, Son, grocers 650 

Zumloh Theodore, saloon 864 

Omissions, Removals and Corrections 


Allen Paper Car Wheel Co. Wm. H. Fenner, 
pres. J. W. Doane, treas. Pullman bldg. 

Allen W. A. & Co. wool, 146 E. Kinzie 


Tlfl*Jti CO. (Max Schneegass and Anton 

Demling) 196 & 198 B. Clark 
Arms Palace Horse Car Co. (The), 2129 Indi- 
ana av. T. 8222 
Association of Gen. Freight Agents of the 

West, J. N. Faithorn, sec. 175 Dearborn, 

Automatic Power Fence Loom Co. 44 S. Clin- 
Ptaldwin W. A. assayer, 58 Dearborn 
J ieach F. A. shoe lasts, S. Canal bt. Jackson 

and Van Buren 
Belt Eailway Co. of Chicago, John B. Carson, 

pres. James D. Carson, gen. mngr. M. J. 

Clark, sec. and audt. G. W. Stokes, treas. 

gen. offices Dearborn station, Polk and 
llCZlSrdav. T. 59 
^Benedict F. W. wood carpet, 223 Wabash av. 
llBenesh Joseph, gunmkr. 118 E. Eandolph, B.7 
MBlascow David H. mnfrs. agt. 151 E. Monroe 
Bohemian Art Club, Mrs. T. A. Shaw, pres. 

Miss Eva Webster, sec. Michigan av. sw. 

cor. Van Buren 
Bowen E. A. sign writer, 112 S. Clark, B. 730 
Brunswick & Western B. B. Co. Thomas Mc- 

Gill, gen. nw. agt. J. T. Hosford, gen. 

pass. agt. 79 S. Clark 
Caldwell W. C. Dr. Cook Co. Hospital, W. 

Harrison cor. Wood 
California Fast Freight Line, Sam. DeBow, 

mngr. 57 S. Clark 



Conlan, pres. Henry Bosenfield, treas. 

Jos. F. Conlan, sec. J. B. Parker, gen. 

mngr. 16 N. Clinton, T. 4480 
Jentral B. B. of Georgia, Thomas McGiU, 

gen. nw. agt. J. T. Hosford, gen. pass. agt. 

79 S. Clark 
Central B. B. and Banking Co. of Georgia, 79 

S. Clark 
Chalmers-Spence Co. B. H. Martin, pres. C. 

H. Van Nostrand, sec. Geo. E. Weed, 

treas. John Lindop, western mngr. boiler 

and pipe covering, 144 E. Lake 
Cheatham N. F. gravel roofer, 3601 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Chicago Book & News Co. 90 LaSalle 
Chicago East Bound Passenger Committee, 

Geo. H. Daniels, chairman, 205 LaSaUe, 

B. 164 



Alexander, pres. Geo. T. Schuster, v. pres. 
Frank J. Welch, sec. & treas. 196 & 198 S. 
Clark, (see adv. page 602) T. 1096 
Chicago Grocer Co. (The) Herman W. Gran- 
nis, mngr. pub. The Chicago Grocer, 29 
Wabash av. T. 5561 

Chicago, Harlem & Batavia By. Co. A. C. 
Lansten, pres. E. G. Uihbin, v. pres. 
Max Frohlich, sec. F. W. Belz, supt. 161 
E. Bandolph 

Chicago Saw Dust & Shavings Co. 43 E. 25th 

Chicago Society of Decorative Art, Mrs. J. Y. 
Scammon, pres. Mrs. Charles Henrotin, 
treas. Michigan av. sw. cor. Van Buren 

Chicago Steal Works, C. P. Buckingham, 
pres. E. Buckingham, v. pres. E. H. 
Buckingham, treas. & supt. J. H. Buck- 
ingham, sec. 806 Noble, T. 4582 

Chicago & Great Western By. Co. 164 Dear- 
born, B. 415 

Chicago & Ohio Biver Traffic Association, L. 

D. Bichardsoni chairman, 185 Dearborn, 

Chicago & Wisconsin By. Co. 164 Dearborn, 

E. 415 

Christelige Talsmund (Den) C. Freider, pub. 
157 W. Indiana 

Christin Arthur, soda water mnfr. 427 W. Har- 
rison, T. 4094 

Clark-Staibwood Mnfg. Co. J. Eberley, pres. 
Wm. Periatz, treas. Chas. Aben, sec. sash, 
doors and blinds, 42 N. Sangamon 

Clarke & Coffmann, dry goods com. 126 
Dearborn, B. 29 

Commercial Union Assurance Co. of London, 
T. T. Morford, marine agt. S. Market, 
nw. cor. Washington 

Confectioners and Bakers' Supply Co. I. F. 
Dickson, mngr. 46 E. Lake 

Cook D. S. wh. stoves, 57 E. Lake 

Dairymans' Pub. Co. (The), pub. U.S. 
Dairyman, 59 E. Lake, B. 2 

Daube & Waixel, coal, 610 W. Madison 

Day Louisa Miss Dr. 140 S. Ashland av. 

Dial (The) A. C. McClurg & Co. pubs. 117 Wa- 
bash av. T. 5424 


Cigars, 3637 S. Halsted 

Dickey, Tansley & Co. gas meters, 195 Michi- 

Dixon F. C. coal and wood, Jackson, nw. cor. 

Dorn G. Dr. 452 45th 


UX<k CO. (The), Jesse Cloud, agt. step 
ladders, 51 W. Van Buren . 

Erie & Western Transportation Co. foot La- 
Salle av. 

Ernst Fossette Brewing Co. 40th and BisseU, 
T 9633 

Eskridge J. H. Dr. 811 43rd 

Evans & Carr, carps, and builders, rear 490 W. 

Faber H. J. painter, 171 & 173 S. Halsted 

Fisher August, flour and feed, 20 S. Des- 
plaines, T. 4396 

Fortnightly of Chicago, Mrs. E B. Jewett, 
pres. Mrs. M. L. Burrows, treas. Michi- 
gan av. sw. cor. Van Buren 

Fowler Bros, packers, 61 Board Trade 



Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co. E. B. 

Chandler, gen. western agt. 118 LaSalle; 

R. 65 
Gano & Martin, mnfrs. stove polish, 270 W. 

Garden City Billiard Hall, Thos. Foley, mngr. 

176 E. Madison 
Garden City Equitable Loan & Building Asso- 
ciation, A. Lieber, sec. 129 LaSalle, R. 8, 

T. 1354 
Garden City Ice Co. Prairie av. cor. 40th 
German-American Agricultural and Horticul- 
tural Journal, Henry De Clerque, mngr. 

179 E. Washington, R. 36 
German-American Industrial Gazette, Henry 

De Clerque, mngr. 179 E. Washington, R. 

Gill J. Thompson, pub. 46 E. Lake 
Gleason Amos H. lawyer, 150 Dearborn, R. 31 
Gray John F. Co. (The), artesian well, 75 N. 

Clinton • 

Gray W. H.& Co.(WarehamH. Gray and Rho- 

derick McKinzie) artesian wells, 52 Illi- 
nois, T. 3091 
Great Western Ry. Co. J. H. Whitman, agt.107 

S. Clark, R. 3 
Haas & Co. wh. jewelers, 159 S. Franklin 
Hanna Company, (The) J. W. Hanna, axle 

grease, 214 E. Randolph 
Haskell & Barker Car Co. 125 Dearborn, R. 1 
Henes Wm. F. wh. drugs, 56 S. Franklin 
Herford Kindergarten, 406 22nd 
Higgins G. W. & Co. packers, 6 Sherman, R. 

Hot Springs R. R. Co. Jos. Reynolds, pres. 97 

E. Washington, R. 4 
H. P. Nail Co. S. H . Chisholm. pres. C. B. 

Beach, v. pres. M. Baackes, gen. mngr. 

E. C. Beach, sec. 138 E. Jackson, R. 408 


House and sign painter, 113 E. Indiana 

Jacobs M. car couplers, 94 Dearborn, R. 14 

Johannsen Asmus, clothing, 404 W. North 

Johnson Frank S. Dr. 4 E. 16th 

Kankakee Line, John C. Tucker, gen. nw. 
pass. agt. 121 E. Randolph 

Kretlow L. orchestra, 177 E. Indiana 

Lewis Hand Fire Extinguisher Co. 38 La- 

Lockyear Frank, florist, 244 31st 

Lyon Harry A. mngr. Lyon's Orchestra, 162 
LaSaUe, R. 66, T. 117 

Marsh E. B. & Co. com. mer. 36 Traders bldg 

Marsh & Co. pop corn, 226 E. Lake 

Maryland Meter & Mnfg. Co. C. E. Dickey, 
pres. C. H. Dickey, v. pres. J. B. Small- 
wood, sec. 195 Michigan 

Michigan Car Co. 705 Rialto bldg. 

Milwaukee & Northern R. R. Co. W. W. Tab- 
beiner, gen. agt. 55 S. Clark, T. 5311, pass, 
depot, Canal & Adams, freight depot, 
Union and Carroll avs. 

Minneapolis & St. Louis Ry. Co. L. F. Kim- 
baU, gen. freight agt. 116 E. Washington 

Montgomery & Eufaula Ry. Co. Thomas Mc- 
Gill, gen. nw. agt. J. T. Hosford, gen. 
pass. agt. 79 S. Clark 

Morf ord T. T. ins. and steamship agt. S. Mar- 
ket nw. cor. Washington 

Muhlbauer & Behrle, (Alois Muhlbauer and 
Raymond Behrle) stationers, 41 LaSalle 

National Car Roofing Co. Hiram Aldridge, 
pres. James W. Ross, v. pres. Edward 
Ewing, sec. and treas. 125 Dearborn, R. 2 

National Car Spring Co. 185 Dearborn, R. 118, 
T. 108 

National Elevator and Dock Co. Murry Nel- 
son, pres. 207 LaSalle, R. 12 

National Letter-Return Association, J. E. 
Woodhead, mngr. 468 W. Randolph 

New Process Butter Co. George D. Davis, 
mngr. 50 S. State 

New York Architectural Terra Cotta Co. 24 
Chamber Commerce 

Northwestern Overland Telephone and Tele- 
graph Co. Ferd. W. Peck, pres. Oscar 
Crandall, sec. C. M. Henderson, treas. 
243 E. Adams 

Ottumwa Starch Co. C. H. Murray, agt. 104 
Michigan av. 

Owen Electric Belt and Appliance Co. 69 E. 

Reynolds Henry J. Dr. 163 S. State, h. 2200 
Michigan av. 

Rogers Wm. Mnfg. Co. silver plated ware, 31 
E. Washington 

Rosenheim E. & Co. wh. jewelry, 70 Madison 


SOjVS CO. iron and steel wire rope, 171 

& 173 E. Lake, T. 1165 
Ruh Geo. & Co. ice, 1102 Diversey av. 
Runyon, Stubbs & Mack, iron ore, 141 Dear- 
born, R. 15 
St. Louis & Cairo R. R. Co. William Ritchie, 

sec. 123 E. Randolph, R. 40 
Seineo Frank, barber, 177 LaSalle 
Shedd A. F. fruits, 37 River 
South End Ice Co. 215 39th 
Spiegel & Co, glue stock and fertilizer 

materials, 27 Fleetwood 
Stevens W. H. flour, 153 E. Randolph 
Sydnor Thomas G. hydraulic presses, 225 

Tagg Bros. (A. R., E. C. & W. V.) gents' 

furnishing, 68 E. Washington 
Terrant & Ramsay, iron founders, 56 E. 

Troy Stove Works, George Moss, mngr. 72 E. 

Lake, T. 5167 
Union Brush Co, 192 Wabash av. 
Union Telephone Co. S. D. Ovitt, mngr. 88 

LaSalle, R. 18 
United Lines Telegraph Co. L. D. Parker, 

supt. 10 Pacific av. R. 38 
Vail Oliver W. smelter, 94 Illinois 
Western Fire Map Pub. Co. 160 La Salle, 

R. 40 
Western & Atlantic R. R. Co. Thomas McGill, 

gen. nw. agt. J. T. Hosford, gen. pass. 

agt. 79 S. Clark 
Westphal Henry, hardware specialties, 86 S. 

Wire Grip Fastening Co. C. M. Henderson, 

pres. F. D. Everett, v. pres. Oscar Cran- 
dall, sec. and treas. 243 E. Adams 
Woodhead J. E. knitting machines, 468 W. 

Woodruff Sleeping Car Co. F. H. Crane, 

mngr. 32 Dearborn Station 

Blocks, Buildings and Halls. 

Abbey Bid*?.— 251 and 253 Wabash av. 

Academy Hall, —25 Bishop ct. 

Accordia Hall.— 112 and 114 E. Randolph 

Adams Express Bldg.— 185 Dearborn 

Allerton Bldg.— 8. Water ne. cor. state 

American Express Go's Bldg.— 76 E. Monroe 

Andrews Bldg.— 153 LaSalle 

Apollo Hall.— 2728 S. State 

Apollo Hall.— 5th floor 69 S. State 

Apollo Hall— 256 Blue Island av. 

Appleby Bldg.— Monroe bet. 5th av. and La- 

Arbeiter Halls.— 368 W. 12th and Sedgwick 
cor. Blackhawk 

Arcade Bldg.— 164 S. Clark 

Arthur Blk.— 2131 Wabash av. 

Ashland Blk. 53 to 65 S. Clark 

Athenaeum Bldg.— 48 to 54 Dearborn 

Atlas Blk.— 45 to 61 Wabash av. 

Auditorium Bldg.— Wabash av. ne. c6r. Con- 

Aurora Turner Hall— W. Huron cor. Milwau- 
kee av. 

Avenue Hall— 159 E. Twenty-second 

Ayer's Bldg.— 166 to 172 S. State 

Batchelder Bldg.— Clark se. cor. Randolph 

Benz's Hall— 786 W. Lake 

Beyerleins Hall— 43 "Wentworth av. 

Board of Trade— Head of LaSalle 

Boger's Bldg.— 268 and 270 North av. 

Bohemian Turner Hall— 76 W. Taylor 

Bonfield Bldg.— 199 to 202 E. Randolph 

Boone Blk.— 129 to 133 LaSalle 

Borden Blk.— Randolph nw. cor. Dearborn 

Brand's Hall— 160 to 170 N. Clark 

Brother Jonathan Bldg.— Sherman sw. cor. 
E. Jackson 

Bryan Blk— 160 to 174 LaSalle 

Bryant Blk.— 89 E. Randolph 

Calumet Bldg.— 191 LaSalle 

Carpenters' Hall— 221 W. Madison 

Castle's Blk. and Hall— 625 W. Lake 

Central Hall— 2139 Wabash av. 

Central Mnfg. Blk.-78 S. Market 

Central Music Hall— State se. cor. Randolph 

Central Union Blk. Market nw. cor. Madison 

Chamber of Commerce— Washington se. cor. 

Chambers Bldg. 157 Dearborn 

Chicago Opera House Bldg.— Clark sw. cor. 

City Nat. Bank Bldg.-156 E. Washington 

City Hall— Washington cor. LaSalle 

Cobb's Bldg.— 128 Dearborn 

Cole's Blk.— 196 W. Madison 

Commercial National Bank Bldg.— Dearborn 
se. cor. Monroe 

Concordia Hall. 235 Milwaukee av. 

Corinthian Hnll-187 E. Kinzie 

Cosmopolitan Hall— 87 5th av. 

Counselman Bldg— LaSalle cor. Jackson 

County Bldg— Clark cor. Washington 

Covenant Hall— 36 LaSalle 

Crilly and Blair Bldg— 163 to 171 Dearborn 

Criminal Ct. Bldg— Michigan cor. Dearborn av 

Custom House— Clark cor. Adams 

Dalziel Bldg— 217 to 225 Dearborn 

Davison Blk— 147 to 153 Fifth av. 

Dearborn Bldg— 130 to 132 Dearborn 

Dearborn Hall— 40 Dearborn 

DeSoto Blk— 144 and 146 E. Madison 

DeWald's Hall— 334 North av, 

Dickey Bldg— 34 to 46 Dearborn 

Dore Blk.— State nw. cor. Madison 

Douglas Hall— South Park av. se. cor. 27th 

Drake Blk.— Wabash av. se. cor. Washington 

Eagle Works Blk.— Clinton se. cor. Washing- 

Ely Bldg. Wabash av. sw. cor. Monroe 

Empire Blk.— 128 & 130 LaSalle 

Equitable Bldg.— 106 to 110 Dearborn 

Ewing Blk.— 20 to 38 N. Clark 

Excelsior Hall— 13 S. Halsted 

Exchange Bldg.— Van Buren se. cor. Pacific- 

Exchange Bldg.— Union Stock Yards. 

Exposition Bldg.— Michigan av. foot of Adams 

Farwell Bldg.— Arcade ct. rear 159 LaSalle 

Farwell Hall— 148 E. Madison 

Finucan's Hall— 2901 Archer av. 

First National Bank Bldg.— Dearborn nw. 
cor. Monroe 

Fitzgarald's Hall— S. Halsted cor. W. Adams 

Folz's Hall-269 North av. 

Foote Blk.— Clark sw. cor. Monroe 

Forbes Blk— 193 E. Washington 

Forester's Hall— 51 LaSalle 

Franchere's Hall— 188 Blue Island av. 

Freiberg's Hall, 180 E. 22nd 

Fry Bldg.— 66 LaSalle 

Fuller Blk.— 156 Dearborn 

Fullerton Blk.— 96 Dearborn 

Gaff Bldg— 230 to 236 LaSalle 

Gazxolo Bldg— 82 and 84 W. Madison 

Gardner Bldg— 164 and 166 E. Washington 

Germania Hall-62 N. Clark 

Glickauf Blk— 61 and 83 N. Clark 

Goggin & Schaffner's Bldg— 207 S. State 

Grand Army Hall— 167 E. Washington 

Greenebaum Bldg. and Hall— 72 to 82 5th av. 

Grocers' Blk.— 29 to 43 Wabash av. 

Hale Bldg. — State se. cor. Washington 

Halsted Street M. E. Church blk— 778 S. Hal- 

Hampshire Blk.— LaSalle se. cor. Monroe 

Hansen Bldg. 116 and 118 Dearborn 

Hartford Bldg.— 49 LaSalle 

Hawley's Bldg.— 134 to 146 Dearborn 

Healy Hall— 272H Archer av. 

Hoefer's Hall— 227 E. North av. 

Hoerber's Hall— 220 to 224 W. 12th 

Holt Bldg.— 165 E. Washingtou 

Home Insurance Bldg.— LaSalle ne. cor. 

Honore Bldg— 194 to 210 Dearborn 

Hough's Blk.— Wabash av. ne. cor. Harrison 

Howland Blk.— 174 to 192 Dearborn 

Hyman Bldg.— UK to 152 S. Water 

Ideal Hall— 531 Wells 

Illinois Bank Bldg.— Ill to 117 Dearborn 

Imperial Blk.-266 S. Clark 

Independence Hall— 180 E. 22nd 



Ingals' Bid g.— 190 S. Clark 

Insurance Exchange Bldg.— LaSalle sw. cor. 

Jarvis Blk.— 124 S. Clark 

Journal Bldg. 161 Dearborn 

Kastner's Hall— 3001 Archer av. 

Kedzie's Bldg.— 122 E. Randolph 

Kent Bldg.— 153 E. Monroe 

Kentucky Blk-203 S. Clark 

Kingsbury Blk.— 115 E. Randolph 

Klare's Hall— 72 N. Clark 

LAKE8IDB Klil><;. Clark sw. cor. 

Landmark Hall— Cottage Grove av. cor. 37th 

Leander Reed Bldg— 79 to 85 Wabash av. 

Lincoln Turner Hall— Diversey av. cor. 
Sheffield av. (Lake View) 

Lind Blk.— Randolph nw. cor. Market 

Loomis Bldg— 6 S. Clark 

Madison Blk.— 238 W. Madison 

Major Blk.— 151 LaSalle 

Malcolm Bldg— 175 to 179 N. Clark 

Mailers Bldg.— 226 and 228 LaSaUe 

Marine Bldg.— 152 to 158 E. Lake 

Maskell Hall— 173 S. Desplaines 

Mason Blk.— 92 and 94 E, Washington 

Matthei Bldg.— 248 S. Halsted 

McCormick Blk.— 67 to 73 Dearborn 

McDonald's Blk.— 947 to 955 W. Madison 

McNeil Bldg.— 128 and 130 S- Clark. 

Mercantile Bldg— 112 to 118 LaSaUe. 

Merchants' Bldg.— LaSalle nw. cor. Washing- 

Meridian Hall— 97 and 99 W. Randolph. 

Methodist Church Blk.— Clark se. cor. Wash- 

Metropolitan Blk.— 159 to 165 E. Ranpolph. 

Montauk Blk.— Ill to 117 E. Monroe. 

Morrison Bid*?.— Clark ne. cor. Madison. 

Mueller's Hall-45 N. Clark 356 to 364 E. 
North av. 

National Life Ins. Bldg.— 159 and 167 La- 

National Theatre— 26 Clybourne av. 

Nevada Blk.— Franklin sw. cor. Washington. 

Nixon Bldg.— 169 to 175 LaSalle. 

Norton's Blk— 220 to 286 W. Washington. 

Odd Fellow's Hall— 155 E. Randolph and 406 
Milwaukee av. 

Ogden Bldg.— Clark sw. co. Lake. 

O'Neill Blk. and Hall— 679 W. Lake. 

O'Neill's Bldg.— State ne. cor. Harrison. 

Open Board Bldg.— Pacific av. nr. Van Buren. 

Oriental Bldg. and Hall— 122 LaSalle. 

Orpheus Hall— 241 W. Lake and 49 LaSalle. 

Otis Bldg.— Madison sw. cor. State. 

Otis Blk.— 138 to 158 LaSalle. 

Owsley's Blk. and Hall— 785 W. Madison 

Pacific Blk— 281 to 289 Clark 

Parker Bldg.— 95 & 97 Washington 

Parker Blk.— 6 & 8 Sherman 

Phenix Bldg.— S. Clark sw. cor. Jackson 

Pierce Blk.— 250 and 252 Wabash av. 

Plasterers' Hall— 36 LaSalle 

Pleiades' Hall— 220 S. Halsted 

Portland Blk— 103 to 109 Dearborn 

Post-Office— Clark se. cor. Adams 

Pullman Bldg.— Adams sw. cor. Michigan av. 
Purington Bldg.— 304 Wabash av. 
Quincy Bldg.— Clark ne. cor. Adams 
Rawson Bldg.— 151 S. State 
Reaper Blk. Clark ne. cor. Washington 
Rialto Bldg. E. Van Buren nw. cor. Pacific av. 
Rookery Bldg. LaSalle se. cor. E. Adams 
Royal Insurance Bldg. 167 Jackson and 108 

to 116 Quincy 
St. George's Hall. 182 E. Madison 
St. Mary's Blk. Madison sw. cor. Wabash av. 
St. Peter's Hall, 330 State 
Sack's Hall, W. 20th. nw. cor. Brown 
Semefelder Hall. 565 Wells 
Schloesser Blk. 202 LaSalle 
Schlotthauer's Hall, 328 Sedgwick 
Schoenhoefen Hall, Milwaukee av. nr. cor. 

Ashland av. 
Schnaitmann's Hall, 634 Larrabee 
Shepherd Bldg. Madison bet. LaSalle and 5th 

Shreve Blk. 93 E. Washington 
Sibley Bldg. ION. Clark 

Slosson Blk. Randolph bet. Franklin & 5th av 
Springer Bldg. State sw. cor. Randolph 
Staats Zeitung Bldsr. 99 5th av. 
Standard Hall, Michigan av. sw. cor. 13th 
Stonebrecher's Hall, 1438 Milwaukee av. 
Stewart Bldg. State nw. cor. Washington 
Superior Blk. 79 Clark 
Svea Hall. Chicago av. ne. cor. Larrabee 
Swedish Temperance Hall, 708 W. Lake 
Taylor Bldg. 140 to 146 Monroe 
Teutonia Bldg. 5th av. se. cor. Washington 
Thatcher Bldg. Wabash av. bet. Madison and 

Thompson Blk.— 229 to 247 W. Madison. 
Times Bldg.— Washington nw. cor. 5th av. 
Traders' Bldg.— 6 to 12 Pacific av. 
Tribune Bldg.— Dearborn se. cor. Madison. 
Turner Halls-North Side, 259 N. Clark; W. 

Twelfth St., 253 W. 12th; Aurora, 2 W. 

Tuthill King Bldg.— Washington nw. cor 

Ulrich Blk.-19 to 37 N. Clark. 
Union Bldg— 100 to 110 LaSalle. 
Union Hall— 181 S. Clark. 
Union Hall— 3007 S. Halsted. 
Union Park Hall— 517 W. Madison. 
Unity Bldg— 75 to 81 Dearborn. 
U. S. Express Co.'s Bldg— 87 and 89 E. Wash- 
Vermont Blk— 155 and 157 Fifth av. 
Weber Music Hall— 241 Wabash av. 
Wadsworth Bldg. -175 to 181 E. Madison. 
Wallace Blk— 182 and 184 Wabash av. 
Walther's Hall 3932 S. State. 
Washington Blk.— 104 to 110 Fifth av. 
Weiner's Hall— 3001 S. Halsted. 
Westphal's Hall— 693 S. Halsted. 
Williams Bldg.— 85 and 87 Dearborn. 
Williams Bldg. -Monroe sw. cor. Fifth av. 
Willmarth Bldg— 396 Wabash av. 
Windett Blk.— State ne. cor. Randolph. 
Wolff 's Hall— 432 Milwaukee av. 
Yates Bldg.— Randolph sw. cor. LaSalle. 




A given number on any street in this directory is found by running down the column of fig- 
ures beneath the street name, these figures being its numbers at the streets that cross or run to it. 
For example : To find 220 S, Clark it will be seen that 2 1 4 is on the corner of Adams and 250 on 
the corner of Jackson ; hence 220 is between Adams and Jackson streets. 

The city comprises Three Grand Divisions, called the South, West and North Divisions, and 
designated by the following abbreviations : S. D., W. D., N. D. 

The South Division (commonly called South Side) is that portion south of the main Chicago 
Biver and east and south of tbe South Branch, and the West Branch of the South Branch. 

The North Division (commonly called North Side) is north of the river and east of its North 

The West Division (commonly called West Sidej is all that portion west of the river (branches) 
and ncrth of the West Branch of the South Branch of the river. 

Streets running north and south that cross the river have the prefix N., north of the river, and 
S., south of the river. Streets running east and west that cross the river have the prefix E., east 
of the river and W., west of the river. 

In the West Division Randolph street is the dividing line as far as Union Park ; west of that 
Lake street divides north from south, and all streets running north and south are numbered from 
that line. 

al Alley 

av Avenue 

boul or bl . .Boulevard 

ct Court 

e or E East 

e.s East Side 

fr From 


n or N North 

N . D . . . North Division 

ne Northeast 

nr Near 

n.s North Side 

nw . . .Northwest 

op Opposite 

pk Park 

pi Place 

rd Road 

R.R Railroad 

Ry Railway 

s or S — South 

S. D . . . South Division 

se Southeast 

s.s South Side 

sq Square 

sw Southwest 

wor W West 

W.D...West Division 
w.s West Side. 

A(N.D.)fr. 125 South- 
port av. vv. to Domi- 
niek. Last no. 64. 
Even nos. n.s. 

Aberdeen (W.D.)fr. 

330 W. Madison s. 
' to Eleventh. Fifth 

w. of S. Halsted. 

Even nos. e.s. 

Madison 2 

Rundell pi 12 

Church ct 22 

Monroe 34 

Adams 66 

Morgan pi... 84 

Jackson 94 

Garden 114 

Van Boren 130 

Tilden 146 

Congress 154 

Harrison 180 

Gurley 214 

Polk 242 




Taylor 300 

Eleventh 330 

Ida S (W. D. ) fr. 

432 W. Randolphs. 

to W.Madison. Tenth 
j W. of Halsted. Even 

nos, e. s. 

Randolph 1 

Washington S3 

tfadjaon 65 

Ada N. (W. D,) fr. 
435 W. Randolph 
n. to Austin av. and 
fr. 345 W. Indiana 
n. to W. Erie. Tenth 
W. of N. Halsted, 
Evtn nos. w. s. 

Randolph 2 

Lake 38 

Fulton 74 

Carroll av 104 

Arbor pi 120 

Kinzie 140 

Austin av 143 

Indiana 148 

Ohio 172 

Erie 194 

Adams E. (S. D.) fr. 

M ehigan av. w. to 
the River: 2d s. of 
Madison. Even nos. 

Michigan av. ... 1 

Waba?hav 29 

State 57 

Dear horn 93 

Clark ]23 

La Salle 157 

Fifthav 185 

Franklin 221 

Market 249 

The River 271 

Adams W. (W. D.) 

fr. the river w. to 
Sacramento av. and 
fr. Kedzie av. w. to 

Central Park av.'2d 
s of Madison, Even 
nos. s. s. 

The River 2 

Canal 28 

Clinton 60 

Jefferson. 90 

Desplaines 120 

Halsted 184 

Green 204 

Peoria 228 

Sangamon 246 

Morgan 266 

Aberdeen 320 

Center av 368 

Throop 410 

Loomis 460 

Laflin 506 

Ashland av 552 

Ogden av., — ) RriQ 

Paulina f 603 

Wood 652 

Honore 676 

Lincoln 700 

Winchester av.. 720 

Robey 740 

Seeley av 770 

Hoyne av 791 

Hamilton av 820 

Leavitt 845 

Irving av 874 

Oakley av 900 

Western av 960 

Campbell av 1020 

Rockwell 1080 

Washtenaw av . . 1 1 50 
California av...l204 
Sacramento av..l332 

Kedzie av 1430 

Colorado av 1458 

Spaulding av 1 500 

Homan av 1562 

St. Louis av 1626 

Central Park.... 16 76 

Addison av. (N. D.) 

(Lakeview) fr. West- 
ern the Lake 

Western av 

Oakley av 


Hoyne av 


Sheldon av 

C. &N.W. R. R.. 


Ashland av 



Racine av 

Seminarv av 

C. &E.R.R 


Sheffield av 




Pine Grove av.. . 

Lake Michigan . . . 

Alaska. (N. D.) fr. 

385 Larrahee w. to 
Town. Even nos. s.s. 
Last no. 37. 

Albany a v. S. (W.D.) 
fr. 1451 W. Lake 
s. to W. 22dand (S. 
D.) fr. 111. and Mich, 
canal s. to 39th; 1st 
w. of Douglas Park. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Lake , 2 

Park av 24 

Washington 46 

Warren av 70 

Madison 90 

Monroe 140 

Colorado av.. .. 150 

Jackson 202 

Van Buren 250 

Tremont 264 

Congress 296 

Harrison 322 

Flournoy 352 

Lexington 384 

Polk 414 

Harvard 450 

Taylor 482 

Fillmore 510 

Twelfth 570 

Douglas boul.... 688 

Collins 730 

Tmro 770 

Siyteenth > ann 

Ogden Ave ( ao ° 

Isabel ct 870 

Nineteenth 900 

Ooas 930 

Twenty-first 956 

Twenty-second.. 10 10 
111. & Mich, canal 


Smith av 





Thirty- ninth 

Albany av N (W.D.) 
fr. 1450 W Lake n. 
to W Ohio', and fr. 
VV Chicago av. to 
Grand av. Evennos. 

Lake 2 

Walnut 42 

Fulton 68 

Carrol av 104 

Kinzie 124 

Central boul .... 190 

Ohio 238 

Chicago av 364 

Grand av 414 

Albert (W.D.)fr. 583 
W Eighteenth s. 2 3 
blk. Evennos.e. s. 

Last No 53 

Aldine so.. (S.D.) fr. 
3728 Vincennes av. 
w. ^Dlk. Nos. run 
around the sq. fr. 1 
to 45. 

Alexander (S.D. ) fr. 

2246 Wentworthav 

w. to 2240 Stewart 

av. Even nos. n.s. 

Wentworthav.. 1 

Portland av 55 

Steward av 97 

Alice pi. (Jefferson) 
fr. 1250 N Western 
av. w. to Perry av. 

Allport (W.D.) fr. 

431 W Sixteenth s. 

to Twenty-second. 

Even nos. e. s. 

Sixteenth 651 

Eighteenth 715 

Nineteenth 781 

Twenty-first 839 

Twenty-second.. 891 

Almond (W.D.) fr. 
950 W Taylor s. to 
Ashland av. Even 
nos. e.s. 

Last no... 35 

Ambrose (W.D.) fr. 
S. Wood w. to Leav 
itt, fr S Oakley av. 
w. to Western av., 
and fr. S California 
av.w. 1 blk; lsts. of 
Even nos. n. s. 

Wood 2 

Lincoln 50 


Hovneav 146 

Leavitt 190 

Oakley av 240 

Western av 290 

Re-commence at 
California av. . 530 
The last no 604 

Ann R. (W.D )fr.360 

W Randolph s lo 
360 W Madison 
Even nos. e. s. 

Randolph 2 

Washington 34 

Madison 04 

W Randolph n. to W 
Kinzie. Even nos. 

Lake 35 

Fulton 65 

Carroll av 87 

Kinzie 115 

Appenrade (Jeffer- 
son) fr. N California 
av w. to Humboldt 
boul; 3d. n.of Armi- 
tage av. 

Arbor pi. (W.D.) ft. 

120 N Ada w. to N 
Ashland av. Nos. on 
s. s. only. 

Ada 2 

Sheldon 44 

Union Park pi... 86 

St.John'spl 114 

Ashland av 148 

Randolph.. ».... 

Arcade ct. (S.D.) fr. 
La Salle to Clark; 
bet. Madison and 

Arch (S.D.) fr. 2943 
Archer av. s. e. to 
Lyman. Even nos. 
w. s. 

Archer av 2900 



Archer av. (S. D.) fr. 

junction State and 
Nineteenth s. w. to 
the open prairie. 
Even nos. n. s. 

Nineteenth';!;^ yl^OO 

Dearborn 1936 

Butterfield 1948 

Twentieth 1950 

Clark 2010 

LaSalle 2030 

Wentworth av. .2050 

Twenty-urst 21 12 

Purple 2158 

Twenty-second i .->.-> nn 
Portland av J ^ uu 
Twenty-sec'd pi. 2238 

Stewartav 2246 

McGlashen 2274 

Twenty third.. I , )qflft 

Hanover ,2300 

Twenty-thirdpl. 2347 

Grove 2348 

Butler 2863 

Wallace 2400 

Waver 2422 

Tw'nty-f'rthpl /. 2450 

Sanger | ^t>u 

Emeraldav 2475 

Halsted 2500 

Line 2524 

Hough pi 2566 

Quarry 2600 

Mary 2700 

Joseph 2726 

Quinn 2740 

Main 2800 

Farrell 2824 

Keeley 2836 

Logan 2852 

Bonfleld 2876 

Elias 2889 

Fu e ?£ ng ;::;::;;f29oo 

Haynesct 2925 

Arch 2944 

Church pi 2964 

McDermott 2988 

Lock 3000 

Broad 3030 

Pitney ct 3050 

The River 3060 

Ashland av.. 
Thirty- first .. 

Market sq 3148 

Paulina 3192 

Wood 3260 

Thirty Third ....3300 
Thirty Tnird ct.3326 



Thirty -fourth ...3374 

Robey 3414 

Hoyne av | o= nn 

Thirty-fifth.... ) d50U 

Saratoga 3568 

Summit 3600 

Oakley av... 
Thirty -sixth 

Blake ..3628 

Lockport 3652 

Thirty-seventh.. 3700 

Western av 3716 

Thirty- eighth . . 



Thirty-ninth .... 



Forty- third 

Kedzie av. and then 
to the open prairie. 

Armitage av. (W.D.) 
fr.Mendell (near the 
river) w. to Craw- 
ford av. (in Jeffer- 
son) and beyond. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Mendell 20 

Elston av 50 

R. R Crossing.. 64 

Northpl 80 

R. R. Crossing 

Paulina 120 

Commercial 160 

Wood 180 

Girard . . . 

Elkgrove av 236 

Dudley 260 

Robey 286 

Hoyne av 348 

Leavitt 408 

Oakley av 468 


Western av 

(Thence through 

Milwaukee av 

Seymour av 




Washtenaw av. . . 


Fairfield av 

California av — 





Humboldt bd 

Nebraska av 

Clarkson av 

Kedzie av 

Meade av 

Sheridan av 

Homan av 



Central Park av. 

Hamlin av 

Springfield av 

Crawford av. . . 

Armour (W. D.) fr.w. 
Kin/JLe n. to W. Chi- 
cago av. ; 1st e. of 
Ashland av " 
nos. e. s. 

Kinzie 2 

Austin av 30 

Ferdinand 42 

Indiana 54 

Bickerdyke sq. . . 80 

Ohio 86 

Erie 106 

Huron 126 

Superior 144 

Chicago av 164 

Artesian av. (W. D.) 

fr. W. Lake n. to 
W. Ohio 1st W. of 
Western av. Even 
nos. e. b. 
Lake 2 

Fulton 60 

Kenzie 124 

Austin av 154 

Grand av 192 

Ohio 232 

Arthington (W. D.) 

fr. Center av. w. to 
Lytle and fr. Sibley 
w. toLoomis; 1st n. 
of Taylor. Even nos. 
s. s. 

Center av 2 

Lytle 34 

Sibley 80 

Loomis 112 

Arthur (W. D.) fr. 

35 w. Sixteenth s. to 
W. Eighteenth. Even 
nos. e.s 

Sixteenth 2 

Seventeenth 30 

Eighteenth 56 

Ash (S.D.)fr. e.31st 
s. to the Canal ; 1 st 
w. of Western av. 

Ashland (W.D.) fr. 
505 s. Robey w . to 

Ashland av. S. (W. 
D.)fr. 575 W. Lake 
s. to the River and 
thence [S. D.] to 
about Seventieth. 
Even nos. e s. to 
the river and w s. 
s. of the river. 

Lake 1 

Park av 33 

Washingtonboul 59 

Warren av 77 

Madison 97 

Ogden pi 127 

Ogden ay 129 

Monroe 137 

Adams 181 

Jackson 219 

Van Buren 251 

Congress 281 

Harrison 309 

York 347 

Polk 385 

Taylor 465 

Nebraska 496 

Eleventh 524 

Twelfth 548 

Thirteenthpl.... 565 
Thirteenth .... 589 

Hastings $15 

Fourteenth 645 

Henry 675 

Fifteenth 705 

Rebecca 731 

R. R. crossing.. 741 

Sixteenth 751 

Seventeenth.... 785 

Eighteenth 813 

Van Horn 845 

Nineteenth 871 

Twentieth 897 

Twenty-first. .. 923 

Hinman 957 

Twenty-second / QR o 
Blue Island av.) y8J 

The River 1235 

Dexter av 



Ill & Mich Canal 
Thirty-first.... > 310 a 
Archer av. ... | dlu * 

Market sq 3160 

Thirty -second. ..3200 

Mill 3230 

Thirty third 33O0 

Thirty-third ct.. 3330 
Thirty -fourth... 3400 

Thirty-fifth 3500 

Thence s each block 
commences with 
even hundred num- 

bers corresponding 
with the numerical 
name of street 

Ashland N (W.D )fr. 
580 W Lake n to W 
Clybourn pi., andt.N. 
D.)fr.820 01y bourn 
av. n. to Tuttleav. , 
in Lake View. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Lake 2 

Walnut 26 

Fulton 36 

Carroll av 60 

Arbor pi 90 

Kinzie 100 

Austin av 130 

Ferdinand 150 

Indiana 164 

Ohio 210 

Cork 220 

Erie 236 

Huron 262 

Superior 290 

Chicago av 314 


Clarinda 364 

Cornell 374 

Come ia- 402 

Augusta 430 

Emma 460 

Emily 470 

Tell pi 

Jane 520 

Division 544 

Milwaukee av . 556 

Bauwans 600 

Blackhawk , 660 

Brigham 680 

Juiian 704 

Blanche 720 

McReynolds 729 

Keenon. 754 

North av 780 

Wabansia av 840 

Bloomingdalerd 900 

Clybourn pi 950 


Clybourn av 

Fullert'n av (city 

limits) 1206 




Wrightvood av 

Diveisey av 




Wellington av... 

Noble av 

Belmont av 



Homer av 


St. Elmo 



Nellie av 


Verona .. 

Graceland av 

Thence to Tuttle 

Astor(N. D.) fr. 583 
E. Division n. to E 
North av. Even nos. 
w. s. 

Division 1 

Scott 25 

Goethe 47 

Banks 73 

Schiller 103 

Burton pi 

North av 217 

Asylum pi. (W D ) f r. 

Elston av. w. to NJ 
Leavitt; 5th n. ofj 
Armitage av. 

Elston av 



Lister av 





Hoyne av 


Atlantic (in Lake) fr. 
Forty-seventh s. 10 
blks-lstw.of Went- 

Attrlll (Jefferson) fr. 
1758 Milwaukee av. 
s. w. to Stave. 

Auburn (S.D.) fr. 

Thirty -first 8. to 

Thirty-fifth; 1st w. 

of Halsted. Even 

nos. w. s. 

Thirty-first 3100 

Thirty-second ..3200 

Thirty-third 3300 

Thirty-tuird ct.3334 
Thirty- fourth ...3400 
Thirty-fourth et. 3434 
Thirty-fifth 3500 

Augusta (W. D. ) fr. 

Elston av. w. to 
Crawford av. ; mid- 
way bet. W.Chicago 
av. and W. Division. 
Even nos. n. s. 

Elston av.... 2 

Center av 25 

Will 45 

Currier 76 

Milwaukee av — 98 

Noble 120 

Holt 170 

Ashland av 226 

Rumsey 244 

Paulina 266 

Samuel 286 

Wood 310 

Newton 332 

Lincoln 350 

Dudley 380 

Robey 402 

Hoyrie av 462 

Leavitt 522 

Oakley av. 582 

Western av 642 

Seymour av 700 


Washtenaw 820 

Fairfield av 848 

California av 870 



•Humboldt Park.. 


Grand av 


Human av 

Central Park av. 
Crawford av 

Austin av. (W. D.) 

(formerly Hubbard 
st. ) fr. N. Jefferson 
w. to Seymour av. 
Istn. of W. Kinzie, 
Even nos. s. s. 

Jefferson 2 

Desplaines 22 

Milwaukee av. ) aa 

Union f ' ■"'■' 


Green 120 

Peoria 138 

Sangamon 168 

Morgan 184 

Carpenter 206 

Curtis 230 

May 250 

Center av 288 

Elizabeth 316 

Ada 362 

Noble 388 

Bixby pi 405 

Armour 4J:0 

Ashland av 480 

Trustee 502 

Paulina 531 

Page 552 

Wood 574 

Smart 601 

Lincoln 624 

Hart 645 

Baldwin 665 

Robey 674 

Hoyne av 724 

Leavitt 770 

Oakley av 820 

Diller 840 

Western av 860 

Artesian av 884 

Seymour av 912 

Avers av. (W. D.)fr. 
W.Kenzien. toChi- 
cagoav. 1st W. of 
Hamlin av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Kinzie 126 

Indiana 184 

Ohio 240 

Huron 306 

Chicago av 362 

Avon pi. (W. D.) fr 

267 S. Robey w. to 
Hoyne av thence 
one-half blk. Even 
nos. n. s. 

Robey 2 

Seeley av 28 

Hoyne av 52 

Last no 88 


■r» ct. (W.D.) fr 
. Chicago av. s. to 
Huron . 1 st w . of Cen 
ter av. Last no. 49 
Even nos. e. s. 

B. (N. D.) fr. 93 
Southport av. w. 1 
blk. to Dominick. 
Even nos. n. s. Last 
no. 44. 

Baldwin. (W. D ) fr. 
723 W. Kinzie w. 1 
blk. to Austin a v. 

Ballon (Jefferson) fr. 
1201 W. North av. 
n. to W. Fullerton 

Banks (N. D.) fr. 

State e. to the Lake 
3d n. of E. Division. 
Even nos. s. s. 

State 2 

Astor 22 

Ritchie pi 52 

Stone 76 

The Lake 82 

Barber (W. D.) fr. 

Stewart av w. toS. 

Halsted. 1st w. of 

Fourteenth. Even 

nos. s. s 

Stewart av 1 

Canal 41 

Jefferson 101 

Union 157 

Halsted 189 

Bartlett av. (W. D.) 
fr.n. Kedzie av. w. 
toHomanav. 3d n. 
of W Division. 

Kedzie av 1 

Sheridan av 63 

Roman 119 

Basil av. (Jefferson) 
fr. W. North av. n. 
to Bloomingdale rd. 
3d e. of N. Kedzie 

Bates (W.D. ) fr.Lum 
ber w. to Stewart 
av. 1st a. ot W. 




Railroad av 

Stewart av 

Bauwans (W. D.)fr 

N.Ashland av. n.w.l 
blk. to Elk and n. to 
W . Blackhawk.Even 
nos. e s. 
Ashland av 




Beach (W. D.) fr. 40 
W. Harrison s. to 
W. Twelfth. Even 











Beach av. (W D.)fr. 

N. Kedzie av. 
Sheridan; 3d 8. of 
W. North av. 

Beethoven pi. (N.D.) 

fr. Sedgwick e. to 
N Wells. Last no. 83. 
Istn. ofE. Division 
Even nos. s. s. 

Beldenav. (N. D.) fr 
Perry e. to Lincoln 

Park; 1st g. of Ful 
lertonav. Even nos 
n. s. 

Perry 25 

High 51 

Southport av.... 73 

Ward 95 

Herndon 119 

R.R. Track.... 

Lewis 139 

Racine av 159 

Jay 1 

Seminary av 207 

Osgood 229 

Sheffield av 251 

Bissell 273 

Fremont 295 

Dayton 317 

Halsted 337 

Burling 363 

Lincoln av ) o B ~ 

Orchard J aa ' 

Larrabee 429 

Belden pi 464 

Hurlbut 475 

Clark ) ton 

Sedgwick f & ^ u 

North Parkav. ) ~-*. 

Lincoln Park.. ) °' ' 

Belden pi. (N. D.) fr. 

458 Belden av. n. 
and w. 1 blk. 

Belknap (W. D.) fr. 

419 S. Morgan w. 
one-half blk. 

Bellevue pi. (N. D.) 

fr. N. State e. to the 
Lake. Istn. of Oak. 
Even nos. s. s. 

State 1 

Rush 13 

Lake Shore Drive 85 

1 Belmont av. (N. D.) 

(Lakeview) fr. West- 
ern the Lake 

Western av 

Oakley av 


Hoyne av 


Sheldon av 

C&N. W. R.R. 


Ashland av ) 

Lincoln av — f 


Southport av 

C. &E. R. R 

Racine av 


Seminary av 

Baxter av 

Sheffield av 



State ct 


Waubun av 

Lake View av 

Benton pi. (S. D.)fr. 
45 State e. l^blks; 
bet. Lake and 

Benson (S. D.) fr. 

Thirty -first s. to 

Thirty-second. 2d e. 

of the river Even 

nos. w s. 

Thirty-first 3100 

James av 3130 

Thirty -second ... 3 1 5 8 

Berg pi. (W. D.) fr. 

Brand pi. w. to N. 
Robey; Istn. of Els- 
ton av. 

Berlin (W. D.) fr. N 
Leavitt w to West 
era av and f r. Myr 
tleav to California 
av. 1st s. of Fuller 
ton av. Even nos 
s. s. 


Oakley va 

Western av 

Myrtle av 


California av 

Bestav. (Lake View) 
fr. Wrightwood av 
n. 1 blk. 1st e. of 
Sheffield av. 

Bethuel (W. D.) fr 

W. Sixteenth s. to 
W. Nineteenth. 3d e 
of S. Crawford av. 

Better (W. D.) fr. 
Sholto w. toS. May 
2dn. ofW. Taylor. 
Even nos. n. s. 

Sholto 2 

Aberdeen 20 

May 42 

Blckerdyke (W. D.) 
fr. 411 W. Indiana 
n. to 397 W. Chi- 
cago av . 







Chicago av 

Blckerdyke sq. (W. 

D. ) fr. Bickerdyke 

w. to Armour; bet. 
W. Ohio and W. 

Bingham (Jefferson) 
fr. Armitage av. n. 
w. to Cornelia; 1st. 
w. of Milwaukee av. 

BIdeo (W.D.) fr. Els- 
ton av. s. w. to Lis- 
ter; 2d s. of W. Ful- 
lerton av. 

Birch (W. D.)fr.425 
S. Robey Ken- 
dall. Even nos. s.s. 

Robey 1 

Myrtle 35 

Kendall 47 

Bishop ct. (W. D.) 

fr. 480 Washington 
bd. s. 1 blk. to 521 
W . Madison . Last 
no. 31. Even nos. 

Bismarck (W. D.)fr. 
N. Rockwell w. to 
Humboldt Park; 3d 
s.of W .Division Even 
nos. n. s. 

Rockwell * 

Washtenaw av., 

California av 

Humboldt Park. 

Bismarck ct. (W. D. ) 

fr. al, rear 113 W. 

Huron w. to 293 


Alley 21 

Noble 104 

Bissell (N. D.) fr. 
135 Dayton n. w. 
to Willow andn. to 
Belden av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Dayton 2 

Fremont 44 

Willow • 76 

Clay.... 152 

Center 226 

Garfield av 282 

Wfebster av 340 

Beldenav 392 

Bissell av. (in Lake) 
fr. Forty -first s. to 
Forty-third. 1st w. of 
Stewart av. 

Bixby pi. (W. D.) fr. 

457 W. Kinzie n. to. 
Au stin av . Even nos . 

Blackhawk E. (N. 

D.) fr. the River n. 
e. and e. to 400 
Sedgwick. Evennos. 

The River 

North Branch... 

Cherry av ) 

Hickory av \ 



Smith av 




Clybourn av — 






Hudson av 






Blaekhawk W. (W. 

D.) fr.the river w. to 
N.Paulina; 4th n. of 
W. Division. Even 
nos. s.s. 

The River 1 

Fleetwood { 4 o 

Elston av ) 

Luce 71 

R.R. Crossing... 

Noble HI 

Cleaver 143 

Holt 171 

Dickson 201 

Ashland av 229 

Bauwans 265 

Paulina 289 

BlackwelKS. D.) fr 

231 E. Eighteenth 
s. to E. Twentieth 
Even nos. w. s. 

Eighteenth 1800 

Nineteenth 1900 

Twentieth 20i 

Blair (G. D.) fr. 3 

Canalport av. s 
W Twentieth. Last 
no. 44. Even nos. 
e. s. 

Blake (S.D.)fr. 3623 
Archer av. hi &lk. 

Blanche (W. »•) fr. 

the River w. to 720 
N. Ashland av 1st 
s. of W. North av. 
Even nos. s. s. 

The River 4 

Fleetwood 32 

McHenry 47 

Elston av 7o 

R. R. Crossing.. 

Noble 110 

Cleaver 148 

Holt 168 

Dickson 194 

Ashland av 220 

Bliss (N. D.) (on 

Goose Island) tr. 

North Branch n. e. 

toN Branch can a). 

1st e. of the River 

Even nos. s. s. 
North Branch :.. 2 

Cherry av 6 

Hickory av 30 

Hooker 60 

The Canal 88 

Block (N. D.) fr. 301 

North av. n. to Eu- 
genie. Last no '57. 
• Even nos. e. s. 



Elkgrove av 



Hoyne av 

Wilmot av 


Milwaukee av... 


Western av 

Dania av 

Seymour av 

Maplewood av. .. 


Gross av 

Washtenaw av.. 


California av 




Humboldt boul. . 
Thence w. to Crawf 'rd 

Blucher (W.D.) fr. 

Lull pi. w. to 600 N 
Wood. Last no. 25. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Blue Island av. (W 

D.) fr. corner Hal 
sted and Harrison, 
s. w. to corner West- 
ern av and Twenty- 
sixth. Even nos. s.s. 

Harrison 1 

Gurley 49 

Hope 71 

Polk 95 

Ewing 114 

Forquer 146 

Archer av 2900 

Lyman 3000 

Thirty-first 3100 

Bonncy av. (W.D.) 
fr. 1636 Ogden av. 
S. to W Twenty- 
sixth; 3d w. of Cen- 
tral Park av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Ogden av 987 

Twenty -second . . 1035 
Twenty-third .... 1075 
Twenty-fourth ..1131 

Twenty-fifth 1193 

Twenty- sixth. . . . 1253 

Boone (W.D.) fr. De 
Kalbw. to 436. S 
Leavitt; 1st s. of W 
Taylor. Even nos. 
s. s. 

Last no 14 

Boston av. (W.D.) fr. 
S Desplaines w. to 
Halsted; 1st n. of 
W Van Bur en. Last 
no. 65. Even nos 

R. R. 




Bloom (S. D.) i 

Thirty-fourth s. 

Thirty-eighth 1st 

of S. Wood. Even 

nos. w. s. 
Thirty-fourth ...3400 

Thirty-fifth 3500 

Thirty-sixth 3600 

Thirty-seventh. .3700 
Thirty-eighth . . .3800 

Bloomlngdale rd. 

(W. D.) fr. Elston 
av. w. to Crawford 
av. and beyond, 2d 
n. of North av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Elston av 



R. R. Crossing.. 

Ashland av 








Thirteenth pi 
Thirteenth .. 

Maxwell 331 

Hastings 339 

Frank 342 

Fourteenth 363 

Centre av 365 

Henry 391 

Fifteenth 423 

Rebecca 451 

Throop 453 

Sixteenth 483 

Eighteenth — ) errr, 

Loomis )' 55U 

Nineteenth 621 

Laflin 655 

Twentieth 657 

Twenty-first 681 

Twenty-second.. 753 

Ashland av 755 

Paulina 813 

Wood 878 

Lincoln 945 

Robey 1013 

Hoyne av 1070 

Leavitt 1130 

Oakleyav 1191 

Western av 1 255 

Bonaparte (S.D.) fr. 

Archs. w. to Lock. 

lsts. of Archer av. 

Even nos. n. s. 

Arch 2950 

Fake 2975 

Lock 2998 

Bond (W.D.) fr 

Douglas boul s. to 
W Sixteenth; 3d w 
of Central Park av. 

Bowen (Hyde Park) 
fr. the Lake w. to 
Cottage Grove av.; 
2nd n. of Fifty 

Bowen av. (Hyde 
Park) fr. Cottage 
Grove av, W. to 
Grand boul. 1st s 
of Forty-first. 

Bowery (W.D.) fr 
290 W VanBurens 
to W Congress 
Even nos. e. s. 

Van Buren 1 

Tilden 15 

Congress 31 

Bradley (W.D.) fr. 
Elston av w. to Holt. 
2nd n. of W. Divi- 
sion. Evennos.s.s. 

Elston av 1 

R. R. crossing.. 

Noble 57 



Brand pi. (W.D) fr 
W Fullerton av n. 
andn.w to N Robey 
lste. of Elston av 

Bremen pi. (W.D.) 

fr. N Leavitt w to 
Western av. andfr. 
Myrtle av to Crow- 
ell. 3d s. of Fuller- 
ton av. Even nos. 

s. Thirty- 
crosses Arch- 
er av. at 3022; 2d 
e. of the River Even 
nos. w. s. 
C. &A. R. R ....2900 

Archer av 3000 

Thirty-first 3060 

Brook (or Fortieth) 
(S D.) fr. Drexel 
bd. e. to the lake. 

Broom (W.D.) fr.561 
W.Indiana n. to W. 
Ohio. Last no. 40. 

Even nos. e. s. 

Brossav. (S. D.) fr. 

Robey s.w. to Craw- 
fordav.lst s. of Illi- 
nois and Michigan 

Brown (W. D.) fr.W. 
Taylor s. to the Riv- 
er. 3d w. of s Hal- 
sted Even nos. e.s. 

Taylor 1 

Twelfth 63 

Maxwell 131 

Fourteenth 165 

Wright 197 

Sixteenth 265 

Eighteenth 32 

Eighteenth pi... 347 

Nineteenth 367 

Nineteenth pi 

Twentieth 407 

Clayton 430 

Twenty-first 451 

Canalport av — 473 
Twenty-second . . 49 1 
The River 

Bryant pi. (W 

fr. 485 W, 


Western av. 
Myrtle av. .. 


dolph n. w along 
Union Park to W. 
Lake. Nos. on n.s. 

Bryant av. (S. D.)fr. 
5540 Vincennes av. Stanton av. 
Last no. 87. Even 
nos. n. s. 

Bryson (W. D.) fr. 

600 N. 
N. Roc'iwell. Even 
nos. n. s. 

Lincoln 2 

Robey 62 

Hoyne av 122 

Leavitt 180 

Shober 208 

Oakleyav.. 230 

Davis 264 

Western av 288 

Dania av 310 

Seymour av — 338 
' woodav.. 364 
Rockwell 385 

Buena Vista pi. (S. 

D.)fr. 2520 Emerald 
av. ^blk. e. 

Breslau (W.D.) fr. 
Hamburg av. to 
Ems. 1st w. of N 
Oakley av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Hamburg 1 

Em 35 

Bondflcld (S.D) fr 
Hickory s. e. t< 
Thirty-first; crosses 
Archer av. at 2870 

Hickory" 03 .'.!!', ..2 700 1 Board (S.D.) fr.C&A. 

Bricham (W D) fr 
675 N. Ashland av. 
w. to cor. N. Wood 
and Milwaukee av. 

Bunker (W. D.) fr. 

Beach w. to S. Hal- 
sted; 1st n. of W. 
Twelfth. Even nos. 
s. s. 

Beach 1 

Canal 35 

Clinton 57 

Jefferson 87 

Desplaines 121 

lUlsted 185 

Burchill (Jefferson) 
fr. W. Wrightwood 

av.n. to W.Diversey 
av. 1st w. of N. 
California av. 

Burling (N. D.) fr. 

North av . n . to Bel- 
den av. and fr. Ful- 
lerton av . [city lim- 
its] n. to Dewey ct. 
(inLakeview) 1 blk. 
e. of N.Halsted.Even 
nos. e. s. 

North av 1 

Willow 85 

Center 215 

Garfield av 265 

Webster av 321 

Belden av 375 

Fullerton av. [city 

limits] 505 

r rightwood av 
Dewey ct 

Burlington (W. D.) 

fr. W^ Sixteenth s. 
e. of S. Jefferson. 
Last no. 64. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Burton pi. (N. D.)fr. 

N. Clarke e. to the 
Lake,2d s.of Lincoln 
Park. Even nos. s.s. 

Clark 2 

Dearborn av 24 

State 50 

Astor 74 


Butler (S. D.) Archer 
av. s. e. to Twenty- 
fourth, thence s. to 
Thirty-ninth; 2d n. 
of Stewart av. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Archer 2330 

Twenty-fourth .2400 
Twenty-fourth pl2432 

Twent,' -fifth 2500 

Twenty -fifth pi.. 2532 
Twenty, sixth.... 2 600 
Twenty-seventh. 2700 
Twenty-eighth. ..2800 

Napoleon pi 2832 

Twenty-ninth ...2900 

Thirtieth 3000 

Thirty-first 3100 

Thirty-second . . .3200 
Thirty-third.. .3300 
Thirty-fourth . . . 3400 

Thirty-fifth 3500 

Thirty -sixth 3600 

Thirty-seventh. .3700 
Thirty - seventh 

ct 8735 

Thirty-eighth... 3800 
Thii ty-eighth ct . 3833 
Thirty-ninth ....3900 


E. Sixteenth s. to 
abt. 55th. 1st e. of 
S.Clark. Even nos. 

Sixteenth 1600 

Thence s. each block 
commences with even 
hundred numbers cor- 
responding with num- 
erical name of street- 

Byfordav. (W D.)fr. 

Douglas boul s. to 
W Sixteenth. 1st e. 
of Central Park av. 

Boulevard 685 

Fifteenth 745 

Sixteenth 803 

C. (N.D.) fr. South- 
port av. w. to Dom- 
mick (nr. N Branch 


Chicago river) . Last 
no. 30. 

Calhoun pi. (S.D.)fr 
S State w . to Market; 
bet. Washington and 

California av. 8 (W 

D.) fr. 1 270 W Lake 
s. to Thirty-ninth 

Lake 1 

Park 20 

Washington boul 43 

Warren av 

Madison ) 

Colorado av... ) 


Monroe 124 

Wilcox a v 150 

Adams 179 

Jackson 205 

Van Buren 251 

Congress 289 

Harrison 323 

Flournoy 353 

Lexington 385 

Polk 417 

Harvard 451 

Taylor 483 

Fillmore 511 


Douglas Park.. ) 



Douglas Park pi . 60 

Ogden av ) 

Fifteenth j 

Rebecca 778 

Sixteenth 800 


R. R. crossing... 


Twenty. first 


Twenty-second ..1011 

Ambrose.*. 1039 

Moore 1075 

Parmelee 1109 

Laughton 1136 

Coulter 1196 

Twenty-sixth.... 1250 

The River 

Ill and Mich canal 



Thirty -ninth .... 

California av. N (W. 
D.)fr. 1 270 W Lake 
n. to W Kinzie, and 
fr. Grand av. n. to 
W Diversey av. 
and beyond. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Lake 2 

Fulton 68 

Kinzie 126 

Indiana 196 

Ohio 240 

R. It. Crossing.. 

Grand av 

Chicago av 364 

Iowa 422 

Linwood pi 




Division 604 

Werder 634 

Moltke 660 

Bismarck 694 

Hirsch 720 

Thompson 780 

North av 

Wabansia av 

Bloomingdale rd 



Francis pi 








Greenwood av.. 
Humboldt Pk bd 

Evergreen av 

Diversey av,.--.. 

Calumet av. (S.D.) 
fr. E Eighteenth s. 
to Thiity - ninth. 
Even nos. w. s. 

Eighteenth 1800 

Twentieth 2000 

Thence s. to Thirty- 
ninth, each block 
commences with 
even hundred num- 
bers corresponding 
with numeric'] name 
of street-crossing. 

Campbell av. (W.D.) 
fr. IV Madison s. to 
W Sixteenth; 1st w. 
of Western av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Madison 91 

Monroe 125 

Wilcox 153 

Adams *79 

Jackson 205 

Van Buren 249 

Congress 289 

Harrison 323 

Flournoy 353 

Lexington 385 

Polk 415 

Harvard 451 

Taylor 483 

Fillmore 515 

Grenshaw 543 

Twelfth 571 

Ogden av 663 

Fourteenth 683 

Fifteenth 743 

Rebecca 775 

Sixteenth 801 

Campbell Park (W. 

D.) fr. Leavitt w. to 

O ikley av. y> blkn. 

of W Polk. Even 

nos. s. s. 

Leavitt 2 

Oakley av 62 

Canal S (W. D ) fr. 

30 W Randolph s. 

to Lumber. Even 

nos. e. s. 

Randolph 1 

Washington 35 

Madison 75 

School 95 

Monroe 113 

Adams 149 

Jackson 189 

VanBuren 229 

Harrison 300 

Sebor.... 330 

Mather 351: 

Polk 375 

Ewing 399 

Forquer 421 

Taylor 443 

DeKoven 461 

Bunker 483 

Twelfth 507 

Judd 527 

Wilson 547 

Maxwell 567 

Liberty 581 

Fourteenth 595 

arber 609 

Wright 623 

Fifteenth 637 

Meager 651 

Sixteenth 675 

Seventeenth 720 

Canalport av 735 

Eighteenth 745 

Lumber 799 

Canal N (W. D.,) fr. 
29 W Randolph n. 

to W Kinzie. Even 

noi;. w. s. 

Randolph 2 

Lake 40 

Milwaukee av... 48 

Fulton 72 

Carroll av 112 

R. R. Crossing.. 

Kinzie . 140 

Canal pi. (W. D ) fr 

N Branch Chicago 
river w. to 784 
Elston. av. 

Canalportav. (WD.) 

fr. 732 S Canal s 
w. to W Twenty 
second. Even nos 
n. s. 

Canal 2 

Seward 24 

Eighteenth 26 

Blair 36 


String 86 

guble 108 
nion 134 

Halsted 176 

Twenty-first . . . ) <-,.->, 

Johnson )' zz * 

Brown 250 

Morgan 286 

Twenty-second.. 290 

Carl(N. D.) fr. 550 
Wells e. to La Salle 
av. Last no. 28. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Carpenter S (W. D.) 
fr. 300 W Randolph 
s. to 293 W Mad- 
ison. Even nos. e.s. 

Randolph 1 

Washington bd . . 35 
Madison 67 

Carpenter N (W.D.) 
fr. 301 W Randolph the River. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Randolph 1 

Lake 33 

Fulton 61 

Carroll av 81 

Kenzie 115 

Austin av . 143 

Indiana 175 

Ohio 205 

Erie 237 

Huron 267 

Milwaukee av 283 

Chicago av 311 

Front 339 

George 369 

The River 385 

Carroll av. (W.D.) 
fr. 100 N. Canal w. 
to Leavitt and fr. 
Francisco to Central 
Park av . Even nos . 
s. s. 

Canal 1 

linton 31 

Jefferson 65 

Milwaukee av... 71 

Desplaines 95 

Union 125 

Halsted 167 

Green 189 

Peoria 207 

Sangamon , 223 

Morgan 247 

Carpenter 265 

Curtis 287 

May 305 

Ann 335 

Elizabeth 369 

Ada 409 

Sheldon 447 

Union Park pi... 491 
St. John's pi 517 

Ashland av 553 

Paulina 613 

Wood 671 

Lincoln 733 

Robey 793 

Hoyne av 853 

Leavitt 913 

Re-commence at- 

Francisco av 1333 

Sacramento av..l3i)l 
Albany av 1451 

Kedzie av 1513 

Homan av 1639 

Central Park av. 1769 

Cass (N.D.) fr. 261 
E Kinzie n. to Rush. 
Even nos. w. s. 

Kinzie 1 

Michigan 21 

Illinois 37 

Indiana 57 

Ohio 77 

Ontario 9 

Erie 115 

Huron 135 

Superior 153 

Chicago av 175 

Pearson 197 

Chestnut 209 

Delaware pi 236 

Rush 240 

Cedar (N.D.) fr. 345 
Rush e. to the Lake. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Rush 1 

The Lake 75 

Central av. (S.D.)fr. 
12 S Water s. to 
Randolph. Nos. on 
w. s. only. 

S. Water 



Central Park av. 8 

(W.D.) fr. 1738 W 
Madison Thirty- 
first. Evennos.e.s. 

Madison 94 

Monroe 134 

Adams 1 70 

Jackson 204 

Colorado av 255 


Twelfth 571 

Goodwin 612 

Palatine 650 

Douglas Park bd 689 

Fifteenth 743 

Sixteenth 803 

Eighteenth 855 

Ogden av 927 

Twenty-second ..1015 
R. R. Crossing.. 1045 
Twenty-third. . . . 1075 
Twenty-fourth ..1135 

Twenty-fifth 1195 

Twenty-sixth.... 1253 




Central Park av. "N 

(W.D.) fr. Central 
bd n. to Fullerton 
av. bet. Woodland 
and Byford aves. 

Indiana 200 

Ohio 240 

Huron 306 

Chicago av 362 


Grand av 

Division 604 

William 662 

Frederick 720 

Prince 78 

North av 838 

Thence n. to Fullerton 

Central boulevard 

(W.D.) 163 N Sacra- 
mento av. w. to 
Central Park av. 
Even nos. e. s. 
Sacramento av..l238 

Nichols 1270 

Albany av 1303 

Troy 1333 

Kedzie av 1357 

1'hinney av 

Homan av 

Trumbull av 

St. Louis av 


Central Park av. 

Centre (N.D.)fr. 30 
Racine av. e. to 875 
N. Clark (Lincoln 
Park). Even nos. 
n. s. 

Racine av 31 


Seminary av 93 

Clyde Ill 

Osgood 114 

Sheffield av 135 

Bissell 157 

Fremont 179 

Dayton 201 

Halsted 221 

Burling 241 

Orchard 261 

Howe 283 

Larrabee 303 

Mohawk 323 

Hurlbut 343 

Hudson av 371 

Lincoln av — ) o QC r 

Sedgwick j d9£> 

Lane pi 414 

No ith Park av. ) , „ Q 
Clark / 4d,J 

Centre av. S. (W.D.) 
fr. 380 W Madison 
s. to Lumber, and 
f r. Forty-seventh s. 
to Sixty -seventh. 
Even nos. e. s. in 
W. D. and w. s. in 

Madison 2 

Rundellpl 10 

Church ct 20 

Monroe 30 

Adams 60 

Jackson 94 

VanBuren 124 

Tilden 140 

Congress 156 

Harrison 178 

Vernon Park pi. 

Gurley 214 

Macallster pi ... . 248 

Polk 252 

Gilpin pi 

Arthington 294 

Taylor 314 

Twelfth 380 

Thirteenth pi... 400 

Thirteenth 420 

Hastings 440 

Fourteenth 456 

Blue Island av.. 466 

Henry 476 

Fifteenth 496 

Rebecca 516 

R. R. Crossing.. 

Sixteenth 536 

Seventeenth 564 

Eighteenth 582 

Nineteenth 632 

McMullen ct.... 644 

Twentieth 664 

Twenty-first.... 682 

Walsh ct 

Twenty-second. 730 


Re-commences at 
Forty-seventh. .4700 
Thence s. to abt. 

Center av. N. (W.D) 


fr. W Kinzie n. to 
Augusta Sixth w. of 
N Halsted. Even 


w. s. 

Kinzie 1 

Austin av 29 

Indiana 55 

Hunt 76 

Ohio 87 

Erie 109 

Huron 129 

Superior 165 

Chicago av 193 

Fry 225 

Milwaukee av 239 

Augusta 313 

Champlaln (S. D. )fr. 
Brossav. s. to Thir- 
ty-fifth. 5th e. of 
Western av. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Bross av 3200 

Thirty -third ....3300 
Thirty-fourth ... 3400 
Thirty-fifth 3500 

Champlaln a v. (Hyde 
Park) fr. Forty-first 
s. to Washington 
Park; 2 blks. w of 
Cottage Grove ar. 

Chapln (W.D) . f r. 
543 Noble e. to 
Curier. Last no. 
43. Even nos. n.s. 

Chappell pi. (S.D.) 
fr. Forty -third s. to 
Forty-sixth, lste. 
of Ellis av. 

to North av. Even 

nos. e. s. 
North Branch. ) 

Bliss t" 

Division 96 

Rees 108 

Eastman 130 

Hickory av i 

Blackhawk — ) 

Hooker ) 

Weed f 

N Branch Canal 
North av 




Cherry pi. (Jefferson) 
fr. Powell av. w. to 
Perry av. abt. 3 
blks. n. of 1620 
Milwaukee av. 

Chester (N.D.)fr. 831 
Clybourn av.s.w., w. 
and n. to Fullerton 
av. Even nos. n. s. 

Clybourn av 1 

R. R. tracks 

Fullerton av 133 

Chestnut (N.D.) fr. i 2 
blk. w. of N Market the Lake, 1 blk. 
n. of Chicago av. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Firstno 123 

Market 145 

Franklin 183 


Charles (W.D.) fr. 6 
W Van Buren s. 1 Harrison. 

Charles pi. (S.D.) fr. 
324 Fifth av. w. to 
S Franklin. Last 
no. 31. Even nos. 
n. s. 

Charlotte (W. D.) fr. 
S Central Park av. 
w. to Genesee av. 1 
blk. 1st n. of W 

Charlton (S.D.) fr. 

Thirty-third s. to 

Thirty-fifth. 1st. e. 

of S Ashland av. 

Even nos. w. s. 
Thirty-third ....3300 
Thirty-fourth. . . 3400 
Thirty -fifth 3500 

Chase (W.D.) fr. 312 
W Chicago av. n. to 
Cornell; abt. 2 blks 
w. of Center av. 

Chicago av 1 

Fry 23 

Cornell 47 

Chase ct. (W.D.) fr. 
Coulter s. 2 3 blks. 
lste. of S Western 

Chatham ct. (N.D.) 
fr. Hobbie n. to E 
Division. 1st w. of 
Larrabee. Even nos. 
e. 8. 

Hobbie 1 

Elm 35 

Division 67 

Cherry av. (N.D.) fr. 
North Branch (on 
Goose Island) n. w. 
to Eastman and n. 

LaSalle av. . . 


Dearborn av 



Rush... 405 

Chestnut pi 421 


Pine 461 

The Lake 489 

Chestnut pi. (N.D.) 
fr. 415 Chestnut n. 
w. to Walton pi. 

Chicago av. E. (N. 

D.) fr. the River e 
to the Lake.E , e venth 
n. of the Rivei-. 

The River 2 

Roberts 14 

Larrabee 20 

Wesson 40 

Kingsbury 48 

Milton av 60 

Townsend 80 

Sedgwick 110 

Market 138 

Franklin 164 

Wells 196 

LaSalle av 228 

Clark 260 

Dearborn av 286 

State 318 

Cass 346 

Rush 372 

Tower pi 380 

Pine 402 

The Lake 470 

Chicago av. W. (W. 

D.) fr. the River w. 

to Crawford av. and 

beyond. Even nos. 


The River 2 


Halsted 70 

Green 90 

Dix 110 


Sangamon 156 

Morgan 170 

Carpenter 1 90 

Milwaukee av. ) OQ n 

May \ Z6li 

Center av 264 

Ayersct 285 

Keith 305 









Ashland av 








Hoyne av 


Oakley av 

Western av 

Seymour av 


Washtenaw av.. 

Fairfield av 

California av 

Grand av 


Sacramento av. . 


Kedzie av 

Sheridan av 

Homan av 

Trumbull av 

St. Louis av 

Drake av 

Central Park av 

Tinkham av 

Lawndale av 

Hamlin av 

Avers av 

Sprinefield av... 

Harding av 

Crawford av 

Holt to 346 N Wood 
Even nos. n. s. 


Ashland av 














500|«larli S. (S. D.) fr 

520 the River Sixty 

548 fifth. Even not. w 

570 s. 

630 S. Water 2 

660 Lake 32 

6!)0 Couch pi 50 

750 Randolph 66 

County bldg 

Washington 104 

Calhoun pi 122 

Madison 142 

Arcade ct 162 

1110 Monroe 180 

Marblepl 196 

1158 Adams ... 214 

Quincy 232 

Jackson 250 

Van Buren 282 

Harrison 352 

Polk 424 

Taylor 496 

Stowell 538 

Twelfth 1200 

Fourteenth 1400 

Thence to Sixty- 
fifth eacti block 
commences with 
even hundred 
numbers corre 
sponding -with 
tne n if merical 
names of street- 

Church ct. (W. D.) 

fr. 85 S Morgan w. 
to Center av 

Church pi. (S. D.) fr. 

Fuiler s. e. to 
2960 Archer av. 

Churchill (W. D.) fr. 
N Robey w. to N 
Leavitt. First n. of 
Bloomingdale rd. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Robey 1 

Hoyne av 53 


Leavitt 99 

Cicero ct. cW. D.) fr. 

1080 W Jackson s. 

to W Harrison. Even 

nos. e. s. 

Jackson 1 

Van Buren 41 


Harrison 93 

Clara pi. (Jefferson) 
fr. 1280 N West- 
ern av. w. to Perry 

Claremont av. (W. 

D.)fr. 944 W Van 
Buren Harrison, 
fr.3 4 blk. n. of 1021 
W Polk s. to W 
Taylor and fr. 3 4 
blk.n.of 1095 Gren- 
shaw s. to Grenshaw. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Van Buren 251 

Harrison 321 

Re-commence at 383 

Polk 411 

Taylor 487 

Re-commence at 505 
Grenshaw 533 

Clarlnda (W.D.)fr.SO 

Clark N. (N.D.) fr. 
the River n. to 
North av., thence n. 
w. to Graceland av. 
(in Lake View), and 
beyond. Even nos. 
e. s 

The River. 
N. Water . 
Kinzie — 


Michigan 62 

Illinois 82 

Indiana 104 

Ohio 126 

Ontario 146 

Erie 170 

Huron 190 

Superior 214 

Chicago av 242 

Chestnut 272 

Washington pi.. 290 

Locust 310 

Lafayette pi 330 

Oak 350 

Maple 390 

Elm 43i 

Division 448 

Goethe 504 

Schiller 562 

Burtonpl 614 

Grant 645 

North av 663 

Eugenie 713 

LaSalle av 741 

Menomonee 771 

Park Front.. . ) « H » 
Lincoln av .... f /8/ 

Wells 817 

Wisconsin 821 

Centre 879 

North Parkav.. 896 

Garlieldav 922 

Webster av 976 

Sedgwick lioil 

Grant pi ) 1U11 

Belclenav 1026 

Fullerton av 1076 

Frederick ct . . . . 



Dewey ct 

Sherman pi. 

Diver sey av 

York pi 

Oakdale av 


Dempster pi 



Gehrke av 

Belmont av 




Cleveland av. . . . 




Nellie av 


Verona av 

Graceland av., 
and beyond 

Clarkson ct. (W.D.) 
fr. 1297 W Lake s. 
1 blk. to Washington 

Clay (N.D.) fr. 158 
Sheffield av. e. to 
820 N Halsted, and 
fr.460 Clybourn av 
s. w. to Hawthorne 
av. Even nos. n. s. 

Sheffield av 




Halsted ... 

Clybourn av 

Hawthorne av... 

Clayton (W.D.) fr. 
Jonnson Brown 
and fr. S Morgan 
w. toFisk. 1st s.of 
Twenty-first. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Johnson 1 

Brown 29 

Morgan 61 

Fisk 89 

Cleaver (W.D.) fr. 

763 Milwaukee av. 

n. to Blanche. Even 

nos. e. s. 
Milwaukee av... 1 

Division 53 

Bradley 107 

Blackhawk 165 

Blanche 225 

Clifton Park av. (W. 


to W Twenty-sixth. 


av. Even nos. e. s. 

Sixteenth 804 

Eighteenth 850 

Ogdenav 906 

Twenty-second. . 1010 
R. R. crossing... 1036 
Twenty-third. . ..1076 
Twenty-fourth. . 1 1 34 
Twenty-fifth.... 11 96 
Twenty-sixth.... 1254 

Clinton S (W.D.) fr. 

399 W Randolph s. 

to 165 Maxwell. 2d 

w. of the River. 

Even nos. e. s. 

Randolph 1 

Washington 45 

Madison 79 

School 97 

Monroe 115 

Adams 153 

Quincy 173 

Jackson 189; 

Van Buren 221 

Congress 261 ; 

Harrison 29 » 

Sebor 3l£ 

Mather 32* 


Polk 345 

Ewiog 367 

Forquer 391 

Ta>lor. 415 

DeKoven 431 

Bunker 451 

Twelfth 473 

Judd 495 

Wilson 517 

Maxwell 537 

Clinton N (W.D.) fr. 
WRandolph n. to W 
Kinzie. 2d w. of 
the River. Even nos 
e. s. s. of Lake and 
w.s., n. of Lake. 


Lake 39 

Milwaukee av. ) » Q 

Fulton y '* 

Carroll av Ill 

Kinzie 137 

Clinton (Hyde Park) 
Forty-third st. fr 
Cottage Grove av. e 
*.o the Lake. 

Clybourn av. (N.D.) 
fr. 303 E Division 
n. w. to Western av 
(Lake view). Even 
nos. n. s. 

Division 1 

Hurlbut 51 

Mohawk 93 

Larrabee > 101 

Rees C 121 

Uhland 155 

Langdon 189 

Hinsche 198 

Blackhawk 214 

Orchard 238 

Weedct 262 

Halsted ) ~ Q 

Weed \ 278 

Dayton ) ,, na 

North av \ d08 

Concord ■ 349 

Sheffield av 



Clyde 486 

Wabansiaav 529 

Clybourn pi 551 

Racine av 552 

Lewis 596 

Herndon 638 

Ward 672 

Southportav.. ) ggg 


Webster av 720 

Perry. 762 

Cooper 806 

Ashland av 840 


Fullerton av 876 

Paulina 898 

Wrightwood av. 1034 

Diversey av 

Belmont av 

Thence to West'rn av. 

Clybourn pi. E (N. 

D.) fr. 549 Clybourn 
av. w. to the River. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Clybourn av 7 


Hawthorne av. . . 41 
Southportav... 101 
The River us 

Clybourn pi. W (W. 

D.) fr. the River w. 

toN Robey. 1st n. 

of Bloomingdale rd. 

Even nos. s. s. 

The River 119 

Mendell 141 

Elston av 161 


R. R. crossing... 179 
Ashlandav 182 

Edgar 113 

Paulina 229 

Commercial 251 

Wood 273 

Girard 295 

Elkgroveav 217 

Dudley 339 

Robey 359 

Clyde (N.D.) fr. 480 
Clybourn av. n. e., 
and n. to Center. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Clybourn av 1 

Kroger 19 

Poe 35 


Congress E.(S D.) fr. 

Michigan a v. w. to 
S State and fr. Fifth 
av. w. to the River. 
First s. of E Van 
Buren. Even nos. 
n. s. e. of State 
and s. s. w. of Fifth 

Robey w. to N West 
era av. 1st n. of 
Armitage av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Robey 1 

Hoyneav 53 

Leavitt 95 

Oakley av 141 

Western av 185 

College pi. (S.D.) fr. 
3330 Cottage Grove 
av. w. to Rhodes av 
Last no. 54. Even 
nos. n. s. 

Collins (W. D.) fr. 

Albany av. w. to S 
Kedzie av. one blk. 
2dn. of Sixteenth. 

Cologne (S. D.) fr. 

2500 Quarry s. w. 

to Fuller. Even 

nos. n. s. 



Main 2500 

Deering 2700 

Short 2800 



Colorado av. (W. D.) 

fr. 1250 W Madison 
s. w. to Crawford 
av. and beyond. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Madison I 7 

California av.. J L 

Francisco 71 

Monroe 95 

Sacramento av.. 135 

Whipple 183 

Gross terrace.... 

Albauv av 215 

Troy 245 

Kedzie av 287 



Homan av 

Trumbull av. 



St. Louis av 474 

Central Park av. 

Hamlin av ...... 

Crawford a v 

Commercial (W. D.) 

fr. 32 1W. North av. 

n. to ^ blk. s. of 

Hervey. Even nos. 

e. s. 

North av 

Wabansia a 

Clybourn pi 150 

Armitage av 194 

Last no 226 

Michigan av 

Wabash av 



Re-commence at 

Fifthav 1 

Franklin 207 

Market 225 

The River 

Congress W. (W.D.) 
fr. S Clinton w. to 
Jefferson, fr. Hal 
sted to Leavitt and 
fr. S Western av. to 
Spaulding av. First 
s. of W Van Bur 
en. Even nos. n. s. 

Clinton. 70 

Jefferson 100 

Re-commences at 

Halsted 144 

Green 164 

Peoria 180 

Sangamon 200 

Morgan 220 

Bowery 240 

Aberdeen 274 

Center av 330 

Throop 378 

Loomis 428 

Laflin 488 

A&hland av 542 

Marshneldav 56« 

Paulina 594 

Hermitage av... 618 

Wood 646 

Honore 672 

Ogden av 690 

Lincoln 694 

Winchester av.. 720 

Robey 746 

Hoyneav 806 

Leavitt 858 

Re-commence at 

Western av 990 

Campbell av 1040 

Union pi 1063 

Cicero ct 1086 

Rockwell 1098 

R. R. crossing. . . 1 102 
Congress Park.,1114 
Washtenaw av..H48 

California av 1204 

Francisco 1 264 

Sacramento av. .1324 

Albany av 1380 

Kedzie av 1444 

Spaulding av....l502 

Congress Park (W. 

D.)fr WVanBuren 

s. to Harrison , y 2 sq. 

w. of Rockwell. 

Even nos. s. s. 

Van Buren ] 

Congress 37 

Harrison 67 

River s. w. to 135 
N Jefferson. Even 
nos. n. s. 

The River 2 

West Water 10 

Dunn 35 

Jefferson 38 


Connor (N. D.) fr. 
60 Hurlbut to 330 

Commercial (L«ke 

View) fr. 1257 N 
Paulina n.w. 1 blk. 

Concord pI.(N. D.) fr. 

339 Clybourn av.w. 
to Sheffield av. Last 
no. 48. 

50 1 Sedgwick, 
rd 102 

Conrad (W. D.) fr. 

93 Ruble w. to 682 
S. Union. Last no. 
20. Even nos. n. s. 

Cooper (N. D.) 
800 Clybourn av. 
n. to ^blk.n.of 221 
Fullerton av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Clybourn av 1 

Fullerton av 47 

Cork (W.D.) fr. 215 
N Ashland av. w. to 
N Paulina. Last 
no. 50. Even nos. 
n. s. 

Cornelia (W. D.) fr 

Milwaukee av. w. to 
Wood. lsts. of Au 
gusta. Even nos. 

Milwaukee av. .. 


Holt 113 

Ashland av 161 

Rumsey 19 

Paulina 217 

Samuel 245 

Wood 271 


Cook (S. D.) fr. 135 
Forty-seventh s. 3 

Cook (W. D.) fr. the 

Cornelia (W. 

(Jefferson) fr. 
waukee av. 
Hoffman av. s 
1 blk to Point. 

Cornell (W.D.) fr. 

560 Milwaukee av. 

w. to N Ashland av. 

Even nos. n. s. 

Milwaukee 2 

Chase 40 

Noble 92 

Rose H6 

Holt 144 

Ashlandav 196 

Cornell av. (Hyde 
Park) fr. Fifty-first 
s. e. 2 blks to Oak, 
thence s. to Jackson 






Jackson Park... 

Cortez (W.D.) fr. N. 
California av. w. to 
Humboldt Park. 1st 
n. of Augusta. 

Cortland (W.D.) fr 
N Robey w. to N 
Oakley av., and fr.N 
Western av. to Cen 
tral Park av. 2d 
s. of Armitage av. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Robey \ 

Hoyne av 51 

Leavitt 109 

Wilmotav ) 1/lfl 

Oakley av \ 14y 

Western av 211 

Seymour av. 

Gross av 

Washtenaw av! 

Fairfield av 

California av. . . 





Nebraska av..!. 





Homan av 


Hancock — - — 
Central Park av 

Corwin (W.D.) fr. 
790 W Fifteenth s. 
to W Sixteenth; bet. 
Robey and Lincoln. 

Corwin pi. (W.D.) fr. 
81 Moore s. % blk 
to Blue Island av. ; 
bet. Robey and Lin- 

Cottajre Grove av. 

(S.D.) fr.89 Twenty, 
second s.e. to abt 
Seventy-fifth. Even 
nos. w. s. 
Twenty-second.. 2200 

Indiana av 2214 

Twenty-third.... 2300 

Prairie av 2340 

Twenty -fourth. .2400 
Thence each block 
commences with 
even hundred num- 
bers corresponding 
with the numerical 
name of street- 

Cottage pi. (W. D.) 

fr. 85 Throop one 
blk. w. 

Couca pl.(S. D.) fr. 

S State w. to S Mar- 
ket, bet. Lake and 

Coulter (W. D.) fr. 

1087 S Robey s. w. 

to Oakley av. thence 

w. to California av, 

Even nos. s. s. 

Robey 1 

Hoyneav > ftQ 

Laughton \ by 

Leavitt 137 

Oakley av 199 

Chase ct 

Western av 251 



California av. . . . 

Court pi. (S. D.) fr. 

State w. to Market, 
bet. Randolph and 

Coventry (S. D.) fr. 

W North av. n. 

W Claybourn pi. 

1st w. of Elston av. 

Even nos. e. s. 

North av 2 

Wabansia av 70 

Bloomingdale rd 122 
Cly bourne pi 170 

Crawford (W. D.)fr. 

465 Twenty-second 

s. to Archer av. 

Even nos. w. s. 

Crawford ct.....2225 

Lastno 2234 

Crawford av. 8 (W. 

D.) (Western Citv 
limits) fr. 1983 W 
Lake to Thirty- 




Colorado av 





Ogden av crossing 


Thirty first 

Illinois and Mieh- 

g.ui canal 

The River 

Thirty -ninth 

Crawford av. N (W 

D.)fr. 1980 W Lake 
n. toDiversey av 

Lake 46 

Kinzie 126 

Indiana 184 

Ohio 240 

Huron 306 

Chicago av 364 



Grand av 

North av 

Breckenridge av 


Armitage av 

McLean av 

Dickens av 

Costella av 

Humboldt av — 

Fullerton av.... 

Thence n. to Di- 
versey av 

Crawford et. (S.D. ) 
fr. 2220 McGlashen 
W. to Crawford. 

Crilly pi. (N.D.) fr. 
Eugenie n. to Flori- 
mond. 1st w. of 


Crittenden (W. D.) fr 

Noble e. to Currier; 

2ds. of W Division. 

Evennos. s. s. 

Noble 2 

Wade 22 

Currier 44 

Crooked (N.D.) fr. 
20 Southport av. s. 
e. to Hawthorn av. 
^2 blk. Even nos. 
n. s. 

Crosby (N.D.)fr. 81 
Larrabee n. w. to E 
Division. Evennos. 
e. s. 

Larrabee 12 

Oak 34 

Hobbie 76 

Elm 116 

Division 146 

Cross (W.D.) fr. S 
Albany av. W. to 
Kedzie av. 1st s. 
of W Nineteenth. 
(Take Ogden av. 

Cross (W.D.)fr. 456 
Colorado av. s. to 
W Harrison. 

Colorado av 224. 

Harrison 324' 

Crossing (W.D.) fr. 
Men dell w. to 000 
N Paulina. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Mendell 2 

Elstonav 16 

R. R. crossing... 30 
Paulina 62 

Crowell (Jefferson) 
fr. 1813 Milwaukee 
av. n. to W Fuller 

Crown pi. (W. D.)fr. 
W Twenty-sixth 
blk to the River. 1st 
e. of California av. 

Crystal (W.D.) fr 
555 N Robey w. 3 
blks to N Leavitt 

Currier (W.D. )fr. 70 
Augusta n. to Cka- 

Augusta 1 

Wade 23 

Crittenden 45 

Chapin 63 

Curtis 8 (W.D.) fr 
W Randolph s. to 
323 W Madison. 
6th w. of HalsteO. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Randolph 2 

Washington bd. 30 
Madison 66 

Curtis N (W D.) fr. 
321 W Randolph n. 
to W Huron, thence 
n. w. to May. 6th 
w. of Halsted. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Randolph 1 

Lake 31 

Fulton 59 

Carroll av 85 

Kinzie 113 

Austin av 145 

Indiana 169 

Ohio 197 

Erie 223 

Huron 249 

May 307 

Custom House pi. (S. 

D.) fr. 156 Dear- 
born w. and s. to 

Cynthia et. (W. D.) 

(also called Clifton 
Park av) fr. 1504 
Ogaen av. s. to W 
Twenty-sec'd. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Ogden av 907 

T wen ty -second ..1013 

Cypress (W.D.) fr. 
Birch s. to 945 W 
Twelfth. Evennos. 

Birch ) «- 

Kendall f s 

Taylor 39 

Ashland av 75 

Twelfth 100 

Dale pi. (W.D.) fr. 
720 W Twentv- 
second s. % blk. 
Last no. 30. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Daly (in Cicero) fr. 
Thirty-fifth s. to 
Thirty-eighth. 3d 
w. of S Western av. 

Damon (W.D.) fr. 
Sholto w. to 340 8 
May. Evennos. n. 

Sholto 52 

Abeideen 70 

May 90 

Daniaav. (W.D.)fr. 
W Division n. to 
Bloomingdale rd. 
1st w. of N Western 
av. Even nos. e.s. 

Division 604 

Bryson 660 


Thompson 780 

Northav 840 

Wabansia av 

Bloomingdale rd 

Dashlel (S. D.) fr 

Twenty-sixth s. to 
Forty-seventh. 2d e 
of S Halsted. Even 
w. s. 
Twenty-sixth.... 2600 
Thence each blk. 
commences with 
even hundred 
nos. correspond- 
ing with numer- 
ical names of 

Davis (W. D.) fr. W 
Division n. to Wa- 
bansia av. 1st e. of 
N Western av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Division 600 

Bryson 660 

Hirsch 720 

Thompson 780 

North av 840 

Wabansia av 894 

Davlin (W. D.) fr. 
1894 W Lake n. to 
W Kinzie. Even nos. 

Lake 36 

Fulton 90 

Kinzie 124 

Dayton (N. D.) fr- 

140 Rees n. to Bel- 
den av. Even nos. 
e. s. 

Rees 1 

Eastman 31 

Blackhawk 53 

Weed* 85 

Clybourne av... 113 

Northav 115 

Bissell 143 

Willow 195 

Clay 255 

Center 315 

Garfield av 365 

Webster av 423 

Belden av • 475 

Dean (W. D.)fr.649 
N Paulina n . w. 1 
blk to Brigham 
Last no. 42. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Dearborn (S. D.) fr. 

the River s. to Polk 
and from Fourteenth 

s . to Fortieth ; thence 

at intervals to abt. 

Fifty- seventh. Even 

nos. w. s. 

S. Water. 2 

Haddock pi 16 

Lake 30 

Couch pi.... 50 

Randolph 66 

Washington 104 

Calhoun pi 110 

Madison 140 

Custom House pi 156 

Monroe 174 

Marble pi 194 

Adams 210 

Quincy 232 

Jackson 250 

VanBuren 288 

Harrison 870 

Polk 446 

Fourteenth 1400 

Fifteenth 1500 

Thence to Fifty- 
seventh each blk. 
commences with 

even hundred 
numbers corre- 
sponding with 
numerical names 
of street-cross- 

Dearborn av. (N. D.) 
fr. the River n. to 
Lincoln Park. 1st e 
of N. Clark. Even 
nos. w. s. 

The River 2 

North Water.... 18 

Kinzie 36 

Michigan 54 

Illinois 76 

Indiana 94 

Ohio 110 

Ontario 130 

Erie 150 

Huron 170 

Superior 196 

Chicago av 212 

Chestnut 252 

Washington pi.. 266 

Delaware pi 284 

Lafayette pi 302 

Walton pi 304 

Oak 322 

Maple 362 

Elm 400 

Division 420 

Goethe 474 

Schiller 526 

Burton pi 572 

Northav ) a „ n 

Lincoln Park.J b3 ° 

Dearborn Park (S. 

D. ) ^ sq. w. s. 
of Michigan av. bet. 
E Washington and 
E Randolph sts. 

Dearborn pi. (S. D.) 

fr.20E Randolphs. 

to Madison. Even 


Randolph 1 

Washington 41 

Madison 73 

Deerina (S. D.) fr. 
the River s. e. to 

Thirty-first midway 
bet. Lock and Main. 
Even nos. w. s. 

The River 2600 

Cologne 2700 

Hickory 28C0 

Archer av ) oann 

Fuller ) 2900 

Lyman 3000 

Thirty -first 3070 

DeKalb(W. D.)fr. 

Flournoy s. w. to 
450 S Leavitt. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Flournoy 1 

Lexington 37 

Hoyneav 59 

Poik 77 

Boone 127 

Leavitt 139 

DeKoven (W. D.lfr. 

Beach w. to 404 S. 

Halsted. Even nos. 


Beach 62 

R. R. crossing.. 

Canal 94 

Clinton 122 

Jefferson 150 

Dcsplaines 178 

Halsted 242 

Delaware pi. (N.D.) 
fr. Dearborn av. e. 
to the Lake. 3dn. 
of Chicago av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Dearborn av 1 

State 33 

Cass 63 

Rush 65 

Chestnut pi 

Geary 95 

Pine ) . . o 

The Lake J 113 

Deniing ct. (N.D.) 

fr. N Clark s. w. 
and Orchard; 2 
blks n. of Fullerton 

Depot (W.D.) fr.159 
Stewart av. w. to 
640 S Halsted. 

Depuyster (W.D.) 
fr. S Desplaines w. 
to 240 S Halsted. 
Last no. 67. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Desplaines S (W.D.) 

fr. W Randolph n. 

to W Erie. 2d e. 

of Halsted. Even 

nos. w. s. 

Randolph 1 

Waldo pi 23 

Washington 37 

Meridian.. 59 

Madison 77 

School 95 

Monroe Ill 

Marble pi 129 

Adams 149 

Quincy 167 

Jackson 179 

Boston av 201 

Van Buren 215 

Pearce 237 

Depuyster 263 

Harrison 279 

Sebor 305 

Mather 325 

Polk 357 

Ewing 367 

Forquer 391 

Taylor 409 

DeKoven 429 

Bunker 451 

Twelfth 473 


fr. W Randolph n. 

to W Erie. 2d e. 

of Halsted. Even 

nos. w. s. 

Randolph 1 

Eagle 27 

Lake 41 

Lydia 60 

Fulton 73 

Wayman : 89 

Carroll av 105 

Milwaukee av.. 119 

Kinzie 121 

Austin av 153 

Indiana 183 

Ohio 224 

Erie 253 

Dexter a v. (W.D.) 
fr. S Ashland av. s. 
w. to Thirty-first, 
bet. the River and 
the Canal. 

Dexter av. (in Lake) 
fr. Stewart av. w. to 

Halsted. bet. Forty- 
sixth and Forty, 

Dickey av. (W.D.) 

fr. N Kedzie av. w. 
tj N Homsin av. 2d 
s. of W North av. 
(w. of Humboldt 


Dickens ov. (Jeffer- 
son) fr. Humboldt 
bd. w. to Hamlin av. 
2d n. of Armitage 

Dickson (W. D.) fr. 

170 W Division n. 

to Bloomingdale rd. 

lste. of N Ashland 

av. Even. nos. e. s. 

Division 530 

Blackhawk 660 

Blanche 720 

Northav 780 

Wabansia av 840 

Bloomingdale rd 898 

Dieden (W. D.) fr. 

217 Biston av. s. 
w. 1 blk. to Currier 

Dlller(W.D,) fr.900 
Fulton n. to Austin 
av. and ^ blk. be- 
yond and fr. 845 
W Indiana n. to W 
Ohio. Even nos. 

Fulton 1 

Kenzie 45 

Austin av 69 

Indiana 93 

Ohio... 127 

DIversey av. E. (N. 

D.) fr. the Eiver e. 

to the Lake. lstn. 

of Lincoln Park. 

The River 

North Branch — 

Robey ... 

C. & N. W. R. R. 


Ashland av 


Southport av. ... 




Racine av ) 

Lincoln av J 

Seminary av.... 

Edson av 

Sheffield av 



Florence av...... 




Evanston av 


Park av 

Lake View av 

DIversey av. W. (W. 

D.)fr.the River w. to 
Crawford av. 2d n 
of Wrightwood av 

Division E. (N. D.)fr. 
the River e. to tht 
Lake; abt. 1 mile n 
of the main River, 
Even nos. s. s. 

The River 

North Branch. » 

Rees J 

Cherry a.v 47 

Hickory 71 

Hooker 9 

N Branch canal. 121 
Hawthorne av.. 14 

Halsted 14 

Grace 15 

Crosby 16 

Penn 17 

Pleasant 193 

Otis 20. 

Chatham ct 20( 

Vine 215 

Larrabee 229 

Wesson ,.. 251 

Milton av 271 

Vedder 277 

wnsend 293 

Cly bourn av 303 

Sedgwick 313 

Sedgwick ct 329 

Market 351 


Franklin 385 

Wells 419 

LaSalleav 4o3 

Clark 483 

Dearborn av. . . . 515 




The Lake 

Division W. (W. D. ) 

fr. the River w. to 

Crawford av. and 
beyond. Even nos 
n. s. 

The River 1 

Eistonav 27 

R. R. crossing.. 55 

Noble 97 

Cleaver 121 

Holt 151 

Dickson 171 

Milwaukee av... 182 

Ashland av 201 

Rumsey 221 

Paulina 255 

Samuel.... 273 

Wood 293 

Macedonia 321 

Newton 327 

Marion pi 333 

Lincoln 353 

Dudley 387 

Robey 417 

Hoynoav 477 

Leavitt 537 

Shober 571 

Oakley av....... 597 

Davis 629 

Western av 657 

Dania av 684 

Seymour av. ... 709 

Maplewood av.. 735 

Rockwell 761 

Washtenaw av.. 821 
California av.. 


Humboldt Park. 

Kedzie av 


Homan av 

Grand av 

Central Park av 

Tinkham av 

Hamlin av 

Springfield av .. 
Crawford av.... 

Douglas av. (S D. ) 

(See Thirty-first.) 

Douglas Park (W. 

D.fw. of S Calif or- 
nia av., bet. W 
Twelfth on the 
n. and W Nineteenth 
on the s . Con- 
tains 180 acres. 
Take Ogden av. 

Douglas Park pi. 

(WD.) fr S Rocic 
well w . to California 

Drake a v. (W.D) fr 
W Kinzie n to W 
Chicago av (bet 
Central Park av. 
aiidN St. Louis av.) 

Kinzie 125 

Central boul 189 

Ohio 239 

Huron 305 

Chicago av 361 

Drexel a v . (continua- 
tion of Drexel boul) 
fr. Fifty-second 
to abt. Sixty-fifth 

Dix (W.D.) fr 102 
W Chicago av. 
to Front. 

Dock (S.D.) fr. 46 
River n. w. to the 

Dodge (W.D.) fr 
Lumber s. to W 
Fourteenth. 3d e. 
of S Canal. 





Dominick (N.D). fr 
Alley 1-2 blk s. of C 
st. n. w. to Webster 
av and blk beyond 
] st e. of the River 






Lastno 159 




Webster av. 

nos. w. s 
Shields av 
Stewart av 

Eastman (N. D.) fr 

N Branch (on Goose 
Island; n e. to Jud- 
son, thence e. to 
535 N Halsted. Even 
nos e. s 
North Branch. . 2 

Cherry av. . 30 

Hickory av 62 

Hooker 90 

N Branch canal. 116 
Hawthorne av . 140 
Judson .. .. 156 

2d e. of 
Grove av. 


Drexel boul. (S.D.) 
fr. 3900 Cottage 
Grove av. s. e. to 
Forty-first, thence 
s. to Fifty-second. 
Even nos. w. s. 

Drcver (in Lake) fr. 
Sixty-third s. 6 blks. 
1st w. of S Ashland 

Dudley (W.D.) fr.W 
Chicago av. n. to 
Division, and fr. 
Northav n. to Asy- 
lum pi. 1st w. of 
Lincoln. Even nos. 

Chicago av 3Q0 

Iowa 364 

Augusta 424 

Thomas 484 

Division 520 

Recommences at 

Northav 760 

Wabansia av. .. 81 
Bloomingdale rd 874 
Clybourn pi ... 9 

Armitage av 984 

Hervey 1044 

Asylum pi 1100 

Duncan Park (in 

Lake) fr. Stewart 
av. w. to Wallace, 
bet. Forty -second 
and Forty - third 
Even nos. n. s. 

Dunn (W.D ) fr. 42 
W Kinzie n w. 1 
blk to Cook. 

Dunning (N.D.) fr. 
N Paulina, o. to N 
Halsted. 2d n. of 
Fullerton av. 

Dussold (W. D.) fr. 
S Jefferson w. to S 
Halsted. 1st s. of 
W 12th. Even nos. 

Jefferson 2 

Union 60 

Halsted 92 

agle<w. v.) ir. zu Butterfleld 

N Desplaines w. to Clark 

20 N Halsted. R R. crossing. . . 

Desplaines 1 La Salle 

Union 155' Wcntworth av.. 

Halsted 193iBlackwell 


EarKS. D.)fr. 2920 jThe River 

Shields av. w. to| 

Stewart av Even Eighteenth W 

D. ) fr. the River w 
California av 




and fr Homan av. 

w . to Crawford av 

Even nos. n. s. 

The River 1 


Stewart av 



Seward ) 

Canalport av . ) 


Jefferson , 

String 136 

Ruble 151 

Union , 169 




Halsted 196 

Eberhart(W. D.)fr. 
N Kedsie av. w. 2 
blks. to N Homan 
av. lstn. of W Di- 

Eda(S. D.) fr. 3610 
Indiana av. w. to 
3609 State. 

Indiana av 2 

Michigan av 30 

Wabash av 62 

State 96 

Edbrooke pi. (Jeffer- 

son) fr. "1193 
Western av. 
Hoffman av. 

Edgar (W. D.) fr. 
W North av. n. to 
W Clybourn pi. 1st 
w of N Ashland av. 
Even nos. e. s. 

North av 2 

Wabansia av 60 

Bloomingdale rd 122 
Clybourn pi 178 

Edson av. (Lake 
View) fr. 570 Lin- 
coln av. n. e. andn. 
to Diversey av. 

Edward (N. D.) fr. 

352 Garfield av n. 
to Webster av. 1 

74lHalsted 204 

Newberry av 226 

Johnson 250 

Brown 288 

Morgan 323 

Nutt 339 

Fisk.. 362 

May 416 

Center av 450 

Ailport 474 

Throop 498 

Walker ct 512 

Loomis ) j-ca 

Blue Island avf OD4: 

Albert 589 

Laflin 614 

Asnlandav 670 

Paulina 726 

Wood 784 

Lincoln 84 

Robey 906 

Hoyneav 966 

Leavitt 1023 

Oakley av 1083 

Western av 1143 

R. R. crossing.. 1196 

Rockwell 1255 

Washtenaw av.. 
California av... 

Homan av 

Trumbull av 

St. Louis av 

Clifton Park av. 
Central Park av 


Margaret pi 

Moore pi 

Crawford av.... 

Eighteenth pi. (W. 

D. ) fr. Johnson w. 
toS May. 1st s. of 
W Eighteenth. Even 

Egan av. (S. D.) see 


Egan dale nv. (Hyde 
Park) fr. Clinton (1 
blk. n. of 43d) s. to 
63 1, ; 4th. e.Cottagi 
Grove av. 

Eighteenth E (S. D.) 
fr. the Lake w. to 
the River; 13 4 miles 
s. of City Hall. Even 
nos. n. s. 

The Lake 

it. R. crossing. . . 

Calumet av 

Prairie av 

Indiana av 

Michigan av 80 

Wabash av 112 

Holdenpl 122 

State 138 

Dearborn 164 


11. s. 

Johnson 33 

Brown 63 

\Io gaii 95 

Fisk 127 

May 157 

Eldredere et. (S.D ) 
fr. Mi. higan av. w. 
to 481 State. Even 

Michigan av.. 

Wabash av 

Holden pi 

Siute . 

Elevenths W.D.) fr. 

403 S Morgan w. to 
May. Even nos. n. 

Morgan 66 

Blue Island av.. 82 

Sholto 102 

Julius 107 

Aberdeen 122 

May 138 


Eleventh W (for 
merly Kansas) (W. 
D.) fr. 329 Throop 
w. to S Ashland av. 

Evennos. n. s. 

Throop 1 

Loomis 49 

Laflin 99 

Ashland av 131 

Purple w. to Stew 
art av. and ^2 blk 
bej-ond. Even nos. 
n. s. 

Purple 1 

Stewart av 71 

Lastno 93 

Ellas (S.D.)fr. 2881 
Archer av. *2 blk s. 
e. Even nos. w. s. 

Archer av 2900 

Last no 2929 

Elizabeth 8. CW.D.) 
fr. W Randolph s. 
to 417 W Maaison. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Randolph 1 

Washington bd. 33 
Madison 69 

Elizabeth N (W.D.) 
fr. 403 W Randolph 
n. to W Erie. Even 
nos. w. s 

Randolph 1 

Lake 25 

Fulton 53 

Carroll av 75 

Kinzie 105 

Austin av 129 

Indiana 157 




Elk (W.D.) fr. Bau- 
wans w. to 626 N 
Paulina. Evennos. 
s. s. 

Bauwans 1 

Paulina 27 

Elk Grove av. (W 

D.)fr. 733 N Wood 
w. and n. w. to W 
North av . . thence n. 
(2d w. of Wood) 
to Asylum pi. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Wood 666 

Girard 710 

North av 760 

Wabansiaav 816 

Bloo ..ingd'le rd 872 

Cly bourn pi 928 

Armitage av 

Hervey 1044 

Asylum pi 1100 

Ellen (W.D.) fr. 984 
Milwaukee av. s. w. 
and w. to Lincoln, 
and 1-2 blk beyond 
w. Even nos. s. s. 
Milwaukee av... 1 

Lullpl..-. 15 

Wood 45 

Macedonia 61 

Marion pi 85 

Lincoln 105 

Lastno 121 

Ellisav. (S.D.)fr. 35 
Thirty-fifth s. e. to 
Forty. third, thence 
b. to Sixty-third. 
Even nos. w. s. 

Thirty fifth 3500 

Thirty-seventh. 3700 
Thirty, ninth.... 3900 ; 
Oakwoodav ....3920, 


s. to Sixty 

Ellis Park (S. D.)fr 
Prospect pi. s. to 
98 Thirty seventh 
;!ii(l l'r. Cottage 
Grove av. w. to Vin 
cennes av. Contains 
3 3 8 acres. 

Ellsworth (W. D. )fr 

Sebor s to 20 W 

Elm (N. D.) fr. I 
Branch canal n. e 
to Crosby, thence e 
to the Lake, lsts.of 
E Division, Even 
nos. s. s. 
N Branch canal. 
Hawthorne av... 2 

Crosby 4 

Chatham ct 7 

Larrabee 9 

Wesson 11 

Milton av 138 

To '.' nsend 15 

Sedgwick 182 

Sedgwick ct 

Market 214 

Moore 237 

Franklin 248 

Wells 278 

LaSalleav 310 

(lark 338 

Dearborn av — 366 

State 398 

Rush 400 

The Lake 488 

Elston av. (W. D.) 

fr. 495 Milwaukee 
av. n. and n. w. to 
D iverseyav. and be 

yond. Even nos, 
e. s. 

Milwaukee av. . . 1 

FrOnt 14 

George 52 

R. R. crossing.. 

Augusta 105 

Wade 133 

Dieden 225 

Division 240 

Sloan 279 

Bradley 311 

Ingraham 341 

Blackhawk 370 

Fleetwood 372 

Foxpl 423 

Blanche 436 

North av 496 

Rawson 540 

Wabansiaav 590 

Redfield 620 

Bloomingdale rd 664 

Cly bourn pi 724 

Crossing 750 

Armitage av — 772 

Canal pi 

R. R. crossing.. 

Paulina 853 

Asylum pi 949 

Gloy pi 



Fullerton av — 



Western av 

Diver >ey av 

Emerald av. (S. D.) 

fr. 2475 Archer av. 

s. to Forty-seventh. 

Even nos. w. s. 

Archer av 2500 

Buena Vista pi.. 2525 
Twenty-fifth pi. 2550 
Tbenceto 47th, 
each blk. com- 
mences with even 
bundled num- 

bers correspond- 
ing with numer- 
ical name of 

Emerson av. (W.D.) 
fr. N Wood w. to 
Oakley av . 1 st n . of 
W Indiana. Even 
nos. n. s. 




Hoyrieav 15 

Leavitt . 


Oakley av , 257 

Emery (W.D.) fr. N 
Kedzieav. w.l blk 
2ds. of W Division; 
w. of Humboldt pk 

Emily (W.D.) fr. 470 
N Ashland av. w. to 
N Wood. Evennos 
n. s. 

Ashland.av i 

Rumsey 3( 


Samuel . 

Wood 112 


Emma (W. D.) fr 

704 Milwaukee av 
w. to N Ashland av, 
Even nos. n. s. 
Milwaukee av. ) 

Noble J z 

Ashland av 104 

Ems (W.D.)fr.l200 
N Leavitt w. to N 
Western av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Leavitt 96 

Leipzig 134 

Oakley av 142 

Breslau 174 

Western av 190 

Erie E. (N. D.) fr 
the River to the 
Lake; 8th n. of 
Clark st. bridge. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Thu River 

Roberts 1 

Kingsbury 30 

Townsend 57 

Sedgwick 85 

Market 114 

Franklin 140 

Wells 168 

LaSalle av 196 

Clark 226 

Dearborn av 258 

State 294 

Cass 320 

Rush 340 

Pine 366 

St. Clair 390 

The Lake 438 

Erie W (W.D) fr. 

the River w. to 

Western av. 2d n. 

of W Indiana. Even 

nos. s. s. 

The River 



Union 12 

Halsted 41 



Milwaukee av... 

Sangamon 115 

Morgan 137 

Carpenter 161 

Curtis 1 83 

May 203 

Centre av 233 

Elizabeth 279 

Ada 303 


Noble 329 

Bickerdyke 35 

Armour 389 

Ashl and av 419 


Wood 519 

Lincoln 569 

Robey ( 

Hoyne av 669 

Leavitt 719 

Oakley av 779 

Western av 83. r 

Eugenie (N.D.) fr 
Larrabee e. to N 
Clark. 1st n. of 
North av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Larrabee 1 

Mohawk 21 

Block 35 

Hurlbut 41 

Hull 51 

Hudson av 61 

Sedgwick 81 

Hammond 106 

Franklin 121 

Crilly pi 

Wells 161 

LaSalle 185 

Clark 191 

Evans av. (Hyde 
Park) fr. Forty- 
second s. to Forty, 
seventh. 1st w. of 
Cottage Grove av. 

Evans ct. (W.D.) fr 
630 S Union w. to 
700 S Halsted. Last 
no. 34. Even nos. 
s. s. 

Evergreen (W.D.) 
fr. 1090 Milwaukee 
av. s. w. abt 1 blk, 
thence w. to N 
Leavitt. Even nos. 
s. s. 
Milwaukee av... 1 

Park 25 

Fowler 51 

Robey 123 

Hoyne av 181 

Leavitt 237 

Evergreen av. (W. 

D.) fr. N Western 
av. w. to Humboldt, 
and fr. Kimball, w. 
abt2b)ks. lsts.of 
Diversey av. 

Everts a v. (in Lake) 
fr. Forty-first s. to 
Fifty-fit th. 2d w. 
of S Ashland av. 

Exchange pi. (S. D.) 

fr. 130 Washington 
s. to Madison. 

Fairfield av. 8 (W. 

D. )fr. Fillmore s. to 
980 Ogden av.Even 
nos. e. s. 

Fillmore 511 

Twelfth 573 

Ogden av 729 

Fairfield av. N (W. 

n. to W W 
Chicago av. to Au- 
gusta and fr.Hirsch 
to Armitage av. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Lake 2 

Fulton 74 

Kinzie 125 

Re-commence at 

Chicago av 364 

Iowa 422 

Augusta 480 

Re-commence at 

Hirsch 720 


North av 838 

Wabansia av... 902 


Armitage av 

Fairvlew av. (in Jef- 
ferson) from W Ful- 
lerton n. to Diversey 
av. lstw. of North 
Western av. 

Fake (S. D.) fr. 

2971 Bonaparte s. 

e. to 3076 Lyman. 

Bonaparte 3000 

Lyman 3040 

Fall (W.D.)fr.ll60 

W. Lake s. to War. 
ren av. Even nos. 


Park av 

Washington bd. 
Warren av ,. 

Farrell (S.D.) fr. 
Hickory s. e. to 
854 Thirty-first. 
Even nos. w. s. 

Hickory 2600 

R. ft. crossing.. 2700 

Archer ay 2800 

Lyman 2900 

Thirty-first 3100 

Fay (W.D.)fr. 90 W 
Erie n. to Pratt. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Erie 1 

Phillips 15 

Pratt ;... 43 

Fayette et. (W.D.) 
fr. 500 W Harrison 
s. 1 blk to 53 Ver- 
non Park pi. 

Beach w. to Blue 

Island av. and fr. 

497 S Francisco w. 

2 3 blk. bet. W Polk 

and Forquer. Even 

nos. s. 

Beach 29 

RJt crossing. . Perdinimd (W . D .) fr . 

OHnton 89 190 Noble w. to 

Jefferson.::::::: nil Oakley av. Even 

Desplaines 147 " . s - s - s - 

Halsted 215 Noble 

Blue Island av.. 263, Ar ™ our , 

1 Ashland av 

Paulina 50 

Ewlngpl. (W.D.)fr.|Page 80 

N Robey w to N Wood 102 

Leavitt. 1st s. of W Lincoln 152 

North av. Robey 

Robey 1 Hoyi>e av 

Hoyne av 49iLeavitt 

Leavitt 95| Oakley ay ,,., 


Fifteenth E(S.D.)fr. 

S State w. to Clark. 

Evennos. n. s. 

State 2 

Dearborn 36 

Clark 66 

Fifteenth W (WD.) 
fr. Stewart av. w. 
to S Halsted, and f r. 
S Morgan to City 
limits and beyond. 
Evennos. s. s. 

Stewart av 1 

Canal 45 

Jefferson 99 

Union 165 

Halsted 193 

Re-commences at 

Morgan 261 

Margaret 333 

Centre av 383 

Blue Island av.. 405 

Throop 425 

Loomis 471 

Laflin 531 

Ashland av 587 

Paulina 645 

Wood 705 

Sumner..: 740 

Lincoln 765 

Corwin 801 

Robey 825 

Hoyneav 883 

Leavitt 945 

Oakley av 1005 

Western av 1065 

R. R. crossing.. 11 29 

Rockwell 1193 

Talman av 

Washtenaw av. . 

Ogden av :. 

California av... 
Douglas Park... 



Trumbull av.... 

St. Louis av 

Byf ord av 

Central Park av 
Woodland av... 

Genesee av 


Crawford av 

Fifth av. 'S. D.) fr. 

the Rivers, to Tay. 
lor and fr. Twenty, 
sixth s. to Thirty- 
ninth, thence s. at 
,_. intervals to Forty- 

w fifth T7!-ct>n nn« 



South Water. ... 2 

Lake 30 

Randolph 64 

Washington 104 

Madison 138 

Monroe 174 

Adams 210 

Quincy 228 

Jackson 244 

Van Buren 280 

Congress 306 

Charles pi 332 

Harrison Y . . 350 

Polk 428 

Taylor 496 

Re-commence at 
Twenty-sixth . . .2600 
T went r-seventh 2700 
Twenty-eighth. .2800 

Swift pi 2900 

Thirtieth 3000 

Thirty-first 3100 

Thirty-third ....3300 

Thirty-iifth 3500 

Thirty-seventh. 3700 
Thirty-eighth... 3800 
Thirty-ninth. . . .3900 
Thence s. at in- 
tervals to Forty- 

Fiftieth (S. D.) fr. 
Lake av. w. at inter- 
vals to S Crawford 

Fifty-first (S. D.) fr 

the Lake w. to S 
Crawford av. and 

Fifty -second (S. D.) 

fr. South Park av 
w. at intervals to S 
Kedzie av. 

Fifty-third (S. D.) fr. 

South Park av. w 
at intervals to S 
Kedzie av. 

Fifty-fourth (S. D.) 
fr. South Park av. 
w. at intervals to 

Fifty- fifth (S. D.) 

Garfield bd. (con- 
templated) fr. South 
Park av. West- 
ern av., thence 
(55th st.) w. to 
Crawford av. 

Fifty-sixth (S. D.) fr. 
South Park av. w. 
at intervals to S 
Western av. 

Fifty-seventh (S. D.) 
fr. South Park av 
w. at intervals to S 
Western av. 

Fifty-eighth (S, D.) 
fr. South Park 
w. at intervals to S 
Western av. 

Fifty-ninth (S. D.) 
fr. South Park av, Crawford av. 

Fillmore (W. D.) fr. 

507 S Western av 
w. to S La.ndale 
av. Even nos. s. s 

Western av 1130 

Campbell av 1190 

Rockwell 1250 

Washtenaw av. 

Fairfield av 

California av...l364 
Francisco av — 1426 
Sacramento av.1486 

Albany av 


Central Park av 
Lawndaleav. ... 

Fisk (W. D.) fr. W 

Sixteenth s. to Lum- 
ber. 1st w. of S 
Morgan. Evennos. 

Sixteenth l 

Seventeenth 31 

Eighteenth 51 

Eighteenth pi. . 75 

Nineteenth 85 

McMullen ct 109 

Twentieth 125 

Clayton 141 

Twenty- first.... 157 


Fleetwood (W. D.) 

fr. junct. Elston av. 

and W Blackhawk 

n. to Rawson. 

Blanche 48 

North av 


Florence av. (Lake 
View) fr. Wright 
wood av. n. to 
Diversey av. 1st w. 
of N Halsted. 


650 N Franklin ©. 

to 680 Wells. Even 

nos. s. s. 




Flournoy (WD.) fr 
corner Ogden av. 
and S Robey w. to 
Albany av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Ogden av ) . 

Robey f l 

DeKalb 35 

Hoyne av 71 

Leavitt 131 

Oakley av 191 

Western av 251 

Campbell av 313 

Rockwell 379 

Washtenaw av . . '435 
California av.... 495 

Francisco 555 

Sacramento av. 617 
Albany av 673 

Fontenoy ct. (W.D.) 
fr. 1146 Milwaukee 
av. s. w. 1 blk to 

Forest av. (S.D.) fr 
Thirty-first s. to 
Thirty-ninth. 2d e. 
of Indiana av. Even 
nos. w s. 

Thirty-first 3100 

Thirty-second.. 3200 
Thirty-thircL ...3300 

Thirty-fifth 3500 

Thirty-seventh .3700 
Thirty-eighth. . .3800 
Thirty-ninth . . . .3900 

Forest a v. (Jefferson ) 
fr. W Fullerton av 
n. to Diversey av 
2d w. of N Western 

Forquer (W.D.) fr 
Beach w. to Blue 
Island av. 1st n. of 
W Taylor. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Beach 50 

Canal 78 

Clinton 104 

Jefferson 132 

Desplaines 160 

Halsted 228 

Blue Island av.. 296 

Fortieth (S.D.) fr 
Cottage Grove av 
w. to Union Stock 

Cot'age Gr've av 

Langley av 


Grand bonl: 

Calumet av 

Prairie av 

Indiana av 

Michigan av 

Wabash av 







Portland av 

Stewart av 




Emerald av 

Union Stock Yds 

Fortieth ct. (S.D.) 
fr. 4020 Butler w. 
to Wallace. 

Forty-first (S.D.) fr. 
Drexel boul w. to 
State, and fr. Stew 
art av. w. to S 
Halstvd. Crosses 
tne same principal 
streets as Fortieth. 

Forty-second (S. D.) 

fr. Cottage Grove 
av. w. to S State and 
fr. Stewart av. w. to 
S Halsted. Crosses 
the same principal 
streets as Fortieth. 

Forty -third (S.D.) fr 
the Lake w. to S 
Crawford av. City 

Forty-fourth (S.D.) 
fr. Lake av. w. to 
S Kedzie av. Crosses 
the same orincip 
streets to Halsted as 

Forty-fifth (S.D.) fr 
Woodlawn av. w. to 
S Kedzieav. Crosses 
the same principal 
streets to Halsted as 

Forty-sixth (S.D.) fr 
Woodlawn av. w. to 
S Kedzie av. Crosses 
the same principal 
streets to Halsted as 

Forty-seventh (S.D.) 
fr. the Lake w. to 
S Crawford av 
Crosses the same 
principal streets to 
Halsted as Fortieth. 

Forty -eighth (S. D.) 

fr.^blk. w. of Lake 
av. w. at interval 
to S Crawford av. 

Forty-ninth (S. D.) 

fr. Lake av. w. to 
Crawford av. 

Fourteenth E (S.D.) 
fr. Indiana av. w 
to Clark. Even 
nos. n. s. 

Indiana av 1 

Michigan av 29 

Wabash av 57 

Holden pi 71 

State 85 

Third av 105 

Dearborn 115 

Fourth av 127 

Clark 145 

Fourteenth W (W 

D. ) fr. the River w 
to Ogden av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

The River 1 

Lumber 23 

Stephenson 39 

Dodge 55 

Holden 71 

Railroad av 

Stewart av , 

Canal 125 

Jefferson 183 

Union 241 

Halsted 275 

Newberry av 291 

Johnson 307 

Brown 323 

Morgan 339 

Waliar 357 

Margaret 412 

Blue Island av.. 453 

Center av 455 

Throop 503 

Loomis 553 

Laflin 603 

Ashland av 657 

Paulina 705 

Wood 755 

Lincoln 815 

Robey 875 

Hoyneav 935 

Leavitt 995 

Oakley av 1053 

Western av 1113 

R. R. crossing.. 1167 

Campbell av 

Ogden av 

Fourth av. (S. D.) fr. 
Jackson s. to Four- 
teenth. 1st e. of 
Clark. Even nos. 
w. s. 

Jackson 2 

Van Buren 34 

Harrison 106 

Polk 170 

Taylor 240 

Twelfth 1200 

Fourteenth 1400 

Fowler (W. D.) fr. 

Evergreen av. w. to 

730 N Leavitt abt. 

3 blks. n. of W 


Evergreen 2 

^obey 64 

Hoyne 118 

Leavitt 170 

Fox(S. D.) fr. 1023 
Thirty-first s. to 
Thirty-third, lstw. 
of Ullman. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Thirty-first 3100 

James av 3130 

Thirty-second ..3200 

Springer av 3234 

Waterville 3248 

Thirty-third ....3300 

Fox pi. (W. D.) fr. 

415 Elston av. w. 1 
blk. to Noble. 1st 
n. of Blackhawk. 

Francis pi. (Jeffer- 
son) fr. N Califor- 
nia a v. e toPoint ; 1 st 
n. of Armitage av. 

Francisco 8 (W- D.) 
fr. W Lake s. to 
Madison and fr. W 
Jackson s. to Doug- 
las Park. 1st w. of 
California av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Lake 1 

Washington bd. 41 

Warren av 68 

Madison 93 

Re-commence at 

Jackson 205 

Van Buren 251 

Congress 289 

Harrison 323 

Flournoy 349 

Lexington 885 

Polk 415 

Harvard 451 

Fillmore 511 


Twelfth 569 

Douglas Park... 

Francisco N (W.D.) 
fr. 1332 WLaken. 
to W Kinzie andfr. 
Grand av n. to W 
Division. Even nos. 
e. s. 

Lake , — 



Carroll av 


Re-commence at 

Grand av 

Chicago av 


Linwood pi 






Frank (W. D.) fr. 

Walker w. to 334 
Blue Island a v. 
Even nos. n. s. 

Walker .. 1 

Blue Island av... 79 

Frankfort (W.D.)fr. 
N Robey w. to 1130 
N Western av. 3d 
n. of Armitage av 

Hoyneav 49 

Leavitt 95 

Oakley av 141 

Western av 185 

Franklin 8 (S.D.)fr 
the River s. to 
Harrison. 2de. of 
the River. 

The River l 

South Water.... 5 


Randolph 65 

Washington 105 

Madison 135 

Monroe 171 

Adams 211 

Jjuincy 229 
ackson 245 

VanBuren 285 

Congress 307 

Charles pi 335 

Harrison 357 

Franklin N(N.D.)fr. 

the River n. to 

Division, and fr. 

Sigel n. to Menom- 
<*onee. 3d w. of N 

Clark. Even nos. 

w. s. 

The River 

Kinzie 25 

Michigan 47 

Illinois 67 

Indiana 87 

Ohio 107 

Ontario 127 

Erie 145 

Huron 167 

Superior 187 

Chicago 213 

Pearson 231 

Chestnut 249 

Locust 267 

Whiting 287 

Oak 307 

Wendell 32 

Hills 345 

Elm 363 

Division 387 

Re-commences at 

Sigel 463 

Schiller 487 

North av 583 

Starr 612 

Eugenie 629 

Florimond — 

Tellct 667 

Meromonee 685 

Frazcr (in Lake) fr 
1423 Forty-sevenfh 
s. 3 blks. 

Frederick av. (W. 

D.)fr. Central Park 
av. w. to Hamlin 
av. 2d n. of Divi- 

Frederick ct. (N.D.) 
fr. Orchard e to N 
Clark. 1st n. of 
Fullerton av. 

Frederick (Lake- 
view) fr. Orchard e, 
and n. e. to Lincoln 
Park. 1st n. of 
Fullerton av. 

Fremont (N. D.) fr. 

Bissell n. to Fuller- 
ton av. 2d w. of N 
Halsted. Even nos 

Bis'sell 1 

Willow 25 

Clay 81 

Center 145 

Garfield av 191 

Webster av 241 



Front (W. D.) fr. N 
Halsted w. to El:? ton 
av. J^blk. e. of Mil- 
waukee av. 1st n. of 
Chicago av. Even 
nos. n. s. 





Sangamon, 74 

Carpenter 106 

May 136 

Elston av 158 

Fry (W. D.) fr. N. 
Center av. w. to 
Noble and t'r.Roseto 
As.iland av. ^blk 
n. of W Chicago av 
Even nos. n. s. 

Centerav S 

Chase 5i 

Noble 10C 

Rose 12S 

Holt 15t 

Ashland av 19S 

Fuller (S.D.)fr. 2900 

Archer av. 

the River. 

nos. n. s. 

Archer av 


R. R. tracks.. 


Church pi 








The River 126 

Fullerton av. E (N. 

D.) (Northern city 
limits; abt. 3 miles 
fr. City Hall.) fr.the 
River e. to Lincoln 

The River 1 

Chester 19 

R. R. crossing... 

CI y bourn a v 79 

Ashland av 95 

Cooper 121 

Perry 143 

High 165 

Southportav — 193 

Ward 225 

Herndon 251 

R. R. crossing.. 

Lewis 283 

Racine av 309 

Jay 345 

Seminary av 371 

Osgood 405 

Sheffield av 431 

remont 491 

Halsted 555 

Lincoln av 557 

Burling 577 

Orchard 613 

Larrabee 673 

Hurlbut 739 

Clark 763 

Sedgwick 767 

North Park av.. 855 
Lincoln Park.... 

Fullerton av. W (W. 

D.) fr. the River w. 

to Western av., 

thence through 


The River 

Brand pi 

Elston av 


R. R. crossing... 



Western av 

Thence through 


Fulton (W.D.) fr. 
the River w. to N 
Central Park av. 1st 
n. of W Lake to N 
Ashland a v., thence 
2nd n. of W Lake. 
Even nos. n. s. 

The River 


Milwaukee av 





Halsted 172 

Green 192 

Peoria 212 

Sangamon 232 

Morgan 252 

Carpenter 272 

Curtis 292 

May 312 

Ann 332 

Elizabeth 372 

Ada 404 

Sheldon 438 

Union Park pi... 478 
St. John's pi.... 500 

Ashland av 532 

Paulina 584 

Wood 634 

Lincoln 682 

Robey 730 

Hoyneav 780 

Leavitt 830 

Irving pi 858 

Oakley av 880 

Diller 906 

Western av 1012 

Artesian av 1050 

Seymour av 1080 

Maplewood av..H16 

Rockwell 1158 

Talmanav 1178 

Washtenaw av..l212 

Fairfield av 1244 

California av...l274 

Francisco 1334 

Sacramento av. . 1 392 

Albany av 1454 


Kedzieav 1512 

Holrnan av 1642 

Parker pi 1708 

Central Park avl770 


Gage (S.D.) fr. 941 
Thirty-fifth s. to 
Thirty-ninth. & 
no. w. s. 

Thirty-fifth . .3500 

Thirty-fifth ct... 3540 

Thirty-sixth 3600 

Thirty-seventh. .3700 
Thirtv-s'v'nth ct3740 
Thirty -eighth... 3800 
Thirty-eighth ct3840 
Thirty -ninth 3900 

Garden (W.D.) fr. 
171 S Morgan w. to 
114 Aberdeen. 

Gardner (N.D.) fr. 
47 Vine w. to 541 
N Halsted. Last no. 
99. Even nos. n. s. 

Garfield a v. (N.D.) 
fr. 40 Herndon nr. 
CI y bourn av. e. to 
Lincoln Park. 1st 
n.of Centreav.Even 
nos. n. s. 

Herndon 123 

Lewis 145 

Racine av 165 


Seminary av 215 

Csgood 235 

Sheffield 259 

Bissell 281 

Fremont 303 

Dayton 325 

Halsted 345 

Edward 354 

Burling 365 

Pearl 380 

Orchard 391 

Howe 411 

Larrabee 435 

Mohawk 463 

Hurlbut ) AQ o 

Lincoln av....} 48ci 

Lincoln pi 505 

Sedgwick 525 

Lane pi 547 

Clark 567 

North Park av.. 575 
Lincoln Park — 577 

rland pi. (S.D.) 
20 E Randolphs, to 
E Madison. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Randolph 1 

Washington 41 

Madison 73 

Geary (N.D.) fr. 443 
Chestnut n. w. to 
92 Walton pi. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Gehrke (Lake View) 
fr. Sheffield av. e 
to N Halsted. 1st 
s. of Belmont av 

Genesee av. (W. D.) 

fr. W Harrison s. to 
W 16th andfr. 1600 
Ogden av. s. to 
Thirty-first; 2 blks 
w. of Central Park 

Geneva (W.D.) fr. S 
Central Park av . w 
to Mowry. lsts. of 

George (W.D.) fr 
350 N Sangamon w 
to Elston av. Even 
nos. n. s. 


Greeley pi 

Carpenter 55 

May 83 

Elston av 103 


Southport av. 2d 
n. of Diverseyav. 

George pi. (W. D.) 

fr. 749 W Kinzie ^ 
blk. n. 

Gilpin pi. (W. D.)fr, 
Loomis e. to 256 
Center av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Loomis 1 

Sibley 35 

Lytle 79 

Centerav 113 

Girard (W. D.) fr. 

1116 Milwaukee av. 

to Asylum pi. Even 

nos. e. s. 
Milwaukee av.. 
Elkgrove av... 

North av 

Bloomingdale rd 872 

Clybournpl 930 

Armitage av — 980 

Hervev 1044 

Asylum pi 1100 

Gloy pi (W. D.) fr. 

Elston av. s. w. to 
Lester near Asylum 

Goethe (N.D.)fr. 303 
Sedgwick e. to the 
Lake. Evennos.s.s. 

Sedgwick 1 

Shaughnessy 15 

Wells 89 

LaSalleav 115 

Clark 143 

Dearborn av — 169 

State 189 

Astor 219 

Ritchie pi 241 

Stone 253 

The Lake 263 


Halsted w. to 

Gold (W. D.)fr. 300 
W Harrison s. to 
Gurley. Last no. 
33. Even nos. e. s. 

Good (W.D.) fr. 75 
Sholto w. to S May. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Sholto 1 

Aberdeen 21 

May 41 

Goodwin (W. D. ) fr. 
S Homan av w. to 
Central Park av. 2 
blks; bet. W Twelfth 
and Palatine. 

Gordon (in Lake) f r. 
S State w.toS Clark 
andfr. Stewart av. 
w. to Dashiel; bet- 
Fort y-third and 
Forty-fourth. Even 
nos. n. s 

Grace (N.D.) fr. 150 
Division n. to Ved- 
der. Last no. 36. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Graceland av. (N.D.) 
(Lake view)fr. West- 
ern the Lake. 

Western av 

Oakley av 




Sheldon av 

Chicago & N. W. 
R. R 



Paulina — 

Ashland av 


Sheldon av 


Chicago* Evan- 
stonR. R...... 

Sheffield av 


Evanston av.... 


Lake Michigan.. 

Grand av. (W.D.)fr 
175 N Western av. 
n w. to Crawford 
av. and beyond 
Even nos. s. s. 

Western av. ... 

Artesian av 


Seymour av 



Washtenaw av. . 

California av... 

Chicago av 

Humboldt Park 

Kedzie av 





Central Park av. 



Hamlin av. ...... 

Springfield av... 

Crawford av.... 

Grand boul. (S.D.) 

fr. Thirty -fifth s. to 
Fifty -first. Eve 
nos. w s. 3d e. of 
Indiana av. 

Thirty-fifth 3500 

Thirty-seventh. .3700 
Thirty -eightn. . .3800 

Oxford ct 3840 

Thirty-ninth 3900 

Thence s. to Fifty- 

Grant (N.D.) fr. La 
Salle av. e. to 640 
N Clark. Last no. 
30. Even nos. s.s. 

Grant pi. (N.D.) fr. 
990 N Clark w. to 
Larrabee. Even nos. 
n. s. 

Clark 1 

Sedgwick 2 

Huribut 43 

Larrabee 91 

Congress . 227 

Harrison 251 

N (W. D.) fr. 
W Randolph n. to 
Front. 1st w. of 
Halsted. Even nos. 
w. s. 

Randolph 1 

Lake 31 

Fulton, 59 

Carroll av 87 

R. R. crossing... 

Kinzie Ill 

Austin 141 

Indiana 169 

Milwaukee av. ) iq q 

Ohio I 193 

Erie 221 

Phillips 233 

Pratt 267 

Superior 273 

Chicago av 291 

R. R.crossing. . { oio 
Front ....J dld 

Green Bay rd. (Lake- 
view) fr. junction 
N Clark and Diver- 
sey av. n. w. to Bel- 
mont av. 

Graves pi. (S. D.) fr 

3208 Cottage Grove 
av. s. to Thirty- 
third. Even nos. 
w. s. 

Cottage Grove 
av 3211 

Thirty- third 3265 

Greeley pi. (W. D.) 

fr. George s. ^ blk. 
lstw. of N Sanga- 
mon. Even nos. e. s. 

Green 8 (W. D.) 
fr. W Randolphs. to 
W Harrison. 1st w. 
of Halsted. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Randolph 1 

Washington bd. 35 

Madison 69 

Monroe 99 

Adams 137 

Jackson 165 

Van Buren 177 

Greenwich (W. D.) 

fr. 9 ION Robey w. 

to Leavitt. 2d n. of 

Bloomingdale rd. 

Even nos. s. s. 

Robey 1 

Hoyne av 51 


Greenwood a v. (Hyde 
Park> fr. 43d s to 
Jawnav.) thens. (2d 
w . of Woodlawn av.) 
to 63d. 

Greenwood av. (Jef- 
ferson) fr. N. Oak- 
ley av. Califor- 
nia av. 2d nw. of 
Fuilerton av. 

Grenshaw ( W. D 

fr. Olive w. to S 
Leavitt and fr. S 
Oakley av. w. to 
Washtenaw av. 1st 
n. of 12th. Even 
nos. s. s. 



Oakley av 1070 

Claremontav. . . 1 104 

Western av 1130 

Campbell av 1 188 

Rockwell 1250 

Washtenaw av. . 1300 

Gross av. (Jefferson) 
fr. 820 W Nortn av. 
n. to Cortland. 

of the River. Even 

nos. w. s. 
Sixteenth........ 1600 

Seventeenth 1700 

Eighteenth 1800 

Nineteenth — {■, onn 

Purple } 190U 

Twentieth 2000 

Stewart av 2040 

Todd 2100 

Twenty-second.. 2200 
Archer av 2300 

Grove (Hyde Park) 
52d St. tr. Cottage 
Grove av. e. to 
Hyde Park av. 

Groveland ct (S.D.) 
fr. 3630 Vincennes 
av. w. to S canton 

Groveland av. (S.D.) 
fr. Twenty-eighths. 
e. to Thirty-third. 
1st w. of Cottage 
Grove av. Even 
nos. w. s. 
Twenty-eighth. .2800 
Twenty-ninth. . .2900 

Thirtieth 3000 

Thirty -first 3100 

Thirty-second ct3214 
Thirty-third 3300 

Groveland Park (S. 

D.)fr. 3321 Cottage 
Grove av. e. 1 blk. 
4*2 acres. 

Gurley (WD.) fr. 

Blue Island av. w. 

to Centre av. lsts. 

of W Harrison. 

Even nos. s. s. 
Blue Island av.. 1 

Silver 21 

Gold 49 

Morgan 67 

Miller 83 

Sholto 101 

Aberdeen 115 

May 133 

Norton 149 

Centre av 159 

Haddock pi. (S.D.) 
an alley fr. Wabash 
av. w. to Franklin, 
bet. S Water and 

Haines (N.D.) fr. 

Hickory av. n. e. to 
the Canal, on Goose 
Island. Even nos. 
s. s. 

Hickory .... 

Hooker 42 


N.Branch c'n'l 

Gross parkway (W. 

D.) fr. 575 N West- 
ern av. w. to N. 
Rockwell. Even 
nos. n.s. 

Western av 350 

Seymour av 410 

Rockwell 462 

Gross terrace (W. D.) 

fr. 1386 W Madison 
s. to Colorado av. 
Last no . 50 . Even 
nos. e. s. 

Grove (S. D.) fr. E 

Sixteenth s. w. to 
Archer av. lsts 


Halsted 8 ( vV.D.) and 
(S.D.) fr. 198 W 
Randolph s. to abt 
nos. e. s. 


Waldo pi 


Washington bd 

Meridian , 

Madison 69 

Monroe 101 

Marble pi 121 

Adams 135 

Jackson 167 

Boston av 187 

Van Buren 203 

Pearce 225 

Congress 233 

Depuyster 246 




Harrison 269 

Blue Island av.. 271 

Sebor 290 

Mather 310 

Polk 331 

Ewing 355 

Forquer 373 

Taylor 395 

DeKoven 414 

Bunker 440 

Twelfth 461 

Dussold 478 

O'Brien 498 

Kramer 514 

Maxwell 529 

Liberty. 544 

Fourteenth 563 

Barber 580 

Wright 593 

Fifteenth 610 

Meagher 624 

Sixteenth 670 

Seventeenth 680 

Evens ct 704 

Eighteenth 709 

Nineteenth 747 

Mark 772 

Twentieth 791 

Canalportav 807 

Twenty-first 825 

Lisle 840 

Twenty-second.. 860 

John pi 891 

O'Nief 915 

Lumber 933 

The River 2400 

R. R. crossing. 

Archer av 2500 

Twenty-fifth pi. .2535 
Twenty-sixth.... 2600 
Thence s to 65th 
each block com- 
mences with 
even hundred 
numbers corre- 
sponding with 
the numerical 
name of street- 

Halsted N (W. D.) 

and(N. D.)fr. 177 
W Randolph n. to 
Fuilerton av. , thence 
through Lakeview 
to the Lake. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Randolph 1 

Eagle 21 

Lake 33 

Lydia 49 

Fulton 61 

Wayman 79 

Carroll av 99 

Kinzie 123 

Austin av 151 

Milwaukee av 181 

Indiana 183 

Ohio 215 

Erie 247 

Phillips 260 

Pratt 292 

Superior 300 

Chicago av 317 

Front 354 

The River 359 

North Branch ... 375 

Hooker 410 

Haines 454 

N Branch Canal. 457 

Division 493 

Hawthorne av. . . 495 

Vedder 527 

Gardner 545 

Rees 561 

Eastman 588 

Blackhawk 599 

Clybourn av — 655 

Weed 657 

Northav 677 

Willow 759 

Clay 824 

Centre 881 

Garfield av 935 

Webster av 985 

Beldenav 1035 

Lincoln ) 1ftq> - 

Fuilerton av .. J loy5 



Wrightwood av . 1230 

Dewey ct 

Diversey av 

Wellington av... 

Noble av ) 

Clark J 


Belmont av 







Nellie av 



Evanston av 


U. S. Marine h'sp 



The Lake 

Hamburg (W.D.) fr. 
N Robey w. to 1154 
N Western av. 1st 
s. of Asylum pi. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Robey 1 

Hoyne av 49 

Leavitt 95 

Leipzig 119 

Oakley av 145 

Breslau 169 

Western av 185 

Hamilton av. (W.D.) 

fr. 824 W Monroe 
s. to Pratt pi. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Monroe 1 

Adams 35 

Jackson 67 

Pratt pi 81 

Hamlin av. 8 (W.D.) 
fr. 1853 WLake s. 
to W Harrison. 


Park av 

Washington bd. 

Warren av 


Colorado av 


Hamlin av.N (W.D.) 

fr. 1854 W Laken. 

to Fuilerton av. 

Even nos. e. s. 

Lake 32 

Fulton 88 

Kinzie 126 

Indiana 184 

Ohio 240 

Huron 306 

Chicago av 364 


Division 604 

William av 662 

Grand av 

Frederick av. .. 

Prince av 

North av 

Bloomingdale rd 
Armitageav... . 
Fuilerton av.... 

Hammond (N. D.) 

fr.99 Eugenie n. to 
Tell ct. and fr. 64 
Menomonee to Wis- 
consin. 1 st e.of Sedg- 
wick. Even nos. 
w s. 

Eugenie 1 

Tellct 43 

Menomonee 65 

Wisconsin 123 


Hancock (Jefferson) 

fr. 1325 W North 
av . n . to Armitage 

If an over (S. D.) fr. 

2301 Archer av. s. 

to Thirty- bird. 1st 

w. of Stewart av. 

Even nos. w. s. 

Archer av { v nn 

Twenty-third, t Z6W 
Twentv-tbird pl.2332 
Twenty-fourth . .2400 
Thence, s. each 
block commenc- 
es with even hun- 
dred numbe rs 
correspo nding 
with the numer- 
ical nam e o f s t. 

Harding av. (W.D.) 

fr. W Kinzie n. to 

W Chicago av. 1st 

. e. of Crawford av. 

Even nos. e. s. 

Kinzie 125 

Indiana 183 

Ohio 239 

Huron 305 

Chicago av 361 

Harmon ct. (S. D.) 
fr. Michigan av w. 

to 525 State. 1st 
n. of 12th. Even 
nos. s. s. 
Michigan av.... 1 

Wabash av 33 

Holdenpl 37 

State 59 

Harrison E (S.D.)fr. 
Michigan av. w. to 
the River. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Michigan av 1 

Wabash av 33 

Holden 47 

State 61 

Third av 81 

Dearborn 93 

Fourth av 103 

Clark 121 

Pacific av 137 

Sherman 157 

Fifth av 175 

Franklin 205 

The River 211 

Marshfleld av... 703 

Paulina 727 

Hermitage av... 751 

Wood 777 

Hon ore 801 

Lincoln 835 

Ogden av ) ,,„ 

Winchester av ) S5f > 

Robey 889 

Hoyne av 943 

Leavitt 1009 

Irving av 1043 

Oakley av 1069 

Claremont av. ..1101 

Western av 1129 

Campbell av ....1189 
Union pi. ...1215 

Cicero ct 1241 

Rockwell 1251 

R R. crossing.. 
Congress Park ..1285 
Washtenaw av.. 131 9 
California av...l381 

Francisco 1439 

Sacramento av.. 1499 

Albany av 1565 

Kedzieav 1625 

Spaulding av 

Homan av 

Trumbull av.... 


Central Parkav 

Hamlin av 

Colorado av 

Crawford av.... 
(City Limits).... 

Hart (W. D.)fr. 699 
W Kinzie n. to Aus- 
tin av. 

Hart av. (in Cicero) 
fr. Illinois and Mich- 
igan canal s. to 
Forty-sixth. 2d w 
of Western av. 

Harvard (W.D.) fr 
440 S Western av 
w . to S Kedzie av 
Even nos. s.s. 

Western av 1129 

Campbell av 1189 


Washtenaw av . . 1 3 1 1 
California av.... 1371 

Francisco 1431 

Sacramento av. .1489 

Albany av 

Kedzie av 

Harrison W (W.D.) 
fr. the River w. to 
Crawford av. (City 
limits) and beyond. 
Even nos. s. s. 

The River 1 

Charles 31 

Beach 39 

Canal 73 

Clinton 101 

Jefferson 141 

Lawav 161 

Desplaines '71 

Halsted 241 

Blue Island av.. 243 

Green 267 

Silver 286 

Peoria 291 

Gold 307 

Sangamon 315 

Morgan 341 

Miller 352 

Sholto 371 

Aberdeen 393 

May 410 

Centre av 441 

Lytle 481 

Throop..* 501 

Fayette ct 508 

Sibley 529 

Loomis 565 

Laflin 625 

Ashland av 679 

Hastings (W. D.) fr. 

335 Blue Island av. 

w. to S Leavitt. 

Even nos. n. s. 
Blue Island av... 1 

Centerav 17 

Throop 65 

Loomis 115 

Laflin 165 

Ashlandav 215 

Paulina 275 

Wood 335 

Lincoln 395 

Robey 455 

Hoyne av 


Haven (S. D.) fr 
8020 Shields av w 
to Stewart av. Even 
nos. n. s. 

Shields 1 

Stewart av 21 

Hawthorne av. (N. 

D.) fr 27 Larrabee 
n. w . to Southport 
av. 1st e. of N. 
Branch canal. Even 
I nos. e. 8. 

Larrabee 14 

North Branch... 50 
Oak 96 

Hobbie 148 

Elm 190 

Division 242 

Halsted 244 

Rees 332 

Eastmnn 370 

Blackhawk 410 

Weed 474 

Sheffield av 476 

North av 508 




Clybourn pi 780 

Lewis 804 

Herndon 864 

Southport av.... 890 

Haynes ct. (S.D.) fr. 

2923 Archer av. s. 

e. to Lyman and *2 

blk beyond. Even 

nos. w. s. 

Archer av 2900 

Lyman 3000 

Last no 3036 

Hein (N.D.)fr.Hurl. 
bute. to 300 Sedg- 
wick. Even nos. s. 

Hurlbut 2 

Twomey 42 

Sedgwick 66 

Heine (in Jefferson) 
fr. 955 W North 
av. n. to Armitage 

Henry (WD.) fr. 1 
blk e. of Margaret 
w. toS Robey. 1st 
s. e. of W Four 
teenth. Even nos 
n. s. 

MargTet 50 

Centre av 98 

Blue Island av... 104 

Throop 140 

Loomis 190 

Laflin 240 

Ashlandav 284 

Paulina 340 

Wood 402 

Lincoln 460 

Robey _520 

Henry ct. (Jefferson) 
fr. Point and Cal' 
forniaav.n.e. 1 blk 
to Stave. 

Hermitage av (W 

D ) fr.Ogdenav.and 
W Jackson s. to W 
Twelfth. Even nos 

Ogden av ) „ n - 

Jackson f 205 

VanBuren 247 

Congress 281 

Harrison 311 

York 347 

Polk 3H9 

Taylor 467 

Twelfth 54j 

Herndon (N.D.) fr 
Hawthorne av. n. e. 
to 63 .) Clybourn av. 
thence n. to Fuller- 
ton av. Even nos. 
e. s. 
Hawthorne av.. 2 

Clybourn av 30 

Nursery 40 

(iarfleld av 44 

Webster av 100 

Belden av 160 

Fullerton av 216 

Hervey (W. D.) fr. 

N Wood N Rob- 
ey ;bet. Armitage av. 
and Asylum pi .Even 
nos. s.s. 

Wood 181 

Girard 209 

Elkgrove av 23 3 

Dudley 263 

Robey 283 

Hickory (S. D.) fr. 

Cologne w. to the 
River, lstn. w. of 
Archer av. 

Cologne 2500 

Mary 2518 

Joseph 2544 

Main 3600 

Farrell 2630 

Logan 2700 

Bonfield 2730 

Deering 2800 

Short 2850 

Fuller 2890 

Lock 2900 

The River 2952 

Hickory av. (N. D.) 

(on Goose Island) 
fr. N. Branch n. 
w. to Blackhawk j 
bet. Hooker ana 
Cherry. Even nos. 
e. s. , 
North Branch.. 1 

Haines 33 

Bliss 73 

Division 143 

Rees 179 

Eastman 213 

Cherry av 273 

Blackhawk 275 

High (N. D.) fr. 70 

Webster av. n. to 
Fullerton av. and ^ 
blk. beyond. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Websterav 1 

Belden av 71 

Fullerton av.... 121 

HilHN. D.)fr. Sedg- 
wick e. to 350 
Wells and ^ blk be- 
yond. Even nos. 

Sedgwick 2 

Market 30 

Franklin 58 

Wells 86 

Last no 100 

Illinium (W. D.) fr. 
Throop w. to 690 
Laflin and fr. 945 
S Ashlandav. w. to 
California av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Throop 460 

Loomis 520 

Laflin 578 

Ashlandav 630 

Paulina 690 

Wood 750 

Lincoln 810 

Robey 870 

Hoyne av 930 

Leavitt 990 

Oakley av 1012 

Western av 1110 

R. R. crossing. .1160 

Rockwell 1220 

Washtenaw av.. 1280 
California av.. . 

Hliische (N.D.) fr. 
190 Clybourn av. 
n. e. and n. to 
Blackhawk. Last 
no. 36. Even nos. 
e. s. 

Hlrach (W.D.) fr. 

715 N Leavitt 
California a v. 



Oakley av 


Western av 

Dania iv 

Seymour av 

Maple wood av.. 


Talman av 

Washtenaw av . . 

Fairfield av 

California av 


Hobble (N.D.) fr. 

140 Hawthorne av. 

e. to 200 Sedgwick. 

Even nos. s. s. 
Hawthorne av... 1 

Crosby 23 

Chatham ct 38 

Larrabee 68 

Wesson 83 

Milton av 103 

Townsend 123 

Sedgwick 141 

Hoey (S.D.) fr. 2710 
Marys, w. ^blk. 

Hoffman av. (Jeffer- 
son) fr. 1700 Mil- 
waukee av. n. to W 
Diversey av. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Holden (W.D) fr. 

44 W Twelfth to W 
Fourteenth: abt. 3 
blks. e. of S Canal. 





Lumber Yards.. 

Holdenpl. (S.D.) fr. 
49 E. Madison to 
E Randolph, and fr. 

45 Congress to E 

Holt (W.D.) fr. W 
Chicago av. n- to 
Augusta, and fr. W 
Division to Waban- 
sia av . ; 2 blks e. of 
N Ashland av. 

Chicago iv 






Re-commences at 

Division 532 

Bradley 596 

Biackhawk 660 

Blanche 720 

North av 780 

Wabansia av. . , . 830 

Homan av. 8 (W.D.) 
fr. 1637 W Lake s. 
to abt Seventy- fifth. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Lake 1 

Parkav 27 

Washington bd. 51 

Warren av 73 

Madison 93 

Monroe 133 

Adams 175 

Jackson 205 

Colorado av 211 

VanBuren 241 

Tremont 265 


Hairison 323 

Twelfth 570 

Goodwin 615 

Palatine 649 


Douglas 687 

Fifteenth 743 

Sixteenth 803 

Eighteenth 863 

Ogdeu av 887 

Nineteenth 906 

Twenty-first 965 

Twenty-second .1015 
Twenty-third. . . . 1075 
Twenty-fourth. .1135 

Twenty-fifth 1195 

Twenty-sixth 1253 

Thence s. to about 

Iloman av. N (W.D.) 
fr. 1636 W Lake n. 
to Diversey av. 1st 
e. of e. entrance to 
Garfield Park. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Lake 1 

"Walnut 40 

Fulton 70 

Carroll av 108 

Kinzie 126 

Central boul 198 

Ohio ... 240 

Huron 306 

Chicago av 364 

Augusta 484 

Grand av 

Division 604 

Eberhartav 634 

Norwood av 664 

Bartlett av 688 

Weage av 730 

Dickery av 784 

Pierce av 812 

North av 838 

Diversey av 

Homer (W. D.) fr 

967 N Robey w. to 
N Oakley av. and 
fr. junction West- 
ern av and Milwau 
kee av. s. to Rook 
well. 1st s. of Ar 
mitage av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Robey 2 

Hoyne av 

Leavitt 102 

Oakley av 150 

Western av 

Seymour av 


Honore (W D.) fr 

710 W Madison s. to 
W Harrison and (S. 
D.)fr. 1490 Thirty 
fifth . s. to Thirty 
ninth. Even nos. 
e. s. in W. D. and 
w. s in S. D. 

Madison 101 

Monroe 133 

Adams 177 

Jackson 213 

Van Buren 253 

Ogden av 279 

Congress 291 

Harrison 315 

Re-commences at 

Thirty-fifth 3500 

Thirty-sixth ...3600 
Thirty-seventh .3700 
Thirty-seventh ct 
Thirty-eighth ...3800 
Thirty-ninth... 3900 

Hooker (N. D.) fr. 

396 N Halsted n.w. 

to Cherry av. (on 

Goose Island.) Even 

nos. e. s. 

Halsted 14 

Haines 50 

Bliss 90 

Division 140 

Rees 200 

Eastman 234 

Blackhawk 274 

Weed 330 

Cherry av 340 

Hope (W. D )fr. 62 
Blue Island av. w. 
1 blk to 300 Mor- 
gan. Even nos. s.s. 
Blue Island av.. 2 
Morgan 58 

Hough pi. (S. D.)fr. 
2562 Archer av. n, 
w.l blk. to the river. 

Howard ct. (W. D.) 

fr. Humboldt pk. w. 
to Kedzie av. bet. 
Augusta and Grand 

Howe (N. D.) fr. 22 
Willow n. to Gar- 
field av. Even nos. 
e. s. 

Willow 1 

Center 133 

Garfield av 185 

Hoyne av. 8 (W.D.) 
fr.828 W 
DeKalb fr. 958 W 
Twelfth s. to the 
Riverand(S. D.)fr. 
Illinois and Michi- 

fan canal s to 
at intervals to 67tn. 
Even nos. e s. in 
W.D. and w. S 

Lake 1 

Parkav 25 

Washington bd. 45 

Warren av 62 

Madison 93 

Monroe 133 

Adams 173 

Jackson 203 

Pratt pi 227 

Van Buren 253 

Avon pi . 255 

Congress 293 

Harrison 323 

Flournoy 343 

Lexington 367 

Do Kalb 375 

Re-commence at 

Twelfth 573 

Thirteenth pi.... 605 

Thirteenth 625 


Fourteenth 685 

Fifteenth 745 

Sixteenth 805 

Seventeenth 840 

Eighteenth 865 

Van Horn 901 

Nineteenth 925 

Twentieth 959 

Twenty- first.... 985 

Hinman 1019 

Twenty-second. . 1045 

Ambrose 1071 

Moore 1093 

Parmelee 1127 

Laughton 1157 

Coulter 1159 

Blue Island av..l]85 
Twenty-sixth.... 126 7 

The River 1353 

Re-commence at 
111. and Mich. c'n'131 

Brossav.. 3150 

Thirty second.. 3200 
Thirty-third.... 3300 
Thirty-fourth... 3400 

Archer av.. 3458 

Thirty-fifth.. . .3500 
Thence at intervals to 

fr. Clybourn av. to 
Graceland av.,Lake- 
view. Even nos. e. 

Hoyne av. N (W.D.) 
fr. 830 W Lake n. 
to Asylum pi., and 

Lake 2 

Walnut 25 

Fulton 50 

Carroll av 74 

Kinzie 100 

Austin av 130 

Ferdinand 150 

Indiana 160 

Emerson av 180 

Ohio 198 

Erie 222 

Huron.... 246 

Superior 266 

Lee pi 276 

Chicago av 294 

Rice 326 

Iowa 354 

Augusta. 414 

Thomas 474 

Division 534 

Crystal 560 

Bryson 590 

Evergreen av... 612 

Fowler 646 

LeMoyne 680 

E wing pi 714 

North av 746 

Milwaukee av .. 800 

Wabansia av 802 

Wilmotav 822 

Peterson 848 

Bloomingdale rd 860 

Churchill 874 

Greenwich 896 

Cortland 920 

Homer 940 

Armitage av 962 

Coblentz 984 

Lubeck 1006 

Frankfort 1030 

Hamburg 1 050 

Asylum pi 1062 

Re-commence at 
Clybourn av.... 






Roscoe „ 


Addison av. 


Graceland av 

Hubbard ct. (S.D.) ! 

fr. Michigan av. w. 

to 399 State. 1st 

s. of Harrison. Even 

nos. s. s. 

Michigan av 2 

Wabash av 34 

Holdenpl 48 

State 60 

Huber(N. D.)fr.l92 
Herndon e. to 253 
Racine av. Even 
nos. n. s. 

Herndon 2 

Racine av 58 

Hud»on av. (N. D.) 
fr. Sigel n. to 360 
Center. 1st w. of 
Sedgwick. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Sigel 58 

Connor 66 

Blackhawk 130 

North av 176 

Eugenie 224 

Menomonee ... . 272 

Wisconsin 320 

Centre.. 370 

Hull (N. D.) fr. Eu- 
genie n. to Menom- 
onee, 2 blks. w. of 
Sedgwick. Last no. 
52. Even nos. w. s 

[iiinhoMt (Jeffer- 
son) fr.W North av. 
n. to Armitage av. 
andfr. Wrightwood 
av. n. to Welling- 
ton; abt. 5 blks. w. 
of N California av. 

North av 

Wabansia av 

Bloomingdale rd 


Armitage av — 
Re-commence at 
Wrightwood av. 
Evergreen av... 
Diversey av 

Humboldt av. <W\ 

D.)fr. 507 N Wes- 
tern av. w. to Sey- 
mour av. 

Humboldt av.(Jeff'r 
son) fr. N Kedzie 
av. w. to Crawford 
av, 3d n. of Armi- 
tage av. 

Hunt (W. D.) fr. N. 

Centre av. w. to N 
Elizabeth. is blk. n 
of W Indiana. Last 
no. 42. Even nos. 
e. s. 

Uurlbut (N. D.)fr. 

47 Clybourn av. n. 

to Fullerton av. 2d 

w. of Sedgwick 

Even nos. e. s. 

Clvbourn av 2 

Hein 12 

Sullivan 32 

Sigel 50 

Connor 58 

Blackhawk 140 

North av 200 

Eugenie 260 

Menomonee 320 

Wisconsin 380 

Centre 440 


Lincoln av 

Webster av 560 

Grant pi 586 

Belden av 612 

Fullerton av 670 

Huron E (N.D.) fr 
Roberts e. to the 
Lake. 2d S. of 
Chicago av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Roberts 2 

Kingsbury 32 

Townsend. 58 

Sedgwick 86 

Market 114 

Franklin 142 

Wells 172 

LaSalleav 198 

Clark 228 

Dearborn av 256 

State 28S 

Cass 314 

Rush 338 

Pine 360 

St. Clair 386 

The Lake 

Huron W (W.D.) fr. 
Milwaukee av. w. to 
N Crawford av.; 3 
blks n.ofW Indiana. 
Even nos. n. s. 
Milwaukee av... 2 

Carpenter 24 

Curtis 40 

May 72 

Centreav 102 

Ayers ct 120 

Keith 140 

Temple 162 

Snell 182 

Noble 198 

Bickerdike 228 

Armour 260 

Ashland av 288 

Paulina 338 

Wood 386 

Lincoln 436 

Robey 486 

Hoyne av 536 

Leavitt 586 

Oakley av 634 

Western a v 678 

Seymour av 


Wright pi 

Washtenaw av.. 
Re-commence at 

Kedzie av 




Trumbull av.... 

St. Louis av 

Drake av 

Central Park av 

Tinkham av 

Lawndale av 

Ridgeway av.... 

Hamlin av 

Avers av 

Springfield av... 

Harding av 

Crawford av.... 

Hussum ( Jefferson) 
fr. N California av. 
w. to Boulevard. 2d 
n. of Armitage av. 

Hyde Parkav. (S.D.) 
Lakeav. s. of 39th. 


i^blk. n. of Twenty- 
seventh 3 4 blk.e. 
of the same street. 
Even nos. w.s. 

First no 2616 

Twenty-seventh. 2 700 
Last no 2731 

Illinois (N. D.) fr. 
Kingsbury e. to the 
Lake. 3d n. of 
Clark st. bridge. 
Even nos. s.s. 


Market 49 

Franklin 75 

Wells 105 

LaSalleav 135 

Clark 167 

Dearborn av 195 

State 231 

Cass 255 

Rush 279 

Pine 303 

St. Clair 333 

Seneca 361 

The Lake 485 

Illinois av. (S.D.)fr. 

765 Thirty -second 

s. to Thirty-third. 

Even nos. w. s. 

Thirty-second. . .3200 

Thirty-third 3253 

Indiana E (N D.)fr. 
the River e. to the 
Lake. 4th n. of 
Clark st. bridge. 

The River 1 

Kingsbury 23 

Market 83 

Franklin Ill 

Wells 139 

LaSalleav 167 

Clark 199 

Dearborn av 231 

State 267 

Cass 292 

Rush 315 

Pine 337 


St. Clair... 
Seneca — 
The Lake. 




Indiana W (W.D.) 
fr. the River w. to 
N Rockwell, and 
fr. Tinkhain av 
(1st w. of Central 
Park av.) s. to 
Crawford av. Even 
nos s. s. 

The River 

"West Water. ... 


Desplaines 29 

Union 57 

Milwaukee av. 1 1fk , 

Halsted ] 101 

Green 119 

Peoria 143 

Sangamon 161 

Morgan 185 

Carpenter 207 

Curtis 229 

May 249 

Centre av 283 

Elizabeth 327 

Ada 357 

Noble 383 

Bickerdike 419 

Armour 449 

Ashland av 479 

Rumsey 507 

Paulina 529 

Osborn 547 

Broom 563 

Wood 579 

Lincoln 631 

Robey 679 

Hoyneav 729 

Leavitt 777 

Oakley av 827 

Diller 849 

Western av 875 

6 r andav 


Re-commence at 

Tinkhain av 

Lawndale av 

Avers av 

Springfield av... 


Crawford av 

Indiana av. (S.D.) 
fr. Twelfth s. to x 2 
blks. of Thii teenth, 
and fr ^ blk n. of 
Fourteenth s. to abt 
Seventv-fifth. 3d 
e. of State. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Twelfth 1200 

Thirteenth 1300 

Fourteenth 1400 

R. R. crossing.. 

Sixteenth 1600 

Eighteenth 1800 

Thence s. each block 
commences with 
even hundred num 
bers corresponding 
to numerical name 
of street-crossing, 

Inelcslde av. (Hyde 
Park) fr. Fifty-first 
8 to Fifty-ninth. 3d 
e.of Cottage Grove 

Chicago av. 

nos. n. s. 




Dudley .. 

Robey 88 


Leavitt . 

Oakley av 

Western av 

Re-commence at 


Wasthenaw av.. 

Fairfield av 

California av 

Iron (S. D.) fr. Thir- 
ty - third s. e. to 
Thirty-fifth, lstw. 
of the River. 

Ivering av. (W. D.) 

fr. 894 W Monroe 
s. to W Harrison 
andfr. H blk. n. of 
W Polks, to Taylor. 
1st W. of Leavitt. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Monroe 135 

Adams 175 

Jackson 205 

VanBuren 251 

Harrison 321 

Re-commence at 

Polk 411 

Taylor... 487 


fr. 850 Fulton n. to 
W. Kmzie 1 blk. 

Isabel ot.(W. D.)fr 

Albany av. (Doug 
las Park) w. to S 
Kedzie av. 1 blk 
1st s. of Ogden av. 

Honore 705 

Lincoln 731 

Winchester av.. 757 

Robey 783 

Seeley av 807 

Hoyneav 833 

Hamilton av 857 

Leavitt 881 

Irving av 911 

Oakley av 935 

Western av 993 

Campbell av 1049 

Cicero ct 1084 

Rockwell 111.3 

Washtenaw av. . 1 173 
California av...l235 

Stephens 1268 

Francisco 1305 

Nassau 1336 

Sacramento av. . 1 36 1 

Whipple 1387 

Albany av 

Troy 1439 

Kedzie av 1465 

Spaulding av 

Colorado av 

Phinney av 


St. Louis av 

Central Park av 1685 
Garfield Park... 

James av. (S. D. ) fr. 

% blk. e. of Laurel 
w. to Benson, lsts 
of 31st. Even nos 
n. s. 

Laurel 865 

Mospratt.. 925 

Wahl 951 

Ulman 975 

Fox 1027 

Benson ,...1081 

Jane(W. D.) fr. 812 

Milwaukee av s. 
^blk., thence w. to 
Newton. Even nos 

Twelfth 471 

Dussold 485 

Judd 494 

O'Brien 503 

Wilson 512 

Kramer 513 

Maxwell 5271 Thirty-eighth... 8800 

Jackson E (S. D.)fr 
Michigan av. w. to 
the River; 3d s. of 
E. Madison. Even 
nos. s.s. 

Michigan av 

Wabash av. 



Third av.... 


Fourth av.. 


Pacific av... 


Sherman 172 

Fifth av 191 

Franklin 221 

Market 255 

The River 265 











Injjrnhnm (W. D.) 
fr 333 Elston av. 
w. abt. 2 blks. to 
Noble. 1st s. of 
Blackhawk. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Iowa (W.D.) fr.857 
N Wood w. to West- 
ern av. and fr. N 
Rockwell to Califor- 
nia av. lstn.ofW 

Jackson W (W.D 
fr. the River w. to 
Garfield Park i 
blks s. of W Madi 
son Even nos s. s 

The River 1 

Canal 33 

Clinton 67 

Jefferson 101 

Desplaines 133 

Halsted 197 

Green 217 

Peoria 237 

Sangamon 257 

Morgan 281 

Aberdeen 335 

Centre av 383 

Throop 431 

Loomis 479 

Laflin 527 

Ashland av 575 

Marshneld av... 804 

Paulina 635 

Hermitage av. > 660 

Ogden av j "" 

Wood 679 

Milwaukee av... 

Ashland av 

Rumsey 75 

Paulina 10 

Samuel •. 123 

Wood 147 

Newton 173 

Jasper (N. D.) fr 
Thirty -third s. to 
1256 Thirty-fifth. 

Jay (N. D.) fr. Cen 
ter n. to Fullerton 
av 1st w. Seminary 
Even nos. e. s. 


Garfield av 

Webster av 


Fullerton av.... 

Johnson pi. (S. D.) 

fr 135 Thirty 
seventh Thirty 
ninth. Even nos. 
w. s. 
Thirty-seventh 3700 

Liberty 543 

Fourteenth 557 

Barber 571 

Wright 585 

Fifteenth 601 

Meagher 615 

Sixteenth 643 

Eighteenth 707 

Canalportav 729 

Twentieth 755 

Ward ct 777 

Twenty -first . 

Twenty-second.. 833 

Jefferson N (W.D.) 
fr. 95 W Randolph 
n. to the River. 
Even nos. w. s 

Randolph 1 

Lake 41 

Fulton 75 

Wayman 92 

Milwaukee av. . . 109 

Carroll av Ill 

R. R. crossing . 

Kinzie 123 

Cook 143 

Austin av 162 

Indiana 199 

R. R. crossing.. 
The River 247 

Jefferson (Hyde P'k) 
fr. Fiftieth s. to 
Fifty-seventh. Is 
w. of Lake av. 

Jefferson ct. (Jeffer 
son) fr. Powell av 
w. i blk to Perry. 

Jessie pi. (WD ) fr. 

770 VV Kinzie n. y 2 

Thirty-ninth... 3900 

Joseph (S. 


Jefferson S (W. D.) 
fr. 90 W. Randolph 
s. to W. Twenty 
second. Even nos 
e. s. 

Randolph 1 

Washington 41 

Madison 77 

School 87 

Monroe 107 

Adams 139 

Jjuincy 160 
ackson 175 

VanBuren 207 

Congress 242 

Harrison 27 

S-bor 30 

Mather 32 

Po k 33 

Ewing 36 


John pi. (W.D.) fr. 
88 S Halsted w. 1 
blk. Even no.j. n. 
s. Last no. 40. 

Johnson (W.D.) fr. 
290 W Taylor s. to 
W Twenty -second. 
Even nos. e. s. 







Seventeenth — " 


Eighteenth pi... 


Nineteenth pi... 



Canalportav.. . 

Twenty-first 419 

Twenty-second.. 449 

Taylor 405 

DeKoven 427 

Bunker 449 


Johnson av. (S. D ) 

fr. 2 3 blk. n. of 12 
E Twenty-seventh 
s. to Twenty-eighth. 
Even nos. w. s. 

First no 

Twenty -seventh2700 
Twenty-eighth . . 2800 

Johnson ay. (Jeffer- 
son) fr. N. Ca lifor 
niaav. w. to Hum 
boldt Park bout. 1st 
s. of Milwaukee av 

D.) fr. 
Hickory s. e. to 
2724 Archer av. 
Even nos. w. s. 

Hickory 2500 

R. R. crossing.. 2600 
Archer av 2640 

Joseph (Brighton 
Station) fr. S Wash- 
tenaw av. w. to 
Kedzie av. 1st s.of 
Thirty -eighth 

Judd (W. D.) fr. 

Stewart av w . to S 
Jefferson. 1st s. of 
W. Twelfth. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Stewart av 1 

Canal 47 

Clinton 77 

Jefferson 104 

Judson (N. D.) fr. 

Eastman n. w. to 
Blackhawk. 2d w. 
of N Halsted. Last 
no. 30. Even nos. 

Julia et. (Jefferson) 
fr. Stave s. w. 1 blk. 
2nd of n. Cornelia. 

Julian (W. D.) fr. 

700 N. Ashland av. 

w. to N Wood. Even 

nos. s. s. 

Ashland av 1 

Paulina 57 

Wood 110 

Julius (W. D.) fr. 

103 W Eleventh s. 
abt. 1 blk. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Kedzie av.S (W.D.) 
fr. 1511 W Lake {% 
mile w . of W estern 
av.) s. to abt. 75th. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Lake 1 

Park av 21 

Washington bd 41 

Warren av 69 

Madison 93 

Monroe 133 

Adams ) 

Coloradoav... S 

Jackson...., 205 

VanBuren 251 

Tremont 265 

Congress 297 

Harrison 323 

Twelfth 573 

Douglas boul.... 687 

Collins 730 

Truro 770 

Sixteenth 803 

Ogden av 831 

Isabel ct 870 

Nineteenth 901 

Cross 934 

Twenty-first 965 

R. R. crossing.. 977 
Twenty-second ..1015 
Twenty-sixth ...1253 
Twenty-seventh. 1315 

Swift 1373 

Whitehouse 1433 

Thirty-rirst 1491 

The R;ver 

Thence s, to abt 



Kedzie av. N(W.D.) 
fr. 1510 W Lake (\ 
miles -v. of Western 
av) n. to North av 
and beyond. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Lake ; . . . 1 

Walnut 35 

Fulton 67 

Carroll av 105 

Kinzie 125 

Central Park bd 193 

Ohio 241 

Huron 305 

Chicago av 365 

Grand av 457 

Augusta 485 

McElroy 515 

Emery 541 

Wiieaton 575 

Division 605 

Eberhart 633 

Norwood av 663 

Bartlett av 693 

Weage av 723 

Beacn av 753 

Dickey av 783 

Pierce av 813 

North av 833 

Keeley (S.D.)fr.2833 
Archer av. s. e. to 
868 Thirty-first. 

Archer av 2800 

Lyman 3000 

Thirty-first 3100 

Keenon (W. D.) fr. 

750 N Ashland av. 

w. to 780 N Wood . 

Even nos. s. s. 

Ashland av 1 

Paulina 61 

Wood Ill 

Keith (W. D.)fr.303 

W Chicago av. s. to 
W Huron. Last no. 
48. Even nos. e. s. 

Kemper pi. (N. D. ) 
fr. 460 Orchard e. 
to Larrabee. Num- 
bers fr. 1 to 58. 
Even nos. n. s. 

Kendall (W.D.) fr. 

840 W Polk s.w. to 
w. 959 W Taylor. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Polk 1 

Birch 57 

Cypress 65 

Taylor Ill 

Kimbark av. (Hyde 
Park) fr. 51st s. to 
59th. 1st e. of 
Woodlawn av. 

Kingsbury (N.D.)fr 
25 E Kinzie n. w. to 
Erie, thence to Chi 
cago av. Even nos. 
w. s. 

Kinzie 1 

Michigan 25 

Ildnois 45 

Indiana 65 






Chicago av 

Kinzie E (N. D.) fr. 

the River e. to 

North Water. 2dn. 

of the main River. 

Even nos. s. s. 

TheRiver 1 

Kingsbury 25 

Market 47 

Franklin 79 

Wells Ill 

LaSalle av 141 

Clark 175 

Dearborn av.... 203 

State 241 

Cass 273 

Rush 299 

North Water.... 301 

Kinzie W(W. D.)fr 
the River w. to Belt 
Line Ry and bevond ; 
4th n. of W Lake. 
Even nos. s s. 

TheRiver 1 

Canal 5 

West Water 

Clinton 31 


Jefferson 61 

Desplaines 89 

Milwaukeeav... 91 

Union 117 

Halsted 153 

Green 177 

Peoria 201 

Sangamon 225 

Morgan 251 

Carpenter 273 

Curtis 297 

May 321 

Ann 346 

Centre av 357 

Elizabeth 385 

Ada 423 

Noble 445 

Bixby pi 

Armour 507 

\shlandav 537 

Trustee 557 

Oswego 579 

Paulina 587 

Page 617 

Wood 637 

Smart 663 

Lincoln 685 


ildwin 725 

Robey 735 

George pi 755 

Jessie pi 775 

Hoyneav 785 

Leavitt 829 

Irving pi 858 

Oakley av 879 


Western av 925 

Artesian av 

Seymour av 

Maplewood av.. 


Talmen av 

Washtenaw av. . 
Fairfield av...., 
California av... 


Sacramento av. 


Albany av 

Kedzie av 


Homan av 

Trumbull av 

St. Louis av 

Drake av 

Central Park av 


Genessee av 

Hamlin av 

Avers av 

Springfield av... 

Harding av 

Crawford av 

Thence to Belt Line 

Railway and beyond 

Kramer (W.D. ) fr. S 
Jefferson w. to 512 
S Halsted. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Jefferson 2 

Union 60 

Halsted 91 

Kroger (N.D,)fr. 125 

Sheffield av. n. w. 

and w. to Racine av. 

1 blk n. of Clybourn 


Sheffield av 2 

Poe 30 

Clyde 50 

Seminary av.... 60 
Racine 160 

Kuehl pi. (W.D.)fr. 

Elston av. s. w. to 
Lister. 1st s. of W 

La Fayette pi. (N.D.) 

See Walton pi. 

Laflin (W.D.) fr. 536 
W Madison s. to the 
River, and fr. Forty- 
seventh at intervals 
to abt Seventy-fifth. 
1 blk. e.ofS Ashland 
av. Even nos. e. s. 

Madison 1 

Monroe 29 

Adams 53 

Jackson 79 

VanBuren 107 

Congress 129 

Harrison 149 

Plum 164 

York 177 

Spruce.... 182 

Polk 199 

Taylor 263 

Nebraska 281 

Eleventh 295 

Twelfth 311 

Thirteenth pi.... 337 

Thirteenth 361 

Hastings 385 

Fourteenth 400 

Henry 433 

Fifteenth 457 

Rebecca 481 

R. R. crossing.. 493 

Sixteenth 507 

Seventeenth 531 

Eighteenth " 555 

VanHora 581 

Nineteenth 615 

Twentieth 641 

Blue Island av.. 653 
Twenty- first ... 663 

Hinman 698 

Twenty-second.. 723 
The River 975 

Lake E (S. D.) fr. 
Michigan av w. to 
the River. Even 
nos. n.s. 

Michigan av 2 

Wabash av 34 

State 64 

Dearborn 98 

Clark 128 

LaSalle Jfin 

Fifth av 192 

Franklin 226 

South Water. . ) 

Market V 254 

TheRiver ) 

Lake W (W. D.) fr 
the River w. to Gar 
field Park, thence 
w. to Crawford av 
and beyond. Even 
nos. n. s. 

TheRiver 2 

West Water 8 

Canal 36 

Milwaukee av.. 

Clinton 60 

Jefferson 96 

Desplaines 124 

Union 154 

Halsted 198 

Green 220 

Peoria 240 

Sangamon 260 

Morgan 280 

Carpenter 300 

Curtis 320 

May 340 

Ann 362 

Elizabeth 408 

Ada 446 

Sheldon 482 

Union Park pi.. 

Bryan pi 524 

St. Johns pi 548 

Ashland av 580 

Paulina 628 

Page 653 

Wood 676 

Lincoln 724 

Robey 774 

Hoyneav 834 

Leavitt 892 

Oakley av 954 

Western av 1014 

Artesian av 1046 

Staunton 1069 

Seymour av 1080 

Maple wooa av. . 1 1 12 

Rockwell 1146 

R. R. crossing.. 

Fall 1169 

Talmanav 1J80 

Washtenaw av . . 1 2 1 2 

Fairfield av 1 246 

California av...l274 

Clarkson ct 1305 

Francisco 1334 

Sacramento av. . 1 394 

Albany av 1 454 

Kedzie av 1514 

Homan av 1 640 

Parker pi 1708 

Central Park av 
Garfield Park. . . 

Hamlin av 1860 

Davlin 1900 

Crawford av 1984 

Lake av. (S.D.) fr. 
15 Thirty-fifth s. e. 
(parallel with the 
Lake shore) to Fifty- 
seventh, thence 
south to abt. Fifty- 
fifth; thence s. w. to 
Fifty -eighth. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Lake Park av. (S.D.) 

fr. Twenty-third s. 
e. to Twenty -fifth, 
and fr. Twenty- 
third to Thirty- 
ninth; 2d e. of 
Cottage Grove av. 
Even nos. w. s. 

Lake Park pi. (S.D.) 
fr. the Lake w. 
along the s. end of 
Lake Park to Mich- 
igan av. 

Lake Shore Drive 

(N.D.)fr. Oak (near 
n.s. Waterworks) 
n. along the Lake 
shore to northern 
limits Lincoln Pk. 

Lake View av. fr. 

Diversey av. n. to 
Belmont av. 1 blk 
w. of the Lake. 

Diversey av 

Surf av 

Oakdale av 

Wellington av.. 

Barry av 

George av 

Belmont av 

Lane pi. (N.D.) fr. 

4 l 2 Centre n . to 

Garfield av. 

Centre 1 

Garfield av 51 

Lanicdonfr. 183 Cly- 
bourn av. s. w. \ 

Lungley av. (S.D.) 
fr. Thirty-seventh s. 
to Fifty-first; bet. 
Cottage Grove 
and Vincennes avs. 
Even nos. w. s. 

La n jrley 



(Hyde Park) n. s. of 
Forty-second, fr. 
Langley av. w. 1 
blk to St. Lawrence. 

Larrabee (N. D.) fr. 

Chicago av. (i^blk. 

e. of the River,) 

Deming ct. Even 

nos. e. s. 

Chicago av 2 

Hawthorne av.. 40 

Crosby 94 

Oak 116 

Hobbie 142 

Elm 171 

Division 204 

Vedder 236 

Rees 275 

Clybourne av... 279 

Blackhawk 355 

Alaska 383 

North av 405 

Eugenie 464 

Willow 499 

Menomonee 522 

Wisconsin 576 

Centre 634 

Garfield av 692 

North Grove ct.. 717 

Webster av 742 

Lincoln av 

Grant pi 

Belden av 792 

Kemper pi 

Fullerton av 842 

Frederick ct 

Deming ct 

LaSalle (S. D.) fr. the 
Rivers, to Van Bur- 
en and fr. Sixteenth 
s. to Forty-fifth. 1st 
w. of S Clark. Even 
nos. w. s. 

SWater 2 

Lake 30 

Randolph... .... 66 

Washington 100 

Calhoun pi 117 

Madison 138 

Arcade ct 158 

Monroe 178 

Adams 212 

Quincy 226 

Jackson 246 

VanBuren 284 

Re-commence at 
Sixteenth ....1600 
Thence each blk 
commences with 
even hundred 
numbers corre- 
sponding with 
the numer i c a 1 
name of street 

La Salle av. (N.D.) 
fr. the River n. to 
Lincoln Park. 1st 
w. of N Clark. Even 
nos. w. s. 

TheRiver 2 

N. Water 20 

Kinzie 36 

Michigan 56 

Illinois 76 

Indiana 96 

Ohio 116 

Ontario 132 

Erie 154 

Huron 170 


Superior 192 

Chicago av 216 

Chestnut 258 

Locust 298 

Oak 332 

Maple 366 

Elm 400 

Division 420 

Goethe 47 

Schiller 526 

Carl 574 

Grant 608 

Eugenie 680 


Lincoln Park 


Laughton (W.D.) fr. 
S Hoyne av. w. to 
California av. 3d 
s. of W Twenty- 
second. Even nos. 
s. s. 

Hoyne av 1 

Leavitt 62 

Oakley av 

Western av 

R. R. crossing.. 


"Washtenaw av.. 350 

Calif orniaav.... 

Laurel (S.D.) 

Thirty-first s 

•9 Thirty-ninth 



of SHE 

nos. w. s. 

Thirty-first 3100 

James av 3132 

Thirty-second . . .3200 

Springerav 3234 

Thirty-third ....3300 
Thirty-tiiird ct..3336 
Thirty-fourth. . . 3400 
Thirty-fourth ct3438 

Tairty-fifth 3500 


Thirty-sixth 3600 

Thirty-seventh. .3700 
Thirty-s'v'nth ct3739 
Thirty-eighth. . . 3800 
Thirty-eighth ct.383 9 
Thirty-ninth . . . .3900 

Laurel av. (W.D.) 
(Jefferson) fr. W 
Fullerton av. n. to 
Diversey av. 6 blks 
w. of N Western av. 

tawav.(W D.)fr. Ji 
blk. n: of W Harri- 
son s. to W Polk. 
1st w. of S Jeffer- 
son. Last nos. 130. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Lawrence (N.D.) fr. 
the River e. 1 blk. 
to 35 Southport av. 
Even nos. n. s. 

Lawn dale av. 8 (W. 
D . ) See Genesee av. 

Leavitt S(W.D.) fr. 
891 W Lake s. to 
Thirty-first, and (S. 
D.) fr. Illinois and 
Michigan canal s. 
to Thirty-ninth. 
Even nos. e. s. in 
W. D. and w. s. in 
S. D. 

Lake 1 

Park av 21 

Washington bd. 45 

Warren av 69 

Madison 95 

Monroe 133 

Adams 173 

Jackson 205 

Van Buren 251 

Congress 294 

Harrison 323 

Flournoy 349 

Campbell Park. 371 

Polk 411 

Boone 44 

DeKalb 465 

Taylor 495 

Ogden av 513 


Twelfth 567 

Thirteenth 625 


Fourteenth 685 

Fifteenth 743 

Sixteenth 803 

Seventeenth 829 

Eighteenth 85] 

Van Horn 885 

Nineteenth 911 

Twentieth 937 

Twenty-first 963 

Hinman 989 

Twenty-second. .1015 

Ambrose 1050 

Parmelee 1111 

Laughton 1135 

Coulter 11 

Blue Island av..H83 
Twenty-sixth.... 1257 


Tkirty -first, •.... 

111. and Mich. 


Leavitt N (W. D.)fr 

890 W Lake n. 
Gracelandav. Even 

nos. e. s. 




Carroll av 

Kenzie 124 

Austin av 156 

Ferdinand 180 

Indiana 194 

Emerson av 220 

Ohio 240 

Erie 272 

Huron 306 

Superior J 

Chicago av 364 

Rice 400 

Iowa 424 

Augusta 484 

Thomas 544 

Division 604 

Crystal 636 

Bryson 662 

Evergreen a.v.... 

Hirsch 719 

Fowler 730 

LeMoyne 764 

Thompson 779 

Ewing pi 804 

North av 838 

Wabansia a v.... 896 
Milwaukee av... 916 
Bloomingdale rd 938 

Wilmot av 948 

Churchill 950 

Cortland 1002 

Homer 1030 

Armitage av 1050 

Coblentz 1080 

Lubeck 1112 

ankfort 1136 

Hamburg 1166 

Asylum pi 1 184 

Ems 1209 

Bremen pi 1239 

Rhine 1265 


Fullerton av 


R. R. track 


Elston av 

Diversey av... > 
North Branch. S 
Wellington.... ) 
Clybourn av... ] 

Noble av 


Belmont av 






Lee pi. (W. D.) fr 

275 N Robeyw. to 
N Hoyne av. Last 
no. 50. Even nos 
n. s. 

Leipzig (W. D.) fr. 

Hamburg n . to Ems ; 

bet. N Oakley av. 

and-N Leavitt. Even 

nos. e. s. 

Hamburg 1 

Ems 49 

Lemoy ne (W.D.) f r. 

N Robey s. to N 
Leavitt. 2d s.of W 
North av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Robey 1 

Hoyne av 49 

Leavitt 95 

Leo (S. D.) fr. 2547 
Archer av. s. to 
Even nos. w.s. 

Archer av 2520 

Twenty- seventh2570 

Leasing (W..D.) fr 
120 W Chicago av. 
n. toR.R. tracks. 

Levee (W. D.)fr. the 
Rivers. w. 3 blks 
crosses S Ashland 
av. bet. the River 
and the Canal. 

The River 2700 

Post 2740 

Ashland av 2756 

Lewis (N.D.) fr. Haw 
thorne av. n. e. to 
Nursery; thence n 
(crossing Clybourn 584) to Diver- 
sey av. Even nos. 
e. s. 
Hawthorne av.. 1 

Clybourn av 33 

Nursery 53 

Garfield av 85 

Webster av 145 

Belden av 201 

Fullerton av 259 



Wrightwood av. 


Diversey av 

Lexington (W. D.) 
fr. DeKalb w. to S 
Leavitt, fr. S West- 
ern av. w. to Al- 
bany av., thence w. 
to Genesee av.; 2 
blks. s. of W. Har- 
rison. Even nos. s.s. 

DeKalb 1 

Hoyne av 11 

Leavitt 59 

Re-commence at 

Westernav 1131 

Campbell av....H91 

Rockwell 1253 

Washtenaw av . . 1 3 1 3 
California av...l373 

Francisco 1433 

Sacramento av.. 

Albany av 

Central Park av. 
Genesee av 

Lexington av. (Hyde 
Park) fr. 51st s. to 
abt. 63d. 1st w.of 

Liberty (W.D.) fr 
Stewart av. w. to 
542 S Halsted; bet. 
Maxwell and Four- 
teenth. Even nos. 
s. s. 

Stewart av 1 

Canal 43 

Jefferson ■ 97 

Union 157 

Halsted 189 

Lill av. N (N.D.) fr 
N Ashland av. e. to 
N Halsted. 3dn. of 
Fullerton av. 

Lillav. W(W.D.)fr, 
Station w. to N 
Western av. 1st n 
of W Fullerton av 

Lime (S.D.) fr. the 
River s. to Twenty 
seventh; crosses 
Archer av. at 2525 
Even nos. w. s. 

The River 2400 

R. R. crossing. .2430 

Archer av 2500 

T wenty-se venth. 2570 

Lincoln S (W.D.) fr 
721 W Lake s. to 
the River and (S.D.) 
fr. Thirty-fir it s. at 
intervals to aht 
Seventy-fifth. Ever 
nos. e. s. to the 
River, and w. s. 
of the River. 



Washington bd.. 

Warren av 


Monroe 137 

Adams 17 

Jackson 213 

Van Buren 25 

Congress 291 

Ogdenav 297 

Harrison 309 

Polk 385 

Taylor 465 

Selden 494 

Yeaton 517 

Twelfth 541 

Thirteenth pi... 563 

Thirteenth 589 

Hastings 615 

Fourteenth 64 

Fifteenth 703 

Sixteenth 751 

Eighteenth 809 

Van Horn 845 

Nineleenth 87 _ 

Twentieth 897 

Twenty-first 923 

Hinman 957 

Twenty- second. 983 

Ambrose 1011 

Moore 1045 

Blue Island av..l065 
R. R. crossing.. 1097 

TheRiver 1280 

Re-commcnce at 

Thirty-first 3100 

Thence s to abt. 

Lincoln N (W. D.) 
fr. 720 W Lake n. 
to 1060 Milwaukee 
av. Even nos.e. s. 

Lake 1 

Walnut 27 

Fulton 49 

Carroll av 75 

Kinzie 99 

Austin av 133 

Ferdinand 153 

Indiana 161 

Emerson av 189 

Ohio 209 

Erie 235 

Huron 261 

Superior 283 

Chicago av 313 

Rice 347 

Iowa 373 

Augusta 431 

Thomas 489 

Division 541 

Bryson 605 

Ellen 623 

Park 677 

Milwaukee av... 697 

Lincoln av. (N. D.) 

fr. N Wells at Lin- 
coln Park n. w. to 
Western av. Even 
nos. n. s. 

Wells 1 

North Parkav.. 39 

Wisconsin 41 

Lonergan 59 

Centre ) -„„ 

Sedgwick ] 10 ° 

Garfield av — ) ieri 

Hurlbut / 160 

Web ster ) „ 

Larrabee ) ■"- 

Belden av ) OQ . 

Orchard f 284 

Halsted i „. c 

Fullerton av.. \ 346 
(Thence through 
Lake view.) 

Montana 386 

Dunning 430 

Lill .... 

Wr ightwood 

Sheffieid'av. '.'.'. \ 538 
Edson av 580 

SZ.!;;| 620 

Diversey av... » 

Racine av / 

Wolfram av 

George > 

Herndon J 

Wellington > 

Southport av. . J 


Noble av » 

Perry ( 

Belmont av ) 

Ashland av ) 


School ) 

Woodside' ) 

Roscoe > 

Paulina { 

St. Elmo 

Cornelia . 

Addison ) 

Chicago & N. > 

W.S. R ) 



Lawrence av.... 

Lincoln pi. (N.D.) fr. 

500 Garfield av. n. 

to Webster av. Even 

nos. w. s. 

Garfield av 1 

Webster av 57 

Linden av. (Jeffer- 
son) fr. W Fullerton 
av. n. to Diversey 
av. 1st e. of Cali- 
fornia av. 

Lin wood pi. (W.D.) 
fr. N California av. 
w. to Humboldt Pk. 
lstn. of W Chicago 

Lisle (W.D.) fr. S 


Union w. 1 blk. to 
830 S Halsted. 

Lock (S.D.) fr. Co 
logne s. e. to Thirty 
first. 2d e. of the 
River. Even nos. 
w. s. 

Cologne 2800 

Hickory 2814 

Archer av 3000 

Bonaparte 3034 


Lock port (S.D.) fr. 
3650 Archer av. 1 
blk. n. w. 

Locust (N.D.) fr. ^ 
blk. w. of Townsend 
e. to 309 N Clark. 
2dn. of E Chicago 
av. Even nos. s. s 

Townsend 13 

Sedgwick 37 

Market 71 

Franklin 101 

Wells 127 

LaSalleav 157 

Clark ] 

Logan (S.D.)fr. 2649 
Hickory s. e. ^ blk. 
to R. R. tracks. 

Lonergan (N.D.) fr. 
Wisconsin n. 1 blk. 
to 51 Lincoln av. , 
I blk. w. of Lincoln 
Park. Even nos. w. 

Lincoln av 15 

Loomis (W.D.) fr.484 
W Madison s. to the 
River, andfr. 1190 
Thirty-fourth s. to 
Thirty-fifth, and s. 
of Stock Yards, to 
about Sixty-third 
Even nos. w. s. 

Madison 1 


Jefferson Park.. 

Adams 65 


VanBuren 135 

Congress 165 

Harrison 197 

Plum 223 

Vernon Park pi. 227 

Spruce 251 

Macalisterpl.... 259 

Polk 270 

Gilpinpl 285 

Arthington 321 

Taylor 349 

Nebraska 369 

Eleventh 387 

Twelfth 407 

Thirteenth pi.... 433 

Thirteenth 457 

Hastings 481 

Fourteenth 505 

Henry 529 

Fifteenth 553 

Rebecca 577 

R. R. crossing.. 589 

Sixteenth 601 

Seventeenth 633 

Eighteenth 670 

glue Island av.. 673 

Zionpl 693 

Nineteenth 717 

Twentieth 751 

Twenty-first .... 777 

Hinman 809 

Twenty-second.. 835 

Lowe av. (S.D») fr 
515 Twenty-sixth 

to Thirty -ninth. 3d 
e. of S Halsted 
Even nos. w. s. 
Twenty-sixth . . . .2600 
Thence each block 
commences with 
even hundred num- 
bers corresponding 
with the numerical 
name of street 

Lubeck (W. D.) fr. N 
Robey w. to 1097 N 
Western av. 2d n. 
of Armicage av . 
Even nos. s.s. 

Robey 2 

Hoyne av 60 

Leavitt 96 

Oakley av 140 

Western av 186 

Luce (W. D.) fr. 61 
WBlackhawk n. w. 
% blk. lstw. of 
Elston av. 

Lull pi. (W. D.) fr. 

Ellen, 1 blk. w. of 
980 Milwaukee av., 
s. w. to 578 N 

Ellen 17 

Moorman 30 

Blucher... 47 

Wood 98 

Lumber (W. D.) fr 
18 W.Twelfth s.and 
s. w. to Loom is. 1st 
w. and n. of the 
River. Even nos 
e. s. 



Bates •. 




R. R. crossing... 





Canal 368 

Stewart 390 

Ward ct 402 

Jefferson 469 

Twenty-second . . 



R.R. crossing... 



Centre av 



Lundy's Lane (S. D. ) 

fr. Thirty-second s 
to Thirty-seventh 
1st w. of S Robey 

Lunn ct. fr. 605 S 

Western av.w. 1 blk. 

Lydla (W. D.) fr. 

54 N Desplaines w. 

2 blks. to N Halsted; 

H blk. n. of W.Lake. 

Even nos. s. s. 

Desplaines 1 

Union 25 

Halsted 46 

Lyman (S. D.) fr. 

Main s. w. to Thirty- 
first cor. Lock. 1 
blk. s. of Archer av. 
Even nos. n. s. 

Main 2900 

Farrell 2926 

Keeley 2942 

Bonfleld 2964 


Deering 3000 

Havnect -..3024 

\rch 3050 

Fake 3076 

Thirty-first"!.'! 3100 

Lynch pi. (S. D.) fr. 

Thirty-second s. to 
Thirty-third. 1st 
e. of Ashland av. 

Lytle(W. D.)fr.470 
W Harrisons to 493 
W Twelfth, 1 blk w. 
of Centre av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Harrison 1 

Vernon park pi. 25 
Macallister pi. ) -n 
Vernon Park. . f 4B 

Gilpin pi 65 

Arthington 84 

Taylor 107 

Twelfth 166 

Macallister pi. (W 

D.) fr. 230 Centre 
av. along Vernon 
Park w . to Loomis 
Even nos. s. s. 





Macedonia (W. D.) 
fr. 316 W Division 
n .to Ellen; 12 blk.w. 
of N Wood. Even 
nos. e. s. 



Madison E (S. D.)fr 
Michigan av. w. to 
the River. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Michigan av 1 

Dearborn pi 19 

Wabash av 35 

Holden pi 49 

State 67 

Dearborn 95 

Clark 127 

LaSalle 159 

Fifth av 191 

Franklin 231 

Market 269 

The River 289 

Madison W (W.D.) 
fr. the River w. to 
Crawford av. (City 
limits) and beyond. 
Even nos. s. s. 

The River 1 

Canal 15 

Clinton 49 

Jefferson 81 

Desplaines 113 

Union 147 

Halsted 185 

Green 20^ 

Peoria 229 

Sangamon 253 

Morgan 275 

Carpenter 299 

Curtis 325 

Aberdeen 334 

May 351 

Ann.. 379 

Centreav 384 

Elizabeth 425 

Throop 440 

Waverlypl 443 

Ada 461 

Loomis 490 

Sheldon 495 

Bishop ct 523 

Laflin 544 

Ogdenav 575 

Ashland av 






Winchester av . . 


Seeley av 

Hoyne av 


Oakley av 

Western av 


Campbell av 


R. R. crossing., 
Washtenaw av . . 
California av.. . 

Colorado av 


Sacramento av. 
Gross terrace.... 

Albany av 

Kedzieav , 


Garfield Park. . . 

St. Louis av 

Central Park av 

Hamlinav , 

Crawford av 











Madison (Hyde Park) 
fr. abt. Forty- 
seventh s. to village 
limits; abt. four 
blks. w. of Jackson 


Madison av 

Park) fr. ^ b 
of Walnut s. to 
Fifty-ninth. 1st e. 
of Cottage Grove 

Madison Park (Hyde 
Park) fr. Fifty-first 
St. s. 2 blks. to Oak 
St., and from the 
Lake w. 1 blk. to 
Park pi 

Main (S.D.) fr. the 
River s.e. to Thirty 
first, nr. junction 
of Laurel; crosses 
Archer av. 2765. 
Even nos. w. s. 

The River 2400 

Cologne 2500 

Hickory 2600 

R. R. tracks.... 2700 

Archer av 2800 

Lyman 2900 

Stearns 2944 

Thirty-first 3070 

Maple (N.D.) fr. ^ 
blk. w. of LaSalle 
av. to 318 N State 
2ds. of E Division 
Even nos. s. s. 

LaSalleav 10 

Clark 30 

Dearborn av 60 

State 84 

Maplewood av. S 

(W.D.) fr.W Thirty- 
first s. to 111. and 
Mich, canal. 3d w. 
of S Western av. 

Maplewood av.N ( W. 

D.) fr. 1100 W Lake 
n . to Fulton, and f r. 
W Division n.. to 
Bloomingdale rd. 
and f r. W Fullerton 
av. n. to Diversey 
av. Even nos. e. s. 
Lake 1 

Fulton 65 

Lastno 89 

lie-commence at 

Division 603 

Bryson 657 

Hirsch 719 

Thompson 781 

Northav 835 

Re-commence at Ful- 
lerton av.and th'nce 
n. to Diversey. 

Maplewood pi. (W. 

D.) fr. 864 Ogden 
av. s. to W Fif- 
teenth. 1st w. of 
Railroad. Even nos. 
e. s. 

Ogden av 1 

Fourteenth 12 

Fifteenth 70 

Marble pi. E (S. D.) 

fr. S. State w. to 
Fifth av bet. Mon- 
roe and Adams. 

Marble pL W (W.D.) 
fr S D esplaines w. 
to 114 S Halsted. 
Even nos. n. s. 

Desplaines 90 

Halsted 158 

Marey (N.D. ^.Shef- 
field av. n. w. to 
Clybourn pi. 1st s. 
w. of Clybourn av. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Sheffield av 


Wabansia av.... 

Clybourn pi 

Margaret (W. D.) fr. 

W Fourteenth s. to 
333.W. Fifteenth. 1 
blk. e. of Centreav. 
Even nos. e. s 

Fourteenth 2 

Henry 24 

Fifteenth 44 

Margaret pL (W.D.) 

f r. w Sixteenth 
W Nineteenth. 2d 
e. of Crawford av. 

Marianna (L a k e- 

view) f r, Southport 
av. e. to 619 Lin- 
coln av and fr. 
Sheffield av. to Flor- 
ence av. 1st s. of 
Diversey av. 

Marlon pi. (W. D.) 

fr. 330 W Division 

n. to Ellen. 1 blk.e. 

of N Robey. Even 

nos. e. s. 

Division 1 

Ellen 77 

Mark (W. D.) fr. 
junction S Union 
and Crawford av. 
w. to S Halsted ^ 
blk. s. of W 18th. 
Even nos. n. s. 

Union 1 

Halsted 33 

Market S (SD.) fr. 

Lake s. to *2 blk. s. 

of Congress. Even 

nos. w. s. 

Lake 2 

Randolph 38 

Washington 72 

Madison 108 

Monroe 146 

" uns 180 


Quiucy 196 

Jackson 213 

Van Buren 246 

Congress 269 

Market N (N. D ) fr. 
the River n. to Divi- 
sion, and fr. Schill- 
er n. to North a v. 
5th w. of N Clark. 
Even nos. w. s. 

The River 

North Water.... 1 

Kinzie 23 

Michigan 48 

Illinois 63 

Indiana 8 

Ohio 103 

Ontario 123 

Erie 143 

Huron 163 

Superior 185 

Chicago av 205 

Pearson 223 

Chestnut 241 

Locust 261 

Whiting 277 

Oak 297 

Wendell 317 

Hill 335 

Elm ;. £ 

Division 383 

Re-commence at 

Schiller 501 

North av 577 

Market sq. (S. D.)fr. 
Thirty-first s. e. 1 
blk. to S Ashland 
av. and 3 2d. 

Marsh field av. (W. 
D.) fr. bOOW Jack- 
son s. to 695 W 
Twelfth and (S.D.) 
fr. H blk. n. of 
Thirty-fifth s. to 
Thirty -seventh . 
Even nos. e. s 

Jackson 205 

Var Buren 247 

Congress 283 

Harrison 307 

York 347 

Polk 387 

Taylor 467 

Twelfth 541 

Re-commence at 

Thirty- fifth 3500 

Thirty-sixth 3600 

Thirty-seventh .3700 

Marvin (W. D.) fr. 

1160 S Oakley av. 

w. toRailroad.Even 

nos. s. s. 

Oakley av 1 

Western av .. .». 57 
R. R. Track 107 

Mary (S.D.) fr. 2509 
Hickory s. e. to 
Hoey. Even nos. 

W. 8. 

Hickory 2500 

R. R. crossing.. 

Archer av / q?nn 

Hoey ) 2700 

Mather (W.D.) fr. 

Ellsworth w. to S 
Jefferson, and fr. 
32 1 S Desplaines w . 
to 8 10 S Halsted. 1 
blk. n. of W Polk. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Ellsworth 1 

Beach 29 

Canal 61 

Clinton 91 

Jefferson 117 

Desplaines 143 

Halst«d 210 

Mathew (W.D.) fr. 
217 Ogden av. w. 1 
blk. to 198 S Wood. 

Mautene ct. (W.D.) 
fr. 910 Milwaukee 
av. s. w. ^ blk. 

Maxwell (W.D.) fr. 
the River w. to 325 

Blue Island av. 
Even nos. s. s 

The River 1 

Lumber 25 

Stephenson 41 

Dodge 61 


R. R. av 

Stewart av 87 

Canal 133 

Clinton 165 

Jefferson 191 

Union 249 

Halsted 283 

Newberry av 301 

Johnson 323 

Brown 337 

Morgan 353 

Waller 367 

Bluelslandav... 435 

May 8. (W.D.) fr. 
W Randolph s. to 
351 W Madison, fr. 
400 W Harrison s. 
to Twelfth, and fr 
W Eighteenth s. to 
W Twenty-second. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Randolph 1 

Washington bd. 25 

Madison 63 

Re-commence at 

Harrison 237 

Gurley 273 

Polk 313 

Good 323 

Better 233 

Damen 343 

Taylor 397 

Eleventh 411 

Twelfth 441 

Re-commence at 

Eighteenth -. 641 

Eighteenth pi... 661 

Nineteenth 677 

Mr-Mullen ct 693 

Twentieth 711 

Walsh ct 735 

Twenty-first.... 743 
Twenty-second.. 775 

May N (W. D.) fr. 

341 W Randolph n. 

to George and ^ 

blk. beyond. Eyen 

nos. w. s. 

Randolph 1 

Lake 33 

Fulton 61 

Carroll av 87 

Kinzie 115 

Austin av 143 

Indiana av 167 

Ohio 193 

Erie 221 

Huron 245 

Superior 271 

Curtis 289 

Mc Alpine (S. D.)fr. 
Brossav. s. to Thir- 
ty-fifth. 1st c. of 
Western av. boul. 

McI>crmott (S. D.) 
fr. C. & A.R. R. s. 
.e. to 2984 Archer 
av. 3d e. of the 
River. Even nos. 
w. s. 
R. R. crossing... 2900 
Archer av 2938 

McGlaahen (S. D.) 
fr. 450 E Twenty- 
second s to Archer 
av. Even nos. . s. 
Twenty-second. . 2 200 

Crawford ct 2224 

Archer av 2242 

Mc&overn (Jeffer- 
son) fr. 1903 Mil- 
waukee av. w. abt. 

McHenry (W.D.) fr. 

Blanche n. and n. 

w. to the River. 

2d e. of Elston av. 

Even nos. e. s. 

Blanche 1 

North av 55 

Rawson 119 

Wabansia av. . . . 165 

Redfield 185 

The River 205 

Mellory (W.D.) fr 
N Kedzie av and 
Humboldt pk. w. 
abt. 1 blk. 1st n. 
of Augusta. 

Me Mullen ct. (W.D.) 
fr. Fisk w. to 640 
Centre av. Even 
nos. s s. 

Fisk 1 

May. 31 

Centre av 55 

McReynoldg (W.D.) 

fr. N Ashland av. w. 

to 754 N Wood; 2d. 

S. of W North av. 

Even nos. n. s. 

Ashland av 1 

Paulina 57 

Wood 115 

Mead (W.D.) fr. W 
Kinzie n. to Grand 
av., and fr. W 
North av. (in Jeffer- 
son) to Fuller t'n av . 
1 st w. of Kedzie av. 
Even nos. e. s. 


Central bd 



Chicago av 

R. R. crossing.. 

Grand av 

Re-commence at 

North av 

Wabansia av 

Bloomingdale rd 


Armitage av.... 


Humboldt av 

Mentmore av. .. 

Fullerton av.... 

Meagher (W.D.) fr. 

141 Stewart av. w. 

to 622 S Halsted; 

bet. W Fifteenth 

and W Sixteenth. 

Even nos. s. fc. 

Stewart av 1 

Canal 41 

Jefferson 97 

Union 159 

Halsted 181 

Mendell (W. D.) fr. 

141 W Clybournpl. 

n. w. to Canal pi. 

Even nos. e. s 

Clybourn pi 1 

Crossing 35 

Armitage av 49 

Canal pi 55 

Menomonee (N. D.) 

fr. junction N Clark 
and Lincoln av. (Lin- 
coln Park) to 512 
Lanabee.Even nos. 
n. s. 

Clark 1 

Wells 17 

North Park av. . 43 

Franklin 55 

Hammond 73 


Hudson av Ill 

Hull 119 

Hurlbut 133 

Mohawk 151 

Larrabee 169 

MerIan(W. D.)fr.W 
Twenty-firsts, to W 
Twenty-second. 1st 

e.of Kedzie av. (s.e 
of Douglas Park.) 

Meridian (W. D.) fr. 

51 S Desplaines w. 

to 52 S Halsted. 

Even nos. s. s. 

Desplaines 1 

Union 31 

Halsted 73 

Michigan (N. D.) fr. 

N branch Chicago 
River e. to North 
Water. 3d n. of the 
River. Even nos s. 

TheRiver 2 

Market 36 

Franklin 62 

Wells 94 

LaSalle av 122 

Clark 154 

Dearborn av — 184 

State 220 

Cass 244 

Rush 263 

Pine 292 

St. Clair 323 

North Water.... 

Michigan av. (S.D.) 
(called Michigan av. 
boul fr. Jackson s. 
to 35th) fr. the Riv- 
er s. to abt. 75th. 
Even nos. e. s fr. 
the River to Ran- 
dolph; nos. on w. s. 
only, o. and e. fr. 
Randolph to Lake 
Park pi. and w. s. 
s. of Twelfth. 

The River ) , 

Rivet 1 f L 

South Water.... 45 

Lake 73 

Randolph 105 

Washington 107 

Madison 121 

"lonroe 141 

Adams 158 

lackson 178 

VanBuren 197 

Congress 217 

Harrison 234 

Hubbard ct 254 

Peck ct 274 

Eldridgect 294 

Harmon ct 314 

Lake Park pi ... 336 

Twelfth 1200 

Thirteenth 1300 

Fourteenth 1400 

Thence s. each block 
commences with 
even hundred num- 
bers, corresponding 
with numerical 
names of street 

(S.D.)fr. 2 3 blk.|Hoyneav 

e. of S Ashland av. 

w. toS Paulina; bet. 

Thirty-second and 

Thirty-third. Even 

nos. n. s. 

First no 1 

Ashland av 25 

Jones 69 

Millard av. (W.D.) 
fir. 1570 Ogden av. 
S. to W Twenty- 
sixth. Even nos. e. 


Ogden av 943 

Twenty-second. .1015 
R. R. crossing.. 1051 
Twenty-third.... 1075 
Twenty-fourth.. 11 37 
Twenty-fifth ....1189 
Twenty-sixth — 1255 

Miller (W.D.) fr. 343 
WH rrisons. to W 
Taylor. Even nos. 
w. s. 

Harrison 2 

Gurley 36 

Polk 66 

Taylor 125 

Milton av. (N.D.) fr. 

55 E Chicago av. n. 

to 270 E Division. 

Even nos. w. s. 

Chicago av 1 

Oak 123 

Hobbie 151 

Elm 177 

Division 200 

Milwaukee av. (W. 

D. ) fr. 30 W Lake 
n. w. to 1030 N 
Western av. and 
thence through Jef- 
ferson. Even nos. 

WLa'ke ) - 

N Canal ( x 

Fulton ) qq 

Clinton J oa 

Carroll av — 
N Jefferson... 


N Desplaines. 

Austin av 

N Union 



Green .'. 253 

Ohio 255 

Peoria 279 

Erie 307 

Sangamon 331 

Huron 367 

Morgan 385 

Carpenter 405 

Chicago av. .. . 1 4R( r 

May f 4b& 

Elston av 511 

NCentreav 545 

Cornell 567 

Will 579 

Cornelia 615 

Augusta 657 

Emma / » 1<7 

Noble i 717 

Tell pi 761 

Cleaver 769 

Jane 811 

Division 845 

Ashland av 883 

Mautene ct 921 

Paulina 975 

El en 993 

Wood 1059 

Lincoln 1063 

Evergreen av...l097 

Girard 1139 

Fontenoy ct 1155 

Robey ) 12 o, 

North av ( 1Zdl 

Wabansia av.. '.1332 





Leavitt 1407 

Bloomingdale rdl434 

Oakley av 1487 

Upton 1488 

Western av 1569 

Armitage av — 1 605 

Powellav 1615 

Perry av 1677 

Hoffman av 



Crowell 1823 

California n.v.... 1901 


Fullerton av 

Logan sq 

Diversey av 

Mitchell av. (Jeffer- 
son) frW North av. 
n. to Bloomingdale 
rd. 2d e. of N Ked- 

Moffat (Jefferson) fr. 
N Western av. 
n. Rockwell, lstn. 
of Bloomingdale rd. 

Mohawk (N. D.) fr. 

76 Clybournav. n. 

to Garfield av. 1st 

e. of Larrabee.Even 

nos. w. s. 
Clybourn av # * 1 

Blackhawk 105 

North av 151 

Eugenie 199 

Menomonee 249 

Wisconsin ,. 299 

Centre 347 

Garfield av 394 

Moltke(W. D.)fr. N 
Rockwell w. to Cal- 
ifornia av. 2dn.of 
W Division. Even 
nos. n. s. 

Rockwell 390 

Washtenaw av. . 454 
California av.. 508 

Monroe E (S. D.) fr. 
Michigan av. w. to 
the River, lsts. of 
Madison. Even nos 

Michigan av 1 

Wabash av 29 

State 59 

Dearborn 101 

Custom H'se pi. Ill 

Clark 131 

LaSalJe 167 

Fifthav 195 

Franklin 231 

Market 259 

The River 285 

Monroe W (W. D.) 

fr. S Canal w. to 
Garfield Park. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Canal 21 

Clinton 55 

Jefferson 87 

Desplaines 123 

Halsted 187 

Green 209 

Peoria 233 

Sangamon 257 

Morgan 281 

Aberdeen 335 

Centre av 385 

Throop 431 

Jefferson Park.. 

Loomis 479 

Lafiin 527 

Ashland av 573 

Ogdenav 585 

Paulina 521 

Wood 671 

Honore 691 

Lincoln 713 

Winchester av. , 735 

Robey 757 

Seeleyav 781 

Hoyneav 807 

Hamilton av.... 842 

Leavitt 865 

Irving av 902 

Oakley av 925 

Western av 985 

Campbell av 104 1 

Rockwell 1103 

R. R. crossing.. 1109 
Washtenaw av . . 1 1 73 
California av. .. .1223 

Francisco 1292 

Colorado av 1295 

Sacramento av. . 

Albanyav 1373 

Kedzie av. 1453 

Spauldingav 1515 

Homan av 1575 

St. Louis av 

Central Pk. av ) 
Garfield Park. | 

Montana E (N.D.) f r. 
1234 N Ashland a v. 
e. to Perry, and fr. 
Racine av. e. to 
Lincoln av. 1 blk. 
n. of Fullerton av. 

Montana W (W.D.) 
fr. Station w. to N 
Western av. 1 blk. 
n. of W Fullerton 

Moore (N.D.) fr. 366 
E Division s. 1 blk. 
to Elm. Last no. 
26. Even nos. e. s. 

Moore (W.D.) fr. 
Blue Island av. cor. 
S Wood w. to Cali- 
fornia av.; 2 blks. 
w. of S Twenty, 
second. Even nos. 
s. s. 
Blue Island av) •, 

Wood ; 1 

Lincoln 49 

Corwinpl 79 


Hoyneav 145 

Leavitt 193 

Rice pi 

Oakley av 241 

Western av 287 

R. R. crossing.. 


Washtenaw av. . 
California av.... 

Moore pi. (W.D.)fr. 

W Sixteenths. to W 
Nineteenth. 1st e. 
of Crawford av. 

Moorman (W. D.)fr. 

Ellen, 1 blk. s. w.ol 
980 Milwaukee av., 
s. e. to N Paulina. 
Evennos. s. s. 

Ellen 2 

Lull pi 9 

Paulina 31 

Morgan 8 (W. D.)fr- 
282 W Randolph s. 
to Lumber. 4th w. 
of S Halsted. 

Randolph 1 

Washington bd.. 33 

Madison 65 

Rundell pi 75 

Church ct 87 

Monroe 97 

Adams 129 

Morgan pi 149 

Jackson 161 

Garden 177 

VanBuren 193 

Tilden 213 






Blue Island av ^ 

Taylor J 









R. R. crossing.. 



Eighteenth pi... 














Morgan N (W. D.) 
fr. 281 W Randolph 
n. to W Chicago av. 
4th w.ofN Halsted. 
Even nos. w. s. 

Randolph 1 

Lake 31 

Fulton 61 

Carroll av 85 

R. R. crossing. ) , -, n 

Kinzie \ 117 

Austin av 145 



Milwaukee av.... 



Chicago av 

Morgan pi. (W. D.) 
fr. 145 S Morgan w. 
to Aberdeen. Last 
no. 58. Even nos. 
s. s. 

Mosspratt(S. D.) fr. 

925 Thirty-first s. 
to Springer av. ; 3 
blks. w. of S Hal 
sted. Even nos. w .s 

Thirty-first 3100 

James av 3130 

Thirty-second.. .3200 
Springer av 3224 

Mo wry a v. (W. D.) 

fr. Douglas boul 
to W Thirty-first. 3 
blks. w. of Mil- 
lard av. 

Mozart (Jefferson) fr. 
935 W North av. n. 
to Armitage av. 1st 
w. of N California 

Myrtle (W.D. )fr. 32 
Birch s. to Ashland; 
crosses W Taylor at 
901. Even nos e. s 

Myrtle av. (Hyde 
Park) fr. Lake i 
e. 1 blk. to the R. 
R. 2 blks. n. of 43d. 

Myrtle av. (Jeffer- 
son) fr. 1765 Mil 
waukee av. n. to Di 
versey av. 5 blks. w. 
of N Western av. 

Napoleon pi. (S. D. ) 

fr. Stewart av. w. 
to Wallace. 1st i. 

of 28th. E nos. 

n. s. 

Stewart av 104 

Hanover 142 

Butler 180 

Wallace 216 

Nassau (W. D.) fr. 
1326 W Jackson s. 
to 1295 W VanBur- 
en. 1 blk. e. of Sac- 
ramento av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Jackson 2 

Van Buren 46 

Nebraska (W.D.) fr. 

309 Throop w. to 

496 S As'sland av. 

2d n.ofW Twelfth. 

Evennos. n. s. 

Throop 1 

Loomis 47 

Lafiin 89 

Ashland av 131 

Newberry av. (W.D.) 
fr. W Taylor s. to 
W Eighteenth. 1 
blk. e. of S Halsted. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Taylor... 1 

Twelfth...- 65 

Maxwell 131 

Fourteenth 163 

Wright 195 

R. R. crossing.. 

Sixteenth 265 

Eighteenth 309 

Newton (W.D.) fr. 
Iowa n. to 319 W 
Division. 1st w. of 
N Wood. Even nos 
w. s. 

Iowa 2 

Augusta 62 

Thomas 120 

Jane 152 

Division 174 

Nichols (W.D.) fr 
1424 Fulton n. to 
Central boul. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Fulton 68 

Kinzie 124 

Central boul 174 

Nineteenth E (S.D.) 
fr. S State w. to the 
River. Even nos 
n. s. 

State I Uft 

Archer av ) 1 * u 

Dearborn 1 

Butterfield 176 

Clark 186 

R. R. crossing.. 

LaSalle 196 

Wentworthav.. 210 

Blackwell 232 

Purple 254 


The River 26* 

Nineteenth W (W 

D. ) fr. S Union w 
to Crawford av 
Even nos. n. s. e. of 
Centre av. and s. s 
w. of Centre av. 

Union 1 

Halsted 36 

Johnson 66 

Brown 94 

Shelby ct Ill 

Morgan 126 

Nutct 141 

Fisk 156 

May 184 

Centre av 367 

Allport 401 

Throop 427 

Loomis 487 

Blue Island a v.. 527 

Lafiin 547 

Ashland av 603 

Paulina 663 

Wood 723 

Lincoln 791 

Robey 891 

Hoyneav 931 

Leavitt 991 

Oakley av 1053 

Western av 1109 

R. R. crossing.. 


Washtenaw av.. 

California av 

Albany av 


Kedzie av 

Sawyer av 


Turner av 

Homan av 




Margaret pi 

Moore pi 

Crawford av 

Nineteenth pi. (W. 

D.)fr. Johnson w. 1 
blk. to Brown. H 
blk. n. of W 19th. 

Nixon (W. D.)fr.572 
W Polks, to W Tay- 
lor. 1st e. of S Ash- 
1 and av . Even nos. 
e. s. 

Polk 2 

Taylor 76 

Noble (W. D.) fr.445 

W Kinzie n. to W 

North a v. 3 blks. e. 

of N Ashland av. 

Evennos. w.s. 

Kinzie 141 

Austin av 177 

Ferdinand 192 

Indiana 207 

Ohio 251 

Erie 277 

Bismarck ct 291 

Huron 303 

Superior 335 

Chicago av 361 

Fry 391 

Cornell 415 

Cornelia 443 

Augusta 469 

Emma 493 

Milwaukee av... 495 

Crittenden 521 

Chapin 553 

Division 583 

Sloan 615 

Bradley 645 

Ingraham 673 

Blackhawk 699 

R. R. crossing... 

Fox pi 735 

Blanche 769 

North av 821 

Norman av (Jeffer- 
son) fr. W. North 
av. n. to Blooming- 
dale rd. 1st e. of N 
Kedzie av. 

North av. E (N. D.) 

fr. the River e. to N 
Clark, thence along 
s. s. of Lincoln P'k. 
to the Lake. Even 
nos. s. s. 

TheRiver 2 

Cherry av 22 

Hawthorne av... 58 

Sheffield av 70 

Smith av 118 

Clybournav 146 

Dayton 148 


Halsted 164 

Burling 192 

Townesct 200 

Orchard 214 

Town 232 

Viue 251 

Larrabee 268 

Mohawk.... 290 

Block 303 

Hurlbut 312 

Hudson av 334 

Sedgwick 356 

Market 378 

Franklin 400 

Wieland 420 

Wells 446 

LaSalle av 4/0 

Clark 504 

Dearborn av...,. 54<> 

State 568 

The Lake 61 

North av. W(W.D.) 
fr. the River w. to 
Crawford av. and 
beyond. (Northern 
City Limits fr.West- 
ern av. to Crawford 
av.) Evennos. s.s. 

The River 1 

Fleetwood 49 

McHenry 87 

Wright 107 

Elstonav 129 

Noble 140 

Coventry 147 

R. R. crossing.. 165 

Holt 1?1 

Dickson 217 

Ashland av 241 

Edgar 271 

Paulina 301 

Commercial 327 

Wood 353 

Girard 381 

Elkgrove av — 405 

Dudley 435 

Robey \ 471 

Milwaukee av. j ' 

Hoyneav 525 

Leavitt 587 

Shober 613 

Oakley av 639 

Davis 665 

Western av 691 

Daniaav 717 

Seymour av 743 

Maplewoodav... 775 

Rockwell §07 

Gross av 835 

Talmanav 836 

Washtenaw av.. 863 

Fairfield av 889 

California av 919 

Mozart 935 

Heine 957 

Humboldt . . . 
Humboldt bd 

Basil av 

Mitchell av.. 
Norman av.. 

Kedzie av 1125 

Mead 1171 

Sheridan 1211 

Homan av 1247 

Ballou 1293 

Hancock 1335 

Central Park av.1375 
Tinkham av.... 

Genesee av 144 ? 

Ridgway av. .. 1474 

Hamlin av 1503 

Springfield av..l557 
Crawford av....l617 
Thence to the 
open prairie. 

North Branch (N.D.) 

fr. Hawthorne av 
n w. to Division, 
thence n. to Black- 
hawk, on Goose ltd 
and. 1st e. of the 
River. Even nos 
e. 8. 

The Canal 44 

Halsted 100 

Hickory av 180 

Haines 184 

Bliss 240 

Cherry av 242 

Division 360 

Rees 364 

Eastman 406 

Biackhawk 490 

North Grove ct. (N. 

D.) fr. 713 Larra. 
bee w . to Orchard. 
Last no. 50. Even 
nos. n. s. 

North Park av. (N. 

D.) fr. M-'nomonee 
n. to N Clark and 
thence along Lin- 
coln Park to Fuller- 
ton av. 

Monomonee 681 

Wisconsin 729 

Lincoln av 731 

Centre 776 

Clark 790 

Garfield av 820 

Webster av 880 



135 W Nineteenths, 
to W Twentieth. 

Thirty -seventh. .3700 
Thirty-ninth ....3900 


North Pier (N. D.) 

fr. Michigan cor. 
North Water e. to 
the Lake. 

North pi. (W. D,)fr. 
67 Armitageav. n. 
w. ^hlk. Last no. 
40. Evennos. e. s. 

Oak (N. D.) fr. 90 
Hawthorne av. 
the Lake. 5th n. of 
E Chicago av. Even 
nos. s. s. 
Hawthorne av.. 1 

Crosby 25 

Larrabee 41 

Wesson — 
Milton av.. 
Townsend . 
Sedgwick . 



LaSalle av 257 

Clark 281 

Dearborn av 315 

State 351 

Rush 387 


The Lake.. 

Oak (Hyde Park) 53d 
st. fr. Cottage Grove 
av. e. to the Lake. 

Oak av. (S. D.) fr. 

3610 Vincennes av. 
w. to Stanton av, 

Oakenwald av. 

(Hyde Park) fr. For- 
ty -thirds. 1 blk. 1st 
e. of Lake av 

North Water (N. D.) 
fr. 20 N Wells e. to 
the Lake. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Wells 98 

LaSalle av 130 

Clark 161 

Dearborn av 190 

State 230 

Kinzie \ 30 o 

Rush ) 

Pine 3o5 

St. Clair 378 


The Lake 

Norton (W.D.)fr. H 
blk. n. of Gurley s. 
to 395 W Polk and 
^blks. Evennos. 

Oakley av. 8 (W.D.) 
fr. 951 WLake s. to 
the River, thence 
(S. D.) to Thirty 
ninth. Even nos 
e. s. to Illinois and 
Michigan canal and 
w. s. s. ot the canal. 

Parkav -f«> 

Washington bd. 45 

Warren av 69 

Madison 93 

Monroe 135 

Wilcox av 153 


Oakley av. N (W.D.) 

950 W Lake n. to 
Wabansia av., and 
fr. 1487 Milwaukee 
av. n. to Fullerton 
av., thence to C. & 
N.W.R.R. Evennos 
e. s. 

Lake 2 

Walnut 40 

Fulton 70 

Kinzie 124 

Austin av 156 

Ferdinand 178 

Indiana 190 

Emerson av — 

Ohio 240 

Erie 272 

Huron 306 

Superior 338 

Chicago av 364 

Iowa 424 

Augusta 484 

Thomas 544 

Division 604 

Bryson 662 

Hirsch 720 

Thompson 782 

North av 840 

Wabansia av 890 

Re-commence at 
Milwaukee av... 970 

Wilmot av 1006 

Cortland 1008 

Homer 1030 

Armitageav 1052 

Coblentz 1080 

Lubeck 1108 

Frankfort 1136 

Hamburg 1162 

Holstein Park... 

Ems 1210 

Bremen pi 1238 

Rhine 1264 

Berlin 1294 

Fullertonav 1312 


Greenwood av... 

Station > 

C.& N.W.R.R. f 

Honore 305 

Congress 335 

Lincoln 337 

Harrison 369 

Winchester av.. 382 

Robey 401 

Flournoy 403 

Polk 477 

Taylor 580 

Leavitt. 585 

Oakley av 677 

Twelfth 679 

Thirteenth 747 

Western av 749 

Campbell av 813 

R. R. crossing... 

Fourteenth 863 

Maplewood pi... 865 

Rockwell 887 

Talman av 921 

Washtenaw av.. 951 

Fairfield av 985 

Fifteenth 1015 

California av. ... 1017 
Douglas Park. . . 

Sixteenth 1211 

Albany av 1213 

Kedzie av 1279 

Sawyer av 1322 

Spaulding av...l358 

Turner av 1394 

Homan av 1417 

Trumbull av.... 1445 

St. Louis av 1473 

Clifton Park av.1501 

Cynthia 1506 

Central Park avl531 

Millard av 

Genesee av 

Bonney av 

Mowray av 

Twenty-second. . 
Crawford av 



Van Buren... 



Ogden pi. (W.D.) fr. 

121 Ogden av. w. to 

S Wood. 1 blk. s. 

of W Madison. Even 

nos. n. s. 

Ogden av ) , 

Ashland av J 

Paulina 47 

Wood 97 

Oak wood av. (S.D.) 
tr. the Lake s. w. 
to Cottage Grove av. 
1st s. of Thirty 



First no 


... 31 

... 71 

Last no 123 

Norwood av. (W.D.) 

fr. N Kedzie av. w. 
to N Homan av. 2d 
n.of W Division. (w 
of Humboldt Park.) 

Nursery (N.D.) fr. 

Lewis, 1 blk. n. of 

590 Clybournav. n. 

w. to Ward. Even 

nos. e. s. 

Lewis 1 

Herndon 49 

Ward 81 

Nutt(W. D.) fr. W 
Sixteenth S. to W 
Eighteenth. 1st 
of S Morgan. r 
nos. e. s. 

Sixteenth 1 

Eighteenth 57 


HaWthome av. . 1 |Nutt ct. (W . D .) f r . 


Taylor . . . 
Ogden av 

Thirteenth 625 

Fourteenth 685 

Fifteenth 745 

Sixteenth 803 

Seventeenth 831 

Eighteenth 855 

Van Horn 88 

Nineteenth 915 

Twentieth 935 

Twenty-first 963 

Hinman :-,g?g 

Twenty-second. .1015 

Ambrose 1049 

Moore 1075 

Parmelee 1107 

Laughton 1135 

Marvin 1169 

Coulter 1195 

Blue Island av..l233 
Twenty-sixth — 1253 

The River 

111. and Mich. 

canal 3200 

Bross av 3230 

Thirty-third 3300 

Thirty-fourth... 3400 

Thirty-fifth 3500 

Thirty-fifth ct... 3536 

Thirty-sixth 3600 

Archer av 


Oakwood houlevard 

(S.D.) fr. Grand 
boul. e. to Cottage 
Grove av. 1st s. of 

O'Brien (W. D.) fr. 

490 S Jefferson -v. 

to 490 S Halsted. 

Evennos. s.s. 
Jefferson ........ 1 

Union 55 

Halsted 91 

Oedcii av. (W. D.) 
fr. W Randolph 
along e. s. of Union 
Park , thence s. 
w. to Crawford av. 
and beyond. Even 
nos. e. s. 
Randolph........ 1 

Washington bd. 50 

Warren av 77 

Madison Ill 

Ashland av 123 

Ogden pi 1 

Ohio E (N.D.) 

Kingsbury nr. 

River e. to the Lake. 

5-blks. n. of Clark 

st. bridge. Even 

nos. s. s. 

Kingsbury 2 

Market 86 

Franklin 110 

Wells 140 

LaSalle av 168 

Clark 200 

Dearborn av 230 

State 270 

Cass 298 

Rush 322 

Pine 350 

St. Clair 372 

The Lake 438 

Ohio W (W.D. ) (con- 
tinuation of East 
Ohio) fr. N Des-, 
w. to N California 
av., and fr.N Albany 
av. w. to N Crawford 
av. Even nos. s. s. 

Desplaines 1 

Union 29 

Halsted §5 

Green 83 

Milwaukee av... 97 

Monroe 147 Peoria 103 

Paulina 197 Sangamon 125 

Adams 199 Morgan 149 

Matthew 223 Carpenter 175 

Hermitage av . . . 251 Curtis 191 

Jackson 253 May 213 

Wood 273 Centre av 241 

Van Buren 297|Elizabeth 285 


Ada 31 

Noble 339 

Bickerdike 373 

Armour 403 

Ashland av 433 

Rumsey 456 

Paulina 483 

Osbom 500 

Broom 520 

Wood 533 

Lincoln 583 

Robey 631 

Hoyneav 683 

Leavitt 733 

Oakley av 793 

Dilier 824 

Western av 851 

Artesian av....* 

Seymour av 

Grand av 


Washtenaw av . 

California av 

Re-commence at 
Albany av 

Phenney av. 

Homan av 

Trumbull av.... 

St. Louis av 

Drake av 

Central Park av 

Tinkham av 

Genesee av 

Hamlin av. 

Avers av 

Springfield av. . . 

Harding; av. 
Crawford av.... 

Olive (W.D.) fr. W. 

Taylor s. to 1001 

W Twelfth; ^ blk. 

e.of S Leavitt. Even 

nos. e. s. 

Taylor 1 

Ashland 46 

Grenshaw 61 

Twelfth 78 

Oliverpl. (W. D-) fr. 

13 Walker ct. 1st 
e. of Blue Island av. 
w. M blk; 1st n. of 
W. 18th. Even nos. 
n. s. 

Walker ct 2 

Last no 12 

SHalsted w. 1 blk. 
1 blk. n. of the 
River. Even nos. 

Halsted 1 

Last no 42 

Ontario (N.D.) fr. 

the River e. to the 
Lake. Sixth n. of 
Clark st. bridge. 
Even nog. s. s. 

The River 

Kingsbury 27 

Market 102 

Franklin 139 


LaSalleav 183' 

Clark 212 

Dearborn av 244 

State 280 

Cass 301 

Rush 328 

Pine 352 

St. Clair 378 

The Lake 478 

Orchard (N.D.) fr. 
230 Clybourn av. n. 
e. and n. to 214 
North av., thence 

n. to Diversey av 

Even nos. e. s. • " 

Clybourn av 2 

North av 66 

Willow 138 

Centre 262 

Garfield av 318 

North Grove ct.. 352 

Webster av 378 

Beldenav 438 

Lincoln av 440 

Kemper pi 468 

Fullertonav 496 

Frederick ct 

Deming ct 

Wrightwood av. 

Dewey ct 

Diversey av .... 

Osborne (W.D.) fr. 

539 W Indiana n. to 
WOhio; ^blkw.of 
N Paulina. 

Indiana 1 

Ohio 39 

Osgood (N.D.)fr. 112 
Centre n. to Fuller- 
ton av. ; 5 blks w.of 
N Halsted. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Centre 92 

Garfield av 150 

Webster av 208 

Beldenav 256 

Fullertonav 326 

Oswego (W. D.) fr 
W Kinzie n. ^ blk 
e of N Peulina. 

Central Park av. 
s. of W Twelfth. 


Palmer av. (Jeffer 

Son)fr. N. Calif or 
nia av. to Humboldt 
boul. 2d s. of Mil- 
waukee av. 

Park(W. D.)fr.631 
N Woodn. w. to N 
Robey. Even nos 

Otis (N. D.) fr. 203 
E Division n. to Ved 
der. Last no. 38 
Even nos. e. s. 

Owasco (W. D.) fr. £ 
Western av. w. *2 
blk. and fr. 223 S 
Rockwell w. to Cal 
ifornia av. 1st s. of 
W Jackson. 

Western av 1 

Analley 29 

Re-commence at 

Rockwell 135 

Washtenaw av . . 191 
California av 250 

Oxford ct. (S. D.) 

fr. Stanton av. w 
2 blks. to Grand bd 
H blk. s. of SSt 1 ! 

Pacific av. (S. D.) fr. 

E Jackson s. to E. 

Taylor. 1st w. ofS 

Clark. Even nos. 

e. s. 

Jackson l 

VanBuren 33 

Harrison 98 

Polk 163 

Taylor 234 

Page S (W. D.) fr. 

W Lake s. to 665 

W Madison;^ blk.w. 

of Paulina. Even 

nos. e.s. 

Lake 2 

Park av 26 

Washington bd. 50 

Warren av 72 

Madison 96 

Page N (W. D.) fr. 
607 W Kinzien. to 
Ferdinand. Last no. 
42. Even nos. e. s. 

Palatine (W. 
S Homan av. 

w. to 



Evergreen av . . . . 
(Wicker Park)... 

Fontenoy ct 118 

Robey 156 

Park av. (W.D.) fr. 

33 S Ashland av. 
to California av.,fr. 
S Albany av. to 
Homan av., and fr 
Hamlin av. to Craw- 
ford av. 1st n. of 
Washington boul 
Even nos. s. s. 

Ashland 1 

Paulina 47 

Page 71 

Wood 95 

Lincoln 143 

Robey 191 

Hoyne av 251 

Leavitt 311 

Oakleyav 37 

Western av 433 

Staunton 481 

Rockwell 555 

R. R. crossing... 565 

Falls 577 

California av . . . 685 
Sacramento av. . 

Albany av 865 

Kedzie av 933 

Garfield Pk. . . . ) , n . ,-, 

Homan av ) 1VJ '*' 

Re-commence at 
Garfield Pk.... ) , OQ , 

Hamlin av ^91 

Harding av 1389 

Crawford av 1411 

Park Front (N.D.) 
fr. Wells e. to 785 
N Clark. 

Parker pL fr. 1698 
W Laken.toKinzie. 

Parmelee (W.D. ) fr. 

1119 S Hoyne av. 

w. toabt. 1 blk. w. 

of California av. 

3 blks. s. of W 


Even nos. s. s. 

Hoyneav 2 

Leavitt 58 

Oakley av 116 

Western av 174 

Rockwell 298 

Washtenaw av.. 350 
Calif or nia av.... 416 
Last no 488 

Parnell av. (S. D.) 

fr. 537 Twenty- 
ninth s. to Thirty- 
ninth. Even nos. 
w. s. 
Twenty-ninth. . . .2900 
Thence each blk. 
commences with 
even hun d r e d 
numbers corre- 
sponding with 
numerical name 
of street-cross- 

Paulina S (W. D.) 


fr. 627 W Lake s. 
to the River and (S 
D.)fr. 3183 Archer 
av. s. to 39th. 1st 
w. of Ashland av. 
Even nos. e. s. in 
W. D. and w. s. in 

Lake 1 

Parkav 33 

Washington bd. 59 

Warren av 77 

Madison 97 

Ogdenpl 127 

Monroe 137 


Oerden av.. 

Jackson 219 

VanBuren 247 

Congress 281 

Harrison 309 

York 347 

Polk 385 

Taylor 465 

Twelfth 549 

Thirteenth pi... 56 

Thirteenth 589 

Hastings 615 

Fourteenth 641 

Henry 675 

Fifteenth 701 

Rebecca 731 

R. R. crossing.. 741 

Sixteenth 751 

Seventeenth — 78 

Eighteenth 811 

Van Horn 84. r 

Nineteenth 871 

Twentieth 897 

Twenty-first 923 

Hinman 957 

Twenty-second . 983 
Blue Island av.. 1021 
R. R. crossing... 1053 

The River 1247 

Re-commence at 

Archer av 3200 

Thirty-second. ..3200 

Mill 3251 

Thirty-third 3300 

Thence each block 
commences with 
even hundred num 
bers corresponding 
with numerica' 
name of street 

Paulina N (W.D.) fr 
626 W Lake n. to 
Elston av., and fr 
Clybourn av. (Lake 
View) n. to Wright- 
wood av., and fr. 
Belmont av. n. to 
Gracelandav. Even 
no. e. s. 

Lake 2 

Walnut 24 

Fulton 48 

Carroll av 74 

Kinzie 100 

Austin av 132 

Ferdinand 154 

Indiana 160 

Ohio 208 

Cork 220 

Erie 234 

Huron 260 

Superior 286 

Chicago av 312 

Clarinda 352 

Cornelia 392 






Milwaukee av 



Blackhawk 658 

Brigham 680 

Julian 708 

McReynolds 728 

Keenon 758 


f > 1 2 
54 4 


North av 780 

Wabansia av 840 

Bloomingdale rd 900 

Clybourn pi 962 

Crossing; 994 

Armitage av 1020 

Elston av 

Re-commence at 

Clybourn av 

Commercial — . 


Wrightwood av. 
Thence to Grace- 
land av 

Pearce (W. D.) fr. S 
Desplaines w.l blk. 
to 220 S Halsted j^ 
blk. s. of W Van 
Buren. Even nos. 
s. s. 

Desplaines 2 

Halsted 66 

Pearl (N. D.) fr. 378 
Garfield av. n. to 
Webster av.; 3 blks. 
w. of Larrabee. 

Pearson E (N. D.)fr. 
229 N State e. to 
the Lake. lstn. of 
Chicago av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

State , 27 

Cass 57 

Rush 73 

Towerpl 95 

Pine 116 

The Lake 153 

Pearson W (N. D.) 

fr. i? blk. w. of 220 
N Market e. to ^ 
blk. e. of 240 Wells. 
Even nos. s. s. 

First no t 1 

Market 9 

Franklin 45 

Wells 71 

Last no 83 

Peek ct. (S. D.) fr. 

Michigan av. w. to 
441 S State. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Michigan av 1 

Wabash av 33 

Holdenpl 45 

State 59 

Penn (N. D.) fr. E 

Division n. to Ved- 
der. 3d e. of Cly- 
bourn av. Last no. 
37. Even nos. e.s. 

Peoria 8 (W.D.) fr. 

W Randolph s. to 

W Harrison. 2d w. 

of Halsted. Even 

nos. e. s. 

Randolph 1 

Washington bd. 31 

Madison 63 

Monroe 95 

\dams 129 

Jackson 163 

VanBuren 193 

Congress 223 

Harrison 247 

Peoria X (W.D.) fr. 

239 W Randolph n. 

to Milwaukee av.; 

2d w. of N Halsted. 

Even nos. w. s. 

Randolph 1 

Lake 31 

Fulton 59 

Carroll av 85 

R. R. crossing.. 

Kinzie 115 

Austin av 141 


Indiana 171 

Ohio I 9ni - 

Milwaukeeav. ( ^ U5 

Perry (N. D.)fr.752 
Clybourn av. n. to 
Lincoln av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Clybourn av 1 

Belden av 35 

Fullerton av 89 

Lincoln av 

Diversey av - 

Perry av. (Jefferson) 
i'r. 1158 Milwaukee 
av. n. to W Fuller- 
ton a v. 2d w. of N 
Western av. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Peterson (W. D.) fr. 

860 N Robey \v. to 
N Hoyne av. Last 
no. 60. Even nos. 
s. s. 

Phillips (W. D.) fr. 

260 N Halsted w. to 
N Sangamon. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Halsted 1 

Green 25 

Fay 53 

Sangamon. 71 

Phinney nv.S (W.D) 

fr. W Jackson s. to 
W Van Buren 1 blk. 
1st e. of S Homan 

Phinney av. N (W. 

D.) fr. W Kinzie n. 
1 blk. and fr. W 
Ohio n. to W Furon 
1st e. of N Homan 

Pier (S. D.)fr. 3810 
Lake av. n. e. to the 

Pieree a v. (W. D.) 

fr. N Kedzie av. w. 
to Homan av. 1st 
s. of w. North av. 

Kedzie av 1 

Sheridan 65 

Homan av liy 

Pine (N. D.) fr. North 

Water n. to Oak. 1st 

e. of Rush. Even 

nos. w. s. 

North Water ... 1 

Michigan 5 

Illinois 23 

Indiana 41 

Ohio 59 

Ontario 75 

Erie 93 

Huron 109 

Superior. 125 

Sherman pi 134 

Chicago av 145 

Pearson 171 

Chestnut 191 

Delaware pi 213 

Walton pi 235 

Oak 255 

Pitney ct. (S. D.) fr 

C. & A R. R. s. e 
to Thirty -ftrst.cross 
os Archer av. ai 
3050. 1st e. of th( 
River. Even nos 
w s. 
R. R. crossing ..2900 

Archer av 3000 

Thirty -first 3050 

Pleasant (N. D.) fr. 
191 E Division n. to 
Vedder. Last no. 
40. Even nos. e. s. 

Pleasant pi. (Jeffer- 
son) fr. N Western 
av. w. to Hoffman 
av. 3ds. of Fuller- 
ton av. 

Plum (W. D.) fr. 
Loomis w. to Lafiin. 
1st s. of W Harri- 
son. Last no. 50. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Poe(N.D.)fr. Kroger 
n. e. and n. w. to 
Clyde. Last no. 35. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Point (Jefferson) fr. 
Armitage av. n. w. 
to N California av. 
3d s. of Milwaukee 

Polk E (S.D.) fr. 425 
State w. to the 
River; abt. 7 blks. 
s of E Madison. 
Even nos. s. s. 

State 1 

Third av 19 

Dearborn 31 

Fourth av 37 

Clark 55 

Pacific av 75 

Sherman 97 

Fifthav 115 

The River 

Polk W (W.D.) fr. 
the River w. to S. 
Albany av Abt. 7 
blks. s. of W Madi- 
son. Even nos. s.s. 

TheRiver l 

Ellsworth 21 

Beach 47 

C~nal 79 

Clinton 105 

Jefferson 137 

Law av 161 

Desplaines 169 

Halsted 235 

Blue Island av... 269 

Morgan 311 

Miller.... 325 

Sholto 349 

Aberdeen 363 

May 383 

Norton 399 

Centre av 413 

Lytle 433 

Vernon Park 

Sibley 477 

Loomis 501 

Winthrop pi 530 

Lafiin 551 

Nixon 578 

Ashland av 599 

Marsh field av... 633 

Paulina 661 

Hermitage av... 691 

Wood 717 

Lincoln 773 

Winchester av.. 805 

Robey 829 

Kendall 850 

Ogden av 873 

DeKalb 903 

Lcavitt 949 

Irving av 973 

Oakley av 997 

Claremont av...l023 

Western av 1045 

Campbell av ....1101 

Rockwell 1163 

Washtenaw av.. 

California av 


Sacramento av.. 
Albany av 



Poplar av. (S. D.)fr, 

1 blk n. w. of 

Stearns Thir- 
ty-first. 2dw.ofS 
alsted. Even nos. 
.. . s. 

First no 2800 

Stearns 2900 

Thirty-first 3090 

Portland av. (S. D.) 

fr. Twenty-second 

s. to Forty -third. 

2dw. ofWentworth 

av. Even nos. w. s. 

Twenty-second i ,. :nn 

Archer av....) 2iUU 

Twenty-sec'nd pl2226 

Alexander 2250 

Twenty-third. . . .2300 
Thence to 43d 
each block com- 
mences with even 
hundred num- 
bers correspond- 
ing with numer- 
ical name of 

Post (S. D.) fr.S Ash- 
land av. s. e. to 
Levee; bet. the Riv- 
er and Illinois and 
Michigan canal. 

Ashland av 2700 

Levee 2728 

Powell av (Jeffer- 
son) fr. 1600 Mil- 
waukee avn. to W 
Fullerton av. 

Powell's Park (Jef- 
ferson) fr. 1081 N 
Western av. w. to 
Powell av. 

Prairie av. (S.D.) fr. 
Sixteenth Fifty- 
fifth; Me. of Mich- 
igan av. Even nos. 
w. s. 

Sixteenth 1600 

Thence s. each 
blk. commences 
with even bun- 
dled numbers 
correspon ding 
with the num'ric'l 
name of street- 

Pratt (W. D.) fr. N 
Halsted w. to Mor- 

fan. 1st s. of W 
uperior. Even nos. 

Halsted 1 

Green 25 

Fay 47 

Sangamon 55 

Morgan 93 

Pratt pi. (W. D.) fr. 
219 S Hoyne av. w. 

2 blks. Even nos. 
n. s. 

Hoyne av 1 

Hamilton av 35 

Last no 47 

Prince av. (W. D. fr. 

N Central Park av. 
w. to Hamlin av- 
lsts of W North av. 

Prin diville (Jeffer- 
son) fr. 1810 Mil- 
waukee av. s. w. to 

Prospect pi- (S. D.) 

fr. 3570 Cottage Gr. 

av. w to Vincennes 

av. Even nos. n. s. 

Cottage Gr've av 85 

Ellis Park 107 

Vincennes av 125 

Purple (S.D.) fr. 
Nineteenth s. w. to 
Archer av. 2d w. of 
Wentw'rthav. Ev'ii 
nos. w. s. 

Nineteenth 1 900 

Twentieth 2000 

Sheridan pi 2022 

Twenty-first 2100 

Elgin 2120 

Archer av 2126 

Putman (W.D.) fr. 
20 W Erie n. to W 
Chicago av. 

Quarry (S.D.) fr. the 

. River s.e. to Stearns. 

Cross Archer av. at 

2600. Even nos. 

w. s. 

TheRiver 2400 

Cologne 2500 

R. R. tracks 

Archer av 26C0 

Stearns 2840 

Quincy E (S.D.) fr. 
S State w. to Dear- 
born, and fr. S 
Clark w. to the 
River. Bet. Adams 
and Jackson. Even 
nos. e. s. 

State i 

Dearborn 33 

Post Office 

Clark 69 

LaSalle 101 

Fifthav 133 

Franklin 165 

Market 197 

TheRiver 217 

Quincy W (W.D.) fr. 
S Clinton w. to S 
Jefferson, and fr. S 
Desplaines w. 1 blk. 
1st. s. of W Adams. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Clinton '27 

Jefferson. 59 

Desplaines 85 

Last no 125 

Qulnn (S.D.) fr. 2735 
Archer av. s. e. to 
Thirty-first. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Archer av 2700 

Stearns 2900 

Thirty-first 3100 

Racine a v. (N.D.)fr. 

550 Clybourn av. n. 

to Belmont av. and 

beyond. Even nos. 

e. s. 

Clybourn av 2 

Kroger 18 

Centre 36 

Garfield av 94 

Webster av 154 

Belden av 222 

Fullerton av.... 282 

Montana 310 

Dunning 340 

Lillav 374 

Wright wood av. 406 

Seminary pi 


Lincoln av 

Diversey av ) 

Wolfram J 


Oakdale av 



Noble av 


Belmont av 

Railroad av. (W.D.) 
fr. 62 W Twelfth s. 
to W Fourteenth; 
abt. 2 blks. e. of S 

Raleiieh ct. (W.D.) 
fr. 675 "W Thir- 
teenth s. to the R. 
R. tracks; K sq. e. 
of S Western av. 
Last no. 44. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Randolph E (S. D.) 

fr. Michigan av. 

(near the Lake) w. 

to the River. 2dn. 

of E Madison. Even 

nos. s. s. 

Michigan av 1 

Dearborn pi 20 

Wabash av 34 

Holdenpl 50 

State 66 

Dearborn.. 95 

Clark 125 

City Hall 

LaSalle 159 

Fifthav 189 

Franklin 221 

Market 255 

TheRiver 26-1 

Randolph W (W D.) 

fr . the River w. to 
Ogden av. and Un- 
ion Park. Even 
nos. s. s. 

TheRiver 1 

W Water 

Canal 31 

Clinton 61 

Jefferson. ; 93 

Desplaines 123 

Union 155 

Halsted 197 

Green 217 

Peoria 241 

Sangamon 259 

Morgan 281 

Carpenter 303 

Curtis 323 

May 343 

Ann 365 

Willardpl ' 380 

Elizabeth 405 

Ada 437 

Sheldon 471 

Bryan pi 483 

Ogden av ) re- 
union Park.. .J 487 

Rawson (W.D.) fr. 
the River w. to El- 
ston av. 1st n. of 
W North av. Even 
nos. s. s. 

TheRiver 2 

Fleetwood 32 

McHenry 58 

Wright 84 

Elston av 108 

Ray (S.D.) fr. South 
Park av w to Prai- 
rie av. 1st s. of 
28th. Even nos. 
n. s. 
South Park av... 2 

Calumet av 30 

Prairie av 60 

Raymond (W.D.) fr. 

785 N Robey w. ^ 
blk. to h. blk. n. e. 
of Milwaukee av. 
1st n of North av. 
Last no. 22. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Rebecca (W.D.) fr. 
S Morgan w. to S 
Wood and fr.S West- 


ern. a v. w. to S Cal- 
ifornia av. 1st n. 
of W 16th. Even 
nos, n. s- 

Morgan 1 

Centre av 125 

Blue Island av ) 1C q 

Throop f lbb 

Loomis 219 

Laflin 269 

Ashland av 317 

Paulina 365 

Wood 4J3 

Re-commence at 

Western av 

Campbell av.... 


Washtenaw av. . 
California av.... 

Reuflcld (W. D.) fr. 
McHenry s. w. to 
Elstonav. 3blksn. 
of W North av. 



Elston av 

Kees (N.D.) fr.Larra- 
bee cor. Clybourn 
av. w. to Davton, 
thence s.w. to North 
Branch. Even nos. 
n. s. 

Larrabee ) . 

Clybourn ) x 

Vine......... 15 

Hdsted 116 

Dayton 146 

Hawthorneav... 160 
N Branch canal. 186 
(Goose Island).. 

Hooker 210 

Hickory av 242 

Cherry av 272 

North Branch... 296 

Rhine (W. D. ) fr. N 

Leavitt w. to N 
Western av. and fr. 
Myrtle 1809 
Milwaukee av. 2 
blks.e. of W Fuller- 
ton av. 


Oakley av 

Western av 



Milwaukee av... 

Rhodes nv. (S.D.)fr. 
53 Thirty -firsts, to 
Thirty-fifth. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Thirty-first 3100 

Thence each block 
commence s with 
even hundred num- 
bers corresponding 
■with numerical 
name of street- 

Rice(W. D.) fr. 323 

N Wood w. to N 
Lincoln and fr. N 
Robey w. to N Leav- 
itt. 1 blk. n. of W 
Chicago av. Even 
nos. n. s. 

W ood 1 

Lincoln 45 

Re-commence at 

Robey 91 

Hoyne av 141 

Leavitt 203 

Rice pL (W. D.) fr. 
1014 W Twenty- 
second s. to Moore. 
*3 blk. w. of S Leav- 

Richmond (W. D.) 
fr. W Chicago av. n. 
to W Division. 1st 
w.of N California av. 

Rldgway av. (W D ) 

fr. WOhio n. to W 
Chicago av. and fr. 
William av. n . to VV 
North av. lste. of 
Hamlin av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Ohio 239 

Huron 305 

Chicago av 361 

Re-commence at 

William av 663 

Frederick av 717 

Prince av 779 

Northav 835 

Ritchie pi (N.D.)fr. 
231 Goethe n. 1 
blk. to Banks. 

River (S.D.)fr. Mich- 
igan av. at Rush st. 
bridge, s. w. to 
South Water. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Michigan av 1 

Dock 47 

South Water ... 51 

Roberts (N.D.) fr. 

Erie nr. the River 

n. to E Chicago av. 

lste. of the River. 

Erennos. w. s. 




Chicago av 

Robey S (W.D.) fr. 
769 W Lake s. to 
the River and (S. 
D.) fr. Thirty-first 
s. at intervals to 
abt. 67th. 4th w. 
of S Ashland av. 
Even nos. e. s. in 
W. D. and w. s. in 
S. D. 

Lake 1 

Parkav 25 

Washington bd. 47 

Warren av 73 

Madison 95 

Monroe 139 

Adams 179 

Jackson 219 

VanBuren 259 

Avon pi 271 

Congress 295 

Harrison.. 321 

Flournoy 341 

Ogdcn av 343 

Polk 391 

Birch 435 

Taylor 471 

Ashland 513 

Twelfth 545 

Thirteenth pi... 573 

Thirteenth 601 




R. R. crossing.. 

Sixteenth 779 

Seventeenth 815 

Eighteenth 83D 

Van Horn 873 

Nineteenth 899 

Twentieth 933 

Twenty-first 959 

Hinman 983 

T wenty -second. . 1005 

Ambrose 1031 

Moore 1055 

Coulter 1091 

Blue Island av..l 115 
R. R. crossing.. 1 139 
The River 1337 

Re-commence at 

Thirty-first 3101 


Thirty-second. ...3200 
Thence s. each block 
commences with 
even hundred num- 
bers corresponding 
with numerical 
name of street- 

Robey N (W.D.) fr 
770 W Lake n. to 
the River and thence 
through Lakeview; 

4 blks w. of Ash- 
land av. Even nos. 

Lake 2 

Walnut 24 

Fulton 48 

Carroll av 70 

Kinzie 96 

Austin av 130 

Ferdinand 148 

Indiana 158 

Emerson av 178 

Ohio 198 

Erie 222 

Huron 246 

Superior 272 

Leepl 275 

Chicago av 394 

Rice 32 

Iowa 354 

Augusta 414 

Thomas 474 

Division 534 

Crystal 565 

Bryson 592 

Evergreen av... 620 


Wicker Park 

Lemoyne 687 

Park 710 

Ewingpl 725 

Milwaukee avl 7„ n 

Northav ] 7b0 

Raymond 793 

Wabansia av . . . 814 

Wilmotav 839 

Peterson 865 

Bloomingdale rd 875 

Churchill 895 

Greenwich . ... 921 

Clybourn pi 938 

Cortland 947 

Homer 973 

Armitage av 994 






Asylum pi 

C.&N. W. R. R. 

Liston av 

Fullerton av. ... 


Berg pi 

Brand pi 

The River 

Robinson 'S. D.) fr. 

Thirty-first n. w. to 
the canal. 1st w. of 
S Ashland av. 

Rockwell S(W. D.) 
fr. 1141 W Lake s. 
to 111. and Mich, 
canal; thence (S.D.) 
to abt. Fifty-fifth 2 
blks. w. of Western 
av. 3 miles w. of S 
Clark st. Even nos. 
e. s. 

Lake 1 

Park av 

Washington bd. 


Madison 95 

Monroe 125 

Wilcox av 153 

Adams 179 

Jackson 203 


VanBuren 251 

Congress 289 

Harrison 323 

Flournoy 353 

Lexington 385 

Polk 417 

Harvard 451 

Taylor 483 

Fillmore 515 

Grenshaw 545 

Twelfth 571 

Douglas Park pi. 597 

Ogden av 687 

Fifteenth 743 




R. R. crossing.. 


Twentieth 937 

Twenty-first 963 

Hinman 989 

Twenty-second. 1015 

Moore 1073 

Parmelee 1109 




The River 

Thirtv-first - 

111. & Mich, canal 
Thence s. to about 

Rockwell N (W.D.) 
fr. 1140 WLake n 
to ^blkn. of Fulton 
and fr. W Ohio n 
to Armitage av.; 2 
blks. w. of Western 
av. 3 miles w. of 
Clark st. Even nos. 
e. s. 

Lake 1 

Fulton 74 

Re-commence at 

Ohio 240 

Grand av 250 

Huron 306 

Superior 338 

Chicago av 362 


Gross Parkway.. 

Division 604 

W.-rder 633 

Moltke 659 

Bryson 660 

Bismarck 693 

Hirsch 720 

Thompson 780 

Northav 838 

Wabansia av 896 

Bloomingdale id 956 

Cortland 1016 

Homer 1050 

Armitage av 1074 

Rookery Conrt(S.D) 
fr. 132 E A lams s. 
U blk. to E Quincy, 
bet. Clark and La 

Root (S.D.) fr. 4130 
S State w to Union 
Stock Yards. 

Rose (W.D.) fr. 390 
W Chicago av. n. to 
Cornell. Even nos. 

Chicago av 2 

Fry 35 

Cornell 58 

Rosebud (W.D.) fr. 
Bloomingdale rd. n. 
w. 3 blks. to 1000 
N Western av. 

Ruble (W.D.) fr. W 
Sixteenth s. to W 
Twenty-first. 1st 

e. of S Union 
Even nos. e. s. 

Sixteenth 2 

Eighteenth 66 

Conrad 98 

Canal port av 110 

Twenty-first .... 

Rumsey (W. D.) fr. 

497 W Indiana n. 

to W Ohio and fr. 

W Chicago av. 

W Division, lstw. 

of N Ashland av. 

Even nos. e. s. 

Indiana 2 

Ohio 34 

Chicago av 114 

Clarinda 144 

Cornelia -. 178 

Augusta 206 

Emily 240 

Jane 270 

Division 296 

Rundel pi. (W. D.) 

fr. 73 S Morgan w. 
3 blks. t j Centre av. 
1st s. of W Mad- 

Rush (N. D.) fr. the 
River n. and n. w. 
to Elm. 2d e. of N 
State. Even nos. 
w. s. 

The River 1 

ttorth Water.... 7 

Kinzie 8 

Michigan 19 

Illinois 39 

Indiana 59 

Ohio 79 

Ontario 103 

Erie 123 

Huron 145 

Superior 167 

Chicago av 195 

Pearson 217 

Chestnut 239 

Delaware pi 261 

Walton pi 283 

Oak 305 

Bellevue pi 327 

Cedar 349 


State 369 

Sacramento av. S 

(W.D.) fr. 1389W 
Lake s.toW Twelfth 
(Douglas Park) and 
l'r.W Twenty-second 
s. to the canal; 
thence (S. D.) s. to 
Forty -s' v'nth. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Lake 1 

Washtenaw bd. . 39 

Warren av 69 

Madison 93 

Colorado av 139 

Wilcox av 152 

Adams , 180 

Jackson 205 

VanBuren 251 

Congress 289 

Harrison 323 

Flournoy 353 

Lexington 385 

Polk 417 

Harvard 451 

Taylor 483 

ilmore 511 

Twelfth 569 

Re-commence at 

The River 


Ill.&Mich. canal 
Thence s. to Forty- 

Sacramento av. N 


(W.D.) fr. 1390 VV 
Lake n. to Central 
l)oul. Evennos. e.s. 

Lake 2 

Walnut 42 

Fulton 70 

Carroll av 108 

Kinzie 126 

Central boul 

Samuel (W.D.) fr. 
5-42 W Chicago av. 
n. to 265 W Divi- 
sion; 1st w. of N 
Paulina. Even nos. 
e. s. 

Chicago av 2 

Clarinda 22 

Cornelia 58 

Augusta 94 

Emily 130 

Jane 162 

Division 186 

Sangamon S (W.D.) 
fr. 258 W Randolph 
s. to W Havi-ison. 
4th Wof SHalstod. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Randolph 1 

Washington bd.. 33 

Madison 65 

Monroe 99 

Adams 127 

Jackson 161 

Van Buren 193 

Congress 223 

Harrison 247 

Sangamon N(W.D.) 
fr. 259 W Randolph 
n. to the River; 4th 
w. of N Halsted. 
Even nos. w. s. 

Randolph 1 

Lake 31 

Fulton 55 

Carroll av 83 

Kinzie Ill 

Austin av 141 

Indiana 173 

Ohio 201 

Erie 234 

Milwaukee av... 233 

Phillips 237 

Pratt 273 

Superior 283 

Chicago av 3^3 

Front 327 

George 351 

TheRiver 373 

Sanger (S.D.)fr. 2447 
Archer a v. s. e. to 
522 Twentv-sixth. 
2d e. of S Halsted. 
Evennos. vv. s. 

Archer av 2400 

Tw'nty-fourth pl2405 

Twenty-fifth 2500 

Twenty-fifth pi.. 2534 
Twenty-sixth. . . .2560 

Sawyer av. (W.D.) 
£r.l310 Ogdenav.s. 
to W Twenty-see'nd 
3rd w. of Douglas 
Park. Even nos. e 

Ogden av 840 

Nineteenth 900 

Twenty-first 968 

Twenty-second.. 1014 

Schiller (N. D.) fr 

357 Sedgwick e. to 
the Lake crosses N 
Clark at 558. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Sedgwick 82 

Market 104 

Franklin 122 

Wieland 140 

Wells 158 

le av 186 

Clark 210 

Dearborn av 236 

State 260 

Astor 290 

The Lake 342 

School (W.D.)fr. 95 
S Canal w. to 95 
Desplaines, thence 
2 3 oik. w. Even nos. 
n. s. 




Last no 




School (in Lake) fr. 
Forty-firsts, to Fif- 
ty-fifth. 2d w. of 
Wentworth av. 

Scott (N. D.) fr. 405 
N State e. to the 
Lake. 1st n. of Di- 
vision. Even nos. 
n. s. 

State 1 

Astor 29 

Stone ) c, 

The Lake i bl 

Sehor (W.D.) fr. Ells- 
worth w. to 330 S 
Canal fr. 305 S 
Clinton to 300 S 
Jefferson and fr. 
299 Desplaines to 
284 S Halsted. 1st 
s. of W Harrison. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Ellsworth 1 

Beach 35 

Canal 65 

Clinton 95 

Jefferson 127 

Desplaines 157 

Hay Market sq. . 191 
Halsted 235 

Sedgwick (N. D. ) fr. 

25 E Erien. to 797 

Fullerton av. 1st. 

w.of N Market. Even 

nos. w. s. 

Erie 1 

Huron 21 

Superior 41 

Chicago av 65 

Locust 129 

Oak 171 

Wendell 193 

Hobbie 202 

Hill 211 

Elm 233 

Division 255 

Beethoven pi — 285 

Twomey 292 

Hein 302 

Goethe 305 

Sullivan 312 

Sigel 333 

Connor 338 

Schiller 357 

Blackhawk 408 

North av 457 

Starr 487 

Eugenie 505 

Tellct 543 

Menomonee 557 

Wisconsin 607 

Centre 655 

Lincoln av 657 

Garfieldav 713 

Websterav 757 

Clark 775 

Grant pi 780 

Beldenav 799 

Fullerton av 855 

Sedgwick ct. (N.D.) 
fr. 330 Division 

Division 2 

Elm 26 

Seeleyav. (W.D.)fr- 
W Madison s. to 
Avon pi. 1st w. of 
Robey. Even nos. 
e. s. 

Madison 1 

Monroe 33 

Adams 65 

Jackson 97 

Van Buren 135 

Avon pi 139 

S Wood w. of S 
Lincoln. 1st n. of 
W Twelfth. Even 

Johnson 271 

Fisk 273 

Centre av 445 

Loomis 553 

Liffin 613 

Ashland av 671 

Paulina 725 

Wood 785 

Lincoln 845 

Robey 905 

Hoyneav 963 

Leavitt 1025 

Oakley av 1085 

Western 1143 

Lincoln . 

,i /w r> \ «v Sheldon S (W.D.) fr 
*% wUTeentti 1 s3o 464 W BM*** « 

Seminary av. (N.D.) 

fr. Kroger n. to 
Addison (in Lake- 
view); crosses Lin- 
coln av. at 620. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Kroger 1 

Centre 63 

Garfield av 125 

Websterav 181 

Beldenav 241 

Fullerton av 301 




Wrightwood av. 

Seminary pi 


Lincoln av 

Diversey av 



Oakdale av 


Noble av 

Belmont av 


Seminary pi. (Lake 
View) fr. 446 Ra 
cine av. e. to Semi- 
nary av. Even nos 
n. s. 

Racineav 1200 

Seminary av 1256 

Seneca (N D.) fr. 

361 Illinois n. 1 
blk. to Indiana. 

Seneschalle(in Lake 1 ) 
fr. 440 Root n. % 
blk. lste, of Stew- 
art av. Even nos. 
w. s. 

First no 4056 

Root 4126 

Seventeenth E(S.D ) 

fr. S State w to 
Grove. Even nos. 
n. s. 

State 128 

Dearborn 150 

Butterfield 162 


R. R. crossing.. 


Wentworth av.. 

Seventeenth W (W 
D.) fr. Arthur w to 
S Canal. fr.S Union 
to 675SHalsted;fr 
23 Fiskw. to 562 
< entre av and fr 
625 Loomis to West- 
ern av. Even nos. 
n. s. 

Arthur 41 

Canal 61 

Union 171 

Halsted 201 


Noble av 



Belmont av 



Shelhy ct.(W.D.)fr. 

109 W Nineteenth 
s. to 241 W Twen- 
tieth. ^2 blk. e. of 
S Morgan. 

Lumber. 1st w.of S 
Canal. Even nos. 

Sixteenth 1 

Eighteenth 63 

Canalport av — 65 

Lumber 129 

Seymour a v. (W.D.) 
fr. 1070 WLake n. 
to Chicago av and 
fr. Augusta to Ar- 
mitage av; 2d w.of 
Western av. Even 
nos. e.s. 

Lake 2 

Fulton 68 

Kinzie 126 

Austin av 164 

Grand av 



Huron 306 

Superior 332 

Caicago av 358 

Re-commence at 


Humboldt av — 


Gross Parkway. 


Br\son 660 

Hirsch 720 

Thompson 780 

Northav 838 

Wabansia 896 

Bloomingdale rd 956 

Moffat 982 

Cortland 1004 

Homer 1028 

Armitage av 1050 

Shaughnessy (N. D.) 

fr. 9 Goethe n. 1 
blk. to Sigel. 

Sheffield av. (N. D.) 

fr. 470 Hawthorne 
av. n. to Grace land 
av. in Lakeview; 4 
blks. w. of N 
Halsted. Evennos. 

Hawthorne av ) 


Weed f 

North av 


Concord pi 




31 y bourn av — 









Garfield av 






Full'rt'nav. (city 



Lill av 

Wrightwo'dav | 
Lincoln av ) 


Diversey av 



Oakdale av 

to 489 W Madison. 
3 blks. e. of Ashland 
av. Even nos. e. s. 

Randolph 1 

Washington bd. 29 
Madison 60 

Sheldon N (W.D.) fr. 
465 W Randolph n. 
to Arbor pi. ^blk. 
n. of Carroll av: 
about 3 blks. e. of 
N Ashland av. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Randolph 1 

Lake 39 

Fulton 73 

Carroll av 99 

Arbor pi 121 

Sheridan av. IV (W. 

D.) fr. W Kinzie n. 

to W Fullerton av. 

1st w. of Kedzieav. 

Even nos. e. s. 

Kinzie 125 

Central Park bd. 189 

Ohio 239 

Huron 305 

Chicago av 363 

R. R crossing.. 

Grand av 481 

Augusta 484 

Mcllroy 515 

Emery 545 

Wheaton 575 

Division 603 

Eberhart 631 

Norwood 665 

Barlett :. 695 

Weageav 723 

Dickey av 783 

Pierce av 811 

Northav 837 

Wabansia av. . . . 
Bloomingdale rd 


Armitage av 

Dickens av 

Humboldt av — 
Mentmore av.... 
Fullerton av 

Sheridan av. 8 (W. 

D.)fr. Fillmore s. 1 
blk. to W Twelfth. 
lste. of Sacramento 

Sheridan pi. (S.D.) 

fr. 20 14 Wentworth 

av. w. abt. 2 blks. 

Even nos. n. s. 

Wentworth av... 1 

Purple 57 

Last no 94 

Sherman (S.D.) fr. 

164 Jackson s. to 

Stowell. 2 blks. w. 

of S Clark. Even 

nos. w. s. 

Jackson 2 

Van Buren 34 

Harrison 98 

Polk 170 

Taylor 242 

Stowell 278 


Sherman pi. N (N.D.) 
fr. 136 Pine w. h 

Shleldsav. (S.D.)fr. 
365 Twenty-sixth 
s. to 592 Thirty- 
third; fr. Thirty- 
fifth 13 blk. s. and 
fr. 645 Thirty- 
sevenths, to Thirty- 
eighth. 1st e. ofi^,. 
Stewart av. Even| Tne Rlver 
nos. w 

Indiana av 52 

Michigan av 84 

Wabasn av 120 

Holden pi 138 

State... 156 

Dearborn 190 

Butterfield 207 

Clark 224 

R. R. crossing.. 

LaSalle 245 

Wentworth av.. 267 

Grove 291 


Twenty-sixth. ...2600 
Thence s. each block 
commences with 
even hundred num- 
bers corresponding 
with the numerical 
name of street 

Shober (W.D.) fr. 
572 W Division n. 
to Wabansiaav. 1st 
w. of NLeavitt. 

Division 604 

Bryson 660 

Hirsch 720 

Thompson 780 

North av 838 

Wabansia av. . . . 894 

Sholto (W.D.) fr. W 

Harrison s. to 

Eleventh. 2 blks. 

w. of S Sangamon. 

Even nos. e. s. 

Harrison 1 

Gurley 33 

Polk.. 65 

Good 73 

Better 85 

Damen 95 

Taylor 128 

Eleventh 157 

Short (S.D. )fr.2731 
Colognes, e.2 blks. 
to Fuller. Even nos. 


Sibley (W. D.) fr.522 
W Harrison s. to 
510 W Taylor. Even 
nos.e. s. 

Harrison 1 

Vernon Park pi. 31 
Macatlister pi... 61 

Vernon pk. 

Polk 71 

Gilpin pi 81 

Arthington Ill 

Taylor 139 


Hurl but e. to 475 
Wells; 3 blks. n. of 
E Division 



Sedgwick... , 




Sliver (W. D.)fr.280 
W Harrison s. to 
Gurley. Even nos 
e. s. 

Harrison 2 

Gurley 34 

Sixteenth E (S. D.) 
fr. the Lake w. to 
the River. Even 
nos. n. s. 

R.R. crossing... 

Prairie av 13 

Sixteenth W (W.D.) 
fr. the River w. to 
Crawford av. Even 
nos. n. s. 
The River........ 


Stewart av 

R. R. crossing... 

thur 41 

Canal 61 

Seward 77 

Burlington 97 

Jefferson 113 

String 139 

Ruble 159 

Union 175 

Halsted 209 

Newberry av 227 

Johnson 250 

Brown 272 

Morgan 294 

Nutt 319 

Fisk 351 

Centreav. 414 

Allport 441 

Throop 464 

Blue Island av.. 478 

Loomis 512 

Lanin 562 

Ashland av 622 

Paulina 678 

Wood 740 

Sumner 772 

Lincoln .., 800 

Robey 860 

Hoyneav 920 

Leavitt 980 

Oakley 1038 

Western av 1 100 

Campbell av....H58 

Rockwell ) ioon 

R. R. crossing \ 1J2U 
Washtenaw av . . 1276 

California av 1336 

Douglas Park... 

Albany av 1518 

Ogden av 

Kedzieav 1580 

Homan av 

Trumbull av 

St. Louis av 

Byford av 

Central Park av 
Woodland av. ... 

Genesee av 


Mowry av 


Margaret pi 

Moore pi 

Crawford av 

Sloan (W.D.)fr. 271 

Elstonav. w. to 605 
Noble. Istn.ofW 
Division. Even nos. 
s. s. 

Elstonav 2 

R . R. crossing ... 18 
Noble 58 

Smart (W.D. )fr. 657 
W Kinzie n. to 602 
Austin av. ^ blk 
e. of N Lincoln. 


Austin av 24 

Smith av. (S.D.) fr 
S Rockwell w. to S 
Kedzie av. (W.D.) 

fr. S Central Park 
av. w. to Mowry. 
1st s. of Thirty- 

Smith av. (N.D.) fr. 
129 Blackhawk n. 
to 114 North av. 
abt. 3 blks. w. of N 

Snell (W.D.) fr. 341 
W Chicago av. s. to 
180 W Huron. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Chicago av 2 

Huron. 48 

Snow (W.D.) fr. N 
Leavitt n. e. 2 blks. 
to the River; Istn. 
of W Fullerton av. 

South Park av. (S. 

D.) fr. 1 Twenty- 
seconds, to Thirty- 
fifth. Even nos. w. 
Twenty-second . .2200 
Thence each block 
commences with 
even hundred num. 
bers corresponding 
with numerical 
name of street 

s. to 1 693 W Harri- 
son and fr. 1350 
Ogden av to Thirty- 
first. 2 blks. w. of 
S Kedzie av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Madison 94 

Monroe 132 

Adams 170 

Colorado av 197 

Jackson 20S 

VanBuren 240 



Harrison 322 

Ogdenav 856 

Nineteenth 902 

Twenty -first 966 

Twenty- second. 101 6 





Thirty- first- 

South Water (S.D.) 
fr. the Lake w. to 
Franklin, thence s. Lake st. bridge. 
Even nos. n. s. 

The Lake 

Central av 10 

Michigan av 22 

Wabash av 51 

River 54 

State 82 

Dearborn 114 

Clark ...., 146 

LaSalle 178 

Fifthav 210 

Franklin 242 

Lake 282 

Southport av. (N. 

D.) fr. 95 E. Cly- 
bourn pi. n. to 
Graceland av in 
Lake View. 

CI y bourn pi 2 

Crooked 24 

Lawrence 43 

C 69 

Hawthorne av.. 80 

B 101 

A 125 

Clybournav 130 

Webster av 160 

Beldenav 218 

Fullerton av 276 


Dunning 342 

Lill av 37" 

Wrightwoodav. 400 

Broodman pi 

Marianna 470 

Diverseyav 526 

Wolfram , 


Oakdale av.... 
Wellington av 

Lincoln av 


Noble av 





Homer av 


Graceland av.. 

Spauldlng av. (W.D.) 

Spring (S. D.) fr 
2610 S State w. t< 
Wentworth av. ; 1 
blks s. of E 26th 
Even nos. s.s. 

State 2 




Wentworth av.. 110 

er av. (S.D.) 
fr. 3224 Laurel w 
to 3257 Water ville 
nr the River; ^ blk 
s. of Thirty -second 

Laurel 866 

Mospratt 924 

Wahl 950 

UHman 974 

Fox 1026 

Waterville 1048 

iv. 1550 W MadisonjRandolph, 

eld av. (W 

) fr. W Kinzie n 
to 1559 W North 
av. 2 blks. e. of 
Crawford av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Kinzie 125 

Indiana 181 

Ohio 241 


Chicago av 363 

Grand av 

North av 

Spruce (W.D.) fr. 240 
Loomis w. to 186 
Laflin. Last no. 50 
Even nos. s. s. 

Stanton a v. (S.D.) 
fr. 137 Thirty-fifth 
s. to Thirty-ninth 
lstw. of Vincennes 
av. Even nos. w 

Thirty-fifth 3500 

Bryant av 3550 

Oak av 3620 

Groveland ct 3640 

Thirty-seventh. .3700 

Oxford ct 3846 

Thirty-ninth . . . .3900 

Starr (N.D.) fr. 481 
Sedgwick e. to N 
Franklin. Even nos 

Sedgwick 5 

Franklin 44 

State S(S.D.)fr. the 
River s. to abt 
Seventy-fifth. Even 
nos. w. s. 

The River ) 9 

South Water. . ) ^ 
Lake 30 

Washington 100 

Madison 130 

Monroe 166 

Adams 200 

Quincy 224 

Jackson 242 

VanBuren 282 

Congress 321 

Harrison 356 

Hubbard ct 403 

Polk 430 

Peckct 457 

Eldredgect 486 

Taylor 507 

Harmon ct 520 

Twelfth 1204 

Thirteenth. 1330 

Fourteenth 1400 

State N. (N. D.) fr. 
the River n. to 
North av. and Lin- 
coln Park. Even 
nos. w. s. 

The River ) , 

North Water.. ) * 

Kinzie 21 

Michigan 41 

Illinois 61 

Indiana 81 

Ohio 101 

Ontario 121 

Erie 141 

Huron 161 

Superior 179 

Chicago av 201 

Pearson 223 

Chestnut 241 

Delaware pi 261 

Walton pi 279 

Oak 295 

Bellevuepl 313 

Maple 323 

Eim h ::::::::.v.1 365 

Division 385 

Scott 415 

Goethe 449 

Banks 481 

Schiller 513 

Burton pi 569 

North av 625 

Station (W. D.) fr.N 
Leavitt n. w. to 
Western av. 1st n. 
of W Fullerton av . 

Staunton (W. D.) fr. 
1059 W Lake s. to 
1049 W Madison.lst 
w. of Western av. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Lake 1 

Park av 23 

Washington bd. 45 

Warren av 71 

Madison 91 

Stave (Jefferson) fr. 
Armitage av. n. w. 
to N California av. 
2d s of Wilwaukee 

St. Clair (N. D.) fr. 
317 Michigan n. to 
384 Superior av. 2d 
w. of the Lake.Even 
nos. w. s. 

Michigan 1 

Illinois 19 

Indiana 33 

Ohio 51 

Ontario 76 

Erie 83 

Huron 101 

Superior 117 

St. James pi. (Lake- 
view 1 fr. N Clarke, 
to Lincoln Park. 
1 st n , of Fullei-ton 


St. John's pi. (W.D.) 

fr. 512 W Lake n. 

to Arbor pi. 1st e. 

of N Ashland av. 

Even nos. e. s. 

Lake 2 

Fulton 32 

Carroll av 52 

Arbor pi 70 

St. Lawrence av. 

(Hyde Park) fr 
Forty-first s. to 
Fifty-first. 1st e. 
of Vincennes av. 

St. Louis av. S (W. 

D.)fr. W Madison s. 

to Thirty-first. 2d 

w. of S Homan av 

Even nos. e. s. 

Madison 93 

Monroe 133 

Adams 175 

Jackson 205 

Colorado av 233 

Harrison 323 

Twelfth 571 

Goodwin 613 

Palatine 649 

Douglas bd...... 687 

Fifteenth 743 

Sixteenth 803 

Eighteenth 865 

Ogden av 917 

Twenty-first 978 

Twenty, second.. 1041 
Twenty- third.... 






St. Louis av. N (W. 

D.)tr. W Kinzie n. 

to W Chicago av. ; 

2d w. of Homan av. 

Even nos. e s. 

Kinzie 125 

Indiana 183 

Ohio 239 

Huron 305 

Chicago av 361 

Stearns (S.D.) fr. 

Twenty-ninth s. w 

to Main. Even nos. 

n. s. 

Twenty-ninth. ...2900 

Poplar av 2920 

Quinn 2950 

Main 2972 

Stein (W.D.) fr. 75 
Redfieldn. w. 1 blk. 
lste. of 614Elston 
av. Even nos. e. s. 

Stephens (W. D.) fr. 

1260 W Jackson s. 
1 blk. to 1237 W 
Van Buren. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Stephenson (W. D.) 

fr. Lumber s. to 
35 W Fourteenth. 





Stewart av. (W. D.) 

fr. 70 W Twelfths, 
to the River and (S. 
D.) fr. the River s. 
to Seventy-fifth and 
beyond. 6th w. of 
S Clark. Even nos 
e. 8. to the River 

and w. s. s. of the 


Twelfth..: 1 

Judd 21 


Wilson 41 

Maxwell 61 

Liberty 75 

Fourteenth 89 

Barber 103 

Wright 117 

Fifteenth 131 

Meagher 145 

Depot 159 

Sixteenth 173 

Eighteenth 237 

Lumber 257 

The River 2000 

Grove 2030 

Twenty -first 2100 

Elgin 2122 

Twenty- second. 2200 

Archer av 2228 

Alexander 2253 

Twenty-third. . . . 2300 
Twenty-third pi. 2332 
Twenty-fourth. .2400 

Twenty-fifth 2500 

Twenty-fifth pi. 2532 
Twenty-sixth. . . .2600 
Thence 75th 
each block com 
mences with 
even hu n d r e d 
numbers corre- 
sponding with 
the numeri c a 1 
name of street- 

Stone (N.D.) fr. E 
Division Banks 
1st w of the Lake 
Shore Drive. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Division 1 

Scott 30 

Goethe 53 

Banks 83 

Stony Island av. fr. 

56th s. along w. s. 
of Jackson Park to 
67th st. thence s. 
several blocks. 

Stowell (S.D.) fr. 

536 Clark w. to 
Sherman and ^ blk. 

Clark 1 

Sherman 51 

Last no 59 

String (W.D.) fr. W 
Sixteenth s. to W 
Twenty-second. 3d 
e. of S Halsted. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Sixteenth 1 

Eighteenth 63 

Canalport av.... 97 


Twenty-second. . 

Sullivan (N.D.) fr. 

310 Sedgwick w. to 
Hurlbut. Last no. 

Summit (S.D.) fr. 
3600 Archer av. 1 
blk. n. w. 

Sumner (W.D.) fr. 
730 W Fifteenth s. 
to W Sixteenth. 
Last no. 54. 

Superior E (N.D.) fr. 
Roberts e. to the 
Lake. 1st s. of E 
Chicago av. Even 
nos. s. s. 


Kingsbury 30 

Townsend 60 

Sedgwick 70 

Market 116 

Franklin 146 

Wells 174 

LaSallcav 200 

Clark 228 

Dearborn av 258 

State 288 

Cass 310 

Rush 336 

Pine 360 

St. Clair 400 

The Lake 

Superior W (W.D.) 
fr. the River w. to 
Morgan, fr. 266 N 
May to N Centre av 
and fr. Noble to 
Washtenaw av. 1st 
s. of W Chicago av. 
Even nos. s. s. 

The River 



Halsted 91 

Green 113 

Sangamon 1 

Morgan 201 

Re-commence at 

May 269 

N Centre av 303 

Re-commence at 

Noble 403 

Bickerdike 441 

Armour 479 

Ashland av...... 517 

Paulina 577 

Wood 635 

Lincoln 697 

Robey 757 

Hoyneav 817 


Oakley av 

Western av 

Seymour av 1053 

Rockwell 1119 

Washtenaw av. . 1 1 73 

Swan (in Lake) fr. S 
Clark w. to Stewart 
av. 1st n. of Forty 

Swift (W.D.) fr. S 
Kedzie av. w. to £ 
Crawford av. 1st s 
ofWTw : nty-s'v'nth 

Swift pi. (S.D.) fr. 


w. to 2844 Stewart 

Wentworth av.. 

Fifth av 25 

Portland av 47 

Shields av 75 

Stewart av 99 

Talman av. S (W.D.) 
fr. W Twelfth s. to 
W Fifteenth. 4blks. 
w. of Western av. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Twelfth 1 

Ogden av 135 

Fifteenth 177 

Talman av.N (W.D.) 

fr 1772 W Lake n. 

to W Kinzie and fr. 

Hirschn. to 826 W 

North av. 4blks. w. 

of N Western av. 

Lake 1 



Re-commence at 



North av 837 

Taylor E (S.D.) fr 
503 S State w. to 
the River. Even 
nos. s. s. 

State 1 

Third av - 21 

Fourth av 41 

Clark 61 

Pacific av 83 

R. R. crossing.. 

Sherman 109 

Fifth av 137 

TheRiver 153 

'itiyAoi-W(W. D.)fr 
the River w. to S 
Kedzie av. and fr 
Central Park av. w 
to Genesee av.Even 
nos. s. s. 

The River 


R. R. crossing.. 

Canal 95 

Clinton 121 

Jefferson 155 

Desplaines 187 

Halsted... 253 

Newbury av 276 

Johnson 298 

Brown 322 

Morgan ) oo 7 

Blue Island av. ] 661 

Miller 365 

Sholto 381 

Aberdeen 397 

May 413 

Centre av 441 

Lytle 47 

Throop 494 

Sibley 513 

Loomis 541 

Winthroppl 575 

Laflin 60 

Nixon 635 

Ashland av 657 

Marshfield av... 685 

Paulina 711 

Hermitage av... 733 

Wood 771 

Lincoln 827 

Robey 883 

Myrtle 905 

Cypress 929 

Almond 956 

Kendall 9- 

Olive 986 

Ogden av. 997 

Leavitt 1001 

Irving av 1031 

Oakley av 1061 

Claremontav . 1093 

Western av 1129 

Campbell av 1185 

Rockwell 125 

Washtenaw av. . 1 303 

California av 1 357 

Francisco 1417 

Sacramento av 1477 

Albany av 1537 

Kedzie av 1595 

Central Park av 
Genesee av 

Tellct. (N.D.)fr. 441 
Sedgwick e. to 703 
Wells; abt. 2 blks. 
n. or North av. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Sedgwick 1 

Hammond 25 

Franklin 35 

Wells 73 

Tell pi. (W.D.) fr. 
746 Milwaukee av. 
w to N Ashland av. 
1 blk. s. of W Divi- 
sion. Even nos. n. 

Milwaukee av. . .. 2 
Ashland av 80 

Temple (W.D.) fr 

323 W Chicago av. 

s. to W Huron. 2 

blks. e. of Noble. 

Even nos. e. s. 

Chicago av 2 

Huron 46 

Third av. (S.D.) fr. 

E Jackson s. to 

Fourteenth. 2 blks. 

e. of S Clark. Even 

nos. w. s. 

Jackson 2 

Van Buren 34 

Harrison 98 

Polk 160 

Taylor 230 

Twelfth 1200 

Fourteenth 1400 

Thirteenth E (S.D. ) 
fr. Indiana av. w. 
to S State. Even 
nos. n. s. 

Indiana av 2 

Michigan av 26 

Wabash av 60 

Holdenpl 78 

State 92 

Thirteenth W (W. 

D.) fr. Waller w. to 
Blue Island av. and 
thence w. to West'rn 
av. Even nos. n.s. 

Waller 2 

Blue Island av... 54 
Re commence at 
Blue Island av... 2 

Centre av 36 

Throop 82 

Loomis 134 

Lallin 184 

Ashland av 236 

Paulina 288 

Wood 338 

Lincoln 398 

Robey 458 

Hoyneav 520 

Leavitt 578 

Oakley av 638 

Willis ct 651 

Raleigh ct 675 

Ogden av 686 

Western av 694 

Thirteenth pi. (W. 

D.)fr. Waller w. to 

S Oakley av. 1st s. 

of W Twelfth. Even 

nos. n. s. 

Waller 2 

Blue Island av.. 40 

Centre av 90 

Throop 136 

Loomis 186 

Laflin 236 

Ashland av 280 

Paulina 336 

Wood 398 

Lincoln 458 

Robey 518 

Hoyneav 576 

Leavitt 636 

Oakley av....... 694 

Thirtieth E (S. D.) 

fr.Lake Park 

the Lake w. to S 

Halsted Even nos. 

n. s. 
Lake Park av... 2 
Groveland av... 22 
Cottage Gro'e av 42 

Vernon av 90 

South Park av.. 114 

Calumet av l48 

Prairie av 180 

Indiana av 218 

Michigan av 252 

Wabash av 292 

State 330 

Dearborn 352 

Butterfleld 372 

Clark 392 


LaSalle 404 

Wentworth av.. 428 

Fifthav 452 

Portland av 476 

Shields av 500 

Stewart av 522 



Parnell av 


Lowe av 


Emerald av 

Halsted 726 

Thirty-first (S. D.) 

fr. Lake Park av 

nr. the Lake w. to 

the canal. Even 

nos. n. s. 

Lake Park av. . . 2 

Groveland av... 26 

CottageGrove av 48 

Rhodesav 61 

Vernon av 106 

South Park av... 132 

Calumet av 166 

Forest av 183 

Prairie av 200 

Indiana av 228 

Michigan av.... 260 

Wabash av 294 

State 330 

Dearborn 352 

Butterfleld 372 

Clark 392 

LaSalle 404 

Wentworth av.. 42S 

Fifth av 452 

Poi-tlandav 476 

Shields av 500 

Stewart av 522 

Hanover . . 553 

Butler 579 

Parnell av 605 

Wallace 632 

Lowe av 664 

Dashiel 696 

Emeraldav 722 

HaLsted 746 

Poplar av 770 

Quinn 794 


Main 830 

Farrell 854 

Laurel 867 

Keeley 868 

Bonfleld 892 

Mospratt 925 

Deering 938 

Wahl 949 

Ullman 973 

Fox 1025 

Lyman 1058 


Broad 1082 

Benson 1083 

Pitney ct 1106 

The River 1154 

Archer av ) 10 nn 

Ashland av....f 12UU 

Marketsq 1253 

Beers 1335 

Lincoln 1397 

Vermont av 1427 

Robey 1461 

The Canal 1489 

Thirty-first W (W. 

D.) fr. Illinois and 
Michigan canal w. 
to S Crawford av. 

Thirty-second (S.D.) 

fr. Cottage Grove 
av. w. to Ulark;fr. 
Portland av. w. to 
Emerald av: fr. S 
Halsted w. to Ben- 
son and f r.SAshland 
av. w. to S Hoyne 
av. Even nos. n. s. 
CottapeGr'veav 44 

Rhodes av 70 

Vernon av 100 

South Park av. . . 132 

Calumetav 156 

Forest av 180 

Prairie av 204 

Indianaav 228 

Michigan av 260 

Wabash av 294 

State 330 

Dearborn 352 

Butterfleld 372 

Clark 380 

Portland av 476 

Shieldsav 500 

Stewart av 522 


Butler 580 

Parnell av 606 

Wallace 632 

Loweav 664 

Dashiel 696 

Emeraldav 718 

Halsted 746 

Illinois av 



Mospratt 924 

Wahl 950 

Ullman 974 

Fox.... 1028 

Waterville 1079 

Benson 1080 

Re-commence at 

Ashland av 1210 

Paulina 1268 

Archer av 

Wood 1348 

Lincoln 1404 

Vermont av 1438 

Robey 1464 

Lundy's Lane. . . 1497 
Hoyne ay 1522 

Thirty-second et. (S. 

D.) fr. Lake Park 
av. w. to Cottage 
Grove av.;^ bik. s. 
of 31st. Even nos. 

n. s. 

Lake Park a v.... 
Groveland av.... 
Cottage Gr've av 

Thirty- third (S.D.) 
fr. the Lake w. to S 
Oakley av. Even 
nos. n. s. 

The Lake 

Lake Park a v 10 

Groveland av *40 

Cottage Gr've av 60 

Graves pi 76 

Rhodes av 104 

Vernonav 136 

South Park av... 168 

Calumetav 194 

Forest av 220 

Prairie av 252 

Indianaav 278 

Michigan av 308 

Wabash av 340 

State 374 

Dearborn 398 

Butterfleld 436 

Clark 448 

LaSalle 468 

Wentworth av.. 494 

Eifth av 526 

Portland av 560 

Shields av 592 

Stewart av 618 


Butler 674 

Parnell av 700 


Lowe av 760 


Emeraldav 818 

Halsted 840 

Illinois av 866 

Auburn av 906 

Laurel 964 

Ullman 1088 


Waterville 1150 

The River 1190 


Lynch pi 

Charlton 1283 

Ashland av 1310 

Paulina 1370 

Wood 1430 

Archer av 1460 

Lincoln 1495 

R. R. crossing.. 

Vermont av 1525 

Robey .<. 155 

Lundy's Lane. . . 1585 

Hoyne av 1612 

Champlain 1647 

Leavitt 1674 

Yorktown 1706 

Oakley av 1730 

Thirty-third et. (S. 

D.)lr. S Halsted w. 
to Laurel and fr. S 
Ashland av. w. to 
Archer av. 1st s.of 
33d. Even nos. 

Halsted 841 

Auburn 903 

Laurel 961 

Re-commence at 

Ashland av 



Archer av 

Thirty -fourth (S.D.) 
fr, Rhodes av. (5 
blks. w. of the Lake/ 
w. to South Park 
av. fr. Indiana av. 
to Butterfleld; fr. 
Dashiel to Ullman, 
andfr. the River to 
S Rockwell. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Rhodesav 120 

Vernonav 152 

South Park av... 182 
Re-commence at 

Indianaav 280 

Michigan av 310 

Wabash av 346 

State 380 

Dearborn 400 

Butterfleld 430 

Re-commence at 

hiel 792 

Emeraldav 818 

Halsted 842 

Auburn 906 

Laurel 964 

Ullman 1000 

Re-commence at 

The River 

Loomis 1190 

Jasper 1221 

Laflin 1250 

Charlton 1284 

Ashland av 1310 

Paulina 1370 

Bloom 1403 

Wood 1430 

Lincoln 1483 

Archer av 1520 


R. R. crossing... 
Lundy's Lane... 

Hoyne av 




Oakley av 


Western av 



Thirty-fourth ct. (S 

D.)fr. S Halsted w. 

to (Jllman, and fr. 

Beers to Robey. 1 st s. 

of 34th. Even nos. 

n. s. 

Halsted 840 

Auburn 906 

Laurel 964 

Ullman 1082 

Re-commence at 


Lincoln 1490 

Robey 1550 

Thirty-fifth or Doug 
lasav. (S. D.)fr.the 
Lake w. to Illinois 
and Michigan canal 
Even nos. n. s. 

The Lake 1 

Lakeav 1' 

Ellis av 4i 

Vincennes av — 6: 
Cottage Gr've av 64 

Rhodesav 130 

Stanton av 144 

Vernonav 160 

South Park av.. 188 

Grand boul 201 

Calumetav 218 

Forest av 250 

Prairie av 276 

Indianaav 304 

Michigan av 334 

Wabash av 370 

State 406 

Dearborn 430 

Butterfleld 456 

Clark 476 

LaSalle 488 

Wentworth av. . 502 

Fifthav 549 

Portland av 564 

Stewart av 638 

Hanover 660 

Butler 700 

Parnell av 730 

Wallace 766 

Lowe av 780 

Dashiel 820 

Emeraldav 838 

Halsted 860 

Tucker 905 

Auburn 928 

Gage 949 

Laurel 986 

Ullman 1112 

The River 1154 

Iron 1200 

Loomis 1230 

Jasper 1268 

Laflin 1290 

Charlton 1326 

Ashland av 1350 

Marshfieldav ...1385 

Paulina x410 

Bloom 1446 

Wood 1470 

Honore 1504 

Lincoln 1532 

Robey 1592 

Archer av 1650 

Hoyne av 1652 

Champlain 1694 

R. R. crossing.. 1696 

Leavitt 1712 


Oakley av 


Western av 



fr. Indiana av. w. 
to Butterfleld; fr. 
Butler w to Laurel, 
and fr. S Ashland 
av. w. to S Kedzie 
av. Even nos. n. s. 

Indianaav 299 

Michigan av 335 

Wabash av 371 

State 405 

Dearborn 431 

Butterfleld 455 

Re -commence at 

Butler 699 

Parnell av 733 

Wallace 761 

Loweav 785 

Dashiel 811 

Emeraldav 837 

Halsted 863 

Tucker 905 

Gage 949 

Laurel.... 985 

Re-commence at 

Ashland av 1351 

Marshfieldav.... 1385 

Paulina 1415 

Bloom 1443 

Wood 1471 


Lincoln 1531 

Robey 1600 

Lundy's Lane... 1625 

Leavitt 1720 

Archer av 1803 

Oakley av 

Western av 



Sacramento av. . 
Kedzie av 

Thirty seventh (S. 

D.) tr. the Lake w. 
to Laurel, fr.S Ash- 
land av. w to 111. 
and Michigan canal. 
Even nos. n. s. 

The Lake 

R. R. crossing.. 

Lakeav 18 

Ellis av 50 

Cottage Gr've av 84 

Langley av 117 

Johnson pi 135 

EllisPark 138 

Vincennes av — 154 

Stanton 220 

Vernon av 250 

Grand boul...... 276 

Calumet 288 

Forest av 310 

Prairieav 336 

Indiana av 360 

Michigan av 390 

Wabash av 428 

State 464 

Dearborn 488 

Butterfleld 510 

Clark 528 

Daly . . LaSalle 540 

Rockwell Wentworth av.. 566 

California av. '.'.". Fifthav. 592 

111. & Mich, canal Portland av 618 

Shields av 655 

Thirty-fifthct.(S.D) ^^V.- ?Jg 

fr. S Halsted w. to p a ,nell av...- ... 772 

Laurelandtr. Sara- Wallace........ . 798 

toara, i2 blk. n. pt| Lowe av 826 

Archer av., w. toj Dash iel 848 

Western av. 1st s|Emeraldav 872 

of 35th. Even nos. Halsted 896 

Halsted 861 

Tucker 907 

Gage 949 

Lanrel 983 

Re-commence at 

Saratoga 1711 

Yorktown 1745 

Oakley av 1771 


Western av 1813 

Thirty-sixth (S.D.) 

Tucker 930 

Gage 968 

Laurel 1000 

Re-commence at 

Ashland av 1360 

Marshfieldav... .1394 

Paulina 1420 

Bloom 1454 

Wood 1482 

Honore 1514 

Lincoln 1542 

Robey 1600 

Saratoga 1720 


Archer av 1806 

Western av 



Sacramento av. . 
Kedzie av 

Thence w, to 111. 
and Mich. canal 

Thirty-seventh et. 

(S.D ) fr. Indiana 
av . w . to S State ; fr. 
Shields av. w. to 
Butler; fr.S Halsted 
to Laurel, and fr. S 
Ashland av. to 
Robey. 1st s. of 
Thirty - seventh. 
Even nos. n. s. 

Indiana av 360 

Michigan av 394 

Wabash av 428 

State 460 

Re-commence at 

Shields av 652 

Stewart av 680 

Butler 738 

Re-commence at 

Halsted 898 

Tucker 930 

Gage 964 

Laurel 97S 

Re-commence at 

Ashland av 1360 

Paulina 1420 

Wood 1480 

Honore 1510 

Lincoln 1540 

Robey 1600 

Thirty eighth (S.D.) 

fr. Cottage Grove 
av. w. to Vincennes 
av. ; fr. Grand boul. 
to Indiana av.; fr. 
Wabash av. to Ull- 
man, and fr. S Ash- 
land av. to Illinois 
and Michigan canal; 
crosses Western av. 
near junction with 
Arcber av. Even 
nos. n. s. 
Cottage Gr'veav 80 

Langley av 128 

Johnson pi 152 

Vincennes av 164 

Re-commence at 

Grand boul 272 

Calumet av 288 

Forest av 310 

Prairie av 336 

Indiana av 350 

Re-commence at 

Wabash av 430 

State 464 

Dearborn 490 

Butterfield 508 

Clark 528 

LaSalle 540 

Wentworthav... 564 

Portland av 620 

Shields av 650 

Stewartav 678 

Butler 738 

Parnellav 760 

Wallace 798 

Lowe av 

Dashie 1 

Emerald a v 






The River 

lie-commence at 

\shland av 






Hoyne av 

Archer av 






Thence w. to 111. 
and Mich.canal. 

Thirty-eighth ct.(S. 

D.) fr. Portland av. 
w. to Butler, fr. S 
Halsted w. to Lau- 
rel and fr. S. Ash- 
land av.w. to Wood, 
lste. of 38th. Even 
nos . n. s. 
Portland av 




Gage , — 

Laurel -.1000 

Re-commence at 

Ashland av 1360 

Paulina 1420 

Wood 1480 

Thirty-ni nth, o r 
Ega.iav. (S. D.)fr. 
Lake av. (1 blk. e. 
of the Lake) w. to 
111. and Mich, canal 
(w. of Crawford 
av.) Even nos. n 
s. (Hyde Park nos 
on s. s. only ar< 
even and run fr. w 
to e. commencing 
atS State. Town of 
Lake nos. on s. s. 
only are odd and 
run f r. e . tow. com- 
mencing at S State. ) 

Lake av 2 

Ellis av 40 

Cottage Gr'veav 78 

Langley av 150 

Johnson pi 180 

Vincennes av.. . 212 

Stanton av 250 

Vernon av 278 

Grand boul 306 

Calumet av 326 

Forest av 350 

Prairie av 378 

Indiana av 404 

Michigan av 436 

Wabash av 474 

State 510 

Dearborn 534 

Butterfield 554 

Clark 564 

LaSalle... 578 

Wentworthav... 602 




Hoyne av 


Oakley av 

Western av 

Sc\ mour av 


California av 



Humboldt Park. 

Thompson (WD.) fr. 
N Leavitt w. to 
Humboldt Park. 1st 
s. of W North av. 





Western av 

Daniaav 140 

Seymour av 168 

Maplewoodav... 196 


Talman av 248 

W ashtenaw a v . . 274 

Fairfield av 300 

California av... 330 
Humboldt Park.. 

456 W Madison s. 
to W Harrison; fr. 
W Taylor s. to the 
River and fr. Forty- 
seventh s. to abt. 
63d. Even nos. e. 
s. in W. D. andw. s. 
inS. D. 



Jefferson Park.. 


Cottage pi 




Harrison 184 

Taylor s 294 

Nebraska 312 

Eleventh 340 

Twelfth 356 

Thirteenth pi... . 381 

Thirteenth 400 

Hastings 430 

Fourteenth 450 

Henry 478 

Fifteenth 500 

Indiana 195 

Ohio 243 

Huron 305 

Chicago av 361 

Re-commence at 

Division 600 

Grand av 602 

William 660 

Frederick 720 

Prince 780 

North av 837 

Todd (S.D.) fr. Grove 
n. w. to the River 
1 blk. 1st e. of E 

Tompkins(Hyde P'k) 
fr. Bo wen s. 2 blks. 
to 55th. I2 blk. w. 
of Madison. 

Tondern (Jefferson) 
fr. N California av. 
w. to Humboldt P'k 
boul. lstn. of Ar 
mitage av. 

Tower pi. (N. D.) 

fr. Chicago av. n. to 
E Pearson; bet. Pine 
and Rush. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Chicago av 148 

Pearson 168 





Fifthav 636 Rebecca 524 

Portland av 668 Blue Island av.. 540 

Stewartav 7281Sixteenth 550 

Butler 788 1 Eighteenth 600 

Parnellav . ... 820!Zionpl 640 

Wallace 846iNineteenth 670 

Lowe av 870 Twentieth 700 

Dashiel 898 Twenty-first 728 

Emeraldav 920lHinman 754 

Halsted 950, Twenty-second.. 78' 

Tucker 990 Lumber 924 

Gage The River 944 

Laurel 1064 Re-commence at 

Ullman ,..1182 Forty-seventh. .4700 

The River (the 
East Branch of 

Ashland av 1424 

Paulina 1484 

Honore 1 5O0 

Wood 1544 

Lincoln 1 600 M 

Robey 1660 Morgan 

Hoyne av 

Western av 

Thence to the 

Thence Sixty- 

Thomas (WD.) fr. 
N Wood w. to Hum- 
boldt Park. 1st s. 
or W Division. 



Tilden (W. D.) fr 
206 S Morgan w to 
Centre av. Even 
nos. n. s. 


Bowery 23 

Aberdeen 63 

Centre av 123 

Tlnkhamav. (W.D.) 
fr. W Kinzie n. to 
W Chicago av. and 
fr. W Division n. to 
W North av. lstw. 
of Central Park av. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Kinzie 123 

Town (N. D.) fr 

Blackhawk n . to 
220 E North av.; 1 
blk. w. of Larrabee 
Even nos. e.s. 

Blackhawk 1 

Alaska 22 

Northav 39 

Townes et. (N, D.) 

fr. 194 E North av. 
s. ^ blk. to Alaska. 

Townsend (N. D.) 
fr. Erie nr. Kings- 
bury n. to E Divi- 
sion nr. Clybourn 
av. Even nos. w. s. 

Erie 24 

Huron 40 

Superior 56 

Chicago av 75 

Locust 140 

Oak 180 

Hobbie 207 

Elm 235 

Division 257 

Tremont (W. D.) fr. 

s. to W Twenty- 
sixth. 1st w. of 
Homanav.; crosses 
Ogden av. at 1446. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Colorado av 218 

Harrison 322 

Re-commence at 
Douglas boul.... 687 

Fifteenth 741 

Sixteenth 803 

Eighteenth 863 

Ogden av 905 

Twenty-first .... 973 
R. R. crossing... 
Twenty-second.. 1015 
Twenty -third.... 1073 
Twenty-fifth ....1195 
Twenty -sixth. . . . 1251 

Trumbull av. IV (W. 
D.) fr. W Kinzie n. 
to W Chicago av. ; 1 
blk. w of N Homan 
av. Even nos. e.s. 

Kinzie 128 

Boulevard 190 

Ohio 240 

Huron 30O 

Chicago av 362 

Truro (W.D. ) fr. 761 
S Albany av. w. 1 
blk. to S Kedzie av. 
1st n. of W Six- 

w. to 
1st s. 

Albany av 
Homan av 
of W Van 

Troy 8 (W. D.) fr. 
Colorado av. s. e. 
and s. to W Van 
Buren; ^blk. w. of 
S Albany av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Colorado av 1 

Jackson 43 

VanBuren 87 

Troy N (W. D.) fr. 
W Kinzie n. to W 
Ohio. 1st e. of N 
Kedzie av. Even 
nos. e. S. 

Kinzie 125 


Ohio 237 

Trumbull av. S (W 
D.) fr. Colorado av. 
s. to W Harrison 
and fr. Douglas bd. 

Trustee (W.D.) fr. 
551 W Kinzie n. 1 
blk. to Austin av. 

Tucker (S.D. )fr. 895 
Thirty-fifth s. to 
39th. Even nos. w. [ 
s. 1 

Thirty-fifth 3500 

Thirty-fifth ct...3538 
Thirty-sixth. 3600 
Thirty -seventh. .3700 
Thirty-s'v'nth ct3738 
Thirty-eighth... 3800 
Thirty-eighth ct3840 
Thirty -ninth 3900^ 

Turner av, (W.D.) 
fr. 1386 Ogden av. 
s. to W Twenty- 
second. 3d w. of 
Kedzie av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Ogden av 872 


Twenty -first 

R. R. crossing.. 

Twenty-second. . 1013 

Twelfth E (S.D.)fr 
Indiana av. w. tc 
the River. Ever 
nos. n. s. 

Indiana av 

Michigan av — 2 

Wabash av 6 

Holdenpl 7£ 


Third av 115 

Fourthav 13f 

Clark 15E 

R. R. crossing... 18 
The River 23 

Twelfth W (W.D. 
fr. the River w. ti 
S Crawford av. an< 
beyond. Even nos 
s. s. 

The River 

Lumber 2( 

Holden 5< 

Railroad av 6i 

Stewart av 8< 

Beach 9: 

Canal 12 


Clinton 149 

Jefferson 181 

Desplaines 213 

Union 250 

Halsted 287 

Newberry av — 305 

Johnson 323 

Brown 339 

Morgan 355 

Waller 376 

Blue Island av.. 397 

'May 439 

Centre av 467 

Lytle 493 

Tnroop 515 

Loomis 565 

Laflin 615 

Ashland av 663 

Marshfield av. . . . 697 

Paulina 723 

Hermitage av... 753 

r Wood 783 

JLincoln 839 

Robey 895 

Cypress 953 

Hoyne av 968 


Leavitt 1027 

Oakley av > 1ft «=; 

Ogdenav i 1085 

Western av 1139 

Campbell av....H99 

Rock .veil av 1263 


Washtenaw av..l319 

Fairfield av 

California av...l379 

Francisco 1439 

Sheridan av 1469 

Sacramento av.1495 

Albany av 1555 

Kedzie av 1613 

Homan av 

Central Park av. 


Crawford av.... 

Twentieth E (S. 

D.)fr. the Lake w. 
to Grove. Even nos. 


The Lake ) 

ft. R. crossing) 

Calumet av 

Prairie av 

Indiana av 

Michigan a v 

■| Wabash av 

yfHoldenpl 138 

jflState ... 154 

ill Dearborn 178 

llButterfield.... ) 1Qn 

(SIArcherav J lau 

IClark 196 

LaSalle 208 

1 Wentworth av . . 220 
MBlackwell 246 

[jPurple 268 


.. 294 

en Twentieth W (W.D.) 
fr. Blair w. to 
Jefferson, fr. 785 S 
Halsted to Centre 
av. and fr. Throop 
to Washtenaw av. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Blair 1 

35 Jefferson 25 

Re-commence at 

Halsted 149 

Tohnson 187 

Brown 225 

Shelby ct 

Morgan 265 

to Suttct 

isk 301 

!ay 339 

Jentreav 373 

rte-commence at 

Chroop 459 

58 loomis 517 

8 Hue Island av.. 

Wood 751 

Lincoln 811 

Robey 871 

Hoyne av 929 

Leavitt 991 

Oaklev av 1051 

Western av 

R. R, crossing.. 



Twenty-first E(S.D.) 
fr the Lake w. to 
Stewart av. Even 
nos. n. s. 

The Lake ) 

R. R crossing. S 

Calumet av 

Prairie av 

Indiana av 

Michigan av- — 

Wabash av 


State 164 

Dearborn 190 

Butterfield 200 

Clark 210 

LaSalle 226 

Wentworth ) 24 ., 

Archer av S 

Purple 282 

Stewart av 344 

Twenty -first W (W. 

D.)fr. S Jefferson 
w. to St. Louis av. ; 
crosses S Halsted at 
812. Even nos.s.s, 




Union 103 

d 145 

Johnson ) 

Canalportav.. J 

Brown 221 

Morgan 259 

Fisi 297 

May 335 

Centre av 369 

Allport 403 

Throop 429 

Loomis 487 

Laiiin 547 

Blue Island av.. 553 

Ashland av 593 

Paulina 651 

Wood 711 

Lincoln 771 

Robey 831 

Hoyneav 891 

Leavitt 951 

Oakleyav 1011 

Western av 1071 

R. R. crossing... 1123 

Rockwell 1181 

Washtenaw av..l239 
Calif orniaav.... 

Albany av 


Kedzie av 1537 

Sawyer av 1563 

Spaulding av — 1 589 

Turner av 1615 

Homan av 1641 

Trumbull av....l663 
St. Louis av 1687 

Portland av... ) o ft1 

Archer av \ dbl 

Stewart av 430 

McGlashen 455 


The River 506 

Twenty-second W 

(W.D. )fr. the River 

w. to Crawford av. 

and beyond. Even 

nos. s. s. 

The River 1 

Lumber........ I oi 

Jefferson J ° 

String 57 

Union pi 88 

Union 103 

Halsted 149 

Johnson 193 

Brown 237 

Canalport av. \ 

Stewart av 426 Wallace. 


Twenty-second E (S. 

D.) fr. the Lake w. 

to the River. Even 

nos. n. s. 

The Lake ) , 

South Park av. f l 

Calumet av 34 

Prairie av 63 

C't'ge Gr've av 

Indiana av 

Michigan,av 127 

Wabash av 16 

State 203 

Dearborn 227 

Butterfield 255 


80 Jaflin 579 Clark 275 

91 Ashland av 635 LaSalle ».... 285 

121 Paulina 691 Wentworth av. . 306 

Hanover . 
Archer av. 


Morgan . 

Fisk 319 

May 363 

Centre av 399 

Allport 433 

Throop 459 

Loomis 519 

Laflin 579 

Ashland av i fi>:)Q 

Bi ue Island av. J t>zy 

Paulina 691 

Dalepl 730 

Wood 751 

Lincoln 811 

Robey 871 

Hoyne av 931 

Leavitt 991 

Rice pi 1022 

Oakley av 1051 

Western av 1111 

R. R. crossing.. 11 71 

Rockwell 1229 

W ashtenaw av . . 1 2 9 1 
Calif orniaav.... 1351 
Sacramento av 

Albany av 


Kedzie av 1591 

Sawyer av 1619 

Spaulding av 1 645 

Turnerav 1673 

Homan av 1699 

Trumbull av 

St. Louis av 

Clifton Pkav... 
Central Park av. 

Millard av 

Genesee av 

Bonney av 

Mowry av 

Ogden av 

Crawford av 

Twenty-second pi. 

fS. D.) fr. 2233 
Archer 2220 
Wentworth av.: ^ 
blk. s. of 22d. Even 
nos. n. s. 

Archer av 2 

Portlandav 31 

Wentworth av.. 86 

Twenty-third E (S. 

D.)fr. the Lake w. 

to Archer av. Even 

nos. n. s. 

The Lake ) 

R. R. crossing V 2 

Lake Park av. ) 

So uth Parle av . . 10 

Calumet av 40 

Prairie av 66 

Cottage Gr've av 70 

Indiana av 94 

Michigan av 128 

Wabash av 168 

State 206 

Dearborn 234 

Butterfield 256 

Clark 278 

LaSalle 288 

Wentworth av. . 314 
Portland av 384 

Twenty-third W(W. 
D )fr. 1073 S Ho- 
man av. w. to Mow 

ry av. 

Homan av 

Trumbull av 

St. Louis av*... 
Clifton Park av. 
Central Park av 

Millard av 

Genesee av 

Bonney av 


Twenty-third pi. (S. 

D.) fr. 2324 Went- 
worth av. w. to 2343 
Archer av. Even 
nos. n. s. 
Wentworth av.. 90 

Portland av 

Stewart av 190 


Archer av 254 

Twenty-fourth E (S 
D.jir. the Lake w 
to Butler. Even 
nos. n. s. 

The Lake 

Lake Parkav... 
South Parkav.. 

Calumet av 

Cottage Gr've av 

Prairie av 

Indiana av 114 

Michigan av 144 

Wabash av 186 

State 204 

Dearborn 230 

Butterfield 254 

Clark 264 

LaSalle 276 

Wentworth av.. 300 

Portlandav 358 

Stewart av 396 

Hanover 434 

Butler 472 

Twenty-fourth W 

(W.D.) fr. Homan 
av. w. to Lawndale 

Twenty-fourth pi. 

(S. D.)fr. Archer av. 

e. to Wentworth av. 

1st s.of 24th. Even 

nos. n. s. 

Archer av ) . 

Sanger > A 

Wallace 55 

Butler 85 

Hanover 115 

Stewart av 145 

Portlandav 187 

Wentworth av.. 241 

Twenty-fifth E (S.D.) 
fr. the Lake w. to 
Sanger. Even nos. 
n. s. 

The Lake 

Lake Park av... 2 
South Park av.. 
Cottage Gr've av 

Calumet av 70 

Prairie av 104 

Indiana av 144 

Michigan av 176 

Wabash av 214 

State 252 

Dearborn 274 

Butterfield 294 

Clark 312 

LaSalle 328 

Wentworth av.. 350 

Portlandav 420 

Stewart av 470 

Hanover 504 

Butler 540 


Twenty fifth W (W. 

D.) fr. S Homan av. 
w. to Crawford av. 

Twenty-fifth pi. (S. 

D.) fr. S Halsted e. 

to Wentworth av 

1st s.of 25th. Even 

nos. n. s. 

Halsted 2 

Emeraldav 16 

Sanger 50 

Wallace 90 

Butler 122 

Hanover 150 

Stewart av 180 

Portland av 222 

Wentworth av . . 276 

Twenty-sixth E (S. 

D ) fr. Cottage Gr. 
av. w. to S Hal- 
sted. Even nos. 
n. s. 
Cottage G've av 
South Park av.. 

f'alumet av 34 

Prairie av 62 

Indiana av 94 

Michigan av 122 

Wabash av 154 

State 188 

Dearborn 200 

4 s 



Butterfield . . . 



Wentworth av.. 

Filth av 

Portland av 

Shields av , 

Stewart av 


Butler 462 

WaDace 490 

Lowe av 519 

Sanger 528 

Dashiel 543 


Halsted 590 

Twenty-sixth W (W. 

D.) fr. S Hoyne av. 
w. to S Crawford av. 
and beyond. 

Twenty-seventh E 

(S.D.) fr. the Lake 
w. to South Park 
av : fr. S State w. 
to Wallace; and fr. 
S Halsted to Quarry. 

Twenty-seventh W 

(W.D.) fr. S Kedzie 
av. w. to S Crawford 


fr. the Lake w. to 
Cottage Grove av. 
fr. Michigan av. w. 
to S State, andfr. 
Wentworth av. w. 
to S Halsted. 

Twenty -ninth (S.D.) 
fr. the Lake w. to 
Wentworth av. and 
fr. Stewart av. w. 
to S Halsted. Even 
nos. n. s. 

The Lake ) „ 

Lake Park av. . S 
Groveland av... 24 
Cottage Gr've av 60 

Vernon av 70 

South Parkav... 90 

Calumet av 120 

Prairie av 150 

Indiana av 180 

Michigan av 200 

Wabash av 240 


State 270 

Dearborn 294 

Butterneld 314 

Ciark 324 

LaSalle 336 

Wentworth av. . . 360 
Re-commence at 

Stewart av 460 

Hanover 500 

Butler 536 

Wallace 574 

Lowe av 6C0 

Dashiel 622 

Emerald av 646 

Halsted 670 

Twomey (N.D.) fr. 
288 Sedgwick w. 
and n. to 42 Hein. 

Chland (N.D.) fr. 
Alley rear 155 Cly- 
bourn av. s. w. and 
•w. to rear 581 N 
Halsted. Evennos. 

First no 41 

Langdon 71 

Last no 103 

Ullman(S.D.)fr. 971 
Thirty-first s. to 
Thirty-ninth ; mid- 
way bet veen S Ash- 
land av. and S 
Halsted. Evennos 
w. s. 

Thirty-first 3100 

James av 3130 

Thirty-second... 3200 

Springer av 3230 

Thirty-third 3300 

Thirty-fourth ct3430 

Thirty-fifth 3500 

Thirty-eighth. . ..3800 
Thirty-ninth 3900 

Union S (W.D.) fr. 
W Randolphs, to W 
Madison, andfr. W 
Twelfth s. to Lum- 
ber. 1st e. of S 
Halsted. Even nos. 
e. s. 

Randolph 1 

Waldo pi 15 

Washington 29 

Meridian 45 

Madison 61 

Re-commence at 

Twelfth 423 

DussoK 435 

O'Brien 449 

Kramer 462 

Maxwell 477 

Liberty 491 

Fourteenth 505 

Barber 519 

Wright 533 

Fifteenth 547 

Meagher 561 

Sixteenth 589 

Seventeenth 611 

Evans ct . 635 

Eighteenth 653 

Nineteenth 675 

Conrad 684 

Mark 695 

Canalport av.... 7()7 

Twenty-first 741 

Lisle 761 

Twenty-second.. 775 

Union pi 836 

Lumber 839 

Union N(W. D.) fr 
W Randolph n. to 
W Erie. 1st e. of 
N Halsted. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Randolph 1 

Eagle 17 

Lake 31 

Lydia 43 

Fulton 57 

Wayman 7 

Carroll av 93 

Kinzie 115 

Milwaukee av ) .*- 

Austinav f 1 *° 

Indiana 179 

Ohio 211 

Erie 241 

Union av. (Hyde Pk) 
See Fortieth bet. 
Cottage Grove av. 
and Vincennes av. 

Union pi. (W. D.)fr. 

82 W Twenty -sec- 
ond rf. and s. w. to 
S Union. 

Union pi. (W. D.)fr. 
1057 W Congress 
s. to 1209 W Har- 

Union Park (W. D.) 

bet. Ogden av. and 
Ashland av. and bet. 
Warren av. and 
Bryan pi. and W 
Lake; 14 4-5 acres. 

Union Park pi. (W. 

D.)fr. 520 W Lake 
n. to Arbor pi. n. of 
Union Park. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Lake 1 

Fulton 27 

Carroll av 47 

Arbor pi 61 

University pi. (S.D ) 
fr. 3430 Cottage 
Grove av. w. to 
Rhodes av. Nos. 
(odd) on s. s. only. 
Cottage G've av 1 
Rhodes av 71 

Upton (WD.) fr. 

1490 Milwaukee av. 

S. w. and av. to N 

Western av. Even 

nos. e. s. 
Milwaukee av... 1 

Rosebud ... 23 

Western av 49 

Van Buren E (S.D.) 

fr. Michigan av. w. 

to the River; 5th s. 

of Madison. Even 

nos. s. s. 

Michigan av 1 

Wabash av 33 

Holdenpl 49 

State 63 

Third av 81 

Dearborn 93 

Fourth av 97 

Clark 115 

Paciflcav 133 

LaSalle 149 

Sherman 155 

Fifth av 171 

Franklin 207 

Market 239 

The River 243 

Van Buren W (W.D.) 

fr. the River w. to 
S Homan av. jcrosses 
Ogden av. at 295. 
Even nos. s. s. 

TheRiver 1 

Charles 15 

Canal 41 

Clinton 71 

Jefferson 95 

Dosplaines 127 

Halsted 193 

Green 213 

Peoria 233 

Sangamon 253 

Morgan 275 

Bowery 296 

Aberdeen 329 

Centre av 379 

Throop 425 

Loomis 479 

Lailin 527 

Ashland av 573 

Marshtieldav.... 593 

Paulina 615 

Hermitage av. . . 635 

Wood 657 

Ogden av.. 663 

Honore 671 

Lincoln 691 

Winchester av.. 713 

Robey 745 

Seeley av 779 

Hoyneav 799 

Leavitt ..i 857 

Irving av 893 

Oakley av 91 9 

Claremont av. . . 954 

Western av 977 

Campbell av....l035 

Cicero ct 1067 

Rockwell ..1095 

R. R. crossing ..1101 
Congress Park. . 1 1 23 
Washtenaw av. . 1 1 53 

California av 1213 

Stephens 1247 

"rancisco 1273 

Nassau 1307 

Sacramento av.1332 

Whipple 1367 

Albany av 13£> 1 

Troy 1427 

Kedzie av 1453 

Spaulding av....l511 

Phinney av 1545 

Homan av 1571 

Van Horn (W. D.) 

fr.577Laflinw.toi 2 
blk. w. of S Wood 
andfr. 863 S Robey 
w. to 886 S West- 
ern av. Even nos. 
n s. 

Laflin 616 

Ashland av 670 

Paulina 722 

Wood 788 

Last no 804 

Robey 906 

Hoyneav 966 

Leavitt 1026 

Oakley av 1084 

Western av 1 144 

Vedder (N. D.) fr. 

525 N Halsted e 
ands. e. to 277 E 
Division. Evennos. 

Halsted 2 

Grace 30 

Penn 54 

Pleasant 74 

Otis 90 

Vine 110 

Larrabee 120 

Division 178 

Vermont av. (S. D. ) 

fr. Thirty-first s. to 

153 6 Thirty-third; 

1st w. ot'S Lincoln. 

Even nos. w. s. 

Thirtv-nrst 3100 

Thirty-second. . .3200 
Thirty-third 3300 

Vernon av. (S. D.) 

fr. ^blk. n. of 70 
Twenty-ninth s. to 
Thirty-ninth. Even 
nos. w. s. 

First no 2818 

Twenty-ninth.. .2900 

Thence each block 

commences with 

even hundred num 
bers corresponding 
with numerical 
name of street 

Vernon Park (W.D.) 
W Polk, fr. Loomis 
to Center av. 

Vernon Park pi. (W 

D.) fr. 201 S Centre 227 Loomis. 
1st s of W Harri- 
son . Even nos . s . s . 

Centre av 1 

Lytle 33 

Fayette ct 59 

Sibley 75 

Loomis 107 

Vincennes av (S.D.) 
fr. Cottage Grove 
av. cor Thirty-fifth 
s.w to Forty-third; 
thence s to Fifty 
first. Even nos. w.s 

Vine(N D.)fr 215 E 
Division n to 15 
Rees;and fr. 245 E 
North av. n to Wil- 
low. Evennos. e 

Division 2 

Vedder 38 

Gardner 51 

Rees 55 

Re-commence at 

North av 191 

Willow 261 

Wabansia av. E (N. 

D.) fr. the River n. 
e. to 525 Clybourn 
av. Even nos. n.s 


Hawthorne av. .. 


Clybourn av ... 

Wabansia av. W (W. 

D.)fr. 166McHanry 
w. to 1319 Milwau 
kee av. ; and fr. N 
Leavitt w. to 896 N 
Western av. ; and 
thence through Jef- 
ferson. Even nos. 
s. s. 

McHenry. 47 

Wright 76 

Elston av 99 

Coventry Ill 

R. R. crossing.. 123 

Holt 124 

Dickson 149 

Ashland av 169 

Edgar 199 

Paulina 225 

Commercial 251 

Wood 277 

Girard - 303 

Elkgrove av 329 

Dudley 355 

»obey 381 

Hoyneav 441 

Milwaukee av... 451 



Oakley av 


Western av 593 

Dania av 

Seymour av 

Maplewood av.. 


Gross av 

Washtenaw av. . 

Fairfield av 

California av 




Humboldt boul. 
Kedziewv j 



Homan av 

Wabash av. (S. D.) 

fr. South Water s 
to abt. Seventy-fifth. 
Even nos. e. s. n.of 
E Twelfth and w. s. 
s. of E Twelfth. 

South Water 1 

Lake 29 

Randolph.. 65 

Washington — 93 

Madison 123 

Monroe 163 

Adams.™ 199 

Jackson 239 

Van Buren.. 281 

Congress 323 

Harrison 363 

Hubbard ct 401 

Peckct 441 

Eldredgect 481 

Harmon ct 521 

Twelfth 1200 

Thence each block 
commences with' 
even uundred num- 
dred nos. corre- 
sponding with nu- 
merical name of 

I U 

Wade (W.D.)fr 123 g 
Elston av. w to 
Currier; thence n.i p Jr t 
w to 24 Crittenden. ^ t 
Even nos. n. s. 

Elston av 

R. R. crossing. .. 52 ! 

Cuirier 74 

Crittenden Ill 

Wahl (S.D.) fr. 947 „. 

Thirty-first s. tc ",! 
Springer av.; abt. 
4 blks n. of S Hai< 
sted. Even nos. 

Thirty-first 310cft 

James av 3130' ™ 

Thirty-second. . .320C, 

Springer av 3234 Md 


Waldo pi. (W.D.) ft lk 

23 S Desplaines w,i »f 

to 18 S Halsted. * 

Even nos. s s. f/ 0! 

Desplaines 3 *■ 

Union 3}' *■ 

Halsted 7S |W 

7 15 

,D> 81 

Walker ct. (W.D. iela 
fr. 508 W Eiglitii » 
eenth n. 38 num »f 
bers. lste. ofBlu Wo 
Island av. Eve) } 8 
nos. e. s. "ait 


Wallace (S.D.) ft Ilyfo'oi 
2400 Archer av. s Turserv 
e. to Twenty-fourt 1 '%, 
pi.; thence s. t Belden'a 
Seventy-fifth. Eve:' fuli^ 
nos. w. s. 

Archer av 240 ir nhJ 

Tw'nty-fourthpl244 , . 

Twenty-fifth.... 250 f 

Twenty-fifth pi. .253; SH 

Twenty-sixth.... 260 

Thence each bloc 

commences wit 

even hundred nuir 

bers correspondin 

with n u m e r i c 

name of stre( 


Walleck pi. (W.D 
fr. C. B. &Q. R. I 
s. H blk. to y 
Eighteenth. 1st i 
of S Hoyne av 


h m 






Waller (W.D.) fr. 
370 W Twelfth s. to 
W Fourteenth; 1st 
w. of S Morgan 
Even nos. e. s. 

Velfth i 

hirteenth pi 2; 

hirceenth 4t 

laxwell 6( 

rank 7i 

ourteenth 91 

Valnut (W. D.) fr 

21 N Ashland av.w 
to 42 N Western av 
andfr. 33 N Fran. 
Cisco to N Central 
Park av. 1st n. of 
W Lake. Even nos. 
n. s. 

.shland av 1 

aulina 51 

IVood 97 

incoln 145 

tobey 19 

[oyneav 235 

ieavitt 271 

'akleyav 320 

Western av 367 

.e-commence at 


acramento av.. 

Ibany av 756 

edzie av 816 

ioman av 942 

arker pi 1003 

entral Park av.1034 

Valnut (Hyde Park) 
fr. Cottage Grove 
av. e . to the Lake 
lstn. of 55th. 

Talsh ct. (W. D.) 

fr. S May w. to Cen- 
tre av.; bet. W20th 
and W 21st. Even 
nos. n. s. 

ay 1 

entre av 27 

Paltonpl. (N. D.)fr. 
330 N Clark e. to 
the Lake. Even 
nos. s. s. 

lark ) , 

earborn av..) 

tate 13 

h 57 



he Lake. 


Varrt (N. D.) fr.666 
Ciybourn av. n. e. 
to 82 Nursery, 
thence n. to 225 
Fullerton av. Even 
nos. e.s. 

lybournav 2 

ursery.-. 12 

Webster av 50 

eldenav 108 

ullerton av.... 164 

Fard (Ciaro) fr. 
Thirty-ftfth s. to 
Thirty-sixth; lstw. 
of S Western av. 

Vardct. (W.D.) fr. 
401 Lumber w. to 
170 S Jefferson. 

Tarren a v. (W. D. ) 

fr. Ogden av. (s. s. 
Union Park) w. to 
S Holman av. and 
fr. Hamlin av. 
Crawford av. and 
beyond; 1st n.of W 
Madison. Even nos. 
n. s. 
•gden av 2 

Ashland av 

Paulina 91 

Page 115 

Wood 139 

Lincoln 197 

Robey 257 

Hoyne av. .. 317 

Leavitt 375 

Oakley av 435 

Western av 495 

Staunton 545 

Rockwell 631 

R. R. Crossing. 


California av... 


Sacramento av. 

Albany av 929 

Kedzieav 991 

Homan av ) 1 1 1 q 

Garfield Park, f li,a 
Re-commence at 

Hamlin av 1353 

Crawford av 148 1 



fr. Michigan av. w 

v. w. 

to the River, 

nos. s. s. 

Michigan av 1 

Garland pi 7 

Wabash av 21 

Holdenpl 33 

State 47 

Dearborn 79 

Clark 112 

City Hall 

LaSalle 143 

Fifth av 175 

Franklin 207 

Market. 230 

The River 250 

Washington W (W. 

D.) fr. the River w. 
to Homan av. and 
f r. Hamlin av. w. to 
Crawford av. and 
beyond. (Called 
Washington boul. 
fr. Halsted w. to 
Garfield Park.) Even 
nos. s. s. 

The River 1 

West Water 5 

Canal 21 

Clinton 49 

Jefferson 81 

Desplaines Ill 

Union 143 

Halsted 181 

Green 201 

Peoria 221 

Sangamon 245 

Morgan 265 

Carpenter 287 

Curtis 307 

May 327 

Ann 347 

Willard pi 367 

Elizabeth 385 

Waverleypl 408 

Ada 423 

Sheldon 455 

Bishop ct 480 

Ogden av 491 

Union Park 

Ashland av 493 

Paulina 537 

Page 559 

Wood 581 

ILincoln 629 

'Robey 677 

Hoyne av 721 

Leavitt 781 

Oakley av 841 

Western av 901 

Staunton 951 

Rockwell 1025 

R. R. crossing.. 1037 

Falls 1047 

California av 1 1 59 

Clarksonct 1181 

Francisco 1217 

Sacramento av..l277 
Albany av 1337 

Kedzie av 1397 

Homan av 1517 

Garfield Park... 1519 

Hamlin av 1701 

Crawford av 1883 

Washington (Hyde 
Park) fr. Forty 
ninth to Fifty-ninth 
1st e. of Madison av 

Washington boul 

W.D.) see W Wash- 

Washington Park 

bet. Fifty-first and 
Sixtieth and bet 
Cottage Grove av 
and Kankakee av 
Contains 371 acres 

Washington pi. (ND. ) 
fr. 292 N Clark e. 
1 blk. to Dearborn 

Washtenaw av. S 

(W. D.) fr. Wilcox 
av. s. to Twenty 
sixth.and fr. Thirty- 
fifth s. to Archer 
av; 7th w. of S 
Western av. Even 
nos. e. s. 



Wilcox av 151 

Adams 179 

Jackson 205 

Owasco 232 

VanBuren 251 

Congress 289 

Harrison 323 

Flournoy 353 

Lexington 385 

Polk 417 

Harvard 451 

Taylor 483 

Fillmore 516 

Grenshaw 54 

Twelfth 572 

Ogden 715 

Fifteenth 743 

Rebecca 775 

Sixteenth 803 

R. R. crossing.. 

Eighteenth 863 

Nineteenth 912 

Twentieth 938 

Twenty-first 964 

Hinman 990 

Twenty -second . .1015 

Moore 1075 

Parmelee 1110 

Laughton 1135 

Coulter 1195 

Twenty-sixth. . ..1253 
Re-commence at 

Thirty-fifth 3500 

Thirty-sixth . ..3600 
Thirty-seventh . 3700 
Thirty-ninth.... 3900 
Archer av 

Washtenaw av. TT 

(W.D.) fr. 1200 W 
Lake n. to W Kinzie 
and fr. Grand av. to 
Armitage av.; 7th 
w. of N Western av. 
Even nos. e. s. 

Lake 2 

Fulton 70 

Kinzie 124 

Re-commence at 

Grand av 290 

Huron 306 

Superior 338 

Chicago av 364 



Division 604 


Moltke 660 

Bismarck 694 

Hirsch 720 

Thompson 780 

North av 840 

Wabansia av . . . 902 

Bloomingdale rd 964 



Armitage av 

Water North (See 
North Water. ) 

Water South (See 
South Water.) 

Water West (See 
West Water.) 

Waterville(S.D.) fr. 

1075 Thirty-second 
s. e. to Fox. Even 
nos. w. s. 
Thirty-second. . . 3 200 

Springer av 3255 

Fox 3283 

Waver (S.D.) fr.2420 
Archer av. w. 1 blk 

Waverly pi. (W.D.) 
fr. 439 W Madison 
n. 1 blk. to Wash- 
ington boul. Last 
no. 42. Even nos 
e. s. 

Wayman (W.D.) fr. 

80 N Jefferson w. to 
SON Halsted. Even 
nos. s. s. 

Jefferson 2 

Desplaines 42 

Union 84 

Halsted 114 

Weage av , (W. D 

f'r.N Kedzie av.w. to 
N Homan av. ; 4th 
n. of W Division 

Webster av. (N. D.) 
fr. the River e. to 
Lincoln Pk; 1st n.of 

Garfield av. Even 
nos. n. s. 

The River 1 

Dominick 25 

Ciybourn av 65 

High 70 

Southportav — 81 

Ward 103 

Herndon 123 

Lewis 145 

Racine av 165 

Jay 191 

Seminary av — 215 

Osgood 239 

Sheffield av 259 

Bissell 281 

Fremont 303 

Dayton 325 

Halsted 345 

Edward 353 

Burling 365 

Pearl 377 

Orchard 385 

Larrabee 419 

Lincoln av 421 

Hurlbut 473 

Lincoln pi 501 

Sedgwick 523 

Clark 535 

North Pk av.. I K -- 

Lincoln Pk.... i 577 

Weed (N.D.)fr. Hook- 
er n. e. to Haw- 
thorn av. thence e. 
to Ciybourn av. ;lst 
s. of North av. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Hooker 1 

N Branch canal. 27 

Hawthorn av.. I c-., 

Sheffield av... f OA 

Smithav 101 

Dayton 135 

Halsted ) 1R1 

Ciybourn | lbi 

Weedet. (N D.) fr. 
256 Ciybourn av.n. 
e . K bfk. 

Wellington (Lake- 
view) fr. Ciybourn 
av. e. to the Lake. 
\ mile n. of Fuller- 
ton av. 

Ciybourn av.. | 

Leavitt ) 

Hoyne av 

0. &N. W.R. R. 


Ashland av 


Lincoln av \ 

Southport av.. $ 

C. &E. R. R.... 

Racine av 


Seminary av 


Sheffield av 




Evanston av 

Lake View av. j 

The Lake f 

Wellington pi. (Hyde 
Park) fr. Forty- 
sixth n. 23 blk.; 1st 
e. of Greenwood av. 

Wells (N.D.) fr. the 
River n. to Lincoln 
Park; 2d w. of N 
Clark. Even nos. e. 

The River 2 

N Water 20 

Kinzie 36 

Michigan 60 

Illinois 80 

Indiana 100 

Ohio 118 

Ontario 138 

Erie 158 

Huron 178 

Superior 198 

Chicago av 220 

Pearson 244 

Chestnut 262 

Locust 278 

Whiting. 298 

Oak 316 

Wendell 334 

Hill 352 

Elm 372 

Division 396 

Beethoven pi 423 

Goethe 454 

Sigel 483 

Schiller 502 

Carl 554 

North av 608 

Eugenie 668 

Florimond 693 

Tellct 707 

Menomonee 724 

Park Front 738 

Lincoln av 739 

Clark 755 

Lincoln Park 757 

Wendell (N.D.) fr. 
185 Sedgwick e. to 
333 Wells and e. M 
blk. Even nos. s.s. 

Sedgwick 2 

Market 28 

Franklin 50 

Wells 80 

Last no 96 


Went worth a v.(S.D.) 

fr. E Sixteenth s. tc 
Seventy-fifth; lstw 
of LaSalle. Even 
nos. w. s. 

Sixteenth 1600 

Seventeenth 1700 

Thence s. to 
each block com- 
m'nc'swith even 
hundred num- 
bers correspond- 
ing with numeri- 
cal name of 
street crossing. 

Werder (W.D.) fr. 

625 N Rockwell w. 

to N California av. 

Even nos. n. s 

Rockwell 1 

Washtenaw av.. 61 
California a v 119 

Wesson (N D.) fr. E 
Chicago av. n. to E 
Division. 1st e. of 
Larrabee. Even nos. 
w. s. 

Chicago av 1 

Oak 133 

Hobbie 157 

Elm 187 

Division 209 

West Water 8 (W.D.) 

fr. 6 W Randolphs. 

x to W Madison. Even 

nos. w. s. 




fr. 5 W Randolph n 
to Fulton and tr 21 
W Kinzie n. w. to 
Indiana. Even nos 
w. s. 




Re-commence at 




Western av . 8 (W.D.) 
fr. 1013 W Lake s. 
to the River and (S. 
D.) fr. the River s. 
to about Seventy- 
fifth: abt. 3 miles 
w. of Clark. Even 
nos. e. s. to the 
River and w. s.s.of 
the River. 

Lake 1 

Parkav 21 

Washington bd. 45 

Warren av 69 

Madison 93 

Monroe 125 

Wilcox av 151 

Adams 179 

Jackson 205 

Owasco 225 

VanBuren 245 

Congress 289 

Harrison 323 

Flournoy 353 

Lexington 385 

Polk 417 

Harvard 451 

Taylor 483 

Fillmore 513 

Grenshaw 545 

Twelfth 571 

Lunn ct 613 

Thirteenth 628 

Ogden av 633 

Fourteenth 683 

Fifteenth 743 

Sixteenth 803 

Seventeenth 829 

Eighteenth 859 

Van Horn 886 

Nineteenth 909 

Twentieth 937 

Twenty-first 963 

Hinman 989 

Twenty-second.. 101 1 

Ambrose 1050 

Moore 1071 

Parmelee 1109 

Laughton 1135 

Marvin 1 1B9 

Coulter 1195 

Blue Island av... 1240 
Twenty-sixth.... 1250 

The River 

Thirty-first 3100 

Thirty -second... 3200 

The Canal 3212 

R. R. crossing.. 3241 

Bross av 3242 

Thirty-fourth ...3400 

Thirty -fifth 3500 

Thirty-fifth ct... 3537 

Thirty-sixth 3600 

R R. crossing.. 3641 
Thirty-seventh.. 3700 

Archer av 3768 

Thirty-eighth . . . 3800 

hirty -ninth 3900 

Thence to abt. 

Seventy -fifth.. 

Western av.N (WD.) 
fr. 1014 WLake n 
to the River and 
tnence throug h 
Lake View. Even 
nos- e. s. 

Lake 2 

Walnut 40 

Fulton 70 

Kinzie 124 

Austin av 156 

Grand av 185 

Indiana 196 

Ohio 240 

Erie 270 

Huron 306 

Superior 338 

Chicago av 364 

Iowa 424 

Augusta 484 

Humboldt av 515 


Gross Parkway. . 580 

Division 604 

Bryson 658 

Hirsch 720 


Northav 838 

Wabansiaav 896 

Bloomingdale rd 956 

Upton 976 

Moffat 979 

Rosebud 1000 

Cortland 1003 

Homer ) in o n 

Milwaukee av. f 103 ° 

Armitage av 1052 

Coblentz 1080 

Powell's Park... 1099 

11 OS 
II' lis 



Jefferson ct. . . 


Edbrooke pi. 


Pleasant pi... 


Alicepl 1265 


Clara pi 


Fullerton av 


Greenwood av.. 




R. R. crossing.. 
Evergreen av.. 
Elston av 

Rebecca 775JDiversey av 

The River 

Thence through 

Lake View to Lake 


Wharf (W.D.) fr. 
Lumber s. e. 1 blk. 
to the River; 1 blk. 
w of Stewart av. 

Wharton av. (Hyde 
Park) fr. Sixtieth s. 
to Sixty-third. 2d 
e. of Cottage Grove 

Wheaton (W.D.) fr 
1433 N Kedzie av 
w 1 blk. 1st s. of 
W Division. 

Whipple (W.D.) fr. 
Colorado av s. 
and s. to 1367 W 
Van Buren. 1st w 
of Sacramento av 
Even nos. e. s. 

Colorado av 1 

Jackson 67 

VanBuren Ill 

Whltehouse (W.D.) 
fr. S Kedzie av. 
to Mowry av. ; 1 st n. 
of W Thirty-first 

Whiting (N.D.) fr.12 
blk. w of 277 N 
Market e. to an alley 
% blk. e. of Wells; 
lsts of Oak. Even 
nos. s. s. 





An alley 

Wicker Park, A tri 

angular !o sq. 1 ^ bik 
s.w. of 1217 Mil 
waukee av. Bound 
ed by Park,N Robey 
and Fowler; con- 
tains 4*2 acres. 

Wicland (N. D.) fr 

137 Schiller n. to 
418 North av. ; 1st 
w. of Wells. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Schiller 1 

Northav 113 

Wilcox av.(W.D.)fr. 

145 S Oakley av. w. 
to 152 S Sacramento 
av.; 2d s. of W 
Madison. Even nos. 

Oakley av 901 

Western av 961 

Campbell av ....1019 

Rockwell 1081 

R. R. crossing.. 

Washtenaw 1147 

California av.... 1209 

Francisco 1269 

Sacramento av..l333 

Will (W.D.) fr. 579 
Milwaukee av. w. to 
Augusta; 1st n. of 
N Carpenter. Even 
nos. w. s. 
Milwaukee av... 1 
Augusta 43 

Willard pi. (W. D , 

fr. 367 Washington 
boul. n. to 38(> W 
Randolph. Even 
nos. w. s. 
Washington bd. 1 
Randolph 29 

William (S. D.) (in 

Cicero; fr. S Rock- 
well w. to S Califor- 
nia av and fr. S Sac- 
ramento av w. to 
Kedzie av. ; 1st s. 
of Thirty-seventh. 

William a v. (W.D.) 
fr. N (,'entral Park 
av.w. to Hamlin av. 
1 st n.of W . Division. 

Willis ct. (W.D.) fr. 
651 W Thirteenth 
s. to C.&N.W.R.R. 
tracks. 1st. w . of 
S Oakley av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Thirteenth 1 

C.&N.W. R. R.. 47 

Willow (N. D.) fr, 
499 Larrabee w. to 
414 Clybourn av. 
thence s. w. to Haw- 
thorne av. Even 
nos. n. s. 

Larrabee , 2 

Vine 21 

Hnwe 28 

Orchard 50 

Burling 70 

Halsted 90 

Dayton 110 

Fremont 130 

Bissell 150 

Sheffield av... | , 7 . 
Clybourn av... f ' 

Marcy 200 

Hawthorne av.. 220 

Wilmot av. (W.D.) 
fr. 839 N Robey w. 
to 822 N Hoyne av. 
thence n. w. to 522 
Armitage av Even 
nos. s. s. 


Hoyne av 55 

Bloomingdale rd 97 

Churchill 115 

Leavitt 123 

Cortland 181 

Oakley av 195 

Armitage..! 247 

Wilson (W.D.)fr.41 
Steivart av. w. to 
512 S Jefferson; 2 
blks. s. of W 12th. 
Even nos. s. s. 

Stewart av 1 

Canal 47 

Clinton 77 

Jefferson 109 

Winchester av. (W 

D.; fr. 704 W Much 
son s. to W 
abt. 6 blks. w. of S 
Ashland av. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Madison 97 

Monroe 137 

Ad:ims 175 

Van Buren 
Ogden av.., 






Wlnthroppl. (W.D.) 
fr MOW Polks, to 
W Taylor. 1st w 
of Loomis. Even 
nos. e. s. 

Polk 1 

Taylor 81 

Wisconsin (N.D.) fr. 
821 N Clark (Lin- 
coln Park) w. to 576 

Larrabee. 3rd n. 

of E North av. Even 

nos. n. s. 

Clark 2 

North Parkav... 23 

Lincoln av 30 

Lonergan 44 

Hammond 53 

Sedgwick 74 

Hudson av 94 

Hurlbut 114 

Mohawk 134)1 

Larrabee 152 

Wolcottav. (S.D.)fr. 
Forty -second s. to 
Forty-third. 1st e. 
of Lake av . 

View) fr. N Ashland 
av. e. to Herndon, 
and fr Sheffield av. 
to N Halsted; 1st n. 
of Diversey av. 

Wood 8 (W. D.) fr. 
675 W Lakes. to the 
River and (S D.)fr. 
the canal s. to abt. 
75th; crosses Arch- 
er av. at 3260 Even 
nos. e. s. in W. D. 
and w s. in S. D. I 

Lake 1 

Parkav 23 

Washington bd. 47 

Warren av 71 

Madison 95 

Ogden pi 118 

Monroe 135 

Adams 177 

Mathew 198 

Jackson 218 

Ogden av 240 

VanBuren 245 

Congress 279 

Harrison 307 

York 346 

Polk 383 

Taylor 463 

Selden 495 

Yeaton 521 

Twelfth... 541 

Thirteenth pi...- 563 

Thirteenth 589 

Hastings 615 

Fourteenth...... 641 

Henry 668 

Fifteenth 701 

Rebecca 734 

R. R. crossing.. 

Sixteenth 751 

Seventeenth 785 

Eighteenth 811 

Van Horn 846 

Nineteenth 871 

Twentieth 897 

T enty-first 923 

Hinman 957 

Twenty -second.. 983 

Ambrose 1001 

Moore 1027 

Blue Island av..l033 

The River.. 

Re-commence at 

111. & Mich. canal3063 

Thirty-first 310O 

R R. crossing.. 
Thirty-second. .. 

Archer av 3250 

Thirty-third .. .3300 
Thence each block 
commences with 
even hundred num 
bers correspondin) 
with n u m e r i ca 
name of street- 
crossing . 

Wood N (W.D.) fr. 

676 W Lake n. to 

Asylum pi. 2d w. 

of N Ashland av. 

Even nos. e. s. 
Lake 1 


Walnut 22 

Fulton 47 

Carroll av 74 

Kinzie 95 

Austin av 125 

Ferdinand 147 

Indiana 157 

Emerson av 185 

Ohio 203 

Erie 227 

Huron 251 

Superior 277 

Chicago av 302 

Rice 332 

Clarinda 345 

Iowa 365 

Cornelia 391 

Augusta 425 

Emily 475 

Thomas 491 

Jane 514 

Division 547 

Lull pi 578 

Blucher 598 

Ellen 624 

Park 639 

Milwaukee av... 684 

Bringham 690 

Julian 726 

Elkgrove av 743 

McReynoIds 754 

Keenon 780 

North av 801 

Wabansia av 861 

Bloomingdale rd 915 

Clybournpl 971 

Armitage av. .1027 

Hervey 1091 

R. R. crossing.. 11 14 
Asylum pi 1147 

Woodland avi( WD.) 

fr. Douglas boul. s. 
to W Sixteenth. 1st 
w. of Central Park 

Woodland Part (S. 
D.)fr. 3411 Cottage 
Grove a v. e. 1 blk. 
4 ^ acres. 

Woodlawn av. CS D 

fr. Lake av. ^ blk 
n. of 45th s. to abt 
70th; abt. 6 blks. 
e. of Cottage Grove 

Worth en (W.D.) fr 
W Twentv-first 
Even nos. e. s. 

Ogden av x 

Nineteenth 95 

T wenty -first .... 155 

Wright fW. D.) fr. 

115 Stewart av. w. 

to Walker 1 blk. s. 

of W 14th. Even 

nos. s. s. 

Stewart av 1 

Canal 39 

Jefferson 97 

Union 157 

Halsted 193 

Newberry av.... 215 

Johnson 235 

Brown 255 

Morgan 277 

Walker 293 

Wright (W. D.)"fr. 
97 W North av. n. 
to Rawson and 
thence n. w. to Wa- 
bansia av.; 1st e. of 
Elstonav.Even nos 

Northav 2 

Rawson 42 

Wabansia av 76 

Wrlghtpl. (N.D )fr 

39 Grand av. n. e. 
and n. to 809 W 

Wrightwood av. (N. 

D.) fr. Clybourn av. 
e. to N. Clark; 3 
blks. n. of Fuller- 
ton av. 

Clybourn av 

C.& N. W.R. R. 



Ashland av 






Racine av 

Seminary av 

Sheffield av 

Lincoln av 

Best av 


Florence av 





Yancey (W.D.) fr. 

1532 Genesee av. e. 
1 blk. to Mo wry. 

Ycaton (W.D.) fr. 
513 S Wood w. to 
571 S Lincoln. 

York (W.D.) fr. 171 
Laflin w. to 348 S 
Wood. Even nos. 
s. s. 


Ashland av 

Marshfield av... 590 

Paulina 610 

Hermitage av... 636 

Yorktown (S.D.) fr. 
Bross av. s. to 
Thirty-fifth ct.; 3d 
e. to S Western av. 

Zlon pi. (W.D.) fr. 

631 Throop w. to 

693 Loomis; 1st s. 

of W Eighteenth. 

Even nos. n. s. 

Throop 2 

Loomis 46 


Cleveland av., formerly Hurlbut (see 
Hurlbut av.) 

Follanshee (Jefferson) fr. Milwaukee av. 
w. 1 blk. 1st s. of Fullerton av. 

Gage Park (S. D.) abt. 4 miles w. of Wash- 
ington Park at jet. of Garfield and Wes- 
tern av. bouls. Contains 20 acres, 

Garfield Park (W. D.) (formerly Central 
Park) abt. 4i miles w. of the City Hall. 
Greatest length is from s. (Colorado av.) 
to n. (W. Kinzie) Contains 185 acres. Take 
W. Madison, W. Randolph andW. Lake St. 
horse cars. 

Humboldt Park (W. D.) fr. W. Northav. 
s. to Augusta St. and f r. N. California av. 
w. to N. Kedzie av. Contains 200 acres. 
Take Milwaukee av. horse cars. 

Idaho (N.D.) See Claremont av. 

Jackson Park (S.D.) fr. the Lake w. to 
Stony Island av. and f r. 56th St. to 67th St. 
Contains 593 acres. Take South Side street 
cars to Oakwood boul., thence by dummy 
engine. Also reached by Illinois Central 

Jefferson Park ( W. D.) one large block 
of 5 x /2 acres f r. W. Throop w. to Loomis, 
and fr. W. Monroe s. to W. Adams. Take 
W. Madison street car to Throop St. 

Julia ct. (W. D.) (Jefferson) fr. Stave % 
blk. sw. of Milwaukee av. sw. X A blk. to 

Lake Park (S. D.) fr. E. Randolph s. to 
Lake Park pi. (1st n. of E. 12th) and fr. 
Michigan av. e. to the strip of ground 
along the lake shore occupied by the Illi- 
nois Central R. R. Contains 40 acres. 

Lincoln Park (N.D.) fr. North av. n. to 
Diversey av. and fr. N. Clark to the Lake. 
Contains 250 acres. Take N. Clark St. 
horse cars. 

.Midway Plaisance (S. D.) fr. Jackson 
Park w. to Washington Park, 1-10 mile in 
length and contains 80 acres. 

Montmorro av. (Jefferson) fr. N. Kedzie 
av. w. to Hamlin av. 1 blk. s. of W. Ful- 
lerton av. 

St. Georges (Jefferson) fr. Milwaukee av. 
sw. l A blk. to N. California av. 

Union sq. (N. D.) nw. quarter of the blk. 
bounded by Goethe, Scott, Astor and 
Stone sts. 

Washing-ton sq. (N.D.) fr. N. Clark one 
blk. to Dearborn and fr. Washington pi. 
n. 1 blk. to Lafayette pi. Contains 2i 
acres. Take N. Clark St. horse cars to 
292 N. Clark 





4f -n 







Business Directory of Chicago. 



agt agent 

al. alley 

atty attorney 

asst assistant 

av avenue 

bt between 

blk block 

blksmth . . blacksmith 

bldg building 


boarding house 

boul or bd. .boulevard 



carp carpenter 

cash cashier 

co company 

com commission 

com. mer 

commission merchant 

comr commissioner 



cor... corner 


ct court 

Dr doctor 

E .-east 

es east side 

exch exchange 

f urng furnishing 

gasftr gas fitter 

gen general 



harnessmake r 

ins insurance 

inst instrument 

lithog lithographer 

M. D. .medical doctor 

M E...... . 

_ .Methodist Episcopal 

mkr... maker 

rnnfg.- manufacturing 

mnf r manufacturer 

mnf y manufactory 

mngr manager 


__., meat market 

N north 

nat national 

ne northeast 

nr near 

not. pub. notary public 

ns north side 

nw northwest 

opp opposite 

P. O postoffice 

photog- . photographer 

pk park 

pi place 

pres president 

prop proprietor 

prov provisions 

pub publisher 

real est real estate 

rec receiving 

R room 

R. R railroad 

rd road 

ret retail 

Ry railway 

S south 

se southeast 

sec secretary 

shoemkr... shoemaker 

sq square 

ss south side 

st street 

stairbldr. stair builder 

sten stenographer 

stk; yds stock yards 

supt... superintendent 

sw southwest 

T telephone 

tel telegraph 

trans., .transportation 

treas treasurer 

U. S._- United States 
upholstr. . .upholsterer 

vet. surg 

veterinary surgeon 

v. pres. .vice-president 

W west 

ws west side 

wh or who .wholesale 
wks works 



Aagaard Julius, laundry, 700 Root 
Aal Bernard, cigars, 389 W. Madison 
Aarczak Frances Mrs., grocer, 106 Cleaver 
Aaron B. & Son, (B. and M. Aaron,) produce 

com. 116 S. Water 
Aaron Levy, tailor, 1643 S. State 
Aarons Mitchel, jeweler, 425 S. State 
Abbenga Hessel, grocer, 1140 W. Madison 
Abbott Abial R. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 1030, 

T. 690 
Abbott Annie E. Miss, milliner, 70 E. Madi- 
son. R. 1 
ABIIOTT A. II. & CO., (Arthur H. Ab- 
bott) artists' materials, 50 E. Madison, T. 
Abbott Buggy Co., Arthur A. Abbott, pres., 
Chas. H. Bunker, sec, Geo. E. Johnson, 
treas., 371 Wabash av., T. 1464 
Abbott Charles, news depot, 1039 W. Lake 
Abbott Charles A., photog. 251 Lincoln av. 
Abbott Edward C. Dr., 801 W. Madison 
Abbott Edwin F. lawyer, 175 Dearborn, R. 77 
Abbott Frank B. architect, 196 LaSalle, R. 21 

Abbott George B. Dr. 163 S. State R. 22 and 23 

h. 119 E. Madison R. 6 
Abbott James, not. pub. 59 E. Randolph, R. 39, 

T. 5237 
Abbott S. G. lawyer, 197 Sangamon 
Abbott Oliver & Showalter (Abial R. Abbott, 

John Milton Oliver and John W. Showal- 
ter) lawyers, 112 S. Clark R. 1030 T. 690 
Abbott, Thome & Co. (E. O. Abbott and T. F. 

Thorne), pattern and model mkrs. 51 W. 

Abbott Wade, lawyer, 125 S. Clark R 48 
Abbott William W. picture mats, 182 Wabash 

Abbott Wyllys S. brick, 161 LaSalle. 
Abbott W. C. Dr. druggist, Ravenswood (Lake 

View), T. 3968 
Abbott & Baker (Edwin F. Abbott, George G. 

Baker) lawyers, 175 Dearborn R. 77 T. 5239 
Abbott & Jaquish (James Abbott, Louis C. 

Jaquish) stens. 99 E. Randolph R. 39, T. 5237 
Abel Adolph, milk, 17 Samuel 
Abel Charles, saloon, 628 S. Canal 

DAYTON cfc? DF>«3<J>Xj:E3, 

S PatehtS 





Abel Frank, confectr, 251 N. Market 
Abel John P. Dr. 3800 Dearborn, T. 9824 
Abel Win., barber, 629 S. Canal 
Abel & Casper (Bernard Abel, Alfred Cas- 
per), grocers, 399 Lincoln av. Lake View 
Abeles Edward shoerakr. 1219* B. State 
Abeles Leopold, cigars, 49 5th av. 
Abeling Frederick, restaurant, 1149 Milwau- 
kee av. 
Abell Charles C. real est. 179 E. Washington, 

R. 2 
Abell James E. lawyer, 142 LaSalle, R. 9 
Abelson Isaac, dressmkr. 212 W. Lake 
Abendroth Fritz, grocer, 175 Augusta 
Abendroth & Root Mnfg. Co. William H. 
Smith, mngr. boilers, 115 Dearborn, R. 71 
Abercrombie Charles, vocal music, 241 Wa- 
bash av. R. 7 
Ablewhite & Co. (Thomas Ablewhite, Alfred 
Carlson and John M. Rust) , clothing, 2186 
Archer av. 
Ablin Bernard, boots and shoes, 291 S. Clark 
Ablin Benjamin, bootmkr. 343 S. Clark 
Abraham Abram, it. boots and shoes, 54 W. 

Abraham Henry, barber, 196 S. Halsted 
Abraham Henry, meatmkt. 18 Rees 
Abraham I. K. & Son (Isaac K. and Benjamin) 
boots and shoes, 93 N. Clark and 111 
S. Clark 
Abraham Levy, dry goods, 92 E. Fullerton av. 
Abraham Morris, saloon, 595 S. Canal 
Abraham Wm. dry goods, 913 Clybourn av. 
Abraham & Rubens, (Max Abraham and Lip- 
man Rubens) knit goods, 234 5th av. 
Abrahams Alkin, tailor, 134 Blue Island av. 
Abrahams Isaac, grocer, 410 Dearborn 
Abrahams Isaac, lawyer, 39 E. 13th 
Abrahams Meyer, grocer, 613 S. Canal. 
Abrahamson Abraham, hardware, 1143 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Abrahamson Andrew, bldg. mover, 106 N. 

Ashland av. 
Abrahamson Joseph S. portraits, 420 Wabash 

Abrahamson Soren, mnfr. cloaks, 249 W. Erie 
Abram A. carp. 664 W. Indiana 
Abram Bros. (John and David) barbers, 178 W. 

Abrams Bennett, suspenders, 167 W. 12th 
Abrams Moses, saloon, 4920 S. State 
Abrams M. & Co. (M. Abrams and S. Steinberg) 

pants and vests, 233 Fifth av. 
Abrams Sarah, Mrs. crockery, 517* S. Halsted 
Abrogast Seth H. carp. 290 W. Madison 
Abt Peter, saloon, 555 S. Halsted 
Abt John, meatmkt. 544 W. Huron 
Abt Joseph, drugs, 336 W. 12th, T. 4061 
Abt Mathias, meatmkt. 745 W. Chicago av. 
Abt Saloman W. weaver, 868 S. Halsted 
Academy Musical Art (Balatka Bros.) 78 E. 

Monroe, R. 20 
Academy of Music, Daniel Shelby prop. 83 S. 

Accident Ins. Corporation of Chicago (The) 
Marcus Lane, pres. Sidney W. Sea, sec. 
Daniel W. Moon, supt. and agt. 126 E. 
Washington R. 34 
Ackels Peter, house mover, 722 Southport av. 
Acker Michael, saloon, 474 E. 22nd 
Ackerman Daniel, coal, 39th cor. Western av. 
Ackerman George H. drugs, Ogden av. ne. 

cor. Harrison, T. 7124 
Ackerman George H. & Co. (George H. Acker- 
man) drugs, 409 S. Western av. T. 7006 

Ackerman George M. meatmkt. 680 W. Madi- 
Ackerman Herman, saloon, 110 N. Clark 
Ackerman J. A. & Co. (J. A. Ackerman, 

Robert Hayes, horse shoerB,l243 Milwaukee 

Ackerman William, shoemkr. 284 Wells 
Ackermann & Sunderland (J. W. Ackermann 

and Riley Sunderland) architects, 76 & 77 

Asldand Blk. T. 5787 
Ackland Edward, varieties, 344 Wells 
Ackley Maggie Mrs. restaurant, 63d cor. 

Cottage Grove av 
Ackley George S. pub. Am. Commercial Trav- 
eler, 69 Dearborn, R. 11 
Acme Bag Co. Jonas Ohnstein, prop. 224 E. 

Kinzie, T. 3435 
Acme Engraving Co. L. H. Crumb, manager, 

engravers, 89 E. Randolph, R. 48 

William O. Swett, v. pres., and manager 

82 S. Market 
Acme Hotel, Mrs. M. B. Davison, prop. 302 

W. Van Buren 
Acme Laundry, Mrs. Frank Errett, prop. 1035 

Acme Laundry, Wallace Zimmerman, prop. 

160 S. Desplaines 
Acme Mineral Spring Co. Jerry W. Conley, 

manager, 2444 Cottage Grove av. T. 8174 
Acme Plating Co. M. Allenbrand, mgr. 47 S. 

Adair John, horse clipper, 1815 S. State, T. 8251 
Adair John D. lawyer. 218 La Salle, R. 608 
Adalia S. F. lawyer, 150 W. Madison, R. 3 
Adam John, grocer, 111 Fisk 
Adam John, saloon, 708 W. Madison 
Adam J. B. carp. 1218 Montana 
Adam Mary, Mrs. barber, 51 N. Clark 
ADAH A ttAJHS, (A. L. Adam, W. S. 

Balm) Hardware, 1712 Milwaukee av. 
Adamowski John, barber, 699 Noble 
Adams Albert H. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, R. 5$ 

T. 1149 
Adams Belinda C. Mrs. propr. Adams House, 

4703 S. State 
Adams Benjamin, grain com. 10 Pacific av. 

R. 59 
Adams Bros. (Phineas H. and Orsemus) ma- 
chinists. 31 S. Canal 
Adams Charles, Dr. 125 S. State, R. 19, T. 5444. 

h. 2522 Wabash av. T. 8151 
Adams Charles J. Dr. 253 W. Madison 
Adams Claude J. real est. 69 Dearborn R. 6 
Adams Cyrus, H. & Co. (Cyrus H. and Edward 

S. grain com. 39, Board Trade, T. 145 
Adams C. F. laundry, 109 N. Clark 
Adams C. R. lawyer, 94 LaSalle 
Adams David, meatmkt. 937 N. Halsted, T. 

Adams Eugene E. feed, 40th cor. WaUace 
Adams Express Co. John C. Murphy, gen'l 

agt. 187 Dearborn, T. 157 
Adams Edward A. dry goods com. 246 E. 

Madison, T. 1195 
Adams Ezra, paints, 526 Davis, Evanston 
Adams Florence James, elocutionist, 69 S, 

State, R. 59 
Adams Francis, lawyer, 99 E. Randolph, R- 

1, T. 5070 
Adams Francis J. oysters, 156 E. 22nd 
Adams Frank B. (Yank) prop. Sporting and 

Theatrical Journal, 125 S. Clark, R. 58 
Adams Fred, prop. Boston House, 12 S. Clark 
Adams George E, lawyer, 164 LaSalle, R. 20 





Adams George O. grocer, 852 W. VanBuren 
Adams Geo. P. lawyer, 151 E. Monroe, R. 25 
Adams Geo. & Burke, (Geo. Adams and John C. 

Burke) live stk. com. 120 Exch. Bldg. 

Stk. Yds. 
Adams Gustavus P. grain com. 10 Pacific av. 

R. 59 
Adams Harry C. meat mkt. 400 39th 
Adams, Hastings &Co. (Abbott L. Adams and 

George W. Hastings) lumber, 163 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 74, T. 1020 
Adams Henry, saloon, 3041 Archer av. 
Adams Henry, saloon, 584 W. Huron 
Adams House, Belinda Adams, prop. 4703 

S. State 
Adams House, Thomas Dakin, prop. 68 Mich- 
igan av. T. 5345 
Adams Isaac E. lawyer, 90 LaSalle, R. 37, T. 

ADAMS JOHX, undertaker, 238 E. 21st. 

cor. Archer av. T. 8460 
Adams John, wood and coal, 420 W. 12th 
ADAMS JOHH, saloon, 708 W. Madison 
Adams John A. grocer, 5424 Wentworth av. 
Adams John A. lawyer, 146 S. State 
Adams John M. undertaker, 648 W. Madison 
Adams John N. produce com. 119 S. Water, 

T. 5111 
Adams John Q. grain com. 10 Pacific av. R. 59 
Adams John & Son (John & Joseph Adams) 

live stk. com. 55 exch. bldg. stk. yds 
Adams J. coal, 876 S. Halsted 
Adams Lyman L. drugs. 225 31st. T. 8124 
Adams L. & Co. (Louis Adams and Leon 

Schlossman) clothing, 207 S. Clark and 

242 S. State 
Adams Marcellus D. barber, 162 S. Halsted 
Adams Margaret E. Mrs. dressmkr. 153 E. 22d 
Adams Mary E. Mrs. grocer, 114 Blue Island av. 
Adams Matthias, shoemkr. 626 Larrabee 
Adams Oliver Pub. Co. Oliver Adams, pres. 

S. P. Douthart, sec. A. A. Hull, treas. 79 

Dearborn, R. 10 
Adams Peter H. dry goods, 146 Milton av. 
Adams Samuel H. milk, 1614 Diversy av. 
Adams, SiUs & Co. (Edward P. Sills, John R. 

Adams and Albert W. Cobb) canned goods, 

25 Wabash av. 
Adams, Smith, Sherwin & Co. (W. D. Adams, 

A. L.Smith, R. K. Sherwin, J. D. Tanner) 

wh. liquors and cigars, 176 E. Adams, T. 

Adams S. & Son, A. Mouns, jr. agt. ladies' 

furngs. 78 E. Monroe, R. 39 
Adams Willard C. notary, 225 Dearborn, R. 11, 

T. 462 
Adams William, painter, 3520 Vincennes av. 
Adams WiUiam, architect, 140 E. Washington, 

Adams William S. grain com. 10 Pacific av. R. 59 
Adams Yank (Frank B.) prop. Sporting and 

Theatrical Journal, 125 S. Clark, R. 58 
Adams & Adams (Samuel P. and William P. 

Adams), paints, 248 E. Randolph 
Adams & Dabney (William H. Adams and John 

F. Dabney) real est. 361 63d 
Adams & Hertel (Claude J. Adams and Charles 

A. Hertel) real est. 5107 S. State 
Adams & Price Mnfg. Co. 35 E. Indiana 
Adams & Spalding (R. F. Adams and M. 

Spalding) props. Saratoga Laundry, 1514 

N. Lill av. Lake View, offices 52 N. State 

and 44 S. Clark 
Adams & Stearns (Almon E. Adams and Ed- 
win G. Stearns) brass founders, 31 S. Canal 

Adams & Westlake Mnfg. Co. J. McGregor 
Adams, pres. William N. Campbell, sec. 
hardware specialties, 716 Ontario, T. 5538, 
branch 94 S. State, T. 5539 

Adauk J. U. & Co. (J. U. Adank and Daniel 
Heiselman) milk, 987 Washington boul. 

Adas Joseph, saloon, 136 W. North av. 

Adcock Houston C. lawyer, 21 Borden blk. 

Addison, Miller & Co. com. merchant, 164 S. 
Water, T. 1649 

Addison R. S. Dr. 490 Milwaukee av. 

Addison Thomas, Dr. 764 Sedgwick 

Addison Ward L. saloon, 617 W. Lake 

Addison & Fiedler (John Addison and August 
Fiedler) architects. 118 Dearborn, R. 59 

Addy Edward, harness, 171 E. 22d 

Addy Matthew & Co. S. H. Fernandez agt. 
pig iron, 115 Dearborn, R. 53, T. 370 

Ade Isidore L. saloon, 261 Wells 

Ade Samuel G. drugs, 528 W. Indiana, T. 7169 

Adenberg Barnard, shoemkr. 347 S. Clark 

Ader Fannie Mrs. midwife, 837 S. Halsted 

Ader Marcus, barber, 837 S. Halsted 

Ader Matilda, laundry, 156 E. North av. 

Adirondack Club & BiUiard Parlor (The) 9 

Adkins & .Hoffman, (Erastus V. Adkins and 
George D. Hoffman) furnaces, 177 E. Ran- 
dolph, T. 1536 

Adkinson Elmer W. lawyer, 156 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 50 

Adlard M. A. Mrs. saloon, 106 N. Paulina 

Adler Charles, carp. 233 N. Clark 

Adler Emma Mrs. saloon, 261 Centre 

Adler Frederick, meatmkt. 880 N. Halsted 

Adler Mrs. Fanny, music teacher, 486 S. Jef- 

Adler Joe, wines and liquors, 391 W. Erie 

Adler Julius, saloon, 2524 Archer av. 

Adler Louis, mnfr. cloaks, 176 E. Madison 

Adler Louis, shirt mnfr. 510 W. Madison 

Adler & Sullivan (Dankmor Adler and Louis 
H. Sullivan) architects, 99 E. Randolph, 
R. 56, T. 5286 

Adley Mnfg. Co. D. J. Sullivan, treas. Geo. 
Corlett, sec. mouldings, 196 N. Union 

Adney Jeseph D. lamps, 167 W. Van Buren 

Adolphus Phillip Dr. 737 W. Madison, h. 
636 1 / 2 Washington boul. 

Adrian Wm. L. restaurant, 58 W. Adams 

Adsit Ohlin H. dry goods, ns. Lake bt. 41st 
and 42d (Cicero) 

Advance (The), The Advance Publishing Co. 
pubs. 155 LaSalle, R. 23 

Advance Courier (The) Thomson & Walker 
pubs. 69 Dearborn, R. 34 

Advance Publishing Co. (The) Rev. Henry S. 
Harrison, mngr. pubs. The Advance, 155 
LaSaUe, R. 23 

Aebisher John, meatmkt. 2416 Hanover 

Aerifilter Co. filters, 42 S. State 

Aerne Paul, baker, 4215 S. Ashland av. 

.Etna Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn. J. S. Gads- 
den, gen. agt. L. O. Kohtz, asst. gen. agt. 
172 LaSalle, T. 307, C. W. Elphicke & Co., 
46 Sherman, R. 10, Marine office. 

Mtna Iron Works, Clark, Raffen & Co. props. 
E. Ohio cor. Kingsbury T. 3232 

Aetna Iron & Steel Co. bar and sheet iron and 
rails, 166 E. Lake 

Aetna Iron & Steel Works The, Jean L. Pfau, 
prest.; J. Louis Pfau, Jr., secv. & mngr.; 
T. A. Muzzall,supt. R.34, 161 LaSaUe,T. 209 

Aetna Life Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn., 
Ira J. Mason, mngr. 91 Dearborn, R. 5 










Aetna Powder Co. (The) W. B. Lewis, treas. 

mfr. blasting powder, 98 E. Lake, T. 5542. 
Afeld Eva Mrs. miUinery, 533 26th 
Aff Henry J. blksmth. and wagonmkr, 672 Cly- 

bourn av. 
Affeld Charles, ins. agt. 157 Rumsey 
Afton House, 73 E. Monroe 
Agar Bros. (James S. Agar and William G. 

Agar) meatmkt. 626 Larrabee 
AGAR «fc MARSHALL., (John Agar and 

Wm. Marshall), wh. and ret. packers, 216 

E. Division 
Agents 1 Bulletin Co., pubs. 210 S State 
Agnew Jennie Mrs. boarding, 5361 School 
Agnew Lucas, coal, 177 E. Illinois 
Agnew & Cox, (Francis Agnew) contractors, 

191 LaSalle, R. 98, T. 793 

Watertown, N. Y., A. H. Darrow gen. 

agt.544 W.Madison,T. 7127 and 115 LaSalle, 

T. 648., John Naghten & Co. 181 LaSaUe, 

T. 523. G. H. Koch & Co. 195 LaSaUe,R. 4. 

C. S. Redfield, 191 LaSalle, R. 40, T. 892. 

John L. Skelton, 160 LaSaUe, T. 394. 

William G. Wood & Son, 161 LaSalle, local 

Agricultural and Horticultural Journal, De 

Clerque & Hirschman,mngrs.l79 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 36 
Ah Sing, laundry, 328 Sedgwick 
Ah Wong, laundry, 234 W. Monroe 
Ahearn Jeremiah, cigars, 18 S. Desplaines 
A'Hearn John, grocer, 536 37th 
Ahern Andrew, saloon, 921 S. Halsted 
Ahern Daniel, saloon, 411 W. Harrison 
AHERN JAMES, Sample room, 349 5th 

Ahern P. H. saloon, Clark cor. South, Lake 

Ahern & Daily, (John J. Ahern and M. J. Daily) 

barbers, 95 E. 22d 
Ahern & Gordon, (Henry Ahern and Robert 

Gordon,) steam heating, 29 S. Clinton 
Ahlander Gustav H. sew. mach. agt. 288 W. 

Chicago av. 
Ahlborn Frank H. druggist, 590 Elston av. 
Ahlborn Wm. J. photog. 333 W. Madison 
AHLE ABJTOBJ J. boots & shoes, 661 W. 

North av. 
Ahle Hulda Mrs. confectioner, 48 S. Halsted 
Ahle Joseph H. milk, 48 S. Halsted 
AHLERS DAVID, saloon, 994 Milwau- 
kee av. 
Ahlf Henry, meatmkt. 438 W. Harrison 
Ahlfeldt T. clothing, 469 W. Indiana 
Ahlgren John, baker, 78 Canalport av. 
Ahlgren O. H. prop. Svea hotel, 13 Milton av. 
Ahlgrim Helmuth, saloon, 834 W. 21st 
Ahlgrim Wm. grocer, 847 Blue Island av. 
Ahlschlager Frederick, architect, 70 LaSalle 

R. 4 
Ahlstrand John, massage, 100JS. State, R. 15 
Ahlswede Edward, dry goods, 526 Milwaukee av 
Ahlswede & Kaese, (Charles Ahlswede and 

Wm. Kaese,) Clothing, 712 Milwaukee av. 
Ahrens Albert, egg inspector, 146 S. Water, 

R. 17 
Ahrens Frederick, milk, 72 Edson av. Lake 

Ahrens H. grocer, 217 S. Halsted 
Ahrens John, meatmkt. Armitage av. nr. 

cor. Rensburg, (Jefferson) 
Ahrens John, baker, 487 W. Chicago av 
All KENS .1. A. coal, wood and feed, 93 E. 

VanBuren T. 47 

Ahrens J. P. lawyer, 205 LaSalle, R. 201 

Ahrens & Madison, (Charles Ahrens and Harry 
Madison,) awnings, 189 Milwaukee av. 

Ahrensfeld B. grocer, 374 W. Harrison 

Ahrensfeld John C. lawyer, 126 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 65 

Ahrndt Herman, variety, 667 W. North av 

Ahrnens & RuDge, (Charles Ahrnens, Charles 
Runge), brick mnfrs. Clay nr. Clybourn av. 

Aikin Charles, photog. 440 Davis, Evanston 

Aiken, Lambert & Co. Wm. H. Burton, mngr. 
gold pen mnfr. 70 E. Madison, R. 6 

Aiken M. P. & Co. (Mayhew P. Aiken), com. 
34 Pacific av. R. 28, T. 1304 

Aird John, baker, 317 S. Halsted 

Aird Thomas A. grocer, 123 E. 18th 

Aiston Henry S. boots and shoes, 94 S. Hal- 

Aitchison Robert Perforated Metal Co. Rob- 
ert Aitchison, pres; R. D. Aitchison, sec. 
and treas. 76 E. Van Buren, T. 505 

Ajax Forge Co. (The) S. A. Kent, pres.; T. A. 
Griffin, v. pres. and gen. mngr.; G. D. 
Bulen, treas; R. Ortmann, sec; 183 Dear- 
born, R. 6, works, Blue Island av. cor. 
Hoyne av. T. 9181 

Akam Charles G. sewing machines, 22 E. 

Akam C. G. Mnfg. Co. Charles G. Akam, 
pres.; F. M. Gifford, sec; Charles An- 
drews, treas. billiard tables, 22 E. Adams 

Akely E. Seamen Mrs. 199 W. Randolph 

Akerlind Andrew, boots and shoes, 115 E. 
Chicago av. 

Akeson Bros. (Nels and John Akeson), gro- 
cers, 257 N. Market 

Akins William T. Dr. 367 Wabash av. 

Alas Ignacio, Mexican consul, 126 E. Wash- 
ington, R, 30 

Albach Henry, cigar mnfr. 194 24th 

Albany Ins. Co. of Albany, N. Y. Hammond 
& Fry, agts. 177 La Salle, T. 465 

Albaugh House, Albaugh & Carr, props. 268 S. 

Albaugh & Carr, (Daniel Albaugh and J. W. 
Carr) props Albaugh House, 268 S. State 

ALB£CK & CO. tailors, 194 W. Indiana 

Albee & Cook, (— Albee and William Cook) 
plumbers, 68th & Yale av. Englewood, T. 69 

Alber Max, grocer, 417 25th 

Alberding L. C. & Bro. (Louis C. and Charles 

Alberding, confectrs. 64 N. Clark 

Alberg Brothers (Jacob H. and Frank G.) sa- 
loon, 311 S. Canal 

AURERS CHARUES meat mkt. 2826 
Archer av. 

Albert Anna Mrs., midwife, 600 Racine av. 
Lake View 

Albert George, Steam Cloth Sponging and 
Refinishing Co. 198 S. Clark 

Albert Gus, boots and shoes, 656 Sedgwick 

Albert Henry, meat mkt, 604 Racine av. Lake 

Albert Julia Mrs., meat mkt, 100 Webster 

Sutherland, western salesman mnfr. wire 
nails, 154 E. Lake 

Albert Thomas, restaurant, 255 S. Halsted 

Alberti Edward, jeweler, 148 W. Randolph 

Alberts Dora Mrs. confectr. 346 N, Carpenter 

Alberts Frederick, barber, 1643 47th 

Albertson Charles Q. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, 
R. 619, T. 1284 






Albert-son Theodore A. jeweler, 292 W. Madi- 
Albertson & Co. (William C. Albertson) grain 

com. 24 Pacific av. R. 1, T. 344 
Albertz Dora Mrs. notions, 115 W. North av. 
Albin H. S. lawyer, 164 LaSalle, R. 89 
Albin L. S. Mrs. notions, 1236 W. Jackson 
Albion Cafe, George W. Foot, manager, 9th 

floor Pullman bldg. 
Alborn Henry F. jeweler, 214 Lincoln av. 
Albrecht Anna Mrs. dressmkr. 333 Blue Island 

Albrecht August, grocer, Armitage cor.Keeney 

av. Jefferson 
Albrecht Charles J. & Co. printers, 143 E. 

Monroe, R. 3 
AfiBEEEH HT ERNST, harness mkr. 867 

Milwaukee av. 
Albrecht Henry, saloon, 947 S. Ashland av. 
Albrecht Rudolph, saloon, 3518 S. Halsted 
Albreicht Frederick, saloon, 5036 S. Centre av. 
Albright Julius, saloon, 1 Theatre Ct. 
Albro Emelius S. wh. flour, 13 LaSalle 
Alburger, Stoer & Co. John R. Terhune, 

mugr. tailors trimmings, 230 5th av. 
Alcock Joseph R. plumber, 120 E. 22nd 
Alcock W. H. com. mer. 6 Sherman, R. 27 
Alcott Buckle Co. (The) E. B. Preston, pres. 

and treas. J. S. Peterman, sec. 409 5th av. 
Alcott Joseph B. real est and ins. 3900 S. State 

R. 3 
Alden Book Co. Warren A. Alden, pres. Char- 
les K. Troy, sec. 216 S. Clark, R. 10 
Alden Rinaldo, organ stops, 95 E. Indiana 
Alderney Butter Co. Wm. M. Aldridge, mngr. 

84 S. State 
Alderney Butter Co. (WiUiam H. Charles, 

Eugene Connelly) butter, cheese and eggs, 

3124 S. State 
Alderson John, J. Dr. 287 W. 12th, T. 4378 
Aldine House The, Vennair G. Wheeler, prop. 

1195th av. 
Aldine Printing Co. Roscoe Fulghum, mngr. 

3907 Cottage Grove av. 
Aldis Owen P. lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 65 

T. 3040 
Aldrich Charles H. lawyer, 225 Dearborn 
Aldrich D. Carr, lawyer, 149 E. Madison 
Aldrich John L. prop. Debus House, 341 S. 

Aldrich L. M. Miss, dressmkr. 75 E. Madison, 

R. 37 
Aldrich W. H. & Co. (W. Howard Aldrich 

and Geo. A. Farnnm) crackers, N. Halsted 

ne. cor. Fulton, T. 4234 
Aldrich & Fuller (Samuel F. Aldrich and 

Charles A. Fuller) fruits, 112 E. Randolph 
Aldridge J. E. Mrs. bakery, 132 E. 22d, T. 8184 
Aldworth M. E. Mrs. cigars, 18 W. Randolph 
Alessandro Ciofo, jeweler, 57 E. Polk 
Alexander Alfred, dry goods, 345, 63d 
Alexander A. Mrs. dressmkr. 255 Milwaukee 

Alexander Barnett, boots and shoes, 402 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Alexander Edward G. notary, 38 S. Clark, R. 2 
Alexander E. teaming, 43 River T. 5704 
Alexander Ferdinand, boot and shoemkr. 35 

W. Madison 
Alexander, Fish & Co. (Philip Alexander and 

Solomon F. Fish) 188 com. mers. 189 S. 

Water, T. 1028 
Alexander Henry M. com. mer. 161 La Salle, 

R. 51, T. 1137 
Alexander Henry N. constable, 177 S. Clark 

Alexander House, Peter Loungway, prop. 221 

E. Jackson 
Alexander Mary, Mrs. prop. Norvell House, 

258 S. State 
Alexander Max, boots and shoes, 300 E. 

North av. 
Alexander Max S. tailor, 125 W. Madison 
Alexander Robert, milliner, 308 Chicago av. 
ALEXAIVDER W. A. gen. agt. Fidelity 
& Casualty Co., of New York, 205 LaSalle, 
R. 20 
Alexander & Alexander (W. D., J. C. and 
JohnT.) live stk. com. 56 Exchange Bldg, 
U. Stk. Yds. 
Alexian Bros. Hospital, 559 N. Market, T. 3467 
Alford Wm. wood turner, 204 S. Clinton 
Alfter Anton, dry goods, 885 N. Clark 
Alkus B. clothing, 729 Milwaukee av. 
ALUBY DAVID, harnessmkr, 331 

Blue Island av. 
Allan David M. barber, 119 E. Randolph 
Allan Line Ocean Steamships, Allan & Co. 
gen. western agts. Charles J . Sundell, mgr. 
112 LaSalle, T. 1065 
Allan & Co. agts. Allan Line Ocean Steam- 
ships, 112 LaSalle, T. 1065 
Allar J. G. & Co., (Judson G. AUar and Wm. 

H. Vernon), saloon, 404 W. Madison 
AliliARD D., Hatter, 81 E. Madison 
Alia way R. sign painter, 2501 Cottage Grove av. 
Allemania Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburg, Hop- 
kins & Hasbrouck, agts. 162 LaSalle, T. 
Allen Academy & Polytechnic Institute, Ira 

W. Allen, pres. 1832 & 1836 Michigan bd. 
Allen Albert, cigars, 132 E. Van Buren 
AUen Albert F. &Co. (Albert F. and Albert Al- 
len and David L. Oliver), druggists, 92 E. 
Van Buren, T. 1191 
AUen Alfred C. jeweler, 3018 S. State 
Allen Alvira, meatmkt. 3204 S. State 
Allen Andrew W. mnfr. cigars, 207 W. Madison 
AL.L.EN lt£M. & CO. Importers & wh. 
dealers in watches, jewelry, diamonds, 
watch materials, optical goods and silver 
and plated ware, 141 & 143 S. State, T. 5427 
Allen Bros. & Co. ( J. M. Allen and G. J. Allen) , 

grain com. 14 Pacific av. R. 75 
AUen Charles A. lawyer, 59 S. Clark R. 21 
Allen Charles A. silversmth, 182 S. State 
AUen Charles B. drugs, 61 N. State 
Allen Charles F. M. lawyer, 81 S. Clark R 43. 
AUenC. L. lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 23, T. 1169 
AUen C. G. live stk. com. 100 Exch. bldg. stk. 

AUen D. Mrs. dressmkr. 211 W. Randolph 
Allen D. A. school books, 126 Dearborn, R. 26 
AUen Edward W. tailor, 416 63d. 
Allen Elijah, tobacco, 99 to 111 Canal, T. 4395 
AUen E. F. lawyer, 177 LaSalle, R. 43 
Allen E. J. tailor, 6122 Wentworth av. 
AUen E. W. & Co. (E. W. AUen) com. mer. 80 

S. Water 
Allen Francis Miss, notary, 169 E. Jackson, 

R 911 T 1318 
Allen" Frank L. & Co. Wm. P. Tuttle, pres. 
Frank L. AUen, sec. and treas. 6hirts, 154 
E. Lake, R. 25 
AUen George G. electric specialties, 191 La- 
Salle, R. 33 
AUen House, Mrs. John Cameron, prop. 83 S. 

Allen Ira W. (Allen Academy), 1836 Michigan 

AUen James B. carp. 159 LaLalle, R. 16 



225 Dearborn St., Chicago. 





Allen J. Adams Dr. 125 S. State, R. 26 
Allen Jas. Lane, lawyer,95 E. Washington, R. 55 
Alili KST .1 O 1 1 \ F. saloon, 2133 Indiana av. 
Allen J. McCaw Dr. 243 S. State, R. 4 
AUen John N. saloon, 133 Michigan av. 
Allen J. W. wh. grocer 78 W. Van Buren, T.4607 
Allen Kittie M. Mrs. dressmkr, 3133 Butterfield 
Allen Luman, lawyer, 175 Dearborn, R. 58 
Allen L. H. & Co. restaurant, 1 Quincy 
Allen Mnfg. Co. The, L. J. Blades, pres. and 

treas. L. M. Blades, secy, wood wkng. 

machinery. 55 S. Canal 
Allen Martha L. Miss, copyist, 112 S. Clark 

R. 921, T. 1284 
AUen Michael, saloon, 656 43rd 
AUen M. B. hardware, 928 W. Lake 
AUen Oscar D. com. 169 E. Jackson, R. 413 
Allen Philo, real est, 157 E. Washington, R. 59 
Allen Richard, musician, 211 W. Randolph 
Allen R. G. music teacher, 291 Wabash av. 
AUen Thomas, iron cornices, 422 W. Randolph 

T. 4613 
Allen W. D. & Co. (Wm. D. AUen) fire appa- 
ratus and rubber goods, 151 E. Lake, T 474 
AUen W. D. & Co. (Warren D. Allen and An- 
drew MiUer) florists, 101 S. State, T. 5647 
AUen & Gindele (J. B. AUen and C. W.Gindele) 

contractors, 134 E. Van Buren, R. 62 
AUen & Ginter, Neil McCoull, mngr. tobacco, 

50 E. Randolph 
AUen & IngaUs (J. C. AUen and R. S. Ingalls) 

livery, 321 Lake, Oak Park 
Aller Peter, cigarette mnfr. 590 S. Canal 
AUer William R. grocer, 282 N. Clark 
Allers Henry, grocer, 635 W. Van Buren 
Allert Oscar, barber, 262 W. Lake 
AUerton Packing Co. (The) Sam'l W. Allerton, 

pres. John B. Robertson, sec. 6 Sherman, 

T. 545 and Union Stk. Yds. T. 9584 
AUes Bros. (John T. and Joseph W. AUes) 

plumbers, 227 Lincoln av. T. 3408, and 117 

Alles Geo. plumber and gasftr 463 E. Division 
AUes John Jr. real est. 125 S. Clark, R. 35 
AUey Fred R. & Co. (Fred R. AUey) ins. bro. 

and loans, 205 LaSalle, R. 170, T. 591 
Alley W. N. real est. 118 Dearborn, R. 35 
Alliance Herald (The) J. Noble Jones, pub. 

150 E. Washington, R. 36 
AUie D. painter, 802 W. 12th 
AUier Geo. boots and shoes, 487 W. Superior 
A Ei I. B \ B. C & CO. crockery and glass- 
ware, 23 E. Washington, T. 5767 
Allis Edward P. & Co. J . B. Allan, mngr. 

engines, 48 S. Canal, T. 4063 
Allison CampbeU, lawyer, 94 LaSaUe, R. 51 
Alloway John, carp. Indiana av. bet. 57th and 

AUport Hannah, Mrs. furniture, 508 S. State 
AUport Walter W. dentist, 7 E. Jackson. R. F, 

T. 5570 
AUport & MarshaU (W. W. Allport and John 

L. MarshaU), dentists, t E. Jackson, T. 5570 
AUyn Arthur W. dry goods, 3872 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Alma Consolidated Mining Co. Eugene Cary, 

pres. D. H. Denton, v. pres. John W. 

Finney, sec. E. Walker, treas. 161 LaSalle, 

R. 55 
Almini Peter M. painter, 243 Wabash av. T. 

Almy Miles, real e6t. 77 S. Clark, R. 2 
Alper Harris, junk, 818 Clark, Evanston 
ALPKRS HKXKY, boots and shoes, 602 


Alquist John, grocer, 150 Milton av. 
Alsberg S. prop. Chicago Hassock Co. 47 W. 

Van Buren 
Alschner Herman, cigars, 61 Milton av. 
Alschuler Herman, clothing and gents fur- 
nisher, 749 Lincoln av. Lake View 
Alschuler S. Mrs. ladies furng. 2216 Wabash av. 
Alsip F. & W. H. (Frank and William H.) 

brick mnfrs. 159 LaSaUe, R. 73, T. 96, yds. 

43d W. of Ashland av. T. 9604 
Alsop C. Mrs. dressmkr. 533 W. Indiana 
Alstrin J. L. painter, 447 W. Chicago av. 
Alston Mnfg. Co. John Alston, pres. Horatio 

J. Colvin, sec. and treas. mfrs. paints, 

212 E. Randolph, T. 843 
Alstrup & Monberg (JohnZ.Alstrup and Louis 

Monberg) saloon, 550 Milwaukee av. 
Alt Matthias, wall paper, 729 Lincoln av. 
Alt Wm. painter, 454 Wells 
Alten Wm. grocer, 530 N. Market 
Altenhofen Hubert, tailor, 272 Clybourn av. 
Altenhofen & Bornhofen (Frank Altenhofen 

and John Bornhofen) grocers, 375 E. 

North av. 
Althrop Publishing & Mailing House, (The), 

Thos. Althrop, pres. and mngr. George M. 

Aykroyd, sec. pubs. 56 Wabash av. 
Altman Henry, tailor, 2121 Archer av. 
Altman Michael, fancy meats, 185 E. Kinzie 
Altman Sebastian, saloon, 1045 31st 
Altman & Co. (W. H. Altman) electrician, 

114 Dearborn 
Altomare Rocco, musician, 206 N. Sangamon 
Alton Elevator, Geo. A. Seaverns, prop. 22nd. 

& Grove, T. 8097 office 145 E. Van Buren, 

R. 242, T. 1308 
Alton WUliam, Jr. lawyer, 161 LaSalle, R. 80. 

T. 159 
Altpeter John J. jeweler, 762 S. Halsted 
Altsclml Philip J. barber, 56 Dearborn 
Alvensleben Herman V. Mrs. employ, agcy. 

134 N. Halsted 
ALVElSSIiEBEST H. V. Real Estate and 

Store & Business Agency, 134 N. Halsted 
Alvord Bros. (L. B. and I. M.) hats & 

caps, 125 S. Clark 
Alvord John W. civil eng. 123 Randolph, R. 69 
Alvord Louis B. hats & caps, 42 N. Clark 
Altwasser Wm. mnfr. clothing, 248 Augusta 
Aman Morris, grocer, 86 Liberty 
Amann Alois, grocer, 139 Cleveland av. 
Amazon Chemical Mnfg. Co. WUliam McNal- 

ly,pres. James McNaUy, sec. & treas. boiler 

compound, 39 Michigan 
Amazon Hosiery Co.- Geo. W. Powell, pres. R. 

W. Street, sec. G. G. Felt n, treas. 199-201 

E. Madison 
Amazon Ins. Co. of Cincinnati, Holger De 

Roode, mngr. 200 LaSalle, R. 26, H. De 

Roode & Co. agts. 202 LaSaUe, T. 1705 
Amberg Franz, livery, 158 W. Washington, T. 

Amberg George, pub. 140 Monroe, R. 12 
Amberg Ida Mrs. millinery, 94 Clybourn av. 
Ambridge William, ins. agt. 160 LaSaUe,T.394 
Ambrose Daniel, pub. 45 E. Randolph 
Ambrose Joseph, barber, 618 S. Centre av. 
Ambrosius Mary Mrs. dressmkr. 68 Wisconsin 
Ambs Lawrence & Co. (Lawrence Ambs) 

scales, 83 N. Clinton 
Amendt John C. broker, 94 LaSaUe, R. 51 
Anient WiUiam T. lawyer, 164 LaSalle, R. 78 
Amer Lydia C. Mrs. dressmkr. 108 Locust 
American (The) Theo. Noel,pub. 88 S. State, 

R. 11 






American Agency & Guarantee Co.of Chicago, 

Henry Plessner, pres. Otis Corbett, secy. 

175 LaSalle, R. 20 
American Artisan, Daniel Sterns, pub. 51 

Dearborn, R. 4 

CO. Thomas A. Britt, mngr, 199 S. Clark 
American Baptist Publication Society, F. G. 

Thearle mngr, 122 Wabash av. 
American Bee Journal, Thomas G. Newman 

& Son, pubs. 925 W. Madison 
American Board of Foreign Missions, Rev. S. 

J. Humphrey, sec; 151 E. Washington, 

R. 24 
American Bldg. Association News (The) John 

T. Sutor pub. 157 E. Washington R.37 
American Bookmaker (The) W. A. Carroll, 

mngr. 114 LaSalle, R, 18 
American B. H. O. Sewing Machine Co. A. L. 

Moore, mngr. 244 Wabash av. 
American Cash Register (The) F. M. Wright & 

Co. agts. 51 Dearborn, T. 5005 
American Central Ins. Co. of St. Louis, Mo. 

Davis & ReQua, agts. 155 LaSalle, T. 429 

Charles M. Rogers, agt. 171 LaSaUe, T. 

American Collection Association, 115 Dear- 
born, R. 112 
American College of Dental Surgery, T. Davis 

Fitch pres. Irvin Clendenen, sec. 136 S. 

Clark, R. 1 
American Commercial Traveler, G. S. Ackley, 

pub. 69 Dearborn, R. 11 
American Congregational Union, Rev.Charles 

H. Taintor, sec. 151 E. Washington, R. 24 
American Conservatory of Music (The) J. J. 

Hattstaedt, gen. director, Noyes B. Miner, 

vocal director, Walter C. Lyman, mngr. 

elocutionary dep't. Miss A. G. Castle, sec. 

241 Wabash av. R. 11 
American Contractor (The) B. Edwards & Co. 

pubs 179 E. Washington, R. 12 
American Cotton Oil Co. Henry Bausher, Jr. 

agt. 161 LaSalle, R. 51, T. 1137 
American Cushman Telephone Co. (The) Syl- 

vanus T. Cushman, gen. mngr. Everet S. 

Hotchkiss, asst. mngr. 242 S. Water, R. 12 
American Cutlery Co. Meyer Hirsch, pres., 

Isaac Hirsch, sec. and treas. mnfrs. cut- 
lery, 173 Mather, T. 4099 

INCJ- CO, desks and office fittings, 270 

and 272 Wabash av. T. 5313 
American Distilling Co. Jacob Schram, pres. 

Isaac S. Adler, sec. and treas. 170 E. 

American District Telegraph Co. C. N. Fay, 

general manager, 503 Pullman bldg. 

Branches, 118 and 227 LaSaUe, T. 119; 190 

W. Madison, T. 4366; 693* W. Madison, T. 

7145; 515 Wabash av. T. 8455; 94 Twenty 

Second, T. 8101; Chicago av. and Clark, 

T. 3052; State and Randolph, T. 5318; 

Monroe and Wabash, T. 5358; Quincy and 

LaSaUe. T. 1288; Board of Trade, T. 706 
American Drug Clerk's Journal (The) The 

American Drag Clerk's Publishing Co. 

pubs. J. M. Eaton, mngr, 175 Dearborn, 

R. 97 
American Electric Mnfg. Co. D. S. Foote, 

mngr. 314 Dearborn, T. 531 
American Elevator and Grain Trade, Mitchell 

Brothers Co. pubs. 184 Dearborn, R. 5 
American Etching & Engraving Co. J. C. 

Elder, mngr. 157 E. Washington, R. 29 

American Engineer Pub. Co. Merrick Cowles, 
pres., John W. Weston, treas., M. H. 
Wing, sec. pubs. The American Engineer, 
230 LaSaUe, R. 97. 

American Exchange Fire Ins. Co. of New 
York, James K. Murphy, agt. 166 LaSaUe, 
T. 723 

IONAL RANK. D.W.Irwin, pres. 

D. B. Dewey, v. pres., D, K. Pearsons, 2d 
v. pres., A. L. Dewar, cashier, 185 Dear- 
born, T. 1230 

American Exchange & Mart (The) , The Ameri- 
can Exchange & Mart Pub. Co. J. B. 
Clarke, mngr. 133 LaSalle, R. 14 

American Express Co. Oliver W. Barrett, gen. 
agt. 74 K. Monroe, T. 522 

American Express Co. P. S. Rountree, agt. 
608 Davis, Evanston 

American Express Messengers' Library As- 
sociation, E, J. Gardner, librai ian, 76 E. 
Monroe, R. 5 

American Field, (The) N. Rowe, pub. 243 
S. State, R. 42 

American Fire Hose Mnfg. Co. fire dept. sup- 
plies, H. C. Noack, mngr. 152 E. Lake, 
T. 775 

American Fire Ins. Co. of New York, Moore 
& Janes, agts. 159 LaSalle, T. 466 

American Fire Ins. Co. of PhUa. (The) Charles 

E. Bliven, gen. mngr. 218 Lasalle, R. 417 ; 
C. S. Redfield, agt. 191 LaSalle, R. 40, T. 892, 
Thomas S. Cunningham, agt. 222 LaSalle, 
T. 1452 

American Florist (The) American Florist Co. 

pub. 54 LaSalle 
American Free Gold Milling Co. Theo. Noel, 

pres. James A. Ray, treas. Robert C. Foor, 

sec. 890 W. Polk 
American Furniture Gazette, The National 

Furniture Association, pub. 150 Dearborn, 

R. 23 
American Glucose Co. Henry C. Chadbourne, 

agt. 47 River, T. 5182 
American Grocer, Mercer E. Gibson, mngr, 

27 River 
American Hotel, P. Shields, prop. 120 E. Kinzie 
American House, M. C. Conlon, prop. 113 S. 

American House, Richard Sharp, prop. 2258 

Archer av. 
American Ins. Co. of Boston, Mass. R. W. 

Hoe-mer & Co. gen. agts. 154 LaSalle, 

T. 443 ; George M. Harvey & Co. agts. 179 

LaSaUe, T. 1013 
American Ins. Co. of Newark, N. J., Geo. W. 

Montgomery & Co. agts.; S. H. Southwick, 

special agt. 206 LaSalle, T. 303; A. H. 

Darrow, agt. 115 LaSalle, T. 648 
American Iron & Steel Wks, Jones & Laug- 

hins, (limited) 28 W. Lake 
American Israelite, Bloch Pub. & Printing Co. 

pubs. 80 E. Adams, 2d floor 
American Jeweler, (The) George K. Hazlitt 

& Co. pubs. 174 S. Clark 
American Journal of Biology, H. D. Valin, 

M. D., editor, 800 S. Halsted, T. 9084 
can Railway pub. Co, 216 S. Clark, R. 16 
American Journal Publishing Co. pubs. 

American Poultry Journal, 113 E. Adams, 

R. 30 
American Line Steamships, A. Jurgens, agt. 

88 LaSaUe, R. 11 






American Line (Ocean), Peter Wright & Sons, 
gen. Bats. 4 Sherman, R. 32 

American Literary & Supply Assn. (The) Ralph 
A. Tenney, pres, Eliphaz P. Kingsley. sec, 
Wm.-A. Weaver, treas. 216 S. Clark. R. 46 

American Lithographing Co., Paul Schiller, 
prop. 155 E. Washington, R. 44 

American Liveryman & Horse Owner, Jeffer- 
son Jackson, pub. 298 Dearborn 

American Machinery Co. (The) Charles Linde- 
mann, pres. Lewis Bush, sec. Henx*y 
Harms, treas. mnfr. saw sharpeners, 28 
W. Washington. 

American Mail & Export Journal, W. A. Car- 
roll, mngr. 114 LaSaUe, R, 18 

American Manfg. & Supply Co, Walter E. 
Wetherbee, mngr. drills, powder and min- 
ing supplies, 38 E. Madison 

American Mattress Mnfy. Ralph Lippman, 
prop. 449 S. Halsted 

American Meter Co. T. C. Hopper, pres, G. J. 
McGouskey, v. pres, William M. Milsted, 
treas. and supt, W. H. Down, sec. 244 
Wells, T. 3441 

American MiUer (The), Mitchell Bros. Co, 
pubs. 184 Dearborn, R. 5 

American Missionary Association, Rev. Jo- 
seph E. Roy, western sec. 151 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 24 

American Musical Association, Granville L. 
Howe, pres. Wm. M. Derthick, mngr. 
pubs. 134 E. Van Buren, R. 83 

American Nickel W'ks, Edward Melchior, 
prop. 261 E. Randolph 

American Oak Leather Co. Jas. D. Neilson, 
agt. 199 E. Lake 

American Panorama Co. (Mission Ridge) 
Wabash av. se. cor. Hubbard ct. T. 504 

American Paper Bottle Co. Rogers Park 

American Parlor Frame Co. Thomas Cox, 
supt. furniture, 307 Wabash av. T. 7183 

WORKS, Louis S. Heliel prop. 282 
Clybourn av. 

American Portrait Co. (Frank P. Dean a d An- 
gelo V. Krise) 126 E. Washington, R. 64 

American Potter & Illuminator (The), The 
Metallurgist Pub. Co. pubs. 15 E.Washing- 
ton, T. 5439 

ML (THE) C.J. Ward, pub. 113 E. 
Adams, R. 30 

L. Lawrence, agt. mnfrs. gunpowder, 98 
E. Lake, T. 5542 

American Press Association, O. J. Smith, 
pres. R. W. Nelson, v. pres. G. W. Cum- 
mings, sec. and treas. F. W. Tracy, res. 
mngr. 192 and 194 E. Madison 

American Proprietary Co. George W. Tucker, 
prop. 1369 W. Madison 

American Protective League, C. H. TJnver- 
zagt, deputy, 79 Dearborn, R. 8 

American Pure Paint Co. William H. 
Schwalbe, gen. mngr. 177 La SaUe, R. 21, T. 
1660, and 535 31st 

American Railroader, Millard G. Peck, mngr. 
48 S. Clark 

LISHltftt CO. E. P. Harris, pres. E. 
L. Powers, nw. mngr. 216 S. Clark, R. 63 

American Refrigerator Transit Co. H. G. 
Northrup, agt. 95 S. Clark, R. 3, T. 5811 

American Roll Wrapping Paper Co. J. R. 
Pigman, mngr. 41 S. Jefferson 

American Rubber Co. Perry, Stearns & Co. 

agts. 201 B. Madison 
American Screw Co. Henry A. Taylor, mngr. 

19 E. Lake, T. 5461 
American Sheep Breeder, (The) C. S. Burch 

Pub, Co. pubs. 170 E. Madison, R. 71 
American Short-horn Breeders Association, 

J. H. Piekrell, secy. 115 E. Monroe, R. 18 

L. G. Hansen, prop. mnfr. show cases, 

27 E. Lake 
American Specialty Co. (The) Joseph T. Hair 

pres. hardware. 34 Pacific av. R. 31 
American Starch Co. C. A. Clendenin, mngr. 

250 S. Water 
American Stationer, W. A. Carroll, mngr. 114 

LaSaUe, R. 18 
American Stave & Timber Co. Samuel F. 

White, agt, 242 S. Water, R. 16, T. 1466 
American Steam Boiler Ins. Co. of New York, 

Alfred L. Holman, gen. agt. 156 LaSalle, 

T. 451 
American Steam Laundry, Riley & Magnus, 

props. 78 N. Clark 
American Stone Mnf g. Co. 377 Illinois 
American Stone & Brick Preserving Co. (The) 

C. O. Lundberg, pres. and supt. L. P.Crane 

vice-pres. and gen. mngr. Chas. J. Strom- 
berg, treas. Geo. W. Cass, secy. 142 Wells 
American Store Keeper, Holly Pub. Co. pubs. 

216 S. Clark, R. 44 
American Sunday School Union, F. G. En- 
sign, supt. 149 LaSalle, R. 78 
American Surety Co. of New York, Sweet & 

Tidball, mngrs. 205 LaSalle R. 60 
American Tailors The, (S. D. Quitman,) E. 

Hart, supt. mer. tailors, 176 S. Clark 
American Tract Society, Rev. George White- 
fort, mngr. pub. 122 Wabash av. 
American Traveler and Tourist, The Engineers 

Co. pubs. 216 S. Clark, R. 8 
American Tube Works, J. Whitcomb Cotton, 

mgr., mnfrs. brass and copper seamless 

tubes, 88 E. Lake, T. 5536 

L. Chapin, mngr. 50 & 52 S. Canal, T. 4584 
American Varnish Co. Adolph Cohn, pres. 

Albert Rabe Jr., sec. and treas. 309 N. 

Branch, T. 3361, Joseph J. Schnadig, agt. 

79 Dearborn, R. 21 
American Waltham Watch Co. (Robbins & 

Appleton) 100 S. State, R. 8, T. 239 
American White Bronze Co. Homer N. Hib- 

bard, pres. Paul Cornell, v. pres. James 

Stewart, sec. and treas. monuments, 41 E. 

Van Buren 

R. Benedict, prop. 128 E. Van Buren 
Amerika, Norwegian Publishing Co. pubs. 

96 5th av. R. 6 
Amerikan, August Geringer, pub. 150 W. 12th 
Amerson Wm. & Co, (Wm. Amerson and L. 

Schaubel) paints and oils, 987 W. Madison 
Ames Benjamin L. hats and caps, 163 E. 

Ames Henry W. lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, R. 

49, T. 1007 
Ames Iron Works, W. E. Janes, mngr. 18 

S. Canal, T. 4478 
Ames & Frost (Charles L. Ames and Abel H. 

Frost) lumber and spring beds, 45 S. Des- | 

plaines, T. 4589, and filackhawk cor. 

Cherry, T. 4588 
Ames Michael E. lawyer, 59 S. Clark, R. 50, T. 



Market, S. W. Cor. Adams, 

TELEPHONE No. 1293. 





Ames John W. shooting gallery, 73 W. Madison 
Ames Miner T. wh. coal, 123 LaSalle, T. 450 
Ames William B. dentist, 518 Pullman bldg. 
Amick Pleasant, real est. 177 LaSalle, R. 82 
Ammann F. J. mnfr. brick, 584 Hawthorne av. 

nr. WiBow 
Amman Gotfried, mnfr. bricks, Dexter av. 

nw. cor. Paulina 
Ammann Liberat, musical insts. 223 E. 

North av. 
Amnion Ernst, liquors, 139 Michigan 
Ammon Philip, meatmkt. 751 W. Madison 
Am mon P. C. restaurant, 491 S. State 
Amo John, boarding, 5213 Lake av. 
Amos C. J. live stk. com. 119 Exch. bldg. Stk. 

Amos George W. patterns, 15 S. Canal 
Amundson A. grocer, 38 W. Indiana 
Amundson Laura Mrs. dressmkr. iV/z N. Cen- 
ter av. 
Amundson O. E. & Co. (O. E. and O. P.) drug- 
gists, 804 W. North av. T. 4624 
Anable Samuel L. real est. 977 N. Clark 
An bach Albert, baker, 1134 Milwaukee av. 
Anbach Charles, baker, 1202 Milwaukee av. 
Anbach Rudolph, saloon, 55 N. Clark 
Anchor Chemical Wks. E. Schoneman, prop. 

plumbago, 25 River, T. 5261 
Anchor Line (Lake), John Gordon, agt. 1 N. 

Clark, T. 3124 
Anchor Line Steamships, Henderson Bros. 

gen. agts, 70 LaSalle, T. 1505 
Ancient Order of United Workmen's Mutual 
Building and Loan Assoc'n (The) C. F. 
Smale, sec. 164 Dearborn, R. 613 
A. O. U. W. Employment Bureau, 162 E.Wash- 
ington, R. 5, T. 814 
Andelson Abraham, boots and shoes, 116H W. 

Andelson Chya, grocer, 386 S. Clark 
Anderberg Peter, mnfr. vests, 22 Temple 
Andersen August, grocer, 33 Temple 
Andersen Bernt, painter, 546 Seminary av. 

Lake Yiew 
Andersen Fred. E. express 44 Cornell 
Andersen John, grocer, 314 W. Ohio 
Andersen N. C. milk, 176 Elizabeth 
Andersen Peter, restaurant, 39 N. Halsted 
AKDERSOK ADOIiPH, grocer, 161 W. 

Anderson Alfred, saloon, 5128 Wentworth av. 
Anderson Andrew, coal, 2813 Portland av. 
Anderson Andrew, grocer, 3243 S . Ashland av. 
Anderson Andrew, restaurant, 274 5th av. 
Anderson Andrew H. carp. 146 E. Chicago 

Anderson Angeline Mrs. midwife, 739 W. 

North av. 
Anderson Annie Miss, dressmkr. 179 South- 
port av. 
Anderson A. express, 57 Milton 
Anderson A. carp. bldr. and contractor, 716 

W. Madison 
Anderson A. B. grocer, 256 W. Indiana 
Anderson A. G. saloon, 311 W. Indiana 
Anderson A. T. jeweler, 716 W. North av. 
Anderson Bernhard, engraver, 26 W. Washing- 
Anderson Bernt, milk, 317 W. Erie 
Anderson Bros. (A. H. and O. F.) brass found- 
ers, 47 & 49 W. Lake 
Anderson Bros. (Haraldand Carl) wall paper, 

245 W. Indiana 
Anderson Bros. (Alexander A. and Andrew A.) 
saloon, 81 W. Ohio 

V\ I>i:RSO\ B. LATO. glass bevelers, 

73 & 75 W. Jackson, T. 4695 
Anderson Charles, cigfirs, 307 S. Halsted 
Anderson Charles, carp, builder and contrac- 
tor, R. 223, 45th Ct. 
Anderson Charles, painter, 245 W. Division 
An 'erson Charles M. painter, 5401 Lake av. 
Anderson Charles P. grocer, 2441 Wentworth 

Anderson Charles W. milk, 146 Oak 
Anderson Christ, barber, 219 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson Christ W. meatmkt. 155 W. Huron 
Anderson Claus A. grocer, 434 N. Clark 
Anderson Commission Co. produce, 198 S. 

Anderson C. Dr. 94 Lincoln av. 
Anderson C. grocer, 42 Hunt 
Anderson C. J. carp, rear 153 N. Clark 
Anderson C. N. prop. Hotel Svea, 129 E. Chi- 
cago av. 
Anderson D. F. carp. 977 N. Leavitt 
Anderson D. F. builder, 76 Dearborn, R. 5 
Anderson Edward W. enamelled letters, 54 

Waldo pi. 
Anderson Elof , tailor, 2081 W. Randolph 
Anderson Emanuel, restaurant, 2114 E. Chi- 
cago av. 
Anderson Emily Miss, millinery, 320 E. Di- 
Anderson Elijah, coal, 230 E. 22nd. 
Anderson Erl, variety store, 317 E. Division 
Anderson E. restaurant, 2111 E. Chicago av. 
Anderson E. tailor, 142 N. Sangamon. 
Anderson E. Mrs. midwife, 30 W. Indiana 
Anderson Frances Mrs. midwife, 4056 Lake 

Anderson Franklin S. pub. National Tobacco 

Review, 166 E. Randolph, R. 7 
Anderson Freeman & Co. (Nels. H. Anderson, 
Andrew Freeman, John Peterson and Peter J. 

Hawkinson,) ice, 370 E. 24th 
Anderson F. O. ins. agt. 92 LaSalle, R. 8. 
Anderson George, coal and wood, 403 W. Erie 
AKDERSOK GBORttlS, house painter 

and decorator, 974 W. Madison 
Anderson Gunder A. boots and shoes, 548 W. 

Anderson Gust, bookbinder, 216 E. Washing- 
Anderson Gust, saloon, 11 Milton av. 
Anderson Gustave, saloon, 461 S. Clark 
Anderson Gustavus, real est. 153 E. Ran- 
dolph R. 1. 
Anderson Hans, jeweler, 181 E. Chicago av. 
Anderson Hans. E. restaurant, 137 E. Chi- 
cago av. 
Anderson Hans. L. wh. boots and shoes, 215 E. 

Anderson Harry, milliner, 436 W. Chicago av. 
Anderson Harry L. meatmkt. 830 W. Lake 
Anderson Hervey H. lawyer, 115 Dearborn 

R. 107, T. 1584 
Anderson H. A. house mover, 10 Lull pi. 
Anderson I. & A. (Ida and Amanda) grocers, 

1328 E. Diversey av. 
Anderson James, carp. 83 Throop 
Anderson James, saloon (Lucks' Place) 4137 

Wentworth av. 
Anderson Jennie Mrs. dressmkr. 379 S. State 
Anderson John, barber, 11 S. Clark 
Anderson John, bldg. mover, 18 Ellen 
Anderson John, coal, Portland av. nr. 23d 
Anderson John, carp. 569 S. Ashland av. 
Anderson John, grocer, 265 W. Indiana 
Anderson John, grainer, 156 E. Chicago av. 






Anderson John, grocer, 1135 N. Western av. 
Anderson John, saloon, 169 W. Indiana 
Anderson John, saloon, 189 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson John A. news, 41 W. Madison, T. 

Anderson John A. spice cases, 1328 E. Diver- 

sey av. 
Anderson John B. saloon, 125 Chicago av. 
Anderson John C. bldr. 216 W. Indiana 
Anderson John C. carp, rear 16 E. Pearson 
Anderson John J. variety store, 1282 W. Jack- 
Anderson John T. restaurant, 176 4th av. 
Anderson John & Co. (John Anderson), pubs. 

185 N. Peoria, T. 4222 
Anderson Joseph, live stk. com. 133 Exch. 

Bldg. Stk. Yds. 
Anderson J. coal Portland av. cor. 25th 
Anderson. J. E laundry, 232 E. North av. 
Anderson J. H. prop. Rosehill Statuary and 
Monumental Works, 108 E. Washington, 
R. 14 
Anderson Karen Mrs. midwife, 41 Gardner 
Anderson Kristina Miss, dressmkr. 149 Oak 
Anderson Lewis H. pub. The Welcome 

Guest, 154 La Salle, R. 26 
Anderson Louis, cigars, 320 W. Chicago av. 
Anderson Magnus, show cases, 57 S. State 
Anderson Mary Miss, boarding, 313 E. Divi- 
Anderson Mary Miss, dressmkr. 429 E. 26th 
AXORRSON MARY MRS. female em- 
ployment agency, 87 S. Wood nr. Madison 
Anderson Mary J. Mrs. restaurant, 1619 S. 

Anderson Matthew, plumber, 69 35th 
Anderson Michael S. brass foundry, 130 W. 

Anderson M. meatmkt. 679 Leavitt 
Anderson Nancy Mrs dressmkr. 193 Mather 
Anderson Nellie V. Mrs. metaphysician, 69 S. 

State, R.21 
Anderson Nels, saloon, 47 E. Chicago av. 
Anderson Nels, boots and shoes, 1222 W. North 

av. Jefferson 
Anderson N. gen. western agt. White Star 

Line Steamships, 54 S. Clark 
Anderson Ole A. cigars, 5205 Wentworth av. 
Anderson Oscar, laundry, 63 E. Chicago av. 
Anderson Peter, carp, rear 83 Throop 
Anderson Peter, restaurant, 39 N. Halsted 
Anderson Nelson F. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, 

R. 35 
Anderson Peter, blksmth, 713 W. North av. 
Anderson Peter W. architect, 59 S. Clark, R. 81 
Anderson P. milk, 157 W. Huron 
CH I WR, Bryant & Stratton Short Hand 
Machine Co. mnfrs. 77 to 81 S. State, T. 
Anderson Robert, saloon, 74 & 76 Milwau- 
kee av. 
Anderson R. J. leather and findings, 75 Ever- 
Anderson Samuel, carp. 2640 Indiana av. 
Anderson Sarah A. Dr. 176 N. Curtis 
Anderson Sophia Miss, restaurant, 104 Wells 
Anderson Sven M. coal, 318 E, 26th 
Anderson V. D. & Sons, tanks, 240 E. Lake 
Anderson William, coal, 321 W. Madison 
Anderson William, laundry, 592 N. Clark 
Anderson William A. confectr. 287 E. 31st 
Anderson William J. builder, 76 Dearborn, R.5 
Anderson W. C. grocer, 180 Bryson 
Anderson W. F. teas, 617 W. Indiana 

Anderson W. J. carp. 76 Dearborn, R. 5 
Anderson W. J. laundry, 145 S. Jefferson 
Anderson & Almstedt (William Anderson and 
Edward Almstedt,) grocers, 127 Sedgwick 
derson and G. L. Carlson), 'carps. & build- 
ers, 385 Lincoln av. (Lake View) 
Anderson & Carlson, (Anders J. Anderson, 
and John E. Carlson) milk, 126 Townsend 
Anderson & Jolly, (C. Anderson and S. Jolly) 

hay, 104 LaSalle av. 
Anderson & Schlicht, (A. Anderson and J. 

Schlicht) meatmkt. 528 13th pi. 
Andestad & Opdahl, (Elias B. Andestad and 
Chas.E. Opdahl) boots & shoes, 626 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Andree Ambrose, saloon, 393 Wells 
Andree Frederick, barber, 414 S. State 
Andree Henry R. grocer, 458 W. 1.2th 
Andree Rudolph A. saloon, 459 N. Clark, T. 

Andress Henry, restaurant, 2111 Wabash av. 
A3TORRWS A. H. & CO. office, bank, 
school & church furniture, 195 Wabash av. 
T. 5430 
Andrews Bros. & Co. John McLauchlan, agt. 
iron merchants, 53 Dearborn, R. 8, T. 5757 
Andrews, Bui hans & Cooper, (T. F. Andrews 
and J. A. Burhans,W. D. Cooper), real est. 
115 Dearborn, R. 27, T. 37. 
Andrews B. R. carp. Ill S. Clinton 
Andrews Charles, coal, 43 Congress 
Andrews Edmund Dr. 65 E. Randolph, H. 6, 

16th, T. 8242 
Andrews E. Wyllys Dr. 65 E. Randolph, H. 6, 

16th, T. 8242 
Andrews Frank T. Dr. 65 E. Randolph, H. 6, 

16th, T. 8242 
Andrews H. pawnbroker, 171 S. Clark 
Andrews John W. carp. 202 S. Centre av. 
Andrews John W. carp. 2833 Cottage Grove av. 

T. 8210 
Andrews Joseph H. lawyer, 194 S. Clark, R. 5 
Andrews Lily Miss, dressmkr. 170 W. Madison 
Andrews, Perry & Co. (Geo. H. Andrews and 
Alvah Perry) live stock com. 130 Exch. 
Bldg. Stock Yards 
Andrews R. H. coal, 316 E. 29th 
Andrews S. C. pub. J. R. Casselberry genl. 

agt. 116 LaSalle, R. 5 
Andrews Samuel A. pawnbroker, 322 S. State 
Andrews Samuel A. clothing, 432 S. State 
Andrews Sara W. Mrs. Dr. 1301 Bowen av. 
Andrews Thomas, grocer, 206 Laflin 
Andrews Wells Dr. 979 W. Lake 
Andrews Weston, restaurant, 29 N. State 
Andrews W. J. lawyer, 101 E. Washington,R 32. 
Andrews & Johnson (James W. Andrews and 
Enos H. Johnson) sheet iron workers, 59 
E. Lake & 11 Dearborn, T. 5106 
Andrews & Johnson (James Andrews, and 

Enos Johnson) tinsmiths, Ravenswood 
Andrews & Meserve (Charles W. Andrews Jr., 
and Curtis D. Meserve) livery, 116 Lincoln 
av. T. 3351 
Andrin George, saloon, 82 S. State 
Androvette George E. ornamental glass, S. 

Clinton, nw. cor. Jackson, T. 4085 
Andrus S. D. ins. agt. 177 LaSalle, R. 14 
Andrzejewska Emma, midwife, 279 Black- 
Anenberg Tobias, grocer, 1255 S. State 
Angear J. J. M. Dr. 482 W. Lake, T. 7009, H. 

143 S. Western av. T. 7059 
Angear W. J. drugs, 182 N. Halsted, T. 4253 



182 Dearborn St. 





Angear William J. S. drugs, 482 W. Lake, T. 

Angel Frank, milk, 556 W. 18th 
Angel Joseph, saloon, 719 Allport 
Angel Samuel M. feather dyer, 337 W. Mad- 
Angelica Carmina D. saloon, 1728 Wabash av. 
Angelica Eugenie, saloon, 513 Wabash av. 
Angell E. F. & Co. (Edward F. Angell) light 

metal worker, 87 S. Franklin 
Angell G. B. meatmkt. 1398 N. Clark 
Angell & Townsend (H. H. Angell, and 

George S. Townsend) coal, 126 Lake, 

Oak Park 
Angles Paul, saloon, 2507 Cottage Grove av. 
Angely Marie, Mrs. dressmkr. 1815 Wabash av. 
Anglo-American Provision Co. R. D. Fowler, 

pres. Anderson Fowler, v. pres. Robert 

Stobo, tec. 60 Board of Trade, T. 1636, and 

U. Stk. Yds. T. 9535 
Anglo-American Refrigerator Car Co. Ander- 
son Fowler, pres. R. D. Fowler, v. pres. 

Robert Stobo, sec. and treas. 60 Board 

Trade, T. 1636 
Anglo American Varnish and Color Co. 

Robt. Waren, pres. Joseph Ricght, sec. and 

treas. 1076 to 1088 N. Wood 
Anglo-Nevada Assurance Corporation of San 

Francisco, Cal. Davis & ReQua, gen. and 

local agts. Herbert A. McCordy. spec. agt. 

155 LaSalle, T 429, Mogenson & Dinkel- 

man, agts. 142 LaSalle, T 1692 
Angsten Henry, saloon, 2100 S. Clark 
Angsten Joseph, grocer, 2032 Archer av. 
Angsten M. J. painter, 796 Fletcher 
Anguish B. D. produce com. 136 S. Water 
Angus John, contractor, 161 LaSalle, R. 7, 

T. 1592 
Anhalt John, saloon, 526 S. Canal 
Anhalt & Ruben, (Philip Anhalt, Morris 

Ruben) tailors, 3034 S. State 
Ankarfelt F. W. & Co. pubs. Kurre, 181 S. 

Clark, R. 13 
Anleck John, saloon, 217 W. Indiana 
Anna Anthony, meatmkt. 2726 S. State 
Annears Robert, boots and shoes, 1040 Lin- 
coln av. 
Annen Nicholas, furniture, 292 E. North av. 
Annen Peter, grocer, 365 E. Indiana 
Annweiler Anton, saloon, 477 E. 22nd 
Ansbacher A. B. & Co. C. B. Ansbacher, pres. 

M. D. Egar, treas. M. Rosenthal, secy. 

and mngr. mnfrs. paints,139 E. Lake, 

T. 1050 
AXSKLIi CHAS. F. CO. Printers, 196 

and 198 S. Clark, T. 196 
Ansher Louis, photog. 57 W. Madison 
Ansley Jerome fi. grocer, 5038 Dearborn 
Ansley & Co. (P. S. and Robert Ansley,) 

stationers, 6159 Wentworth av. 

Chas. A. Cotter, 64 E. Washington, T. 951 
Ansonia Clock Co. E. D. Barnum, western 

mngr. 64 E. Washington, T. 951 
Anstett John, saloon, 493 W. 12th 
Antes & Co. (Chri tian J. Antes and Henry 

Ehlerding,) produce, 184 S. Water 
Anthon John W. boots and shoes, 204 Clybourn 

Anthony C. baker, 385 Dearborn 
Anthony C. E. & G. D. (Charles E. & George 

D.) lawyers, 59 S. Clark, R. 27 
Anthony Joseph T. florist, 2205 Michigan and 

3425 Prairie aves. 
Antis George W. paints & oils, 326 63d 

Anti-Magnetic Shield & Watch Case Co. Char- 
les H. Ferry, pres. John Brison, sec. Jos- 
eph Harris, mngr, 342 Dearborn, 6th. floor 
Antkowski Carl, saloon, 689 W. 18th 
Apel Christian, coal & wood, 454 Larrabee 
APEL MRS. A. toys and notions, 195 Lar- 

TrlV)ft P 

Apfel Chemical Co. 199 E. Kinzie 
Apitz 0. C. grocer, 741 W. Indiana 
Apollo Club, Central Music Hall, 73 State 
Appel Fannie Mrs. clothing, 5 Blue Island av. 
Appel, Markwell &Co. (Carl Appel andNathan 

M. Markwell) who. clothing, 169 S. Market 
Appellate Court Library, 112 S. Clark, R. 401 
Appel t A. Mrs. midwife, 140 Cleveland av. 
Appelt Emil C. M. barber, 80 E. Monroe 
Appleby Richard B. lumber, 24 N. Morgan. 

T. 4182 
Applegate Legh W. pub. 110 E. Van Buren, R. 5 
Applegate W. J. & Co. (William J. Applegate) 

grain com. 260 S. Clark R. 21 
Appier Joseph, variety store, 2522 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Appleton D. & Co. C. E. Lane, mngr. pubs. 

152 Wabash av. 
Appleton J. T. & G. (James T. and George) 

saloon, 430 S. State 
Appleton Mnfg. Co. Peter Hobler, mngr. 

agricultural impl. 22 S. Canal 
Appleton Mill Co. flour mnfrs. 135 E. Lake, T. 

Appleton Paper and Pulp Co. Wm. M. Van 

Nortwick, mngr. 139 Dearborn, R. 10 
Appleton R. & Co. (Mrs. Rebecca, Miss 

Catherine L.) milliners, 534 W. Madison 
Arado Antonio, saloon, 68 N. Franklin 
Arado John, saloon, 461 W. Madison 
Arata Angelo, saloon, 613 W. Van Buren 
Arata Anthony J. & Co. (A. J. Arata) fruits, 

139 S. Water 
Arata John, saloon, 205 W. Indiana 
Arata & Co. (A. Arata and N. Lavezorio) sa- 
loon, 314 W. Indiana 
Arbeiter Zeitung (newspaper) Frank Biele- 
feld, supt. 274 W. 12th, T. 4549 
Arbogast John, saloon, 1302 Wellington 
Arbogast J. G. carpenter, 446 Wells 
Arcadian Brown Stone Co. A. J. Cheney, pres. 

Austin Moody, sec. 175 Dearborn, R. 59 

O.W. Hinckley, agt. 76 and 78 S. Market 

T. 807 
Archambault Harry, lawyer, 184 Dearborn, R. 

Arcanum Building, Loan and Homestead 

Association, E. A. Mack, sec. 83 E. Wash- 
ington, T. 5234 
Archer J. L. &Co. wh. cigars, 102 Michigan av. 
Archer & Pancoast Mnfg. Co. H. G. Willard, 

mngr. gas fixtures, 272 Wabash av. T. 5752 
Archibald John W. grocer, 41 Cherry av. 
Archibald Michael, grocer, 234 Walnut 
Arcouet & Schaber (Edward A. Arcouet, Jo- 
seph E. Schaber) monuments, 425 Wabash 

Arden John, meatmkt. 483 37th 
Arend Augustus, drugs, 189 E. Madison, ne 

cor. 5th av. 
Arend L. F. W. & Co. (Lewis F. W. Arend) 

furs, 156 S. State 
Arend Wm. N. architect, 105 5th av. R. 24 
Arends Henry, clothing, 550 S. State 
Arendt Anton, saloon. 96 E. FuUerton av. 
Arens Charles & Son (Charles and Henry) 

meat mkt. 211 Clybourn av. 


i PatemtS 





Arens John M, dry goods, Halsted, ne cor. 

Centre av. 
Arenson Hyman D. Baloon, 48 W. Randolph 
Arentz & Co. (E. A. Holmes) grocers, 128 W. 

Arf Barbara Mrs. dry goods, 826 37th 
Arf George, contractor, 826 37th 
Arfsten Henry, saloon, 3838 Cottage Grove av. 
Arfsten Henry, saloon, 3458 Forest av. 
Argillia Co. Dr. S. E. Wood, pres. H. C. 

Adams, sec. and treas. C. A. M'Gill, 

mngr. patent medicines, 113 E. Adams, 

R. 45 
Argus (The), The Rollins Pub. Co. pubs. 161 

La Salle, R. 64 
Ariess Paul, grocer, 4414 S. State 
Arkansaw Traveler, Read & Benham, pubs. 

191 La Salle, R. 7 
Arkruzewski John, saloon, 2 Crittenden 
Arkuszewski Peter, fish, 654 Noble 
Arlen W. T. coal, 857 Ogden av. T. 7024 
Arlington C. C. Mrs. artist, 933 W- Madison 
Armbrecht Bros. (Louis and William), drugs, 

724 W. Lake, T. 7002 
ABMBRUST XK1HOLAS, florist, 133 

Lake, (Oak Park P. O.) Tel. O. P. line 
Armdruster Adolph, meatmkt. 250 S. Des- 

Armbruster Bros. (Jacob P. and Charles R.) 

hardware, 485 S. Halsted 
Armbruster John C. cigars, 217 Lincoln av. 
A RMB1UJSTER LAN DOL.Etf, saloon, 

163 E, Division 
Armbruster Louis F. stoves, 767 Lincoln av. 
Armenia Ins. Co. of Pittsburg, Pellet & 

Hunter, agts. 145 LaSalle, T. 368. 
ARMIGER C. H. & CO. laundry, 673 

Sheffield av. 
Armington & Sims Engine Co. F. H. Hay- 
ward, mngr. 81 E. Lake, T. 1235 
Armintage Wm. horseshoer, 3231 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Armistead C. F. lawyer, 129 E. Harrison 
Armit Thomas, laundry, 326 S. State 
Armour Glue Works, 205 LaSalle, T. 201, 

wks. Benson cor. James, T. 8484. 
Armour Mission School, 419 E. 33d 
Armour & Co. (Phillip D. Armour, Michael 

Cudahy, Ge ; . H. Webster and Jonathan O. 

Armour) packers, 205 LaSalle, T. 201 and 

221, U. Stk. Yds. T. 9561 and 9563 
Armour J. S. & Co. (John S. Armour, Mrs. 

Mary L. Windiate) com. 9 S. Halsted 
Arms & Co. (Harrison Arms, Heman G. Allen, 

and Wilton C. Roosevelt) livery, 2129 Indi- 
ana av. T. 8222 
Armsby J. K. Co. (The) J. K. Armsby, pres. 

Henry Newton, v. pres. and sec. Geo. D. 

Bills, treas. produce and grocery com. 39 

River, T. 5169 
Armstrong Anthony P. saloon, 719 W. Erie 
Armstrong A. B. Dr. 538 W. Monroe 
Armstrong A. C. Mrs. dressmkr. 1087 W. Mad- 
Armstrong D. R. & Co. mixed paints and oils, 

107 and 109 Fulton, T. 4119 
Armstrong H. J. & Co. (H. J. Armstrong) 

printers, 47 Dearborn, T. 5223 
Armstrong James M. grocer, Fnllerton, nw. 

cor. Myrtle av. Jefferson 
Armstrong James & Co. (James Armstrong) 

dry goods, 140 S. State, T. 1022 
Armstrong John, wagon mkr. 154 Sherman 
Armstrong John B. Dr. 437 W. Madison, 

T. 4090 

Armstrong John R. coal and wood, 275 Dear- 
born, T. 582 
Armstrong Luther C. boots and shoes, 10 S. 

Western av. 
Armstrong Mary J. Mrs. dressmkr. 8126th 
Armstrong Thomas J. teas, 301(5 S. State 
Armstrong U.J. sewing machines, 882 W. Lake 
Armstrong Wm. awnings, 186 E. Lake 
Arnd Charles, lawyer, 101 E. Washington, R. 

17, T. 5809 
Arnd Frederick, lawyer, 182 Dearborn, R. 27 
Arndt Albert, saloon, 391 W. Chicago av. 
Arndt Herman, boots and shoes, 630^ W. 12th 
Arndt John, furniture, 107 S. Throop 
Arndt P. S. Dr. 69 S. State, R. 14, T. 5642 H. 

Revere House. 
Arneson A. H. boots and shoes, 403 W. Erie 
Arney John J. lawyer, 162 LaSalle, R. 25 
Arnheim Benjamin, tailor, 155 S. ('lark 
Arnheim Louis, tailor, 175 S. Clark 
Arnhold Ferdinand, carp. 690 Sheffield av. 

Lake View 
Arnhold & Bjick, carps, builders and contrac- 
tors, 690 Sheffield av. 
Arnholt Bros. (Henry and Philip,) bakery and 

restaurant, 433 S. Clark 
Arnndt John, shoemkr. 545 Elston av. 
Arnold Bros. (Hermann, Theodore and 
Adolph) meatmkt. 145 and 147 W. Randolph 
T. 4287 
Arnold Charles, mnfr. paper boxes, 245 E. 

Arnold Charles, saloon, 483 S. Western av. 
Arnold David H. & Co. tailor's trimmings, 

211 E. Monroe, T. 720 
Arnold Emil, meatmkt. 189 Dayton 
Arnold F. F. & Co. (Frederick F. and Wilbur F. 
Arnold) wood engravers, 94LaSalle, R. 42 
Arnold George, saloon, 51 S. Market 
Arnold George A. meatmkt, 112 E. Chicago 

ARNOLD GEO. A. & CO.; carpenters 

& builders, rear 82 Dearborn, T. 5254 
Arnold George W. barber, 419 Webster av 
Arnold Jas. paper box mnfr. 235 E. Lake 
Arnold Joseph, cigars, 273 Larabee 
Arnold J. M. machinery, 36 W. Monroe . 
Arnold Karl, painter, 518 Cleveland av 
Arnold Leander H. hats & caps, 372 State 
Arnold Marv A. Mrs. saloon, 299 Mohawk 
Arnold Paul, lawyer, 212 S. Market 
Arnold Rocius B. coal, 26 W. Polk, T. 4533 
Arnold T. B. Rev. pub. Free Methodist, 104 

and 106 S. Franklin, R. 17 
Arnold Wesley A. architect, 218 LaSalle, R. 

910, T. 1666 
Arnold William J. Dr. 68th nr. Wallace 
ARTCOIiO W. L,. job printer, 335 S. Cen- 
ter av. T. 4071 
Arnot William C. show cards, 289 E. Madi- 

. son, R. 2 
Arnott Thomas^restaurant, 67 Wells 
Arnott Thomas, restaurant, 3817 S. State 
ARBfSTElX KUftFWK, mnfr. and im- 
porter bronze powders and gold paint 
110 Dearborn, R. 32, T. 987 
Arnstein M. & Son, (Mayer, E. M. and Leopold) 

cigar mnfrs, 6 Hammond 
Arnt Charles & Co. (Charles Arnt,) produce, 

192 S Water 
Arnulphv Bernard S. Dr. 69 S. State, R. 13, 

and 506 N. State 
Arnurms Charles, meatmkt. 3255 S. Halsted 
Aronson Frank, machinist, 87 Fifth av. R. 5 
Aronson Samuel, saloon, 44 W. Madison 

GEO. W. RAITHEL, 8 w TE c r E = E E T r ZT' COAL. 





Arp Peter, saloon, 157 W. Randolph 
Art Institute of Chicago, C. L. Hutchinson, 
pres. L. J. Gage, treas. M. H. Carpenter, 
sec. Edson Keith, v. pres. W. M. R. French, 
director, Michigan av. sw cor Van Buren 
Arthur Archie Mrs. variety, 1839 S. ("lark 
Arthur James, mnf r trunks, 55 S. Clark 
Artists National Union, (Anthony P. Schack) 

paintings, 263 S. State 
Artz O. W. druggist, Webster av. sw. cor, 

Racine av. 
Arvine Anna Mrs. saloon, 553 W. Indiana 
Arwine Libbie Mrs. lodging, 265 S. Clark 
Asay Edward G. lawyer, 169 E. Jackson, R. 412 
Asay Wm. C. lawyer, Royal Ins. Bldg. R. 412 
Asay, Asay & Rice, lawyers, 169 E. Jackson 

Titcomb, genl. agt. 42 S. Canal, T. 4460 
Asch Caroline, Mrs. millinery, 283 E. 31st 
Asche & Haugen(F. Asche and B. Haugen) dry 

goods, 220 Milwaukee av. 
Ascher Adolf, saloon, 391 S. Clark 
Ascher Adolph, lawyer, 77 S. Clark, R. 7, T. 

Ascher Albert, saloon, 83 E. Chicago av. 
Ascher, Barnard & Co. (Theoder Ascher and H. 
Barnard) millinery goods, 138 Wabash av. 
Ascher Benjamin, saloon, 450 S. Canal 
Ascher Emil, saloon, 212 W. 12th 
Ascher Manuel, tailor, 143 4th av. 
Ash I. N. & Co. (Isaac N. Ash and W. S. Seav- 

erns) 6 Sherman, R. 32 
Ash James, stoves, 108 W. Van Buren 
Ash L. H. com. mer. 205 LaSalle, R. 12, T. 982 
Ashford & Kistenbroker (W. T. Ashford, A. 
W. Kistenbroker) marble wks. opp. For- 
est Home Cemetery, Oak Park P. O . 
Asheraft E. M. lawyer, 185 Dearborn, R. 80 
Ashley European Hotel, Mrs. J. D. Wilson, 

prop. 49 W. Madison 
Ashton Daniel H. tailor, 133 S. Clark, R. 26 
Ashton Edwin T. restaurant, 35 S. Market 
Ashton George, sewer bldr. 84 35th 
ASHTOtf VAL.VE CO. A. J. Hewlings, 

agt. 108 5th av. 
Ask Peter E. grocer, 36 Milton av. 
Askins N. W. artist, 765 W. North av. and 113 

E. Madison, li. 7 
Askley G. S. pub. 69 Dearborn, R. 11 
Askwith John, gents furng. 694 S. Canal 
Asly & Hively, props. Western Printing and 

Engraving Co. 164 E. Washington, R. 22 
Asmus Theodore, bookbinder, 142 E. Monroe 

R. 9, T. 62 
Asmussen John, cutler and grinder, 81 W. 

Asphalt Block Mnf g. Co. (The) Frost and Berry 

lessees, 102 E. Washington, R. 10, T. 424 
Aspinwall Milo. H. dentist, 69 S. State, R. 11 
Asplund C. teas, 336 W. Indiana, 345 E. Divi- 
sion and 567 S. Halsted 
Assens V. K. grocer, 720 Seymour av. 
Assmussen I. P. milk, 885 Gerard 
Associated Press (The),Wm. Henry Smith, gen. 

mngr. 110 LaSalle, R. 5, T. 1463 
Astella Tony, musician, 220 N. Sangamon 
Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R. Co. 
Charles H. Wood, gen. agt. W. H. Wil- 
liams, cont'g. agt., George Hagenbuch, 
pass, agt., 212 S. Clark, R. 311 
Atchison & Rider, (C. F. Atchison, T. J. 

Rider ) grocers 1251 W. Madison 
Athenstadt Frank, barber, 75 Wells 
Atherton Thomas, saloon, 84 George, cor. 

Athol House, William Moss, mngr. 167 N. 

Atkinson Car Spring Works, The, F. M. Atkin- 
son, pres. Eli Smith, sec. and treas., 191 

LaSalle, R. 54. Works, Bloomingdale, cor 

Ashland ay. 
Atkinson Philip, mnfr. electric machines, 168 

E. Randolph, R. 19 
Atkinson Wiliner, pub. Farm Journal, 185 

Dearborn, R. 90 
Atkinson & Co. (George W. P. Atkinson) 

railway supplies, 59 S. Clark, R. 5 
Atkinson & Wilkinson, (J. T. Atkinson, C. 

T. Wilkinson) shades, 120 E. Quincy, 

R. 8 
Atlantic Cigar Co. W. F. Holmes, agt. 19 

Wabash av. R. 24 
Atlantic Dynamite Co. Angess M. Evans, agt. 

139 Dearborn, R. 15 
Atlantic F. & M. Ins. Co. of Providence, R. I. 

A. H. Darrow, 115 LaSalle, T. 648. Fisher 
Bros. agts. 146 LaSalle, T. 1222 

Atlantic Line Fast Freight? James !C. Savage, 
genl. agt. 59 S. Clark, R. 22, T. 5088 

Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. 245 W. Madison, 
240 E. North av. and 428 Milwaukee av. 

Atlas House, (J. T. Major,) 54 Fourth av. 


D. Grannis, pres. Chas B. Farwell, v. pres. 
Franklin P. Wilson, cash. Samuel W. 
Stone, asst. cash. LaSalle sw. cor. Wash- 
ington, T. 456 

Atwater C. L. & Co. (C. L. Atwater and James 

B. Aker,) real est. 79 Dearborn, R. 35 
Atwater John L. pub. 15 E. Washington 
Atwater Uriah E. real est. 185 Dearborn, R. 9 
Atwell William, notions, 482 Centre av. 
Atwood Charles C. meatmkt. 1412 N. Clark 
At wood Eugene S. Dr. 113 E. Adams, R. 20. H. 

2823 Calumet av. T. 8072 
Atwood Fred. H. lawyer, 164 LaSalle, R. 69 
Atwood Frederick M. clothing, S. Clark, n. 

w. cor. Madison 
Atwood Frederick N. fresco painter, 154 

E. Madison, R. 60 

Atwood J. B. express, 418 W. Madison, T. 4602 
Atwood Oliver E. books & stationery, 3506 

Vincennes av. 
ATZ «SEOK«E, meatmkt. 379 N. State 
Atzel Bros. (John and George,) flour and feed, 

556 S. Canal 
AT35 EL GEORGE, harnessmkr. 106 Wells 
Aubach Albert, bakery, 235 W. North av. 
Aube Xavier R. carp. 237 S. Canal 
Auben John, signs, 88 Larrabee 
AUBERT ANDREW J. photographic 

studio, 305 E. North av. 
Aubert Peter, calcimining, 468 Larrabee 
Auer Henry J. milk, 4442 Dearborn 
Auer John, saloon, 4l W. Indiana 
Auer & McNamara, (A. B. Auer and Stephen 

McNamara) printers' rollers, 314 Dearborn 
Auerbaoh Benjamin, ins. agt. 145 LaSalle, T. 

Auerbach Moretz, dry goods, 2505 Archer av. 
Augur W. W. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, R. 56 
Augustana Hospital, Truman W. Miller, sur- 
geon, 151 Lincoln av. T. 3022 
Augustin Bros. (Christian H. and William F.) 

shoemkrs. 89 S. ("lark 
Augustin Frances A. shoemkr. 79 E. Lake 
Augustin Fritz, saloon, 423 Wells 
Aujesky John, shoemkr. 8 N. Canal 
Aul John, saloon, 1231 Belmont av. Lake 











Aulbach Peter, cigar mnfr. 11 Rees 

Aulehla Matthias, rnnfr. clothing, 651 S. Mor- 

AItIKt A WIBOBG(L. B. Ault and B. F. 

Wiborg), mnfrH. printers' inks, 152 and 

151 E. Monroe, T. 1725 
Aultman C. & Co. mnfrs. agricultural imple- 
ments, Rice, Whitacre Mfg. Co. agts. 42 W. 

Monroe, T. 4360. 
Aumiller H. R. cigar box mnfr. 495 N. Frank- 
Austin Albert E. saloon. 2 Theatre ct. 
Austin Avenue Hotel, H. H. Carstens, prop. 

61 Austin av 
Austin B. J. confectr. 368 W. Madison 
Austin Charles H. lawyer, 162 E. Washington, 

R. 29 
Austin C. W. & Co. (Charles W. Austin, A. J. 

Hoole and E. C. Moser), coal, 185 Dear- 
born, R. A, T. 415 
Austin E. L. Mrs. notions, 830 W. Harrison 
Austin Henry S. lawyer, 161 E. Washington, 

R. 6 
Austin Henry W. & Co. (Henry W. Austin) 

hardware specialties. 154 E. Lake, R. 19 
Austin John, architect, 91 Seeley av. 
Austin John R. carp, builder and contractor, 

100 Humboldt 
Austin J. E. Mrs. furnished rooms, 161 S. 

Austin Michael, cigars and tobacco, 832 S. 

Austin M. E. fruits and confecty. 368^ W. 

Austin Phillamon L. prop. Austin House, Ad- 
ams, ne. cor. 5th av. 
AUSTIN S. W. 1>K. druggist, Madison 

nw. cor. Desplaines av. Harlem, (Alten- 

heim P. O.) T.5 Oak Park line 
Austin & Boynton (E. C. Austin and A. P. 

Boynton) moldings, 91 W. Lake 
Austin & Caley (Edwin Austin and Robert J. 

Caley) meatmkt. 1591 Milwaukee av. 
Austin & Co. (C. D. Austin) ins. agts. 218 La 

Salle, R. 426 
Austin & Daucher (Charles Austin and John 

Daucher) meatmkt. 229 N. Halsted 
Austria-Hungary Consul, H. Claussenius, 2 S. 

Clark, R. 3 
Austrian House, Mrs. Augustine Kohn, prop. 

117 S. Franklin 
Austrian Leo & Co. (Leo Austrian and S. 

Seeleman) mirrors, 287 Wabash av. T. 4205 
Austrian, Wise & Co. (S. Austrian, and M. 

Wise) clothing mnfrs. 226 E. Adams 
Auth Lynar, jeweler, 89 S. Canal 
Automatic Bank Punch Co. William C. Shaw, 

agt. 169 E. Jackson, R. 900 
Automatic Chemical Fire Extinguisher Co. 

Jay L. Bradley, 89 E. Randolph, R. 36 
Auw Conrad, saloon, 281 Rush 
Auw N. F. carpet cleaning, 42 and 44 Michigan, 

T. 3574 
Avenue Floral Co. 213 E. Chicago av. 
AVEKUE ROUS*; Quinlan Bros, mngrs. 

(Ed. B. and Geo. H.) Davis st. ne. cor. 

Chicago av. Evanston, T. 16, 
Averell Albert J. real est. 95 Dearborn, R. 19 
Averill D. M. Dr. 2416 Indiana av. 
Averill Maria B. Mrs. Dr. 2343 Wentworth av. 
Avers F. H. & Co., (Frederick H. Herbert M. 

and Franklin G. Avers) carps. 161 LaSalle, 

R. 93 
Avery Daniel J. lawyer, 260 Home Ins. bldg. 
Avery H. C. com. mer, 119 Rial to bldg. 


Mat-Mas & Knapp, agts. 312 Dearborn, 
T. 1644 

Avery John H. real est. 191 LaSalle, R. 77 
Avery Robert C. lawyer, 96 LaSalle, R. 30 
Avery S. J. Dr. 59 S. ('lark, R, 25. H. 713 

Washington bd. T. 7128 
Avery William A. carp, rear 404 Superior 
Avery & Burton, (Wm. B. Avery and Augustas 

J. Burton) machinists, 42 S. Clinton 
Avildsen C. flour and feed, Western av. cor. 

North av. 
Axen Iven, teas, 1660 Milwaukee av. 
Axford Harris W. incubators, 45th nw. cor. 

Cottage Grove av. 
Axford William L. Dr. 52 31st 
Axman B . household furnishing goods, 280(5 

S. State 
Axsmith Anthony, grocer, 871 S. Ashland av. 
Axt William, barber, 383 S. State 
Ayars James, ins. agt. 155 La Salle 
Aye Frederick, hardware, 2123 Archer av. 
Aye John, hardware, 2508 Wentworth av. 
Ayer B. F. lawyer, 78 Michigan av. R. 22 
Ayer Edward E. R. R. ties, 234 S. Water, T. 

853, yard, North Pier, T. 3195 
Ayer John W. cabinetmkr. 199 S. Clinton 
Ayer Martin, tailor, 316 W. Chicago av. 
Ayers David, flour, feed and coal, 734 43rd 
AyersWm. B. & Co. (Wm. B. Ayers), com. 

mers. and butter, 89 S. Water 
Ayers W. J. painter, 273 W. Randolph 
AYiilNCi BKOS. (J. and W.) paints, 

oils and stove polish, 828 Milwaukee av. 

T. 4573 
Aylwin Saul, patent solicitor, 164 LaSalle, R. 87 
Ayres Enos, real est. 97 S. Clark, R. 12 
Ayres William & Sons, Lloyd Washington, 

mngr. horse clothing, 230 5th av. 

Baab Peter, harnessmkr. 499 S. Canal 
Baacke Rudolph, mnfr. slippers, 492 Noble 
Baade Henry & Co. (Henry Baade and Charles 

Boettcher) dry goods, 273 E. North av. 
Baader Rose Mrs. cigars, 266 W. Chicago av. 
Baadte Peter, barber, 3719 S. Halsted 
Baatz Caroline Mrs. midwife, 77 Canalport av. 
Babb James E. lawyer, 84 LaSalle, R. 30 
Babbage Felix, lawyer, 128 E. Washington, 

R. 16 
Babbitt B. T. soap, 211 Michigan, T. 3178 
Babcock E. E. Dr. H. 1816 Indiana av. T. 8202 
Babcock Leland A. Dr. 759 W. Lake 
Babcock Robert H. Dr. 70 E. Monroe, R. 29, 

T. 80 
Babcock & Baldwin Loan Co, (Albert H. 

Baldwin and Courtland Babcock) 125 

LaSalle, R. 4 
Babcock & Park, lumber, 2100 Grove 
Babcock & Wheeler (Walter S. Babcock and 

Silas P. Wheeler) lumber, 2296 Archer av. 

T. 8054 
Babcock & Wilcox Co. (The), G. E. Palmer, 

mngr. boilers, 64 S. Canal, T. 4406 
Babeuf M. notions, 872 W. Polk 
Babka Josef, saloon, 667 Throop 
BacciBros. (Louis, David and Achille) saloon, 

243 S. Halsted 
Baccigalupe Angelo, saloon, 855 W.Van Buren 
Bach Anthony, cigars, 171 E. Van Buren 
Bach August, cigars, 106 W. 19th 
Bach August, drugs, 748 Elston av. 
Bach A. A. house mover, 6015 La Salle 
Bach Balthasar, meatmkt, 4344 Wentworth av. 
Bach Bertha A. Mrs. cigar mnfr. 203 E. Kinzie 






Bach John A. cigar mnfr. 2943 S. Halsted 

Bach Oscar, saloon, 217 N. Centre av. 

Bach William, brick and tile mnfr. Western 

av. cor. Rosco, (Jefferson) 
Bacharach Isaac, laundry, 270 Sedgwick 
Baciiarach Isidore, gents' furng, 21 N. Clark 

and 133 LaSalle 
Bache Semon & Co. glass importers, A. Rie- 

gelman, agt. 79 Dearborn, R. 21, T. 5084 
MOHKLUKK J. H. restaurant, 35 E. 

Bacheldor E. A. prop. Southern Hotel, Wab- 
ash av. cor. 22d 
Bacheldor & Co. (E. S. Bacheldor), coal & 

feed, 927 W. Madison 
Bachelle Gideon V. Dr. 93 Fifth av. R. 2, H. 

18 Gilpin pi. T. 4072 
Bachli Bros. (John, Jacob J. and Henry) 

painters, 1033 Wabash av. 
Bachly Casper, calciminer, 3029 Wentworth 

Bachman Louis, tailor. 229 W. Madison 
BachmanE. & K. (Misses Ella & Kate), no- 
tions, 5420 Wentworth av 
Bachman Gustav, baker, W. N. av. bt. Kim- 
ball & Sheridan, Jefferson 
Bachmann Gustav A. meatmkt, 337 E. North 

Bachmann Herman, baker, 164 Canalport av 
Bachmann Moses, wh. confectr. 266 S. Clin- 
Bachmann R. G. glass blower, 427 W. Huron 
Bachmann Rudolph, boots & shoes, 29 Blue 

Island av 
Bachmann Wm. meat market, 5215 Went- 
worth av 
Badenoch J. Jr. & Co. lumber, 65th & Went- 
worth av 
Bahr Arthur, tailor, 385 E. Division 
Bachrach A. saloon, 348 W. Indiana 
Bachrach Charles, clothing, 254 S. Clark 
Bacigalupi D. restaurant, 291 Ogden av. 
Bacigalupo Andrew, fruit, Central av. cor. E. 

Bacigalupo Andrew, fruits, 220 31st 
Back Axel E. & Co. notions, 95 E. Chicago av. 
Backert Michael, groceries, 808 N. Market 
Backman Alvin, confectr. 249 Center 
Backofen August, grocer, 6201 S. Halsted 
Bacon DeWitt C. dentist, 281 Lincoln av. 
Bacon Earl Z. Dr. 5123 Wentworth av. En- 

glewood, T. 65 
Bacon Henry M. lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 49, 

T. 379 
Bacon John H. cigars, ss. Lake. bt. 41st 

and42d (Cicero) 
Bacon Justice V. Dr. 550 Lincoln av. T. 3920 
Bacon Martin W. Dr. 6700 Perry av. (Engle- 

Bacon Roswell B. lawyer, 89 Madison, R. 13 
Bacon R. M. lawyer, 75 E. Washington, R. 52 
Bacon Sara, Dr. 171 E. 22d, R. 6, T. 8165 
Bacon Seymour A. real est, 1160 W. Jackson 
Bacon & Co (Michael S. Bacon) com. mers. 

169 E. Jackson, R. 814 
Bacon & Lindman, (George W. Bacon and 
J ohn J. Lindman) com. mers. 234 LaSalle, 
R. 40 
Bacon Samuel V. boilermkr. supplies, 26 W. 

Lake, R. 3 
Badenoch Bros. (Joseph Badenoch Jr. and 
Jno. J. Badenoch) sash, doors and blinds, 
64th and State, T. 9528 
Badenoch John J. flour and feed, 109 W. 
Washington, T. 4380 

Badenoch Joseph, horseshoer, 49 N. Des- 

Bader A. T. saloon, 279 N. Market 
Bader Louis, cigars, 3041 S. Halsted 
Bader M. & J. Misses, (Mary and Josephine) 

millinery, 318 W. 12th 
Badershaw Michael, meatmkt, 4222 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Badford William S. saloon 4117 S. Halsted 
Badger Elecllic Co. 208 Pullman bldg T. 5715 
Badger M. B. Mrs. dressmkr, 271 Wabash 

av. R. 2 
Badger M. B. & E. (Martin B. and Elizabeth) 

tailors, 2033 Wabash av. 
Badgley Ed. saloon, 345 Illinois 
Badorf Andrew, carp. 113 Lincoln av. 
Badoux Ralph G. & Co. pubs. 361 Dearborn 
Badura Frank, saloon, 41 W. Blackhawk 
Baechle Hermann, saloon, 369 5th av. 
BAEDER, Al>AHISO\ T A CO. glue and 

sand paper, 182 E. Lake, T. 908 
Baeder William, restaurant, Dearborn se. cor. 

S. Water 
Baenziger & Oppenheim, (John B. Boenziger, 

Meier Oppenheim) cigar mnfrs. 197 E. 22d 
Baer Abraham, grocer, 158 47th 
Baer Bernhart, furniture, 476 Milwaukee av. 
Baer Bros. (Morris and Charles) hats andcaps, 

157 W. Madison, 169 S. Halsted 
Baer C. Mrs. baker, 1410 N. Clark 
Baer Frank A. saloon, Clark, (Lake View) 
Baer Joseph, grocer, 1804 S. State 
Baer Max. M. notions, 1706 Milwaukee av. 
Baer Nicholas, fish, 624 N. Paulina 
Baer Rose Miss, dressmkr. 143 W. 12th 
Baesler Charles, meatmkt. 51 Gardner 
Baessler John G. Dr. botanist, 20 Sullivan 
Baeuchler John, paints and oils, 707 W. 

M idison 
Baganzo Louis W. restaurant, 166 W. Ran- 
Baggot Edward, gas fixtures, E. Madison nw. 

cor. 5th av. T. 261 
Bagley David T. coal, 247 W. Madison 
Bagley Thomas, boat builder, nw. end Ran- 
dolph st. bridge 
Bagley & Nason, (Fred P. Bagley and Chas. E. 

Nason,) marble works, 18th st. bridge, 

T. 9187 
Bagnall & Ward, (Hedley H. Bagnall and 

Lewis Ward) printers, 118 5th av. 
Bahe Henry, constable, 15 S. Desplaines 
Bahnsen Peter, boots and shoes, 3222 Archer av. 
Bahnsen Peter, milk, 43 Fry 
Bahr L. boots and shoes, Crawford av. and 

Lake, (Cicero) 
Bahre Hugo H. steam dye wks. 3445 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Baier Casper F. &Co. (Casper F. Baier and Ja- 
cob Winzenhoerlein) coal, 267 Mohawk 
Baier Charles, grocer, 439 W. Harrison 
Baier George, express, 1410 S. State 
Baier Henry, coal, 1410 S. State 
Baier Henry, saloon, 3218 S. Halsted 
Baier & Christ (Frank P. Baier and Jacob 

m Christ) wood and coal, 507 Larrabee 
Bailer Joseph, mnfr. vests, 387 W. Ohio 
Bailey Bancroft A. coal, 655 Larrabee 
Bailey Ely S. Dr. 3034 Michigan av, T. 8108 
Bailey E. W. & Co. (E. W. Bailey) grain com. 

72 Board Trade, T. 136 
Bailey George F. lawyer, 89 E, Madison, R. 21 
Bailey George G. grain, 10 Pacific av. R. 18 
Bailey John, window cleaner, 184 E. Indiana 
Bailey John G. painter, 210 S. Halsted 


225 Dearborn St., Chicago. 





Bailey John T. & Co. (John T. Bailey) bags, 

ropes and twine, 169 E. Jackson, R. 417, 

T. 577 
Bailey L. E. & Co. ice, 782 Austin av, 
Bailey O. L. painter, 964 W. Lake 
Bailey P. saloon, 415 Milwaukee av. 
Bailey P. sewer builder, 60 Tell pi. 
Bailey S. G. wh. fish, 16 Michigan av. T. 5232 
Bailey William, teaming, 4323 Calumet av. 
Bailey W. G. Dr. 529 S. State, T. 667 
BAILEY W. II. & CO. meatmkt. 520 

Davis, T. 3. (Evanston) 
Bailey W. S. florist, es. Ridge av. opp. Hill, 

Bailey & Co. meatmkt. 520 Davis, (Evanston) 
Bailey & Fairman (George F. Bailey and W. J. 

Fairman) real est. Armitage cor. Simons 

av. (Jefferson) 
Baily J. B. window cleaner, 184 E. Indiana 
BAI]* D. & Ia (David and Lewis) plumbers, 

633 W. Madison 
Bain Foree, electrical engineer, 95 E. Indiana 
Bain George, coal and wood, 78 W. Erie 
Bain Wm. Turkish baths, 205 S. Clark 
Baine W. C. accountant, 184 Dearborn, R. 15 
Baines James, coal, 170 S. Desplaines 
Baines Oscar O. Dr. 657 Sedgwick and 125 

Bainter David Dr. 24 Willard pi. 
Baird Frank T. music teacher, 34 E. Monroe 

R. 29 and 30 
Baird Frederick S. lawyer, 86 LaSalle, R. 26 
Baird Irwin W. photog. 209 Wabash av. 
BAIRD & BRADLKY, (Lyman and 

Wyllys W. Baird, Francis Bradley and Geo. 

L. Warner), real est. 90 LaSalle, T. 212 
Baird & Dillon, (Frederick B. Baird and Fran- 
cis Dillon) books, 141 Wabash av. T. 5649 
Baird & Gamble, (J. Q. Baird and W. S. Gam- 
ble) surveyors, 177 LaSalle, R. 11 
Baird & Matthews, (Charles R. Baird, Joseph 

J. Matthews) livery, 237 63d 
Baird & Miskey (Chas. F. Baird and Marine 

C. Miskey) saloon 4010 S. State 
Bairstow Wm. H. & Co. marble works, Cal- 
vary, and P. O. box 107 S. Evanston 
Bakenhus & Mueseler, (Diedrich Bakenhus, 

Albert Mueseler) wagons, 95 E. Indiana 
Baker Albert, boots and shoes, 3850 S. State 
Baker Alexander, saloon, 4846 Wentworth av. 
Baker Alfred L. lawyer 79 S. Clark, R, 10 
Baker Annie Mrs. laundry, 1097 W. Lake 
Baker Austin H. vet. surg. 2539 S. State, T. 

8518, 146 Michigan av. T. 5374, and 2429 

Wabash av. T. 8507 
Baker Benjamin M. dentist, 103 S. State, R. 28 
BARER BROS. (D.W. and Henry Baker), 

coal, 92 E. Washington and 1442 S. 

State, T. 647 
Baker B. F. & Co. (Benj. F. and Edwin R. 

Baker) com. mers. 227 S. Water 
Baker Chas. R. dentist, 3242 Cottage Grove av. 
Baker Cornelius, carp. 5113 S. State 
Baker D. W. real est. 94 Dearborn. R. 14 
Baker Eliza Mrs. dressmkr. 126 Larrabee 
Baker Frank, lawyer, 78 LaSalle. R. 12 
Baker Frank H. real est. 80 LaSaUe, R. 5, T. 

Baker Frederick S. lawyer, 94 E. Washington, 

R. 33, T. 1182 
Baker George, cigars and tobacco, 380 W. 

Baker George, coal, 305 8. Morgan 
Baker George, flour and feed, 395 W. Madison 

T. 4116 

Baker George. restaurant,32and99 W.Madison 
Baker George, saloon, 3600 S. Ashland av. 
Baker George A. H. lawyer, Criminal Court 

Baker George G. lawyer, 175 Dearborn, R. 77 
Baker George R. druggist, Chicago av. cor. 

Lincoln, (S. Evanston) T. 142. and 1626 N. 

Clark, (Lake View) T. 3919 
Baker Grace Miss, dressmkr. 230 Washington 

Baker Henry, barber, 155 Milwaukee av. 
B A K ER JT. JT. mnsr. adv. department L. 

N. A. & C. Ry. 64 Adams Express Bldg. 
Baker James, cigars, 391 Sedgwick 
Baker John, meatmkt. 3654 Wentworth av. 
Baker Joseph, saloon, 2974 S. State 
Baker Joe, saloon, 56 Rawson 
Baker Julius, basket mkr. 864 N. Dania av. 
Baker L. S. lumber, 140 E. Monroe, T. 687, and 

187 Mather 
Baker M. & Co. (Moses Baker and Wm. H. 

McFarland) com. mers. 93 S. Water 
Baker Nicolas, saloon, 158 Willow 

Lyman, mngr. advertising cards, 113 E. 

Adams, R. D. 
Baker Robt. gardener, 59th nw. cor. S. Morgan 
Baker Robert A. lawyer, 80 Dearborn, R. 34 
Baker Stewart S. vet. surg. 609 W. Madison, 

H. 863 W. Adams, T. 6279 
Baker S. A. & Co. (Sanford A. Baker), oils, 

54 W. Division 
Baker Thaddeus, carp. 39 S. Sheldon 
Baker Thomas J. flour and feed, 499 W. Van 

BAKE it, VAWTER & CO. (Geo. E. 

Baker, Wm. A. and Frank M. Vawter), 

printers, 103 E. Van Buren, T. 817 
Baker Wm. barber, 300 S. Clark 
Baker William, drugs, 2888 Archer av. T. 8297 
Baker William, grocer, 54 S. Western av. 
Baker William H. designer, 243 S. State, R. 

Baker William J. barber, 420 S. Clark 
Baker William M. real est. 125 Dearborn, R. 

Baker William T. & Co. (William T. Baker, 

Walter F. Cobb, Moses L. Scudder Jr.) 

brokers and com. 240 La Salle, T. 208 
Baker Wilson G. real est. 175 LaSalle, R. 26 
Baker & Andrew (David H. Baker, Edward 

Andrew) com. mer. 34 Pacific av. R. 25 
Baker & Co. engravers, 23, 182 S. Clark 
Baker & Fitch (G. F. Baker and H. W. Fitch) 

real est. 6208 Wentworth av. 
Baker & Miller (Frank Baker and James G. 

MiUer) lawyers, 68 LaSalle, R. 12 
Baker & Parmele, brokers, 123 Dearborn 
BAKER & SMITH CO. J. J. Smith, 

pres. P. S. Hudson, v. pres. and treas. # J. 

H. Davis, sec. heating and ventilating 

apparatus, 81 and 83 E. Jackson, T. 58 
Baker & Weed (C. A. Baker and D. R. Weed) 

grocers, 204 Lake, Oak Park 
Bakke Andrew, milk, 75 W. Indiana 
BARKER AUGUST, saloon, 369 Blue 

Island av. 
Balaban Israel, grocer, 151 W. 12th. 
Balassa Albert, shoemkr. 342 North Branch 
Balatka Bros. (Hans and Christian F.) music 

teachers, 78 E. Monroe, R. 20 
Balatka Christian F. music teacher, 78 E. 

Monroe, R. 20 
Balatka Hans, music teacher, 78 E. Monroe, 

R. 20 

COAL. - S2££ l i» GE0.W. RAITHEL 




Balatka Hans, Jr. artist, 220Frembnt 

Balban Louis, grocer, 205 Maxwell 

Baldwin Algernon B. lawyer, 156 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 52 

Baldwin Alphonso D. real est. 161 LaSalle, 
R. 55 

Baldwin A. E. dentist, 828 W. Adams 
j Baldwin Barlow, tin, 6120 Wentworth av 

Baldwin Byron A. & Co. (Byron A. and Walter 
S. Baldwin), real est. and loans, 154 E. 
Washington, T.890 

BAL.OWIM B. I>.«& CO. (B. D. andT. C, 
Baldwin), mnfrs. of perfumery, 221 E. 
Randolph and 55 S. Franklin 

Baldwin Charles & Co. (Charles Baldwin), 
wh. stoves, 139 E. Kinzie 

Baldwin Cornelius, fruits, 98 V& S. Halsted 

BALDWIX D. «fc CO., (Dominick and 
Charles Baldwin, David Puceetti, Raph- 
ael Biagi and Giovanni Bertoni), fruits, 
456 Milwaukee av . 

Baldwin F. L. real est. 135 E. Lake 

Baldwin George D. & Co. (George D. Bald- 
win,William J. Dee and James K. Savage) 
packers, 42nd nr. Ashland av. Stock Yards 

Baldwin Gilbert S. pub. 199 S. Clark, Ft. 27* 

Baldwin Jesse A. lawyer, 101 E. Washington, 
R. 23 

Baldwin John A. real est. 79 Dearborn, R. 75 

Baldwin John K. coal, 1901 S. State 

Baldwin L. S. Mnfg. Co. (The) Wm. H. Bush, 
pres. John S. Way, sec. and treas. brass 
and iron work, 243 E. Chicago av. T 3255. 

Baldwin Matthew S. real est. 155 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 8 

Baldwin Olive A. Dr. 77 E. 24th 

Baldwin Samuel A. music teacher, 241 Wa- 
bash av. R. 15 

Baldwin Seth W. laundry, 371 S. State 

Baldwin T. E. & Co. (Thomas E. Baldwin) 
com. mer. 112 E. Quincy, R. 314 

Baldwin William, saloon, 425 Dearborn 

Baldwin William W. Jr. livery, 68 Pacific av. 

Ball win W. G. Dr. 130 Holley ct. Oak Park 

Baldwin, Wrenn & Farnum (George F. Bald- 
win, John H. Wrenn and Albert H. Far- 
num) brokers, 237 LaSalle, T. 29 

Baldwin & Ames (M. T. Baldwin and A. E. 
Ames) photog. 69 S. State, R. 55 

Baldwin & Andrews (Jesse A. Baldwin and 
Wilber J. Andrews) lawyers, 101 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 23 

Baldwin & Cook (Melville J. Baldwin and 
Jesse G. Cook) meatmkt. 422 & 916 W. 

Baldwin & Durham (Lemuel Baldwin, and 
James Durham) furniture, 280 Wabash av. 

Baldwin & Stone (Erastus B. Baldwin, Ed- 
win Stone and John G. Aldridge) com. 
mers. 169 E. Jackson, R. 504 

Bales Elizabeth E. dressmkr. 3627 Yincennes 

Balke Frank, saloon, 4700 Wentworth av. 

Balke Jacob M. saloon, 26 Kroger 

Balke M. mnfr. brick, 722 Wabansia av. 

Balke Oscar, barber, 522 W. Van Buren 

Ball A. & Bro. wh. playing cards, 85 S. Market 

Ball David M. lawyer, 156 E. Washington, 
R. 52 

Ball Electric Light Co, Charles W. Raymont, 
gen. western agt. 39 Dearborn, T. 1714 

Ball Farlin Q. lawyer, 96 LaSalle 

Ball George C. & Co. (George C. Ball) brok- 
ers, 240 LaSalle, R. 86 

Ball James, bootmkr. 122 Dearborn 

Ball J. M. & Co. (J. M. Ball and Fred Weed) 

grain cr>m. 6 Sherman, R. 12 
Ball Thomas, laundry, 743 Wells 
Ball W. T. & Co. cooperage, 39 to 47 Illinois 

T 3333 
Ballard C. W. Dr. dentist, 800 S. Halsted 
Ballard Edgar A. Dr. 97 37th, T. 9874 
Ballard Henry C. lawyer, 155 E. Washington, 

R. 12 
Ballard WiUiam H. Dr. 119 E Madison, R. 5 
Ballaseyus F. A. music teacher, 311 Michi- 
gan av. 
Ballenberg Jules, millinery, 159 Wabash av. 
Ballin Lauritz, cigarmnf r. 502 Blue Island av. 
BALLIN MEYER, real est. and loans, 

166 E. Randolph 
BALLiINtt WKORGE M. furniture and 

upholstr. 3728 Cottage Grove av. 
BALLIKC^EK JACOB, saloon, 475 W. 

Ballowitz Albert, jeweler, 18 Clybourn av. 
Balthsar Bach, meatmkt. 4334 Wentworth av. 
Baltimore Storage & Lighterage Co. The 

John T. Sickel, western agt. steamship 

agts. 234 LaSalle, R. 34, T. 911 
Baltimore & Ohio Express, Anson Gorton, 

agt. 65 E. Washington, T. 5662 
Baltimore & Ohio Kankakee Dispatch, W. S. 

Harrison, agt. 10 Pacific av. 
Baltimore & Ohio R. R. Co. T. H. Dearborn* 

gen. nw. pass. agt. H. W. McKewin, city 

ticket agt. 83 S. Clark, A. P. Bigelow, gen. 

freight agt. 212 LaSalle, T. 1091, pass, depot 

foot of Monroe, T. 5660, freight depot foot 

of S. Water, T. 5669 
Baltimore & Ohio Refining Co. A. J. Wise, 

fires, and treas. W. A. Webster, sec. 385 E. 
llinois, T. 3197 
Baltimore & Ohio Telegraph Co. John E. 

Zeublin, genl. supt., Board of Trade ; 

branch office, LaSalle se. cor. Washington 
Baltz Charles Co. Charles Baltz, pres. and 

treas. George H. Weedling, sec. butter, 

73 S. Water, T. 5637 
Balzer Louis, saloon, 4466 Atlantic, nw. cor. 

Bambas Frank, mnfr. clothing, 615 W. 18th 
Bamberger Samuel P. furniture, 860 W. Madi- 
Bambula J. saloon, 569 S. Morgan 
Bamford William & Co. (William Bamford) 

ins. brokers, 86 LaSalle, R. 17 
Banca Centrale Italiana, L. Durante, cash. 404 

Bandell H. E. saloon, 675 W. Lake 
Bandholtz John, saloon, 86 Sherman 
Banes Benjamin F. music pub. 149 Wabash 

Banga Henry Dr. 314 Sedgwick, T. 3247 
Banghart Bros. (William J. and Oscar H.) 

cigars, 128 Fifth av. 
Banghart Henry J. cigars, 154 S. Clark 
Bangor Chemical Co. F. H. Head, v. pres. 205 

LaSalle, R. 16, T. 1118 
Bangs Frederick A. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 

826, T. 1782 
Bangs Isaac W. & Co. hardware and stoves, 

47 S. State, T. 5549 
Bangs John D. & Co. stove mnfrs. 278 S. State 

T. 467 
Bangs Mark, lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 826, 

T. 1782 
Bangs & Bangs, (Mark and Fred A.) lawyers, 

112 S. Clark, R. 826, T. 1782 
Banholzer John, harness, 133 W. Randolph 



Dearborn St 







Bani & Turner, (John H. Bani and Patrick 
Turner) sausage casings, 279 S. Clark, T. 
1093, and 651 W. 43rd, T. 9586 

Bank Charles, grocer, 653 W. 21st 

It AX It OF MONTH EALVWilliam Mon- 
roe, mngr. Robert Y. Hebden, asst. mngr. 
226 LaSalle 

Bankers' Directory, Rand, McNally & Co. 

eubs. 150 E. Monroe 
ers' Monthly, Rand, McNally & Co, 

pubs. 150 E. Monroe 
Bankers and Merchants Bldg. and Loan Assn. 

J. A. Farwell pres. T. G. Dickinson, sec. 

F. W. Smith, treas. 97 E. Washington, 
• T. 5729 
Bankirk G. W. barber, 821 Clybourn av. 
Banks George H. tailor, 127 S. Halsted 
Banks James N. Dr. 108 E. Washington, R. 13 
Banks Patrick, saloon, 1136 S. Leavitt 
Banks W. H. & Co. John C. Banks, pres. 

Ervin J. Smith, sec. farm machinery, 38 

and 40 S. Canal. T. 4483 
Bannach Leon, tailor, 607 Noble 
Banne Hermann, saloon, 600 Blue Island av. 
Banning, Bissell & Co. C. S. Norton, mngr. 

dye stuffs, 257 S. Franklin, T. 1738 
Banning Ephraim, lawyer, 204 Dearborn, R. 60 
Banning Thos. A. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, R. 60 
Banning & Banning (Ephraim, Thomas A., 
« and Hubert A. Banning) lawyers, 204 

Dearborn, R. 60, T. 1644 
Bannon John H. hardware and stoves, 122 W. 

Banta Cornelius V. Jr. broker, 109 LaSalle, T. 

Banton J. Floyd, Dr. h. 2138 Michigan av, T. 

Banyon Catherine Mrs. furnished rooms, 99 S. 

Bapst Lewis, saloon, 2806 Cottage Grove av. 
Baptist Missionary Training School, Miss 

Mary E. Burdette prin. 2338 Mich. boul. 
Baptist Union Theological Seminary, Mor- 
gan Park, Edward Goodman, treas. 67 

Dearborn, R. 43 
Bar R. Mrs. meatmkt. 575 Elston av. 
Baragwanath Wm. & Son (William and Henry 

D.) boiler mnfrs. 48 W. Division, T. 4413 
Baranski Stanislaus, boots and shoes, 116 W. 

Barbe Brothers, (Morris and Martin) manfrs. 

clothing, 160 5th av. 
Barbee Claude B. grain com. 260 S. Clark, 

Barbee Wire & Iron Works, Geo. K. Rix, 

mngr. 100 E. Lake, T. 5646 
Barber Albert H. com. mer. 183 S. Water, 

Barber Asphalt Paving Co. (The) Albert H. 

Glaspell, agt. 112 S. Clark, R. 922, T. 1068 
Barber Edward L. lawyer, 84 LaSalle, R. 12 
Barber Frank, grocer, 2814 S. State 
Barber Frank A. Dr. 63d se. cor. Madison av. 

Hyde Park, R. 1 
Barber George L. druggist, 524 W. Madison 
Barber George M. grain com. 10 Pacific av. 

R. 103 
Barber Gideon L. lawyer, 163 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 6 
Barber John Mrs. boarding, 616 Sherman av. 

Barber Joseph F. groceries, 3302 S. State 
Barber J. W. carp. 748 W. Madison 
Barber, Martin & Co. (F. J. Barber and A. C. 

Martin) produce com. 191 S. Water, T. 1524 


Barbier Alfred R. pub. Knights of Honor 

Herald, 73 S. Clark, R. 4 
Barbora Dominick, saloon, 18 Wells 
Barbour Bros. Co. The, Ben Bartlett, mngr. 

linen thread mnfrs. 108-110 S. Franklin 

suits, 3708 Cottage Grove av. 
Barbour Edward & Co. (Edward Barbour) dry 

goods com. 221 5th av. R. 5 
Barbour Needle Co. (William Barbour) 59 S. 

Clark, R. 82 
Barbour Victor M. hardware, 252 31st 
Barclay Coal & Mining Co. Charles R. Capron, 

agt. 175 Dearborn, R. 40 
Bardon D. G. & Bro. (Daniel G. and Michael 

M.) grocers, 358 Wabash av. 
Bardonski Victor, druggist, 615 Noble, T. 4400 
Barfield Wm. G. architect, 81 S. Clark, R. 38 
Barg Theodore, coal and wood, 133 Mohawk 
Baribeau Louis, carp. 365 W. Adams 
Baril Paul E. carp. 83 35th 
Baring John, saloon, 84 W. Van Buren 
Baring Nicholas, saloon, 76 Wells 
Baring Stephen, saloon, 242 W. North av. 
Barkalow Bros. (S. D. and D. V.) R. R. 

news agents, 59 W. Van Buren 
Barkdall William, notions, 1445 47th 
Barkdull L. H. pub. 103 S. State, R. 15 
Barker Bros. (Charles and Christ), cigars, 

822 43rd 
Barker, Clifford, Thornton & Smith, (Joseph 

N. Barker, Eugene Clifford, Wm. P. 

Thornton, and Frank A. Smith), lawyers, 

175 Dearborn. R. 50, T. 419 
BARKER CORMELUiS, contractor 

and builder, 112 Colorado av. T. 7007 
Barker Cyrus A. R. R. ties, 236 S. Water, R. 

7, T. 847 
Barker G. W. & A. (George W. and Mrs. Ann), 

2d hand books, 149 E. Madison 
Barker John, saloon, 4145 S. Halsted 
Barker John Mrs. boarding, 820 43rd 
Barker John C. justice, 55 N. Clark 
Barker Joseph N. lawyer, 175 Dearborn, R. 

50, T. 419 
Barker Lydia Mrs. clairvoyant, 307 W. Madi- 
Barker Paul, tailor, 73 Dearborn 
Barker R. A. billiard hall and cigars, 1415 

Barker S. B. & Co. (Samuel B. Barker), lum- 
ber, Wood st. nr. Blue Island av. T. 9052 
Barker Thomas, sewing machine agt. 18 Wash- 
tenaw av. 
Barker Wm. A. Dr. 2215 Wabash av. T. 8165 
Barker & Jackson (John R. Barker and John 

B. Jackson), hardware, 1802 Wabash av. T. 

Barkey Frank P. boots and shoes, 349 63d 
Barkman John G. boots and shoes, 2830 S. 

Barleon George, barber, 72 W. Madison 
Barlow Jonathan K. Mrs. dressmkr. 118 8. 

Barlow Jesse E. coal, 2023 Archer av. 
Barlow Louis N. Dr. 2011 S. Clark, H. 2335 

Wabash av. 
Barlow Napoleon Bonaparte, printer, 61 E. 

Barlow Richard, livery, 912 W. Madison, T. 

Barmm Charles H. lawyer, 95 E. Washington, 

R. 32, T. 5711 
Barmm Frank H. & Co. (Frank H. Barmm), 

real est. 179 E. Washington, R. 32 








Barnard Cornelia D. Mrs. milliner, 613 S. 

Center av. 
Barnard Daniel E. lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 72 
Barnard Frank G. grain com. 24 Pacific av. 

R. 21 
Barnard Frank E. tea examiner, 18 Michi- 
gan av. T. 5232 
Barnard Geo. & Co. (George Barnard,) sport- 
ing goods, 108 E. Madison, T. 566 
Barnard Gilbert W. ins. 78 E. Monroe, R. 21, 

T. 1671 
Barnard John C. lawyer, 108 Dearborn, R. 12 
Barnard Max, clothing, 4159 S. Halsted 
Barnard Richard, meatmkt, 3505 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Barnard S. grocer, 156 S. Desplaines 
Barnard & Calkins, (Moses R. Barnard, and 

Charles R. Calkins), real est. 109 LaSalle, 

T. 891 
Barnard & Gunthorp, (Frederick Barnard, and 
William P. Gunthorp), printers, 44 LaSalle, 

T. 904 
Barnes Albert C. lawyer, 234 LaSalle, R. 65 
Barnes Alfred D. locksmth. 3958 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Barnes A. R. & Co. (Albert R. Barnes) printers, 

68 Wabash av. T. 5556 
Barnes A. S. & Co. Charles J. Barnes, mngr. 

pubs. 263 Wabash av. 
Barnes Charles M. books, 75 Wabash av. 
Barnes Charles T. dentist. 69 S. State. R. 13 
Barnes Charles W. hats, 148 S. State 
Barnes Frank J. mngr. Milwaukee Chair Co, 

and Crocker Chair Co. 274 Wabash av. 
Barnes G. Mrs. dressmkr. 500 Wabash av. 
Barnes House, Benj. L. Newman & Co. props. 

38 W. Randolph 
Barnes H. B. wh. jeweler, 243 S. State, R. 20 
Barnes Isaac, (Barnes Printing Co.) 121 E. 

Lake, R. 5 
Barnes John, drugs. 825 W. 43d 
Barnes Joshua H. hatter, 322 S. State 
Barnes J. S. & Co. (M. K. Barnes,) hats, 86 E. 

Barnes Mary Mrs. boarding, 3026 Dearborn 
Barnes Noah, real est. 85 E. Washington, R. 5 
Barnes Printing Co. (Isaac Barnes,) printers, 

121 E. Lake, R. 5 
Barnes Thomas W. cigars, 302 S. Clark 
Barnes & Parish, (Francis A. Barnes and 

Samuel M. Parish,) real est. 157 LaSalle, 

T. 438 
Barnet Alexander, prop. Chicago Brass Foun- 
dry, 85 Fifth av. 
Barnet W. Y. pub. The Pictorial West, 164 

LaSaUe, R. 81 
Barnett A. & "Co. (Aaron Barnett and E. L. 

Jacobson) meatmkt. 410 S. Clark 
Barnett Benjamin, grocer, S. Peoria se. cor. 

Barnett Benjamin, saloon, 388 S. Clark 
Barnett Bros. (Geo. W. and John H.) fruits 

and com. 147 S. Water, T. 1510 
Barnett David, grocer, 5058 S. State 
Barnett Elijah, meatmkt. 316 S. Jefferson 
Barnett Emanuel P. lawyer, 115 E. Monroe, R. 

50, T. 1067 
Barnett Hiram, boots and shoes, 2111 Archer 

Barnett Hyman, boots and shoes, 237 S. Hal- 
Barnett Isaac F. boots and shoes, North av. 

nr. Larrabee 
Barnett Lena Mrs. clothing, 105 W. Randolph 
Barnett Louis, junk, 2433 Archer av. 

Barnett Louis, meatmkt. 450 S. Clark 

Barnett Moses, saloon, 291 S. Canal 

Barnett Moses H. saloon, 439 S. Canal 

wood, 3121 and 3125 Cottage Grove av. 
T. 8366 

Barnett & Berinstein, (Joseph Barnett and 
Isaac Berinstein) grocer and meatmkt, 
1700 S. State 

Barnett & Williams, (F. L. Barnett and S. 
Laing Williams,) lawyers 180 S.Clark, R 4 

Barney Bros. (F. N. and J. W.) furniture, 
6160 Wentworth av. 

Barney W. J. & Co. Wm. D. Morton, mngr. 
real est. 139 Dearborn, R. 27 

Barney & Adamson, (John A. Barney and 
Frank J. Adamson.) boots and shoes, 3448 
S. State 

Barney & Rodatz, (John F. Barney and Jacob 
Rodatz,) contractors, 216 S. Clark, R. 27 Vt 

Barnhart Bros. & Spindler, Arthur M. Barn- 
hart, pres. Alson E. Barnhart, treas. 
Warren Barnhart, secy, type founders, 
115 5th av. T. 242 

Barnhart Delbert, barber, 552 31st 

Barnhart, Spitz Mnfg. Co. (The), J. F. 
Barnhart, pres. Herman Spitz, treas. fur- 
niture, 247 S. Canal, T. 4040 

Barnitz Frank A. tailor, 277 S. Clark, R. 17 

Barnmoska Ellen Miss, midwife, 123 Town- 

Barnum Albert W. lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, 
R. 49 

Barnum H. L. Dr. 628 W. Lake 

Barnum John L. poultry and fruit, 220 S. 

Barnum, Rubens & Ames, (William H. Bar- 
num, Harry Rubens and Henry W. Ames) 
lawyers, 163 E. Randolph, R. 49, T. 1007 

Barnum William H. lawyer, 163 E. Randolph 
R. 49, T. 1007 

Barnum William L. ins. agt. 205 LaSalle, R. 
108, T. 1428 

Barnum & Richardson Mnfg. Co. W. H. Bar- 
num, pres. Albert Ailing, treas. Wm. E. 
Best, sec. car wheels, 64 S. Jefferson, T. 
4443, works, Robey nr. Blue Island av. 

Barnvannen The, Endgberg Holmberg Pub- 
lishing Co. pub. 119 E. Chicago av. 

Baroch Louis & Co. (Louis Baroch) tailor, 99 
Canalport av. 

Baron Joseph, saloon, 217 W. Lake 

Baron M. Mrs. miUinery, 172 E. North av. 

Baron Tobias A. clothing, 103 E. Kinzie 

Barr Fred F. wh. hay, 710 N. Halsted 

Barr John W. grocer, 1372 W. Madison 

Barrett Ada Miss, dressmkr. 210 S. Halsted 

Barrett Ellen Mrs, notions, 1319 47th 

Barrett Emma Mrs. furnished rooms, 101 S. 

Barrett E. J. grocer, Ashland av. sw. cor. In- 

Barrett Frank S. agt. sew. mach. 214 E. Lake 

Barrett George D. real est. 154 E. Washington, 
R. 21 

Barrett J. & Co. (John Barrett and Henry W. 
Coolidge) hardware, 65 E. Washington, 
R. J 

Barrett John J, grocer, 546 Elston av. 

Barrett John R. & Co. (John R. Barrett) book 
binders, 16 Calhoun pi. 

Barrett Margaret Mrs. confectr. 107 W. Lake 

Barrett M. F. plumber, 468 W. Chica o av. 

BARRETT MARCUS L. com. drugs, 
56 & 58 Wabash av. T. 5085 






Barrett O. W. & Co. (Oscar W. Barrett and 
Herbert J. Ullman) ins. agts. 172 LaSalle, 
T. 147 

Barrett William & Son (William and Patrick) 
meatmkt. 4654 Wentworth av. 

Barrett W. M. & Co. (Wm. M. Barrett) vine- 
gar, 246 E. Lake, T. 584 

Barrett & Adams (F. M. Barrett and A. H. 
Adams) mnfrs. agts. 221 5th av. R. 81 

Barrett & Barrett (William H. and Charles R.) 
cider and vinegar, 260 E. Kinzie, T. 3319 

Barrett & Holbert (William T. Barrett and 
John H. Holbert) produce, 188 S. Water 

Barrett & Kimball (Samuel E. Barrett and Ed- 
ward A. Kimball) roofing material, 70 La 
Salle, T. 1553, E. Division ne. cor. Hick- 
ory av. T. 3461 

Barriere Joseph, grocer, 195 Ewing 

Barrington Alfred, lodging, 35 Milwaukee av. 

Barron Bros. (F. R. and J.) coal, 876 W. Lake 

Barron Charles, sewer builder, 4555 Went- 
worth av. 

Barron Edward, saloon, 1223 47th 

Barron Gregor&Co. (Gregor Barron and John 
T.Nickerson) props. The Mercantile Ware- 
houses, 29 Michigan av. T. 5307 

BAKKOV GREGOR, custom house 
broker, 113 E. Adams, R. 17, Custom 
house, T. 1342 

Barron Joseph M. milk, 58 Grant pi. 

Barron Patrick A. gents furng. 57 N. State 

Barron & Bermingham (John P. Barron and 
Thomas Bermingham) com. mer. 131 S. 
Water, T. 5112 

Barrossu James & Co. (James Barrossu and 
Gispe Bagielli) confectrs. 380 Milwaukee 

Barrows R. M. Dr. 2702 63d, Hyde Park 

Barrows W. & Son, ( Wm. Barrows) hair goods 
and wigmkr. 69 E Randolph 

Barry B. T. adv. agt. 271 S. Franklin 

Barry James, shoemkr. 1637 S. State 

Barry Michael, carp. 248 E. Illinois 

Barry S.S. & Son (Samuel S. and George) paint- 
ers, 258 Wabash av. T. 5581 

Barry, Van Vliet & Co. (George Barry, Walter 
J. Van Vliet and George C. Tate) cigar 
mnfrs. 155 E. Lake 

Barry William, saloon, 3600 Emerald av. 

Barry William J. grocer, 137 47th 

Barry W. T. Dr. 2606 Calumet av. 

Barry & Edwards (William W. Barry and John 
E. Edwards) restaurant, 3033 Cottage 
Grove av. 

Barsaloux Napoleon, furniture mnfr. 400 W. 

Barsley Alonzo L. roofer, 2839 Wabash av. 

Barsley H. S. roofer, 263 29th, cor. State, T. 571 

Barsotte Evole, fruits, 280 W. 12th 

Barstow James H. coal, 73 S. Green, T. 4632 

Barstow Joseph, hats and caps, 129 S, Clark 

Barstow & Carlill (Elizabeth M. Barstow, 
James B. Carlill) printers, 118 5th av. 

Barta Martin, wagon mnfr. 197 W. Harrison 

Bartcher Charles A. cigars, 168 Dearborn 

Bartel Albert, tailor, 2721 Cottage Grove av. 

Bartel Bros. (John and J. R.) lodging house, 97 
W. Madison 

Bartel Mary Mrs. hair dresser, 867 N. Dana 

Bartell Bros. (Henry and Oscar) oils, 307 Dear- 

Bartell John, carp. 197 E. Washington 

Bartelme & Stallwood (George P. Bartelme 
and J. Stallwood) produce com. 140 S. 

Bartelme Frank, saloon, 380 N. Halsted 
Bartels Charles, harnessmkr. 4922 S. State 
Bartels Edward & Co. (E. Bartels and Joseph 

Sievert) grocers, 2822 Archer av. 
Bartels Henry, grocer, 97 Johnson av. (Jeffer- 
Bartels John H. grocer, 673 Blue Island av. 
Bartels Martha Mrs. saloon, 130 W. Randolph 
Bartels Mary Miss mattresses, 1521 State 
Bartels Paul, restaurant, 230 W. 12th 
Bartels Wm. grocer, 888 W. 21st 
Bartels William, dye works, 215 N. Centre av. 
Bartels & Schoeninger (Lewis Bartels and Jo- 
seph Schoeniuger)saloon,117 E. Randolph 
Bartelstein Hyman, grocer, 552 S. Canal 
Bartelt William, grocer. 768 Dania av. 
Barter Thomas O. mineral waters, 229 La- 
Barth C. G. & Co. (Charles G. Barth) grain 

com. 10 Pacific av. R. 104 
Barth George, grocer, Butler av. and C. B. & 

Q. R. R. (Crawford) 
BARTH i* EO Uin K. saloon 606 Wells 
Barth Herman & Co. furniture, 62 Oak 
Barth Katie Miss, dressmkr. 98 Sigel 
Barth Louis, barber, 2103 State 
Barth Mathias, express, 485 N. Clark 
Barth Paul G. laundry, 207 E. Indiana 
Barth Peter J. cigars, 322 E. North av. 
Barth Sophia Mrs. tailoring, 450 E. 26th 
Barthel Joseph, shoe findings, 166 S. Des- 

Barthel Peter, cigars, 595 Wells 
Bartholdi, chiropodist, 363 S. State 
Bartholdy Nicholas C. stoves and hardware, 

482 Milwaukee av. and 802 W. North 
Bartholomae Frank, saloon, 299 Ogden av. 
Bartholomae & Leicht Brewing Co. (The), 
Andrew E. Leicht, pres. and treas. George 
Bartholomae v. pres. and supt. John J. 
Voelcker. sec. 684 Sedgwick, T. 3216 
Bartholomae & Roesing (Frank Bartholomae 
and Bernard Roesing), brewers, W. 12th 
ne. cor. Brown, T. 4079 
Bartholomew George H. boots and shoes, 873 

W. Indiana 
chant tailor, 323 Ogden av. 
Bartholomew Nathaniel W. dry goods, 871 W. 

Bartholomew Peter, saloon, 478 W. Van Buren 
Bartholomew & Co. (Peter Bartholomew and 
Louis Andrew) saloon, 418 W. Van Buren 
Bartholmey John, dry goods, 2524 Hanover 
Bartilla Paul, saloon, 1497 Milwauk e av. 
Bartky Adolph, music teacher, 2973 South 

Park av. 
Bartl Joseph, 2936 S. State 
Bartlestein Max, dyer, 711 S. Jefferson 
Bartlett Bros. (Lincoln H. Bartlett) grocers, 

127 85th 
Bartlett Charles L. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R.721 
BARTLETT C. T. mason and contractor, 

524 Davis, (Evanston) 
Bartlett Elias L. renting agency and not. pub. 

3645 Cottage Grove av. T. 9940 
Bartlett H. undertaker, 245 N. Clark, T. 3052 
Bartlett Harriet E. Mrs. dressmkr. 766 W. 

Bartlett John, Dr. 482 N. Clark, T. 3063 
Bartlett John A. real est, 154 LaSalle, R. 21 
Bartlett John G. vet. surg. 539 S. Union 
Bartlett M. A. carp, rear 443 W. Van Buren 
Bartlett N. Gray, drugs, Indiana av. nw.corE. 
22d, T. 8332 

GEO. W. RAITHEL^^^r/rfr^COAL. 





Bartlett P. T. lumber, 212 S. Water, R. 6, T. 

Bartlett Rufus H. Dr. 82 W. Madison, T. 4642, 

h. 1331 W. Monroe 
Bartlett Wm, H. painter and decorator, 

Morse av. (Rogers Park) 
Bartlett & Butman, (Jason T. Bartlett, and 

Edwin E. Butman) trusses, 83 E. Randolph 
Bartlett & Davis, (Charles J. Bartlett and 

Albert Davis) , teas and coffee, 804 43d 
Bartley H. W. carp. 123 Michigan av. 
Bartmann Christian, saloon, 660 N. Ashland 

Bartmann R. Mrs. milliner, 245 W. Chicago 

Bartnik Vilem, mnfr clothing, 661 Throop 
Barto & Church, (Baldo Barto and Joseph 

Church) saloon, 975 W. Van Buren 
Bartolomei J. & Co. (John Bartolomei) plas- 
terers, 41 S. Green 
Bartolomei Martin, fruits, 769 Milwaukee av. 
Barton Cecilia Miss, dressmkr. 798 W. Madi- 
Barton George H. carp. 2254 Cottage Grove 

Barton George H. cabinetmkr. 2227 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Barton George P. lawyer, 225 Deaiborn, T. 

Barton Ida Mrs. dressmkr. 124 W. Madison, 

Barton Jesse B. lawyer, 415 First Natl. Bank 
Barton Wm. H. mngr. Peoples Express Co. 54 

E. Harrison 
Barton W. E., H. M. Huggins agt. cigars, 81 

E. Lake, T. 1235 
Barton Williard R. Barton's band, 47 N. 

Barton & Jones, lumber, 148 S. Water 
Barton & Underhill, (Chauncy Barton, and 

Solomon Underhill,) lumber inspectors, 

242 S. Water, R. 15 
Bartos Vaclav, grocer, 130 W. 18th 
Bartsch Conrad, tailor, 588 Wells 
Bartsch Frank, boots & shoes, 253 Larrabee 
Bartsch Frederick, shoemkr. 309i Sedgwick 
Barttels & Vance, (Fred Barttels and Charles 

Vance), barbers, 5 E. 26th 
Bartunek Frank, saloon, 689 S. May 
Bartz Charles, grocer, 687 Wrightwood av. 
Bartz Henry, saloon, 386 N. Haleted 
Bartz Wm. baker and confectr. 333 43rd 
Baruth Henry P. milk, 76 Cleveland av. 
Bary Charles, lawyer, 118 La Salle, R. 57 
Barz Albert, furniture, 878 W. 21st 
Barzen Nicholas, coal, 132 24th pi. 
Basch Jacob, saloon, 222 E. Division 
Base Ball, Race and Amusement Record, 

Perry & Pagett, pubs. 118 5th av. 
Baseler Charles F. drugs, 445 E. North av. T. 

Bashford R. M. lawyer, 205 La Salle, R. 319 
Bason John, barber, 801 Blue Island av. 
Baspalets Nathan, boots and shoes, 112 N. 

Bass George, lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 62, T. 5699 
Bass John H., Parley P. Foskett, mngr. R. R. 

supplies, 97 Dearborn, T. 5011, wks. 47th, 

sw. cor. S. Clark, T. 9577 
Bass Louis, boots and shoes, 194 S. Halsted 
Bass Myron H. real est. 149 LaSalle, R. 9 
Bass Perkins, lawyer, 149 LaSalle, R. 9 
Bass & Co. ales, Jeremiah Murphy, mngr. 

214 E. Washington 
Basse William H. T. drugs, 660 S. Halsted 


& Co. (Ferdinand L. F. Basse) lumber, 
. Division, se. cor. Elston av. T. 4341 
Bassen Henry, confectr. 488 S. Halsted 
Bassett E. A. Dr. 109 E. Adams, H. 3546 Indi- 
ana av. 
Bassett Charles F. Dr. 20 Aldine sq. T. 9874 
Bassett James, plumber, 239 Dearborn 
Bassett N. B. & Co. (Asahel O. Bassett and 

John Green) moldings, 24 N. Clinton 
Bassett Wm. R, livery, 1325 Wabash av. T. 8446 
Bassett William R. restaurant, 334 S. State, T. 

Bassett & McDonald, (Henry Bassett and 
Henry McDonald,) saloon, 544 Wabash av. 
Bassett's Gallery of Anatomy, (Dr. E. A. Bas- 
set,) 109 E. Adams 
Bassford Henry E. stationer, 80 E. 16th 
Bassler Eugene, saloon, 38 Exchange pi. 
Bastable W. patternmkr. 212 S. Clinton 
Bastgen John, saloon, 428 W. Chicago ay. 
Bastian George H. shoemkr. 857 W. Indiana 
Bastian H. Mrs. midwife, 490 Noble 
Bastian Theo. shoemkr, 490 Noble 
Bastian U. carp. 525 W. Polk 
Bastien Louis, saloon, 23 Blue Island av. 
Batavia Max, dry goods, 221 W. North av. 
Batavia Paper Co. Wm. M. Van Nortwick, 

mngr. 139 Dearborn, R. 10 
Batchelder Israel H. restaurant, 35 E. Adams 
Batcheller E. real est. 153 LaSalle 
Batcheller & Beal, (W. H. Batcheller and R. Al- 
bert Beal), dry goods com. 221 5th av. R. 2 
Batchen John S. F. stone yard, 16th cor. Mor- 
Batdorf Bros. (Frank and Wm.) painters, 438 

W. Madison 
Batdorf John W. Co. (John W. Batdorf and 
Edwin E. Wise) cloaks and suits, 133 W. 
Washington, T. 4010 
Bate John W. Dr. 112 E VanBuren, R. 3 
Bate Henry J. drugs, 44 WeUs, T. 3230 
Bateman John W. saloon, 4239 S. Halsted 
Bateman Samuel, dry goods, 287 E. North av. 
Bates Aaron T. agt. pads and plasters, 113 E. 

Adams, R. 12 
Bates, Brougham & Tuttle, (Thomas Bates, 
Thomas B. Brougham and Emerson B, 
Tuttle), lawyers, 161 LaSalle, R.83 
Bates Erastus N. christian scientist, 163 S. State 

R. 65 
Bates Frank, locksmith, 236 E. 31st 
Bates F. H. express, 57 N. Curtis 
Bates Homer O. Dr. 527 S. Halsted, T. 9139 
Bates James H. Dr. 82 E. Madison, R. 31 and 

349 S. Clark, T. 1453 
Bates John, saloon, 168 W. Polk 
Bates Laura C. Dr. 527 S. Halsted, T. 9139. 
Bates Mary Mrs. Dr. 527 W. Van Buren 
Bates Mary E. Dr. 69 S. State, R. 26 
Bates Richard, furniture, 9 E. Adams 
Bates Robert P. lawyer, 82 Dearborn, R. 2 
Bates R. W. Dr. 13 E. Adams 
Bates Thomas, lawyer, 161 LaSalle, R. 83 
Bates Wm. S. patent atty. 204 Dearborn, R. 46 
Bates & Heath (Millard J. Bates and Levi W. 

Heath) printers, 206 S. State 
Bateson Joseph J. stationery, 377 W Indiana 
Bath Henry, tailor, 213 E. Erie 
Bath John, cooper, 1821 Milwaukee av. 
Baths Joseph, grocer, 341 Jefferson 
Batta Bros. (William and Michael) furni- 
ture, 2317 Wentworth av. 
Battegay E. jeweler, 3822 S. State 
Batten John H. Jr. lawyer, 149 LaSalle, R. 


souciTOKM oi i PatentS 





Battery D. Armory, First Artillery, 111. Nat. 

Guard, Michigan av. n, of Monroe. 
Battey F. A. & Co. (Frederick A. Battey) pubs. 

216 S. Clark, R. 39 
Battis W. S. & Co. (William S.) printers, 180 

E. Washington 
Battkasar Anthony, grocer, 222 24th pi. 
Battle of Chattanooga, Wm. Wehner, prop. 

Wabash av. cor. Hubbard ct. 
Battle of Gettysburg, Wabash av. sw. cor. 

Hubbard ct. 
Battle of Mission Ridge, Wabash av. se. cor. 

Hubbard ct. 
Battle of Shiloh, Michigan av. bt. Madison 

and Monroe 
Battles John B.& Son (John B. and Reuben C.) 

carps. 378 S. State 
Batty Henry W. carp. 123 Michigan av. 
Baty Amos, picture frames, 742 W. Madison 
Bauch Bros. (Henry and Peter) milk, 5207 

Bauch Peter, wood and coal, 808 W. 12th 
Baud George, shoemkr. 6548 Wentworth av. 
Bauder John, saloon, 746 W. Lake and 7 Dear- 
Bauder William, wh. liquors, 497 W. Indiana 
Bauer Anton, saloon, 69 Larrabee 
Bauer Berthold, carp. 40 Mohawk 
Bauer Charles, meatmkt. 1285 N. Halsted 
Bauer Edward, boots and shoes, 3454 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Bauer Frank, grocer, Chicago av. (South Ev- 

Bauer F. Mrs. prop. Parisian Steam Carpet 

Cleaning & Renovating Wks. 2744 Cottage 

Grove av. T. 8250 
Bauer George, cigar mnfr. 5270 Wentworth av. 
Bauer George, grocer, 769 Hinman 
Bauer George H. stoves, 416 Lincoln av. 
Bauer Herman, barber, 4133 Wentworth av. in 

Bauer Jacob, tailor, 494 N. Ashland av. 
BAUER JACOB, horseshoer, Commer- 
cial av. nr. 92d (South Chicago) 
Bauer John, barber, 576 Ogden av. 
Bauer John, piano mover, 401 W. Indiana 
Bauer John Mrs. lace cleaner, 443% N. Clark 
BAUJER JUL.IUS A; CO. pianos, organs 

and musical mdse. 156 & 158 Wabash av. 
Bauer Lawrence, bakery, 391 Milwaukee av. 
Bauer Louis, dyer and cleaner, 24 W. Huron 
Bauer Michael, com. meats, 45 W. Jackson, 

T. 4144 
Bauer William B. painter, 380 Cleveland av. 
Bauer & Hill (Augustus Bauer and Henry W. 

Hill) architects, 86 LaSalle, R. 31 
Bauer & McLeod (Nicholas Bauer and Alex- 
ander McLeod) saloon, 164 E. Van Buren 
Bauerle & Stark (Michael Bauerle and Frank 

Stark) furniture, 224 to 230 W. Ohio 
Bauermeister D. & Bon (Mrs. D. and Fred 

Bauermeister) brick mnf rs. Elston av. bet. 

Belmont and Western avs. (Jefferson) 
Baum August, meatmkt., 124 Wells 
Baum Bernard, saloon, Cottage Grove av. 

sw. cor. 22d 
Baum C. F. & Co. (C. F. Baum, C. P. Gerlach 

and C. G. Wirths) dress trimmings, 154 

Fifth av. 
Baum Emanuel, cigar mnfr. 782 Walnut 
Baum Ferdinand H. jeweler, 2922 S. State 
Baum Frederick, meatmkt. 392 Wells 
Baum Henry, mcht. tailor, 196 N. Clark 
Baum Jacob & Co. clothiers supplies, 160 S. 


Baum L. & Bro. (Leopold and Emanuel 

Baum) gents f urng. goods, 106 W. Madison 
Baum Moses M. cigars, 12 Calhoun pi. 
Bauman George, shoemkr. 165 4th av. 
Baumann Adolph, jeweler, 322 Larrabee 
Baumann August, meatmkt. 838 W. 21st 
Baumann Bernard, printer, 2973 S. State 
Baumann Charles H. grocer, 384 E. 22d 
Baumann Edward, architect, 163 E. Randolph, 

R. 59 
Baumann E. S. architect, 163 E. Randolph, 

R. 32 
Baumann Frederick, architect, 163 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 32 
Baumann George, meatmkt. 101 Blue Island 

Baumann George, shoemkr. 165 4th av. 
Baumann Henry, meatmkt. 2859 Dashiel 
Baumann Henry, meatmkt. 313 E. 22d 
Baumann Henry, coal, 49th sw. cor. Wood 
Baumann John, barber, 170 W. Randolph 
Baumann John, variety, S. Halsted cor. W. 

Baumann Julius, barber, 331 W. North av. 
Baumann Maurice, barber, 4320 S. State 
Baumann Maurice, lawyer, 4028 S. State 
Baumann Peter, saloon, 2492 Archer av. 
Baumann & Kiessling (John Baumann and 

Adolph Kiessling) wagon mkrs. 2348 

Wentworth av. 
Baumann & Lotz (Edward Baumann, and 

William H. Lotz) architects, 163 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 59 
Baumer Julius, wall paper, 552 Sedgwick 
Baumer& Slomer Co. (The) (William Baumer 

and Eugene E. Slomer) mnf rs. and dealers 

in sash and doors, Smith av. nw. cor. 

Weed, T. 3406 
Baumgardt Robert, jeweler, 335 Blue Island 

Baumgart L. & Co. wh. art. flowers and 

feathers, 111 Wabash av. 
Baumgart Paul C. carp. 376 Larrabee 
Baumgarten JLSenny, boots and shoes, 195 S. 

Baumgarten Bernard, boots and shoes, 141 S. 

Baumgarten J. F. flour and feed, 631 Ogden av 
Baumgartner Albeit, meatmkt. 933 Blue 

Island av. 
Baumgartner Alois, German Laundry, 175 E. 

Baumgartner Gottfried, meatmkt. 1103 S. 

Hoyne av. 
Baumgras Peter, artist, 216 S. Clark, R. 56 
Baur Anton, saloon, 69 Larrabee 
Baur Clara Miss, variety, 125 Webster av. 
Baur Hugo F. druggist, 180 W, Madison, T. 

Baur S. & Co. (Sebastian Baur), leather and 

findings, 191 E. Lake 
Baur Wm. F. grocer, 322 Sedgwick 
Bausanti John, saloon, 347 W. Harrison 
Bausch George, crockery, 369 Larrabee 
Bause Joseph B. saloon, 318 W. 14th 
Bause Joseph B. grocer, 322 W. 14th 
Bausenbach Edward E. jeweler, 659 W. 12th 
Bausenbach Edward E. jeweler, 627 S. Canal 
Bausher Henry Jr. com. mer. 161 La Salle, R. 

51, T. 1137 
Bausman Andrew B. Dr. 113 W. Madison, T. 

Bauspies Frank A. barber, 713 Ogden av. 
Bautsch George, saloon, 70 S. Canal 
Bautz Robert, sign painter, 205 W. Randolph 



182 Dearborn St. 





BAXA MARTIN, boots and shoes, 184 

Baxa Matias, saloon, 177 DeKoven 
Baxter Andrew J. Dr. 65 E. Randolph, h. 334 

W. Monroe, T. 4521 
Baxter Charles W. pat. medicine, 1558 Wabash 

av. R. 2 
Baxter Richard A. saloon, 640 W. Lake 
Baxter T. M. & Co. (Thomas M. Baxter, and 

James Angus,) grain com. 24 Pacific av. 

R. 5, T. 973 
Baxter W. E. horse shoer, Rose Hill 
Baxter Wm. S. agt. for J. B. Schall, mnfr. 

banjos, 150 Dearborn, R. 5 
Bay DeNoquet Co. lumber, 234 S. Water 
Bayfield Wis. Brown Stone Co. stone dealers, 

40 Dearborn, R. 10 
Bayley Edwin F. lawyer, 99 E. Randolph, R. 

16, T. 5021 
Bayley & Waldo, (Edwin F. Bayley, and Otis 

H. Waldo,) lawyers, 99 E. Randolph, R. 16, 

T. 5021 
Baylies Josiah, prop. Peoples Theatre, 339 S. 

Bayn & Dunbar, (F. B. Bayn, and W. F. Dun- 
bar,) carps, rear 333 Washington boul. 
Baynes George B. groceries, 30 E. Erie 
Bayston Jabez, painter, 396 S. Western av. 
Beach C. B. & Co. (Chandler B. Beach,) pubs. 

126 E. Washington, R. 63 
Beach George L. Dr. 103 S. State. R. 28, H. 532 

W. Van Buren 
Beach George M. real est. and lawyer, 112 S. 

Clark, R. 521, T. 1284 
Beach, Hamilton & Co. (J. A. Beach, J. B. 

Hamilton and W. S. Tilfordjcom. 71 Open 

Board of Trade 
Beach Hannah C. Miss, milliner, 1434 Wabash 

Beach James W. lawyer, 94 LaSaUe, R. 33 
Beach Myron H. lawyer, 162 LaSalle, R. 15, T. 

Beach & Hamilton (J. A. Beach,) grain com. 

24 Pacific av. R. 71 
Beach & Rome (Edward Beach and John 

Rome, props.) Michigan Preserving Co. 

135 E. Kinzie 
Beahan James, saloon, 126 N. Canal 
Beal George, barber, 624 W. Lake 
Beale Tena Mrs. laundry, 280 Sedgwick 
Beale Wm. G. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, K, 38, T. 

Beall George H. drugs, 750 W. Harrison, T. 

Beam Charles Mrs. notions, 2339 Wentworth 

Beam Henry D. lawyer, 94 LaSalle, R. 39 
Beam & Cooke, (Henry D. Beam and Edward 

D. Cooke,) lawyers, 96 LaSalle, R. 39 
Beamish Abram S. horseshoer, 56 Pacific av. 
Bean Anthus, confectr. 2918 Wentworth av. 
Bean Edwin, lawyer, 174 LaSalle, R. 54 
Bean George, restaurant, Union pass, depot, S. 

Canal, cor. W. Madison 
Bean & GiUeran, (George Bean and John Gil- 

leran,) barbers, 89 Wells 
Bear Marcell B. dry goods, 70 Canalport av. 
Beard Charles H. Dr. 70 E. Monroe, R. 18 
BEARD H. A. & «JO. Real est. and loans, 

102 E. Washington 
Beard & Kimball, (W. Harrington Beard and 

Herbert Kimball,) pictures, 552 W. Madi- 
Beardsley O. L. iron, 94 Dearborn, R. 15 
Beardsley Susan W. school, 881 W. Monroe 

Beaton John, saloon, 2607 S. Halsted 
Beaton John G. carp. 514 N. ('lark 
Beattie Charles J. lawyer, 199 8. Clark, R. 9 
Beattie C. Stuart, lawyer, 116 LaSaUe, R. 20 
Beattie & Neuberger, (C. Stuart Beattie and 

Martin C. Neuberger,) lawyers, 118 LaSalle, 

R. 20 
Beaty Joseph, cigars, 319 W. Division 
Beaubien Wm. S. Capt. detective agency, 186 

W. Madison 
Beaudoin L. E. barber, 6748 Yale av. (Engle- 

Beaudry A. George, architect, 45 LaSaUe, R. 5 
BEAUMONT EUttJEWE, saloon, 1557 S. 

Beaumont Frederick W. coal, 2996 Archer av. 
Beaumont George, architect, 115 Dearborn, 

R. 115 
Bebb & Webb, (Jno. F. Bebb and Clark A. 

Webb) Imperial Steam Laundry, 469 Og- 

den av. 
Bebber Charles A. boots and shoes, 426 Wells 
Becher D. barber, 12 N. Halsted 
Becher Jacob, grocer, 845 W. 12th 
Bechstein Karl H. grocer, 151 W. Lake 
Bechteler John, milk, 264 W. Taylor 
Bechtold Louis Mrs. ladies' tailor 461 N. 

Bechyne Vincene, table mnfr, 864 Allport 
Beck A. R. Lumber Co. A. R. Beck, pres. Wm. 

McLaren sec. and treas. D. C. Pelton, v. 

pres. 92d, (South Chicago) T. 9868 
Beck Anton, cigars, 51 N. Market 
Beck August & Co. August Beck, pres. William 

C. Beck, sec. leaf tobacco, 44 Dearborn, 

factory, 392 N. Clark 
Beck Catherine Mrs. dressmkr. 113 W. Madi- 
Beck Charles, blksmith, 95 W. Washington 
BftiCK. CHAS. hardware, stoves, &c. 707 

Davis, T. 99. (Evanston) 
Beck Charles, meatmkt. 373 Sedgwick 
Beck Charles F. cigars, 1369 N. Clark 
Beck Charles F. gents furng goods, 21 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Beck Charles W. shoemkr. 532 N. Market 
Beck Daniel Mrs. dressmkr. 699 Larrabee 
Beck Edward W. furniture, 261 N. Clark 
Beck Ernst, grocer, 517 Larrabee 
Beck Gustav L. pub. 26 N. Clark, R. 16 
Beck Henry, saloon, 184 13th pi. 
Beck Henry, saloon, 310 S. State 
Beck Henry, saloon, 431 W. Ohio 
Beck Ignaz, rectifier, 289 Blue Island av. 
Beck John, mnfr. cigars, 141sWells 
BECK JOHN, saloon, 333 E. North av. 
Beck Joseph, tailor, 232 Southport av. 
Beck Joseph, saloon, 576 S. Halsted 
Beck Katie Miss, dressmkr. 1338 E. Diver- 

sey av. 
Beck Leopold, saloon, 318 N. Franklin 
Beck Louis, meatmkt. 599 N. Ashland av. 
Beck Louis, meatmkt. 46 N. Market 
BECK LiOUIS. hardware, Greenleaf av. 

(Rogers Park) 
Beck Maggie Miss, hair goods, 1338 E. Diver- 

sey av. 
Beck Milton I. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 606, 

T. 1423 
Beck Peter, restaurant, 36 Milwaukee av. 
Beck Wm. meatmkt. 284 Sedgwick 
Beck Wm. A. grocer, 78 Clybourn av. 
Beck & Charlton (Milton I. Beck and Francis 

M. Charlton,) lawyers, 112 S. Clark, R. 

606, T. 1423 







Beck & Charlton Co. (The) Milton I. Beck, 

S'es. Francis M. Charlton, treas. Frank 
. Grnpy, sec. collections, 112 S. Clark, 
R. 606, T. 1423 
Beck & Liebetrau (Andrew Beck and Ernest 

Liebetrau.) painters, 2535 Calumet av. 
BECIl & L1PPERT (Chas. Beck and 
Rudolph Lippert,) Hour and feed, 954 N. 
Becker Abraham G. notary, Dearborn, sw. 

cor. Madison 
Becker Anna Mrs. variety store, 126 Eugenie 
Becker Bros, (Edward and William,) stoves, 

752 Lincoln av. 
Becker Carl, music teacher, 245 S. State, R. 6 
Becker Carl L. grocer, 449 W. Randolph 
Beckler Caspar, saloon, 2021 Purple 
Becker Charles, saloon, 620 Milwaukee av. 
KKrKKlt CHARLES, horse shoer, 

Ridge av. (Rose Hill) 
Becker Charles C. grocer, 497, 26th 
Becker Christe Mrs. midwife, 101 Best av. 

(Lake View) 
Becker Conrad, grocer, 254 Clybourn av. 
Becker,) florists, 320 W. Madison, T. 4521 
Becker Ernst, cigar mnfr. 101 Best av (Lake 

Becker Ernst, saloon, 102 S. Franklin 
Becker Frank, justice peace. 4157 S. Halsted 
Becker Fred W. lawyer, 175 Dearborn, R. 98 
Becker George, wh. clothing, 174 S. Market 
Backer Henry, carp. 4347 S. State 
Becker Jacob, plumber, 656 Sedgwick 
Becker Jacob, tailor, 344 E. North av. 
Becker John, barber, Chicago av. cor. N. Clark 
Becker John, barber, Grand Pacific Hotel 
Becker John, boots and shoes. 3435 S. Halsted 
Becker John, brick mnfr. Western av. nr. 

Addison av. (Jefferson) 
Becker John, saloon, 21 W. Randolph 
Becker John, tailor, 379 E. North av. 
Becker John G. meatmkt. 3501 Wentworth av. 
Becker John T. & Co. (John T. Becker and 

James Bell) tailors, 138 E. Jackson 
Becker John W. Dr. 429 W. Randolph 
Becker John & Co. (John Becker and Rung 

Charles) brickyard, Elston av. nr. Snow 
Becker Joseph, meatmkt. 596 N. Clark 
Becker J. & Son, house movers, 263 Cleve- 
land av. 
Becker Lena Mrs. variety, 3216 S. Halsted 
Becker Lena and Laura Misses, millinery, 4310 

S. State 
Becker Margaret Mrs. saloon. 3536 S. State 
Becker Mary A. Mrs. prop. Milton House, 136 

Becker Mary C. Mrs. milliner, 332 63d(Engle- 

Becker Mathias, meatmkt. 197 W. Huron 
Becker M. grocer, 205 E. Division 
Becker Nathan, coal, Dearborn, sw. cor. Mad- 
Becker Peter, plumber, 483 S. Halsted 
Becker Peter, saloon, 1015% W. Lake 
Becker Philip, meatmkt. 216 E. North av. 
Becker P. & Co. (Sarah Becker and Jacob 
Schnurr,) trunk mnfrs. 213 E. Monroe and 
212 W. Polk 
Becker Robert, painter, 75 Clybourn av. 
Becker Robert, meatm kt. 307 Augusta 
Becker William, boots and shoes, 3011 Went- 
worth av. 
Becker William, boots and shoes, 4359 Dear- 

Becker Wm. saloon, 89 Stewart av. 

Becker William, variety, 306 Blue Island av. 

Becker & Austerlitz (Charles C. Becker and 
Joseph Austerlitz,) hardware, 52 W. Adams 

Becker & Co. (John F. Beckerand Carl Runge,) 
brick mnfrs. Elston av. ne. cor. Diversey 

Becker & Co. (William Becker and Albert 
Esche,) meatmkt. 56 Blue Island av. 

Becker & Foskett (John W. Becker and 
Willis G. Foskett,) real est. 534 Lincoln av. 

Becker & Hoefer (Martin Becker and Henry 
Hoefer,) clothing, 434 Milwaukee av. 

Becker & Jackson (E. F. Becker and John 
Jackson,) restaurant, Lake. nw. cor. Wa- 
bash av. 

Beckerman & Hecht (Frederick Beckerman 
and William Hecht,) produce. 170 S. Water 

Beckett James D. sale stable, 377 W. Ran- 
dolph, T. 4187 

Beckett William, locksmith, 478 Wabash av. 

Becking! on Robert, lawyer, 168 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 18 

Becklenberg Hubert, milk, 265 Mohawk 

Beckman Amanda J. Miss, millinery, 512? N. 

Beckman Gustav, saloon, 241 W. Chicago av. 

Beckman & Erickson, (Mary Beckman and 
Mary Erickson), laundry, 3229 S. State 

Beckmann Anna Miss, music teacher, 1023 Mil- 
waukee av. 

Beckmann Fred, confectr. 1050 Noble av. 

Beckstein Conrad, saloon, 679 N. Ashland av. 

Beckwith, Brown & Kirby, (C. Beckwith, 
Wm. Brown and P. Kirby,) lawyers, 204 
Dearborn, R. G 

Beckwith C. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, R. G 

Beckwith George, confectr. 390 E. North av. 

Beckwith George M. law books, 216 S. Clark, 
R. 34 

Beckwith Henry J. druggist, Wabash av. cor 
E. 31st. T. 8145 

Beckwith & Fleming, (James L. Beckwith 
; nd Patrick H. Fleming), ins. and vessel 
agts. 224 LaSalle; T. 1359 and 244 S. Water, 
T. 862 

Beckwith & Strazewski, (Mrs. Kate Beckwith, 
and Joseph Stazewski) wagonmkrs. 848 S. 

Beckwith & Terriere, (T. H. Beckwith and D. 
E. Terriere) flour and feed, 328 63d 

Becvar Joseph, grocer, 645 Milwaukee av. 

Bedacht Adam, bakery, 217 Wells 

Bedele M. A. Mrs. millinery, 294 E. 31st 

Bedell Lelia Mrs. Dr. 181 Dearborn av. 

Bedford James R, Dr. 424 W. Madison 

Bedford J. R. Dr. 93 W. Van Buren 

Bedford Lyman Dr. 3711 EUis av. 

Bednarek Mary A. Mrs. midwife, 596 Holt 

Bee Hive Laundry, (L. Larsen) 151 W- In- 

Bee Joseph, (National Boiler Works) 560 Ful- 
ton, T. 4272 

Bee Susan Mrs. employment, 1 S. Clark 

Beebe Albert G. Dr. 552 W. Monroe, T. 7211 

Beebe Curtis M. Dr. 23 S. Ashland av. 

Beebe Ellen A. Dr. 139 29th 

Beebe George H. carp. 2701 Indiana av. 

Beebe LeGrande B. coal, 3507 Cottage Grove av. 

Beebe M. C. Dr. 259 W. Madison 

Beebe W, H. & Co. ( William H. Beebe and Geo. 
C. Hemstead) grain com. 4 Sherman, R. 43 

Beecher A. Dwight, artist, 70 E. Monroe, R. 35 

Beecher Clara A. Mrs. music teacher, 26 


Market, S. W. Cor. Adams, 

TELEPHONE No. 1293. 







Beecher Frederick G. coal, 554 W. Lake 
Beecher Samuel, grocer, 2881 Archer av. 
Beeder Charles E. show cards, 197 E. Madi- 
Beegan John, hats and caps, 228 S. Halsted 
Beeh Edward, mnfr. slippers, 353 Larrabee 
Been Edward Jr. printer, 59 Clybourn av. 

T. 3152 
Beel Jethro, barber, 977 W. Lake 
Beelman George, restaurant, 44 Clybourn av. 
Beem Martin, lawyer, 182 Dearborn, R. 13 
Beem & Co. (John J. Beem and Patrick P. 

Fitzhenry) saloon, 196 W. Madison 
Beemer Frederick, toys, 222 N. Clark 
Beening Charles, grocer, 118 W. Randolph 
Beers George T. grocer, 3123 Archer av. 
Beers J. & Co. (John Beers) tailor, 42 E. 

Beers Minard L. architect, 218 La Salle, R. 

603, T. 703 
Beers Morris, saloon, 22 W. Van Buren 
Beery C. C. Dr. 1801 S. State, T. 8202, h. 181 E. 

25th T. 8453 
Bees Jacob, grocer, 476 W. Chicago av. 
Beger Gregory, confect. 408 Clybourn av. 
Beger W. F & Bro. (Willett F. and Arthur F. 

Beger, grocers, 439 W. Lake 
Beggs John F. lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 33 
Begitschke Albert, wagon mkr, 984 W. 21st 
Begley M. D. & Bro. (Michael and Thomas J. 
Begley) produce com. 226 S. Water, T. 
Begley Patrick, shoemkr, 125^ S- State 
Behel W. F. Co. (The) Wilbur W. F. Behel, 
>res. Thomas Rouleau, sec. sash and 
loors, 22nd nr. Center av. T. 9130 
Behk Louisa Mrs. midwife, 2523 Hanover 
Behl Henry, cigar mnfr. 5915 Wentworth av. 
Behl H. tailor. 724 W. Madison 
Behler Frederick, baker, 3506 S. Halsted 
Behlers Rudolph H. saloon, 1617 S. Clark 
Behling Aug. teamster, 42 Cornelia 
Behling Fred, teamster, 42 Cornelia 
Behm Charles, boots and shoes, 4956 S. State 
Behm Ludwig, shoemkr. 2529 Cottage Grove 

Behm William, saloon, Ohio, ne. cor. Hal- 
Behn August, grocer, 80 Larrabee 
Behnke Christoph, grocer, Waubansia av. nw. 

cor. Oglesby, (Jefferson) 
Behnke Goetleib, boots and shoes, 2906 Par- 

nell av. 
Behr Herman, printing inks, 201 E. Randolph 
Behr Herman & Co. William Ruxton, mngr. 

glue and sand paper, 201 E. Randolph 
Behrend Isaak, crockery, 777 S. Halsted 
Behrendt Andrew, mnfr. clothing, 444 Noble 
Behrendt Henry, cigar mnfr. 353 W. 12th 
Behrens Adolf, bakery and confectr. 2897 Ar- 
cher av. 
Behrens August, mnfr. cigars, 776 Milwaukee 

Behrens Diedrich, boots and shoes, 138 E. Ful- 

lerton av. 
Behrens George, grocer, 539 S. Jefferson 
Behrens Henry, blksmith, 33 Willow 
BHIIBHXtt JACOB, saloon, Commer- 
cial av. nr. 100th (S. Chicago) 
Behrens Max, drugs, 572 W. Madison, T. 7102 
Behrens Paul J. drugs, 727 W. Indiana, T. 7151 
Behrens Theodore R. drugs, 505 S. Canal, T. 

Behrens Victor, grocer, 672 W. Van Buren 
Beideck Albert, saloon, 146 Clybourn av. 

Beidler J. & Bro. Lumber Co. Jacob Beidler, 
pres. Wm. H. Beidler, sec. and treas. 
Laflin se. cor. 22d, T. 9162 
Beier Charles F. coal, 272 S. Desplaines 
Beier George, barber, 3547 S. Halsted 
Beirle Frank, toys, 398 S, Jefferson 
Beiermeister & Spicer, (Frederick Beiermeis- 
ter, and G. A. Spicer) wh. collars and 
cuffs, 195 5th av. 
Beiersdorf &Lohsand,( Edward H. Beiersdorf, 

and Ernest Lohsand) stoves, 154 WeJls 
Beifeld Joseph & Co. (Joseph Beifeld, and A. 
Stern) mnfrs. cloaks and furs, 250 E. Madi- 
son, T. 1282 
Beif uss Charles E. harness, 57 W. Van Buren 
Beif uss Herman, harnessmkr. 793 Blue Island 

Beike Kilian, milk, 93 Wieland 
Beil Andrew, carp. 543 31st 
Beilfuss Albert, dairy, Prairie av. bt. 51st. & 

Beilfuss Herman, bakery, 5101 Butterfield, s. 

e. cor. 51st. rear 
Beilke & Kraatkraemer, (Julius Beilke, and 
George Krautkraemerj boots and shoes, 
339 E. North av. 
Beilman Abraham, (Bellevue Knitting Mills) 

64 W. Van Buren 
BEIIiMAU JOHtf J. Wines and Liqu- 
ors, 271 Larrabee 
Bein Adolph, saloon, 266 E. Division 
Bein August, meatmkt. 698 W. 14th 
Bein Isidore, saloon, 97 E. Kinzie 
Bein M. N. saloon, 1465 Milwaukee av. 
Bein Simon, saloon, 628 W. Indiana 
Beir Abram, dry goods, 2892 Archer av. 
Beirne James, grocer, 780 37th 
Bejach Cecelia Mrs. saloon, 847 S. Halsted 
Belchin Joseph, delicacies, 273 31st 
Beldam George, livery, 218 and 220 E. 22d, T. 

Belden Harry L. & Co. pub. masonic register, 

184 Wabash av. 
Belden William, carp. 46 S. Morgan 
BJ£lil>*X4.i BBOS. & CO. silk mnfrs. 

183, 185 and 187 5th av. T. 270 
Belding George T. ins. agt. 208 LaSaUe, R. 19 
BHIjOIX^ 9EMFG- CO. Hiram H. Beld- 
ing, pres. Frederick E. Raney, v. pres. 
William A. Stanton, treas. Chas. A. Hall, 
sec. refrigerators, 185, 5th av. T. 270 
Belfield Thomas H. carp. 1337 Bowen av. 
Belfield William T. Dr. 112 S. Clark, R. 612, 

T. 1284, and 445 N. Clark 
Belford, Clarke & Co. A. Belford, pres., 

J. Clarke, sec. pub. 257 S. State, T. 67 
Belford John, baker, 131 S. Halsted 
Belford & Walling, bakery, 73 35th 
Belicke Gustav, locksmith, 225 E. VanBuren 
Belinski Clemens, not. pub. 690 W. 18th 
Belke William T. & Co., (William T. Beike,) 

com. mer. 123 S. Water, T. 5527 
Bell A. B. & Co. (Alexander B. Bell) wh. 

jewelers, 142 Dearborn, R. 19 
Bell Alexander, com. mer. 218 LaSalle, R. 500 
Bell Arthur M. saloon, 199 W. Harrison 
Bell A. T. baker, 292 W. Harrison 
Bell, Conrad & Co., (J. H. Bell and J. H. Con- 
rad.) wh. teas, 58 Michigan av. T. 5175 
Bell George, loans. 164 LaSalle, R. 43 
Bell George W. meatmkt. 78 35th 
Bell James E. confectr. 897V5 W. Lake 
BeU James J. Dr. 864 Clybourn av. T. 3938 

h. 80 Webster av. 
Bell James M. plumber, 79 35th 



225 Dearborn St., Chicago. 





Bell John, horseshoeing. 114 47th 

Bell John B. Dr. 229 W. Madison, R. 1. h. 21 

Centre av. 
Bell John I. drugs, 4700 S. State 
Bell John & Co. (John Bell) painters, 89 Ar- 
lington pi. 
BEL L I,, ft. MRS. grocer, 343 S. Hoyne av. 
Bell Marmaduke, bakery, S89V& W. Madison 
Bell Martha A. Mrs. millinery, 10t3 N. Clark 
Bell Robert, restaurant, 100 S. Desplaines 
Bell Rufus P. painter, 220 31st 
Bell Thomas, mngr. Oakland Creamery Co. 

3956 Cottage Grove av. 
Bell Thomas & Co., Elmer E. Hartzell, mngr. 

handkerchiefs, 230 5th av. 
Bell Thos. S. & Co. (Thomas S. Bell) grain 

com. 24 Pacific av. R. 32 
BKLIj W. A. carriage mnfr. 75th cor. 

Storms av. (Grand Crossing) 
Bell Wm. H. wh. laces, 78 E. Monroe, R. 32 
Bell W. H. restaurant, 227 W. Randolph 
Bellack, Polacheck &Nessler, clothing mnfrs. 

220 Franklin 
Bellas Thomas H. & Co. (Thomas H. Bellas) 

grain com. 218 LaSalle, R. 3, T. 1252 
Belleau Abraham E. boots and shoes, 4735 S. 

Belleville Nail Co. O. W. Meysenburg & Co. 

agts. 185 Dearborn, R. 7 * 
Bellevue Hotel, Francis J. Waldron, prop. 47 

N. Market 
Bellevue Knitting Mills, Abraham Beilman, 

prop. 64 W. "Van Buren 
Bellman Charles H. cigars, 22 N. Halsted 
Bellman Henry, boots and shoes, 841 Blue 

Island av. 
Bellows G. G. lawyer, 152 Dearborn, R. 21 
Bellows, Itha H. real est. 150 Dearborn, R. 11 
Belohlavek Eman, meatmkt. 1071 Van Horn 
Belts Thos. barber, 5 Rush 
Belvidere Hotel, Wait & Wood, props. 45 S. 

Clark, T. 8318 
Belz Annie L. Miss, music teacher, 664 Shef- 
field av. (Lake View) 
Beman Solon S. architect, 519 Pullman bldg. 

T. 5606 
Beman W. I. architect.79 Dearborn, R. 53 
Bemis Car Box Co. (The) Horace G. Bird, 

gen. agt. 218 LaSalle, R. 426 
Bemis Joseph G. Dr. 112 S. Clark, R. 501, T. 

1294, H. 413 Lincoln av. T. 3941 
Bemis & Curtis Malting Co. Henry V. Bemis, 

Bres. and treas. Edwin C. Bemis, v. pres. 
'wight L. Bemis, supt. and sec. Bliss cor. 
Hickory av. 
Bemis & McAvoy Brewing Co. J. H. McAvoy, 

Eres. A. Crosby, v. pres. and supt. Geo. 
•ickinson, sec. Thos. S. Robinson, treas. 
John Summerfield, asst. supt. 2349 S. Park 
av. T. 8257 

Bern us Oscar, barber, 144 Racine av. 

Benda William shoemkr. 482 S. Wood 

Bender Fred W. cornice wks. 1093 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Bender Frederick, ice, 1268 N. Paulina 

Bender Henry, Jr. grocer, 322 Clybourn av. 

Bender John, grocer, 2867 Archer av. 

Bender Mary W. Mrs. dressmkr. 75 E. Madi- 
son, R. 31 

Bender M. carp. 327 Webster av. 

Bending Henry, saloon, 141 W. Harrison 

BEXI>I\(; JOH\. saloon, 101 W. Har- 

Benedict Clare A. & Co. (Clare A. Benedict,) 
boots and shoes, 227 5th av. 

Benedict Don. A. painter, 751 W. Lake 
Benedict Edward R. saloon, 128 E. Van Buren 
BENEDICT iiilO. H. & CO. (George 

H. Benedict and George M. Buckley,) 

map and line engravers, 175 and 177 S. 

Benedict James C. printer, 166 E. Washington, 

R. 36 
Benedictine Sisters School, N. Market nr. 

Benes Albert, grocer, 963 W. 18th 
Benes John V. carp. 78 Johnson 
Benes Joseph, gunsmith, 607 Throop 
Benesch John, merchant tailor, 395 Ogden av. 
Benesch Charles J. saloon, 3124 Laurel 
Benesh Adolph E. saloon, 225 W. 20th 
Benett Frank, saloon, 380 S. Clark 
Bengal Coffee & Spice Mills, 33 Wabash av. 
Bengel Chas. barber. 317 Wells 
Benham, Trumbull & Co. (Lucius T. and Ray- 
mond S. Benham) liquors, 65 LaSalle av. 
Benich George, saloon, 290 S. State and 98 

W. Madison 
Bening F. grocer, 145 Osgood 
Benis Jan, grocer, 347 W. 18th 
Benjamin Bros. (Alfred C. and Edwin F. ) Paris 

Laundry, 226 Washington boul. 
Benjamin E.& Son(Elias and E. M.) wh. shirts, 

201 5th av. 
Benjamin Fred, claim agt. 163 E. Randolph, 

R. 87 
Benjamin Fred, pat. atty. 163 E. Randolph, R. 

87, T. 87 
Benjamin Henry, gardener, S. Halsted, sw. 

cor. 62d 
Benjamin Moses, jeweler, 84 S. State 
BENJAMIN «& CO. (Edwin Benjamin) 

wood working machinery, 17 S. Canal, T. 

Benjowsky William, vet. surg. 476 N. Clark 
Benn Minnie Mrs. midwife, 329 N. May 
Benner Gustave, meatmkt. 3008 Wentworth 

Benner Jacob; cigars, 43 Willow 
Benner M. & Co. (Matthew Benner and Wm. 

B. Kent) iron wks. 264 S. Jefferson, T. 4227 
Bennett Alexander, box factory, 2637 Main, 

T. 8377 
Bennett Alexander, mnfr. cloaks, 171 Augusta 
Bennett Charles C. lawyer, 80 Dearborn, R. 32 
Bennett Charles E. photog. and crayon artist, 

3915 Cottage Grove av. 
Bennett Charles E. prop. Bennett House, 71 

E. Monroe 
Bennett College of Eclectic Medicine and 

Surgery, Dr. Anson L. Clark, pres. Dr. 

Milton Jay, sec. 513 S. State, T. 667 
Bennett, Edwards & Pettit (J. L. Bennett, W. 

H. Edwards, Frank W. Pettit and A. L. 

Davison) court reporters and stenogra- 
phers, 97 S. Clark, R. 8, T. 1150 
Bennett Frank 1. lawyer, 69 Dearborn, R. 35 
Bennett Frank W. lawyer, 164 Dearborn, R. 

BENNETT GEORGE M. locksmith, 

35 31st 
Bennett Harriet Mrs. boarding, 4903 S. State 
I ennett Horace C. lawyer, 94 LaSalle, R. 45, 

T. 530 
Bennett House, Charles E. Bennett, prop. 71 

E. Monroe 
Bennett Jacob, barber, 585 S. Halsted 
Bennett Jacob, clothing, 2629 S. Halsted 
Bennett Jesse C. mnfrs. agt. 154 E. Lake, R. 12 
Bennett John, barber, 1079 W. Lake 






BENNETT JOH\ I. master in chancery 

(U. S. cts.) 225 Dearborn R. 32, T. 1473 
Bennett John W. lawyer, 80 Dearborn, R. 32 
Bennett Mnfg. Co. (The) Thomas Bennett, 

pres. W. A. Johnson, sec. P. A. Bennett, 

mngr. brass founders, 66 Board of Trade. 

Factory 46 S. Canal 
Bennett Margaret Mrs. variety, 3305 S. Halsted 
Bennett Medical College, 513 S. State, T. 667 
Bennett Nels. & Co. (Nels. Bennett) livery 

stable, 270 Oak, T. 3064 
Bennett Patrick R. harnessmkr. 114 W. Lake 
Bennett Thomas & Co. Thomas Bennett grain 

com. 66 Board of Trade, T. 35 
Bennett Windlin T. carp. 236 Lincoln av. 
Bennett & Wood (John Bennett and Joseph 

E. Wood) saloon, 356 W. 12th 
Bennett's Law & Collecting Co. H. 0. Bennett, 

mngr. 94 LaSalle, R. 45 
Benning John B. turning, 23 and 25 N. Jeffer- 
Benning William, boots and shoes, 379 N. 

Benns George W. tinner, 25 E. Randolph 
Benns Victor, tailors' stoves mnfr. 225 E. 

Benoit John, boots and shoes, 93 Blue Island 

Bensabatt Robert, crockery, 139 S. Halsted 
Bensch Julius, shoemkr. 188 Augusta 
Bensinger Alfred W. plumber, 173 31st 
Bensley Bros. (John R. and George E.) 

grain com. 40 Board Trade, T. 515 
Bensley, Hinkley & Co. (C. R. Bensley and 

C. W. Hinkley), live stk. com. 66 Exch. 

Bldg. Stk. Yds. T. 9529 
Benson Alfred, saloon, 2400 Wentworth av. 
Benson Bros, coal, 18 Wesson 
Benson Bros. (Christian L. Benson) wh. 

fish, 15 S. Market, T. 88 
BENSON CARDER, Merchant Tailor, 

3033 Vernon av. 
Benson C. L. wh. fish, 15 and 17 S. Market T. 88 
Benson Emil, pants mnfr. 10 Chatham 
Benson F. N. Dr. Ontario av. nr. 92nd. South 

BENSON HENRY, saloon, 144 E. Chi- 
cago ay. restaurant, 223 N. Franklin 
Benson Hiram, saloon, 144 E. Chicago av. 
Benson John A. Dr. 163 S. State, R. 50, T. 

5480, H. 308 E. Chicago av. T. 3278 
Benson John F. saloon, 474 S. State 
Benson M. physician, 308 E. Chicago av. 
Benson Mary Mrs. (Shelbourne hotel) 308 E. 

Chicago av. 
Benspn Matilda Mrs. cloaks, 1140 W. Lake 
Benson Paul J. grocer, 947 Milwaukee av. 
BHNSON A BOVIIi, C. Benson suc- 
cessor, merchant tailor, 3033 Vernon av. 
Benson & Co, (Emil T. and Andrew Benson) 

paint mnfrs. 10 Chatham ct. 
Benson & Malmborg (Charles G. Benson and 

John C. Malmborg) meatmkt. 3200 But- 

Benson & Smith (P. J. Benson and Alvin 

Smith) grocers, 1781 Milwaukee av. 
BENT GEOHGK P. sew. machines and 

organs, 289 Wabash av. T. 455, 294 S. Clin- 
ton and 42 W. Monroe, T. 4553 
Bent James W. refrigerators, 9 S. Jefferson 
Bent Thomas, calcium lights, 30 S. Market, 

R. 18 
Bent Wm. M. mngr. Chicago Oyster House, 

142 E. Madison, T. 813 
Benter Frederick, barber, 3507 S. Halsted 

Bentham Charles H. upholstr. 1725 York pi. 
Bentley Charles E. dentist, 277 S. State, R. 5 
Bentley Cyrus, lawyer, 99 E. Randolph, R. 34 
Bentley Cyrus Jr. lawyer, 99 E. Randolph, R. 

Bentley George H. dentist,70 Dearborn, R. 7 
Bentley Geo. & Co. (George and Harvey Bent- 
ley,) live stk. com. 49 Exch. Bldg. Stk. 
Bentley Wm. carpet layer, 84 S. Morgan 
BENTLEV A ttEKWIG, (Limited) 
Frank L. Gerwig, mngr. twines, 218 E. 
Washington, T. 1586 
BENTJLE V «fc TAYLOR, (W. G. Bent- 
ley and R. J. Taylor,) ins. agtB. 436 Rialto 
Benton Arthur E. milk, 641 Fulton 
Benton George C. lumber, 108 Dearborn, R. 5, 

T. 1472 
Benton George P. & Co. (George P. Benton,) 

gravel, 97 S. Clark, R. 47, T. 5690 
Benton Hotel, Mrs. R. R. Nelson, prop. 76 E. 

Van Buren 
Benton K. W. real est. 107 S. Clark, R. 8 
Bentzen Charles, saloon, 41 S. Water 
Benz Carrie Mrs. metaphysician,789 W. Madi- 
Benz Emil P. & C. produce, 214 S. Water. 
Benz & Rossbach (J ohn Benz and Paul Ross- 
bach) locksmiths, 180 E. Van Buren 
Benzaquen Louis, cigars, 131 LaSalle 
Benze Hermann, real est. 88 E. Randolph 
Benzeville George & Co. (George Benzeville) 

produce com. 163 S. Water, T. 494 
Benzin Bros. & Co. brick mnfrs. Clybourn av. 

ne. cor. Diversey 
BENZ1NU CHARLES, saloon, 431 N. 

Benzli John, saloon, 103 E. Randolph 
Benzli & Zahn (Fritz Benzli and Charles A. 

Zahn) wines, 1104 Milwaukee av. 
Benzo August, saloon, 724 Elston av. 
Beobachter (Der) Henry Wilhelmy, pub. 156 

W. Randolph 
Beouchard Tony. A. barber, 619 W. Lake 
Berbecker Eugene N. cabinet hardware, 51 

Wabash av. R. 8 
Bercher August, meatmkt. 574 Sedgwick 
BER1> «& SCHICK, meatmkt, 81 S. 

Berensten David, bakery, 583 S. Canal 
Beresin Clara Mrs. midwife, 273 Milwaukee 

Beretta Joseph P. contractor, 66 Illinois 
Berg Aclolph, meatmkt. 130 N. Clark 
Berg Anton C. leather findings, 179 S. Hal- 
Berg Benry, tailor, 4466 School 
Berg Henry E. grocer, Wabash av. and 22d 
Berg John E. grocer, 1047 Belmont av. 
BER<* JOHN A BRO. (John and Lars 

Berg) ladders, 222 E. 22d, T. 8083 
Berg Loritz, tailor, 398 W. Chicago av. 
Berg Louis, saloon, 3859 Dearborn 
Berg Nathan A. saloon, 2910 S. State 
Berg N. P. grocer, 1050 Lincoln av. 
Berg Ole, looking glass and picture frame 

mnfr. 341 to 349 W. Lake, T. 4193 
Berg Seligman, saloon, 302 S. State 
Berg William F. saloon, 307 5th 
Berg & Noren, (Nelsen G. Berg and Albert 

Noren) flour and feed, 292 Wells 
Berg & White. (Gustav Berg and Daniel D. 

White) saloon, 2901 S. State 
Bergan Timothy, grocer, 2633 S. Halsted 








Bergbom & Roberg, (August F. Bergbom and 
Claes Roberg). machinist and tool maker, 
52 S. Franklin 
Bergen Henry, barber, 4256 S. Ashland av. 
Bergen Richard, saloon, 4256 S. Ashland av. 
Bergene Ole K. meatmkt. 865 Milwaukee av. 
Berger Bros. (Wm. G. and Robert), charcoal, 

170 Michigan, T. 3182 
Berger Charles, saloon, 1400 S. State 
Berger Estelle Miss, corsetmkr. 130(5 Wabash 

Berger Frank J. drugs, I486 Milwaukee av. 
Berger Harry, tailor, 243 W. Madison 
Berger Henry, saloon, 1102 Milwaukee av. 
Berger Henry C. saloon, 708 N. Halsted 
Be ger Leopold, baker, 577 Larabee 
Berger L. & Son, (Lazarus and Louis) rags, 

135 W. Lake 
Berger Mathias, saloon, 109 S. Desplaines 
Berger Samuel, rags, 532 S. Canal 
Berger Sigmund D. confectr. 533 W. Lake 
Berger & Son (Louis A. and Louis A. jr.) sa- 
loon, 125 Clybourn av. 
Bergeron Matilda Miss, dressmkr. 699 W. 

Bergerot August, dry goods com. 155 Dear- 
born, R. 2 
Berghauer Herman, delicacies, 475 Sedgwick 
Berghuis Jacob, land agt. 899 W. Lake 
Bergin Edward M. vet. sur. 126 W. Indiana, 
182 N. Halsted T. 4253 and 447 Ogden av. 
Bergland Tobey, saloon, 270 W. Indiana 
Berglund Selina Miss, millinery, 3255 S. State 
Bergman Arlolph, coal, 105 Lincoln av. and 

1297 N. Halsted 
Bergman Annie Miss, dressmkr. 3145 5th av. 
Bergman A. W. carp. 282 31st 
Bergman Charles, grocer, Hoffman, nr. Ever- 
green av. (Jefferson) 
Bergman Edward, saloon, 89 E. 22d 
Bergman Gustav, dentist, 93 Sedgwick 
Bergman Herman, grocer, 1358 E. Diversey av. 
Bergman John, flour and feed, 1501 E. Diver- 
sey av. Lake View 
Bergmann Charles E. meatmkt. 1031 W. Van 

Bergmann Robert, barber, 630 W. 12th 
Bergmann Theodore, barber, 768 W. Lake 
Bergstedt Carl G. real est. 80 Dearborn, R, 19 
Bergstrom Gus. L. printer, 59 S. Clark, R. 85 
Bergstrom & Schreuder, (C. V. Bergstrom and 
James S. Schreuder) jewelers, 292 W. Indi- 
Bergund August, meatmkt. 146 24th pi. 
Berhler Henry, cabinetmkr. 347 Milwaukee av 
Berigen Lawrence, hardware, 1609 Wabash av. 
Berinstein Charles, grocer, 346 S. Clark 
Berinstein Max, saloon, 24 W. Madison 
Berkau Charles, carp. Myrtle av. 1st. n. Ful- 

lerton av. 
Berkel John, grocer, 319 Cleveland av. 
Berkman Shepsel, boots and shoes, 539 S. 

Berkowitz Nathan, pawnbroker, 291 S. Clark 
Berkowitz Samuel, clothing. 3030 Archer av. 
Berkowsky A. S. fish, 123 W. Randolph, and 

382 S. Clark 
Berkshier John, crockery, 814 43d 
Berkshire Life Ins. Co. of Pittsfield, Mass. 
Erasmus, W. Hills, gen. agt. 107 Dearborn, 
R. 30 
Berkson Jacob &Co. (Jacob Berkson) hosiery, 

519 S. ('anal 
BerlingD. &Son, (David and Louis) rags, 590 
S. Canal 

Berlizheimer Benjamin, cigars, 165 Dearborn 
Berlizheimer Louis, mnfr. gloves and mit- 
tens, 235 Milwaukee av. 
Berlizheimer Richard M. cigars, 33 S. Clark 
Berlizheimer & Son, ( Samuel and David) clo- 
thiers, 251 E. North av. 
Berls Gustave, baker, 307 W. Chicago av. 
Berrnan Benjamin, fish, 232 E. Division 
BKRHIEIiK MARTIX, boots and shoes, 

2969 Archer av. 
Bermen Louis, fishrnkt. 400 S. Clark 
Bernard Charles C. Dr. 954 N. Halsted, T. 3374 
Bernard Edwin Mrs. dressmkr. 2630 S. State 
Bernard Nicholas C. milk, 391 Cleveland av. 
Bernatz Nicholas, cigars, 178 Blue Island av. 
Bernau John F. grocer, 381 W. Lake 
Bernauer R. Dr. Cook. Co. Hospital 
Berndt Fred, grocer, 967 N. Robey 
Berndt Julius, cigars, 3813 Cottage Grove av. 
Berndt Robert, saloon, 31st and Maplewood av. 
Berne Jonathan, Jr. ins. adjuster, 160LaSalle, 

T. 132 
Be-ner August, land agt. Ill S. Clinton 
Berner Charles L. toys, 424 W. Chicago av. 
Berner John, saloon, 805 W. Chicago av. 
Berner Marie Mrs. midwife. 15 Cortland 
Bernero John, saloon, 1832 S. State 
Bernero John, saloon, 2872 Archer av. 
Bernero L. & Co. (Louis Bernero) saloon, 388 

W. Harrison 
Bernhard Behrend, real est. 556 S. Halsted 
Bernhard Jacob, harness mkr. 931 N. Halsted 
Bernhard William, confection. 482 Lincoin 

Bernhardt Bernard, barber, 1041 Milwaukee 

BKR3JHARI>T CHAS. milk depot, 705 i 

Bernhardt John B. tailor, 319 W. Madison 
Bernheim Bros. & Uri, distillers' agts. 95 E. 

Washington, R. 32. T. 5711 
Bernstein Abraham, furniture, 420 W. Mad- 
Bernstein Isaac, crockery, 1602 S. State 
Bernstein Jacob, second hand boots and 

shoes, 413 S. Clark 
Bernstein Louis, boots and shoes, 493 S. Hal- 
Bernstein Samuel, water heater, 87 Dearborn, 

and 125 E. Indiana 
Bernstein Victor, painter, 420 Sedgwick 
Berntsen Elisa Mrs. Dr. 468 W. Chicago av. 
Berr J & Co. (Jules Berr) wh. liquors and 

cigars, 195 La Salle, R. 3 
Berresheim Anton, grocer, 262 W. 15th 
Berriman Bros. (Mathew W. and Edward C. 

Berriman) cigar mnfrs. 200 E. Kinzie 
Berry Bros. H. C. Linn, mngr. varnish mnfrs. 

214 E. Randolph, T. 21 
Berry Charles H. Dr. 103 S. State, R. 21 
Berry C. C. Dr. 181 E. 25th 
BKRRY F. C grocery and meatmkt. 28 

and 30 43rd 
Berry Frederick A. butter and eggs. 65 E. 

Berry F. J. & Co. (F. J. Berry) livery, 2 E. 

Monroe, T. 5125 
Berry H. J. & Sons, (Henry J. John M. and 

Arthur Berry,) iron wks. 89 E. Indiana 
Berry James E. show cases, 75 E. Lake 
Berry James G. Dr. 3659 S. Halsted, T. 9634 
Berry John, confectr. 241, 561. (T. 4102) and 

957 W. Madison, and 887 N. Clark 
Berry John W. wh. liquors, 122 E. Washington 
Berry John W. saloon, 826 W. Lake 

GEO. W. RAITHEL, 8 - w IE c -p M H A r E T r Z M s ' COAL. 





Berry Michael, saloon, 153 Larrabee 
Berry Samuel, coal, ("lark cor. 41st 
Berry Thomas E. milk, 321 Flournoy 
Berryman Patent Feed Water Heater and 

Purifier (The) Wm. H. Gibson, mngr. 37 

S. Canal 
Berryman Richard, boots and shoes, 981 N. 

Berryman It. & Son., (Richard and John H.) 

boots and shoes. 761 Sedgwick 
Berscheid Henry S. saloon, 345 W. North av. 
Bert Edward, Dr. 441 S. State, T. 1454 
Bert Ed. Dr. 52 31st. 
Bertaloh & Kadish, (Edward Bertaloh and 

Leopold P. Kadish) swimming bath, 504 

W. Madison 
Bertels William, shoemkr. 2305 S. State 
Bertelsen Rasmus T saloon, 4080 S. State 
Berthel Louis, saloon, 983 N. Halsted 
Bertini & Citti, (Gugliermo Bertini and 

Ricardo Citti) saloon, N. Franklin cor. 

Berton August, prop. Berton House, 38 5th 

Berton House, August Berton, prop. 38 5th 

Bertram Gust, shoemkr. 4001 Langley av. 
Bertram William, engraver, 59 S. Clark, R. 

Bertrand Stephen A. photog. 147 Chicago av. 
Berven Henry H. grocer, 824 S. Halsted 
Besharian John H. Dr. 3160 S. State, T. 8330 
Besly Charles H. & Co. (Charles H. Besly and 

David J. Kennedy) brass goods, 175 E. 

Lake, T. 1558 
ING CO. Wm. Besley, pres. E. D. 

Besley, sec. ale and porter brewers and 

bottlers, 136 N. Jefferson, T. 4757 
Bess Frederick, bakery, 353 Rush 
Bessey Geoffery, meatmkt. 530 S. Leavitt 
Bessey Jacob, baker, 142 Cleveland av. 
Bessler August, architect, 816 W. 12th 
BEST FKED, meatmkt. 800 Milwaukee 

Best Henry, hardware, 271 Blue Island av. 
Best John & Bro. (John and Frederick Best) 

flour and feed, 556 Lincoln av. 
BEST MATHILDA MBS. saloon, Lin- 
coln av. cor. Roscoe, Lake View 
Best Philip Brewing Co. Herman Pabst, agt. 

Indiana cor. Desplaines, T. 4383, and S. 

Halsted cor. Meagher 
Best, Russell & Co. (William Best, WiUiam 

fl. Russell and Lorin Palmer) wh. cigars, 

173 S. State, T. 5603 and 57 E. Lake 
Best & McElhaney (James E. Best and Charles 

B. McElhaney) grocers, 196 31st 
Best & Shannon (Adam Best and Richard 

S. Shannon) plumbers, 145 Michigan 
Besterfield Henry, saloon, 251 E. 26th 
Bethesda Mineral Spring Co. Agency, Henry 

Gunther, pres. A. M. Jones, sec. and 

treas. 82 E. Jackson, T. 87 
Bethke A. W. grocer, 397 Sedgwick 
Bethke Charles A. grocer, 577 Ogden av. 
Bethlehem Chapel Industrial School, Rev. 

Edwin Adams, principal, 670 Throop 
Betker Joseph, meatmkt. 656 Dickson 
Betsche Charles W. furniture, 281 N. Green 
Betteken Theodore, tailor, 3025 Cottage Grove 

Bettighofer Joseph, architect, 373 Clybourn 

Betting William, cigars, 1426 N. Clark/ 

Bettman Boerne, oculist, 6<iS. State, R. 18, T. 
5642, H. 3228 S. Park av. 

Bettman P. Henry, jewelry, 67 E. Washington, 
R, 8 

Betts G. H. & Co. props. North Evanston & 
Chicago express, nr. S. Central av. (Evans- 

Betts Geo, grocer, 437 W. Madison 

Betts P. A. Mrs. dressmkr. 1254 W. Van Buren 

Betz Hugo E. barber, 821 W. 43d 

Betzel Charles, carp. 333 N. Wood 

Beucher Peter, house mover, 461 E. Division 

Beuck Annie Mrs. dressmkr. 256 W. Chicago 

Buren Peter, mer. tailor, 2906 Archer av. 

Beutner John, meatmkt. 580 Blue Island av. 

Beutner John, meatmkt. 40 Fisk and 777 AU- 

Beuttenmuller George, gunsmith, 78 5th av. 

Beveridge Annie Mrs. boarding, 44 Center 

Beveridge, Rickards & Co. (John L. Bever- 
idge, Wm. T. Rickards and Edwin T. 
Johnson) bankers and loans, 71 Dearborn, 
T. 5025 

Beverly John M. lawyer, 95 Dearborn, R. 29 

Bewernik L. Mrs. millinery, 268 W. Indiana 


(Emil Bewersdorf and Henry Sachtleben) 
hardware, 884 W. 21st 

Beyer Mrs. midwife, 763 W. 18th 

Beyer Albert, meatmkt. 180 W. Polk 

Beyer Charles, tailor, 69 Cornell 

Beyer Henry, shoes, 336 Blue Island av. 

Beyer John, grocer, 182 Clybourn pi. 

Beyer John, meatmkt. 375 W. 12th 

Beyer & Krueger (Chas. Beyer and Ad. Krue- 
ger) paints and oils, 341 Milwaukee av. 

Beyerlein Henry, saloon, 4321 Wentworth av. 

Beyerlein H. wagonmkr. 4321 Wentworth av. 

BEYERLEIN JOHN, wagon mnfr. 
Wentworth cor. 43d 

Bezark Ike, boots and shoes, 323 S . Clark 

Bezark William, boots and shoes, 393 S. Clark 

Bezold John, carpenter, 829 Milwaukee av. 

Biagi Bros. (Louis and John) saloon, 225 S. 
Halsted and 133 N. Clark 

Biagi & Fava (John Biagi and Natalie Fava > 
saloon, 93 S. Halsted 

Bialk John, saloon, 734 Noble 

Bianchi Wm. fruits, 92 Clybourn av. 

Biard Christian, barber, 126 25th pi. 

Bible Banner Association (The) A. M. Higgins, 
pres. C. W. Smith, v. pres. A. Armour, sec. 
Joseph D. Brown, treas. pubs. 91 S. Green 

Bichell John, meatmkt. 626 W. 12th 

Bickel Joseph & Co. dye works, 221 and 889 
Milwaukee av. 

Bickerdyke J. W. & Son, painters, 370 Ogden 

Bidder William, cisars, 730 Clybourn av. 

Bickford Frank C. & Co. (Frank C. Bick- 
ford and Steven L. Robinson), meatmkt. 
495 Cleveland av. 

Bickford, Knox & Co. (Russell K. Bickford 
and Reuben Knox) , lumber, 246 S. Water. 
T. 1509 

Biddle Clement M. & Co. (Clement M. Bid- 
die, H. C. Marshall and William C. Bid- 
die Jr.) hardware, 51 La Salle, T. 1787 

Biddle Geo. W. A. dry goods com. 156 5th av. 

Biden Stuart D. boots and shoes, 881 W. 

Bidlas Joseph, tailor, 572 W. 18th 

Bidwell Theodore S. Dr. 2905 Archer av. and 
362 W. Jackson, T. 8195 






Bied William H. painter, Lull pi. ne. cor. 

Biederman Bros, meatmkt. 3220 Ullman 
Biedermann Augusta Mrs. midwife, 322 Lar- 

Bie ert John, upholstr, 790 Austin av. 
Biederstadt Wm. C. grocer, 103 Mohawk 
Biegel Helen K. Mrs. notions, 4718 Went- 

worth av. 
Biegler, Ebertshaeuser & Findiesen, (Peter 

J. Biegler, Henry Ebertshaeuser and 

Charles Findiesen), cut stone, Division 

se. cor. Cherry av. T. 4737 
Biegler Louis, cornices. 379 N. Clark 
Biehl Joseph, tailor, 272 W. Chicago av. 
Biehling Charles, jeweler, 273 W. Madison 
Biehn M. Mrs. flower preserver, 1131 Lexing- 
Biell James, grocer, 257 W. 18th 
Bienenstok S, & Co. (Siegfred Bienenstok and 

Henry Mitchell) wool, 192 Michigan, T. 

Bier Conrad, shoemkr. 123 Wisconsin 
Bierbower Austin, lawyer, 149 LaSalle, R. 55 
Bierbower & Hay ward. (Austin Bierbower and 

H. J. Hayward,) lawyers, 149 LaSalle. R. 55 
Bierbrauer Helena, Mrs. grocer, 270 Hudson 

Bierer John S. grocer, 802 43rd 
Bierfeld Benjamin, picture frames, 626 Blue 

Island av. 
Bierfeld Louis, picture frames, 579 S. Halsted 
Bieringer Julius, variety, 2802 Archer av. 
Biermann August, baker, 209 W. Taylor 
Biermann Henry, grocer, 386 W. Huron 
Biermann Henry H. grocer, 374 N. Ashland 

BIEB^T£DT E. A. kumyss mnfr. 129 

35th, T. 9873 
Bierwirth Sophia Mrs. dressmkr. 1638 Wabash 

BIKS HI. coal and wood, 301 N. Market and 

359 E. North av. 
Biesenthal Edward, saloon, 87 13th pi. 
Bieshke Martin, shoemkr. 186 Southport av. 
Biester Wm. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 303 
Biet Schneider James, meatmkt. 439 S. Halsted 
Biettiener Herman, tailor, 67 N. State and 24 

Biewer August, saloon, 179 S. Canal 
Biewer Aug. saloon, 179 S. Canal 
Bieszki Frank A. ticket agt. 604 Noble 
Bigden Frederick A. photog. 262 W. Madison 
Bigden Frank E. contractor, 160 LaSalle, T. 

394, and 97 Laflin, T. 7001 
Ith.hl \ GEORGE, plumber, Lake st. 

(Oak Park P. O.) T. O. P. Line 
Bigden R. A. photog. and crayon artist, 306 

Ogden av. 
Bigel Charles, restaurant, 1551 Wabash av. 
Bigelow Amory, com. mer. 105 S. Water 
Bigelow Benjamin F. mfr. agt. 280 S. Water 
Bigelow Bros. (Anson A., Charles H. and 

Nelson P. Bigelow,) lumber, 246 S. Water, 

T. 1781 
Bigelow Charles Dr. 201 S. Clark, R. 10 
Bigelow Charles B. designer, 155 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 46 
Bigelow Daniel F. artist, 216 S. Clark, R. 41 
Bigelow E. A. & Co. (Edward A. Bigelow,) 

com. mer. 240 LaSalle, R. 36, T. 1214 
Bigelow Folger A. artist, 216 S. Clark. R. 41 
Bigelow Hiram, lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 37 
Bigelow H. D. P. ins. agt. 169 E. Jackson, R. 


Bigelow H. S. music typographer, 118 E. 

Adams, R. 43 
Bigelow James L. drugs, 208 N. (lark 
Bigelow Joel, real est. 97 S. Clark, R. 37 
Bigelow John F. Dr. 201 S. (lark, R. 10 
Bigelow Robert C. Dr. 727 W. Harrison 
Bigger John, grocer, 71 Wesson 
Bigger J. F. lawyer, 41 S. (lark, R. 15 
Biggio Lawrence, saloon, 30 W. Randolph 
Biggs Frank K. lawyer, 169 E. Jackson, R. 917 
Biggs Wm. & Co. (Wm. Biggs), boots and 

shoes, 767 W. Madison 
Biglow Alexander B. shoemkr. 2556* S. State 
Biglow & Main, music books, 81 E. Randolph 
Biglow Moses Varnish Co. (The), Wm. H. 

Noake, mngr. 166 E. Lake 
Bignall S. L. HdwareCo. George F. Ross, sec. 

mnfrs hdware. 233 E. Lake 
Bigoness Nepolian, baker. 87 31st 
BKxONESS «fc WHITSOK, (N. Bigon- 
ess and P. E. Whitson), restaurant, 87 

Bihler Jacob, barber, 255 E. Division 
Bilenski Cleinento, constable, 9 S. Canal 
Bilek John, horseshoer, 484 S. Canal 
Bilhorn Christian F. wagon mnfr. 311 E. 

Bilhorn John, stoves, 134 Michigan 
Bilinsky August, laundry, Halsted n. w. cor. 

Bill Nicholas, saloon, 42 W. 18th 
Biller Frank, boots and shoes, 750 W. Lake 
Billeter C. & Co. (Chas. Billeter and Gus. 

Steinmann) liquors, 115 S. Franklin 
Billig & May, (S. A. Billig and S. H. May) 

tailors, 199 S. Clark, R. 6 
Billings Frank, Dr. 235 S. State, R. 1, T. 5349 
Billings James R. ins. agt. 112 S. Clark, R. 512 
Billings L. O. egg case mnfr. 29 S. Water 
Billings, Sheldon & Co. (H. F. Billings, E. P. 

Sheldon and J. M. Lyon) brokers, 177 La 

Salle, T. 1643 
Bills George H. dentist, 70 E. Madison, R. 5 
Billman Andrew H. restaurant, 2210 Wabash 

Bilski George, barber, 700 63d. 
Bilski Joseph, shoemkr. 237 Maxwell 
Bilski Joseph, boots and shoes, 3546 S. State 
Bilsky Morris, tailor, 295 E. 23rd 
Bilz Jacob, grocer, 379 W. 22nd 
Binder Gottleib, wagon mkr. 258 W. Polk 
Binder Henry, grocer, 322 Clybourn av. 
Binder Henry, blksmth. 73 Mather 
Binder K. bakery, 970 Clybourn av, 
Bindrim William, meatmkt. 213 Blue Island 

Binford George, laundry, 380 W. Madison 
Bing Ferdinand & Co. Charles Rathgen, agt. 

notions, 185 Dearborn, R. 27 
Bingham's Samuel Son, (Millard F. Bing- 
ham) printers 1 rollers, 295 Dearborn T. 

Bingham & Flint, (Frank Bingham and Char- 
les Flint) cigars, 185 Dearborn 
Binkowski M. florist, 383 W. Chicago av. 
Binkowski Peter, jeweler, 383 W. Chicago av. 
Binmore Henry, lawyer, 1169 Lexington 
Binnewies Henry A. meatmkt. 555 31st 
Binnewies & Co. saloon, 62 W. Ohio 
Binney Benjamin, meatmkt. 4705 S. State 
Binsfeld Anton, saloon, 310 W. Madison 
Binz Frank, saloon, 350 Blue Island av. 
Binz John, painter, 385 Cleveland av. 
Binz & Frank, (Frank Binz and Max Frank) 

maltsters, 18th sw. cor. Grove, T. 8120 









Binz Peter, clothier, 143 E. North av. 
Bipper Frederick W. wh. and rt. meatmkt. 373 

S. State, T. 743 
Birath Charles, tailor, 151 S. Clark, R. 14 
Birch Hugh T. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 804, T. 

Birchler Aloys G. stationery, 442 S. Clark 
Birchler Thomas J. books, 2734 S. State 
Birck Charles, variety, 4410 S. State 
Birckenmeier Peter, wood turner, 705 S. Cen- 
tre av. T. 9120 
Bird Dane D. printer, 16 Calhoun pi. T. 1422 
Bird John H. Dr. 242 Wabash av. R. 2 
Bird John R. boots and shoes, 327 S. State 
Bird L. H. who. fruits, 176 S. Water 
BIRD & CO. window shades, 24 and 26 S. 

Birdsall J. B. baker, 750 W. Van Buren 
Birk Alexander, mnfr. brick, 154 LaSalle 
Birk F. X. carp. 1088 W. Madison 
Birk J. F. coal and wood, 253 W. Erie 
Birkenstein Lena Miss, confectr. 106 S. Des- 

Birkenstein Sigmund, wh. paper stock, 195 

E. Kinzie 
Birkenshaw Charles, sewer builder, 64 S. Des- 

Birkhalz E. Mrs. midwife, 429 W. Superior 
Birkhoff David Dr. 647 W. Harrison, T. 7231 
Birkhoff George, Jr. Consul for the Nether- 
lands, 85 E. Washington 
Birkhoff G. & Son, carps. 577 W. Adams 
Birkholz Louis, boots and shoes,, 4028 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Birkner Adolph, clothing, 2502 Archer av. 
Birkner Bros. (Edward and Henry Birkner) 

meatmkt. 2899 Archer av. 
Birmingham Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburg 

Pa. Mogenson & Dinkelman, agts. 142 La 

Salle, T. 1692 
Birmingham M. C. engraver, 89 E. Randolph, 

R. 30 T. 5018 
Birmingham Thomas, blksmth. 316 43rd 
Birns Louis, saloon, 1771 Milwaukee av. 
Biroth Henry, drug miU, 481 25th, T. 8527 
Birr Gustav, harnessmkr. 701 Lincoln av. 
Birr & Heidrich, carps. 1250 Wolfram and 636 

Diversey av. 
Birren Bros. (John H. and. Peter A. Birren) 

livery, 128 Eugenie 
Birren Bros. (Charles, John H. and Peter A, 

undertakers, 842 Lincoln av. T. 3963. 
Birren Cornelius, undertaker, 283 E. North av. 
Birren & Carroll. (Nicholas Birren and John 

Carroll) undertakers, 171 E. Chicago av, 

T. 3130 
Birt Charles, jeweler, 291 S. Halsted 
Bisbee, Ahrens & Decker, (L. H. Bisbee, J. P. 

Ahrens, and Henry Decker,) lawyers, 205 

La Salie, R. 201 
Bisbee L. H. lawyer, 205 La Salle, R. 201 
Bisch Charles, saloon, 76 Sherman 
Bischoff Andrew, carriage painter, 321 E. 

Bischoff Charles, stationery, 346 Ogden av. 
Bischoff Christian, dentist, 174 E. North av. 
Bischoff Ernst G. drugs,420 Lincoln av. T. 3941 
BISCHOFF OEO. meatmkt. 2515 Han- 
BISCHOFF HARRY, saloon, 315 S. 

Bischoff Herman, engraver, 155 S. State 
Bischoff H. A. pub. The Black Diamond, 205 

La Salle, R. 118 
Bischoff William, barber, 192 N. Clark 

Bishoff Gus. A. tinsmith, 261 S. Clark 
Bishop Arthur S. drugs, 639 W, Madison, T. 

Bishop A. D. & Co. props. Michigan Fruit 

Butter Co. 155 E. Kinzie 
Bishop F. C. & Co. James N. Buchanan, pres.; 

Frederick A. Bishop, v. prest.; Frank C. 

Bishop, secretary and treasur r, coal, 160 

LaSalle, T. 394, yds. 56 S. Curtis, and ft, 

E. Randolph 

Bishop George A. Dr. magnetic, 498 W. Madi- 
Bishop George W. lawyer, 4018 Wabash av. 
Bishop Henry W. master in chancery 204 

Dearborn, R. 23 T. 1412 
Bishop Orris A. pat. atty. 79 S. Peoria 
Bishop Perlee H. lawyer, 77 S. Clark, R. 11 
Bishop Rufus W. Dr. 125 S. State, R. 26, H. 

2139 Wabash av. T. 8133 
Bishop Sisters (Nellie and Lottie), restaurant, 

3711 S. State 
Bishop S. S. Dr. 378 W. Van Buren 
Bishop William F. barber, 192 N. Clark 
Bishop W. D. lawyer, 89 E. Randolph, R. 16 
Bishop & Co. (C. N. Bishop and M. J. Pena), 

barbers, 177 LaSalle 
Bishopp Weller D. lumber 38th, cor. Ullman 
Biska Julius, mason, 58 Cornelia 
Bissa Joseph, saloon, 92 High 
Bissell Charles, hair curlers, 15 S. Canal, R. 9 
Bissell G. F. ins agt, 115 E, Monroe 
Bissell Josiah H. lawyer, 149 LaSalle, R. 52 
Bissinger Benjamin, real est. 122 LaSalle. 

R. 9 
Bissinger Henry, clothing, 2972 S. State 
Bitner & Petersen Medicine Co. (C. G. Bitner 

and Marcus Petersen) , 67 E. Washington, 

R. 7 
Bitsky & Kaher (Charles J. Bitsky and Joseph 

F. Kaher), teas and coffee, 2149 Archer av. 
and 3517 S. Halsted 

Bitter Charles, saloon, 68 W. Van Buren 
Bitterman Jacob, news, 106 Wells 
Bitterman Matthew, cigars, 355 S. Clark 
Bittermann Lewis, clothing, 646 Milwaukee 

Bittin'& Cramer (Chas. E. Bittin and E. W. 

Cramer), iron, 115 Dearborn, R. 64. T. 653 
Bittner J. W. tailor, 266 W. 12th 
Bittoef Charles, sign hanger, 28 Wieland 
Biudenell John, oils, 105 N. Water 
Bjornson A. & Co. bldg. iaisers and movers, 

154 LaSalle, T. 128 
Bjornson Magnus, painter, 131 Townsend 
Bjornstad B. O. & Co. furniture, 231 W. 

Black Diamond (The) H. A. Bischoff, pub. 

205 LaSalle, R. 118 
Black Diamond Silver Mining Co. (The), H. E. 

Woods, sec. 161 LaSalle, R. 78 
Black Ephraim Mrs. dressmkr. 1821 S Clark 
Black John, stationery, 1513 47th 
Black S. H. mnf rs. agt. 67 E.Washington,R. 17 
Black William, cigars, 578 W. 18th 
Black William P. lawyer, 108 Dearborn, R. 21 
Black William & Co. (William, William Jr. 

Walter, James and John Black,) mnfrs. 

sash and blinds, 621 Sheffield av. (Lake 

Blackall A. H. & Son, (Alfred H. and Edward 

S.) tea and coffee, 178 S. State, 89 S. Clark, 

T. 5035, 172 W. Madison 
Blackburn Bros. (John F. and Richard B. 

Blackburn,) leather and findings, 205 E. 



! PatentS 





Blackburn D. constable, 152 W. Madison, R. 6 
BLACKBIRD R, W. express, 600 W. 

Taylor, T. 4418 
Blackburn E. Mrs. dressmkr. 417 S. State 
Blackburn Robert, dentist, 4251 S. Halsted 
Blackburn Samuel A. meatmkt. 315 47th 
Blackburn M. A. Mrs. dressmkr. 186* W. Lake 
BLACKLKR T. meatmkt. Lincoln av. (S. 

Evanston) T. 70 
Blackman Bros. (C. H., W. L. and C. 8.) 

grain, 208 LaSalle, R, 8 
Blackman Daniel, lawyer, 110 Dearborn, R. 

Blackman Frank E. loans, 155 Dearborn R. 59 
Blackman Henry, boots and shoes, Park av. 

nr. Chestnut, (Austin) 
Blackman Lou Mrs. millinery, 727 Lincoln av. 
Blackman W. B. & Bro. (William B. and 
Charles S.) gents furn. goods, 59 S. Clark 
Blackmen O. C. mngr. The Hammond Type- 
writer Co. 206 LaSalle 
Blackney Julius S. jeweler, 402 S. State 
Blackwell Hester E. Mrs. notions, 709 N. Ash- 
land av, 
Blackwell John, saloon, 441 W. 12th 
BlackweU M. L. Mrs. millinery, 149 E 22d 
Blades L. J. & Co. (Leonard J. Blades) mnfr. 

ticket cases, 376 S. Canal 
Blaha George, meatmkt. 116 W. 18th 
Blaha Joseph, tailor, 169 Ewing 
Blaha Joseph, grocer, 541 W. 12th 
Blaha Thomas, grocer, 598 W. 18th 
Blaha Vaclav, cigars, 527 Laflin 
Blaha Vaclav, saloon, 462 S. Union 
Blahnik Laurence, drugs, 88 W. 18th 
Blain Bros. (Julian and Stephen Blain) loans, 

157 E. Washington, R. 9 
Blaine Walker, lawyer, 115 E. Monroe, R. 50, 

T. 1067 
Blair C. H. builder and contractor, 167 Dear- 
born, R. 1 
Blair Francisco, carp. 4246 Prairie av. 
Blair George W. pub. The Lake View Inde- 
pendent, 509 Lincoln av. 
RLAIR HARRY K. grocer, 671 W. Lake 
Blair J. R. ins. agt. 79 Dearborn, R. 8 
Blair John B. & Co. (John B. Blair, James N. 
Rodger and W. J. Blickensderfer) por- 
traits, 154 LaSaUe, R. 28 
Blair R. carp. 413 51st 

Blair Thomas H. harnessmkr. 816 W. Lake 
Blair William, laundry, 47 Hubbard ct. 
Blair William T. lawyer, 226 LaSalle, R. 30 
BLAIR WM. «fc CO. (Wm. and Edward T. 
Blair, James M. Horton an*d Albert E. 
Roof) wh. hardware and agricultural im- 
plements, 174 E. Lake. T. 1043 
BLAIR W. E. board, glass and wire signs, 

171 and 173 E. Madison 
Blair & Co. (Watson F. Blair) grain com. 

4 Sherman, R. 23 
Blaisdell John C. jeweler, 3551 Cottage Grove 

BlaisdeR Samuel E. mnfr. carriages, 62 Pacific 

Blake George D. lawyer, 154 La Salle, R. 11 
Blake George F. printer, 2618 Cottage Grove 

Blake James Mrs. cigars, 68i Blue Island av. 
Blake John, plumber, 1348 S. State 
Blake Michael, undertaker, 67 Canalport av. 
BLARE, SHAW & CO. (E. Nelson 
Blake, Wm. W. Shaw, and C. H. Mar- 
shall), Dake Bakery, (cracker bakers), 
W. Adams, ne. cor. Clinton, T. 4531 

Blake Thomas Mrs. saloon, W. 43rd. se. cor. 

S. Lincoln 
Blakely C. H. & Co. (Cyrene H. Blakely), 

printers, 68 Wabash av. T. 5556 

Blakely, pres. 0. F. Blakely, v. pres. J. A. 

Bockius, sec. 186 E. Monroe, T. 527 
Blakeman David C. restaurant, 466 S. State 
Blakeslee G. S. & Co. (George S. Blakeslee), 

com. 1537 S. State, T. 8103 
Blakemore Joseph, moldings, 199 E. Van 

Blakeslee & Perry, (George S. Blakeslee and 

Charles N. Perry) flour and feed, 1537 S. 

State, T. 8103 
Blakeslee Romain, express, 928 W. Madison 

T. 7086 
Blakistone & Parr, (James T. Blakistone and 

William F. Parr), underwriters, 234 La 

Salle, R, 34, T. 911 
Blameuser Christian, saloon, 477 E. 26th 
Blanchard Frank S. draughtsman, 204 Dear- 
born, R. 51 
Blanchard Frank T. coal, 2441 S. State 
Blanchard John W. & Co. lumber (Evans- 
Blanchard Joseph, Dr. 34 E. Monroe, R. 1. T. 

5480, h. 177 N. State 
Blanchard Marvin, lawyer, 179 E. Washington, 

R. 14 
Blanchard Rollin P. lawyer, 115 Dearborn, 

R. 49 
BLANCHARD T. R. & CO. (T. B. and 

Wm.) lumber, R. R. track, n. of depot, 

Evanston. T. 42 
Blanchard Wallace, Dr. 34 E. Monroe, R. 1, T. 

5480, h. 177 N. State 
Bland Martha, Mrs. hair dresser, 2120 Butter- 
Blank Fred. W. grocer, 121 39th 
Blank Frank, saloon, 443 S. Clark 
Blank George, confectr. 376 Clybourn av. 
Blanke George F. lawyer, 80 Dearborn, R. 21 
Blanke & Chytraeus (George F. Blanke and 

Axel Chytraeus), lawyers, 80 Dearborn, 

R. 21 
RLANK.SCHAIX WM. F. Saloon, 780 

W. Chicago av. 
Blass John H. milk, 2449 Wabash av. 
Blaszkowski Bernard, clothing mnfr. 446 

Elston av. 
Blatchford E. W. & Co. (E. W. and N. H.) 

sheet lead and pipe, 70 N. Clinton, T. 

Blatherwick Norman R. com. mer. 47 Market 
Blatter George, coal, 59 Eighteenth pi. 
Blattner F. J. grocer, 674 W. 21st 
Blatz Valentine Brewing Co. (Henry Leeb, 

gen. agt.) W. Erie, cor. N. Union, T. 4382 
Blauer Watch Case Co. W. W. Dickinson, 

pres. Robert W. Patton, sec. and treas. 

W. C. Taft, v. pres. and mngr. 149 8. 

Blaul Charles, cigarmkr. 152 S. Park av. 
Blaurock C. A. real est. 335 8. Leavitt 
Blaydon William, boot and shoemkr. 2429 

Wentworth av. 
Blazeck Matthias, mnfr. clothing, 45 Cor- 
Blazene John, restaurant, 427 S. Clark 
Blean Arthur Mrs. confectr. 2842 La Salle 
Blecka Vincence, saloon, 633 Blue Island av. 
Blecker Henry J. boots . and shoes, 1322 E. 

Diversey av. 
Bleedsaw L. barber, 728 Elston av. 


Market, S. W. Cor. Adams, 

TELEPHONE No. 1293. 




BLU 97 

Blegen John, gen agt. State Line and Wilson 

Line steamships, 164 E. Randolph 
Bleil Fred, honey, 15 Mohawk 
Blenkinsop T. A. laundry, 43 S. Halsted 
Bletz Jacob, saloon, 577 W. Chicago av. 
Bleyer D. L. & Co. (D. L. Bleyer) distillers' 

agt. 165 E. Randolph 
Blick W. H. Mrs. dressmkr. 605 Austin av. 
Blickhahn George, cigars, 127 E. Harrison 
Blickhahn Lizzie Mrs. confectr. 198 W. Chi- 
cago av. 
Blickhahn Peter, cigar mnfr. 3223 S. State 
Bliem Milton J. Dr. 595 LaSalle av. T. 3510 
Blind Christian, coal, 134 25th pi. 
Blineau's European Hotel, 15 Hubbard ct. 
Blinkinstine Samuel E. laundry, 55 S. Carpen- 
Blinn Odelia Dr. Mrs. 202 Warren av. 
Bliss Alanson T. lawyer, 149 LaSalle, R. 63 
Bliss A. H. & Co. (Abel H. Bliss and Black- 
man N. Poster) grain com. 260 S. Clark, 
R. 20 
Bliss Edward G. ins. broker, 475 W. 12th 
Bliss E. R. lawyer, Borden blk. R. 35 
Bliss Frank, gardener, S. Green nr. nw. cor. 

Bliss Henry L. wall paper, 420 63d 
Bliss N. W. (Marshall Field & Co.) lawyer, 

Adams and 5th ave. 
Bliss Samuel, syrups, 280 Michigan, T. 3160 
Bliss Wm. C. carp, rear 483 W. Madison 
ltl.ISS <fc TRACY, (S. E. Bliss and E. 
C. Tracy) shafting pulleys and hangers, 
51 S. Canal, T. 4485 
Blitzen Elastic Dryer Co. Herman Tripp, 

Eres. Charles S. Wood, sec. and treas. 
louis Kellner, supt. dryers and japans, 

Myrtle nw. cor. Taylor 
Bliven Charles E. ins. agt. 218 LaSalle, R. 

Bloch A. & Bros. (Abraham, Solomon and J. 

Simon Bloch) grocers, 56 S. State, T. 5075 
Bloch Jacob, grocer, 731 Fulton 
Bloch Pub. & Printing Co. 80 E. Adams 
Blochberger & Wachter, (Henry Blochberger 

and John Wachter) saloon, 2904 5th ave. 
Block B. shoemkr. 56 Liberty 
Block Bros. (Nathan and Harris) clothing, 

43 W. Randolph 
Block David J. not. pub. 12 Waldo pi. 
Block I. E. boots and shoes, 247 31st, T. 8028 
Block John, grocer, 521 W. Chicago av. 
Block John J. teaming, 46 Dearborn av. 
Block Kate Mrs. midwife, 3238 S. Halsted 
Block, Poliak & Co. (Louis, Benjamin and 

Isaac Block) scrap iron, Grove cor. 16th, 

T. 8275 
Block Wm. F. mnfr. embossed, cut, ground 

and beveled glass, 259 & 261 E. Randolph, 

R. 27 
BIiOCK.» A. restaurant, 522 & 524 Sherman 

a v. (Evanston) 
Blocksidge Anna C. Mrs. dressmkr. 2915 Indi- 
ana av. 
Bloechinger John, grocer, 3265 Archer av. 
Bloedorn August, grocer, 53 Wells 
Bloedner Gustav, architect, 613 W. Chicago av. 
Bloeser Christian L. wood turner, 287 S. Canal 
Blome Wm. ivory turner, 57 E. Washington, 

R. 21 
HliOlB^lt Ntt BROS. & CO. (Claus G. 

and Oscar N. Blomgren) electrotypers, 

stereotypers, photo-engravers and map 

engraving, 162 S. Clark, T. 548 
Blonder A. junk dealer, 621 Milwaukee av. 

Blondin & McDonald, carps. 110 3d av. 
Blood Isaac W. druggist, 3100 Archer av. T. 

9605 and 4108 Cottage Grove av. T. 9912 
Blood James A. real est. 147 LaSaHe, R. 5, T. 

Blood M. M. Mrs. laundry, 677 W. Ohio 
Blood Orville M. confectr. 179 E. Chicago av. 
Blood Wm. L. architect, 79 Dearborn, R. 56 
Bloom Axel, tailor, 2951 Butterfield 
Bloom David H. lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 57, 

T. 1138 
Bloom Martin J. barber, 476 Larrabee 
Bloom Moses, grain com. 10 Pacific av. R. 58 
Bloom MoseSjSlipper mnfr. 321 S. Halsted 
Bloomenthal David, clothing mnfr. 564 Noble 
Bloomingston J. S. pub. 177 LaSalle, R. 27 _ 
Bloomington Mutual Life Benefit Associa- 
tion, R. Dom, mngr. 112 S. Clark, R. 618, 

T. 1284 
Bloomquist John, shoemkr. 2710 Hickory 
Bloss S. M. & Co. lumber, 4411 S. Halsted, T. 

Blossom A. agt. Traders Bldg. 10 Pacific av. R. 

Blossom James, painter, 2961 Wentworth av. 
Blossom Lewis G. lawyer, (supervisors office) 

Town of Lake 
Bloston Morris, grocer, 225 W. 12th 
Blue Island Land & Bldg. Co. George C. 

Walker, pres. James A. Darol, sec. and 

treas. 169 E. Jackson, R. 110, T. 550 
Blue Line, E. L. Somers agt. 209 LaSalle, T. 

Blue Rebecca Mrs. dressmkr. 4763 School 
Bluemel Wm. vet. surg. 405 Larrabee, h. 368 

Bluemer H. Mrs. baker, 264 Clybourn av. 
Bluhm John, express, 442 N. Paulina 
BLUM AJLFRKJD, ticket broker, 85 S. 

Blum Bros. (Julius and Simon S. Blum), 

wh. gent's furng. 161 5th av. 
Blum Daniel, junk dealer, 1231 S. State 
Blum Edgar C. lawyer, 95 Dearborn, R. 24 
Blum Fred, harnessmaker, 1551 Milwaukee av. 
Blum Henry, shoemkr. 483 Lincoln av. 
Blum H. & Son, (Henry and Henry Jr.) coal, 

906 S. Halsted and Maple, nr. Stewart av. 
Blum Isabella Mrs. boarding, 223 W. 18th 
Blum John, saloon, 114 Clybourn av. 
Blum Louis J. lawyer, 95 Dearborn, R. 24 
Blum Oscar, painter, 205 W. Huron 
Blum P. H. Mrs. laundry, 274 S. Hoyne av. 
Blum & Blum (Louis J. and Edgar C.) law- 
yers, 95 Dearborn, R. 24 
Blume August F. iron wks. 611 N. Halsted 
Blume Henry F. meatmkt. 651 Lincoln av. 
Blume Jarvis, justice, 150 W. Madison, R. 5 
Blume John, cigars, 342 S. Halsted 
Blume Robert, sheet iron wks. 151 W. Ran- 
Blumenfeld Sigmund jr. dry goods, 247 E. 

North av. 
Blumenfeldt David, clothing, 429 S. Canal 
Blumenfeldt Peter, boots and shoes, 280 

5th av. 
Blumenhagen & Epding (August Blumenha- 

gen and John Epding) mnfrs. sausages, 

201 Augusta 
Blumenschein Adam, florist, 118 E. 22d 
Blumenschein George L. photog. 2826 S. State 
Blumenthal August, architect, 22 S. Jefferson 
Blumenthal Barnet. queensware, 4915 S, State 
BJLUMJ£NTHAJL I. insect powder, 97'/ 2 




98 BLU 



Blumenthal N. M. & Co. real est. 126 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 29 

Blumer Samuel, meatmkt. 60 N. Sangamon 

Blunt L. E. notions, 514 Davis, (Evanston) 

Bluthardt, Theodore J. Dr. 163 State, R. 62, h, 
453 La SaUe av. T. 3074 

Bly Marshall D. shirt mnfr. 193 S. Clark, R. 12 

Blye Clarence D. cigars, 410V2 W. Madison 

Bnai Abraham Cemetery, (at Waldheim) 10 
miles from city on Galena div. C. & N. W. 

Bnai Sholom Cemetery, 5 miles ne. of city nr. 
Graceland, on the Green Bay Road 

Boak Robert B. fish, 33 S. Water, T. 5275 J 

Boal Charles T. stoves, 247 E. Kinzie, T. 3501 

Boal James S. (U. S. Dist. Attorney's office) 
lawyer, 41 Government bldg. 

Boarchardt H. Mrs. midwife, 164 E. North av. 

Board J. L. prop. Jefferson foundry, 59 S. 

Board of Aldermen, see end of directory 

Board of Education, New City Hall, T. 1229, 
Board of Election Commissioners, City 
Hall, 3d floor, T. 764 

Board of Trade of the City of Chicago, A. M. 
Wright, pres. George F. Stone, sec. Jack- 
son, Pacific av. and Sherman 

Board of Trade Clearing House, Samuel 
Powell, mngr. R. 7, Board of Trade 

Boardman J. W. Mrs. prop. Woodruff hotel, 
cor. Wabash av. and E. 21st 

Boas Edward Dr. 120i Clybourn av. T. 3558 

Boas Oscar M. millinery, 182 S. State 

Boas Paul, millinery, 233 Blue Island av. 

Boatman's F. and M. Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh, 
Pa. D. S. Munger & Co. agts. 168 LaSalle, 
T. 815 

Boaze Wiley R. furniture and silverware, 412 
Sherman av. (Evanston) 

Bob Valentine, grocer, 2660 Wentworth av. 

Bobendieker John, carpenter, 117 Wells 

Bobeng Frank, grocer, 158 E. 18th 

Bobern & Semmesleng, brick mnfrs. Haw- 
thorn av. cor. Wabansia av. 

Bobinsky Harry, saloon, 525 S. Canal 

Bobinsky Isaac, saloon, 556 S. Jefferson 

Bobzien Adolph, milk, 615 Carrol av. 

Bobzien John W. coal, 251 E. Division 

Bocatius C. A. notions, 526 W. Indiana 

Bocatius C. A. variety, 468 W. Indiana 

BOCHE Ii. engraving, printing and die 
sinking, stencils, rubber stamps and burn- 
ing brands, 166 E. Randolph, T. 1115 

Bock Mrs. dressmkr. 105 Clybourn av. 

Bock Fred, liquors, 672 Milwaukee av. 

Bock Leopold, meatmkt. 4832 Wentworth av. 

Bock Theresa Mrs. cigars, 313 S. Halsted 

Bockelmann John, shoemkr. 363 S. Canal 

Bockius F. B. Dr. 199 W. Indiana 

Bockius F. B. E. Dr. 232 Milwaukee av. T. 4011 

Bockstanz & Co. (John N. Bockstanz,) cloth, 
hats and caps, 175 E. Madison, R. 22 

Boczinski John, shoemkr. 24 Fry 

Bodach Charles, show cases, 42 5th av. and 51 
8. State 

Bodammar Minnie Mrs. dressmkr. 773 N. Hal- 

Boddeker Bernard, saloon, 353 W.Chicago av. 

Bodden John, barber, E. Monroe, nw. cor. 
Wabash av. 

Boddie M. M. lawyer, 107 Dearborn. R. 46, T. 

Bode Christina Mrs. dressmkr. 329 W.Ran- 

Bode Henry, jeweler, 452 Milwaukee av. 

Bode Nicholas, boots and shoes, 753 Milwau- 
kee av. 
Bodecker & Howard, (C. H. Bodecker and C. 

J. Howard) saloon, 819 W. Madison 
Bodelson Kate Mrs. employment agency, 3022 

Butte rfield 
Bodemann & Conrad, drugs, 239 S. State, T. 
5349; Lake av. cor. 43rd. T. 9982 and Lake 
av. cor. 50th. T. 9972 
Boden Frank, vessel owner, 94 LaSalle, R. 31 
Bodenschatz & Earnshaw Stone Co. Gustav 
A. Bodenschatz, pres.; Edward H. Brown, 
sec; John G. Bodenschatz, treas. 17 W. 
Polk, T. 4751 
Bodett Eugenia W. Mrs. dressmkr. 5018 A. 

Wentworth av. 
Bodge Elbert R. photog. 330 E. Division 
Bodm C. Miss, dressmkr. 150 N. Ada 
Bodine Egbert M. restaurant, 36 W. Randolph 
Bodmer Bros. (George and James), masons 
and contractor-. 432 E. Division, T. 3339, 
and 1611 N. Halsted 
Bodmer John, contractor, 1 Division 
Bodtker James F. artist, 148 S. State, R. 7 
Boebel Theodore, shoemkr. 6218 Wentworth av 
Boeckler Carl, drugs, 412 Clybourn av. T. 3366 
Boedeker and Chas. J. Howard) saloon, ! 
819 W. Madison 
Boeder John C. saloon, 401 S. Western av. 
Boehl George, harness, 3194 Archer av. 
Boehler Charles A. barber, 196 Blue Island av. 
Boehm Aaron, dry goods, 284 Milwaukee av. 
BOKHIU FRANK, saloon, 327 S. Clinton I 
Boehm Frank, birds, 153 Attgusta 
Boehm Fred, meatmkt. 650 W. 21st 
Boehm Frederick, grocer, 115 Larrabee 
Boehm & O'Connell, (George Boehm and I 

Daniel O'Connell) wh. meat, 232 S. Water 
Boehner Wm. bookbinder, 444 Wells 
Boeker Charles, meatmkt. 1281 W. Van Buremli 
Boem Frederick, grocer, 6143 N. Halsted 
Boerer Fred, grocer, 188 W. Randolph 
Boening Charles L. carp. 1088 Elston av. 
Boening John, calcimining, 526 N. Franklin j 
Boenning Matt, grocer, 966 Lincoln av. 
Boericke & Tafel, (Frank L. and Felix A. 'jj 
Boericke and Adolph J. Tafel) homoeo-i 
pathic pharmacy. 36 E. Madison, T. 5595 
BOERLIX I.OITIS, (established 1862) 
Importer of optical and mathematical in- 
struments, 157 S. State 
Illinois Wire Works, 1162 Milwaukee av. . j 
Boes Valentine, barber, 656 43d 
Boesch John O. turner, 29 N. Jefferson 
Boesch Joseph, cigars, 664 S. Halsted 
Boese Elvina Mrs. embroidery, 203 Lincoln av. 11 
Boese Frederick, saloon, 204 N. Desplaines 
Boese Henry, bakery, 556 Milwaukee av. 
Boese Henry, dry goods, 698 Milwaukee av. 
Boesel George, grocer, 1267 N. Halsted 
Boesen Matthias, grocer, 300 Mohawk 
Boesenberg George, grocer, 279 W. Chicago av. 
Boettcher Frank E. shoemkr. 1580 Milwaukee 
Boettcher John N. grocer, 951 N. Seymour 
JBOETTIOER L.OUIS, saloon, 312 W. 

Boettke Gustav, tailor, 236 E. Chicago av. 
Boettner H. Miss, florist, 215 N. Clark 
Boetzel Frank, music teacher, 1309 Wabash av, 
Bogardus H. A. &H. D. (Henry A. and Har- 
rison D.) fruits, 33 S. Water, T. 5275 
Bogardus Nels, boots and shoes, 285 Mil- 
waukee av. 


Market, S. W. Cor 





BON 99 

Boge Henry, saloon, 1021 W. Madison 
Bogershausen Mary Mrs. confectr. 96 W. 19th 
Bogert Jerry, grocer, 4902 S. State 
Boggiano Antonia G. saloon, 17 N. Clark, 
Boggs James, boarding, 2518 S. State 
Bogner Tobias, music teacher, 673 S. Halsted 
Bogue Charles V. Dr. 5 Washington pi. 
Bogue Charles V. Dr. 269 Chestnut pi. 
Bogue C. H. & Co. lumber, 500 Lumber 
Bogue John H. iron pipe, 218 LaSalle, R. 914 
Bogue O. A. iron pipe, 218 LaSalle, R. 915, 

T. 1666 
Bogue R. G. Dr. 5 Washington pi. 
BOGUE & HOYT, (George M. Bogue 

Henry W. Hoyt and Hamilton B. Bogue,) 

real est. 182 Dearborn, R. 1, T. 830 
Bohacek Frank, jeweler, 768 W. 18th 
Bohan James C. dentist, 246 Blue Island av. 
Bohan John C. dentist, 396 W. 12th 
Bohan John E. supt. Garfield Park Rose Co. 

1688 W. Madison, T. 7232 
Bohan John M. pawnbroker, 423 S. Halsted 
Bohart James C. live stk. com. 23 Exch. bldg. 

stk. yds. 
Bohem August, shoemkr. 822 Maplewood av. 
Bohl Wm. F. tailor, 40 Julian 
Bohlander Bros. (J. and J. P. Bohlander) 

gen. merchandise, 113 Lake st. (Oak Park) 

and 5th av. (Maywood) 
Bohmann Joseph, music insts. 417 S. State 
Bohmann William, meatmkt. 213 Lincoln av. 
Bohn H. J. & Bro. (Henry J. and John J.) 

pubs. Hotel World, 134 E. VanBuren 
Bohn John W. saloon, 157 Wesson 
Bohn Wm. prop. Globe House and saloon, 330 

S. Clark 
BOH\E H. C. MBS. knit goods, 718 W. 

Bohnen George, saloon, 186 24th pi. 
Bohner George & Co. (George Bohner) who. 

crockery, 55 and 57 Wabash av. T. 5365 
Bohnet F. sewing machines, 930 Milwaukee av. 
Bohny Albert C. barber, 314 S. Halsted 
Boice George W. Dr. 1160 S- Western av. T. 9058 
Boice Phoebe Mrs. boarding, 2022 S. Clark 
Boile M. R. bakery, 376 W. Harrison 
Boisen Nels, tailor, 523 Davis, (Evanston) 
Bokop Herman A. saloon, 699 S. Canal 
Boland John, mnfr. brick, W. 31st ne. cor. 

Boland W. J. machinist, 204 S. Clinton 
Boland & Valy, (Thomas F. Boland and Max 

E. Valy) dry goods, 277 E. Division 
Boldenweck Fred, tailor, 238 S. Halsted 
Boldenweck Fred, dry goods, 222 Halsted 
Bolding Solomon, prop. Palace Hotel, 316 S. 

Bolduin Gustav, confectr. 820 W. 21st 
Boleck Vaclev, cigars, 53 Emma 
Bolender Thomas J. real est. 69 Dearborn, 

R. 36 
Boles & Kehoe, (H. S. Boles and M. C. Kehoe) 

confectrs. 67 S. State 
Bolger Peter, saloon, 385 S. State 
Bolger & Feddern, (Thomas F. Bolger and 

Frederick Feddern) orchestra, 51 S. 

Clark, R. 11 
Bolkcom Dexter S. constable, 132 S. Clark 
Boll Anna Mrs. grocery, 297 E. 21st 
Bollam Joseph H. carriage mnfr. 3123 S. State 
Bolland John T. coal, 91*4 Locust 
Boiler Philip, cigars, 308 S. Jefferson 
Bolles & Rogers (Charles E. Bolles and Samp- 
son Rogers) hides, 141 E. Kinzie, T. 3043 
Bollig Joseph, saloon, 153 E. Divison 

Bollinger Charles, bakery and confectr. 581 

W. 12th 
Bollinger Jacob, saloon, 475 W. Madison 
Bollinger & Donahue (Christopher Bollinger 

and Nora Donahue) restaurant, 66 S. Des- 

Bollinger & Oshorn, grocers, Park av. nr. 

Chestnut (Austin) 
Bolls Harry, cigars, 583 W. Ohio 
Bolte & Bradley (Charles G. Bolte and Charles 

H. Bradley) agts. The Leonard Silk Co. 

sewing silk & twist, 173 E. Adams 
Bolten P. H. & Co. (Peter H. Bolten and J. 

Wm. Johnston) com. mers. 223 S. Water, 

T. 825 
Bolter A. & Sons (Andrew, Joseph and Ed- 
ward Bolter) iron wks. 174 E. Van Buren 
BOL.T01S JAMES, horseshoer, 2839 Ar- 
cher av. 
Bolton William, harnessmkr. 960 W. Lake 
Bolton William, saloon, 3360 S. Halsted 
Bolz Christina, Mrs. midwife, 125 Cornelia, 
Bolze Ernst, saloon, 419 N. State 
Boman Charles O. carp. 397 67th 
Bomer Fred, cigars, 412 S. Clark 
Bomer Henry, barber, 72 5th av. 
Bomgard J. A. carp. 704 Southport av. 
Bon Ton Suit Co. 151 W. Washington 
Bona Joseph, saloon, 1246 W. Van Buren 
Bonath Jacob, saloon, 54 Larrabee 
Bond Brothers, (James and Alexander T.) 

hides and leather, 46 Dearborn av. 
Bond Brothers & Co. (James A. and 

Charles N. Bond) printers, 164 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 16 
Bond Fanny N. Mrs. artist, 70 E. Monroe, 

R. 33 
Bond John P. vet. surg. 1250 Wabash av. 
Bond J. C. & Co. (Jas. C. Bond) oils, 8 and 

10 S. Canal, T. 4024 
Bond Lester L. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, R. 53, 

T. 1149 
Bond Oscar W. pat. solicitor, 204 Dearborn. 

R. 53, T. 1149 
Bond Thos. S. Dr. 33 Chicago av. (Evanston) 
Bond William M. cigars, 348 S. State 
Bond & Chandler, wood engravers, 157 LaSalle 
Bond & Whitcomb, (Emery S. Bond and Os- 
car E. Whitcomb) com. mers. 191 S. Water 
Bond's Commercial Agency (William S. Bond) 

112 S. Clark, R. 506 
Bondy Adolph, meatmkt. 713 S. Canal 
Bondy Adolph, beer bottler, 538 S. Clark, 

T. 202 
Bondy E. S. Dr. 75 N. Clark 
Bondy, Lederer & Co. (J. G. Davis, agt.) cigars, 

66 Wabash av. 
Bone John C. live stk. com. 100 Exch. Bldg. 

stk. yds. 
BOtfFIEL.I>, M. W. undertaker, 2857 

Archer av. T. 8378 
Boneseck Wm. brick mnfr. Ashland av. se. 

cor. Wellington av. 
Bonfig Peter A. grocer, 381 N. State 
Bonheim Frank M. & Co. (Frank M. Bonheim 

and Frank Dorner) drugs, 4847 S. State, T. 
Bonheim Lee M. druggist, 5500 and 5103 Went- 

worth av. T 65, Enplewood Exchange 
Bonn Henry, cigar mnfr. 3750 State 
Bonnef ori Henry, ed. Lake View Tribune, 1329 

George (Lakeview) 
Bonnell, Hayes & Co. (B. P. Bonnell, H. 
Hayes and 0. P. Swift) steam warming, 
163 E. Van Buren 



9 225 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

100 BON 



Bonnell & Fischer (Otto Bonnell and Anton 

Fischer) sheet music, 116 E. Randolph 
Bonnem Jacob, mnir. and dealer in cigars 

and tobacco, 985 W. Madison 
Bonner Frederick, barber, 5058 S. State 
Bonner John, lawyer, 113 S. Clark, R. 14 
Bonner, Lancaster & Co. (A. W. Bonner and 

I. Lancaster) mantels and tiles, 335 Wa- 
bash av. 
Bonnesen Charles, delicacies, 811 W. North 

Bonnet Charles A. printer, 586 Wells 
Bonney Charles C. lawyer, 175 Dearborn, R. 

Bonney Charles L. lawyer, 175 Dearborn, R. 

Bonney C. C. & C. L. (Charles C. and Charles 

L.) lawyers, 175 Dearborn, R. 70 
Bonniwell E. Mrs. notions, 300 Fulton 
Bonte Philip, chemical apparatus, 111 5th av. 
Bontemps Charles, restaurant^ 392 W. 12th 
Bonus Peter, saloon, 154 W. Division 
Bonynge Francis G. Dr. 70 E. Monroe, T. 5480, 

H. 307 N. Clark, T. 3587 
Boodemer Philip, saloon, 294 E. Division 
Boody, McLellan & Co. (David A. Boody, 

Charles W. McLellan, Reuben Leland, 

Henry U T. Boody and WmJF. Lesslie) stock 

and bonds, 241 LaSalle, T. 1087 
Bookkeepers' Building and Loan Ass'n. J. 

W. D. Kelley, sec. 202 LaSalle 
Booksellers & Stationers' Mutual Savings 

Loan & Building Association (The) W. P. 

Phelon, sec. 84 LaSalle, R. 36 and 37 
Bookwalter, Kelley & Co. (S. Bookwalter, S. 

G. Kelley and O. H. Bartlett) produce 

com. 78 S. Water 
Boome Alexander, hardware, 159 E. Chicago 

Boomer John, real est. 107 Dearborn, R. 19 
Boomer & Boschert Press Co. (Charles H. 

Stewart, agt.) cider presses, 240 E. Lake 
Boone Levi G. engraver, 134 E. Madison, R. 5 
Boone WiUiam W. livery, 1537 N. Clark, 

T. 3913 
Boorman J. M. & Co. (James M. Boorman) 

grain com. 24 Pacific av. R. 24 
Boos Adam F. architect, 474 Sedgwick 
Boos John, boots and shoes, 752 Hinman 
Booth A. & Sons. (Alfred, W. Vernon and Al- 
fred E. Booth) oysters and fish, 63 E. 

Lake, T. 5141 
Booth Edgar, confectioner, 3114 Portland 

Booth E. sewing machine agt. 3148 S. State 
Booth F. H. Dr. 477 Ogden av. h. 402 Oakley 

Booth Henry, lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 214 
Booth Hervey W. lawyer, 184 Dearborn. R. 

22, T. 1266 
Booth John, baths, 169 S. Clark 
Booth John, wire goods, 110 E. Lake, T. 5295 
Booth Richard, picture frames, 82 N. Halsted 
Booth Samuel M. lawyer, 112 S Clark, R. 214 
Booth Wm. M. lawyer, 152 Dearborn, R. 2 
Booth W. S. & Co. grain com. 58 Board Trade 
Booth & Booth, (Henry and Samuel M. Booth) 

lawyers, 112 S. (-lark, R. 214 
Bopp Charles, saloon, 2"> E. Indiana 
Borchardt Albert,, flour and feed, 991 W. 21st 
Borchardt John F. hardware, 495 Ogden av. 
Borcherdt Julius C. drugs, 735 W. Madison, 

nr. cor. S. Lincoln, T. 7056 
Borchers Eva Mrs. grocer, 145 Aberdeen 
Borck Herman, worsteds, 342 N. Ashland av. 

Borden H. S. capitalist, 234 La Salle, R. 68 
Borden James U. capitalist, 170 La Salle, R. 22 
Borden, Selleck & Co. (Hamilton Borden 

and William E. Selleck) scales, 48 E. Lake, 

T. 5097 
Borel Fred S. saloon, 681 W. Madison 
Borel John, laundry, 223 N. Clark 
Borenstein Robert B. gents, furngs. 2108 S. 

Borer Etienne, jeweler, 218 N. Clark 
Borges Joseph, notions, 603 13th pi. 
Borgeson Lena Mrs. confectr. 27 Evanston av. 

(Lake View) 
Borgeson John P. laundry, 89 Milton av. 
Bork Hugo H. E. saloon, 365 E. Chicago av. 
Borland M. W. Dr. 378 W. Van Buren, T. 4511 
Borman George F. lawyer, 207 S. Clark, R. 21 
Borman & McG^ath, (George F. Borman and 

Thomas J. McGrath) lawyers, 207 S. Clark, 

R. 21 
Bormann L. boots and shoes, 709 Ogden av. 
Born Anton, grocer, 870 Hinman 
Born Charles A. grocer, 336 Racine av. 
Born Christian, grocer, 82 W. 13th 
Born Moses, tailor, 45 S. Clark 
Born M. H. Mrs. saloon, 199 Canalport av. 
Born Rudolph, hardware, 99 W. Randolph, 

T. 4629 
Born & Schulz, (Wm. Born and Frank Schulz) 

saloon, 199 Canalport av. 
Bornemann Edward, notary, 99 E. Randolph, 

R. 10 
Borner George, barber, 187 E. Randolph 
Borner Wm. genl. agt. P. Ft. W. & C. R. R. 

Fast Freight Line, 4 Sherman.R. 10 
Bornhoeft Henry, barber, 190 W. Indiana 
Borrells Anton, barber, 125 E. Harrison 
Borretti Mary Mrs. restaurant, 87 E. Kinzie 
Borrmann H. C. T. dry goods and clothing, 

833 and 870 W. 21st, and 722 Clybourn av. 
BORSCH H; optician, 102 E. Washington 
Borter F.X. Dr. 420i S. Clark, T. 1690,and 47th 

cor. Bishop ct. T. 9543 
Bortree Franklin S. wh. flour, 86 LaSalle, 

R. 17 
Bortree Maurice R. real est. loans, 86 LaSalle, 

Borwell E. B. & Co. (E. B. Borwell) dry goods 

com. 16 5th av. 
Bosch Henry, paints and oils, 120 Blue Is- ■] 

land av. 
Boseck John, meatmkt. 890 W. Lake 
Boser Jacob, coal, 17 W. North av. T. 4374 
Boske T. W. contractor, 2953 Emerald av. 
Bosker E. Mrs. variety, 63 Armour 
Bosker William, carp. 551 W. Huron 
Boskowitz J. & A. (Ignatz and Adolph), raw ! 

furs, 202 E. Lake 
Bosler Christian L. jeweler, 3856 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Bosler C. & E. H. (Christian and Erhart H.) 

harness, 20 E. Adams 
Bosley D. W. & Co. window cleaners 273 E. 

Bosley Edward F. bldg. raiser, 175 LaSalle, 

T. 354 
Bosley Rosa Mrs. dressmkr. 27 Bickerdike 
Bosquet Louis, furniture, 6016 Wentworth av. 
Boss Bedelia Mrs. laundry, 594 S. Canal 
Boss J. & Son, builders, 566 Laflin 
Bosse Henry, painter, 142 Burling 
Bosse William F. cigars and tobacco, 433 l /2 E. 

Bosshardt Rudolph, saloon, 395 E. 26th 
Bossi John, carp, builder, 2912 Portland av. 



182 Dearborn St. 


Bossow Henry, milk, 140 Mohawk 

Bosted B. tailor, 40 N. Center av. 

Bostelmann Christ, furniture mnfr. 862 All- 

Boston Baking Powder Co. 38 Wabash av. 

Boston Button Co. (H. B. Metcalf and Wm. 
McCleery)mnfrs. buttons, 161 S. Franklin 

Boston House, Fred Adams, prop. 12 S. Clark 

Boston Lamp Co. James B. Williams, mngr. 
36 S. State 

Boston Marine Ins. Co. of Boston, McCurdy 
& Franklin, mngrs. 159 E. Adams, T. 1306 
C. W. Elphicke & Co. marine agts. 6 Sher- 
man. R. 10 

Boston Oyster House, Willoughby, Hill & Co. 
props. Clark se. cor. Madison 

Boston Paper Box Factory, 44 LaSalle 

Boston Rubber Co. Elbridge R. Burley, agt. 
116 LaSalle, R. 27, T. 1761 

schild & Co. props. 44 and 46 W. Adams, 
T. 4605 

Boston Store, C. W. and E. Pardridge & Co. 
props, dry goods, 120 S. State, T. 1662 

Boston Suspender Co. James B. Williams, 
mngr. 36 S. State 

Boston Tailoring House, D. Regensburg, 
mngr. 132 S. Clark 

Boston Terra-Cotta Co. Robins & Talcott, 
agts. 115 E. Monroe, R. 11, T. 1714 

Boston Underwriters of Boston, Mass . Fred S. 
James & Co. agts. 174 LaSalle, T. 204 

Taft. western mngr. mnfr. fire hose and 
apparatus, 220 & 222 E. Lake, T. 1717 

Boston & Albany R. R.; W. B. Jerome, gen. 
west. pass. agt. 97 S. Clark, R. 10 

BO STROM G-. saloon, 453 W. Indiana 

Boswell Christ. H. Dr. vet. surg. 69 Wright 

Bosworth Alfred W. Dr. 2975 Wabash av. 

Boszhardt Fred, jeweler, 167 W. Randolph 

Bote Bethesda, Severinghaus & Bleilfuss pubs. 
448 Milwaukee av. 

Both Frederick, flour and feed, 239 Larrabee 

Both Louis, saloon, Fullerton av. nw. cor. 
Hoffman av. (Jefferson) 

Bothe Wm. cigars, 546 39th 

Botkowski L. & S. (Louis and Samuel,) 
grocers, 1312 S. State, jewelers, 1324 S. 

Botsford H. & Co. H. Botsford, pres. D. S. 
Googins.v.pres. Wm. J. Dee, sec. packers, 
218 LaSalle, R. 217, T. 533 and Stock Yards, 
T. 9570 

Botsford & Steinhilber, (Albert Botsford and 
Edward R. Steinhilber) mustard mills, 54 
Waldo pi. 

Bott D. carpet weaver, 63 Fairfield av. 

Bottger & Co. house movers, 984 N. Seymour 

Bottmg Eliza Mrs. baker, 550 43d 

Bottomley Delia Mrs. baker, 3126 Archer av. 

Bottomley Samuel H. Dr. 342 Centre 

Bottum Elisha S. lawyer, 95 Dearborn, R. 20 

Boucek Emanuel, baker, 534 S. Jefferson 

Bouchard Louis, coal, 172 W. Harrison 

Bouchard Louis, livery, 128 W. Harrison 

Boucher Annie L. Mrs. clairvoyant, 88 E. Har- 

Bouchsein Max, saloon, 118 E. Randolph 

Boudreau Celina Mrs. dressmkr. 2045 Archer 

Bouet Sylvain, grocer, 1470 S. State 

Boughner Jefferson, grocer, 124 Colorado av. 

Boughton Darius F. Dr. 321 W. Madison, T. 

Boulevard Hotel, Mrs. Sarah Ehlen, prop. 

Washington boul. sw. cor. May 
Boulton Henry W. saloon, 104 E. Van Buren 
Boulter H. H. dentist, 69 S. State, R. 29, and 

3100 S. State 
Boulton M. blksmith, 2873 Archer av. 
BoumphreyA. G. broker, 218 LaSalle, R 3, 

T, 1252 
Bour Bros. (John R. Jacob F. and'Frank F.) 

grocers, 109 53d 
Bourbeau Ella G. Miss, dressmkr. California 

av. cor. William 
Bourdon (. 'lement, painter, 4082 Butterfield 
Bourke Henry J. horse shoer, 195 W. Chicago 

Bourke Kate Mrs. boarding, 71 W. Monroe 
Bourke P. horse shoer, 72 W. Indiana 
Bourke P. W. horse shoer, 851 Milwaukee av. 
Bourke Ulick, furniture, 302 W. Madison 
Bourne James, meatmkt. 1071 W. Lake 
Bournique August E. dancing academy, 107 S. 

Bourret Louis H. sash and doors, Hinman 

cor. Loomis, T. 9057 
Bourton Wm . furniture, 220 Blue Island av. 
Bouse Jan. saloon, 80 Clayton 
Bouster Ernest, meatmkt. 160 Burling 
Boutell Henry S. (Wisconsin Central R. R.) 

lawyer, 164 Dearborn, R. 415 
Boutell Lewis H. lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 33 
Boutell & Waterman (Lewis H. Boutell and 

Arba N. Waterman) lawyers, 107 Dear- 
born, R. 33 
Boutelle J. P. justice of the peace, 416 Davis 

Boutine Josephine Mrs. ice cream, 1530 S. 

Bouton Foundry Co. N. S Bouton, pres. E. 

G. Shumway, v. pres. F. W. Barker, treas. 

C. D. Bradley, sec. 2600 Archer av. T. 8526 
Bouton & Co. (N. S. Bouton, C. B. Bouton 

and E, F. Hurlbut) foundry, 164 Dear- 
born, R. 217, T. 1243 
Bovenschulte Henry, meatmkt. 38th cor. 

Archer av. 
Bovett John A. vet. surg. 1510 Wabash av. T. 


MNFO. CO. fluid food, 42 and 44 3d av. 
Bowden Wm. plumber, 81 Dearborn 
Bowdish Dan. P. horseshoer, Church cor. 

Maple av. (Evanston) 
Bowe Bros, grocers, Woodlawn pk. 63d 
Bowen B. W. jeweler, Park av. nr. Chestnut 

Bowen B. W. coal and wood, Park av. ws. nr. 

Chestnut (Austin P.O.) 
Bowen Ellen M. Mrs. confectr. 683 S. Canal 
Bowen E. R. lawyer, 170 E. Madison, R. 51 
Bowen F. W. notary, 544 W. Madison, T. 7127 
Bowen Handy H. lawyer, 132 LaSalle, R. 82 
Bowen James Edward, lawyer. 95 Dearborn, 

R. 12 
Bowen James R. contractor, 124 Throop 
Bowen John C. flour and feed, 300 W. Polk 
BOWEN J, coal and wood, 54 Oak 
Bowen Mary H. Dr. 30 Laflin 
Bowen Moses S. lawyer, 162 E. Washington, 

R. 87 
Bowen Patrick K. grocer, 117 29th. 
Bowen & Pratt, (George H. Bowen and James 

F. Pratt), wh. boots and shoes, 151 5th av. 

rt. 3032 S. State 



Dearborn St. 


102 BOW 




Oakwood boul. 
Bowers Alexander, barber poles, 45 N. 

Bowers Byron J. printer, 183 S. Clark, B. 14 
Bowers Charles E. "The Spectator," 94 La- 

Salle, B. 38 
Bowers C. W. grocer, 1203 Fulton 
Bowers Joseph N. & Co. (Joseph N. Bowers 

and Homer Dwight) coal, 2955 S. State 
Bowers Louis S. Dr. 239 W. North av. T. 4735 
Bowers M. C. flour and feed, 637 Larrabee 
Bowers O. J. Dr. 326 Bissell 
Bowers Thomas, shoemkr. 1084 W. Madison 
Bowersock Corey C. lawyer, 180 S. Clark, B. 15 
Bowes F. K. railway supplies, 31 Dearborn, 

T. 5083 
Bowes Michael, grocer, 3601 Dashiel 
Bowes Minna Mrs. midwife, 159 Mohawk 
Bowes Richard, saloon, 287 Noble 
Bowes & Cruickshank (Jerome P. Bowes and 
Geo. B. Cruickshank) real est. 184 Dearborn 
B. 7, branch 51st and Wentworth av. 
Bowie Hugh, jt-weler, 338 E. North av. 
Bowles Frederick A. Dr. trusses, 103 E. 

Bowles Samuel, tailor, 2623 S. State 
Bowles & Coughlin, (L. H. Bowles and T. H. 

Coughlin) saloon, 317 Boot 
Bowlin WiUiam, blksmth, Elston av. nr. Ful- 

lerton av. 
Bowman Adam F. tailor, 286 1 / 2 Wells 
Bowman Bros. (W. J. and T. H.) plumbers, 

770 W. Lake 

pres. J. B. Bowman, sec. C. E. Peck, v. 

pres. B. A. Bowman, treas. dairy pro- 
ducts, 68 and 70 N. State, T. 3187 
Bowman Edward H. lawyer, 116 LaSalle, 

B. 27, T. 1761 
Bowman Fredk. architect, 163 E. Bandolph, 

B. 32 
Bowman Frederick H. dentist, 1412 N. Clark 
Bowman James A. dry goods com. 179 E. Mon- 
roe, T. 348 
Bowman Mary E. Miss, dry goods, 1069 W. 

Bowman Peter G. saloon, 120 E. Chicago av. 
Bowser J. C. Dr. 1409 N. Clark 
Bowser & Johnson (James H. Bowser and 

George W. Johnson) barbers, 2630 S. State 
Bowsky R. Mrs. hair goods, 141 S. State 
Bowyer Lorraine F. collecting agt. 112 W. 

Boy Charles, grocer, 577 13th pi. 
Boy Charles, milk depot, 166 Milton av. 
Boyce S. Leonard, lawyer, 115 E. Monroe, 

B. 33 
Boyce Thomas, saloon, 3516 Lowe av. 
Boyce W. D. mngr. Mutual Newspaper Pub. 

Co. 409 Dearborn 
Boyd Anna Mrs. grocer, 31 Cornelia 
Boyd Eli, com. 78 E. Monroe, R. 33 
Boyd Henry W. 3025 Indiana av. T. 8108 
Boyd John, furniture, 1059 W. Lake 
Boyd John, dairy supplies, 199 E. Lake 
Boyd John C. cigars, 161 S. Halsted 
Boyd, Lunham & Co. (Thos. L. Boyd) com. 

mers. 169 E. Jackson, B. 914 
Boyd, Paxton & Boyd (W. A. Paxton, James 

E. and Samuel Boyd) grain com. 64 Board 

of Trade 
Boyd Bobert D. Dr. 30 Oakwood boul. 
Boyd Samuel, photog. 2176 Archer av. 
Boyd Samuel J. drugs, 675 W. Lake, T. 7101 

Boyd Thomas B. real est. 128 LaSaBe, R. 3 

Boyd Thomas C. gas fixtures, 42 Dearborn, 
T. 5188 

Boyd, White & Co. carpets, M. H. Jordan, 
mngr. 120 E. Quincy, R. 2 

Boyd & Hamm, laundry, 6621 W. Madison 

Boy den Byron, lawyer, (law dept.) CityHaU 

Boyden Charles M. lawyer. 116 LaSaUe, R. 16 

Boyden James W. lawyer, 97 S. Clark 

Boyden May F. Miss, artist, 3916 Cottage 
Grove av. 

Boyden Noel B. lawyer, 79 S. Clark, R. 9 

Boye & Orum, (Heinrich Boye and r Christian 
Drum) fancy goods, 373 E. Division 

Boyens Peter, saloon, 121 Elston av. 

Boyes Allen, stenographer, 99 E. Randolph, 
R. 38, T. 5237 

Boyer Burtis F. Dr. physician, 1236 W. Madi- 

Boyers George, prop. Imperial Gymnasium, 
260 S. Clark, R. 11 and 12 

Boyesen I. K. lawyer, 184 Dearborn, R. 40 

Boyington Andrew P. jewelry, 282i S. State 

Boyington Folding Bed Co. L. C. Boyington, 
pres. W. G. Gilbert, sec. and treas. 
289 Wabash av. T. 5695 

Boyington H. H. architect, 3901 Cottage 
Grove av. R. 2 

Boyington William W. architect, 161 LaSaUe, 
R. 107, T. 336 

Boylan Peter, meatmkt. 338 47th 

Boyle D. T. & Co. (Daniel T. Boyle and Ed, 
ward S. McDonald) plumbers, 666 W. 
Yan Buren 

BOYLE HAXK saloon, 519 S. State 

Boyle John H. cigars, 1544 Wabash av. 

Boyle Lawrence P. lawyer, 80 Dearborn, R. 

Boyle L. Y. & Co. (Louis Y. Boyle, Chas E. 
Boyle. Frank P, Woollen and Clarence 
Boyle) lumber, 135 N. Halsted, T. 4296 

Boyle Neill, coal, 223 W. Lake 

BOYLE P. R. meatmkt. 236 W. Lake, T. 

Boyle William B. express, 526 Clybourn av. 

Boyle WiUiam M. saloon, 5 Calhoun pi. 

Boyles Samuel, broom corn, 188 E. Kinzie 

Boylston Ins. Co. of Boston, Mass. George C, 
Clarke & Co. agts. 161 LaSalle, T. 372. 

Boylston John, engineers' supplies, 18 Dear- 
born, T. 5306 

Boynes & Blank (John Boynes and Gustave 
Blank) furniture, 819 Milwaukee av. 

Boyns Peter, tailor, 48 Fremont 

Boynton C. W. carp, builder and contractor 142 
N. Morgan 

Boynton Edgar S. brackets, 67 W. Wash- 

Boynton Furnace Co. N. A. Boynton, pres, 
C. B. Boynton, v. pres. H. C. Boynton, 
sec. and treas. 49 Dearborn 

Boynton J. R. Dr. 73 E. Randolph, R. 2, H. 285 
LaSalle av. 

Boynton L. S. cigars and tobacco, 662 W. 

Boysen Albert, land agt. 22 N. Clark, T. 3569 

Boysen Frederica Mrs. baker, 365 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Boysen Lewis C. drues, 210 S. Clark, T. 1071 

Boyton Andrew J. blksmth, rear 1118 W. Lake 

Bozard B. S. saw mnfr. Milwaukee av. nw. 
cor. Fulton 

Bozovsky Albert, grocer, 643 Van Horn 

Bozovsky John, grocer, 776 AUport 

Braatsch WiUiam, barber, 410 Clybourn av. 



BBABA1VD E». E. boots and shoes, 

221 E. North av. 
Brabbins Edward T. painter, 1226 Marianna 

(Lake View) 
Brabec Joseph, saloon, 390 W. 18th 
Brabnec Thomas, mnfr. clothing, 596 W. 17th 
Brabrook Joseph F. drugs, 160 W. Harrison, 

T. 4608. and 296 Ogden av. T. 7134 
Brabrook S. G. sec. The Stock Journal Co. 

230Rialto bldg. 
Brabrook Tailoring Co. W. F. Brabrook, 

mngr. 187 Dearborn 
Brace Harrison H. lawyer, 40 Dearborn, R. 1 
Brace T. plasterer, 40 S. Union 
Bracelin Patrick M. Dr. 112 S. Clark, R. 501, 

T. 1294 
Brach & Co. (Alvina C. Mueller and Minnie 

Brach) confectrs. 161 E. 24th 
Bracher John, saloon, 3 W. Huron 
Brachetti Hedwig Mrs. milliDer, 348 E. North 

Brachetti Peter, jeweler, 348 E. North av. 
Bracht & Kessler, (Paul Bracht and Harry 

Kessler) proprs. Dr. Jaeger's Sanitary 

Woolen System Co. 182 Wabash av. 
Brachterjdorf A. J. livery, 467 Larrabee 
BltACHTEIDORF B. sample room, 

32 Clybourn av. 
Brachvogel & Co. (Wm. J. Brachvogel and 

John A. Hafner) livery, Milwaukee av. 

cor. Robey, T. 4312 
Brachvogel & Press Mnfg. Co. A. J. Press, 

pres. John Consoer sec. mnfrs. picture 

frames, 253 Wabash av. 
Brackebush A. C. coal and coke, 59 Dearborn, 

T. 5485. yards, RockweU & Van Buren and 

17th & Canal 
Bracken Michael, blksmth, 4241 S. Halsted 
Brackenbridge William, grocer, 443 S. Canal 
Brackett John, carp. 747 Carroll av. 
Brackett Sarah Mrs. prop Hotel Boulevard, 

Cottage Grove av. cor. Oakwood boul. 
Brackett Wm. lawyer, 275 Ontario 
Brackett Wm. S. lawyer, 77 S. Clark, R. 7, 

T. 5780 
Brackney George H. Mrs. dressmkr, 45 Peck ct 
Bradbury Bros. (D. H. and E. H.) printers, 76 

to 82 Fifth av. 
Bradbury Joseph F. news depot, 2970 S. State 
Bradbury Robert Dr. 806 N. Talman av. 
Bradel Richard, cigar mnfr. 26 Rush 
Braden Joseph C. ins. broker, 3903 Prairie av. 
Bradfish August F. barber, 830 43d 
Bradford Albert J. real est. 122 LaSalle, R. 14 
Bradford Anna Mrs. dressmkr. 2907 Butterfield 
Bradford George, coal, 587 W. 20th 
Bradford Hotel, Lloyd Tuttle, prop. 30 WeUs 
Bradford John K. lawyer, 150 E. Washington 
Bradford WiUiam B. lawyer, 59 S. Clark, R 47 
Bradkowsky Witzek, shoemkr. 155 W. Madison 
Bradley Alexander S. lawyer, 126 Dearborn 
Bradley David Mnfg. Co. David Bradley, 

pres. J. Harley Bradley, sec. agricultural 

implements, 63 N. Desplaines, T. 4314 
Bradley Fordyce G. lawyer, 86 LaSalle, R. 2, 

T. 568 
Bradley Gas Machine Co. C. C. Hausel, pres. 

R. R. Chadwick, v. pres. R. D. Bradley, sec. 

J. L. Pattison, treas. 297 Wabash av. T .5082 
Bradley George F. Dr. 287 W. 12th, T. 4378 
Bradley Geo. L. carriages, 350 Wabash av. 
Bradley Hugh, barber, 2904 Archer av. 
Bradley Jay L. Automatic Fire Extinguisher 

Co. 89 E. Randolph 
Bradley John A. milk, 53 Sholto 

Bradley Matthews S. lawyer, 226 LaSalle, R, 

10, T .895 
Bradley Peter H. propr. Golden Star Hotel, 

139 S. Canal 
Bradley Thomas, confect. 167^ S. Desplaines 
Bradley William, druggist, 401 Davis, T. 56, 

Bradley William P. plumber, 927 W. Lake 
Bradley W. W. meatmkt. 40 Sholto 

Bradley) mnfrs. mirror plates and bev- 

elers of glass, 18 and 20 River, T. 5354 
BBAD1EY & EL.YNN, (James Brad- 
ley and Robert Flynn) horse shoers, 405 S. 

Centre av. 
Bradley & Vrooman, (Philip D. Bradley, and 

George H. Vrooman) mnfrs. oil, 247 S. 

Water T ' 875 
BBADllER SMITH & CO. Charles 

M. Smith, pres. Micajah Noyes, sec. and 

treas. wh. paper makers, 119 E. Monroe, 

T. 469 
Bradshaw Hugh, tank mnfr. 207 W. Lake, T. 

Bradshaw & Wait, (John H. Bradshaw and 

Wayland W. Wait) syrups, 188 4th av. T. 164 
Bradshaw W. D. ins. agt. 177 LaSalle, R. 6, T. 

Bradstreet Co. (The) John Turnbull, supt. 

mercantile agcy. 92 LaSalle, R. 11, T. 4 
Bradt Schuyler B. postage stamps for collec- 
tions, 225 Dearborn, R. 52 
Bradway A. C. Dr. 323 S. Western av. T. 7187 
BradwellJ. B. (Legal News) lawyer, 87 S. 

Bradwell Thomas, justice peace and lawyer, 

151 S. Clark, R. 2, T. 1372 
Bradway A. C. Dr. 323 S. Western av. T. 7214 
Brady Bridget Mrs. variety, 181 E. 19th 
Brady Bros. (H. P. and J. C.) grocers, 437 W. 

Brady David, baker, 344 W. Madison 
Brady Daniel, grocer, 866 N. Ashland av. 
Brady James W. grocer, 386 Blue Island av. 
Brady John F. restaurant, 151 E. Kinzie 
Brady John M. restaurant, 141 W. Madison 
Brady Mathew P. lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 28 
Brady Oscar M. notary, 39 S. Halsted and 711 

W. Lake 
Brady Thomas, saloon, 64 E. Adams 
Brady & Collins (John M. Brady) bakers, 160 

S. Halsted 
Brady & Kenny, (Oscar M. Brady and Joseph 

Kenny) real est. 39 S. Halsted and 711 W. 

Braeutigam Otto, cigar mnfr. 16 Evanston av. 
Bragdon M. C. Dr. 709 Chicago av. (Evanston) 
Brage John, confectr, 330 W. Division 
Brageau Victor, barber. 3108th Archer av. 
Bragg F. A. & Co. (James P. Sayer, and Nich- 
olas Wohleben) real est. 95 E. Washing- 
ton, T. 5507 
Braham George, lawyer, 179 E. Washington, 

R. 23 
Braham Michael, saloon, 73 E. Polk 
Brahany James, tailor, 199 S. Clark, R. 8 
Brahany John, tailor, 307 Ogden av. 
Braheny Patrick, tailor, 142 LaSalle, R. 2 
Brahm Bros. (Val. C. and Louis H. Brahm) 

coal, wood and grain, 1099 and 1101 W. 

Brain Wm. E. livery, 55 S. Green 
Brainard's S. Sons, (C. S. Brainard, W. F. 

Albright and E. L. Graves) sheet music, 

145 Wabash av. 


104 BKA 



Brainerd Edwin, lawyer, 161 La Salle, R. 83 
Brainerd Ezra L. real est, 125 Dearborn, R. 10 
Brainerd E. R. & Co. cut stone, 14 E. Van- 

Brakel Samuel M. tailor, 702 W. Madison 
Braman Elias, agt. Reaper Block, 97 S. Clark, 

R. 4, T. 5452 
Branihall, Deane & Co. ranges, 81 S. Market 
Brammann Henry, grocer, 725 Milwaukee 

Brammer Frederick H. notary, 305 E. Divi- 
Bramrner Wm. F. cigars, li Blue Island av. 
Branch A. E. & Co. pianos, 226 S. State, R. 1 
Branch Benjamin N. contractor, 40 Oakwood 

Branch Horace, pianos, 208 S. State 
Brand Anton, meatmkt. 868 Lincoln av. 
Brand A. P. lawyer, J5101 Stewart av. (Engle- 

Brand A. P. & Co. (Anselin P. Brand and 

Robert A. Pegram) real est. 6101 Stewart 

Brand Edwin L. photog. 210 Wabash av. 
Brand John F. ice, 206 W. Clybourn pi. 
Brand Michael Brewing Co. (The) Elston av. 

se. cor. Snow, T. 4410 
Brand Stove Co. Dewitt VanEvera, mngr. 147 

E. Lake, T. 866 
Brandau Wm. milk, 248 E. 21st 
Brandel Charles, saloon, 431 W. Randolph 
Brander Andrew, tailor, 36 LaSalle, R. 4 
Brandes Charles H. barber, 12 E. Jackson 
Brandes & Cook (William A. Brandes and 

Arthur H. Cook) tailors, 142 LaSaUe, R. 4 
Brandt Simon J. saloon, 10 W. Randolph 
Brandson & Nelson, carp. 149 Jane 
Brandt Bros. (Robert W. and Henry Brandt) 

grocers, 399 Cly bourn av. 
Brandt Charles F. barber, 426 N. Ashland av. 
Brandt Christian, bakery, 315 Hudson av. 
Brandt George W. lawyer, 125 S. Clark, R. 26 
Brandt George, meatmkt. 152 Willow 
Brandt Henry, pub. 349 E. Division 
Brandt Henry, boots and shoes, 343 E. North 

Brandt Henry E. paints and oils, 498 Lincoln 

Brandt John R. Dr. Fullerton av. ne. cor. 

Clybourn av. T. 3924 
Brandt J. & Co. (John Brandt, Charles 

Klein and G. Newmann) pearl ornaments, 

40 Fulton 
Brandt Katie Mrs. dressmkr. 353 N. Paulina 
Brandt Otto, locksmith, 676 W. Madison 
Brandt Rosa Mrs. saloon, 293 S. Halsted 
Brandt S. B. postage stamps for collections, 

225 Dearborn 
BRANDT WILLIAM, cigar mnfr. 2544 

Cottage Grove av. 
Brandt & Hoffmann, (George W. Brandt and 

Francis A. Hoffmann Jr.) lawyers, 125 S. 

Clark, R. 26 
Brandt & Liska, (Frank Brandt and Wm. 

Lieka) grocers, 485 W. 18th 
Branger Katie Miss, dressmkr. 237 Mohawk 
Branham James L. & Co. (James L. Bran- 
ham) horseshoer, 2443 S. State 
Brankin Thomas, livery, 2971 State 
Bransford John L. barber, 369 Webster av. 
Branson Jacob, knitting machines, 221 5th av. 

R. 29 
Brant Victor N. lawyer, 2208 Wabash av. 
Branton William, saloon, 686 S. Halsted 
Branzal Max, grocer, 547 S. Jefferson 

Braren & Breitling, Mnfg. Co. (The) (Edward 
T. Braren and Charles Breitling,) metal 
spinners, 34 W. Monroe, T. 4653 
Brasch Henry, cigars, 391 N. Ashland av. 
Brasholz E. painter, 129 Cleveland av. 
Brask & Bertram (Philip Brask and Albert 

Bertram) grocers, 293 Lincoln av. 
Brass Oliver H. dentist, 236 S. State, R. 70 
Brasseau Julian D. grocer, 3266 Cottage Grove 

Brattan J. upholstr. 237 E. 31st 
Brattstrom Charles H. boots and, shoes, 216 

W. Indiana 
Brauchli Henry, saloon, 215 E. Van Buren 
Brauckmann George, wh. flour, 113 E. Kinzie 
Brauer and Maelzer (Der) Eugene A. Sittig, 

pub. 35 S. Clark, R. 18 
Braumoeller & Mueller (Henry Braumoeller 

and Herman Mueller) iron wks. 90 W. 

Van Buren 
Braun Annie Mrs. dressmkr. 360 N. Paulina 
Braun Bartholemew, cooper, 284 W. Chicago 

Braun Christopher, saloon, 323.S. May 
Braun David J . metal spinner, 70 W. Monroe, 

T. 4385 
Braun George & Bro. boots and shoes, 81 W. 

Braun Henry, cutler and grinder, 211 E. Ran- 
Braun Jacob, saloon, 111 E. Indiana 
Braun John, bldg. raiser, 19 Beethoven pi. 
Braun John A. drugs, 3100 Wentworth av. T. 

Braun John J. cigar mnfr. 45 Snyder (Lake 

Braun Joseph, meatmkt. 520 Milwaukee av. 
Braun Louis Dr. 551 and 2603 S. Halsted, T. 

9030 and 8225 
Braun Max, meatmkt. 1532 Milwaukee av. 
Braun Peter, variety store, 389 E. North av. 
Braun & Fitts (George F. Braun and L.E.Fitts) 

butterine mnfrs. 229 S. Water, T. 1518 
BBAUNHOL1) LOUIS F. designer, 

823 Chicago Opera House, T. 1284 
Braunling P. & Son (P. and George) grocers, 

1225 Milwaukee av. 
Brauns Henry, architect, South nr. Archer av 
Brauns Thilo, Dr. 825 N. Clark 
Brauns & Rinehart (Leopold Brauns and 

George F. Rinehart) com. mers. 39 S. 

Braunstein A. clothing, 1132 Milwaukee av. 
Braur Joseph, boots and shoes, 1051 W. Lake 
Brautigam August, barber, 26 Wells 
Brautigam Emil, grocer, 3601 Emerald av. 
Brautigam Frank, grocer, 2725 Wallace 
Brautigam Reinhold P. grocer, 2301 Hanover 

and 3600 Wallace 
Brawley Francis W. S. lawyer, 174 La Salle, 

R. 54 
Bray Chris, milk 3626 S. Ashland av. 
Bray Justin L. carp. 711 Davis, (Evanston) 
Bray Percy A. vet. surg. 59 Wade 
Braye Henry, confectr. 330 W. Division 
Braymard John H. artist's material, 215 Og- 

den av. 
Brayton Hardin B. justice, 128 S. Clark, R. 4, 

T. 1113 
Brayton Sarah H. Dr. 316 Davis (Evanston) 
Brazil Block Coal Co. Edward F. Lawrence, 

pres. J. G. Niblock, v. pres. W. H. Zim- 
merman, sec. and treas. 164 Dearborn, R. 

408, T. 326, yds. 40th and Ashland av. T. 







Brebach August, saloon, 3247 Wentworth av. 
Brebach Julius P. saloon, 3832 S. Ashland av. 
Brebach Paul, meatmkt. 383(5 S. Ashland av. 
Brebach Paul, meatmkt. 3741 S. Wood 
Brechbill J. T. painter, 281 Webster av. 
Brecher Gustave, boots and shoes, 1430 N. 

BRE€K E T. MRS. delicacies, 120 W. 

Brecken Walter Mrs. saloon, 145 N. Desplaines 
Breckenridge James, constable, 152 W. Madi- 
son, R. 6 
Bredd William H. stationery, 72 Aberdeen 
Brede David, who. liquor, 19 S. Market, T. 

Brede Henry, crockery, 352 S. State 
Bredehoft John M. grocer, 10 S. Desplaines 
Breden Henry, machinist, 84 S. Market, R. 23 
Bredin, Megarry & Co. (John Bredin and Geo. 

Megarry) grocers, 615 (53d (Englewood) 
Bredlow Chas. milk depot, 361 Cleveland av. 
Bredtschneider Theodore, painter, 787 Mil- 
waukee av. 
ers, 181 S. Clark, R. 12 
BREED €. (i. real est. 163 E. Randolph, 

R. 12 
Breed Richard E. & Co. bottles, 69 Dearborn, 

R. 9 
Breed & Co. props. Douglass House, 3505 Vin- 

cennes av. 
Breeder's Gazette, J. H. Sanders & Co. pubs. 

94 LaSalle, R. 29 
Breen Andrew A. stationer, 405 W. 12th 
Breen Joseph B. plumber, 403 W. Van Buren 
Breen Michael, saloon, 913 S. Halsted 
Breen Phillip, tailor, 169 S. Desplaines 
Breen R. M. Mrs. millinery, 432 W. Indiana 
I Breese Ambrose Dr. 171 N. Clark, T. 3439 
Breese Ambrose Dr. 511 S. State 
Breese Jacob B. loans, 112 S. Clark, R. 306 
Brega C. W. & Co. (C. W. Brega and E. W. 
Syer) grain com. 46 Board Trade, T. 227 
Brehm Frank, saloon, 3221 Wentworth av. 
Brehm F. P. sash, doors and blinds, 31st and 

Halsted, T. 8302 
Brehme Adolph, locksmith, 651 Wells 
Breidenstein Frederick L. Dr. 789 Elk Grove 

Breidt Herman, jeweler, 546 Lincoln av. 
Breidt Julius, jeweler, 2510 Cottage Grove av. 
Breisach Leopold, cigars, 87 Wells 
Breit John, meatmkt. 359 Larrabee 
Breitenbach Harry, shoemkr. 600 S. Centre av. 
Breiteke August, boots and shoes, 4011 S. 

Breitsprecher Wm. baker, 78 N. Cali ornia 

av. (Jefferson) 
Brekstead August T. restaurant, 151 E. KJnzie 
Bremer A. R. & Co. wh. syrups, 20 Michigan 

av. T. 5282 
Bremer Carl, dry goods, 508 N. Clark 
Bremermann Annie Mrs. dressmkr. 217 W. 

Bremner D. F. Baking Co. (The) D. F. Brem- 
ner, pres. and treas. 19 S. Market, T. 496, 
office, 80 O'Brien, T. 9013 
Brems Fred & Co. (Fred Brems and Jonas 
Schneider) wagon mkrs. 1283 Milwaukee 
Brems John, grocer, 1368 W. Lake 
Brems Louis, saloon, 189 W, Randolph 
Brenan C. H. & Son, (C. H. Brenan and Ed- 
ward C. Brenan) printers, 181 E. Monroe, 
T. 1604. 

Brenckle F. W. & Co. (Frank W. Brenckle) 
pub. The Saturday Evening Post, 13 N. 
Brendecke Adolph C. Dr. druggist, 56 W.Ran- 
Brendecke Ida Miss, dressmkr. 17 Goethe 
Brendecke Julia Mrs. drugs, 468 W. Chicago av 
BRKKKE F. H. portrait artist, 1086 Mil- 
waukee av, 
Brenker Christ, grocer, 276 Lincoln av. 
Brenkle Frank A. printing, 13 N. Clark 
Brennan Andrew, livery, 245 W. Taylor 
Brennan Bros. (John and Henry) books, 157 

E. Kinzie 
Brennan Charles M. saloon, 42 S. ("lark 
Brennan Dennis F. Dr. 3008 Butterfield 
Brennan Frank, grocer, 1059 51st 
Brennan James, saloon, 2437 S- Halsted 
Brennan James, saloon, 75 W. Lake 
Brennan John, saloon, 17 Waldo pi. 
Brennan Matthew J. grocer, 502 S. Jefferson 
Brennan Michael, grocer, 274 Blue Island av. 
Brennan Mi hael L, carp. 441 W. Randolph 
Brennan Patrick, grocer, 322 W. 12th 
Brennan Patrick, meatmkt. 663 W. 19th 
Brenner Mysa E. & Co. Misses (Mysa E. Bren- 
ner and Lucy Quigley). millinery, 170 E. 
Brennock James, sec. United Carpenters' 

Council, 78 5th av. R. 8 
Brennwald Rudolph, saloon and boarding, 

233 Fulton, cor. Sangamon 
BREXT 3d. F. carp, and builder, 388 S. 

Brentano Bros. (August Jr. Arthur and Simon) 

pubs. 101 S. State 
Brentano Theodore, lawyer, 115 Dearborn, R. 

104, T. 1584 
Brenton H. N. & Co. (Henry M. Brenton) 

grain com. 24 Pacific av. R. 21 
Bresbie Cornelius G. Mrs. dressmkr. 735 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Brethauer George W. watches, 71 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 5 
Bretschneider John, meatmkt. 95 Bunker 
Bretschneider Peter, saloon and boarding, 

103 DeKoven 
Brett Charles, boot and shoemkr. 238 Swan 
Brett I. N. carp. 769 Sedgwick 
Brett & Shean, (John Brett and Fred. Shean) 

horse shoers, 353 W. Randolph 
Brettschneider Ferdinand, coffins, 204 E. Van 

Brettstrom Oscar, boots and shoes, 764 W. 

Van Buren 
Brety John P. grocer, 461 S. State 
Bretz Mathias, naker, 79 Larrabee 
Breuer Adam, cigars, 14 Rush 
Breum August, meatmkt. 85 Fremont 
Breves Charles, drugs, 275 W. Van Buren 
Brew Simon, saloon, 621 S. Canal 
Brewer John S. railway supplies, 146 E. Lake 
Brewer S. W. & Co. (Simeon W. Brewer) pro- 
visions, 66 E. Adams 
Brewer & Hofmann Brewing Co. W. M. 
Brewer, pres. Geo. Hofmann, Jr. v. pres. 
A. M. Hofmann, sec. V. Hofmann, supt. 
43 S. Green, T. 4247 
Brewer & Sullivan (George Brewer and Dan- 
iel Sullivan) mattresses, 348 E. 26th, T. 
Brewers' Journal, J. C. Burnell, mngr. 205 

LaSalle, R. 121 
Brewster Andrew D. & Co. (Andrew Brewster) 
art goods, 142 N. Clark 



106 BKE 



Brewster Edward L. & Co. (Edward L. Brews- 
ter and Charles C. Yoe) bankers, 83 E. 
Washington, T. 5608 
Breyer A. grocer, 140 Cleveland av. 
Breyer Ernest, plumber, 72i W. Randolph 
Breyer Ernest, plumber, 1197 W. Madison 
Breyer Charles, plumber, 833 Milwaukee av. 

T. 4573 
Breyl Daniel, saloon, 93 S. Canal 
Breytspraak Charles & Son (Charles and 

August F.) music teachers, 92 Wendell 
Brezel Fred E. boots and shoes. 903 Milwau- 
kee av. 
Brick John F. saloon, 966 W. Madison 
Bricka Charles, saloon, 119 Elston av. 
Bricka George, saloon, 562 N. Halsted 
Bricker S. carp. Wallace, cor. Pierce 
Bricki Theodor, delicacies. 120 W. Huron 
Bricklayers' & Masons' Union, 76 5th av. T. 779 
Brickmans Ernest, saloon, 740 N. Wood 
Brickwood Albert W. lawyer, 58 Dearborn, 

T. 5049 
Bride Ira E. pool room, 256 S. Clark 
Bridge N. Dr. 550 W. Jackson 
Bridge Reuel W. lawyer 109 Adams Ex, Bldg. 
Bridge W. C. Dr. Cook County Hospital 
Bridgeford Bros. (John H. and Thos. J.) live 

stk. com. 106 Exch. bldg. stk. yds. 
BRIEXEX GERHARD, carriage and 
wagon mnfr. Ridge av. nw. cor. Emerson 
av. (Evanston) 
Brieske Julius, meatmkt. 573 Southport av. 
Brieske Lorens, saloon, 597 Southport av, 
Briggs A. H. carp. 256 N. Desplaines 
Briggs Bros, builders. 3600 Ellis Park 
Briggs Edward P. butter and eggs, 70 N, Clark 
Briggs F. P. grocer, 169 W. Indiana 
Briggs Hannibal B. produce com. 197 S. Wa- 
ter, T. 1627 
Briggs House, Frank Upman, prop. 183 E. 

Briggs Orlando, lawyer, 218 LaSalle, R. 728 
Briggs Richard W. skating rink, 558 W. Mad- 
Briggs Sidney, carp. 113 Prospect pi. rear 3600 

Ellis av. 
Briggs Theodore P. cigars, 3658 Dearborn 
Briggs Wm. prop. Central European Hotel, 

102 E. Randolph 
Brigham Brayton A. Dr. 208 Milwaukee av. 

and 173 N. Halsted, T. 4612 
Brigham Charles B. real est. 94 LaSalle, R. 59 
Bright John W. & Bro. (John W. and Henry 

E. Bright) meatmkt. 2001 Archer av. 
Brighton House, John O'Connor, prop. S. 

Western a v. cor. Archer av, 
Brighton Steam Laundry, Bates Cook, prop. 

253 S. Canal 
Brignadeilo Andrew, saloon, 55 W. Indiana 
Brignadello Bros. (Tony and Frank) coal, 55 

W. Indiana 
Brigner Mrs. boariing, 21 E. Chicago av. 
Brill Abram J. cigars, 533 S. Canal 
Brill Benjamin, tailor, 435 H W. Van Buren 
Brill John Dr. 428 Milwaukee av. 
Brilling & O'Brien, painters, 2558 Wentworth 

Brimie H. K. grocer, 865 W North av. 
Brin Barney, grocer, 556 Root 
Brinckerhoff Clarence E. Dr. 182 N. Halsted, 

T. 4253 
Brink P. M. & Co. (Peter M. Brink) grocer, 

3205 Cottage Grove av. 
Brink's Chicago City Express Co. A. P. Brink, 
supt. 63 E. Washington, T. 5506 

Bit INKER HENRY, saloon, avenue 

K. cor. 105th (Colehour, S. Chicago) 
Brinkman Christopher, saloon, 708 S. Halsted 
Brinkman Frederick, grocer, 197 E. 24th 
Brinkman Clemens and William M. Bent, 

props. Burke's European Hotel, 142E. Mad- 
- ison, T. 813 
Brinkman Henry, Jr., dry goods, 3840 S. State 
Brinkman Mary Mrs. saloon, 4824 Wentworth 

Brinkworth George, packer,479 Milwaukee av. 
Brinkworth Henry, saloon, 321 S. State 
Brin ton H. H. real est. Sacrament) av. cor. 

W. Van Buren 
Briot, Holmes & Co. (Charles H. Briot, Geo. 

C. H lmes and George H. Erb)stenog. 112 

S. Clark, R. 820, T. 1782 
Brisbois & Federmeyer, (M. L. Briebois and 

Leon P. Federmeyer) hair goods, 29 E. 

Bristol Carpet Mills, Thos. L. Leedom & Co. 

props. Charles S. Hurley, agt. 120 E. 

Quincy, R. 4 
Bristol E. S. & Gale, (Edward S. Bristol and 

Fred M. Gale) farm machinery, 30 S. 

Canal, T. 4537 
Bristol George S. constable, 3916 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Bristol House, Andrew Link, prop. Adams, 

sw. cor Canal 
Bristol & Smith, (L. D. Bristol and Arthur 

L. Smith) contractors, 234 La SaUe, R. 76 
Bristow Planing Mill Co. Charles N. Trivess, 

pres. Josiah Bristow, sec, and treas. 75 

W. Chicago av. T. 4438 
British America Assurance Co. of Toronto, 

Canada, Isaac W. fiolman, special agt. 

Hammon & Fery agts. 177 La Salle, T. 

465 C. W. Elphicke & Co. marine agts. 

6 Sherman, T. 465 
Britt & Toomey, (Bryan Britt and Michael 

Toomey) blksmths, 38 Blue Island av. 
Brittain & Son (J. C. and J. J.) blksmiths, 

274 S. Franklin 
Brittan Charles H. teacher vocal music, 245 S. 

State, R. 3 
Brittan & Guth, com. meats, 57 W. Jackson, 

T. 4175 
Brizzolara Andrea, fruits, 81 E. Harrison 
Brizzolara Bros. (Charles and Dominick) sa- 
loon, 428 W. Van Buren 
Brizzolara J. A. Garden City Fruit Store, 134 

E. 22nd 
Broadbent Thomas A. dentist, 112 S. Clark, R. 

912, T. 1284, and 864 Clybourn av. T. 3938 
Broadway & Treyser Bill Posting Co. (The) 

Daniel Shelby, pres. George A. Treyser, 

sec. and treas. 280 E. Madison, T. 1538 
Broberg Gustav, steamship agt. 63 E. Kinzie 
Brochek Joseph, grocer, 443 Coulter 
Brock Annie Mrs. dressmkr. 453 W. Randolph 
Brock George W. grocer, 3313 S. State 
Brock's Commercial Agency (limited) Henry 

Brock, pres. T. H.Wallace, treas. LlewUyn I 

Brock, mngr. 110 LaSaUe, R. 13 
Brockhaus Henry, grocer, 636 N. Clark 
Brockman Anna Mrs. milliner, 486 W. Chi- I 

cago av. 
Brockmann Gustav, milk, 196 Rumsey fl 

Brockmann John, house mover, 148 Samuel 
Brockmann Mary Mrs. midwife, 591 Milwau- jl 

kee av. |] 

Brockmann M. Mrs. dressmkr, 222 Blue Island |j 

av. ( 

Brockway V. A. Dr. 547 S. Leavitt 


Market, S. W. Cor. Adams, 

TELEPHONE No. 1293. 



Brockway & Milan (James W. Brockway and 

Edward Milan) restaurant, 154 S. Clark 
BBODERl€K M. J. coal and wood, 

Green se. cor. Monroe 
Broderick Patrick, grocer, 1233 47th 
Brodersen P. baker, 378 Austin av. 
Broderson Broder H. baker, 555 W. Madison 
Brodt Charles, barber, E. Madison se. cor. 

5th av. 
Brody Louis, crockery, 3136 S. State 
Brodziak Ernstine, clothing, 3642 S. State 
Broe R. H. Dr. 75 J 29th 
Broeker Wm. A. upholst. 454 S. Clark 
Brohn John, conf ectr. 843 S. Halsted 
Brom Anton, saloon, 52 Emma 
Broman Henry, meatmkt. 4711 S. Ashland av. 
Broman Charles O. bldr. 397 67th. 
BromeJey Alfred, coal, 2210 S. State 
Bromhead Edward J. baker, 703 Root 
Brommer Charles G. baker, 832 W. Madison 
Broms Frederick W. grocer, 412 Lincoln av. 

stedt's Hotel) 63rd and Halsted 
Bromstedt Wm. prop. Farmers' Home, S. 

Halsted, nw. cor. 63 rd 
Bromstedt's Hotel, (Wm. Bromstedt) 63rd 

and Halsted 
Bron & Dermody, painters, 493 Ogden av. 
Bronec John, coal, 220 25th pi. 
Bronson E. J. printer,1601 Milwaukee av. 
Brook Wm. cigars, 2502 S. State 
Brooke Charles L. lawyer, 115 E. Monroe, R. 

50, T. 1067 
Brooke Charles R. capitalist, 106 Dearborn 
Brooke F. C. drugs, 38th and Archer av. T. 

Brooke Lincoln, lawyer, 59 S. Clark, R. 10, T. 

Brooke Orson H. lawyer, 59 S. Clark, R. 42 
Brooker & Holmes, (Wm. Brooker and John 

Holmes) florists, 59th cor. S. State 
Brookins Arba, lawyer, 40 Dearborn, R. 14 
Brookins Dennis H. watchmkr. 46 E. Madison 
Brooklyn Watch Case Co. Hayden H. Butts, 

agt. 78 E. Monroe, R. 12 
Brookman Mfg. Co. F. E. Brookman, pres. 

and treas. Jos. Brookman, sec. druggists' 

sundries, 199 Michigan 
Brooks Alden F. artist, 70 E. Monroe, R. 38 
Brooks Almon Dr. 240 Wabash av, R. 1, T- 

5457, h. 2548 Indiana av. 
Brooks Bros, t, William C. and John H. 

Brooks) mnfrs. boots and shoes, 121 S. 

Brooks C. J. &Bro. (Charles J. and Marcellus 

Brooks) plumbers, 425 W. Madison 
Brooks E. Mrs. baker, 465 W. Madison 
Brooks E. W. & Co. (Everett W. Brooks and 

John D. Ross) lumber, 2542 Cologne, T. 

Brooks Fred L. lawyer, 403 First Nat. bldg. 
Brooks Harry, barber, 327 S. Halsted 
Brooks John W. mngr. Schilling Corset Co. 

180 S. Market 
Brooks Jonathan W. Dr. 1832 Wabash av. 
Brooks Lorenzo C. lawyer, 180 S. Clark, R. 2 
Brooks Oliver H. real est. 149 LaSalle, R. 57 
Brooks P. W. barber, 212 E. 22nd 
Brooks Thomas V. wood carver, 205 and 207 

S. Desplaines 
Brooks & Ross Lumber Co. 242 S. Water 
Brooksbank & Co. (William Brooksbank) 

wagonmkr. 548 Milwaukee av. 
Brophy Bros. (John J. and Thomas) grocers, 

2800 Dashiel 

Brophy Philip, sewer builder, 174 W. Jackson 

Brophy Truman W. Dr. 96 S. State 

Brophy & Eastman (Wm. M. Brophy and 

Royal A. Eastman) lasts, 209 S. Canal 
Brosche F. hardware, 289 Larrabee and 128 

Clybourn av. 
Brosien C. A. & Co. real est. 133 LaSalle, R. 10 
Brosnan Bros. (Patrick J. and Wm. W.) 

boots and shoes, 864 Milwaukee av. 
Brosnan, Timothy J. plumber, 695 W. Lake 
Bross Mason, lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 804, T. 

Brosseau Charles S. lawyer,"37 Metropolitan 

Brosseau John B. wh. prov. 162 S. Water 
Brosseau Z. P. & Co. (Z. P. Brosseau) grain 

com. 10 Pacific av. R. 20, T. 606 
Brost Peter, house mover, 188 Mohawk 
Brostowicz John, boots and shoes, 643 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Brostrop Chas. cigars, 733 N. Halsted 
Brothers Frank, saloon, 17 S. Halsted 
Brougham Denis, saloon, 136 Blue Island av. 
Brougham Edward J. Dr. 133 E. Huron, T. 

3426, h. 663 N. Franklin 
Brougham George, packer, 80 W. Jackson, T. 

Brougham Thomas B. lawyer, 161 LaSalle, 

R. 83 
Brought on Alfred C. grocer, 158 W. Harrison 
Brouillard & Co. wax figures, 166 E. Wash- 
ington R. 30 
Brouillett Amelia Mrs. barber, 152 N. West- 
ern av. 
Brower Daniel R. Dr. 64 ,S. State, h. 597 W. 

Jackson T. 7085 
Browers F. C. cigars, 455 W. Indiana 
Brown Abbie Miss, candy, 216i W. Madison 
Brown Adelbert E. dentist, 1536 Wabash av. 
Brown Adolph F, label printer, 41 S. Water, 

T. 5537 
Brown Andrew, grocer, 147 Townsend 
Brown Andrew J. lawyer, 139 Dearborn, R. 10 
Brown Benjamin J. real est. 76 Humboldt 

BROWM, BOJTtf E1.L. & CO. wh. iron 
and nails. CHAS. H. HAWKIXS 
agt. for FAYETTE BROWU, re- 
ceiver, 205 Phoenix Bldg sw. cor. Clark 
and Jackson, T. 70 
Brown Bros. (Thomas A. and A.) teas, 165 E. 

Chicago av. 
Brown Bros. (E. W. and J. H.) painters and 

decorators, 616 N. Clark 
Brown Bros. Mnfg. Co, Edwin Lee Brown, 
pres. sidewalk lights, S. Clinton nw. cor. 
Jackson, T. 4085 
Brown Bros. & Co. (W. C. and E. E.) live 

stk. com. 100 Exch. Bldg. Stk. Yds. 
Brown Bros. & Co. (Albert L. Theodore A. 

and Lewis H.) wh. teas, 8 River 
Brown Charles, boots and shoes, 198 E. North 

Brown Charles, saloon, 14 W. Ohio 
Brown Charles E. dry goods, 4658 S. State 
Brown Charles E. real est. 115 Dearborn, R. 80 
Brown Charles F. C. contractor-, 79 LaSalle 
Brown Charles S. prop. Hotel Bartholdi, 278 

S. State 
Brown Charles T. patent lawyer, 225 Dear- 
born, R. 33 
Brown C. & Co. (Curtis Brown) artists, 163 

E. Randolph, R. 56 
Brown C. S. & Co. (C. S. Brown) insect paste, 
150 Dearborn, R. 36 


225 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

108 BEO 



Brown David, coal, 8106 Archer av. and 1391 

W. 33d 
Brown Dexter G. com. 31 Pacific av. R. 33, 

and stk. yds. T. 9537 
Brown, De Turck & Co. A. H. Roby, agt. 

upholstering goods, 78 E. Monroe, R. 26 
Brown Edward, saloon, 75 N. Clark 
Brown Edward, cigars, 361 Sedgwick 
Brown Edward Osgood, lawyer, 164 Dearborn, 

R. 617, T. 1713 
Brown Edwin, Tifton & Co. (Edwin Brown, 

Thompson Tif ton and Wm. P. Hevrick), 

live stk. com. Ill Exch. Bldg. Stk Yds. 
Brown Elizabeth Mrs. cigars, 1926 S. State 
Brown Elizabeth Mrs. employment agt. 603 

W. Madison 
Brown Ellen Mrs. boarding, 6249 S. State 
Brown Emma Mrs. confectr. 620 Larrabee 
Brown E. A. Dr. 364 W. Madison 
Brown E. L. steam heating, 234 S. Clark 
Brown Feather Duster Co. (The) Wm. Brown 

mngr. 133 W. Harrison 
Brown Francis C. western agt. Inman Line 

Steamships, 32 S. Clark 
Brown Frank C. broker 19 Wabash av. R. 17 
Brown Flora L. Mrs. stenog. 225 Dearborn 
Brown George D. grain, 218 LaSalle, R. 701 
Brown George E. & Co. (George E. Brown) 

printers, 60 Wabash av. R. 2 
Brown George F. restaurant, 108 53d 
Brown George L. millinery, 171 Wabash av. 
Brown George W. music teacher, 4219 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Brown George W. carriages, 370 Wabash av. 
Brown George W. carp. 261 E. 25th 
Brown Gilbert F. dentist, 688 W. Madison 
Brown G. P. & Co. (George P. Brown) pubs. 

The Sanitary News, 134 E. Van Buren, 

R. 50 
Brown Harry Dr. 357 W. Monroe 
Brown Harry M. tailor, 30 Clybourn av. 
Brown Henry, auction goods, 527 Davis 

Brown Henry, boots and shoes, 2715 Went- 

worth av. 
Brown Henry, prop. Congress House, 322 S. 

Brown Henry, whip mnfr. 759 Elston av. 
Brown Henry, baker, 246, N. Franklin 
Brown Henry W. Dr. 303 23rd 
Brown, Howard & Co. (Walston H. Brown, 

William B. Howard and Columbus R. 

Cummings) R. R. contractors, 164 Dear- 
born R. 208, T. 1145 
Brown H. boots and shoes, 57 N. Halsted 
Brown H. E. & Co. (Henry E. Brown) dry 

goods com. mer. 247 E. Monroe 
Brown H. H. & Co. (Henry H. Brown and 

Charles N. Bishop) fire ins. agts. 185 La- 
Salle, T. 268 
Brown H. L. & Son. (Horton L. and Murry) 

com. mers. 225 S. Water, T. 1670 
Brown I. W. Dr. 475 Ogden av. 
BKO WN JAMES, saloon, 3023 Archer av. 
Brown James D. restaurant, 115 W. Lake 
Brown James H. barber, 3121 Cottage Grove 

Brown James H. hardware specialties, 45 S. 

Brown James J. barber, 56 Clybourn av. 
Brown J. J. livery, 140 W. Madison, T. 4149 

and 422 W. Madison T, 4033 
Brown James P. W. lawyer, 94 LaSalle, R. 48 
Brown Jane Mrs. milliner, 203 Lake (Oak 


Brown Jeremiah R. carp. 685 W. Ohio 
Brown Jesse, prop. Royal European Hotel, 

37 E. Adams 
Brown Jesse W. meatmkt. 4246 Cottage Grove 

Brown John, barber, 1049 W. Lake 
Brown John, blksmth. 1046 W. Lake 
Brown John, builder, 1016 Wilcox av. 
Brown John, grocer, 300 W. Lake 
Brown John, ins. agt. 3847 Dearborn 
Brown John, printer, 679 S. Halsted 
Brown John D. Mrs. dry goods, 2952 S. State 
BROAVS JOHN J. harness mkr. and 

carriage trimmer, 134 Lake (Oak Park 

P. O.) T., O. P. Line 
Brown John J. lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, R. 63, 

T. 823 
Brown John J. livery, 422 and 424 W. Madison, 

T. 4033, and 140 W. Madison, T. 4149 
Brown John M. shoemkr. 446 Lincoln av. 
Brown John W. builder, 125 LaSaUe, R. 8 
Brown John W. pub. 184 S. Clark, R. 12 
Brown John W. saloon, 162 W. Jackson 
Brown J. W. Dr. 475 Ogden av. 
Brown Leonard M. hardware, 3201 S. State 
Brown Louis, tailor, 642 S. Canal 
Brown Louis Dr. Halsted, nr. 14th 
Brown Ludwig, boots and shoes, 409 Lincoln 

av. (Lake View) 
Brown L. A. & Co. (Lewis and Knute Brown) 

wines, 47 N. Clark 
Brown L. R. show case supplies, 199 S. Clin- 
Brown L. W. barber, 6 River 
Brown Merritt J. carriages, S. State nw. cor. 

E. 20th 
Brown Morrell O. ins. agt. 158 LaSaUe, T. 233 
Brown Moses D. lawyer, 69 Dearborn, R. 12 
Brown M. R. Dr. 126 S. State, h. 139 Dearborn 

Brown Oscar, cigar mnfr. 74 W. Van Buren 
Brown Paul, painter, 69 Dearborn, R. 55 
Brown Paul, lawyer, 88 LaSalle, R. 26, T. 219 

Thomas H. Brown Jr. and P. L. Petti- 
bone) stationers and printers, 80 & 82 E. 

Adams, T. 537 
Brown P. real est. 3519 Cottage Grove av. 
Brown Reinhart L. drugs, 886 Lincoln av. 
Brown Richard, notions, 577 S. Jefferson 
Brown Richard M. barber, 507 Lincoln av. 
Brown Robert, saloon, 3817 S. Halsted 
Brown Royal F. furnaces, 2131 Wabash av. T. 

Brown R. A. cigars, 798 W. Lake 
Brown Samuel, tailor, 82 E. Madison, R. 6 
Brown Samuel, meatmkt. 568 S. Halsted 
Brown, Sutton & Co. (M. Brown and F. Sut- 
ton) produce com. 108 S. Water 
Brown S. A. & Co. (Spencer A. Brown and 

Frank E. Parish) lumber, 164 Dearborn, 

R. 610, T. 324 
Brown S, V. M. & Co. (S. V. M. Brown and 

W. W. Marsh) bakery, 891 W. Madison 
Brown Taylor E. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, R. 48 
Brown Thomas, advertising agt. 96 5th av. R. 6 
Brown Thomas, grain, 169 E. Jackson, R. 808 
Brown Thos. H. & Son, Novelty Carriage 

Works (The) P. H. Brown, pres. and 

M. J. Brown, sec. 1934 State 
Brown Thomas S. prop. Brown's Hotel, S. 

State, sw. cor E. Van Buren 
Brown Wm. feather dusters, 133 W. Harrison 
Brown William, photog. 46 W. Madison 
Brown WiUiam, lawyer, 204 Dearborn, R. 7 G 






BROWN WM. B. saloon, 438 Milwaukee 
av. and 61 E. Chicago av. 

Brown William C. plumber, 368 W. Lake 

Brown W. A. carp. 90 3d av 

Brown W. Gray, real est. 97 S. Clark, R. 15 

Brown W. H. barber, 128 W. Lake 

Brown W. H. night scavenger, 711 W. Ohio 

Brown W. H. A. flax seed com. 161 LaSalle, R. 

Brown W. H. & Bro. (Wm. H. and Arthur K. 
Brown) boots and shoes, 92 S. State 

Brown, Wood & Kingman, dry goods com. 
Theodore Emery, mngr. 177 LaSalle, R. 2 

Brown W. W. ins. agt. and broker, 177 La- 
Salle, R 4 

Brown & Besly, (Incorporated) Charles H. 
Besley, pres. Reuben L. Brown, v. pres, 
and sec. Antoinette C. Brown, treas. let- 
ter files, 52 Wabash av. 

Brown & Cavenaugh, steam heating, 48 S. 

Brown & Co. (James E. Brown and H. C. 
Carter) wall paper cleaners, 103 E. 22nd 

Brown & Co. (Wayne Iron & Steel Works) F 
R. Blaurock, agt. 16 W. Lake, T. 4479 

Brown & Holland, (Dan Brown and Mrs. 
Francis Holland) stens. 210i S. Clark, 

Brown & Kavanaugh, (Sylvester E. Brown 
and Thomas Kavanaugh) steamftrs. 50 S. 
Franklin, T. 442 

Brown & Lindquist, carps. 9 Flournoy 

Brown & Nicolai, (Edward Brown and Charles 
Nicolai) hdware, 670 W. Lake 

Brown & Pratt, (Grove L. Brown and Charles 
Pratt) saloon, W. Madison, sw. cor. Sac- 
ramento av. 

BROWBf&RAUERTS, (J. J. Brown, 
P. M. and K. C. F. Rauerts) clothing, &c. 
2941 Archer av. 

Brown & Sharp Mfg. Co., machinery, S. A. 
Smith, agt. 23 S. Canal, T. 4732 

Brown & Smith, props. West End Express Co. 
459 W Madison 

Brown & Son, (W. A. and John) locksmiths, 
2991 W Madison 

Brown & Stephany, (Wm. A. Brown and 
Louis J. Stephany) carps. 90 3d. av. 

Brown & VanArsdale Mnfg. Co. (The) , Charles 
B. Brown, pres. and treas. W. H. Brown, 
sec. mnfrs. wagon skeins, 154 E. Lake, 
R. 17 

Brown & Weston, (James Brown and Ed- 
ward Weston) cigars, 125 S. Halsted 

Browne, Anthony & Co. (Anthony Browne) 
grain com. 10 Pacific av. R. 71, T. 580 

Browne Charles E. real est. 41 S. Clark, R. 9 

Browne Henry, lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 702, 
T. 970 

Brown's Hotel, Thomas S. Brown, prop. S. 
State, sw. cor. E. Van Buren 

Brownell Bros. (Alphonso and Frank) paint- 
ers, 234 N. Ashland av. 

Brownell C. S. &Co. (C. S. Brownell) produce 
com. 126 S. Water 

BRO WX Elili .F. I>. confectr. 396 Ogden av. 

Brownell R. E. & Co. (R. E. Brownell, J. P, 
Malletheand ('. B. Eggleston) contractors, 
317 63d, R. 3, T. 15, 517 Royal Ins. bldg. T. 

Brownell R. E. civil engineer, 169 E. Jackson, 
R. 518, T. 1602, and 351 63d, Englewood, 
T. 15 

Brownell Silas N. flour and feed, 234 N. Ash- 
land av. 

Browning C. W. clairvoyant, 12 S. Curtis 
Browning Granville W. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, 

R. 58, T. 1763 
Browning, King & Co. (William C. Browning, 
Henry W. King and Edward W. Dewey) 
Henry L. Hatch, mngr. clothing, 136 E. 
Madison and 148 S. Clark 
Browning M. H. caterer, 159 E. Van Buren 
Browning W. H. ins. agt. 115 Dearborn, R. 33 
Broxham J. D. milk, 279 Idaho 
Brozda Jacob, grocer, 455 Hastings 
Bruce B. F. prop. Bruce Hotel, 15 N. State 
Bruce Hotel, B. F. Bruce, prop. 15 N. State 
BRUCE J. M. stationer, 773 W. Madison 
Bruce Susie E. Dr. 265 N. May 
Bruce & Co. Robert Bruce, mngr. Joseph Pur- 
due, sec. detective agency, 70 LaSalle, R. 
Bruchman Martin, saloon, 213 Southport av. 
Brucke P. J. saloon, 763 Blue Island av. 
Brucker Hubert, carpet weaver, 2805 S. State 
BRUCKER MICHAEL, prop. Lincoln 

st. iron foundry, 323 & 325 N. Lincoln 
Brucks Louis A. saloon, 51st, nw. cor. Butter- 
Brucks Nicholas, saloon, Wallace, sw. cor. 

Brudy Frank, grocer, Bowmanville, T. 3957 
Bruebach August, furniture, 880 W. 21st 
Bruebach Otto, furniture, 929 W. 22d 
Bruedigam Charles, milk, 60 Cornell 
Bruekner Richard, meatmkt. 806 N. Ashland 

Bruell Bros. (Ernest and August) carriage and 

wagon mnfrs. Throop, cor. W. 16th 
Bruesch Gustav, saloon, 166 Michigan 
Brueschke Henry, fish, 111 Best av. (Lake 

Brueshaber Wm. C. grocer, 950 W. 21st 
Brugger Joseph, saloon, 410 E. North av. 
Bruhn Claus, milk, 77 Emerson av. 
Bruhn Marie Mrs. midwife, 411 W. Chicago 

Bruhnke Albert, upholstr. 248 N. Clark 
Bruhnke H. carp. 166 Hastings 
Bruhns John, architect, 344 Larrabee 
Bruhns Frederick, carp. 125 Fremont 
Bruhns & Slickett, carp. 125 Fremont 
Bruhus Wilhelmina M. Mrs. grocer, 1245 47th 
Bruley Frank, barber, 3130 Archer av. 
Brumber George, pub. Deutsche Warte , 86 La- 
Salle, R. 19 
Brumsfejd H. D. milk, 9 Langdon 
Brundage Angeline Mrs. clairvoyant, 195 W. 

Brundage Stephen V. & Sons (Stephen V., 
Alonzo and Fred) wagonmkrs. 511 W. 22d 
Brundewell Wm. hotel, 1018 W. Madison 
Brundige Edward, live stk. com. 54 Exch. 

Bldg. Stk. Yds. 
Bruner Charles A. ins. agt. 79 Dearborn, R. 8 
Bruner O. W. & Co. (O. W. and S. C. Bruner) 

iron and steel, 118 Dearborn, R. 26 
er and J. C. Schaller) tailors, 114 Dear- 
Brunhild Isaac, notions, 233 W. Indiana 
Brunhild Simon, meatmkt. 586 W. Ohio 
Brunhild S. crockery, 340 W. Indiana 
Brunjes, John H. restaurant, 12 E. Madison 
Brunk Julius F. meats, 244 W. North av. 
Brunkhorst George, flour and feed, 1075 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Brunell C. E. hardware, 1383 W. Madison 
Brunner Joseph, confectr. 2013 Purple 


110 BKU 



BHIXXER A I/AY. (Edward Brunner 
and Severin Lay) stone jacks, 124 W. Polk 

Bruno John, barber, 340 S. Halsted 

Brunow Edward F. painter, 735 Carroll av. 

Bruns Henry, upholstr. 173 W. Van Buren 

Brans John, saloon, 124 N. Canal 

ISStrX** .1. H. grocer, Ravenswood (Lake 
View) T. 3908 

Bruns William E. hats and caps, 43 N. Clark 

Brnnsman A. carp. 698 Sedgwick and 747 Wells 

DEB CO. (THE) mnfrs. biUiard 
tables, bank, office and saloon fixtures, 
N. Market cor. Huron, T. 3314, and 
47 State, T. 5179 

Brunswick Billiard Hall, The Brunswick- 
Balke-Collender Co. props. 122 E. Wash- 

BRIT XS WICK 4k CO. billiard table 
mnfg. 179 and 181 E. Randolph 

Brunt & Co. (Richard Brunt) wh. cigars, 38 
Wabash av. R. 5 

Brunte Bros. & Spoehr, (Christopher, 
Ferdinand and Charles A. Spoehr) wh. 
confectrs. 72 W. Monroe, T. 4507 

Brunnwasser Mark, boots and shoes, 16 E. 

Brush Rudolph, meatmkt. 1723 N. Clark 

Charles J. Bruschke, pres. and supt. Fer- 
dinand Bruschke, vice-pres. Adolph 
Bruschke, sec. J. Dallen, treas. W. G. 
Allen, asst. treas. factory and office, 257 
and 265 E. Divison, salesrooms, E. Divi- 
sion cor. Clybourn av. branch factory, 
Milton av. cor. Elm, T. 3322 

Bruschkowska Veronica Mrs. confectr. 133 W. 

Brush E. R. agt's. goods, 161 LaSaUe, R. 91 

Brush Electric Co. (The) Alexander Kempt, 
special agt. 130 E. Washington 

Brush, Gage & Brush, (D. E. Brush, A. Gage 
and H. J. Brush) live stk. com. 108 Exch. 
Bldg. Stk. Yds. 

Brush Hiram, loans, 164 LaSaUe, R. 43 

Bruso Peter, baker, 60 Blue Island av. 

BRUSTAD H. butter, cheese and eggs, 
438 Milwaukee av. 

Brustmann Simon, bakery, 2347 Hanover 

Bruun N. drugs, 286 W. Indiana, T. 4254 

Bruzek Joseph, saloon, 1123 Blue Island av. 

Bryan E. H. flour and feed, 470 W. Indiana 

Bryan R. S. restaurant, 446 S. State 

Bryan Thomas B. lawyer, 185 Dearborn, R. 59 

BRYAHf W. H. coal, wood and real est. 
Ravenswood (Lake View) T. 3908 

Bryan & Hatch, (Thomas B. Bryan and 
Azel F. Hatch) lawyers, 185 Dearborn, R. 
59, T. 5092 

Bryan & Landell, (Ben. B. Bryan and W. 
Irving Landell) com. mer. 321 Rialto Bldg. 

Bryan's Ravenswood, Lake View & Chicago 
Express, 164 S. Water 

Bryand John F. ins. agt. 81 8. Clark, R. 35 

Bryant G. A. & Co. (George A. Bryant and 
Edmund A. Obornson) flour and feed, 358 
W. Lake 

ltKYAXT II. B. & SO\, props. H. B. 
Bryant's Chicago Business College, 77 to 
81 S. State, T. 5502 

Bryant John A. pianos, 207 Wabasli av. 

Bryant J. H. & Co. (John H. and George) wire, 
61 Michigan 

Bryant J. J. & Co. (John J. Bryant and 
George H. Mendsen)169 E. Jackson, R. 814 

Bryant M. lawyer. 179 E. Washington, R. 14 
Bryant Thomas W. hide broker, 143 E. Kinzie 
Bryant & Burrows, (George H. Bryant and 

Wm. A. Burrows) jewelers, 65 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 7 E 

HANDMACHINE CO. mnfrs. And- 
erson reporting machines, 77 to 81 S. State 

T. 5502 
Bryden F. A. & Co. (Frederick A. Bryden) 

mnfrs. picture frames, 255 Wabash av. 
Brydon David, bakery and confectry. 514 W. 

Brydon James M. Dr. 243 S. State, R. 5, and 

210 S. Clark, T. 1071 
Bryer H. Mrs. dressmkr. 306 E. North av. 
Bryers Bros. (John, Charles and Joseph) boot 

blackers, 88 Dearborn 
Bryson Charles, tailor, 134 13th pi. 
Bryson James R. artist, 88 S. State, R. 22 
Brzeski Hermin, barber, 117 N. Clark 
Brzobohaty Frank, dyer, 59 Augusta 
Brzozowska Amelia Miss, books, 645 Dickson 
Buch Frederick, stationery, 1138 Milwaukee 

Buchan J. R. Dr. 627 W. Indiana, T. 7063 
Buchanan Asher R. coal, 247 W. Jackson 
Buchanan Bros. (James N. and Edward P.) 

street contractors, 184 Dearborn, R. 16, 

T. 294 
Buchanan Denis J. saloon, 343 W. 12th 
Buchanan Edward Dr. 3901 Cottage Grove av. 

R. 3, T. 9349 
Buchanan F. hardware, 306 Ogden av. 
Buchanan Joseph R. pub. Labor Inquirer, 

182 E. Washington 
Buchanan R. hardware, 450 W. Harrison 
Buchbinder Charles, grocer, 912 Milwaukee 

Buchbinder Edward, grocer, 287 S. Clark 
Buchbinder Henry, grocer, 216 De Koven 
Buchbinder Jacob, grocer, 906 W. 18th 
Buchbinder Morris, crockery, 224 Milwaukee i 

Buche Leinhard H. barber, 5302 S. Carpenter 
Bucher August, saloon, 4950 S. State 
Bucher C. A. Dr. 163 S. State. R. 70. T. 5840, h., 

439 W. Madison, T. 4090 
Bucher William H. wall paper, 596 Lincoln i 

Buchhauser John T. grocer, 604 Racine av. 

(Lake View) 
Buchholz Ferdinand, boot and shoemkr. 56 

May (Lake View) 
Buchman Henr , saloon, 442 S. Halsted 
Buchman Henry W. drugs, 2401 Indiana av. T. 

Buchman & Hirsch (Henry W. Buchman and 

Charles H. Hirsch) drugs, 231 35th 

wines, 185 W. Chicago av. 
Bucholtz Louis, milk, 681 33d 
Buchrer Joseph, express, 94 Hudson av. . 
Buchsenschmidt Gerhardt, cigars, 90 Canal- 
port av. 
Bnchser N. meatmkt. 1185 W. Harrison 
Buchwaldt & Sues, (Robert Buchwaldt and 

Gustav Sues) wh. cigars, 50 La Salle, T. 

Buck Albert, grocer, 20 Luce 
Buck Anson H. saloon, 18 W. Madison 
Buck Bros. (Albert) , com. 72 E. Madison 
Buck Hermann, laundry, 1811 Wells 
Buck, Stow & Co. (P. H. Buck and F. N. 

Stow) wh. fruits, 138 S. Water 

GEO. W. RAiTHEL, s - w TE c -S E B T r ZT GO ALJ 


Buck Thomas, barber, 75£ E. Harrison 

Buck & McNiven, (F. P. Buck and J. A. Mc 
Niven) meatmkt. 293 Ogden av. 

Buck & Rayner, (George Buck and James B. 
Rayner) drugs, S. State, sw. cor. E. 
Madison. T. 752, and 117 S. Clark, T. 1206 

Buckbee Elizabeth Mrs. boarding. 2936 S. 

Buckbee John C. & Co. pubs. 122 and 124 Wa- 
bash av. 

Buckberg Morris K. grocer, 4816 Wentworth 

inson, mngr. Clinton nw. cor. Jackson, T. 

Buckie John Jr. & Co., (John Buckie, Jr.) 
Printer's rollers, 421 Dearborn 

Buckingham J. & E. grain elevator, foot of 
S. Water, T. 5368 

Bucklen Herbert E. pat. medicines, 275 Mich- 
igan av. 

Buckley C. W. & Co., (Charles W. Buckley) 
grain com. 260 S. Clark, R. 34 

Buckley F. G. &Bro. (Frederick G. and John 
A.) wall paper, 671 Larrabee 

Buckley James A. carp, and bldr. 3451 S. Ash- 
land av. 

Buckley John, saloon. 895 W. Madison 

Buckley John, horseshoer, rear 601 W. Madi- 

Buckley John, hardware. 308 W. Madison 

Buckley John, grocer, 4030 Dearborn 

Buckley Mary, Mrs. grocer, 368 W. Indiana 

Buckley Michael J. plumber, 5216 S. State 

Buckley Patrick F. grocer, 272 Hastings 

Buckley Seth S. prop. Columbia Hotel, State 
nw. cor. 31st 

Buckley Washington, meatmkt. 1307 W. Van 

Buckman Royal M. ins. agt. 175 La Salle, 
R. 22 

Buckner Wm. Edwin, lawyer, 164 Dearborn, 
R. 612 

Buckowski Harry, boots and shoes, 375 S. 

Buda Foundry Manufacturing Co. Wm. J. 
Watson, pres. Charles C. Shepard, sec. 
treas. 185 Dearborn, R. 36 

Budd George Mrs. dressmkr. 191 Walnut. 

Budden Henry, variety, 2610 Butler 

Budil Charles, tailor, 22 Kramer 

Budinger E. Mrs. & Sons (Mrs. Elizabeth, 
Frederick and John Budinger) dry goods, 
2449 Wentworth av. 

Budlong L. A. pickle mnfr. Bowmanville, T. 

Budzbanowski Stanislaus, grocer 785 S. 

Buechel Charles, bakery, 809 W. Lake 

Buechner H. C. real est. 115 Dearborn, R. 72 

Buecking E. F. Dr. 561 W. 12th 

Buehler August F. meatmkt. 604 Wells, T. 
. 3206 

Buehler Edward H. drugs, 110 E. Randolph 

Buehler Franz, carp. 2531 S. State 

Buehler Frank, tailor, 381 5th av. 

Buehler John, banker, 161 E. Randolph 

Buehrer Christian, barber, 253 E. North av. 

Buehrer John F. saloon, 2035 S. Clark 

Buehrle Frank, saloon, 116 E. North av. 

Buell Fred P. & Co. (Fred P. Buell), ins. bro- 
ker, 175 LaSalle, T. 354 

Buell George C. lawyer, 59 S. Clark, R. 30 

Buell Harry C. dentist, 8906 Cottage Grove 
av. R. 2 

Buell Ira W. lawyer, 80 LaSalle, R. 10 
Buelow Gottlieb, grocer, 321 W. Chicago av. 
Buerklee John G. milk, 204 Coblentz 
Bueter, Annie Miss, dressmkr. 1740 Diversey 

Buettner Adolph, Dr. 52 Fremont 
Buettner Daniel, barber, 2333 Wentworth av. 
Buettner Henry F. tailor, 3544 S. State 
Buffalo German Ins. Co. of Buffalo, N. Y. 

Isaac J. Lewis, agt. 164 LaSalle, T. 1374 
Buffalo Lubricating Oil Co. Plummer & Bar- 
rett, agts. 706 Rialto Bldg. 
Buffalo Steel Foundry (The) Pratt & Letch- 

worth, props. F. R. Blaurock, agt. 16 W. 

Lake, T. 4479 
Buffington N. M. automatic sprinklers, 177 

LaSaUe, R. 33 
Bufford's J. H. Sons, Robert T. Lester, mngr. 

wh. adv. cards, 171 E. Adams, T. 593 
Buffum Harry S. Dr. 178 N. Franklin 
Buffum James H. oculist and aurist, 100 S. 

State, R. 6 
Buffum Joseph H. Dr. oculist, 104 S. State, 

R. 7 
Bufton James J. plumber, 937 W. Madison 
Buge William, saloon, 244 E. Madison 
Buggert Bros. (Louis and Henry Buggert) 

grocers, 616 W. 12th 
Buggie Delia E. Mrs. milliner, 664 W. Madison 
Bugler Wool Pulling Co. Louis Bugler, mngr. 

N. Branch, cor. Division 
Buhl Nels P. mnfr. furniture, 149 N. Sangamon 
Buhler J. G. flour and feed, 262 W. Indiana 
Buhlig Moritz, baker, 1814 S. Clark 
Buhling Henry, grocer, 676. N. Hoyne av. 
Buhlmann Christ, prop. The European Hotel, 

117 S. Canal 
Buhmann & Hansen, (Theodore W. Buhmann 

and Henry C. Hansen) furniture, 271 State, 

T. 5419 
Buhrer George, laundry, 292 5th av. 
Buhrke Rudolph H. harnessmkr. 386 W. Chi- 
cago av. 
Buhs William, saloon, 593 W. Taylor 
Buil H. T. & Co. (Henry T. and M. C. Buil) 

billiards, 3754 S. State 
Builders & Traders' Exchange, (The) George 

Tapper, pres. Joseph Downey, treas. 

Frank C. Schoenthaler, sec. 161 La Salle, 

T. 405 and 406 
Building Budget, (The) Henry Lord Gay, pub. 

15 E. Washington, T. 5294. 
Bulaschik Clemens, shoemkr. 3548 Dashiel 
Bulger James, meatmkt. 3606 S. Halsted 
Bulicek Frank, shoemkr. 122 Barber 
Bulkley Almon W. lawyer. 205 La Salle, R. 

166, T. 1076 
Bull George A. barber, 288 N. Market 
Bullard & Gormley (Chas. W. Bullard and 

James H. Gormley) hardware, 106 E. Lake, 

T. 5029 
Bullen A. F. & Co. (Albert F. Bullen and 

John Spettigue) maltsters, 15 Cedar, T. 

Bullen George & Co. maltsters, Pine and Illi- 
nois, T. 3060 
Bullen H. Dr. W. J. Blackstone, agt. liquid 

purifier, 108 E. Van Buren, R. 7 
Bullen Robert, pawnbroker, 186 S. Clark 
Bullermann William, flour and feed, 219 

Clybourn av. 
Bullock Walter H. optician, 99 W. Monroe 
Bullock Bros. (Joseph C. and George S.) 

boots and shoes, 149 S. State 
Bullock Richard, pickles, 64 S. Elizabeth 


112 BUL 



BITI^TiOCIt M. C. MIFG. CO. Milan 
0. Bullock, pres. Geo. Woodland, treas. 
O. H. Blanke, sec. and J. S. Lane, genl. 
supt. mnf rs. diamond pointed rock drills 
and mining machinery, 138 E. Jackson, R. 
510, T. 7108 

Bullock Printing Press Co. Wm. H. Kerhoff , 
pres. and Robert Tarrant, sec. 52 E. Illi- 
nois, T. 3091 

Bull's Head Hotel, F. Ruttner, mngr. 4063 S. 
Halsted _ 

Bulowa William, grocer, 2900 Cottage Grove 

Bummar Adam, notions, 669 Larrabee 

Bunbry William A. musician, 77 N. Morgan 

Bunburry Patrick, saloon, 3702 Emerald av. 

Bunde Henry, meatmkt. Ill 39th 

Bunder Jack, second hand dealer, 117 W. 

Bundy John C. pub. Religio-Philosophical 
Journal, 94 La Salle, R. 61 

Bunge Christ, grocer, 175 Rumsey 

Bunge 0. coal and grain, 616 to 622 W. Lake, 
T. 7090 

BUtf «iJE WIIiL-IAUI H. vinegar, etc. 12, 
14 and 16 Centre av. T. 4717 

Bunger Charles, meatmkt. 185 E. 18th 

Bunker Frank, brooms, 55 Eagle 

Bunker George P. pickles, 12 N. Clinton 

Bunker & Cochran (H. S. Bunker and N. 
Cochran) live stk. com. 99 Exch. Bldg. 
Stk. Yds. 

Bunner Adolph, cigars, 38 Canalport av. 

Bunte Bros. & Spoehr, wh. confectrs. 72 W. 
Monroe, T. 4507 

Bunte Charles, shoemkr. 143 E. Division 

Bunte, Frank & Co. (Albert Bunte and Geo. 
Frank) wh. confectrs. 129 LaSalle av. 

Bunten William, broker, 218 La Salle, R. 500 

Bunting W. T. plumber, 477 W. North av. 

Buntschuh John, saloon, 183 E. 18th 

Burback Henry E. saloon. 142 Lewis 

Burbank C. H. drugs, Chicago av. cor. Green- 
leaf av. (Rogers Park) R. P. Tel. 

Burbank Herman E. Dr. 109 51st 

Burbank J. H. stone, 243 Dearborn av. 

Burbank & Co. (Augustus J. Burbank) real 
est. 139 Dearborn, R. 3 

Burch C. L. hardware, Lincoln av. (S. Evans- 

Burch S. C. Pub. Co. Charles S. Burch, pres. 
Fred. S. Burch, sec. Wirt W. Burch, 
treas. pubs. The Dairy World and The 
American Sheep Breeder, 170 E. Madison, 

BURCH T.R.gen.agt. Phoenix Ins. Co. of 

Brooklyn, N. Y., Phoenix bldg. Jackson, 

sw. cor. Clark. T. 148 
Burchard E. W. & Co. (Edgar W. Burchard) 

watches, 67 E. Washington, R. 8 
Burchard Frederick, painter, 636 Loomis 
Burchard George W. lawyer, 86 LaSalle, R. 26 
Burchard M. N. mgr. Simpson, Hall, Miller 

and Co. silver plated ware, 137 and 139 S. 

State, T. 5604 
Burchard Orrin B. restaurant, 2900 South 

Park av. 
Burchett Frank R. billiard hall, 206 31st 
Burchim Nellie L. Mrs. artist, 82 E. Madison 

R. 46 
Burchmare John H. Dr. Central av. nw. cor. 

Railroad (Evanston) 
Burckhardt Gust, harness, 139 Clybourn 

Burde Siegfred, hardware, 229 Larrabee 

Burdett, Smith & Co, (Edward A. Burdett and 
W. Stone Smith) stoves, 72 E. Lake, T. 
Burdick J. C. & Co. (John C. Burdick) straw 

goods, 113 Wabash av, 
Burdick O. & Co. (Oscar Burdick and James 
•* A. McMahon) sand, Market, sw. cor. 
Adams, T. 875 
Burdine William, milk, 648 Carroll av. 
Burdsall E. H. lumber dryer mnfr. 242 S. Wa- 
ter, R. 28 
Burdsall William W. florist, 132 Dearborn av. 
Burdt August, wall paper, 502 W. Chicago av. 
Bureau Joseph N. undertaker, 40 Blue Is- 
land av. 
Bureau of Coal Statistics (The) H. A. Bischoff, 

mngr. 205 LaSalle, R. 118 
Buresh E. J. carp. Milwaukee av. cor. North 

California av. 
Burg Henry, saloon, 2 E. Lake 
Burg Jacob, shoemkr. 580 S. Jefferson 
Burg Peter, dry goods, 1084 S. Robey 
Burge Edward A. real est. 107 Dearborn, R. 53 
Burgeon Adalbert J. china decorator, 1433 S. 

Burger David, meatmkt. 212 Rush 
Burger I. R. cigars, 28 Pacific av. 
Burger John B. grocer, 454 Wells 
Burger S. B. & Co. (Sigmund B. Burger) mil- 
liner, 244 W. Madison 
Burger William, tailor, 346 S. Halsted 
Burgerson Charles, boarding, 79 Oak 
Burgeson Christ, cigars, 259 W. Chicago av. 
Burgeson & Kenworthy, (John Burgeson 
and Henry Kenworthy) meatmkt. 242 E. 
Burgess Bros. (David W. and John Burgess) 

coal, 136 W. Polk 
Burgess Charles E. news depot, 240 W. Ran- 
Burgess G. R. & Co. (George R. Burgess) pict- 
ure frames, 2918 Cottage Grove av. 
Burgess John, jeweler, 70 Blue Island av. 
Burgess J. G. laundry, 2805 Cottage Grove av. 
Burgess Sarah F. K. Dr. 209 W. Madison, R. 5 
Burgess William, printer, 88 5th av. 
Burgess W. T. lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 48 
Burgett J. M. H. lawyer, 115 E. Monroe, R. 47, 

T. 1067 
Burggraf Henry, barber, 144 Ambrose 
BURGGKAF JOSOJ, saloon, 144 Am- 
Burgheim H. C. & Co. (Henry C. Burgheim 
and A. Abraham) boots and shoes, 144 E. 
Burgheim Henry, agt. Illinois Masons' Benev- 
olent Society, 142 LaSalle, T. 1692 
Burghoffer J. J. Gustave artist, 69 Dearborn, 

R. 54 
Burghoffer Victor L. jeweler, 831 Lincoln av. 
Burgwedel August C. drugs, 6124 Went- 

worth av. 
Burgy Edward M. barber, 595 W. Chicago av. 
Burgy Henry, crockery, 243 N. Clark 
Burgy Henry, jeweler, 243 N. Clark 
Burhans J. A. lawyer, 115 Dearborn, R. 27 
Burhans Richard 6. coal, 175 Dearborn, R. 34 
Burhans R. P. coal, 175 Dearborn, T. 976 
Burion James, grocer, 666 S. Jefferson 
Burita Joseph J. real est. and ins. 418 E. 25th 
Burk Alexander, mnfr. brick, Crawford av. 

and W. 18th 
Burlc Charles, meatmkt. 803 W. Van Buren 
Burk John G. saloon, 320 Blue Island av. 
Burk Oil & Chemical Co. (The) 205 E. Kin- 
zie, T. 3175 




Burk & Walsh, (Henry Burk and Morris 

Walsh) horseshoers, 192 N. Market 
Burkard Mary, Mrs. hair work, 387 W. Lake 
Burke August, carp. 231 Blackhawk 
Burke Bros. (.John L. and Daniel F.) meat- 
mkt. 5433 Lake av. and 2135 Archer av. 
T. 8503 
Burke Bros. (A. Burke) roofers. 15 W. Super- 
ior, T. 4155 
Burke Bros. (John S. andWm. Burke,) saloon, 

97 E. Van Buren 
Burke Bros. (John S. and William) saloon, 

149 S. Halsted 
Burke Edmund W. lawyer, 162 E. Washington, 

R. 26 
Burke Edward P. saloon, 838 35th 
Burke James, bldg. mover, 2 Cottage pi. 
Burke James, milk, 19 N. Sangamon 
Burke James E. grocer, 1247 Milwaukee av. 
Burke James S. restaurant, 304 S. Clark 
Burke John E. lawyer, 191 LaSaUe, R. 94 
Burke John E. saloon, 2741 Archer av. 
Burke John E. saloon, 4123 S. Halsted 
Burke John G. tuck pointer, 729 W. Erie 
Burke John & Co. (John Burke and John 

Dowling) saloon, 120 S. Clark. 
Burke John I. & Co. (John I. Burke) cloth- 
ing, W. North av. bt. Kimball and Sheri- 
dan (Jefferson) 
Burke John T. milk, 290 S. May 
Burke J. & M. (James and Mrs. Mary) grocer, 

3503 S. Halsted 
Burke Martin, crockery, 689 W. Lake 
Burke Patrick, restaurant, 1416 S. State 
Burke P. H. book binder, 154 LaSaUe, R. 54 
Burke Richard, Dr. 4209 S. Halsted 
Burke Redmond F. pickles, 795 W. Madison 
BI'KHK ROBERT E. stationery and 

fancy goods, 349 E. Division 
Burke R. H. Dr. 4658 S. Ashland av. 
Burke Thomas, boots and shoes, 118 W. 

BURRK THOMAS D. saloon, 270 Sedg- 
Burke U. A. Dr. 89 E. Randolph, R. 12, T. 

Burke Wm. A. flour and feed, 173 W. Adams 
Burke William F. news depot, 175 E. 18th 
Burke & De Lap (D. J. Burke and R. C. De 

Lap) meatmkt. 819 N. Clark 
Burke & Hollett (Edmund W. Burke and 
Rhoderick P. Hollett) lawyers, 162 E. 
Washington, R. 26 
Burke's European Hotel, Clemens Brink- 
man, and William M. Bent, props. 142 E. 
Madison, T. 813 
Burkett John C. wall paper, 661 W. Lake, T. 

Burkhard Joseph, saloon, 432 E. 23d 
Burkhardt Daniel D. ins. broker, 883 Lincoln 

Buckhardt E. cut stone, Kingsbury cor. Ohio 
Burkhardt Henry, milk, 153 W. 18th 
Burkhardt Peter, meatmkt. 740 W. North av. 
Burkhardt Wm. barber, 488 S. Jefferson 
Burkhardt & Heusch (Frank Burkhardt and 
Anton Heusch), architectural iron mnfrs. 
93 W. Harrison 
Burkhardt & Son (John and Charles) gro- 
cers, 367 5th av. 
Burkhart G. F. & E. A. (George F. and Ed- 
ward A.) props. Superior Machine Works, 
192 to 196 W. 12th 
Burkhartsmeier Bros. (Jacob and Chris) 
coopers, 275 W. Lake 

Burkland Herman, tailor, 353 N. Clark 
Burkross Emanuel, coal, 119 Townsend 
Burley Clarence A. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 

824, T. 1782 
Burley Elbridge R. agt. Boston Rubber Co. 

116 La SaUe, R. 27, T. 1761 
Burley T. S. teas, 586 S. Ashland av. 

pres. and treas. John Tyrrell, v. pres. 

Hugh Irvine, sec. crockery, 83 and 85 S. 

State • 5440 

Burley and John TyrreU) imp. and wh. 

crockery and glassware, 42 and 44 E. 

Lake, T. 5508 
Burling Jessie Mrs. clothing, 28 W. Randolph 
Burling & Whitehouse, (Edward Burling and 

F. M. Whitehouse) architects, 38 S. 

Clark, R. 7 
Burlingham E. P. ins. agt. 107 Dearborn 
Burlingham J. S. dentist, 237 N. Clark 
Burlingham Luke Jr. dentist, 351 N. Clark 
Burlingham Luke & Co. (Luke Burlingham) 

drugs, 351 N. Clark 
Burlington House, Levi Pritchard, prop. 680 

S. Canal 
Burmeister Charles, undertkr. 301 Larrabee, 

T. 3185 
Burman J. delicacies, 913 N. California av. 
Burmeister F. W. & Co. (F. W. Burmeister,) 

hatters and furriers, 191 S. Halsted 
Burmeister Henry, tailor, 64 W. Madison 
BURMEISTER HENRY, mnfr. tanks 

and cisterns, 104 Lake, (Oak Park P. O.) 

T. O. P. Line 
Burmeister John, coal and wood, 143 Augusta 
Burmeister John C. notary pub. 143 Augusta 
Burmeister William, furniture, 776 Clybourn 

Burmeister Henry, Northwestern Steam Bak- 
ery, 97 to 101 CorneU 
Burmester John, hardware and stoves, 627 

Ogden av. 
Burnell George W. mason, 2953 ParneU av. 
BurneU J. C. mngr. Brewers Journal, 205 La- 
SaUe, R. 121 
Burnett Joseph & Co. W. C. Titcomb, mngr 

flavoring extracts, 15 E. Madison 
Burnett Mary W. Mrs. pub. The Journal of 

Heredity, 73 S. State, R. 1 
Burnett Mary Weeks Dr. 69 S. State, R. 1, h. 

2500 Indiana av. T. 8122 
Burnett Richard, plumber, 752 43d 
Burnett Robert A. produce com. 161 S. Water, 

T. 759 
BURXHAM A. livery, board and sale 

stable, 130 and 132 E. 29th, T. 8111, and 194 

E. Washington, T. 1126 
Burnham Edward, hair goods, wh. 6 E. Wash- 
ington, ret. 71 S. State ,T. 5335 
Burnham H. A. Mrs. grocer, 978 Wilcox av. 
Burnham Hugh L. lawyer, 91 Dearborn, R. 3, 

T. 5803 
Burnham Josiah, lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, R. 

91, T. 823 
Burnham J. printer. 151 S. Clark, R. 6 
Burnham T. lawyer, 115 E. Monroe, R. 34 
Burnham & Root (Daniel H. Burnham and 

John W. Root) architects, 115iE. Monroe, 

R. 42, T. 92 
Burns Andrew, meatmkt. 1242 W. Van Buren 
Burns Anthony, saloon, 200 N. Clark 
Burns Benjamin, meatmkt. 538 29th 
Burns' Boys'(John and William) saloon, 3912 

S. State 


i PatemtS 

114 BUK 



Barns Bros. (P. and J. C.) coal, 926 N.»Hal- 

sted, T. 3374 
Burns B. ship chandler, 125 N. Canal 
Burns Edward, saloon, 558 43d 
Burns Garrett, meatmkt. 231 39th 
Burns Henry, saloon, 4311 S. Halsted 
Burns James, carp. 274 W. Huron 
Burns James W. painter, 149 S. Desplaines 
Burns John,express,Vincent av. bet. 66th and 

67 th 
Burns John F. saloon, 1633 S. Clark 
Burns John J. saloon, 193 S. Clark 
Burns Morgan .horseshoer, 5221 Lake av. 
Burns Nellie Mrs. baker, 5040 S. State 
Burns Owen, boots and shoes, 67 N. State 
Burns Owen, sewer builder, 148 N. Clark 
Burns P. plasterer, 38th, nr. Clark 
Burns Randall W. not. pub. 177 S. Clark, R. 6 
BURNS KOBT. patent lawyer, 135 La 

SaUe, R. 8. 
Burns Thomas, blksmth. 198 E. Yan Buren 
Burns Tony, saloon, 200 N. Clark 
Burns William, saloon, 826 43d. 
Burns W. H. & Co., M. W. Dyer, agt. ladies' 

underwear, 218 S. Market, T. 411 
Burns & Conner, painters, 213 E. Washington. 
Burns & Moore (Henry Moore and William 

Burns) dry goods com. 139 E. Madison, 

R. 30 
Burnside James L. carp. Morse av. (Rogers 

Burnstein A. & Son. (Abraham and Herman 

P.) scrap iron, 415 S. Canal, T. 4754 
Burnstein Morris, clothing, 743 Milwaukee av. 
Burr A. & Co. (Andrew Burr) rugs, 575 S. 

Burr Albert H. Dr. 584 S. State, T. 1060 
Burrell Elizabeth A. Mrs. variety, 2354 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 
Burridge, Moses & Louderback (Walter W. 

Burridge, Thomas G. Moses and John D. 

Louderback) scenic artists, 140 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 22 
Burris J. D. live stk. com. 109 Exch. Bldg. 

Stk. Yds. 
Burroughs Charles B. milk. ns. Noyes, 4th, e. 

Ridge av. (Evanston) 
Burroughs C. D. cigars, 535 W. 12th 
Burroughs H. D. cigars, 535 W. 11th 
Burroughs C. J. & Co. printers, 198 S. Clark, 

T. 1471 
Burroughs Eugene P. not. pub. 200 LaSalle 
Burroughs L. artists' materials, 500 W. Mad- 
Burroughs M. Ellen, dressmkr. 5540 Lake av. 
Burroughs Philip, painter, 910 W. Madison 
Burroughs & Patterson (Robert Burroughs 

and Harry Patterson) restaurant, 169 E. 

Burrous W. S. architect, 226 LaSalle, R. 40 
Burrowes E. T. & Co. George A. Hobins, mngr. 

wire screens, 25 E. Washington 
Burrows Charles D. confectr. 535 W. 12th 
Burrows D. W. ins. agt. 143 LaSaUe, R. 41 
Burrows John H. prop. The Lagonda, 185 E. 

Burrows Joseph M. lawyer, 157 LaSalle 
Burry George, lawyer, 161 LaSalle, R. 85, 

T. 651 
Burry James Dr. 4012 Ellis av. T. 9979 
Burry William, lawyer, 161 LaSalle, R. 85, T. 

651 and Pullman bldg. T. 5472 
Burst J. W. state registrar, 218 LaSalle, R. 805 
Burt Frank B. shoemnf r. 153 W. Washington 
Burt Fred, painter, 252 N. Ashland av. 

Burt Paper & Stationery Co. R. B. Chase, 
pres. Jno. C. Whiteford, sec. and treas. 
78 Wabash av. 
Burt William, mdse. broker, 51 Wabash av. 

T. 5545 
Burt Wm. H. Dr. 112 Dearborn and h. 648 Wash- 
ington boul. 
Burt W. H. Dr. 112 Dearborn, R. 3, h.652 Wash- 

ington boul. T. 7224 
Burt & Wells (John C. Burt and James H. 

WeUs) drugs, 951 W. Lake, T. 7168 
Burtcli Nathaniel B. printer, 370 Dearborn, T. 

Burtis House, Mrs. Julia A. Burtis, prop. 

14 Bishop ct. 
Burton Abraham, saloon, 19 E. Chicago av. 
Burton Charles S. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 

1007, T. 1651 
Burton Edmund F. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 

1007, T. 1651 
Burton House, Andrew O'Girr, prop. 4119 S. 

Burton John E. Henry D. Chapin, mngr. 

bookseller, 91 Dearborn 
Burton Joseph & Son (Joseph Sr. and Joseph 

Jr.) scavengers, rear 84 LaSalle 
Burton LeGrand, lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 510, 

T. 701 
Burton Leonie Mrs. dressmkr. 896 W. Madison 
Burton Mnfg. Co. John E. Burton, pres. and 

treas. Pleasant Amick, v. pres. and O. P. 

Chisholm, sec. mnfg. buildings, (rooms 

rented with power) 177 LaSalle, R. 30 
Burton Mathew Mnfg. Co. (The) Mathew 

Burton prop, grip vises. 220 Wabash av. 
Burton Moses, paints, 2871 Archer av. 
Burton Robert A. lawyer, 79 S. Clark, R. 20, 

T. 5045 
Burton Thomas & Co. (Thomas Burton) scav- 
enger, 76 5th av. 

Hadlock, mngr. 105 Royal Ins. bldg. 169 

E. Jackson, T. 889 
Burton & Burton (Charles S. and Edmund F.) 

patent solicitors, 112 S. Clark, R. 1007, T. 

Burtonne Augusta Mrs. dressmkr. 95 13th pi. 
Burtzlaff Gustav, harnessmkr. 506 W. Chi- 
cago av. 
Burwash Henry J. Dr. 1216 Milwaukee av. T. 

Burwell Wm. B. tinware, 144 E. Lake and 

Bus Sievert, grocer, 567 W. Harrison 
Busch Bros. (Charles and Sigmund) meatmkt. I 

371 Loomis 
Busch Herman, wagon mnfr. 422 Wells 
Busch Jacob, saloon, 2329 Cottage Grove av. 
Busch Jacob D. milk, 6069 LaSalle 
Busch Jane Mrs. notions, 5212 Lake av. 
BUSCH JOHSJ, saloon, 554 Sedgwick 
Busch Mathew, saloon, 712 S. Halsted 
Busch Matt, saloon, 2509 Cottage Grove av. 
Busch Peter J. painter, 5212 Lake av. 
Buschart Joseph, blksmth. 690 Southport av. 
Busche Otto, saloon, 576£ Ogden av. 

Lawrence av. cor. Clark (Lake View) 
Buschhorn William, saloon, 73 Clybourn av. 
Buschner Sebastian, altar bidr. 123 11th 
Buser Wm. R. bootmkr. 1613 Butterfield 
Bush E. J. cut stone contractor, 578 W. 12th. 
Bush Frank C. drugs. 3659 S. Halsted, T. 9634 
Bush George A. meatmkt. 247 E. Chicago av. 

T. 3420 


Market, S. W. Cor. Adams, 

TELEPHONE No. 1293. 



Bush Hannah Mrs. laundry, 973 W. Lake 

Bush Henry, meatmkt. 136 Larrabee 

Bush J. Gordon, dry goods, 78 E. Monroe, R. 

Bush J. P. Mnfg. Co. (The) Robert Kennedy, 

mngr. fluid food, 44 3d av. 
Bush Lorenzo, dentist, 125 S. State, R. 12 
Bush Patrick J. bldr. 147 25th pi. 
Bush, Simmons & Co. (William H. Bush and 
F. T. Simmons,) mnfr. hats and caps, 241 
E. Monroe 
Bush William H. & Co. (William H. Bush 
and John Gerts,) piano mnfr. 243 E. Chi- 
cago and 51 W. Pearson 
Bushee Braton, builder, Wright bt. 61st and 

62d (Englewood) 
Bushing Fred, saloon, 742 Throop 
Bushnell L. Dr. 439 W. Randolph 
Bushnell M. B. carp. 429 S. Leavitt 
Bushnell Spring Co. (The) S. H. Hubbard, 

prop, mattresses, 267 Wabash av. 
Bushnell W. F. contractor, 816 Sherman av. 

Bushnell & Bassler (George W. Bushnell and 
Eugene Bassler) livery, 674 W. Madison, 
T. 7111 
CAGO, A. N. Marquis &Co. pubs. Lake- 
side bldg. 214 and 216 S. Clark, sw. cor. 
Business Mens' Collection Agency, Moore & 
Seward, props. 166 E. Randolph, R. 9, 
T. 1635 
Business Pub. Co. George J. Brine, pres. 
George H. Jameson, sec. John G. Cowles, 
treas. 119 E. Quincy, T. 602 
Buskett Frank E. painter, 4505 S. State 
Buss Frederick B. iron, 175 Dearborn, R. 34, 

T. 976 
Buss John undertaker, 479 W. 12th and 227 

Buss Machine Works, E. P. Buss, mngr. 48 S. 

Canal, T. 4063 
Bussau Henry, dyer, 672 S. Halsted 
Busse Caroline Mrs. midwife, 750 N. Halsted 
Busse Christian C. contractor, 126 Dearborn, 

R. 9, T. 1685 
Busse George A. hardware, 506 N. Clark, 

T. 3370 
Busse George F. saloon, 5464 Lake av. 
Busse Hermann, music teacher, 847 Sheffield 

Busse H. L. grocer, 945 W. Harrison 
Busse John, brick mnfr. Western av. nr. 47th 
Bussell Henry, meatmkt. 130 Sedgwick 
Bussey Wm. H. shoemkr. Fullerton and Perry 

ays. # 
Bussi William, saloon, 5408 School 
Bussiere L. E. roofer, 931 W. 14th 
Bussy Charles, meatmkt. 276 Blue Island av. 
Butcher Richard, clothing, 986 W. Madison 
Butchers' Nat. Journal, Butchers' Nat. Jour- 
nal Co. pub. Will Sinclair, sec. 126 E. 
Washington, R. 66 . 
Butcher's Washington Sons, packers, 4 Sher- 
man, R. 41 and stk yds. T. 9559 
Butenschoen & Juergens, (Jochim Buten- 
schoen and Bernhart Juergens) saloon, 
2944 Wentworth av. 
Butgereit & Zehrt, (Gotlieb Butgereit and 

Charles Zehrt) grocers, 227 W. Huron 
Butler Andrew O. real est. 172 La Salle, R. 36 
Butler A. Mrs. Turkish baths, 327 S. State 
Butler A. L. steel and tools, 64 S. Clinton, 
T. 4472 

Butler Brothers, (Charles H. and E. B.) wh. 

notions, 199 E. Adams, T. 685. 
Butler Co. (The) James C. Linn, pres. C. P. 

Monahan, sec. and treas. mantels, 224 

Wabash ave. T. 5009 
Butler F. A. & Co. (Francis A. Butler) drugs, 

206 39th, T. 9843. 
Butler Frank D. purchasing agt. 188 S. Water 
Butler G. S & Co. (G. S. and F. F. Butler,) 

real est. 898 N. Clark 
Butler HiUiard C. barber, 929 W. Lake 
Butler James, saloon, 122 E. Lake 
Butler James, harnessmkr. 672 W. Indiana 
Butler John. prop, family laundry, 1715 S. 

Butler John H. paper hanger, Tripp av. bet. 

Bloomingdale rd. and Cortland av. (Jef- 
Butler Joseph, saloon 39th and Archer av. 
Butler J. H. grocer, Lincoln av. (S. Evans- 

Moore, pres. Geo. W. Moss, treas. J. W. 

Butler v. pres. C. M. Davis, sec. 183 E. 

Monroe, T. 724 and 749 
Butler Tea Co. (The) Mrs. Dobie Roman, 

prop. 967 W. Lake 
Butler T. O. Dr. 2s DeKalb 
Butler W. lawyer, 96 E. Washington, R. 34 
Butman Furnace Company, T. R. Butman, 

gen. mngr. 8 S. Canal, T. 4041 
Butterfield Theodore G. Jr. crockery, 2956 S. 

Butterfield William L. real est. 164 Dearborn, 

R. 617 
Butterick Publishing Co. (The) limited, Geo, 

H. Owen, mngr. pubs, (pattern and fash- 
ion pubs.) 159 S. State 
Butters Alfred J. confectr. 1107 Milwaukee 

Butters William A. real est. 161 LaSalle, R. 23 
Buttles M. R. shoemkr. 317 W. Randolph 
Buttner William H. lawyer, 41 S. Clark, R. 15 
Button Charles E. drugs, 744 W. Van Buren, 

T. 7115 
Button & Berger, carp. 290 Dearborn 
Butts, Fry & Co. (Aaron Butts, Martin Fry, 

and Ozro E. Mansur,) com. mer. 85 S. 

Butts M. Mrs. Dr. 69 S. State. Room E 

Butz Otto C. lawyer, 95 E. Washington, R. 61, 
T. 1476 

Butz & Eschenburg (Otto C. Butz and Arnold 
W. Eschenburg) lawyers, 95 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 61, T. 1476 

Butzow A C. & Bros. (Albert C. Julius R. and 
W. G.) undertakers, 530 Ogden av. T. 

Butzow Christopher H. tailor, 93 E. Adams 

BUTZOW WUI. O. feed, grain and 
pressed hay, 530 Ogden av. T. 7193 

Buxbaum L. propr. Great Western Conserv- 
ing Co. 161 E. Kinzie 

BUXTON E. J. crockery, 1670 Milwaukee 

Byam John W. lawyer, 182 Dearborn, R. 19, T. 

Byam, Parkhurst & Weinschenk (John W. 
Byam, H. S. Parkhurst and Lucius Wein- 
schenk) lawyers, 184 Dearborn, Room 19, 
T. 1726 

Byczek M. coal, Ward, ne. cor. Diversey av. 

Byers Alexander, saloon, 102 S. Halsted 

Byers A. M. & Co. A. J. McDonald, agt. 
wrought iron pipe, 26 W. Lake, R. 3 





116 BYF 



Byford Henry T. Dr. 125 S. State, It, 20, h. 

3100 Forest av. T. 8299 
Byford William H. Dr. 125 S. State, R. 20, h. 

1832 Indiana av. T. 8283 
Bygren John, coal, 146 Sedgwick 
Bymel Wm, grocer, 240 Cly bourn av. 
Byram Sidney W. carp. 3(503 Cottage Grove av. 
Byrne Bros. (Charles J. and Timothy F.) 

coal, 530 W. 12th 
Byrne Charles G. wood turner, 287 S. Canal 
Byrne Frank M. printer, 148 S. State, R. 6 
BYMEHAKRY, beer pumps and sa- 
loon supplies, 204 E. Washington 
Byrne James J. plumber, 2841 Archer av. and 

212 Blue Island av. 
Byrne J. H. Dr. 231 W. Randolph, T. 4270 
Byrne Luke, hatter, 207 W. Madison 
Byrne Marg. Miss, baker, 3149 Wentworth av. 
Byrne Mark T. carp. 96 W. 13th 
Byrne Mary Miss, dressmkr. 21 N. Halsted 
Byrne Mary Mrs. dressmkr. 622 E. 27th 
Byrne Michael, saloon, 367 W. Madison 
Byrne P. O'Neill, lawyer, legal dept. Wabash 

Ry. Co. Rialto Bldg. 
Byrnes John, saloon, 276 S. Water and 507 S. 

Byrnes John, saloon, 3700 Wallace 
Byrnes & Gavigan, (Peter F. Byrnes and John 

E. Gavigan,) saloon, 395 Centre av. 
Byron Edward, prop. Hotel Byron, 168 S. 

Bzark Louis, Boots and Shoes, 3132 S. State 

CABEREY HARVEY R. society goods 

and regalias, 201 S. Clark, R. 12 
Cable Charles E. harnessmkr. 46 Wells 
Cadding William E. canal cjllector, Levee 

and Ashland av. 
Cadidigan Daniel, grocer, 2912 South Park av. 
Cadieux John N. Dr. 262 S. Halsted 
Cadle W. L. lumber buyer, Lumber and 22nd. 

T. 3134 
Cadott Henry W. grocer, 5101 Atlantic s. e. 

cor. 51st 
Cady Edward E. dentist, 52 31st 
Cady G. B. Dr. 133 LaSalle, R, 27 
Cady S. P. & Co. (Samuel P. Cady) live stk. 

com. 118Exch. Bldg. Stk. Yds. 
Caesar H. disinfectant, 79 Dearborn, R. 45 
Caeser Charles, saloon, 47 W. North av. 
Cahill Daniel, saloon, 315 E. Illinois 
Cahill Daniel, saloon, 1059 Blue Island av. 
Cahill Edward T. lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 62, 

T. 5699 
Cahill E. Mrs. dry goods, 116 29th 
Cahill Joseph, saloon, 3720 Cottage Grove av. 
Cahill Michael J. printer, 79 E. Randolph 
Cahill Michael T. builder, 981 W. Lake 
Cahill Patrick, saloon, 3558 Parnell av. 
Cahill, Roseboom & Co. (M. Cahill and J. H. 

Roseboom) broom corn, 207 E. Kinzie 
Cahill Thomas, meatmkt. 827 W. Lake 
Cahill Walter, hardware, 217 W. 12th 
Cahn David, dry goods, 114 E. Chicago av. 
Cahn, Wampold & Co. (Louis Wampold, 

David Wallack, Charles Cahn, Joseph and 

Benjamin Cahn) wh. clothing, 210 E. 

Monroe, T. 1323 
Cahn & Bergman (Jacob L. Cahn and Alex. 

Bergman), wh. tailors, 150 5th av. 
Cailey John E. mnfrs. of printers' leads, 84 S. 

Market, R. 29, T. 1757 
Cain Isaac A. pictures, 102 E. Randolph 
Cain William H. H. dentist, 112 Dearborn, 

R. 1 

Caird Shoe Co. Aiexandi r Caird, mngr. 106 S. 

Cairnduff W. H. & Co. (W. H. Cairnduff), 

real est. 191 LaSalle, R. 67 
CAIRNS M. A. painter, 146 S. Water, R. 9 
Cairo & Chicago Refrigerator Line, Edward 

S. Levy, gen. mngr. Clark ne. cor. S. 

Water, T. 5618 
Caithamr Joseph, saloon, 165 W. 19th 
Calder Arthur J. saloon, 155 E. Randolph 
Caldwell Andrew, carp, and coal, 301 Fulton 
Caldwell Charles E. Dr. 3858 S. State, T. 9824 

h. 438 38th, T. 9915 
Caldwell Charles H. builder. 6422 Wentworth 

av. T. 70 
Caldwell Charles P. drugs. 713 43d, T. 9536 
Caldwell D. W. receiver New York, Chicago 

& St. Louis Ry. Co. 191 LaSalle 
Caldwell Frank C, Dr. 66 S. State, R. 14, T. 

5642, h. 631 S. Oakley 
Caldwell Frank C. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 

1029, T. 690. 
Caldwell F. C. Dr. 47 Bryant pi. 
Caldwell Henry P. real est. 166 E. Washing- 
ton R. 9 
Caldwell Henry W. mill and elevator sup- 
plies, 131 W. Washington, T. 4548 
CaldweU Wm. W. fire ins. agt. 202 LaSalle, T. 

Caley John, meatmkt. 1561 Milwaukee av. T. 

Call Josephine Mrs. confectr. 181 W. Mon- 
California Co. Hiram L. Holden, mngr. 

James A. Canfield, sec. wines, 130 LaSalle 
California House, Leonhard Schaefer, prop. 

2701 Cottage Grove av. 
California Ins. Co. of San Francisco, Cal., H. 

JJ. Brown & Co. agts. 185 LaSaUe, T. 268 
California Refining and Preserving Co. James 

Conlon, pres. Henry Rosenfield, treas. 

Joseph F. Conlon, sec. fruit preserves, 16 

N. Clinton, T. 4480 
Calkins E. A. & Co. builders, 115 LaSalle, R. 

Calkins Hiram, grocer, 422 S. Canal 
Calkins O. C. mdse. broker, 8 Wabash. av. 
CAJjKXXS T. JB. wood engraver, 142 Dear- 
born, R. 24 
Calkins William W. lumber, 236 S. Water, R. 

1, T. 784 
Call (The) The Aldine Printing Co. pubs. 

3907 Cottage Grove av. 
Callaghan Simon, weigher, 49 River 
Callaghan & Co. (Bernard Callaghan, Sheldon 

A. Clark, Wilson L. Mead and James E. 

Callaghan) law books, 114 E. Monroe 
Callahan Andrew P. mngr. Prussing Vinegar 

Co. 2407 LaSalle, T. 8410 
Callahan C. F. & Co. (Charles F. Callahan) i 

real est. 84 LaSalle, R. 27 
Callahan David, lawyer, 77 S. Clark, R. 11 
Callahan D. J. harnessmkr. 18 S. Paulina 
Callahan Edmond J. naloon, 533 S. Morgan 
Callahan Edward, carp. 358 W. North av. 
Callahan E. C. grocer, 730 Austin av. 
Callahan James, grocer, 3712 Cottage Grove 

Callahan John, grocer, 14 E. 26th 
Callahan Patrick, stoves, 129 Wells 
Callahan Patrick, grocer, 345 W. 15th 
Callahan Timothy, plumbing, 561 26th 
Callahan T.J. &;Co. (Timothy J. Callahan and 

James Nickelson) saloon, 1634 S. State 
Callanan John, coal, 4720 Wentworth av. 



182 Dearborn St. 


Callender's Insulating and Waterproofing Co. 
mnfrs. insulated wire, Win! Simpson, 
mngr. 154 La Salle 

Callerman Emanuel, grocer, 2459 S. State 

Calligan Emma Mrs. laundry, 2534 Went- 
worth av. 

Calto Bros. (John B. Peter and Nicholas) 
carps. 950 Clybourn av. 

Calumet Club, H. J. McFarland, pres. 
George N. Styles, sec. E. 20th ne. cor. 
Michigan av. T. 8419 

Calumet Collection Agency, (Chamberlin & 
Eldredge) 601 Rialto bldg. 

Calumet Foundry Co. (The), Albert B. Pull- 
man, pres. Wm. D. Rowley, treas. Sam- 
uel T. Rowley, sec. 175 Dearborn, R. 9, T. 
765 and Wallace and 59th. T. 18 

Calumet Iron and Steel Co. M. M. Towle, 
pres. George W. Hoffman, treas, J. T. 
Torrence, v. pres. and gen. mngr. and D. 
F. Cameron, sec. 164 Dearborn, R. 212, T. 

Calumet and Chicago Canal and Dock Co. C. 
R. Cummings, pres. John B. Cohrs, v. 

Eres. James Marsh, sec. and treas. 170 
>earborn, T. 115 and So. Chicago, T. 9939 

Calvary Cemetery, Calvary, T. 3954, office 154 
LaSalle, R. 18 

Cambria Iron Co. Clifford J. Ellis, agt. 115 
E. Monroe, R. 12, T. 1378 

Cambria Mining. Co. James Rood Jr. treas. 
iron ore, 163 E. Randolph, R. 9 

Cambridge Arthur G. dramatic agt. 93 E. 
Washington, R. 8 

Cameron Alexand M. plumber, 135 W. Van- 

Cameron, Amberg & Co. (Daniel R. Cameron, 
William N. John H. and T. J. Amberg) 
stationers, 73 E. Lake, T. 5140 and 232 La- 
Salle, T. 1476 

CAMEROU A. J. & CO. (Alex. J. and Al- 
pin J. Cameron and Wm. J. Denegre) 
worsted and woolen yarns, 77 S. Market 

Cameron Charles S. lawyer, 162 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 65 

Cameron Duncan, carp. 16 E. Quincy, T. 14 

Cameron Dwight F. real est. 164 Dearborn, R. 

Cameron George M. dentist, 78 E. Monroe, 
R. 28 

Cameron Harrow and Wagon Co. (The) John 
S. Judson, pres. W. B. Judson, sec. and 
treas. 308 Dearborn, T. 396 

Cameron James P. pub. and bookbinder, 184 
E. Monroe 

Cameron John, ins. agt. 220 LaSalle, T. 172 

Cameron John, saloon, 280 5th av. 

Cameron John Mrs. prop. Allen House, 83 S. 

Cameron Robert, saloon, 189 S. Market 

Cameron William G. laundry, 386 Wells 

Cameron & Leavitt, milk, 228 Townsend 

Camilla Joseph, restaurant, 40 W. Madison 

Camlott Charles, undertaker, 50 W. 19th 

Camp Andrew R. Dr. 444 Dearborn and 167 
4th av. 

Camp Charles D. Dr. 325 Washington 

Campbell Alexander, notions and cigars, 4078 
S. State 

Campbell A. builder, 618 W. Jackson 

Campbell A. A. & Co. (Alber A. Campbell and 
Edward P. White) plumbers, 837 W. Mad- 
ison T. 7128 

Campbell Benjamin H. capitalist, 110 La- 
Salle, R. 3 

Campbell Bros. (James L. and Frank W.) 

real est. 149 E. Madison 
Campbell Bros. Mnfg. Co. (The) Murdock 

Campbell, pres. Alexander Campbell,supt. 

Hiram T. Jacobs, sec. and treas.) planing 

mill. E. Ohio sw. cor. Franklin, T. 3012 
Campbell Christ, 546 W. 12th 
Campbell Daniel A. lawyer, 256 LaSalle, R. 43 
Campbell David, lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 31, 

T. 735 
Campbell D. S. Mrs. Dr. 537 W. Monroe 
Campbell E. H. & Co. (Edward H. and Ina G.) 

ladies furng. goods, 484 W. Randolph 
Campbell Francis A. lawyer, 139 Dearborn, R. 

12, T. 140 
Campbell Frank W. notary, 149 E. Madison 
Campbell George C. grocer, 778 S. Halsted 
Campbell Jas. fl. & Co. James H. Campbell 

mngr. live stk. com. 151 Exch. bldg. Stk. 

Campbell John, cigars, 60 N. California av. 
Campbell John P. ins. agt. 162 LaSaUe, T. 1189 
Campbell J. Mrs. dressmkr. 617 W. Van Buren 
Campbell J. D. grocer, 1098 W. Madison 
Campbell Lome J. M. drugs, 527 S. State 
Campbell Malcolm, saloon, 1041 W. Lake 
Campbell M.A. Mrs. dressmkr. 757 W. Madison 
Campbell MaryE. & Co. flour and feed, La- 
Salle av. ne. cor. Indiana 
Campbell Mary L. notions, 219 E. 26th 
Campbell Maude Miss, hair goods, 104 S. 

State, R. A 
Campbell Martin L. wh. oysters, 130 S. Water, 

T. 5188 
Campbell Nathan W. lawyer, 22 5th av, 
Campbell Printing Press & Mnfg. Co. 306 

Dearborn, T. 802 
Campbell R. E. Mrs. millinery, 916 W. Lake 
Campbell Sarah Miss, dressmkr. 119 Jay 
Campbell Thomas H. real est. 164 Dearborn, 

R 215 T 1713 
Campbell'Treat, real est. 164 Dearborn, R. 215, 

T. 1713 
Campbell Wallace, maltster, 201 S. Clinton 
Campbell William, boots and shoes, 605 Lin- 
coln av. 
Campbell William J. lawyer, 218 LaSalle, R. 

619, T. 1351 
Campbell & Custer, (William J. Campbell and 

Jacob R. Custer) lawyers, 218 La Salle, R. 

619 to 623, T. 1351 
Campbell & Hamilton, (F. W. Campbell and 

A. A. Hamilton) ins. agts. 195 LaSalle, R. 4 
Campe Frank, iron cornices, 165 Wells 
Campe & Haaso (Gustav Campe and Chris- 
tian Haase,) cornices, 181 E. Illinois 
Campfield Alfred L. printer, 73 S. Clark, R. 9 
Camph J. O. Mrs. drugs. Franklin, near Oak 
Camphouse J. bldr. 184 Evergreen av. 
CAMPIN E. «fc CO, plumbers and gasftrs, 

71 E. 16th T. 8433 
Campin & Anthauer, plumbers, 538 Milwaukee 

Campin &Eckman (Edward Campin and John 

H. Eckman) plumbers, 364 Lincoln av. 
Campion G. E. Mrs. boarding, 1061 W. Lake 
Camradt Herman C. saloon, 741 Clybourn av. 
Canada Fur Manufacturing Co. Simon Minch- 

rod, mngr. wh. furs, 170 S. Market 
Canada Southern Line (fast freight) E. L. 

Somers, agt. 209 La Salle 
Canadian American (The) Jaffray Bros. pubs. 

128 La Salle, R. 6 
Canadian American Loan and Building Asso- 
ciation, Grand Pacific Hotel 



225 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

118 CAN 




CO. (THE) J. Francis Lee, commercial 

agt. 232 S. Clark, Grand Pacific Hotel 

bldg, T. 1780 
Canadien Cordonnier, shoemkr. 78 Blue 

Island av. 
Canavan Austin A. lawyer, 80 Dearborn, R. 24 
Canaven John, grocer, 4762 School 
Candee & Co. (William B. Candee and A. W. 

Smith) lumber, 242 S. Water, R. 20 
Candido Rosi, teacher, (Spanish) 69 S. State 

R. 46 
Canepo Bros. (John and James) vermicelli, 

101 E. Indiana 
Canfield Corresta T. Mrs. Dr. 244 Lincoln av. 
Canfield C. F. Dr. 244 Lincoln av. 
Canfield Eli L. real est. and loans, 164 E. 

Randolph, R. 2, T. 1084 
Canfield W. H.& Co. grocers, 618 Davis, (Ev- 

Canfield & Co. (Horace B. Canfield and Frank 

E. Canfield) mnf rs. show cases and drug 

store fixtures, 7 to 13 Wabash av. 
Canneppa Stephen, confectr. 260 E. North av. 
Canning Walter J. saloon, 190 W. 22nd 
Canno Patrick, saloon, 4046 Wright 
Cannon Dominick F. horse ehoer, 281 E. 

Cannon Peter, saloon, 86th and Vincennes av. 
Cannon Sallie Mrs. milliner, 676 W. Madison 
Canova Portrait Studio, photog. 241 Wabash 

av. R. 32 
CANRATH NICHOLAS, saloon, 986 

Clybourn av. 
Cantlon James, paints and oils,'185 Milwaukee 

Cantlon WiUiam Mrs. cigars, 181 Milwaukee 

Cantrovitz S. & Sons, (Samuel, Solomon M. 

James D. and Henry D.) wh. cigars, 165 

E. Adams 
Cantwell J. S., D. D. editor The Universalist, 

69 Dearborn, R. 41. 
Canty James, news depot, 55 Canalport av. 
Canty John, plumber, 3105 S. State 
CANVL\ GEOBGE, meatmkt. 1347 W. 

Lake, T. 7217 
Capellier L. Edward, teacher of French, 241 

Wabash av. R. 5 
Capitol Accident and Disability Co. of 

Springfield, IU. Col. Thomas H. O'Brien 

gen. agt. 131 La Salle, R. 13 
Capner M. B. Mrs. dressmkr. A. 839i W. Mad- 
Capolungo J. tailor, 165 W. Indiana 
Capouch Vaclav, saloon, 266 W. 20th 
Cappel John, meatmkt. 359 Sedgwick 
Cappels Jacob J. cigars, 420 S. State 
Capps Richard, coal, Henry, sw. cor. 

Capretz Christopher, saloon, 2161 Archer av. 
Caproni Antoni, saloon, 398 Wabash av. 
Carabin Mary E. Mrs. dressmkr. 1456 Mich- 
igan av. 
Caraher James, coal, 522 W. Harrison 
Caravatti Joseph, cigars, 47 E. Monroe 
Carberry Wm. F. saloon, 2725 Archer av. 
Carbin Hubert, window shades, 389 Sedgwick 
Carbine Martin, variety, 2728 Archer av. 
Carbine Thomas, real est. 329 W. Lake 
Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. George B. Gaston, 

mngr. 134 E. Madison, R. 4 
Carbondale Brown Stone Co. J ohn Rawle, agt. 

576 S. Morgan, T. 9089 
Carboneau Edward, barber, 69 E. Randolph 

Card S. Jane Mrs. furnished rooms, 50 W. 

Carden Malting Co. John Carden. pres. John 

Carden Jr. supt. David H. Carden, sec. and 

treas. 16 Cherry av. 
Carden & Crowley, cut stone, 797 W. Tavlor 
Cardew Thomas H. meatmkt. 934 W. Madison 
( 'ardew Frank, locksmith, 839 W. Lake 
Cardinall Peter, shoemkr. 3857 Butterfield 
Cardwell Edward J. saloon, 300 W. Harrison 
Cardy I. M. dry goods, 930 N. Halted 
CAKETTI JOHN, fresco painter and 

mardle flooring, 42 N. State 
Carey Eben A. grocer, 236 Washington bd. 
Carey James, saloon, 310 S. Halsted 
Carey John, hat cleaner, 86 W. Adams 
Carey John, undertaker, 624 Blue Island av. 
Carey Martin J. carriage, sign and ornamental 

painter, 621 W. Madison 
Carey Patrick, grocer, 335 Root 
Carey Samuel, blksmth, 164 39th 
Carey T. Lloyd, Dr. 277 S. Clark, R. 11, T. 8119 
Carey & Little (Edward Carey and Thomas 

Little) blksmths. 950 W. Lake 
CargillBros. (Henry P. and Chas. S. Cargill) 

shoemkr. 114 LaSalle 
Carl Martine D. tailor, 64 N. State 
Carleton C. G. & Co. Edward D. Weston, pres. 

fire apparatus, 206 E. Lake, T. 193 
Carleton William H. sewing machines, 3543 

Cottage Grove av. 
Carleton, Maher & Co. (Isaac Harris and John 

W. Maher) spring beds, 407 S. Canal, T. 

Carleton Spring Bed Co. J. S. O'Brien, pres. 

Thomas E. O'Brien, treas. 439 S. State, 

T. 9514 
Carlisle Isaac B. grocer, 214 N. Clark 
Carlsen Edward, grocer, 237 W. Erie. 
Carlsen Jergen, wagonmkr. 346 W. Chicago 

Carlslund Mary Mrs. cloakmnfr. 805 W. North 

Carlson Abraham L. laundry, 2823 LaSalle 
Carlson Adolph, University laundry, Davis 

w. of the railroad (Evanston) 
Carlson Arvid, shoemkr. 37 Milton av. 
Carlson August, coal, 160 N. Sangamon 
Carlson August, dry goods, 5243 Wentworth av. 
Carlson A. saloon, 112 N. Sangamon 
Carlson Benjamin, confectr. 565 W. Ohio 
Carlson Charles, express, 30 S. Canal 
Carlson Charles, restaurant, 54 E. Chicago av. 
Carlson Emma Miss, dressmkr. 279 N. Market 
Carlson E. F. coal, 718 W. North av. 
Carlson Gustaf, prop. North Star laundry, 

144 E. Chicago av. 
Carlson Gustav, tailor, 38 S. Clark, R. 8 
Carlson Gustave, meatmkt. 271 W. Erie 
Carlson Ida Mrs. dressmkr. 504 Austin av. 
Carlson J. M. confectr. 242 Milwaukee av. 
Carlson Mary Miss, laundry, 85 E. Kinzie 
Carlson Oscar, confectr. 2520 Wentworth av. 
Carlson Swen P. grocer, 66 Milton av. 
Carlson Victor, grocer, 336 Parmalee 
Carlson & Co. (Charles Carlson and Charles 

J. Erickson) grocers, 59th sw. cor. S. 

Carlson & Stoltin, (Emily ('arson and Hulda 

Stoltin) laundry, 44 Clybourn av. 
Carlsruh Jacob, meatmkt. 840 W. Madison 
Carlstedt A. meatmkt. 3802 S. State 
Carlstrom Charles E. dyer, 190 Milton av.' 
CARLTON, FOSTER & CO. sash and 
* door mnfr. 22d cor. Union 



Carlton House, John O'Neill, prop. 169 3d av. 
Carlyle John S. grocer, 328 W. Madison 
Carmack Edgar H. ins. agt. 218 LaSalle, R. 

306, T. 1328 
Carmack Edgar H. water fillers, 148 LaSalle 
Carman George L. comr.North Western Cent- 
ral Iowa Traffic Asso. 216 S. Clark, R. 14, 
T. 1426 
Carmicheal Anna Mrs. furniture, 5154 Went- 

worth av. 
Carmichael D. L. lawyer, 5154 Wentworth av. 
Carmichael & Aris, (Ermina Carmichael and 

Edwin W. Aris) furniture, 4743 S. State 
Carmichael Rachel Mrs. furniture, 1301 S. 

CARMODY JEREMIAH, saloon, 134 

W. Harrison 
Carmody Wm. saloon, 855 S. Halsted 
Camdutt John, tailor, 437 Ogden av. 
Came & Coombs, (John Carne Jr. and Hiram 
Coombs) tax abstracts, 78 LaSalle, R. G. 
T. 187 
Carnegie Brothers & Co. (Limited) John C. 
Fleming, agt. iron and steel mnfrs. 205 
LaSaUe, R. 209, T. 589 
Carnegie, Phip; s & Co. (Limited) iron and 
steel mnfrs. John C. Fleming, agt. 205 La 
SaUe, R. 209, T. 589 
Carney Bros. (William E. and Henry J.) coal, 

364 W. Polk, T. 4101 
Carney Bros. (John J. James P. and William 

E.) coal, 128 Blue Island av. 
Carney Thomas, coal and feed, 65 N. Market 
Carney Thomas, J. Jr. saloon, 63 N. Market 
Carney Wm. express, 128 Blue Island av. 
Carney William J. painter, 1638 Wabash av. 
Carney & Allen (George W. Carney and Harry 
Allen) paints and oils, 453 S. State and 604 
Carney & McLogan, (Wm. J. Carney and 

James McLogan) painters, 559 State 
Cams Dora Mrs. prop. Cams House, 310 S. 

Cams House, Mrs. Dora Cams, prop. 1.310 S. 

Carpenter Charles, stenog. 81 S. Clark, R. 34 
Carpenter Charles, builder, 26 N. Ashiand av. 
Carpenter Daniel S. carp. 95 4th av. 
Carpenter E. H & Co. (E. H. Carpenter,) bar- 
bers, Tremont House 
Carpenter E. R. E. dentist, 271 Wabash av. 

R 5 
Carpenter George, meatmkt. 171 S. Western av 
Carpenter George B. Mrs. sec. Central Music 

Hall, 69 S. State 
awnings, tents, flags, pulleys, twines, cord- 
age, nets, mill supplies, wire rope, etc. 
202 to 208 S. Water, T. 1561 
Carpenter George W. grocer, 615 W. Van 

Carpenter G. W. variety store, Market (Rogers 

Carpenter John G. milk, 486 Fulton 
Carpenter J. Harry, architect, 156 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 36, T. 1097 
Carpenter J. S. & Co. (John S. Carpenter,) 

grain com. 10 Pacific av. R. 119, T. 1468 
Carpenter Lloyd G. horse shoer, 658 W. Madi- 
Carpenter Michael, grocer, 413 Blue Island 

CARPENTER M. W. & CO. (M. W. Car- 
penter, and R. F. Stiller) grocers. 413 Blue 
Island av. 

Carpenter Otto, saloon, 1226 N. Ashland av. 
Carpenter Wm. F. stationery, 773 W. Madison 
Carpenter W. Irving, variety, 401 43d 
Carpenter & Gall, (O. J. Carpenter and F. 

Gall) meatmkt. 707 W. Harrison 
Carpenter and C. H. Wharton) carpenters 
and builders. Market (Rogers Park) 
Carpentry & Building, J. K. Hanes, mngr. 95 

E. Washington, R. 40 
Carr Bessie Miss, confectr. 154 E. 18th 
Carr Bros. (Thomas and Charles) stoves, hard- 
ware and crockery, 116 53d 
CARR C. & SONS. (Christian, Christian 
Jr., Thomas, Peter, Asmus and Henry) 
hardware, main store, 315 E. Division, T. 
3225, branches, 1602 Milwaukee av. 94 E. 
Fullerton av. 92d (S. \Jhicago) 
CARR E. W. «fc CO. (Edward W. Carr) ad- 
dressing envelopes, 225 Dearborn, R. 38, 
(see adv) 
Carr Frank, saloon, 3233 S. Halsted 
Carr George W. restaurant. 220 Washington 

Carr Gilbert B. coal, 469 S. State, T. 643 
Carr Henry H. grain com. 3 Board Trade 
Carr John A. cornices, Lake av. and 53d 
Carr J. W. (Carson's European hotel) 71 E. 

Van Buren 
Carr Miles H. com. 712 Rialto bldg. 
Carr Thomas, meatmkt. 688 W. 22d 
Carr Watson Dr. 447 Washington boul. 
Carr & Co. (P. V. Carr and Mrs. V. A. Carr) 

shirts, 79 S. Clark 
Carriage Journal (The) The Carriage Journal 
Pub. Co. pubs. Horace E. Partridge, 
pres. Lowell H. Rice, treas. and mngr. 
110 LaSalle, R. 15 
Carrier Edward, cigars, 130 Blue Island av. 
Carrier F. T. carp. 190 S. Green 
Carrick Thomas, carp, rear 15 Eldridge ct. 
Carrington James B. agt. Scribner's Maga- 
zine, 155 S. State 
Carrington John W. Jr. real est. agt. Phenix 

bldg. 311 Phenix bldg. T. 1677 
Carrington Thomas, saloon, 2126 S. State 
Carris Harry, cigars, 1232 S. State 
Carroll Delia Miss, dressmkr. 3256 Cottage 

Grove av. 
CARROLL ». & SONS, mnfrs. brooms, 

1244 W. Adams, T. 7206 
Carroll Gaines, shoemkr. 102 Blue Island av. 
Carroll George, horseshoer, 5100 S. State, sw. 

cor. 51st, rear 
Carroll Jeremiah C. ret. boots and shoes, 70 

W. Madison 
Carroll John, grocer, 106 W. Polk 
Carroll J. J. Mrs. baker, 888 W. Madison 
Carroll Mary A. cigars, 51 N. Western av. 
Carroll Mich, restaurant, Maple av. nr. Davis 

Carroll Thomas, tailor, 74 S. Jefferson 
Carroll Thomas Mrs. toys, 4513 Wallace 
Carroll Thomas J. grocer, 642 S. Ashland av. 
Carroll Patrick, saloon, 9^3 Bine Island av. 
Carroll Patrick C. notions, 1095 W. Lake 
Carroll R, S. lawyer, 94 E. Washington, R. 31, 

T. 1182 
Carroll Willet L. architect, 59 S. Clark, R. 80, 

T. 5787 
CARROLL WILLIAM , saloon, 3148 S. 

Ashland av. 
Carroll William J. saloon, 54 Milton 
Carroll & Burns (Chas. P. Carroll and James 
C. Burns) painters, 165 E. Adams 



Dearborn St. 



120 CAK 



Carroll & Rumsey, (James Carroll and John 

H. Rumsey) upholstrs. 1702 Dearborn 
Carrollton Furniture Co. furniture, 261 Wa- 
bash av. 
Carruthers James, com. 34 Pacific av. R. 34, 

T. 665 
Carse J. F. stained glass, 19 and 21 S. Canal 
Carsley & East Mnfg. Co. F. M. Carsley, pres. 

James East, treas. John M. Reynolds, Jr. 

sec. 266 Wabash av. T. 5727, factory 2242 

La Salle,T. 8118 
Carson C. E. bldr. 22 Grace 
Carson Clayton W. dentist, 3872 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Carson Henry F. dentist, 3266 Cottage Grove av 
Carson Oliver M. dry goods, 103 E. Chidago 

Carson, Pirie & Co. dry goods, 234 to 238 W. 

Madison, T. 4150 
« A RSO X . PIRIE, SCOTT & CO. wh. 

dry goods, Madison ne. cor. Franklin, T. 

Carson's European Hotel, J. W. Carr, prop. 

71 E. Van Buren 
Carsten Gottlieb, saloon, 1606 51st 
Carstens Charles, calciminer, 283 N. May 
Carstens Charlotte Mrs. dressmkr. 791 W. 

Carstens Claus. V. cigars, 150 W. Randolph 
Carstens E. & Sons (Mrs. Eleanor, Conrad, 

and Louis) milk, 163 Hudson av. 
Carstens Henry, saloon, 125 Milwaukee av. 
Carstens H. H. prop. Austin Avenue Hotel, 61 

Austin av. 

agency, 234 LaSalle, R. 73 
Carter A. Mrs. dressmkr. 524 W. Indiana? 
Carter Charles H. Dr. 20 Ewing pi. T. 4317 
Carter C. H. Dr. 929 W. North av. h. 20 Ewing 

pi. T. 4317 
Carter D. Knight, lawyer, 3841 Vincennes av. 
Carter, Dinsmore & Co. (E. H. Ailing, mngr.) 

inks, 151 E. Monroe, R. 12 
Carter Edward, horse shoer, 514 E. Division 
Carter Ernest, lawyer, 205 LaSalle, R. 6 
Carter, Hawley &Co. Chester J. Mallary, agt. 

wh. tea, 59 Wabash av. T. 5636 
Carter John N. boots and shoes, 133iS.|.Hal- 

Carter Judson N. cigars, 548 39th 
Carter Leslie, lawyer, 205 La SaUe, R. 6, T. 

Carter, Macy & Co. Frank E. Fernald, agt. 

teas, 41 Wabash av. T. 5091 
Carter Mary Mrs. restaurant, 1837 S. Clark 
Carter Minnie Mrs. dressmkr. 735 W. Lake 
Carter Ota B. Miss, dressmkr. 103 E. 22nd 
Carter, Rice & Co. H. B. Brooks, mngr. wh. 

paper, 151 E. Monroe, R. 12 
CARTER S. A. MRS. millinery and no- 
tions, Chestnut, nr. Park av. (Austin) 
Carter T. D. lumber, 153 La Salle 
CARTER W. S. real estate, insurance, 

coal and wood, Indiana av. and 39th, T. 

Carter Z. R. & Bro. (Z. R. and T. B.), com. 

mers. cor. Newberry av. and 16th, T. 

CARTER & BARMRD, (Thomas T. 

Carter and Frank A. Barnard), Star 

Printing Ink Works, rear 116 E. Monroe 
Carter & Co. (H. S. Carter), mnfr. furniture, 

31 N. Jefferson 
Carter & Cudihee, (A. B. Carter and D. H. 

Cudihee), hats and caps, 74 La Salle 

Carthamer Joseph, saloon, 165 W. 19th 
Carton L. A. & Co. (Laurence A. Carton), stk. 

broker 96 E. Washington . T. 1202 
Carury Andrew, saloon, 509 Wabash av. 
Caruthers Malcolm, lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 

46, T. 379 
Caruthers T. H. boots and shoes, 1000 W. 

Carver Henry C. wh. sugar, 2 Wabash av. T. 

Cary Eugene, ins. agt. 325 Rialto bldg. 
Gary Frank. Dr. 3027 Indiana av. T. 8108 
Cary John M. roofer, 148 LaSalle 
Cary Mnfg. Co. A. C. Eddy, mngr. pumps, 220 

E. Lake, T. 1717 
Cary, Ogden & Parker (Wm. H. Cary, B. E. 

Ogden, andChas. H. Parker), paint mnfrs. 

276 W. 18th, T. 9088 
Cary Ralph D. cigars and tobacco, 452 W. 

Casano Frank, barber, Michigan av. se. cor. 

Case Ada Mrs. laundry, 71 E. Van Buren 
Case Alfred E. lawyer, 116 LaSalle, R. 29 
Case A. B. Mrs. furnished apartments, 199 S. 

Clark, R. 62 
Case A. B. & Son (Abijah B. and Llewellyn 

T.) printers, 201 S. Clark, R. 35 
Case C. H. & Co. (Charles H. and Edward B.) 

ins. agts. 169 E. Jackson, R. 100, T. 1234 
Case E. N. Dr. 199 S. Clark, R. 49 
Case E. W. Mrs. purchasing agt. 416 N. State, 

T. 3052 
Case Fannie A. Miss, copyist, 156 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 39 
Case Lafayette W. Dr. 384 N. Franklin 
CASE THEODORE €i. lawyer, 94 E. 

Washington, R. 36, T. 1182 
Case William W. lawyer, 142 Dearborn, R. 27 
Case & Blackstone (M. Case and M. C. Black- 
stone) live stk. com. 93 Exch. Bldg. Stk. 

CASE & 1IARTIK (Elisha W. Case and 

Stephen Martin) pie bakers, 37 N. Wood 
Casewell J ohn, vet. surg. 623 W. Madison 
Casely William J. C. Dr. 3101 S. Halsted, T. 

8061, h. 621 31st 
Casey Bros. (Robt. M. and Silas J.) grocers, 

2516 S. Halsted 
Casey Edward, undertaker, 152 S. Desplaines 
Casey James, drugs, 130 31st. T. 8544 
Casey James, grocer, 1419 Wabash av. 
Casey James, house furng. goods, 147 W. 

Casey James, saloon, 27 E. Kinzie 
Casey Jerry, saloon, 224 W. Lake 
Casey John, gardener, Halsted sw. cor 47th 
Casey John, grocer, 107 E. Huron 
Casey Michael, grocer, 467 W. 13th 
Casey Michael J. saloon, 161 Michigan 
Casey Michael T. grocer, 4658 Wentworth av. 
Casey P. saloon fixtures, 45 5th av. 
Casey Thomas P. builder, 141 Blue Island av. 
CASEY T. S. A CO. steel nails, 115 Dear- 
born, R. 35, T. 888 

and Joseph Belanger), horse shoers, 75 E. 

Casey & Moore, (Miss Anna Casey and Mrs. 

Alice C. Moore) dressmkrs. 2896 Archer 

Cash Patrick, com. meats, 66 W. Jackson 
Cash & Vandewrsen, buck mnfrs. 31st cor. Cali- 
fornia av. 
Cashen Mary Mrs. boarding, 745 38th 






Cashin Mary Mrs. dry goods, 1370 S. State 
Cashman David A. Dr. 126 S. State, R. 24, T. 

1294, h. 158 S. Leavitt 
Cashy Louis, saloon, 1227 S. State 
Casimir Charles, shoemaker, 251 N. Clark 
Casimiro Barsoth, fruit, 17 E. Polk 
Casino Pastime Academy and Gymnasium, 

Charles B. Whitney, supt. S. State sw. cor. 

E. 24th, T. 8262 
Casino Theatre, Heme & Daniels, props. 46 N. 

Casler Wallace,pieating machines,99 Madison, 

R. 5 
Caspar Annie Mrs. confectr. 159 DeKoven 
Caspars Frank, saloon, 1511 S. State 
Caspary O. S. & Co. (Oscar S. Caspary) 

ladies' hats, 139 Wabash av. 
Casper Joseph, saloon, 239 W. 12th 
Casper Joseph, fruit, 370 Dearborn 
Casper M. J. Miss, hair goods, 118 E. 22nd 
Casper Philip, saloon, 677 Lincoln av. (Lake 

Casperke Louis, saloon, 2266 Archer av. 
Cass George F. boots and shoes, 1635 Wabash 

Cass George W. lawyer, 101 E. Washington, R. 

Cass Lamp Works, C. M. Cass, supt. W. T. 

Carroll, sec. 179 W. Lake 
Cassaretto Bros. (Joseph and Frank) saloon, 

360 Milwaukee av. 
Cassarly Mary Mr6. notions, N. California av. 

cor. Johnson av. 
Cassel J. W. & Co. (J. W. Cassel, James C. 

Prince and J. W. Prince) carps. 510 to 514 

W. Madison, T. 7166 
Casselberry Wm. E. Dr. 70 E. Monroe, R. 16, 

T. 80 
Cassell & Co. Edward E. HoUand, mngr. 

pubs. 40 Dearborn, R. 13 
Cassell & Company (limited) D. L. Thorp, 

supt. pubs. 182 S. Clark, R. 14 
Cassell & Wigelsworth (Wm. M. Cassell, John 

and Arthur Wigelsworth) live stk. com. 62 

Exch. Bldg. Stk. Yds. 
Casselman C. tannery, Elston av. and Brad- 
ley, T. 4261 
Casserly John D. musician, Green sw. cor. 

Cassidy James A. grain com. 260 S. Clark 

R. 1, T. 218 
Cassidy James E. real est. 57 Dearborn, R. 4 
Cassidy James F. real est. 182 Dearborn, R. 1, 

T. 830 
Cassidy Luke, furniture, 881 W. Lake 
Cassidy Mary Mrs. dressmkr. 357 S. Halsted 
Cassidy M. bell hanger, 3644 S. State 
Cassidy Patrick, grocer, 4318 S. Ashland av. 
Cassidy & Co. (Robert Cassidy and Dennis 

O'Toole) undertakers, 4125 S. State, T. 

Cassin Anthony J. coal, 285 W. Polk 
Cassleman Christian, tanner, Elston av. se. 

cor. Bradley 
Castagnino James, saloon, 3026 S. State 
Castagnino John, saloon, 3744 Cottage Grove 

Castan Charles, cigars, 481 W. Madison 
Casteel Human D. cigar mnfr. 95 E. Adams 
Castello Peter, saloon, 699 W. North av. 
Caster Nichols, saloon, 474 S. Halsted 
Caster Rachel Mrs. 467 S. Clark 
Castle DeWitt W. C. lawyer, 162 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 58 
Castle Edward H. real est. 627 W. Lake 

Castle George, dramatic agt. 46 S.Clark, R. 3 
Castle Percy V. lawyer, 162 E. Washington, 

R. 29 
Castle Shirt Co. D. P. Perry, pres. Joseph 

Hipp, mngr. 260 S. State and 173 E. Mad- 
Castro Daniel, wh. cigars, 51 Wabash av. 
Castro D. cigars, 143 E. Van Buren 
Caswell James H. ins. adjuster, 155 LaSalle, 

R. 15 
Caswell Wm. A. agt. mining supplies, 154 E. 

Lake T. 775 
Cate Albion, lawyer, 78 La Salle, R., H. 
Catholic Foresters Printing and Pub. Co. 

(The) James O'Neill, pres. John L. Le- 

moine, treas. Maurice J. Dooley, mngr. 

pubs. The Catholic Home, 126 E.Washing- 
ton, R. 27 
Catholic Home, (The) The Catholic Foresters 

Printing and Pub. Co. pubs. 126 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 27 
Caton Arthur J. lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 28, T. 

Caton Thomas J. lawyer, 205 LaSalle, R. 55 
Cattell David M. dentist, 275 Wabash av. R. 3 
Caughlin John, grocer, 3003 LaSalle. 
Caulfield Mary Mrs. notions, 175 W. Harrison 
Caulkins Aloe M. drugs, 558 63d (Englewood) 
Cavagnaro Joe. saloon, 754 W. Van Buren 
Cavagnaro John, saloon, 178 N. Halsted 
Cavagnaro Louis, saloon, 991 W. Madison 
Cavanagh & Co. (Patrick Cavanagh and Wil- 

lardW. Oliver) distillers, 273 E. Kinzie, 

T. 3457 
Cavanaugh James, meatmkt. 3718 Wallace 
Cavanaugh John, cement sidewalks, Chicago 

av. (South Evanston) T. 123 
Cavanaugh & Sandeson (Bernard Cavanaugh 

and Edward Sandeson) coal and wood, 

3923 S. Halsted 
Cavaroc Wine Co. (The) E. F. Gorton, pres. 

C. Cavaroc, Jr. mngr. L. D. Phillips, sec. 

95 E. Adams, T. 1617 
CAVJE BROS. (WiUiam M. and Alonzo 

M.) boots and shoes, 435 N. Clark 
Cave Charles R. dry goods, 2113 Archer av. T. 

Cave George E. dry goods, 3829 S. State 
Cave WiUard A. dry goods, 2232 Archer av. 
Cavel John, grocer, 449 35th 
Caverley & Dempster, printers, 218 LaSalle, 

R. 314 
Cawse J. P. builder, 908 W. Madison 
Cawthra J. W. furniture 222 W. Randolph 
Cayer George A. grocer, 4852 Wentworth av. 
Cechota James, coal, 69 Clayton 
Cederholm P. F. dry goods, 185 and 597 W. 

Cederholm & Landin (Nelse Cederholm and 

Andre J. Landin) confectrs. 45 Milton 
Cederleaf & Schultz (Peter A. Cederleaf and 

Frank Schultz) mnfrs. printers chases 52 

S. Franklin 
Ceis Herman, tailor, 399 S Clark 
Cejka Frank, harnessmkr. 87 Clayton 
CeUa Bros. (John and Ambrosia W.) saloon, 

365 S. Clark 
Cella Tony, candies, 486 S. State 
CeUa Frank B. saloon, 883 N. Clark 
Cella John, saloon 379 W. Madison 
Cella John A. confectr. 124 E. Van Buren 
Cella & Bassi (Joseph Cella and Andrew 

Bassi) saloon 545 W. Madison 
Celley Frank M. dentist, 291 E. 31st 
Cemus John, beer pumps, 154 W. 12th 


122 CEN 



Centemeri P. & Co. Van Doren & Maynard, 

agts. kid gloves, 155 S. State 
Centennial American Tea Co. (J. Shields) rt. 

teas and coffee, 678 W. Lake 
Centennial Roasting Works, Otco Hulsman, 

prop, coffee and peanut roasters, 56 N. 

Central College of Eclectic Shorthand, J. 

George Cross, M. A. pres. 94 Dearborn 


AGEXCY. James H. Smith, supt. 155 

and 157 E. Washington 
Central Electric Co. George McKinlock, 

treas. William McKinlock, sec. 40 La- 

Salle, T. 1774 
Central Elevator Co. E. Buckingham, pres. C. 

Buckingham, treas. (elevators A and B,) 

foot S. Water, T. 5368 
Central European Hotel, Conrad Pirrung, 

prop. 13 S. Water 
Central European Hotel, William Briggs, 

prop. 102 E. Randolph 
Central Free Dispensary, Wood cor. Har- 
rison, T. 7147 
Central House, Rosseter & Breen, props. 250 

S. State 
Central Italian Bank, L. Durante ; cash. 404 

S. Clark 
Central Labor Agency, Oscar Odelius, mngr. 

209 E. Van Buren 
Central Laundry, Miss Elner Madsen, prop. 

367 Milwaukee av. 
Central Laundry, William Petersen, prop. 122 

E. Chicago av. 
Central Livery Co. George M. Gage, mngr. 105 

E. Randolph. T. 5041 
Central Mnfg. Co. T. Tollakson, pres. N. 

Arneson, treas. furniture, 37 Armour, T. 

Central Manufacturers Mutual Ins. Co. of Van 

Wert, Ohio, P. A. Montgomery, genl. agt. 

414 Kialto bldg. T. 1439 
Central Safety Deposit Co., Owen F. Aldis, 

pres. Edward C. WaUer, sec. 205 LaSaUe, 

R. 110, T. 1035 
Central Steam Laundry Co. C. J. Buckley, 

supt. 42 W. Monroe 
Central Traffic Association, C. H. McKnight, 

sec. 205 LaSalle, R. 161, T. 1333 
Central Union Telephone Co. Geo. L. Phil- 
lips, pres. D. H. Louderback, v. pres. W. 

S. Chapman, sec. and treas. F. G. Beach, 

genl. supt. 505 Pullman bldg. T. 5405 
Central Vermont Line of Steamers, Daniel B. 

Linsted, agt. 234 LaSalle, R. 1, T. 25 
Central Warehouses, William R. Manierre, 

prop. 2 Rush, T. 3194 
Central Restaurant, Mrs. Sarah M. Hormby, 

mngr. 408 S. Clark 
Centre Av. Stables, Ann cor. W. Madison, T. 

Century (Tub, George L. Dunlap, pres. W. B. 

Andrews, sec. and treas. 24 Pacific av. R. 10 
Ceperly C. fl. carp, and builder, Morse av. 

(Rogers Park) 
Cerf Leopold, furniture, 2983 Archer av. 
Cermak John, undertaker, 604 Throop 
Cermak Joseph, meatmkt. 116 Ewing 
Cermak Joseph, saloon, 577 Laflin 
Cerny August, furniture, 367 W. 12th 
Cerny James, grocer, 208 W. 20th 
Cervenka Josef, saloon, 125 W. 19th 
Cerveny & Stickler (Vaclav Cerveny and Jo- 
seph Stickler) stoves, 522 Milwaukee av. 

Cervinka Joseph, mnfr. soap, W. 18th, cor. 

Cessna Chas. E. Dr. 1546 Milwaukee av. T. 

Chacksfield Edward, grocer's sundries, 229 W. 

Chadbourne Henry C. agt. American Glucose 

Co. 47 River, T. 5182 
Chadcy Charles, furnished rooms, 102 S. Des- 

Chadsey WiUiam W. patent atty. 112 S. Clark, 

R. 909 
Chadsey W. H. pat. lawyer, 112 S. Clark' 

R. 906 
Chaffee, Flickner & Co. (Mrs. Mary Chaffee 
and Mrs. Mary Flickner) dress cutting 
system, 286 W. Madison 
Chaffee Francis, undertaker, 796 W. Madison 
Chaffee John B. Dr. 527 State. T. 667 
Chaffee Theron A. express, 3607 Cottage Grove 

Chaine Adolph, trusses, 448 Milwaukee av. 
Chalcedony Co. mnfrs. soap, A. B. Clark, 

pres. W. T. Blair, sec. 93 Dearborn 
Chalifoux Charles, cigars, 333 46th 
Chalifoux John B. undertaker, 211 S. Halsted 
Chalifoux Joseph, undertaker, 25 B ue Island 

av. T. 4154 
Chalifoux Oliver, music teacher, 243 S. State, 

R. 53 
Chalmers James, wh. jeweler, 149 S. State 
Chalou Joseph, painter, 45 Sholto 
Chalupa Frank, saloon, 396 W. 18th 
Chamberlain Austin E. dry goods, 156 E. 

Washington, R. 22 
Chamberlain Bayard L. real est. 177 LaSaUe, 

R. 10 
CHAMBERLAO CHAS. undertaker 

and embalmer, 6014 Wentworth av. T. 70 
Chamberlain Charles, saloon, 547 W. Madison 
Chamberlain Hosea R. upholstr. 6750 Yale av. 

Chamberlain E. L. lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 41 
Chamberlain Laura A. prop. " Shopping by 

Mail," 243 S. State, R. 58 and 60 
Chamberlain Theodore D. grocer, 204 39th 
Chamberlain Wm. R. lawyer, 122 LaSalle, R. 

Chamberlin Charles, coal, 790 W. Van Buren 
Chamberlin G. M. Dr. 3031 Indiana av. T. 810 
Chamberlin Henry, editor of The Guardsman, 

601 Rialto bldg. 
Chamberlin Henry B. lawyer, 601 Rialto bldg. 
Chamberlin & Eldredge (Henry B. Chamber- 
lin and Charles M. Eldredge) , lawyers, 601 
Rialto bldg. 
Chambers George, contractor, 112 S. Clark, 

R. 806, T. 1284 
Chambers George A. real est. 204 Dearborn, 

CHAMBERS J. B. & CO. jewelers, E. 

Madison sw. cor. S. Clark 
Chambers J. E. Dr. 277 S. Clark, R. 11, T. 8119 
Chambers J. M. & Co. (Joseph M. and Miss 

Clara Chambers), printers, 88 5th av. 
CHAMPION (THE) Paid Schuster, ed. 

and pub. 45 LaSalle. R. 10 
Champion Charles H. builder, rear 235 Walnut 
Champion George, confectr. 110 51st 
Champion Hotel, Mrs. Amelia Stahel, 99 W. 

Champion Lye Works, C. R. Gillett, pres. L. 

Friedman, treas. 262 Michigan 
Champion Odorless Deodorizer & Disinfect- 
ant, H. Caesar, agt. 79 Dearborn, R. 45 


Market, S. W. Cor. Adams, 

TELEPHONE No. 1293. 



Champion of Freedom & Right, Paul Schus- 
ter, pub. 45 LaSaUe, R. 10 

Champion Table Slide Co. Heuer & Brock- 
schmidt, props. 173 E. Randolph, T. 755, 
and 37 Armour 

Champlin A. H. Dr. 350 61st 

Chancellor Justus, lawyer, 149 LaSalle, R. 32, 
T. 452 

Chandler A. L. coal and wood, 565 W. Taylor 

Chandler C. C. builder, 3227 State, T. 8330 

Chandler, Brown & Co. E. H. Chandler, pres. 
G. A. Brown, sec. George W. Chandler, 
treas. grain com. 97 Board of Trade, T. 620 

Chandler Cornelius, contractor, 3227 S. State 

Chandler Hannibal H. pub. Farmers' Review, 
134 E. Van Buren, R. 94 

Chandler Samuel, lawyer, 95 Washington, 
R. 52 

Chandler Worthen D. florist, 299 Wabash av. 

Chandler Wm. W. Jr. genl. agt. Erie Express, 
140 and 142 E. Monroe 

Chandler W. W. genl. agt. fast freight, 4 Sher- 
man, R. 4 

Chandler & Co. (P. R. and F. R. Chandler) 
real est. brokers, 110 Dearborn, T. 1089 

Chandler & Freund (William H. Chandler 
and Henry Freund) paintings and frames, 
229 S. State 

Chandler & Shader (Deck D. Chandler and 
Augustus E. Shader) jewelers, 57 E. Wash- 
ton, R. 2 

Chaney E. O. boots and shoes Ravenswood, 
(Lake View) 

Changelon Florent, saloon, 180 W. Lake 

Changelon Gasper, grocer, 724 31st 

Channon H. Co. (Henry Channonand David 
Montgomery) ship chandlers, 26 S. Mar- 
ket, T. 845 

CHAUTRY JOHK E. horseshoer, 1253 
Milwaukee av. 

Chapek Frank, meatmkt. 943 S. Ashland av. 

Chapin Daniel G. coal, 463 S. State 

Chapin Novatius N. livery, 268 33d T. 8523 

Chapin N. & Son (Newton Chapin and Charles 
0. Chapin) blank book mnfrs. 175 S. Clark, 
R. 1 

Chapin Staley N. Dr. 362* Wabash av. 

Chapin & Edwards (Edward F. Chapin and 
Thomas C. Edwards) com. mers. 240 La- 
SaUe, R. 84,T. 601 

Chapin & Gore, (Gardner S. Chapin and James 
J.. Gore) saloon, 75 E. Monroe, T. 540; 47 
and 121 S. Clark and 152 E. 22d, T. 8181; 
226 LaSalle, 133 E. Van Buren, 214 31st, 
T. 8347 
Chaplin Wm. real est. 477 Lincoln av, (Lake 

Chapman Bros. (Frank M. and Charles C.) 

pubs, and lithogs. 128 E. Van Buren 
Chapman Cass, architect, 216 S. Clark, R. 38 
Chapman E. C. news dealer, 3509 Cottage Grove 

av. R. 17 
Chapman, Green & Co. (D. W. Chapman, G. 
W. Green, C. S. Baker and Alonzo Clark) 
mnfg. chemists, 25 E. Washington 
Chapman John, carp. Indiana av. bt. 56th and 

CHAPMAK J. A. grocer, 263 E. Division 
Chapman Sherman M. flour and feed, 832 43d 
Chapman, Smith & Co. (John H. Chapman, 
Charles H. Smith and Charles A. North) 
bakers' supplies, 244 E. Lake 
Chapman, Smith & Co. teamsters, E. Lake 

st. bridge 
Chapman Walter, com. 34 Pacific av. R. 33 

man and J. N. Wilson) printers, 85 and 87 
5th av. 
Chappellcfe Wilber, (Wm. Chappelland Elijah 
S. Wilber) plumbers, 26 to 28 S. State 
Chaput James, 2nd-hand hardware, 62 Blue 

Island av. 
Charbonneau J. forge works, 68 W. Washing- 
Charbonnell Abram B. drugs, 3037 Cottage 

Grove av. T. 8266 
Chard Thomas S. ins. agt. 161 LaSaUe, R. 21 
Charity Organization Society, A. F. See- 
berger, pres. E. I. Galvin, v. pres. Horatio 
L. Wait, treas. W. Alex. Johnson, sec. 2207 
Michigan av. T. 8531, 321 Elm, T. 3415 
439 W. Madison, T. 4721, provident wood 
yard, 395 N. Clark, T. 3415, central office, 
116 LaSalle, R. 4, T. 773 
Charles Bigelow Dr. 201 S. Clark, R. 10 
Charles Charles C. gas fixtures mnf r. 52 Dear- 
Charles George B. metaphysician, 69 S. State, 

R. 37 
Charles Lizzie W. metaphysician, 69 S. State, 

R. 37 
Charles Nellie Mrs. dressmkr. 450 E. 23d 
Charles Thomas, kindergarten supplies, 75 

Wabash av. 
Charles William, shoemkr. 370 Garfield av. 
Charles Wm. W. loans, 116 LaSaUe, R. 7 
Charles & Hultgren (George F. Charles and 
Henning L. Hultgren) photogs. 2029 
Wabash av. 
Charley, laundry, 2876 Archer av. 
Charlson CO. tailor, 189 Blue Island av. 
Charlton Francis M. mngr. Chicago IUus- 

trated Graphic News, 112 S. Clark, R. 517 
Charnley James, lumber, 241 S. Water, T. 

Charnley & Evans, (Francis L. Charnley and 
Harry H. Evans) architects, 163 S. State, 
R. 77 
Charnley & LovdaU, (Charles M. Charnley 
and Thomas LovdaU) lumber, foot N. 
Carpenter, T. 4339 
Charpowski John, meatmkt. 706 Noble 
Charters Maria J. Mrs. oculist, 324 S. Hal- 

Chase Benjamin F. lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 42 

T. 5690 
Chase Benjamin K. jeweler, 318 W. Madison 
Chase B. F. Company, Chas A. Chase, pres. 
Fred L. Chase, sec. B. E. Chase, treas. and 
mngr. sign painters, 125 5th av. T. 134 
Chase Charles CarroU, real est. 96 E. 

Washington, R. 21 
Chase Charles G. jewelry, 818 43d 
Chase Elevator Co. Henry I. Chase, pres. 
Philander F. Chase, sec. Henry G. Chase, 
v. pres. architects, 78 E. Monroe, R. 38 
Chase Frank M. lawyer, 128 S. Clark, R. 8 
Chase Franklin L. lawyer, 216 S. Clark, R. 45 
Chase Henry C. shoemkr. 92 N. Curtis 
Chase James S. lumber, 242 S. Water, R. 6 
Chase John, restaurant, 2713 Archer av. 
CHASE JOHN .?. real est.. 12 Major blk. 
Chase L. C. & Co. R. F. Clark, mngr. wh. 

horse clothing, 202 E. Monroe 
Chase William I. pub. School Herald, 157 E. 

Washington, K. 58 

Chase & Newby, (Charles G. Chase and Alson 

L. Newby) flour and feed, 4037 S. Halsted 

Chase & Pate, (Horace W. Pate and David S. 

Pate) lumber, Throop, nr. 22nd, 1 T. 9096 


I PatemtS 



Chase & Sanborn, (Caleb Chase, James 8. ' 
Sanborn, Charles D. Sias, Henry P. Smith 
and Charles E. Sanborn) coffees and teas, 
80S. Franklin, T. 1819 

Chatain A. artist, 204 Dearborn, R. 49 

Chatterson Albert E. fruit, 805 W. Madison 

Chatterton W. A. & Co. (William A. Chatter- 
ton) pubs. 9 S. ('anal 

Chatroop Louis, wh. boots and shoes, 81 S. 

Chave Archibald L. dry goods, 56 31st 

Chaveriat L. Mrs. midwife, 44 Orchard 

Chavett Franklin Dr. 6333 Yale 

Cheasbro Julia Mrs. dressmkr. 4633 Butterfield 

Chealtry H. meatmarket, 665 W. Madison. 

Cheatle & Bowley, (James Cheatle and 
Thomas Bowley) grocers, 3 57th, T. 6339 

Chedron Charles, boarding. 38th cor Cali- 
fornia av. 

Chee Sing, laundry, 155 DeKoven 

Cheedy Wm. horse shoer, 406 E. North av. T. 

Cheetham E. metals, 16 E. Lake, T. 5102 

Cheever Electric Belt Co. Dr. J. Karr, mngr. 
103 E. Washington 

Che-ne-qua Spring Water Co. Jules Haas, 
agt. 15 E. Van Buren, T. 5772 

Chenes Louis G. slipper mnfr. 360 Clybourn 

Cheney Bros. H. G. Saylor, mngr. silk mnfrs. 
186 S. Franklin 

Cheney D. H. ins. agt. 145 La Salle, T. 368 

Cheney Lucien P. drugs, 237 N. Clark, T. 3002 

Cheney Rufus, ins. adjuster, 240 La Salle, R. 31 

Chenoweth W. H. prop. Industrial Iron 
Works, 76 W. Monroe 

Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. B. V. Jackson, agt. 
10 Pacific av. 

Chesbrough E. S. lawyer, 78 La Salle, R., H. 

Chesley Willis W. shoes, 39 S. Clark 

Chesney David, horseshoer, 659 S. Halsted 

Chester Oil Co. (The) John Sinclair, agt. 205 
LaSalle, R. 69, T. 808 

Chester Richard, mnfr. signals, 248 S. Water 

Chester R. stoves and hardware, 469 Lincoln 

Chester & Wheldon (Frank Chester and John 
R. Wheldon) saloon, 1005 W. Lake 

Chetlain Augustus L. ins. agt. 101 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 14 

Chetlin A. H. atty. 164 Dearborn, R. 609 

Chevala Joseph, shoemkr. 229 25th pi. 

Chevalier, Louis G. carp. Ogden pi. sw. cor. 

Chevalier L. G. builder, 621 W. Monroe 

Chew John H. Dr. 112 S. Clark, R. 211, h. 417 
N. State, T. 3296 

Chiappe John, restaurant, 82 S. Western av. 

Chicago Academy of Penmanship and Busi- 
ness Training School, Judson P. Wilson, 
principal, 189 E. Madison, R. 29 

Chicago Advertising & Distributing Co. (The) 
George H. Bowyer, genl. mngr. 155 E. 
Washington, R. 16 

Chicago Amateur Athletic Assn. P. E. Stan- 
ley, pres. George L. Wilson, sec. 50 
Dearborn, T. 5513 

Chicago Amusement News, Wm. H. Leech, 
pub. 139 Dearborn, R. 3 

It RICK. <30. J. C. Anderson, pres. and 
gen. mngr. S. R. Bingham, v. pres. M. C. 
Springer, sec. and treas. office 191 LaSalle, 
T. 438, works Elston av. and North Branch, 
T. 4358 


Frank Bielefeld, supt. 274 W. 12th 

Chicago Arc Light and Power Co. C. N. Fay, 
pres. 189 LaSalle, branch 188 E. Washing- 
ton,^ 147 

Chicago Art Publishing Co. W. H. Johnson, 
pres. T. D, Ward, sec. and treas. photo- 
gravure, 94 E. Washington, R. 37 

9ISFO. CO. J. B. Blank, gen. agt. 
Frank Stinson, treas. 108 5th av. 

Chicago Athenaeum, Ferdinand W. Peck, 
pres. John Wilkinson, treas. and sec. 48 
Dearborn, T. 5513 

Chicago Athenaeum Library, (open week 
days), 50 Dearborn 

Chicago Auditorium Association, Ferd W. 
Peck, pres. Edson Keith, 1st. v. pres. N. 
K. Fairbanks, 2nd. v. pres. Charles L. 
Hutchinson, treas . Arthur F. Towne, sec. 
112 S. Clark, R. 308 

Chicago Av. Sale Stables, Joseph Wahl, prop. 
251 W. Chicago av. 

Chicago Bank Note Co. (The) R. Nevers, Jr. 
pres. W. F. Jefferson, sec. John Sulbach, 
treas. 417 Dearborn 

Chicago Banner, Frank E. Stanley, pub. 207 
W. Madison, R. 6 

Chicago Base Ball Park, A. G. Spalding, 
mngr. Harrison ne. cor. Loomis 

Chicago Bladet, John Martenson, ed. and 
prop. 346 Wells 

Chicago Board of Trade Stock Exchange, 
Board of Trade Bldg. 

Chicago Board & Log Rule Co. E. T. Lufkin, 
prop. Lincoln av. cor. George (Lake View) 
branch office 202 to 208 S. Water 

Chicago Bottling Co. F. Furthmann, mngr. 
169 N. Clark, T. 3166 

Chicago Box Co. 145 Ontario 

Chicago Braiding Co. 233 E. Monroe 

Chicago Brass & Bronze Wks. Wuensche & 
Lohrbeer, props. 72 S. Market, R. 19 

Chicago Brass Foundry, Alexander Barnet, 
prop. 85 5th av. 

Chicago Brass Rule Wks. Jacob P. Trenter, 
prop. 84 S. Market, R. 38 

Chicago Brass Wks. Graham & Johnson, 
props. 164 S. Clinton, T. 4143 

Chicago Brush Co. M. E. Nathan, mngr. 93 E. 

Chicago Building Stone Co. (The) B. J. 
Moore, pres. E. T. Singer, treas. J. G. Bo- 
denschatz. sec. yard, E. 29th, sw. cor. S. 
Clark, T. 8080, office 161 LaSalle, R. 6 T. 563 

Chicago Building Supply Co. Jens. B. Ander- 
son, v. pres. Ole E. Olson, sec. Jos. B. 
Nurter^ treas. 243 Wells, T. 3332 

Chicago Burial Shoe Co. Frank E. Jack, 
mngr. 541 State 

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Elevators, 
(Dole & Co.) 205 LaSalle, R. 18, T. 1118 

OXTINCY R. R., C. E. Perkins, pres. 
H. B. Stone, genl. mngr. E. P. Ripley, 
genl. frt. agt. Paul Morton, genl. pass, 
and ticket agt. genl. offices 207 E. Adams, 
T. 1424, ticket and frt. office 211 S. Clark, 
T. 1491, pass, depot S. Canal, cor. W. 
Adams, frt. depot 354 S. Canal 

Chicago Business Agency, Miss Marion Wall- 
work, prop, house renting, 154 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 13 

Chicago Business Directory, Rand, McNally & 
Co. pubs. 150 E. Monroe 





Chicago Butter Package Co. (The) J. B. 
Doane, prop. 23 N. Peoria 

Chicago Button Co. Eggert, McDonald & Co. 
props. 71 E. Washington 

Chicago Car Roofinar Co. Frank N. Price, 
pres. J. J. McCarthy, sec. mnfrs galvan- 
ized iron car roofs, 113 E. Adams, R. 16 

Chicago Car Wheel Co. N. S. Bouton, pres. 
164 Dearborn, R. 217, T. 1243 

Chicago ( 'ar Seal Co. Arthur H. Pierce, pres. 
and treas. 41 E. Indiana, T. 3153 

pres. E. A. Lancaster, sec. and treas. Wa- 
bash av. ne. cor. Monroe, T. 5046 

Chicago Cedar Post Co. John P. Towler, pres. 
John A. Goodman, treas. John J.White, 
sec. Ashland nr. 22nd. T. 9293. 

Chicago Century Co. John Swigert, mngr. 
pubs. The Chicago Illustrated Century, 
163 E. Washington, R. 17 

Chicago Chain Works, S. G. Taylor, prop. 100 
E. Indiana 

Chicago Chemical Mnfg. Co. E. H. Oliver, 
mngr, 120 E. Quincy, R. 9 

Chicago Chemical Works, James E. Woodruff, 
pres. and treas. baking powder, 232 Ran- 
t dolph 

Chicago Chimney Sweep Co. John L. Man- 
ning, mngr. 165 E. Washington R. 6, T. 592 

Chicago Chronicle, D. L. Davis, pub. 763 W. 

Chicago City Button Works, Mackie & 
Deknatel, props. 104 W. Washington 

Chicago City Missionary Society, Rev. J. C. 
Armstrong, sec. 151 E. Washington, R. 24 

Chicago City Press Association, Wright & Rus- 
sell, mngrs, 162 E.Washington,R. 38, T.1467 

Holmes, pres. and supt. 2020 S. State, T. 

Chicago Clearing House Associaton, Albert 
P. Smith, mngr. 80 LaSalle, T. 162 

Chicago Clothing and Tailoring Co. Maurice 
Wilmersdorf, mngr. 275 Blue Island av. 

Chicago Club, (The) Nathaniel K. Fairbank, 
pres. Frank A. Marsh, sec. and treas. 
George H. Barrel!, mngr. 43 E. Monroe, T. 

Chicago Coal Exchange, C. H. Dyer, pres. W. 
B. Mather, sec. John Murray, mngr. 116 
Dearborn, R. 30 

Chicago Coffee Co. (The) Albert H. Pratt, 
mngr. coffee roasters, 23 Michigan av. T. 

Chicago Coffin Co. Jesse V. Lewis, pres. John 
T. Richards, sec. and treas. 407 S. Canal, 
T. 4095 

Chicago Collection Association, 95. E. Wash- 
ington, R. 32, T. 5711 

Chicago College of Dental Surgery, Madison, 
> ne. cor. Wabash av. 

Chicago College of Pharmacy. George Buck, 
pres. D. H. Galloway, sec. D. H. Garrison, 
.dean, 465 S. State 

Chicago College of Vocal and Instrumental Art 
A. E. Ruff, director, Louis Ruff, sec. and 
treas. 241 Wabash av. R. 28 

Chicago Combination Folding Bed Co. (The) 
John M. Levy, pres. Benjamin J. Ettel- 
sohn, sec. and treas. 323 S. Franklin 

Chicago Commercial Agency, (The) A. A. 
Kienappel, mngr. 162 E. Washington, R. 60 

Chicago Commercial Bulletin, Chicago Com- 
mercial Bulletin Co. pubs. 19 Wabash av, 
R. 32 

Chicago Commercial Bulletin Co. O. W. 

Stoner pres. John B. Waldo, sec. and 

treas. 19 Wabash av. R. 32 
Chicago Conservatory, Samuel Kayzer, direc- 

_ tor, 95 S. Clark, R. 66 
Chicago Consolidated Bottling Co. John A. 

Lomax, pres. Herman Pomy, sec. Michael 

Hayes, treas. George Lomax, supt. 16 

Charles pi. T. 327, and 3 Buena Vista pi. 
m T. 8012 
Chicago Contractors Directory, John W. Con- 

norton, pub. 177 LaSalle, R. 31 
Chicago Co-Operative Brewing Association. 1. 

N. Morgenstern, mngr. 538 S. Clark, T. 202 
Chicago Co-Operative Building Co. Thomas 

McCall, pres. Don Ross, sec. 900 W. Taylor 
Chicago Co-Operative Manufacturing & 

Building Association, J. G. Ogden, pres. 

J. W. Wharton, sec. 154 Washington, R. 35 
Chicago Co-Operative Packing & Provision 

Co. John E. Clark, pres. Charles E. Clark, 

sec. Herman Jacobson, mngr. 10 Pacific 

av. R. 62 
Chicago Copper Refining Co. (The) W. G. 

Coolidge, pres. and treas. W. I. Hitt, sec. 

115 E. Monroe, R. 35 
Chicago Cottage Organ Co. E. E. Wise, pres. 

G. K. Barnes, v. pres. G. W. Tewskbury, 

sec. H. D. Cable, treas. 831 Blue Island av. 
Chicago Cotton Co. Lovejoy, Bean & Co. 

mngrs. 221 5th av. R. 9 
Chicago Cotton Batting Mills, P. Peterson, 

mngr. wool shoddy, 21 Wabansia av. 
Chicago Corset Co. (T. H. Ball, H. Prenzauer 

and S. Florsheim) 202 S. Franklin 
Chicago Coupon Ticket Co. 163 E. Randolph, 

R. 98 

Moran, pres. Wm. Reid, v. pres. Thomas 

J. Gannon, sec. and treas. 66 W. Van 

Buren. T. 4019 
Chicago Crucible Steel Casting Co. (Alexander 

F. Craig and William Chambers), Indiana 

av. nr. 14th, T. 8581 
Chicago Cuban Cigar Co. G. B. Haines, pres. 

A. J. Haines, v. pres. and treas. H. T. Van 

Denbergh, sec. and mngr. cigars, 95 S. 

Clark and 60 Michigan av. T. 5345 

The Inter Ocean Publishing Co. pubs- 

Wm. Penn Nixon, prop. 85 fi. Madison, 

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Review Printing 

and Pub. Co. pubs. 170 E. Madison, R. 52 

Lawson, pub. M. E. Stone, ed. 123 5th 

av. T. 1356 and 1357, editorial T. 1457 
Chicago Daily Star, Knights of Labor Pub. 

Co. 108 Fifth av. T. 1669 

Patterson, mngr. 5th av. nw. cor. Wash- 
ington, ed. T. 1462, count, room T. 13t>2 

Tribune Co. props. Dearborn s. e. cor. 

Madison, ed. T. 104, count, room T. 214 
Chicago Dental Mnfg. Co. Lee Fellows, pres. 

and treas. Claud H. Lndwig, sec. 87 Dear- 
born, R. 7, T. 5514 
Chicago Deposit Vault Co. W. K. Nixon, pres. 

J. Foster Rhodes, sec. 175 Dearborn, R. 72 

T. 1589 

Dr. Mahlon Hutchinson, 103 S. State, R.25 
Chicago Die & Machine Works, James Hogg, 

prop. 91 W. Lake, T. 4431 





126 CHI 



Chicago Desk Mnfg. Co. Lars. L. Skeilvig, 

pres. John H. Minxes, sec. Peoria n. e. 

cor. W. Kinzie, T. 4229 
Chicago Dime Express Co. 154 Dearborn, T. 

Chicago Directory Co. Reuben H. Donnelly, 

mngr. 21(5 S. ('lark, R. 1 

Burmingham, pres. John J. Fitzgibbons, 

v. pres. Thomas Hutchinson, sec. P.J. 

Hennessy, treas. 235 E. Kinzie, T. 3325, 

and Elston av. cor. Blackhawk, T. 4340 
Chicago Dock Co., C. J. Blair, pres. John C. 

Neely, v. pres. C. H. Durphy, sec. and 

treas. 78 LaSalle, R.. B, T. 226 
Chicago Dock & Canal Co. Edwin B. Sheldon, 

pres, E. H. Fishburn, sec. James M. Hills, 

treas. 36 S. Clark, R. 3, T. 1015 

CO. C. L. Crane, pres. C. B. Crane, v. 

pres. Frank R. Crane, sec. 210 S. Water. 

T. 916 
Chicago Drug & Chemical Co. (The) drug 

mnfrs. 55 S. Franklin, T. 936. 
Chicago Dry Dock Co. (The) James Mowatt, 

treas. 270 S. Water, T. 868 
Chicago Dry Goods BuUetin (The) Augustus 

C. Schooley, prop. 221 Fifth av. R. 17 
Chicago Dry Goods Co. P. W. Connell, mngr. 

188 N.Clark 
Chieago Dry Goods Reporter, W. P. Dunn & 

Co. pubs. 57 E. Washington, R. 17, T. 5191 
Chicago Dumping Wagon Co. (The) John S. 

Judson, pres. W. B. Judson, sec. and treas. 

308 Dearborn, T. 396 
Chicago Edwards Oil Burner & Mnfg. Co. 

A. O. Bailey, pres. C. H. Colburn, v. pres. 

C. H. Phelps, sec. 51 and 53 Dearborn, 

R. 25 
Chicago Electric Co. WiUiam H. Moore, pres. 

Charles H. Cowles, v. pres. Edmund W. 

Friott, sec. Rufus J. Kittredge, treas. 88 S. 

Market, R. 1, T. 1722 

STEREOTYPE CO. Frank J. Welch, 

pres. George T. Schuster, treas. 196, 198 

and 200 S. Clark, T. 1096 
Chicago Emergency Hospital, Superior cor. 

LaSalle av. 
Chicago Enameling Co. B. J. Ettelsohn, pres. 

George Frank, treas. David Meyer, sec. 

101 S. Clark 
Chicago Engineer Supply Co. John Boylston, 

mngr. engineer and machinist supplies, 

18 Dearborn, T. 5306 
Chicago Engraving Co. J. M. Miller, mngr. 

89 E. Randolph, R. 31, T. 5018 

TORY, S. Water, nw. cor. 5th av. 


Easton, pros. T. W. Wadsworth, sec. and 

treas. Philip Wadsworth, supt. of con- 
struction, gen. office 59 S. ('lark, R. 33. 

pass, depot, W. Madison, cor. Canal, 

freight depots, cor. Kingsbury and Kinzie 

and Carroll and Union, T. 5674 
(The) The Chicago Evening Journal Co. 

props. John R. Wilson, pub. 161 Dear- 
born, T. 539, counting room T. 571 
Chicago Exchange for Woman's Work, Mrs. 

O. A. Carpenter, pres. 219 Wabash av. 
Chicago Erorese (The) D.T. Hubbard and D. 
S. Heath, pubs. 192 E. Madison 

Chicago Express, Express Printing Co. pubs. 

192 E. Madison 
Chicago Family Storage Warehouse, Fred M. 

Snow. prop. 214 E. Randolph 
Chicago Feather Duster Co. Chas. H. Low, 

mngr. 59 S. Canal 

Chicago Fire Proofing Co (The) Henry H. 

Burrell, pres. Thomas A. Dungan, sec. 

161 La Salle, R. 7, T. 1592 

Chicago Fire Underwriters' Association, 

(The) Edward M. TeaU, pres. Frederick 

S. James, v. pres. O. W. Barrett, treas. R. 

N. Trimingham, sec. T. A. Bowden 

supt. of surveys, 159 LaSaUe, R. 33, T. 1168 

Chicago Floral Co. W. G. Newitt, prop. Grand 

boui. sw. cor. 38th 
A. Edgerton Adams, pres. Cris. Weather- 
son, supt. Francis King, treas. Fred. M. 
Steele, sec. works, N. Franklin, sw. cor. 
Michigan, T. 3097, office, 234 S. Clark, T. 
Chicago Foundry Co. E. A. Dyer, pres. A. J. 
Kirkwood, sec. Redfield sw. cor. Stein, T. 
Chicago Freight Bureau, C. M. Wicker, comr. 

113 E. Adams, R. 4, T. 1186 
Chicago Fringe Works, F. Oberndorf , prop. 

5th av. cor. Quincy, T. 819 
CHICAGO FUEL CO. Smith & Beug- 
ler, props. 81 S. Sangamon, yards, 441 
North Branch, T. 4490 
Chicago Fur Cap Co. B. Cleeman, prop. 

254 S. Franklin 
Chicago Furniture Storage Co. (The) Fred- 
erick G. Sutton, sec and treas. 350 Wa- 
bash av. 
Chicago Furniture Supply Co. WiUiam 

_ Kreicker, prop. 167 E. Randolph, T. 878 
Chicago Gas Apparatus Mnfg. Co. Newman 

A. Ransom, mnszr. 153 S. Halsted 
Chicago Gas Lamp Illuminating Co, 116 Dear- 
Chicago Gas Light & Coke Co. Theobald 
Forstall, pres. Theodore B. Wells, sec. 
George A. Yuille, treas. Lake, sw. cor. 
Chicago Gas Stove Co. C. D. Hauk, pres. and 
treas. James Whittemore, sec. 117 E. Lake, 
T. 5687 
Chicago Gas Trust Co. (The) S. A. Kent, pres. 
F. P. Addicks, sec. Randolph nw. cor. 
Dearborn, T. 5030 
Chicago Gear Cutting & Machine Works. 

Henry Breden, mgr. 84 S. Market, R. 23 
Chicago Glass Mnfg. Co. Frank Jaques, pres. 
Thomas H. Sheldon, mngr. 4023 Went- 
worth av. T. 9613 
CHICAGO GLUE CO. P. Kreismann 

& Co. 216 E. Lake 

W. H. Burton, mgr. 70 E. Madison, R. 6 
Chicago Granite Co. M. W. Ryan, pres. Peter 

Smith, treas. 153 E. Monroe, R. 18 
Chicago Guaranty Fund Life Society (The) ' 
Henry Booth, pres. Charles H. Case, v. 
pres. George Sherwood, sec. John R. i 
Walsh, treas. Carl R. Sherwood, asst. sec. 
112 S. Clark. R. 311, T. 1284 
Chicago Gun & Cutlery Co. M. M. Ohnstein. j 

mngr. 60 S. State 
DIRECTORY, A. N. Marquis & Co. 

Publishers, Lakeside bldg. 214 and 216 
. Clark 

GOX^JL* TELEPHONE No. 1293. U tU. W. HAI I 81 tL 


Chicago Handkerchief Co. (The), C. M. 

Koedt, pres. and treas. 27 E. Washington 


A. Needham, supt. 203 to 207 S. Clinton, 

T. 4403. Order office, 39 E. Monroe, T. 5501 
Chicago Hardware Mnfg. Co. William Spoon- 

er, pres. Sidney S. Niles, sec. Robert T. 

Fuller, treas. 29 to 39 Erie, and Erie cor. 

Kingsbury, T. 3145 
Chicago Harness Co. Jos. Grove, mngr. 375 

Wabash av. T. 1633 
Chicago Hassock Co. S. Alsberg, prop. 47 W. 

Van Buren 
Chicago Heating and Ventilating Co. Ira J. 

Ordway, pres. 0. H. Manning, sec. A. J. 

Stone, treas. 205 W. Madison 
Chicago Heel Co. C. S. Crane, prop. Geo. N. 

Koch, mngr. mnfrs. shoe heels, 71 N. 


Chicago Herald Co. props. James W. 

Scott, pub. 120 5th av. T. 1258 

props. The Chicago Herald, 120 5th av. T. 

CIETY, Albert D. Hager, sec. 140 

Chicago Historical Society Library, Albert 

D. Hager, librarian, 142 Dearborn av. 
Chicago Home for the Friendless, Henry 

Field, pres. Franklin D. Gray, v. pres. 

Mrs. C. Gilbert Wheeler, sec. William C. 

Nichols treas. 1926 Wabash av. T. 8194 
Chicago Homoeopathic Medical College, 

Wood ne. cor. York 
Chicago Horseman Newspaper Co. (The), H. 

V. Bemis, pres. and treas. J. M. Davis, 

sec. 182 S. State, T. 459 
Chicago Hose Reel Co. (Richard T. Whelpley) 

50 Michigan 
Chicago Hospital for Women and Children, 

W. Adams nw. cor. Paulina 
Chicago Hotel, S. J. Condon, prop. 156 S. 

Chicago Illustrated Century (The) Chicago 

Century Co. pubs. 163 E.Washington, R. 17 
Chicago Illustrated Graphic News, Francis 

M. Charlton, mngr. 112 S. Clark, R. 517, 

,T. 1423 
Chicago Improved Leather Co. boots and 

shoes, 125 W. Washington 
Chicago Industrial Co-Operative Society, 

m grocers, 537 Blue Island av. 
Chicago Insurance Directory, W. R. Strong, 

pub. 200 S. Clark 

Ocean Pub. Co. pubs. Wm. Penn Nixon, 

gen. mngr. 85 E. Madison, ed. T. 46, count. 

room T. 60 
Chicago Iron Bedstead Manufacturing Co. 

Robert Martin, prop. 49 Wells 

Katlinsky, Farber & Levine, props, scrap 

t iron, 272 S. Clinton 
Chicago Jewelers' Association, Leon W. 

Flersheim, pres. Benjamin Allen, v. pies. 

Henry S. Peck, sec. and treas. 170 S. State, 

R. 9 
Chicago Jewelry Co. (Edward List) jeweler, 

93 S.Clark 
Chicago, Joliet & Streator Coal Co. (incorpor- 
ated) H. B. Scutt, pres. F. K. Bowes, v. 
Eres. D. H. Donovan, sec. and treas. 31 
>earborn, T. 5083 

Chicago Journal of Commerce, Chicago Jour- 
nal of Com. Co. pubs. 216 S. Clark, R. 29 
Chicago Journal of Commerce Co. pubs. 

216 S. Clark, R. 29 

terman Bros.) 179 S. Clinton 
Chicago Lamp Co. Charles W. Larm, mngr. 

84 S. Market, R. 26 
Chicago Land & Mining Exchange, 191 La- 

Salle, R. 47, T. 1775 
Chicago Landlords' Protective Bureau, Julius 
M. t Solomon, pres. Oscar Brown, sec. 
Julius Solomon Jr. treas. 156 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 45 
Chicago Laundry, Harry J. Sloan, prop. 346 

Chicago Law Institute Library, W. I. Culver, 

librarian, Court House, R. 67 
Chicago Law Times, C. V. Waite & Co. pubs. 
96 Ashland blk. Clark cor. Randolph, T. 
Chicago Ledger (The) C. E. Strong, mngr. 

271 S. Franklin, T. 1125 
Chicago Legal News (The) The Chicago Legal 

News Co. pubs. 87 S. Clark,-T. 7 
Chicago Legal News Co. (The) Myra Brad- 
well, pres. James B. Bradwell, sec. pubs. 
The Chicago Legal News, 87 S. Clark, T. 7 
Chicago Lithotype Co. J. L. Atwater pres. J. 
B. Webb, sec. and treas. 15 E. Washington 
Chicago Loan Co. Hiram Brush, mngr. 164 

LaSalle, R. 43 
Chicago Lumber Co. M. T. Greene, gen. 

mngr. Iron cor. 35th, T. 9506 
Chicago Machine, Die & Model Works, James 

P. Hanson, prop. 259 E. Randolph 
Chicago Magnetic Shield Co. (The) C. I. 

Thacher, mngr. 69 S. State, R. 6 
CHICAGO MAIL (The) The Hatton- 

Snowden Co. pubs. 118 5th av. T. 940 
Chicago Malleable Iron Co. F. H. Head, pres. 
H. S. Burkhardt, v. pres. Clayton Mark, 
sec. E. P. Bailey, treas. 26th cor. Western 
av. T. 9105 
Chicago Malt & Grain Co. 53 W. Division 
Chicago Manilla Paper Works, Oliver H. 
Hicks, pres. G. D. Hicks, sec. and treas. 
75 E. Lake 
Chicago Manual Training School, E. W. 
Blatchford, pres. Marshall Field, treas. 
Wm. J. Fuller, sec. Michigan av. nw. cor. 
Chicago Manual Training School Library, 

Michigan av. nw. cor. 12th 
Chicago Mnfg. Association, Granville L. 
Howe, pres. Albah F. Moore, sec. Sylves- 
ter L. Lane, treas. 134 E. Van Buren, R. 84 
Chicago Mnfg. Co. (The) elevator guards, 112 

S. Clark, R. 904, T. 1284 
Chicago Meat and Pastry Cooks and Confectrs. 
Association Employment Bureau, i)5 5th av 
TUTE, George C. Prussing, pres. Amos 
Grannis, treas. Ferd. W. Peck, 1st v. pres. 
WiDiam R. Page, 2d v. pres. Andrew Groh, 
sec. Chas. R.Barrett, librarian,48 Dearborn 
Chicago Medical ( ioUege, 26th ne. cor. Prairie 

av. T. 8128 
& EXAMINER (THE) Clark & 
Longley Co. pubs. 308 to 316 Dearborn, T. 
Chicago Medical Lake Mnfg. Co. (The) Evans 
I. McComas, mngr. mnfrs. mineral salts, 
166 E. Washington, K. 10 


♦ ♦ 

225 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

128 CHI 



Chicago Memorial Card Co. (P. H. Sprague, 

A. H. Wilson and T. W. Sprague) 218 La 

Salle, R. 704 
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Elevator, Ful- 
ton and the river. 
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. F. A. Mil- 
ler, asst. pass. agt. Charles L. Rising, 

com. agt. 55 S. Clark, T. 5311; C. N. 

Souther, ticket agt. 61 S. Clark, T. 5190; 

pass, depot, S. Canal cor. W. Adams, T. 

4693; freight depot, Union cor. Carroll a v. 

T. 4690 
Chicago Mining Review, Duff Porter, ed. 112 

S. Clark, R. 924, T. 1284 
Chicago Mining & Reduction Co. Arthur W. 

Allyn, pres. J. Foster Rhodes, sec. H. F. 

Eames, treas. 175 Dearborn, R. 29 

86 LaSaUe, R. 15, T. 1620 
Chicago Mortising Machine Co. Alonzo Clark, 

pres. Charles H. Douglas, v-pres. George 

A. Robbins, sec. Charles S. Baker, 

treas. 125 W. Washington 
Chicago Music Co. (The) William Lewis, 

mngr. E. C. Newell, treas. 148 Wabash av. 

T. 5762 
Chicago Musical College, Dr. F. Ziegfeld, 

pres. Dr. Ph. H. Matthei, treas. A. G. Fow- 
ler, sec. 69 S. State, Rooms I to O, and 501 

W. Adams 
Chicago Mutual Life Indemnity Association, 

Edwin J. Decker, pres. Andrew Dillman, 

v-pres. Alfred E. Lasnier, 2nd v-pres. 

James W. Greene, sec. and treas. fl. P. 

Townsley, mngr. 134 E. Van Buren, R. 65 
Chicago Natatorium, Bertalot & Kadish, 

props. 504 W. Madison 
Chicago National Bank, J. R. Walsh, pres. J. 

M. Adsit, v-pres. H. H. Nash, cash. 174 

Dearborn, T. 627 
Chicago National Electric Co. Wm. Reetz, 

mngr. 154 LaSalle, R. 15 
Chicago Newspaper Union, John F. Cramer, 

pres. George A. Strong, sec. C. E. Strong, 

mngr. 271 S. Franklin, T. 1125 
Chicago Nickel Works, 95 E. Ohio, T. 3401 
Chicago Novelty Paper Box Works Chas. F. 

Rapp, prop. 112 E. Lake 
Chicago Nursery and Half Orphan Asylum, 

Mrs. C. H. Bl nchard, matron, 175 Burling 

Henderson, mngr. Clark and Washington 
Chicago Opera House Co. (The) William D. 

Kerfoot, pres. Charles Henrotin, v-pres. 

Edmund Gorvett, sec. 112 S. Clark, R. 412 
Chicago Orphan Asylum, Norman Williams, 

pres. John Crerar, v. pres. Charles W. 

Pierce, sec. Charles F. Grey, treas. 2228 

Michigan av. 
Chicago Oyster House, William M. Bent, 

mngr. 142 E. Madison, T. 813 
Chicago Packing Meat Market Co. J. B. Ruh- 

land, mngr. 42 W. Jackson and 89 E. Van 

Bu en, T. 284 
Chicago Packing & Provision Co. H. Bots- 

ford, pres. C. L. Hutchinson, v. pres. Ira 

S. Younglovo, sec. H. Crosman, asst. sec. 

office 218 LaSalle, R. 215, T. 558, packing 

house, stk. yds, T. 9573 

Chicago Pad Co. (The), Fredrick Benoit, 

pres. Robert S. Fleming, sec. 35 S. Canai 

Chicago Paint & Color Co. 107 Fulton, T. 4119 

Chicago Paper Co. H. E. Mead, pres, 0. E. 

M( ad, v. pres. A. T. Hodge, sec. W. C. 

Gillette, treas. 181 E. Monroe, T. 251 

Chicago Passenger Ry. Co. 338 S. Western av. 

T. 7069 
Chicago Perforated Wrapping Paper Co. 

Louis L. Munson, mngr. 46 LaSalle, T. 

Chicago Permanent Building & Loan Asso- 
ciation. Horace B. Parker, pres, Charles 

T. Gilbert, v. pres. John Turnbull, treas. 
, G. W. Gifford, sec. 166 E. Washington 
Chicago Pharmaceutical Wks. Mrs. Anna 

Springer, prop. 164 E. Washington, R. 4 
Chicago Photo-Engraving Co. (The), George 

R. Grant, pres. A. C. Harding, treas. G. 

Tanner, sec. 155 E. Washington, R. 54 
Chicago Photo-Gravure Co. I. P. Rumsey, 

pres. O. C. Foster, sec. 296 Dearborn 

Barnett, pres. Wm. Thompson, v. pres. J. 

H. Barnett, sec. John Sage, treas. 210 to 

216 E. Chicago av. T. 3024 
Chicago Pilot, M. J. CahiU, pub. 79 E. Ran- 

< doiph 
Chicago Plumbing Co. Isaac A. Moore, pres. 

John Nelson, v. pres. William H. Bennett, 

sec. and treas. 259 W. Madison 
Chicago Pop Corn Factory, Arthur Hug and 

Charles H. Wells, props. 40 S. Franklin 
Chicago Post Office T. 713 
Chicago Preserving Salt Co. Gustav Burk- 

hardt and Anton Burkhardt, props. 260 S. 

Clark, R. 30 
Chicago Press Club, 133 S. Clark, R. 20, T. 

Chicago Produce Exchange (The) G. W. Bar- 
nett, pres. R. M. Littler, sec. Clark ne. 

cor. S. Water, T. 5628 

circulating dept. open 9:00 a. m. to 8:30 p. 

m. reading dept. open 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. 

Sunday included, William F. Poole, libra- 
rian, City HaU, 4th floor, T. 1277 
Chicago Publishing Co. Michael J. Cahill, 

prop. 79 E. Randolph 
Chicago Pump & Faucet Co. (C. Eberlein & i 

Co.), 155 E. Washington, R. 23 
Chicago Railway Exchange (The), R. C. 

. Moffat, supt. 205 LaSalle, R. 120 ' 
Chicago Rattan & Reed Co. Wm. Potter, pres. i 

H. V. Pierpont, sec. and treas. 153 E. Su- 
Chicago Rawhide Mnfg. Co. A. B. Spurling, ; 

pres. W. H. Preble, sec. and treas. A. C. 

Krueger supt. 75 and 77 E. Ohio, T. 3403 
Chicago Real Estate Board, William D. Kerfoot i 

pres. M. R. Barnard, v. pres. George P. 

Bay, treas. Edwin F. Getchell, sec. 161 

LaSaUe, R. 5, T. 255 
Chicago Real Estate Directory, John W. Con- 

norton, pub. 177 LaSalle, R. 31 
Chicago Refrigerator Mnfg. & Cold Storage 

Co. (The) C. H. Rowe, pres. J. H. Fair- 
child, treas. 30 S. Jefferson 
Chicago Relief & Aid Society, C. G. Trusdell, 

supt. 51 LaSalle 

S. and H. Eickmeyer), 717 Milwaukee av. J 

cor. Noble 
Chicago Retort & Fire Brick Works, George 

C. Hicks, pres. Paul P. Austin, sec. and 

treas. S. Clark, ne. cor. 45th, T. 9525 
Chicago Roofing Co. D. W. C. Gooding, pres. 

166 LaSaUe, T. 723 

WORKS. (S. Holderness & Co.) 136 8. 




182 Dearborn St 



CIFIC RY. R. R. Cable, pres. A. Kim- 
ball, v. pres. gen. office and pass, depot, 142 
E. Van Buren, T. 501, J. C. McCabe, com. 
agt. 116 E. Washington, G. L. Rhodes, city 
pass. agt. W. W. Foltz, ticket agt. 104 S. 
('lark, T. 183 

E. Randolph, T. 1018 

Campbell, pres. S. A. Stevens, v. pres. A. 
S. Campbell, sec. and treas. C. N. Brisco, 

fen. mngr. Henry Gross, mech. director. 
. T. Hough, supt. 209 to 217 S. Canal, T. 
Chicago Safety Steam Engine Co. Win, 

Unger, prop. 72 W. Washington 
Chicago Safety Vaults, G. W. Reed, supt. 104 

E. Washington 
Chicago Sand & Gravel Co. John W. Hull, 
pres. B. F. Porter, sec. 1 W. Washington 
Chicago, Santa Fe <s California Ry. Co. 
Norman Williams, pres, and gen. mngr. 
Emmons Blaine, gen. freight and pass, 
agt. Rialto bldg. 
Chicago Sash, Door & Blind Mnfg. Co. F. 
Koepke, pres. J. M. Krause, treas. A. C. 
Lausten, sec. 48 W. North av. T. 4672 
Chicago Sash Pulley Co. Charles H. Smith, 

pres. 253 E. Lake, R. 2 
pres. F. S. Allen, treas. J. C. Nutting, sec. 
147 to 151 S Jefferson, T. 4107 
Chicago Scotch Cap Co. 154 S. Market 
Chicago Screw Co. James W. Scoville, pres. 
C. E. Roberts, sec. and treas. 94 W. Wash- 
m ington, T. 4397 
Chicago Sewing Machine Co. J. S. Emmert, 
pres. C. F. Berg, sec. Henry Decker, treas. 
47 S. Jefferson 
Chicago Shirt Factory, Marshall D. Bly, prop. 

193 S. Clark, R. 12 
Chicago Shoe & Slipper Co. 129 W. Wash- 
Chicago Shot Tower Co. E. W. Blatchford, 
pres. N. Corwith, v. pres. N. H. Blatch- 
ford, treas. C. F. Gates, sec. 70 N. Clinton, 
T. 4221 
Chicago Show Card Co. (Sidney S. Watts and 

John P. ScheU) 148 State, R. 9 
Chicago Show Case Co. Caspar Splithoff, 

mngr. 51 S. State 
Chicago Sittings, Higgins Bros. pubs, news- 

, paper, 248 S. Halsted 
Chicago Sign Advertising Co. (Herbert Kelly 

and James H. O'Kelly) 242 E. Lake 
Chicago Slate & Mantel Co. (John Ellis, 
David Morris, John W. Owen and John 
W. Williams, props) 190 E. Van Buren 
Chicago Slaughtering and Packing Co. (Will- 
iam Miller, Tom. Armour, Jacob Hess, 
Joseph Hoff, and John H. Palmer, 
v props.) Wallace ne. cor. 40th 
Chicago South Branch Dock Co. Roswell B. 
Mason, pres. Edward G. Mason sec. 40 
Dearborn, R. 1, T, 5555 
Chicago Splice Bar Mill, Morris Sellers & 
Co. props. 59 S. Clark, R. 6, T. 5252, 
, works, W. Chicago av. nr. N. Branch 
Chicago Spring Butt Co. George J. Keene, 

t pres. Joseph Keene, sec. 42 W. Monroe 
Chicago Spring Co. J. T. Plumsted, mngr. 
„ 376 N. Water 

Chicago Stained Glass Works, Max Suess & 
Co. props, mnfrs. 216 E. Lake 

BURG R. R. C. W. Adams, asst. gen. 
pass. agt. 65 S. Clark, R. 14, H. A. Swan- 
zey, city tkt. agt. 65 S. Clark, T. 205, J. B. 
Hill, frt. agt. 8 Pacific av. R. 4, pass, de- 
pot S. Canal cor. Madison, frt. depot 109 
_ N. Halsted, T. 4651 
Chicago Stamping Co. (The) Frank Sturges, 
pres. C. J. Merritt, treas. W. H. Mears, 
t sec. 10 to 14 E. Lake, T. 5661 
Chicago Steam Boiler and Engine Works, 
George K. Shoenberger, prop. 62 Michi- 
gan, T. 3017 
Chicago Steam Laundry, A. W. Cleaver & Co. 

props. 3801 Lake av. 
Chicago Stereotype Works, Thomas & Peters, 

props. 85 5th av. 
Chicago Steel Mnfg. Co. M. M. Towle, pres. 
George W. Hoffman, treas. J. T. Torrence, 
v. pres. D. F. Cameron, sec. 164 Dearborn, 
R. 212 
Chicago Stock Exchange, 140 E. Washington, 

R. 10, T. 36 
Chicago Stock Yard Vaccine Co. T. H. New- 
ton, pres. J. C. Williams, sec. 163 S. State, 
R. 56 
Chicago Storage Warehouse, Charles F. 

Keeler, prop. 99 E. VanBuren, T. 801 
Chicago Stove Works, Charles A McLeod, 
pres. E. Bussey, v. pres. S. E. Moore, 
treas. James C. Bussey, sec. Blue Island av. 
nr. 22nd. T. 9125 
Chicago Sugar Refinery Co. Erhardt A. Matt- 
hiesson, pres. George W. Lamb, 3ec. and 
treas. Arno Behr, supt. Taylor, se. cor. 
Beach, T. 4519 
Chicago Suit Mnfg Co. (D. Carpenter and M. 

J. Fisher), 5 & 6 E. Washington 
CHICAGO TACK CO. Grand Crossing, 

T. 9876 
Chicago Tea Co. J. W. McFarland, prop. 520 

S. Halsted 
Chicago Teaming Co. (The) Macomber & Wil- 
son, props. 64 S. Canal, T. 4406 
man Williams, 1st. v. pres. C. N. Fay, 2nd. 
v. pres. and gen. mngr. R. C. Wetmore, 
sec. and treas. B. E. Sunny, supt. F. M. 
Buck, contract agt. 503 Pullman blder. T. 
5105 and 5108, A. D. T. dept. 118 LaSalle, 
T. 275 
Chicago Theological Seminary, (Congrega- 
tional), E. W. Blatchford, pres. J. W. 
Scoville, v. pres. Rev. G. S. F. Savage, 
sec. Ashland nw. cor. Warren av. 
CHICAGO TIMES (The) Austin L. 
Patterson, mngr. 5th av. nw. cor. Wash- 
ington, count, room T. 1362, ed. T. 1462 
Chicago Tin Plating Works, A. J. Humber- 

stone, prop. 61 S. Canal 
Chicago Tobacco Directory, John W. Connor- 
ton, pub. 177 LaSaUe, R. 31 

Fred. Fredericks, prop. 188 & 190 Ohio 
Chicago Towing Co. William Harman, mngr. 
J. A. Crawford, supt. 210 S. Water, R. 2, 
T. 922 
Chicago Trading Co. George S. Carr ington, 

mngr. variety, 176 W. Van Buren 
Chicago Training School, Rev. M. M. Park- 
hurst, pres. James L. Whitlock, v. pres. 
T. P. Marsh, sec. Geo. D. Elderkin, treas. 
Mrs. Lucy R. Meyer, prin. 122 Dearborn 
Chicago Turngemeinde Library, 255 N. Clark 


130 CHI 




Tribune Co. props. Dearborn, 6e. cor. E. 
Madison, count, room, T. 214, editorial, 
T. 104 

BAN K., Daniel H. Tolman, pres. Jules 

W. Butler, v. pres. Floyd E. Jennison, 

cash. 120 La Salle, T. 1183 
Chicago Typographical Union, Henry S. 

Streat, pres. George J. Knott, rec. sec. 

Samuel Rastall, sec. and treas. 164 E. 

Washington, K. 21, T. 688 
Chicago Tyre & Spring Works, Charles H. 

Ferry, mngr. 94 E. Washington, R. 14, T. 

Chicago Underwear Co. (The), 178 S. Market 
Chicago Union Lime Works, F. E. Spooner, 

agt. 153 S. Market, T. 234, and Lincoln 

cor. 19th 
Chicago Union Tobacco Works. Reith & 

O'Connell, props. 18 S. Market 


(THE), Dr. H. N. D. Parker, and Dr. J. 

N. Wilkins, props. 205 S. Clark, R. 10. and 

113 E. Adams. (See adv. inside back 

Chicago "Varnish Co. A. C. Potwin, pres. O. 

H. Morgan, v. pres. W. S. Potwin, sec. 

and treas. 204 Pine, T. 3018 
Chicago Vessel Owners' Association, Capt. 

George A. McMorran agt. 53 S. Market, 

T. 1656 
Chicago Veterinary College, R. J. Withers, 

pres. Joseph Hughes, sec. A. H. Baker, 

H. Baker, treas. 2539 8. State. T. 8518 
FACTURERS, C. W. H. Stitts, pres. 

70 La Salle, R. 16 and 17 
Chicago Weekly Guide, Frank L. Ford, pub. 

155 Dearborn, R. 65 

The Chicago Herald Co. pubs. 120 5th av. 

T. 1258 

F. Lawson, pub. 123 5th av. 
Chicago West Division Railway Co. (The) J. 

Russell Jones, pres. B. H. Campbell, v. 

pres. George L. Webb, sec. and treas. 

Dewitt C. Creigier, supt. general offices 

State ne. cor. Randolph, T. 5386, supt's. 

office, T. 5328 
Chicago White Lead & Oil Co. C. F. Gates, 

pres. and treas. Albert Dow, v. pres. and 

gen. mngr. Oliver C. Bryant, sec. N. Green 

se. cor. Fulton, T. 4574 

WORKS, F. Parthier, prop. 266 and 268 

S. Halsted 
Chicago, Wilmington & Vermillion Coal Co. 

Albert L. Sweet, gen. mngr. 175 Dearborn, 

R. 39, T. 1337 
Chicago Wire Works, F. T. Schlegel, prop. 

169 E. Madison 
Chicago Wire & Iron Co. (Eben B. Smith and 

Frank P. Smith) 96 E. Lake, T. 5755 
Chicago Women's Club, Mrs. L. M. Heywood, 

pres.Mrs.E.E.Marean,sec.200 Michigan av. 
Chicago Wood Finishing Co. paints, 143 and 

145 S. Clinton 
Chicago World (The) Charles Harmeyer, pub. 

167 E. Washington, R. 34 

WORKS, iron work for building pur- 
poses, 207 S. Canal, T. 4381 


Blackstone, pres. J. C. McMuUin, v. pres. 
Charles H. Foster, sec. and treas. 0. H. 
Chappell, gen. mngr. H. H. Courtright, 
gen. freight agt. gen. offices, 204 Dearborn. 
T. 1242, James Charlton, gen. pass. agt. 210 
Dearborn, R. Somerville, city ticket agt. 
89 S. Clark, T. 5031, pass, depot, W. 
Adams, cor. Canal, freight depot, W. 
VanBuren cor. Charles, T. 4670 

Chicago & Atlantic R. R. J. H. Benedict, pres. 
F. Broughton, gen. mngr. F. C. Donald, 
gen. pass. agt. S. Clark, cor. 14th, T. 8147, 
A. S. Crane, gen. freight agt. 220 La Salle, 
R. 510, T. 172, ticket office, 105 S. Clark, T. 
965, pass, depot, Polk cor. 4th av. freighi 
depot. Clark and 14th. 

Chicago & Aurora Smelting & Refining Co. 
J. B. Arnold, pres. Wm. H. Van Arsdale, 
v. pres. Barton Sewell, treas. John A. 
Knapp, sec. 179 Dearborn 

Chicago & Columbus Coal Co. Charles V. 
Hickox, pres. Charles P. Wheeler, sec. 
175 Dearborn, R. 26, T. 1752 

R. R. CO. H. H. Stevens, pres. Geo. H. 
Ball, v. pres. Wm. Hill, gen. pass. agt. 
F. V. Davis, gen. freight agt. 164 Dearborn, 
R. 501, ticket office 64 S. Clark, pass, de- 
pot, Polk cor. 4th av. freight depot 14th 
cor. Dearborn, T. 323 

Chicago & Erie Stove Co. William H. White- 
head, mngr. 171 E. Lake, T. 859 

Chicago & Evanston Express Co. C. Rubo & 
Co. props. 36 Fifth av. City, and 526 Sher- 
man av. (Evanston) 

Chicago & Grand Trunk Ry. W. J. Spicer, 
gen. mngr. David Brown, asst. gen. freight 
agt. W. E. Davis, gen. pass, and ticket 
agt. gen. office 300 to 314 Rialto bldg. T. i 
1375, Ira W. Gault, freight agt. 110 E. 
Wasbington,T. 2, ticket office 103 S. Clark, ; 
T. 2, pass, depot, Polk cor. 3d av. freight 
depot 12th cor. 3d av. 

Chicago & Great Southern R. R. Co. T. P. ' 
Robb, pres. A. F. Williams, sec. George • 
W, Waite, chief engineer, Charles A, 
Stobie, auditor, W. R. Crumpton. gen. 
mngr. 218 LaSalle, R. 608 

Chicago & Indiana Coal Ry. Co. H. H. Porter, 
pres. George C. Kimball, v. pres. and gen. I 
mngr. C. W. HiLLard, sec. and treas. J. H. ] 
Kingwill, auditor, A. M. Nichols, gen. i 
freight aud pass. agt. R. Angst, chief engi- 
neer, offices, 164 Dearborn, R. 310 to 316 

Chicago & Lemont Stone Co. H. L. Holland, 
receiver, 858 S. Franklin, T. 272 

Chicago & Lower California Mining Co. L. P. ' 
Crane, pres. A. Gleason, sec. 94 LaSalle, 
R. 51 

Chicago & Milwaukee Brewers' Association, 
163 E. Randolph, R. 67, T. 1779 

Chicago & Milwaukee Consolidated Cloak Co. 
249 E. Monroe 

Chicago & Milwaukee Telegraph Co. C. G. 
Shoals, supt. 84 Board of Trade 

Chicago & Minonk Coal and Coke Co. Miner 
T. Ames, pres. coal, 123 LaSaile, T. 450 , 

Chicago & Northwestern Elevator, Munger, 
Wheeler & Co. props. W Water, cor. In- 
diana J 

Chicago & Western R. R. Co. Henry B. Coxe,| 
pres. George Merryweather, v. pres. Johnf 
F. Price, sec. 140 E. Washington, R. 1, T. 

GEO. W. RAITHEL, sw TE c - P M H A r E T r fr s 'C0AL. 


Chicago & North Western Construction Co. 

C. R. Lesh, pres. 94 LaSalle, R. 59 

RY. CO. gen. offices 22 5th av. T. 3106; 

pass, depot, Wells, cor. Kinzie, ticket 

office, 62 S. Clark, freight depots, north 

end State st. bridge, T. 3168; 19 W. Kinzie, 

Indiana cor. Jefferson and W. Water, cor. 

Austin av. Albert Keep, pres.; M. L. 

Sykes, v. pres. sec. and treas. Marvin 

Hughitt, 2d v. pres. and gen. mngr. W. H. 

Stennett. asst. gen. mngr. H. C. Wicker. 

traffic mgr. C. C. Wheeler, gen. supt. E. P. 

Wilson, gen pass. agt. H. R. McCullough, 

gen. freight agt. 22 5th av. 
Chicago & Pacific Elevator Co. Abner Taylor, 

pres. William H. Harper, mngr. and treas. 

John W. Morrill, sec. gram elevator, 

office 240 LaSalle, R. 34, T. 154, elevator 

North Branch and Haines 
Chicago & Springfield Emerald, J. E. Dunne, 

pub. 162 E. Washington 
Chicago & Summit Lime & Stone Co. 215 

Chicago & Texas Live Stock Co. Isaac Waixel, 

pres. S. Crumpacker, v. pres. Charles B. 

More, sec. and treas. Exch. bldg. stk. 

Chicago & Western Indiana Belt Ry. Co. 

Polk, cor. Dearborn, T. 59 
Chicago & Western Indiana R. R. John B. 

Carson, pres. James D. Carson, gen. mngr. 

M. J. Clark, sec. and auditor, G. W. 

Stokes, treas, gen. offices, Dearborn Sta- 
tion, Polk. cor. 3rd. av. T. 59 
Chicagski Listy, Matejki & Medek pubs. 

Frank Cemus and L. Fligl, editors, 362 

W. 18th 
Chick Eliza C. Miss, dressmkr. 34 E. Monroe, 

Chidester & Co. (N- B. and Ogden Chidester) 

wh. bakers, 313 W. Polk 
Chidley S. E. Mrs. embroidery, 684 W. Lake 
Child Charles A. carpet cleaner, 292 S. State 
Child George F. Adjustable Parlor Chair Co. 

George F. Child, pres. G. D. Coughtry, 

sec. B. F. Hales, treas. 281 Wabash av. 
Childs Frank H. lawyer, Government Bldg. 

Childs John, meatmkt. 27 Rush, T. 3527 
Childs John A. pub. Evanston Index, 325 

Davis, (Evanston) 
Childs Robert A. lawyer, 99 E. Randolph, R. 

47, T. 5237 
CHIL.OS S. D. A CO. (S. D. Childs and 

J. A. Smith) printers and stationers, 163 

Dearborn, T. 534 
Children's Friend (The) Engberg-Holmberg 

Pub. Co. pubs. 119 E. Chicago av. 
Chilesky L. J. barber, 607 W. Indiana 
Chin Frank A. confectr. 338 E. 30th 
Chin Park, laundry, 123 Colorado av. 
Ching Hon, laundry, 61 8. Desplaines 
Chini Quy, Frank T. boots and shoes, 2130 S. 

Chinn Arthur, meatmkt. 643 W. Lake 
Chipman John, 254 S. State 
Chisholm Mary Mrs. confectr. 648 W. Indiana 
Chittenden George R. milk, Ridge av. nr. 

Foster (Evanston) 
Chittenden Granville I. lawyer, 89 E. Madi' 

son, R. 18, T. 1414 
Chittenden Truman S. builder, 1020 40th 
Chitty B. T. Mrs. dressmkr. 541 W. Madison 
CHLADA JOSEPH, grocer, 690 S. May 

Chladck Frank, confectr. 496 31st 

Chmel Frank, baker, 635 Blue Island av. 

Chochola Thomas, saloon, 538 S. Centre av. 

Chog Bow, laundry, 315 8. Clark 

Choitz Fred, teaming, 476 N. Wood 

Cholez Joseph, clothing mnf r. 256 N. Centre av 

< hong Fot, laundry, 1352 S. State 

Chong Hop, laundry, 168 S. Halsted 

Chong Kee, laundry, 419 W. 18th 

Chong Kee, laundry, 661 W. 43d 

Chong Lee, laundry, 126 35th 

Chong Wo, laundry, 3757 S. Halsted 

Chong Wing, laundry, 2479 Archer av. 

Chong Yet, laundry, 503 Sedgwick 

Chormann Edward, cooper, Iglehart av. nr. 

E. 27th 
Chouinard Fred, photog. 272 W. Randolph 
CHOU1XARD R. L.. photog. 465 W. 

Chrapkowsky August Mrs. meatmkt. 167 

Chrestensen L. C. saloon, 265 Milwaukee av. 
Christ Henry, boots and shoes, 2906 Hanover 
Christensen Andrew, express, 449 W. Huron 
Christensen A. express, 30 Hunt 
Christensen A. C. Mrs. millinery, 259 W. 

Christensen Bros. (Christ and John Christen- 
sen) meatmkt. 738 Milwaukee av. 
Christensen Chris, milk, 186 N. Curtis 
Christensen Henry Mrs. shirt mnfr. 3563 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 
Christensen J. C. watchmkr. 96 W. Ohio 
Christensen Nels, painter, 5216 S. State 
Christensen Peter, saloon, 94 W. Ohio 
Christensen P. jeweler, 173 W. Indiana 
Christensen & Co. (Julius Christensen and 

Edward Kruse) produce, 222 S. Water 
Christensen & Lebrecht, (Mrs. M. Christensen 
and Mrs. B. Lebrecht) dressmkrs. 139 W. 
Christensen & Olsen, carps. '265 E. Superior 
Christenson A. P. laundry, 273 Ogden av. 
Christenson Ole, mnfr. bar fixtures, 166 W. 

Chicago av. 
Christian Adam, grocer, 444 Ogden av. 
Christian Cynosure (The) William I. Phillips, 

pubs. 221 W. Madison 
Christian E. Mrs. music teacher, 126 Dearborn, 

R. 38 
Christian George C. lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 56 
Christian John, confectr. 1636 W. Lake 
Christian John T. drugs, 285 W. Van Buren 
Christian Robert F. & Co. (Robert Christian) 

employment agts. 284 S. Water 
Christian Worker (The) Publishing Associa- 
tion of Friends, proprs. Calvin W. Pritch- 
ard, ed. and mngr. 56 Wabash av. 
Christians A. express, 4426 Cottage Grove av. 
Christians George, express, 5839 Lake av. 
Christiansen Theodore, cigars and tobacco, 58 

W. Indiana 
Christiansen R. carp. 1116 N. Western av. 
Christianson Fredrick, meatmkt. 162 W. Polk 
Christianson & Larson (John Christianson 
and Axle Larson) laundry, 762 Maple- 
wood av. 
Christie Edmund, physician, 684 W. 21st, T. 

Christie J. H. Dr. 873 W. 22d 
Christman John C. jr. clothing, 835 Root 
Christman John W. bakery, 615 Milwaukee av. 
Christman Henry P. clothing, 4233 S. Halsted 
Christmann George A. dentist, 93 5th av. 
R. 2 




Christoffel P. livery, Ravenswood (Lake 

GRAPHIKO CO. (successors to the 
Mendel Lith. Co. established 1850) litho- 
graphers and sole manufacturers for the 
U. S. of the Bankers' Chemical and Pro- 
tected Safety Paper, Times bldg. T. 1581 
Christopher John, grocer, 644 W. 18th 
Christopher Nicholas, saloon, 3800 Wallace 
Christopher Thomas, saloon, 3800 Emerald av. 
Christophersen J. C. boots and shoes, 1216 

Milwaukee av. 
CHRISTY F. C. & CO. engravers and 
mnfrs. of dies for printing on wood for 
soaps and embossing tin, 224 and 226 E. 
Washington, T. 644 
Chum Yac, laundry, 1095 Milwaukee av. 
Chung Lee, laundry, 116 W. Randolph 
Chung Lee, laundry, 578 S. State 
Chung War, laundry, 212 Clybourn av. 
Churan Albert, baker, 664 Lincoln av. 
Churan Frank, saloon, 137 Bunker 
Churan John, saloon, 487 S. Canal. 
Churan, Ziegler & Co. (C. A. Churan, Wm. H. 

Ziegler and E. W. Biederstadt) jewelers, 

79 Dearborn, R. 5 
Church Albert M. jeweler, 55 Fifth av. 
Church Annie M. Mrs. furnished rooms, 181*4 

Church A. M. & Co. (A. M. Church) jewelers, 

112 S. Clark 
Church Edmund V. mngr. The Root & Sons 

Music Co. 200 Wabash av. 
Church Frank L. notary, 544 Blue Island av. 
Church Leroy, real est. 81 S. Clark, R. 55 
Church Myron H. architect, 519 Pullman bldg. 

T. 5606 
Church Nathan S. Dr. 800 S. Halsted, T. 9084 
Church Progress, Michael J. Stalbus & Co. 94 

E. Washington 
Churchill Amos & Co. livery, 182 N. Green, T. 

Churchill A. L. express, 13 LaSalle, T. 5384 
Churchill Sophia Mrs. dressmkr. 3122 S. State 
Chval Peter, saloon, 775 Loomis 
Chwatal V. meatmkt. 654 W. 12th 
Chytraeus Axel, lawyer, 80 Dearborn, R. 21 
Cicero Vindicator (The) William Halley, pub. 

and prop, main office, W. Madison nw. 

cor. Crawford av. branch office 134 Lake 

(Oak Park) 
Cichocki John, grocer, Blanche cor. Ashland 

Ciesielski Mathias, grocer, 683 Centre av. 
Cigarmakers' International Union No. 14, 128 

S. Clark. R. 7 
Cigrang Nicholas, saloon, 1935 Purple 
Cihak Frank, grocer, 158 De Koven 
Ciliske Julius A. barber, 72 E. Washington 
Cincinnati Cooperage Co. C. W. Fritz, agt. 

storage 14 Rush 
Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago 

Ry. W. C. Hobbs. asst. gen. freight agt. 

10 Pacific av. T. 1209. J. C. Tucker, gen. 

n. w. pass, agt, 121 E. Randolph, T. 5302, 

ticket office, 121 E. Randolph, pass, depot, 

foot of Lake; freight depot, foot of S. 

Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific R. R. 

Co. C. S. Henry n. w. agt. 83 S. Clark 
Cincinnati Safe & Lock Co. W. C. Hickox & 

Co. gen. agts. 51 to 55 Dearborn 
Cinkel Alose, coal, 160 Bunker 
Cinofsky Louis, boots and shoes, 370 S. Clark 

Ciovino & Arata (Florence Ciovino and Louis 
Arata) saloon, 3221 and 3756 Cottage 
Grove av. 

Arthur, mngr. 113 E. Adams, R. 41 
Cirkel Edward, bakery, 406 Blue Island av. 
Cirpps Eliza Mrs. notions, 317 W. Polk 
Cirrer Raphel H. cigars and tobacco, 3731 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 
Cisar Joseph, saloon, 69 W. Division 
Cisler & Co. (James Cislerand Joseph Serson) 

harnessmkrs. 270 E. 31st 
Cisler & Serson (James Cisler and Joseph 

Serson) harness, 3936 S. State 

Citizen (The) The Citizen Newspaper Co. 

pubs. Bernard Curtis, pres. John Hickey, 

sec. and treas. 79 Dearborn, R. 30 

Citizens' Association of Chicago, Francis B. 

Peabody, pres. Martin A. Ryerson, v. pres. 

J. C. Ambler, sec. 94 LaSalle, R. 33, T. 1313 

Citizens' Building & Loan Association, 559 

Ogden av. 
Citizens' Ins. Co. of Cincinnati, A. D. Ken- 

neby, agt. 200 LaSalle, T. 351 
Citizens' Ins. Co. of New York, A. H. Darrow, 
115 LaSalle, T. 648, D. S. Munger & Co. 168 
LaSaUe, T. 315, John Naghten & Co. 181 
LaSalle, T. 523, and John W. Sweeney, 
4209 S. Halsted, agts. 
Citizens' Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh, Granger 

Smith & Miller, agts. 156 LaSalle, T. 451 
Citizens' Ins. Co. of St. Louis, Edward M. 

Teall & Co. agts. 158 LaSaUe, T. 233 
Citizens' League (The) Isaac P. Rumsey, pres. 
Francis P. Fisher, sec. Fred B. Cleve- 
land, asst. sec. John R. Walsh, treas. An- 
drew Paxton, genl. agt. 114 LaSalle, R. 26, 
T. 1437 
City Cab Co. Jas W. Ferry, pres. F. Stanley 

Dunton, gen. supt. 262 N. Clark, T. 3102 
City Chemical Co. (T. S. Quinn & Co.) 193 E. 

Washington, R. 5 
City Hotel, W. F. Orcutt, prop. S. State, cor. 

E. 16th 
City Laundry Co. W. B. Field, mngr. 117 N. 

City Laundry Co. Grayland & Medland, props. 

427 W. Madison 
City of London Fire Ins. Co. (lim.) of Lon- 
don, Eng. Edwin A. Simonds, mngr. Davis 
& ReQua, agt. 155 LaSaUe, T. 429 
City Omnibus Co. W. S. Robinson, pres. E. R. 
Stitt, sec. 68 S. Canal I 

City of Paris, John W. Goetz & Co. props, dry 

goods, 100 S. State 
City Press Association, George R. Wright 
and John M. Russell, mngrs. 162 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 14, T. 1467 
City Toilet Supply (The) Lionel Jacobi, pres. 
Arthur J. Ingals, sec. and treas. 134 E. 
Van Buren, R. 16 
City Window & Glass Cleaning Co. (Hermann 

Otto) 60 N. Canal 
Cittadino Cincci, saloon, 317 W. Van Buren 
Ciucci G. tailor 183 S. Clark, R. 8. 
Civis Frank, saloon, 159 Forquer 
Cklinski W. W. grocer, 267 Augusta 
Clabby Patrick, saloon, 3035 S. State 
Clacher William B. machinist, 80 S. Market 

R. 8 
Claffy Thomas, harness, 102 E. Jackson 
Claflin Isaac & Co. ( Isaac and William) real 

est. 154 E. Lake, R. 12 
Clair Mnfg Co. Alexander D. Hamilton, mngr. 
adjustable lamps, 273 Wabash av. 



ESTATES MANAGED, _ ^ . -.L^tL-, <„ 


Clancy C. L. drugs, 525 W. Van Buren, T. 7001 

Clancy James, notions, 703 Noble 

Clancy Mark, printer, 144 S. Water 

Clancy Thomas, meatmkt. 955 W. Madison 

Clancy Thomas J. milk, 89 E. North av. 

Clancy & Co. (Hugh E. Clancy and James L. 
Burke) plumbers, 2809 S. State 

Clapp Albert H. sewing machines, 353 W. Mad- 
| Clapp E. P. Dr. 323 Davis (South Evanston) 
j Clapp James L. Dr. dentist, 183 S. Clark, R. 2 

Clapp & Davis, wh. jewelers, 
65 E. Washington 

Clare James, saloon, 278 5th av. 

Claremont Athletic Club, Aleck Bussno, sec. 
5003 S. State 

Clarendon House, Mrs. Emma Philbrick & 
Son, props. 152 N. Clark 

Clark Alexander, lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 52 

Clark Alex, lawyer, 279 Clark, R. 6 

Clark Anson L. Dr. 513 S. State 

Clark A. B. dentist, 89 E. Madison, R. 9, h. 
62 Ogden av; 

Clark A. E. & Co. (A. E. and C. R. CJark) 
grain com. 50, Board of Trade, T. 587 
J Clark Bros. (Louis E. and William R.) con- 
tractors, 460 Warren av. 

Clark Bros. (Herbert P. and Anson L.) drugs, 
511 State, T. 667 

Clark Bros. (Oliver and Alvin) show case 
mnfrs. 169 Hastings 

Clark Brothers & Co. (Henry A. and Emory 
A Clark, Frank H. Woods and Charles 
Thomas) furniture, office, 274 Wabash av. 
T. 5459; factory, Roby nr. Blue Island av. 
T. 9106 

Clark Bryan H. horse collars, 107 W. Ran- 

Clark Charles E. ranges, 20 E. Lake 

Clark Chas. H. mngr. Warren Featherbone 
Whip Co. 211 & 213 Wabash av. 

Clark Charles M. Dr. 760 Warren av. 

Clark C. E. carp. 112 S. Clark, R. 927 
| Clark Edward, grocer, 214 E. 18th 
i Clark Edward, meatmkt. 2521 S. Halsted 

Clark Edward A. & Co. (Edward A. and Eli S. 
Clark) grocers, 338 Racine av. 

Clark E. Miss, dressmkr. 261 W. Indiana 

Clark E. W. coal and wood, 92d nr. B. & O. 
track (South Chicago) 

and Ch. E. S. Fielden) lumber, cedar 
posts, etc. three blks. W. of depot (Oak 
Park P. O.) f . Oak Pk. line 

Clark Frank B. painter, 226 N. Clark 

Clark Frank H . lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, R. 
49, T. 1007 

Clark Frederick L. gen. agt. Erie Express, 140 

E. Monroe 

Clark George, carp. 1180 Lexington 
Clark George, grain com. 4 Sherman, R. 33 
Clark George A. wh. leather, 201 E. Madison 
Clark George F. carp. 289 S. Franklin 
Clark George H. florist, 255 W. Madison 
Clark George M. & Co. George M. Clark, 

pres. Chas. L. Sackett, sec. car lamps, 

157 E. Superior, T. 3273 
Clark Geo. R. & Co. real est. 169 E. Jackson, 

R. Ill 
Clark G. M. cigars, 72 E. Randolph 
Clark, Goodsell & Co. (J. H. Clark and Louis 

F. GoodseU) oils and axle grease, 25 to 35 

Clark G. T. & Co. (Geo. T. Clark) contract- 
ors and builders 1527 S. State, T. 8034 

Clark Horace N. gas regulator,79 Dearborn, R. 

Clark James, saloon, 4088 Butterfield 
Clark James J. plumber, 119 E. 22nd 
Clark James N. real est. 101 E. Washington, 

Clark John S. Dr. 558 LaSalle av. 
Clark John S. real est. 163 E. Randolph, R. 6 
Clark Jonathan, contractor, 243 S. State, R. 78 
Clark Joseph J. grocer, 3237 S. State 
Clark J. billiard hall, 105 W. Madison 
Clark J. A. Dr. 890 W. 21st, T. 9002 
Clark J. E. Hotel Superior, 212 N. Clark 
Clark J. H. Dr. 367 S. State 
CLARK J. EI. saloon, Harbor av. (South 

Clark Lewis, teaming, 1335 S. State 
Clark Louis J. vet. surgeon, 610 Laflin 
Clark Lizzie Abbot Mrs. stenog. 205 LaSalle, 

R. 320, T. 490 
Clark L. F. grocer, 255 Campbell av. 
Clark Mark, saloon, 720 Milwaukee av. 
Clark Mary J. Miss, music, 3442 S. Halsted 
Clark Nathan C. bakery, 662 W. Madison 
Clark O. H. E. Dr. 3872 Cottage Grove av, 
Clark Porter, notions, 3545 Cottage Grove av. 
Clark, Raff en & Co. (Robert Clark, John T. 

Raffen and William Currer) props. Mtna 

Iron Works. E. Ohio cor. Kingsbury, T. 

Clark Robert T. tailor, 255 W. Madison 
Clark R. F. mnfrs. agt. 202 E. Monroe 
Clark R. R. real est. 107 Dearborn, R. 57. T.1138 
Clark Seth C. 73 Open Board of Trade 
Clark Sewell, furniture, 668 W. Lake 
Clark S. A. barber, 353 W. Van Buren 
Clark Terry B. saloon, 213 S. State 
Clark Thomas A. Dr. 254 S. Halsted, R. 8, T. 

4067, h. 241 W. Congress 
Clark Thomas & Sons, carps. 171 Aberdeen 
Clark Wallace G. contractor, 164 Dearborn, 

R. 411 
Clark Walter, Dr. 500 W. Madison 
Clark WiU H. lawyer, 99 E. Randolph, R. 27, 

T 5237 
Clark WiUiam E. Dr. 690 W. Monroe 
Clark William H. cigars, 295 5th av. 
Clark William P. lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 75 
Clark W. D. & Co. grocer, 3917 Cottage Grove 

Clark W. Willis, brick, 97 Dearborn, R. 6 
Clark & Clark (Charles and Henry) saloon, 

123 E. Monroe 
Clark & Co. (John C. F. Clark) billiards, 105 

W. Madjson 
Clark & Findlay (A. R. Clark and John S. 

Findlay) contractors, 164 Dearborn, R. 

411, T. 971 
Clark & Harrison, carps. 1527 State 
Clark & Herman (Palmer L. Clark and James 

Herman) props. Union Printing Co. 107 

5th av. 

Vay, pres. W. B. Judson, treas. S. Walkey, 

sec. Alfred C. Clark, genl. mngr. printers 

and publishers, 308 Dearborn, T. 364 
Clark & Maynard, J. D. Williams, agt. pubs. 

*?5 Wabash av. 
Clark & Peck (Frank B. Clark and Joseph E. 

Peck) painters, 226 N. Clark 
Clark & Pfister (William W. Clark and Wm. 

C. Pfister) paper boxes, 423 W. Lake, T. 

Clark & Shinn (Lizzie A. ClarK and Hattie A. 

Shinn) stenogs. 46 Montauk blk. T. 1067 


f PatentS 



(lark & Wise Co. A. J. Wise, pres. and treas. 
C. B. Bradley, sec. oils and axle grease, 
885 E. Illinois, T. 8197 
Clarke A. B. Miss, printer, 107 S. (lark, R. 8 
Clarke Albert L. Dr. 388 35th, T. 8066 
Clarke Alfred G. jeweler, 481 W. Madison 
Clarke C. C. lawyer, 102 E. Washington, R. 13, 

T. 1329 
Clarke Edward K. saloon, 3205 S. State 
Clarke Franklin D. Dr. 186 S. Clark 
Clarke Frederick B. real est. 94 E. Washing- 
ton, R, 30, T. 1182 
Clarke F. M. real est. 85 E. Washington, R. 4 
Clarke George C. & Co. (Herbert Darlington 
and Sebastian A. Harvey) ins. agts. 161 
LaSalle, T. 372 
Clarke Geo. R. & Co. real est. 205 LaSalle, T. 

Clarke Henry W. lawyer, 113 E. Adams R. 27 
Clarke James, furniture, 277 S. Clark, R. 23 
Clarke Michael, grocer, 5007 S. Halsted 
Clarke Octavius H. E. Dr. 3841 Vincennes av. 
Clarke, Radcliffe & Co. dry goods com. T. F. 

Howard, agt. 221 5th av. R. 2 
Clarke R. W. & Co. (Robert W. Clarke and 
Norman B. Ream, special) com. mers. 240 
LaSalle, R. 52 
Clarke Thomas C. pat. medicines, 92 E. Wash- 
ington, T. 1226 
Clarke Ward Greene Dr. 188 N. Clark, T. 3278 
Clarke Wm. & Sons, needle mnfrs. Gabriel K. 

Wright, mngr. 113 E. Adams, R. A 
Clarke W. L. lawyer, 19 Pine 
Clarke & Co. (Chas. F. Clarke and N. S. Glore) 
real est. and gen. brokers, 154 E. Washing- 
ton, R. B,T. 890 
Clarkson J. T. real est. 164 E. Randolph 
Clary Wm. J. Dr. 133 LaSalle, R. 27, h. 48 

Forest av. 
Clason Sara Mrs. cigar, 46th ne. cor. Cottage 

Grove av. 
Class Christian F. drugs, 893 N. Halsted, T. 

Classen Charles A. saloon, 195 LaSalle 
Claudy Philip, grocer, 3528 Butterfield 
Claus L. & J. S. (Lewis and Joseph S.) 

grocers, 6305 Wentworth av. 
Clausen Augusta Miss dressmkr. 133 Cleve- 
land av. 
Clausen Claus, grocer, 5117 Justin 
Clausing August, machinest, 5 Mohawk 
Claussen C. F. mnfr pickles sauces, etc. 

(Brighton Park) 
Claussen G. Mrs. cigars, 151 W. Indiana 
Claussen H. J. saloon, 295 Austin av. 
Claussen Julius, hats and caps, 302 E. North 

Claussen P. J. grocer, 769 W. 21st 
Claussen Sisters (Margaret J. and Catherine 

F.) dressmkrs. 573 Larrabee 
Claussenius H. Austria-Hungary Consul, 2 S. 

(lark, R. 3 
Claussenius H. & Co. (Henry Claussenius) 

steamship agts. 2 S. Clark 
Clay Wm. W. architect, 175 Dearborn, R. 88 

T. 564 
CLAY, KOBl^OK «fc CO. (John Clay 
Jr. Charles Robinson and William For- 
rest) live stock com. Exch. Bldg. Stk. 
Yds. T. 9618 
CLAY & FORRKST, (John Clay Jr. 
and W. H. Forrest) loans, cattle, etc. 115 
Dearborn, R. 40 to 43, T. 1653 
Clayton A. B. Dr. 517 Hinman av. (S. Evans- 

Clayton Carson W. dentist, 3872 Cottage 
Grove av. 

Clayton Charles, barrels, Wallace, cor. 25th 

Clayton Charles, grocer, 2500 Wallace 

Clayton Charles B. saloon, 121 S. ('lark, T. 

Clayton Wm. sash, door and blinds, 709 W. 
North av. 

(THE) 525 Chicago Opera House 

Cleary John J. saloon, 2979 Archer av. 

Cleary P. grocer, 134 31st, T. 8387 

Cleaveland & Chapman (Lorenzo D. Cleave- 
land and Cass Chapman) architects, 216 
S. Clark, R. 38 

Cleaveland & Schobert (Richard Cleaveland 
and William Schobert) saloon, 21 N. 

Cleaver A. W. & Co. (Arthur W. and S. C. 
Cleaver) props. Chicago Steam Laundry, 
3801 Lake av. 

CLEAVER CHAS. & SOX, (Charles 
and F. W.) real estate and loans, 125 
Dearborn, R. 9 

Cleaver E. C. & Co. real est. 85 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 1 

Cleaver James M. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 

Cleeman B. (Chicago Fur Cap Co.) 254 S. 

Cleggett James H. hair goods, 93 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 1 

Cleir Madelina Mrs. midwife, 443 Sedgwick 

Cleland J. McKenzie, lawyer, 159 E. Washing- 
ton and 6218 Wentworth av. 

Clemens Peter, florist, 1 Jay 

Clemens & Klasen (Michael Clemens and Ur- 
sula Klasen) hardware, 88 Blue Island av. 

Clement, Bane & Co. Austin Clement, prest. 
Levi B. Bane, sec. and treas. wh. clothing, 
Franklin, nw. cor. E. Adams, T. 1417 

Clement Geneveux, carp. 10 Miller 

Clement & Co. A. H. Clement, mngr. mnfrs. 
agt. 79 W. Madison 

Clement & Co. (Nathan L. Clement and 
George Schwitzner) clothing, 577 Blue Is- 
land av. 

Clement! Emilia, barber, 372 S. Desplaines 

Clements Patrick, tailor, 4317 S. Halsted 

Clemenz Jacob, saloon, 139 5th av. 

Clemenz Theodore, restaurant, 131 E. Madison 

Clemmons & Collins (William H. Clemmons 
and Loyal S. Collins) grocers, 3859 Cottage 
Grove av. 

Clendening John W. Dr. 4702 S. State 

Clendenning John & Co. Charles B. Norton, 
agt. handkerchiefs, 78 E. Monroe, R 26 

Clerks' Co-Operative Assn. L. M. Brewer, 
mngr. 70 E. Monroe, R. 26 

Clesius Stephen, cabinet mkr. Chicago av. cor. 
N. Greenleaf (South Evanston) 

Clettenberg Bernhard F. jeweler, 235 E. 

Clettenberg Francis M. grocer, 370 N. Ashland 

Cleveland Chas. B. gen. agt. New England 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. of Boston, 132 La- 
Salle, nw. cor. Madison 

Cleveland Co-Operative Stove Co. M. B. 
Clark, pres. W. W. Baldwin, sec. and 
treas. W. W. Baldwin, Jr. mngr. 90 E. 
Erie, T. 3076 

Cleveland E. J. & Co. (E. J. Cleveland) ins. 
brokers, 218 LaSaUe, R. 314 

Cleveland Martin B. dentist, 126 S. State, 
R. 24 



Cleveland RoUing Mill Co. N. D. Pratt, agt. 

91 E. Lake, T. 5529 

and Willard R. Cleveland) livery and 

boarding stables, 962 W. Madison, T. 7207 
Cleveland Stone Co. j"The) grindstones, Erie' 

cor. Kingsbury, T. 3524 
Clevenger S. V. Dr. 73 S. State 
Cliff & Righter Co. (limited) H. H. McDuffee, 

agt, car springs, 205 LaSalle, R, 70 
Clifford Eugene, lawyer, 175 Dearborn, R. 50, 

T. 419 
Clifford E. L. dentist, 163 S. State, R. 70, T. 

5840, and 439 W. Madison 
Clifford Richard W. lawyer, 149 LaSalle, 

R. 55 
Clifford Rollin A. artist, 339 W. Madison 
Clifford & Co. (J. M. Clifford) grain com. 12 

Sheraian, R. 12 
Clifton Frank & Co. (Frank and Charles E. 

Clifton) com. mer. 62 Board Trade, 1136 
Clifton House, Woodcock & Loring, (J. L. 

Woodcock and M. A. Loring, props.) 

Wabash av. nw. cor. E. Monroe, T. 5684 
CMNCH J. H. M. druggist, 335 Wash- 
ington boul. ne. cor. May 
Clinch M. J. Mrs. grocer, 547 S. Union 
Cline Henry, contractor, 25 Austin av. 
Cline Mnfg. Co. L. Cline, pres. and treas. S. 

W. Cline, sec. mnfy. house furng. gds. 42 

and 44 W. Monroe 
Clineff Samuel, grocer, 24 W. Erie 
Clingman Jacob Mrs. restaurant, 921 W. 

Clingman Louis P. grain com. 24 Pacific av. 

R. 1, T. 344 
Clinton A. D. woodenware, 21 River, T. 5184 
Clinton Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y. City, Holger de 

Roode, mngr. 200 LaSalle, R. 26, H. de 

Roode & Co. agts. 202 LaSalle, T. 1705 
Clinton House, P. N. Garrity, prop. 97 S. Clin- 
Clinton Lucius A. mineral water 254 W. 

22nd, T. 9134 
Clinton Mnfg. Co. railroad supplies, 135 E. 

Lake, T. 1573 
Clinton Mary Mrs. restaurant, 24 W. Van 

Clinton Wire Cloth Co. H. Butman, agt. 137 

E. Lake, T. 1573 
Clohesey T. J. & T. C. (Timothy J. and 

Timothy C.) printers, 166 S. Clark 
Cloke Thomas, carp. 568 Clybourn av. 
Clonick Joseph, grocer, 515£ S. Jefferson 
CLOSE BROS. & CO. (James B. and 

William B. Close and Saml. H. Graves) 

real est. and western lands, 84 LaSalle 
Close James, express, 45th se. cor. School 
Close James, blksmth. 753 Throop 
Close Wm. wagonmkr. 751 Throop 
Closius Paul, saloon, 260 Lincoln av. 
Clottu John & Son (John and Victor E.) 

wringers, 277 E. Madison 
Cloud Jesse, ladders, 51 W. Van Buren 
Clough John A. oils, 615 W. Lake, T. 7122 
Clough Samuel, meatmkt. 321 Root 
Clough William, meatmkt. 3126 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Clough William E. produce com. 120 S. Water 
Clousan Henry, boots and shoes, 642 43d 
Cloutier C. T. carp. 627 Dexter a v. 
Cloutier Peter, carp. 43d nw. cor. Wright 
Clow E. Miss, millinery, Arrington av. cor. 

Davis (Evanston) 
Clow George E. patterns, 57 S. Jeffer on 

Clow James B. & Son (James B. Clow and 
Wm. E. Clow) plumbers' supplies, 222 E. 
Lake, T. 848 
Clowry Anna Mrs. grocer, 587 S. Canal 
CJL.UBTT COAL. CO. J. C. Cluett, mngr. 
Chas. Cluett, prop, wood and coal, 708 & 
710 W. Indiana 
Cluett George B. Bro. & Co. wh. collars and 

cuffs, 201 5th av. 
Cluney Jeremiah, saloon, 276 Sedgwick 
Clusmann Louis, dentist, 360 Blue Island av. 
Clute Charles M. oils, 975 W. Madison 
Clute Edward L. milk depot, 185 Howe 
Clute & Cragier, (S. W. Clute and A. V. Crag- 

ier) saloon, 200 S. Halsted 
Clybourn H. C. & F. T. (Henry C. and Frank 
T.) sand and gravel, 163 E. Randolph, R. 31 
Clybourn & Smith, (James A. Clybourn and 

John Smith) meatmkt. 441 N. Clark 
Clymer W. grocer, 202 W. Monroe 
Clymer W. & E. grocers, 200 W. Monroe 
Clausen H. grocer, 1039 W. Van Buren 
Clausen Peter H. milk, 286 Mohawk 
Coady Alexander J. cigars, 331 W. Van Buren 
Coady Thomas J. restaurant, Calvary (S. Evan- 
Coale Henry K. & Co. (Henry K. Coale) coal, 

101 E. Washington, T. 5815 
Coates Anson B. grocer, Chestnut nr. Park av. 

Coates Anson B. grocer, 636 W. Lake 
Coatesville Iron Works (The) Charles W. 

Davenport, agt. 26 W. Lake, R. 1 
Cobb F. H. & Co. (Frank H. Cobb) grain 

com. 260 S. Clark, R. 15 
Cobb Joseph P. Dr. 207 E. 31st h. 3638 In- 
diana av. T. 8050 
Cobb Mary E. Mrs. manicure, 243 S. State, 

R. 3 
Cobb M. R. gents' furng. goods, Madison, ne. 

cor. Dearborn 
Cobb Oscar, architect, 154 E. Madison, R. 60 
Cobb Silas B. capitalist, 126 Dearborn, R. 3 
Cobb Simeon, barge owner. 244 S. Water, T. 

Cobb & Adams, (Albert W. Cobb, and John 
K Adams) com. mers. 25 Wabash av. T. 
Cobb & Frost, (Henry Ives Cobb and Charles 
S. Frost) architects, 112 S. Clark, R. 930, 
R. 1284 
Cobb & McDonald, carps. 44 S. 13th 
Cobb's Library Co. H. C. Metcalf , pres. L. A. 
Brown, sec. W. W. Porter, treas. station- 
ers, 21 E. Washington, T. 5298 
Coble N. A. & Co. (N. Arthur Coble and Wil- 
liam M. Baker) brokers, 61 Michigan av. 
Coburn Henry Marshall, lawyer, 89 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 15 
Coburn John J. lawyer, 69 Dearborn, R. 36 
Coburn Lewis L. lawyer, 59 S. Clark, R. 52 
Coburn Stephen M. furniture, 204 W. Ran- 
Coburn & Thatcher, (Louis L. Coburn and 
John M. Thatcher) lawyers, 59 S. Clark, R. 
52, T. 5225 
Coca Phosphate Co. Theodore Haswell, mngr. 

99 W. Adams 
Cochran J. Lewis, real est. 112 S. Clark, R. 

602, T. 695 
Cochran Lizzie Mrs. dressmkr. 1020 W. 12th 
Cochran Mary C. Mrs. dressmkr. 60 N. Clark, 

R. 2. 
Cochrane John C. architect, 59 S. Clark, R. 78 
T. 5787 






136 COC 




Subscription Co. 94 Dearborn, R. 15 
(\ O. D. Laundry, 571 S. State 
Coda Dominick, saloon, 526 W. Van Buren 
Coder M. V. real est. 125 LaSalle, R. 8 
Cody Arthur B. lawyer, 97 S. Clark R. 45, T. 

Cody Catharine Mrs. tailor, 1207 S. State 
Cody Edward, saloon, 4947 S. State 
Cody Hiram H. lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 45, T. 

Cody Hiram H. & Son, (Hiram H. and Arthur 

B.) lawyers, 97 S. Clark, R. 45, T. 5251 
Cody Hope R. typewriter's supplies, 97 S. 

Clark, R. 45, T . 5251 
CODY .1 OBI \ W. saloon, 5436 School 
Cody Richard T. barber, 31 W. Adams 
Coe Henry P. painter, 319 W. Randolph 
Coe J. C. & Co. prop. Ravinia dairy, 717 

Church (Evanston) 
Coe J. H. carp. 6351 Madison av. 
Coe Mary Mrs. restaurant, 662 W. Van Buren 
Coen Bernard, tailor, 398 E. Division (see adv) 
Coerper Ferdinand, grocer, 714 Clybourn av. 
Coey Andrew J. Dr. 3102 S. State, T. 8166 
Coey David & Son, carps. 3216 South Park av. 
Coffee John, saloon, 1230 Milwaukee av. 
Coffee Mary Mrs. grocer, 278 Hastings 
Coffeen J. S. Mrs. prop. Evanston Hotel, 

Davis nr. railroad (Evanston) 
Coffeen M. Lester, lawyer, Court House, R. 39 
Coffey Barney, sample room, 3852 S. State 
Coffey D. H. plumber, 723 S. Haisted 
Coffey John, saloon, 464 W. North av. cor. 

Milwaukee av. 
Coffey John B. grocer, 252 S. Centre av. 
Coffey John R. pub. The Western Catholic, 153 

E. Monroe, R. 23 
Coffey Kate Mrs. saloon, 945 Blue Island av. 
Coffey Michael, ice, 41 Newberry av. 
Coffey Timothy M. milk, 3627 Butterfield 
Coffin Charles F. mortgage loans, 201 LaSalle, 

T 1235 
COFFIX, DEVOE «fc CO. Frederick W. 

Devoe, pres. Gjorham B. Coffin, v. pres. J. 

Seymour Currey, sec. and treas. mnfrs. 

and importers of paints, white lead, colors 

and artists' materials, 176 E. Randolph, T. 

Coffin Elijah, mortgage loans, 201 LaSalle, T. 

Coffin & Clementson, Frank E. Capron, agt. 

wool brokers, 124 Michigan 
Coffin & Judson (C. E. Coffin and G. T. Jud- 

son) saloon, 127 S. Canal 
Coffman & Brown (Samuel Coffman and Thos. 

H. Brown) live stk. com. 65 Exch. Bldg. 

Stk. Yds. 
Cogdell Bros. (G. B. and F. P.) dry goods, 

Park av. nr. Chestnut (Austin) 
Coggeshall Charles P. picture frames, 384 

Carroll av. 
Coghlan John, grocer, 3003 LaSalle 
Cogley William, flour and feed, 148 Blue Is- 
land av. 
Cogswell Frederick, furniture, 298 W. Madi- 
Cogswell & Wall is (Thomas Cogswell and 

Obed W. Wallis) jewelers, 103 to 107 S. 

State, T. 5694 
Cohan Abraham, grocer, 233 Clybourn av. 
Cohan David, clothing, 71 E, Kinzie 
Cohan John, furniture, 2800 Wentworth av. 
( ohan Simon, tailor, 177 S. Haisted 
Cohen Aaron, grocer, 62 Liberty 

Cohan & Johnson (Emanuel J. ('ohan and 
Herman Johnson) furniture, 330 Milwau- 
kee av. 
Cohen Abe, dry goods, 262(5 ( 'ottage Grove av. 
Cohen Barnard, furniture, 373 W. Indiana 
Cohen Barnet, saloon, 489 E. 26th 
Cohen Bennett, confectr. 571 S. Canal 
Cohen Bernard, second hand store, 88 W. Ran- 
Cohen Bernard, clothing, 23 W. Randolph 
Cohen Bernard, tailor, 398 E. Division 
Cohen Bros. & Co, Theodore Mayer, mngr. 

lace curtains, 156 S. Market 
Cohen David, boots and shoes, 3653 S. Haisted 
Cohen David M. wh. notions, 100 S. Market, 

R. 22 
Cohen Davis, 2d hand store, 1336 S. State 
Cohen D. M. S. shirts, 124 S. Franklin 
Cohen Frank, liquors, 1939 Archer av. 
Cohen Henry S. cigars, 421 1 / 2 S. Canal 
Cohen Herman, grocer, 312 S. Haisted 
Cohen Hyman J. saloon, 119 W. Adams 
Cohen Ida Mrs. boots and shoes, 202 E. North 

Cohen Israel, notions, 491 ^ S. Clark 
Cohen Joe. saloon, 353 MaxweU 
Cohen Kate Miss, music teacher, 34 E. Mon- 
roe, R. 18 
Cohen Louis, boots and shoes, 273 S. Clark 
Cohen M. A. Dr. 2406 Michigan av. 
Cohen Marcus, clothing, 499 Blue Island av, 
Cohen Maurice, clothing, 68 W. Randolph 
Cohen Michael & Son (Michael and A. L.) 

wh. hosiery, 124 S. Franklin 
Cohen Morris, cloaks, 315 Wabash av. 
Cohen Morris, furniture, 358 E. Division 
Cohen Moses, milliner, 3484 S. Clark 
COHEN M. carp, and cabinetmkr. 210 E. 

Cohen Samuel, saloon, 3557 S. Haisted 
Cohen Samuel J. furniture, 144 W. 14th 
Cohen Simon, clothing mnfr. 119 W. Division 
Cohen Solomon, clothing, 1208 S. State 
Cohen S. gents' f urng. 140 LaSalle 
Cohen S. K. & Bro. (Samuel K. and Gustave 

K.) ladies' wear, 232 5th av. 
Cohen & Gumbiner (Pincus Cohen and 
Charles Gumbiner) hats and caps,57 5th av. 
Cohen & Krulewich, (Jacob Cohen and Har- 
ris Krulewich) hosiery, 531 S. Canal 
Cohn Abraham, notions, 283 Blue Island av. 
Cohn Adolph, cigars, 233 W. Madison 
Cohn Alexander, tailor, 522 S. State 
Cohn Bros. (M. and H. Cohn), wh. clothing, 

204 E. Madison 
Cohn Emil, notary pub. 724 Milwaukee av. 
Cdhn E. tailor, 126 Colorado av. 
Cohn Francis, tailor, 253 Ogden av. 
Cohn George, mnfr. cigars, 443 Laarabee 
Cohn Harry, shoemkr. 116 E. Harrison 
Cohn Henry, teacher, 69 S. State, R. 34 
Cohn Henry, tailor, 133 W. Madison 
Cohn Henry, shoemkr. 355 S. Clark 
Cohn Isaac, boots and shoes, 426 W. Harrison 
Cohn Jacob, furniture, 507 S. Haisted 
Cohn Jacob, hardware, 499 S. Haisted 
Cohn Jacob, boots and shoes, 479 S. Haisted 
Cohn Johanna Mrs. saloon, 276 E. Madison 
Cohn John, furniture, 2719 and 2800 Went- 
worth av. 
Cohn J. & Co. (Jacob Cohn) mnfr. clothing, 

148 Fifth av. 
Cohn Louis, notions, 464 W. 12th. 
Cohn Louis, tailor, 519 S. Haisted 
Cohn Ludwig, 78 E. Monroe, R. 41 




Cohn Meyer, saloon, 2878 Main 

Cohn Meyer, mnfr. clothing, 157 5th av. 

Cohn Michael S. tailor, 2902 S. State 

Cohn Moses, grocer, 200 W. Chicago av. 

Cohn M. mnfr. clothing, 157 Fifth av. R. 16 

Cohn Nathan, boots and shoes, 4115 S. Halsted 

Cohn Rachael Mrs. dry goods, 994 W. Madison 

Cohn Samuel, grocer, 110 39th 

Cohrs Dietrich F. grocer, 3559 S. Halsted 

Cohrs John B. lawyer, 164 Dearborn, R. 215, 

T. 453 
Coiley Andrew, horse clipper, rear 596 W. 

Coit & Co. (William A. and William B. Coit 

and Lucius B. Crumbaugh) paints, 208 E. 

Kinzie, T. 3192 
Coker Wm. W. Dr. 2802 Archer av. 
Colbert William, grocer, 633 13th pi. 
Colborne Oliver, machinist, 70 W. Monroe, T. 

Colbum E. A. milk, R. R. av. nr. Harlem av. 

(Oak Park) 
Colbum Frank A. optician, 75 E. Madison, 

R. 21 
Colbum James E. oculist and aurist, 126 S. 

State, R. 17 
Colburn J. Elliott Dr. 126 S. State, R. 16 
Colbum John H. carp. 260 E. Indiana 
Colburn Ledyard, civil eng. 159 LaSalle, R. 15 
Colburn Robert J. grocer, 6556 Wentworth av. 
Colby Adolph Dr. barber, 9 S. Halsted 
Colby Elizabeth Mrs. school, 2248 Indiana av. 
Colby Francis T. lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, R. 

95, T. 823 
Colby Frank, saloon, 31st. sw. cor. Laurel 
Colby Henry, dry goods, 2217 Archer av. 
Colby International Mnfg. Co. Edward J. 

Colby, pres. clocks, 134 E. Van Buren, 

R. 63 
Colby Joseph, furniture, 766 Milwaukee av. 
Colby J. A. Sons (John A. Henry C. Edward 

A. Colby and Wm. W. Robinson) furni- 
ture, 219 S. State, T. 5477 
Colby Whip Lock Mnfg. Co. (The) whip locks, 

134 E. Van Buren, R. 65 

agt. clothes wringers and wringer repairs, 

44 S. Clark 
Colcord Harry M. artist, 89 E. Randolph, 

R. 37 
Cold Blast Feather Co. Louis H. Everts, pres. 

Edward A. Everts, sec. and treas. 56 W. 

Van Buren, T. 4181 
Cold Spring Creamery Co. George J. Mann, 

mngr. 195 8. Water 
Cold Storage & ShippingCo. L. W. Pitcher, 

Eres. Chas. F. Pierce, sec. and treas. 205 
iaSalle, R. 169 
Cole C. E. & Co. (C. E. Cole) grain com. 12 

Sherman, R. 2 
Cole Charles D. grocer, 74 S. Sangamon 
Cole Clark S. printer, 185 S. Clark, R. 13 
Cole David, notions, 613 W. Indiana 
Cole Frank W. Mrs. boarding, 2115 Went- 
worth av. 
Cole F. B. real est. 94 LaSalle, R. 57 
COIiK GEORGE, merchant tailor, 697 W. 

Cole George E. & Co. (George E. Cole and W. 
D. Cooper, special) stationers, 86 and 88 
Dearborn, T. 5048 
Cole George W. detective, 164 Dearborn, R. 614 
Cole Jennie Mrs. news depot, 999 W. Lake, 
Cole John A. civil engineer, 59 S. Clark. R. 
69, T. 5787 

Cole Martin E. real est. 160 LaSalle, T. 394 
Cole Mary Mrs. restaurant, 662 W. Van Buren 
Cole M. T. & Co. (Moses T. and Charles L. 

Cole) real est. 188 W. Madison 
Cole Napoleon B. cigars, 4060 Dearborn 
Cole Richard, grocer, 2731 Archer av. 
Cole William, mngr. L. S. & M. S. f rt. office, 

43d, se. cor. Clark 
Cole William O. & Co. (WiUiam O. Cole and 

Charles H. Coffin) brokers, 140 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 5 
Cole Z. restaurant, 662 W. Van Buren 
Cole & Coyd (Sherman Cole and Jeff. Coyd) 

barbers, 351 5th av. 
Cole & Dahlgren (Arthur W. Cole and Ru- 
dolph W. Dahlgren) architects, 59 S. ( 'lark, 

R. 68, T. 5787 
Colechester William, confectr. 276 N. Clark, 

T. 3278 
Colef Nathan, boots and shoes, 222 N. Clark 
Coleman Channing M. lawyer, 80 Dearborn, 

R. 34 
Coleman Hardware Co, J. G. Coleman, pres. 

hardware specialties, 53 Dearborn, R. 8, T. 

Coleman James, saloon, 48 E. Kinzie 
Coleman James, saloon, 72 Pacific av. 
Coleman James F. boots and shoes, 765 W. 

Coleman John, saloon, 4937 S. Halsted 
Coleman J. F. bootmkr. 755 W. Indiana 
Coleman Lumber Co. Vine A. Watkins, pres. 

Wm. A. Fuller, v. pres. Seymour Coleman, 

sec. and treas. 7$ E. Monroe, R. 17, T. 510 
Coleman Patrick H. coal, 3141 S. State 
Coleman Seymour, lumber, 78 E. Monroe, R. 

17, T. 510 
Coleman William A. lawyer, 94 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 17, T. 1182 
Coleman William T. & Co. Thomas B. Mc- 

Govern, atty. California products, 91 

Michigan av. T. 5618 
Coleman W. Franklin Dr. oculist and jurist, 

163 S. State, R. 47, T. 5480, h. 3719 Lake av. 

T. 9874 
Coler Carl, milk, 538 Larrabee 
Coles Bros, meat, Franklin, se. cor. Elm 
Coles Charles A. meatmkt. 458 Wells 
Coleson A. M. L. Mrs. sten. 82 E. Madison, 

R. 54 
Colfer Edward, saloon, 536 W. Indiana 
Colfer John, saloon, 244 N. Halsted 
Colford & Kissane (Edward F. Colford and 

Richard J. Kissane) saloon, 205 E. Chi- 
cago av. 
Coll Thomas, cigars, 126 Blue Island av. 
Collamer M. A. locksmith, 1033^ W. Madison 
Collanger Wolf L. grocer, 3440 S. State 
Collier Amy W. Mrs. Dr. 85 31st 
Collier B. R. cigars, 1587 Milwaukee av. 
Collier Benjamin, boarding, 1549 Milwaukee 

Collier Benjamin S. grocer, Forest av. se. cor. 

Greenwood av. (Jefferson) 
Collier Frank H. lawyer, 94 Dearborn, R. 26, 

T. 5404 
< OS, 1,1 I I? H. H. carp, and builder, 

(Ravenswood, Lake View) 
Collier, Marshall & Co. (Frank Marshall) 

grain 600 Rialto bldg. 
Collier Patrick, saloon, 623 W. Madison 
CoUier P. F. Publishing Co. pubs. 262 S. State 
(-oilier & Walker (Frank H. Collier and 

Charles M. Walker) lawyers, 95 Dearborn, 

R. 26, T. 5404 


225 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

138 COL 



Collier White Lead & Oil Co. James Johnson, 

agt, 92 S. Franklin, T. 1559 
CoUignon John, saloon, 267 W. Chicago av. 
CoUinger Leon, grocer, 1803 S. State 
rollings W. J. carp, rear 246 Warren av. 
Collins Alex lawyer, 122 LaSalle, R. 9 
Collins Ann Mrs, saloon, 3124 Archer av. 
Collins Bell, french polisher, 410 Sherman 

av. (Evanston) 
Collins Bridget Mrs. boots and shoes, 5109 

Wentworth av. 
Collins Bros. (Peter and James) grocers, 623 

S. Canal 
Collins Bros. (William and John) painters, 

3151 Butterfield 
Collins Bros. (Con. C. and Daniel) saloon, 

858 S. Halsted 
Collins Charles, barber, 591 Elston av. 
Collins Charles, prop. Continental Hotel, 

Wabash av. se. cor. Madison 
ColHins, Downing & Co. Simon Flesh, mngr. 

wh. woolens, 139 E. Madison, R. 18 
Collins D. Dr. 2424 Wentworth av. T. 8099, 449 

26th, T. 8333 
Collins Francis J. meatmkt. 217 Laflin 
Collins Frank J. confectr. 3801 Emerald av. 
Collins Henry W. saloon, 89 S. Halsted 
Collins Holdridge O. lawyer, 115 E. Monroe, 

R. 37 
Collins James, cigars, 332 S. State 
Collins James M. mnsic teacher, 239 W. Madi- 
Collins Jesse D. ice cream mnfr. 479 S. State 
Collins John, painter, 2734 LaSalle 
Collins John D. saloon, 440 S. State 
Collins John E. pres. Garfield Park Rose Co. 

1688 W. Madison, T. 7232 
Collins John J. & Co. (John H. Collins), 

printers, 47 Dearborn 
Collins Mary E. Mrs. dressmkr. 79 E. 25th 
Collins Patrick, saloon, 37 W. Randolph 
Collins P. D. lawyer, 97 Washington, R. 67 
CoUins Richard Mrs. boots and shoes, 5109 

Wentworth av. 
Collins Rufus G. dentist, 5103 S. State 
Collins Thomas, barber, 4931 S. State 
CoUins Thomas, grocer, and saloon, 185 W. 

Collins Thomas, grocer, 336 W. Ohio 
Collins Thomas, painter, 117 S. Western av. 
CoUins Timothy, saloon, 2104 S. State 
CoUins Walter L. grocer, 2932 Lyman 
Collins WiUiam, saloon, 4656 Wentworth av. 
CoUins Wm. J. tailor, 116 E. Monroe 
CoUins WiUiam T. lawyer, 142 Dearborn, 

R. 25 
Collins & Burgie (James L. CoUins and Henry 

C. Burgie) stove mnfrs. 261 S. Clinton, 

T. 4097 
CoUins & Webster, ins. agts. 126 Dearborn, 

R. 4 
Collman John S. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 627 

T. 1284 
CoUor Mark, barber, 362 Sedgwick 
COLLOT C. F. «fc CO. real est. 78 Dear- 
born, R. 3 
Colman Martin A. drugs, 329 W. Van Buren, 

T. 4311 
Colman & Co. (S. M. Colman and H. C. White- 
head) grocers. 173 S. Western av. 
Colored Mens' Library Association, Harm H. 

Kohlsaat, librarian, 361 Dearborn 
Colsen C. Miss, laundry, 320 N. Market 
Colson D. vet. surg. 579 N. Wood 
Colson W. A. confectr. 709 W. Harrison 

COLSON CHARLES I>. fire brick, tiles 

and foundry facings, 20 W. Lake, works 

16th cor. Arthur, T. 9015 
Colter Mathias, baker, 349 Orchard 
Colton A. M. F. architect, 97 S. Clark, R. 70 
Colton D. A. Dr. 1601 S. State 
Colton Wm. W. Dr. 181 W. Madison, R. 14, T. 

Coltrin & Goodyer, (F. D. Coltrin and E. H. 

Goodyer), waU paper, 128 N. Western av. 
Coltzau Ottoj drugs, 2171 Archer av. 
Columbia Cigar Factory, Eugene Vallens & 

Co. props. 85 N. Clinton, T. 4679 
Columbia Hotel, S. S. Buckley, prop. State 

nw. cor. 31st 
Columbia Iron Co. 133 La Salle 
Columbia Iron Foundry, John Featherstone, 

prop. 36 Front 
Columbia Land and Cattle Co. (The), M. A. 

Meyer, pres. J. Rosenbaum, gen. mngr. 

77 Board Trade, T. 1332 

schler & Bro. (F. J. Tritschler and C. F. 

Tritschler,) props, shirt mnfrs. 50 and 52 

E. Madison 
Columbia Theatre, J. M. HiU, mngr. 108 E. 

Columbia Type Writer Co. Lee H. Daniels, 

agt. type writers, 163 La Salle 


C. R. Abbott, agt. 175 Dearborn, R. 7, T. 

ColviUe & Stewart, (R. N. ColviUe and James 

H. Stewart) springs and wire, 108 E. Lake 
Colvin & Rumpf , (Joseph J. Colvin and John 

H. Rumpf) galv. iron cornices, 125 MU- 

waukee av. 
ColweU B. L. Dr. 3014 Calumet av. T. 8432 
ColweU Wm. T. saloon, 61 S. Desplaines 
Coman Will E. boots and shoes, Marion nr. 

Lake, (Oak Park) 
Comarford Frank J. wag^onmkr. 333 5th av. 
Combination Gas Machine Co. Samuel Bern- 
stein mngr. 87 Dearborn, T. 1637 
Combined Electric and Trip Bell Cord Co. 

E. S. Skinner, pres. WiUiam Glascow* sec. 

154 E. Lake, R. 16. 
Combined Splasher, Holder & Toilet Shelf 

Co. (E. K. Howes and H. H. Blake) 30 3d 

Combs Frank W. lawyer, 166 E. Randolph, T. 

Combs, Hanna & Co. (Wm. A. Combs, Leroy 

Hanna, Edward Rice and B. B. Vance) 

live stk. com. 141 Exch. Bldg. Stk. Yds. 
Comfort R. W. carp, rear 229 S. Robey 
Comiskey Bros. (Patrick H. and Charles) sa- 
loon, 468 W. 12th 
Commerce Ins. Co. of Albany, N. Y., Ham- 
mond & Fry agts. 177 LaSaUe T. 465 
Commerce Vault Co., J. Foster Rhodes, sec. 

andtreas. Safety Deposit, 175 Dearborn, 

R. 72, T. 886 
Commercial Exchange of Chicago, Samuel B. 

Raymond, prest. Charles Higgins, treas. 

S. F. Lamed, sec. 26 E. Randolph, T. 5446 
Commercial Express Fast Freight Line, Sid- 
ney R. Ireland, agt. 232 LaSaUe, R. 2, 

T. 770 
Commercial Grain & Stock Exchange, Wm. 

H. Wolfe, mngr. 130 E. Van Buren, T. 851 
Commercial Hotel, Wilson & Hoagland. 

props. 63d, cor. Wentworth av. (Engle- 


GEO. W. RAITHEL, 8W TE c ^S T r fr s 'COAL. 


Commercial Hotel (The) C. W. Dabb & Co., 

props. Lake, nw. cor. Dearborn, T. 5500 
Commercial Ins. Co. of San Francisco, Cal. 

Robert J. Smith, agt. 160 LaSalle.T. 132 
Commercial Laundry, Miss Annie Lindner, 

prop. 114 N. Clark 
Commercial Life and Accident Association, 

of Chicago, John N. Eddy, prest. Henry 

Plessner, v. prest. W. F. Shaw, sec. 175 La 

Salle, R. 20 
Commercial Loan Co. Wm. W. Charles, mngr. 

116 LaSalle, R. 7 
Commercial Loan & Building Assn. Adolph 

Loeb, sec. 140 LaSaUe, T. 1353 

Henry F. Eames, prest. Henry Field, v. 

pres. John B. Meyer, cashier, D. Vernon, 

asst. cashier, H. N. Stephens. 2d asst. 

cashier, Monroe and Dearborn, T. 1343 
Commercial Quotation Co. Geo. F. Singleton, 

supt. 142 E. Monroe, T. 789 
Commercial Safety Deposit Co. Charles B. 

King, prest. Frederick S. Eames, treas. J. 

Foster Rhodes, sec. 88 E. Monroe 
Commercial Union (The) pubs. Commercial 

Union, pubs. 69 Dearborn, R. 10 
Commercial Union Assurance Co. (limited) of 

London, Charles W. Drew & Co. local agts. 

162 LaSalle, T. 362, H. C. Eddy, genl. agt. 

C. W. Elphicke & Co. marine agts. 6 Sher- 
man, R. 10 
Commons Robert, mech. engineer, 195 La 

Salle, R. 17 
Common Sense Truss Co. Dr. A. H. Parker, 

pres. and treas. C.W.Parker, sec. 58 S. State 
Commonwealth Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y. James 

A. Miller & Co. agts. 169 LaSalle, R. 9, T. 

Commonwealth Loan & Building Association, 

Charles L. Norton, sec. 94 Dearborn 
Commonwealth Mutual Ins. Co. of Decatur, 

111. WiUiam E. Smith Co. agts. 218 La 

SaUe, R. 405 
Comounzis Nicholas & Bros, fruiterers, 144 

W. Madison 
Compagnie Bordelaise de Navigation a Va- 

peur of Bordeaux, Beckwith & Fleming, 

freight agts. 224 LaSalle, T. 1359 
Compagnie Generale Transatlantique, Mau- 
rice W. Kozminski, genl. western agt. 170 

E. Washington 
Compass (The) (Swedish temperance weekly) 

Leufgren & Lindstrom, pubs. 363 31st 
Compton Credit Clearing Co. Frank Compton, 

pres. 205 La Salle, R. 315 
Compton Frank, lawyer, 205 LaSalle, R. 315 
Compton & Turck (Frank Compton and J. B. 

Turck) lawyers, 205 LaSalle, R. 315 
Comrad Henry, gardener, N. Leavitt nr. Rhine 
Comstock Bros. (Wm. H. and Edward) coal, 

175 Dearborn, R. 1, T. 1480 
Comstock Edward F. lawyer, 163 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 38 
Comstock Fred. S. lawyer, 175 Dearborn, R. 72 
Comstock Howard P. locksmith, 3541 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Comstock S. F. tailor, 85 E. Lake 
Comstock & Hess (Edward F. Comstock and 

George W. Hess) lawyers, 163 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 38, T. 179 
Concordia Fire Ins. Co. of Milwaukee, H. De 

Roode & Co. agts. 202 LaSalle, T. 1705 

TILE CO. James F, Walton, pres. 

Frank M. Hicks, sec. 207 S. Canal, T. 4381 

Condee & Rose (Leander D. Condee and John 

A. Rose) lawyers, 108 Dearborn, R. 23 
Condon James, saloon, 51 Wright 
Condon John W. boots and shoes, 1215 47th 
Condon S. C. Mrs. prop. Walton House, 34 E. 

Condon S. J. prop. Chicago Hotel, 156 S. 

Condon Walter S. pub. Switchmen's Journal, 

166 E. Washington, R. 19 
Condon WiUiam H. lawyer, 242 S. Water, R. 

10, T. 1005 
Condon N. W. real est, 182 S. Clark, R. 13 
Cone George W. pub. 243 S. State, R. 64 
Cone S. F. gents' furnish. 200 S. Clark 
Confectioner and Baker, (The) J. Thompson 

Gill, pub. 46 E. Lake, T. 5730 
Congden Brake Shoe Co. (The) Albert B. 

Pullman, pres. George M. Sargent, treas. 

James C. Davis, sec. 175 Dearborn, R. 9. 

T. 765 
Congdon Mary A. Mrs. dressmkr, 939 Central 

Park av. 
Congdon W. H. carriage painter, 1080 W. 

Conger Moore, live stk. com. 63 Exch. Bldg. 

Stk. Yds. 
Congregational Sunday School and Pub. So- 
ciety, S. J. H. Tewksbury, agt. 175 Wabash 

Congress House, Henry Brown, prop. 322 S. 

CONJiEY W, B. bookbinder, 163 & 165 

Dearborn, T. 538 
Conklin Theodore T. & Co. (Theodore T. 

Conklin,) saloon, 101 and 470 N. Clark 
Conlan James, contractor, 153 E. Monroe, R. 18 
Conley Ann Mrs. dressmkr. 352 S. State, R. 2 
Conley John, saloon, 167 S. Desplaines 
Conley John, coal, 62 Boston av. 
Conley Neil, saloon, 1500 S, State 
Conley & Son (Philip and Joseph J. Conley) 

saloon, 10 Sherman 
Conlin Thomas plumber, 3903 Cottage Grove 

av. T. 9865 
Conlon John, boots and shoes, 1342 S. State 
Cordon John, Depot House, 119 S. Canal 
Conlon M. C. prop. American House, 113 S. 

Conlon Patrick, bakpr, 125 Forquer 
CONLY J. A. cloth bu ton mnfr. 221 5th 

Conly John, saloon, 167 S. Halsted 
Conn Calem F. grocer, 219 W. Randolph 
Connard J. F. live stk. com. 12 Exch. bldg. 

Stk. Yds. 

INSURANCE CO. of Hartford, John 

K. Stearns, gen. agt. 204 Dearborn, R. 16 
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford, 

Conn. Abram Williams, mngr. 155 La- 
Salle, R. 6. Fred S. James & Co. agts. 174 

LaSalle, T. 204 „ 
Connell Anna Mrs. boarding, 3812 S. State 
Connell Archibald, dyer and cleaner, 119 W. 

Connell Cornelius, hardware, 327 W. Madison 
Connell James, saloon, 39 Milwaukee av. 
CONNELL M. coal and wood, 1289 and 

1291 Milwaukee av. T. 4297 
Connell P. W. mngr. Chicago Dry Goods Co. 

190 N. Clark 
Connelly Kate Mrs. dressmkr. 610 43d 
Connelly Thomas, sewer pipe, 12 4th av. T. 

609, and 165 W. North av. 



Dearborn St. 



140 CON 



Conner Lizzie Miss, grocer, 8740 Dearborn 
CONNER & ROHREIt (A. J. Conner 

and W. H. Rohrer) meatmkt. 709 Davis, 

T. 99 (Evanston) 
Conners Charles, saloon, 490 31st 
Conners Nellie Mrs. dressmkr. 324 E. Division 
Conners Thomas J. cigars, 59 E. Kinzie 
Conners Wm. T. saloon, 294 S. Clark 
Connery, James, grocer, 25th pi. 
Connolly Bernard V. saloon, 412£ S. State 
Connolly Charles, saloon, 401 Austin av. 
Connolly George, exporter, 234 LaSalle, R. 71 

T. 1771 
Connolly, George P. Dr. 24 N. Ada 
Connolly James & Co. flour, feed, coal and 

wood, 1135 to 1139 W. Madison 
Connolly John J. saloon, 2711 S. Halsted 
Connolly Michael, grocer, 121 N. Market 
Connolly P. J. grocer, 751 Ogden av. 
Connolly Peter J. variety, 2505 S. Halsted 
Conolly Robert A. civil engineer, 163 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 33 
Connor Bassett, cigars, 3107 S. State 
Connor Edward M. pub. New City Advance, 

4604 S. Ashland av, 
COraOR JAMES C. hardware and 

builder, 419 Davis, T. 11, house T. 98 

Connor John, undertaker, Wallace, ne. cor. 

Connor John A. barber, Masonic Block, 

(Austin P. O.) 
Connor Kate Miss, dressmkr. 542 37th 
Connor Mathew, saloon, 4600 S. Ashland av. 
Connors John, shoemkr. 42 Margaret 
Connorton James T. saloon, 223 Lincoln av. 
CONNORTON JOHN W. publisher, 

179 LaSalle, R, 31 
Connvisher Max, boots and shoes, 105 W. 

Conover Wilson P. real est. 234 LaSalle, R. 44 
Conover & Herrick (H. N. Conover and E. K. 

Herrick) live stk. com. 36 Exch. bldg. 

stk. yds. 
Conquist Simeon, carp. 2643 Portland av. 
Conrad Ambrose, meatmkt. 593 Lincoln av. 
Conrad August, grocer, 110 Canalport av. 
Conrad Frederick T. flour and feed, 2414 Went- 

worth av. 
Conrad Jacob, saloon, 1418 S. State 
Conrad John A. saloon, 304 Rush 
Conrad Louis, wagonmkr. 78 Augusta 

Conrad Seipp, pres. Wm. C. Seipp, v. pres. 

T. J. Lefens, sec. and treas. Johnson av. 

foot E. 27th 
Conrad William, meatmkt. 2963 Archer av. 
Conradi William, music teacher, 322 E. Divi- 
Conran Lizzie Miss, milliner, 216 W. Madison 
CONRATHS H. coal and wood, 35 Elston 

Conroy John W. patent medicines, 407 S. 

Conroy Joseph, shirt mnfr. 217 E. Van Buren 
Conroy Kate Miss, boarding, 618 Orrington 

av. (Evanston) 
Conroy William, carp. 20 Quincy 
Conroy & Foley (Michael Conroy and Thomas 

Foley) horseshoers, 463 W. 22d 
Conservative Building & Loan Association, 

116 LaSalle, R. 27 
Conservator (The) Alexander Clark, pub. 279 

S. Clark, R. 4 
Considine Thomas, saloon, 69 E. Randolph 

Considine M. & Co. (Michael Considine) com. 

mers. 118 W. Lake 
Considine & Mustard (Dennis Considine and 

James Mustard) saloon, 189 W. Madison 
Consoer Frederick , grocer, 493 W. Chicago av. 

Gilman, northwestern agt. 30 Commercial 

Nat. Bank bldg. T. 123 
Consolidated Coal Co. Charles IRjdgely, pres. 

Geo. T. Cutts, sec. and treas. J. C. Simp- 
son, genl. mngr. 175 Dearborn, R. 36, T. 

Consolidated Ice Machine Co. (The) Jacob 

W. Skinkle, pres. Leo. Rassieur, v. pres. 

Joseph Koenigsburg, asst. sec. 26 W. Lake 

R. 14, T. 4471 
Consolidated Oil Company, George Nelson, 

prop. 431 S. Canal, T. 4491 
Consolidated Rapid Transit & Elevated R. R. 

Co. of Chicago (The) Henry G. Goodrich 

and Frank Drake, mngrs. 4 Sherman, 

R. 52, T. 1623 
Consolidated RoUer Mill Co. Albert H. 

Adams, asst. sec. 204 Dearborn, R. 53, T. 

Constable Arthur, grocer, 3432 8. Halsted 
Constant Francis M. Dr. 279 N. Market 
Constantine Charles A. barber, 263 N . Clark 
Cons tm an Frederick, gardener, Michigan av. 

ne. cor. 48th 
Cons tola br os Nicholas, fruit 338 Dearborn 
Consumers' Gas Co. Charles E. Judson. pres. 

and engineer, William H. Ryder, v. pres. 

Frederick P. Addicks, sec. and treas. and 

Charles Bryant, asst. treas. works 24th and 

Hanover, office 94 Dearborn, T. 5186 and 

Consumers' Gas Meter Co. Warren Wilkie, 

sec. 112 S. Clark, R. 1026 
Consumers' Harness and Saddle Co. Charles 

B. Holmes, sec. and treas. 371 Wabash av. 
Conti & Co. (Theodore Conti and Egidio Bar- 

tolomei) restaurant, 252 Blue Island av. 

AGENCY, (THE) John S. Church 

mngr. Chicago Opera House bldg. R. 524, 

526 and 528, T. 1691 
Continental Hotel, Charles Collins, prop. 

Wabash av. se. cor. Madison 

York, Bentley & Taylor gen. agts. 403 

Rialto bldg. O. W. Barrettt & Co. local 

agts. 172 LaSalle, T. 147, Beckwith & Flem- 
ing, marine agts. 224 LaSalle, T. 1359 and 

244 S. Water, T. 862 
Continental Life Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn. 

E. H. Carmack, mngr, 218 LaSalle, R. 306, 

T. 1828 

Wheeler, pres. John C. Black, v. pres. 

Douglas Hoyt, cash. Ira P. Bowen, asst. 

cash. sw. cor. Adams and LaSalle, T. 1443 
Continental Pub. Co, (The) John F. Waite, 

mngr. 148 E. Monroe 
Conto Duffy, grocer, 282 W. Polk 
Contos Theodore, fruits, 280 Milwaukee av. 
Converse H. & Co. (Henry Converse), mnfr. 

shirt fronts. 168 E. Randolph, R. 11 
Converse Lucius, express, 564 W. Madison 
Converse Mnfg. Co. Thomas Swartwout, pres. 

R. E. Orr, sec. H. W. Converse, treas. and 

supt. over-sleeves, 53 W. VanBuren 
Conway George W. furniture, 118 47th 
Conway Patrick H. boots and shoes, 147 E. 

Chicago av. 

BOGUE & HOYT, RE & E E N S #, TE 182 Dearborn St. 


lgton, R. 15 


Conway Oscar, cigars, 961 N. Halsted 
Conway Peter J. musician, 39 W. 13th 
Conway R. E. granite, 177 LaSaUe, R. 42 
Conway R. F. pavement, 177 LaSalle, R. 42 
Conway William J. horse shoer, rear 13 S. Ada 
Conway The Misses, (Mary and Julia), dress- 

mkrs. 116 Locust 
Cook Agnes Mrs. notions, 833 W. Chicago av. 
Cook Amasa Jay, Dr. 78 5th av.R. 17 
Cook Ann Mrs. variety, 5139 S. Morgan 
Cook A. B. mason contractor, 161 La Salle, R. 

13, T. 473 
Cook Bates, laundry, 253 S. Canal 
Cook Burton C. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, R. 35, 

T. 1153 
Cook Charles E. carp. 637 Carroll av. 

Charles J. Hambleton, pres. WiUiam J. 

Wilcox, sec. Jerome J. Danforth, supt. 

Chester C. Broomell, treas. 126 E. Wash- 


John Lorentzen, prop, rear 15 S. Canal 

Cook County Dairy Co. (Orvis & Lorentzen) 
231 S. Water, T. 836, factory 15 S. Canal 

t ook County Hospital, Wood sw. cor. Harri- 
son, T. 7133 

Cook County Infirmary, 12 miles from city, 
in Norwood township 

Cook County Insane Ayslum, 12 miles from 
city in Norwood township 

Cook County Normal School, F. W. Parker, 
prin. 67th and Stewart av. (Englewood) 

Cook County Review, John T. Sutor, pub. 
157 E.Washington, R. 37 

Cook C. A. & Co. advertising agts. 108 Dear- 
born, R. 18, T. 987 

Cook C. R. emigration agt. 161 La Salle, R. 

Cook David C. Publishing Co. David C. Cook, 
pres. sec. and treas. 13 E. Washington, T. 

Cook E. C. & Bros. (E. C. and Frederick W.) 
mnfrs. awnings and tents, 32 to 48 Dear- 
born, T. 5702 

Cook Edward, real est. 101 E. Washington, R. 

Cook Edward, pub. Plattduetsche Zeitung, 113 
W. Randolph 

Cook Eugene, barrels, W. 19th, cor. Blue Is- 
land av. 

Cook Ezra A. blank books, 7 Wabash av. 

Cook F. L. & Co. (Frank L. Cook and Aman- 
dus E. Inman) com. mers. 159 S. Water, T. 

Cook George, prop. South Branch foundry, 
2347 Butler, T, 8082 

Cook George, saloon, 586 S. Halsted 

Cook George C. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, R. 60 

Cook George M. carpet cleaner, 3742 Cottage 
Grove av. T. 9977 

Cook George M. carpet cleaner, 2635 S. State 

(William Cook, Samuel J. Hallock and 
Samuel H. Gammon) sashes and doors, 53 
E. North av. T. 3268 

Cook Henry, blksmith, 746 S. Halsted 

Cook Henry H. carp. 718 40th 

Cook H. Henry, Dr. 27 N. Clark, R. 10, T. 

Cook James, dyer and cleaner, 2964 S. State 

Cook James F. Dr. 81 S. Clark, h. 517 Carroll 

Cook John C. Dr. 128 53d 

Cook John L. Dr. 5708 Rosalie ct. 

Cook John S. lawyer, 161 LaSalle, R. 72 

Cook Joseph B. oil depot, 120 Cortland 

Cook J. Dr. Elizabeth, near Harlem av. (Oak 

Cook J. F. Dr. 517 Carroll av. 

Cook L. grocer, 459 W. 13th 

Cook Lydia R. Mrs. millinery, 743 W. 43d 

Cook Marcus, carp. 5005 Butterfield 

Cook Mary Mrs. prop. Yiaduct Hotel, 624 S. 

Cook Mary J. Mrs. dressmkr. 210 Ewing 

Cook Nicholas, coal, 155 Napoleon pi. 

Cook P.C. sewing machines, 143 Blue Island av 

Cook Richard H. tents and awnings, 200 E. 

Cook Thomas, baths, 485 W. Madison 

Cook Thomas & Son, tourist agts. 232 S. Clark 

Cook T- & A. (Thomas and Alexander) gro- 
cers, Normal Park, Way, sw. cor. Yale av. 

Cook William, prop. Astor House, 18 S. Clark 

Cook William H. baker, 317 W. 12th 

Cook W. B. Dr. 3131 Archer av. 

Cook Wm. H. lawyer, 95 Washington, R. 52 

Cook & Boyden, carp. 3738 Cottage Grove av. 

Cook & Brown Lime Co. (The) F. E. Waite, R. 
C. Brown, B. F. Carter and O. Cook, 177 
W. North av. T. 4293 

Cook & Chick, (J. L. and L. Cook and W. 
O. Chick) machinists, 262 Michigan 

Cook & Co. (Charles E. Cook and F. J. Cres- 
sey) loans, 129 LaSaUe, R. 18 

Cook & Lawrence, (Burton C. Cook and 
Charles H. Lawrence) lawyers, 204 Dear- 
born, R. 35, T. 1153 

Cook & McLain, (Alexander Cook and Wil- 
liam McLain) dye wks. 261 W. Madison, 
80 Dearborn and 56 39th 

Cook & Mangan, (Patrick J. Cook and John 
T. Mangan) plumbers, 115 E. 18th 

COOK. & RATHBORNE, (George T. 
Cook and W. W. Rathborne) planing 
mill, IU. Central R. R. pier No. 1, T. 5230 

Cook & Seixas, (C. T. Cook and H. L. Seixas) 
wh. boots and shoes, 247 E. Monroe 

COOK & SOX, (Joseph and Fleming) 
carpet cleaners, 308 W. Madison 

Cook & Upton, lawyers, 99 E. Randolph, R. 

Cooke Alexander H. Dr. 234 Dearborn av. T. 

S. Cooke, pres. and treas, John Sweeney, 
v. pres, Chas F. Cooke, sec. Johnson av. 
foot E. 27th 

Cooke Charles & Co. (Charles, Alfred G. and 
Samuel E. Cooke) meatmkt. 70 LaSalle av. 

Cooke Edward D. lawyer, 94 LaSalle, R. 39 

Cooke Elizabeth C. dressmkr. 415 31st 

Cooke J. Masson Dr. 234 Dearborn av. T. 3002 
and 125 S. State, R. 25 

Cooke Laura M. Miss, music teacher, 341 Wa- 
bash av. R. 7 

Cooke Lucille F. Mrs. artist, 70 E. Monroe, 
R. 34 

Cooke Wm. G. lawyer, 115 E. Monroe, R. 28, 
T. 1687 

Cookingham & Clarke, architects, 163 E. Ran- 

Cooley Jennie E. Mrs. variety, LaSalle av. n. 
e. cor. Ohio 

Cooley William T. mouldings 247 Wells, 
T. 3347 

Coolidge W. G. & Co. (W. J. Coolidge, R. A. 
Shailer and C. R. Schniglau) contractors, 
115 E. Monroe, R. 36, T. 290 


142 COO 



Coombs George, real est. 93 Fifth av. R. 6 
Coon H. J. & Co. (H. J. Coon and R. M. Dean) 

grain com. 10 Pacific av. R. 116 
Coon & Company. (John H. Coon, David W. 

Coon, H. C. Statzell and F. F. Peabody) 

collars and cuffs, 237 S. Franklin, 3d floor, 

T. 1706 
Coones Nicholas, law and collection agcy. 156 

E. Washington, R. 43 
Cooney Martin, saloon, 388 Blue Island av. 
Coons Annie, Mrs. dressmkr. 117 E. 22d 
Cooper Andrew J. real est. 189 Dearborn, R. 22 
Cooper Charles E. photog. 631 W. Lake 
Cooper Charles W. law bulletin, 170 E. 

Cooper C. J. & Son (Charles J. and Charles 

A.) cabinetmkrs. 3901 Lake av. 
Cooper C. J. & Co. (C, J. and H. W.) saddlery 

hardware mnfrs. 59 S Canal 
Cooper D. C. prop. Garfield Park Pavilion, 

Garfield Park 
Cooper George A. wall paper, paints and oils, 

650 W. Madison 
Cooper George W. real est. 81 LaSalle, R. 27 
Cooper Hattie Mrs. laundry, 408 S. State 
Cooper Henry N. lawyer, 122 LaSalle, R. 66 
Cooper Howell S. plasterer, 535 S. State 
Cooper Isaac, boots and shoes, 2003 Archer av. 
Cooper J. E. & Co. (John E. Cooper) machin- 
ists, 12 and 14 S. Canal, T. 4653 
Cooper James S. sales stables, 174 Michigan 

av. and foot of E. Indiana, T. 5475, and 

stk. yds. 
Cooper John A. brass wks. 91 E. Ohio, T. 3557 
Cooper John M. dentist 4212 Langley av. 
Cooper Joseph, ladies' wear, 67 E. Washington 
Cooper Joseph, grocer, 392 S. Clark 
Cooper L. C. lawyer, 31 N. Clark, R. 20 
Cooper Wm. B. & Son (William B. and Doug- 
las A.) contractors, 2323 S. State 

lawyer, 162 E. Washington, R. 40 
Cooper W. painter and paper hanger, 1100 W. 



R. D. Graham, pres. W. A. Cooper, treas. 

and mngr. 89 E. Randolph 
Cooper W. D. grocer, 411 Ogden av. 
Cooper Wm. G. Mrs. restaurant, Calvary (S. 

Cooper & Gurley (John S. Cooper and Wil- 
liam W. Cooper) lawyers, 99 E. Randolph, 

R. 27, T. 5237 
Cooper & Murphy (H. Cooper and E. Murphy) 

grocers, 971 W. Van Buren 
Cooper & Ortmayer. pubs. The Saddlery Jour- 
nal, 59 S. Canal 
Co-operative Boot & Shoe Co. 216 Milwaukee 

Copeland C. C. lawyer, 149 LaSalle, R. 52 
Copeland Hugh, architect, 142 LaSalle, R. 42 
Copeland Wm. L. Dr. 163 S. State, R. 50, h. 

866 W. Monroe, T. 7040 
Copeland & McSorley (F. W. Copeland and 

J. J. McSorley) contractors, 205 LaSalle, 

R. 121 
Copeland & Co. (Wm. Copeland and George 

Faris) grocers, 633 Larrabee, 
Copelin A. J. W. commercial photog. 308 

Dearborn, T. 1631 
Copfdin Thomas E. hardware, 37 N. State 
Copp Benjamin D. Dr. 182 S. Desplaines, T. 

Copp B. D. drugs, 722 Lincoln av. T. 3930 

COPP GEORGE A. carp, and builder, 

84 Pearson cor. Rush 

Coquerelle Gustav, dry goods, 65 W. Van 

Corazza Charles, saloon, 634 W. Van Buren 
Corbett John, saloon, 152 W. 18th 
Corbett John J. coal and wood. 202 N. Halsted 
Corbett David, saloon, 2501 S. Halsted 
Corbett Johnj dry goods, 657 W. Indiana 
Corbett & Nix (Mrs. J. Corbett and Jacob 

Nix) blksmiths, 810 43d 
Corbett & Ryan (James Corbett and Patrick 

Ryan) saloon, 32 N. State 
Corbin David T. lawyer, 164 Dearborn, R. 517 
Corbin Joseph, boot and shoemkr. 172 W. 

Corbin, May & Co. (Calvin R. Corbin and 

Horatio N. May) wh. grocers, 87 Michigan 

av. T. 5379 
Corbly J. F. & Co. (John F. Corbly) hard- 
ware. 110 S. Clark 
Corboy, Windgrave & McNaughton Co. (The) 

Michael J . Corboy, pres. John Windgrave, 

treas. David McNaughton, sec. gas fixtures, 

69 E. Washington, T. 5002 
Corbrey T. J. florist, 885 W. Madison 
Corcoran Bernard A. grocer, 879 W. Polk 
Corcoran John, grocer, 534 W. Huron 
Corcoran John, saloon, 3737 S Halsted 
Corcoran John J. coal, 238 E. Van Buren, T. 

Corcoran, Michael J. saloon, 38 N. Clark and 

85 S. Clark 

Corcoran Patrick, grocer 785 W. Indiana 
Corcoran R. John E. Phelan, mngr. grocer, 

699 W. Indiana 
Corcoran Thomas, grain inspector, 112 N. 

Corcoran Thomas, saloon, 492 26th 
Corcoran & Crawford (John Corcoran and 

Edward H. Crawford) dry goods, 1229 N. 

Corcoran & Davies, (M. J. Corcoran and 

Charles E. Davies) saloon, 85 S. Clark 
Cordano Bros. (John and Paul) saloon, 46 W. 

Cordell Elizabeth, midwife, 994 N. California 

av. (Jefferson) 
Cordell Peter F. painter, 117 W. Madison 
Cordes Bros. (Henry and Lewis Cordes) gro- 
cers, 87 S. Jefferson 
Cordray James, prop. Phoenix Hotel, Madi- 
son sw. cor. Canal 
Cordts Hans, milk, 116 Sedgwick 
Corenson Henry, hair goods, 274 S. Halsted 
Corey Car & Manufacturing Co. (The) F. W. 

Corey, pres. 163 E. Randolph, R. 14 
Corey Simon, clothing, 721 Milwaukee av. 
Cork W. H. plumber, 785 Blue Island av. T. 

Corkell Phillip, grocer, 317 Maxwell 
Corkery Daniel, coal, Stewart av. sw. cor. 26th 

T. 8404 
Corkings & Shollenbirger, sale and exchange 

stables, 435 S. Center av. 
Corlett J. D. carp. 13 Major blk. 
Corlishaw, Nicol & Co. A. A. Kevan, mngr. 

upholstery, 603 Pullman bldg. 
Corliss Bros. & Co. (Wilburn F. and Charles 

Corliss, Elmer H. Garrett and John A. 

Corliss) mnfrs. collars and cuffs, 247 E. 

Cormeri Theo. carriage and wagon painter, 

166 Wells 
Cormode D. R. builder, 6 Calhoun pi. 


Market, S. W. Cor. Adams, 
TELEPHONE No. 1293. 




Hutchinson, pres. Frank W. Smith, cash. 

218 LaSaUe, T. 207 
Corneau Stone Co. (The) David E. Corneau, 

pres. and treas. Charles P. Montgomery, 

sec. 256 S. Market, T. 401 
Cornell Frederick M. lawyer, 166 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 10, T. 1635 
Cornell George, saloon, 338 S. Clark 
Cornell John, plumber, 246 S. Halsted 
Cornell John E. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 808, 

T. 1284 
Cornell N. E. Mrs. dressmkr. 881 W. Madison 
Cornell Pauljawyer, 112 S. Clark, R.808, T.1284 
Cornell W..B. ins. agt, 337 Rialto Building 
Cornell & Devine, ( Adna J. Cornell and Thom- 
as Devine) confectrs. 137 5th av. 
Cornell & Spencer, (Frederick M. Cornell and 

Jay B. Spencer) lawyers, 166 E. Randolph, 

R. 10, T. 1635 
CORNEY JOHN, horseshoer, 9 Lull pi. 
Cornhauser M. & Co. (M. Cornhauser) wh. 

liquors, 34 W. Randolph 
CornilsenN. & Co. (Nicholas Cornilsen) com. 

mer. 221 S. Water 
Corning W. J. cigars, 560 W. Madison 
Corning & Barker, (Douglas < 'orning and 

Wm. Barker) James E. Rundell, mngr. 

collars and cuffs, 177 5th av. 
CORPER & KOCKIX, (Charles Corper 

and Edward Nockin) brewers, 101 Webster 

av. T. 3496 
Corr William C. notions, Palmer House 
Corrigan Andrew J. variety, 2998 Archer av. 
Corrigan C. J. & Co. (Christopher J. and 

Michael Corrigan) undertkrs. 166 W. 

Corrigan James, barber, 3739 S. Halsted 
Corrigan John, livery, rear 374 Wabash av. 
Corrigan, Philip, saloon, 29 Chatham ct. 
Corrugated Elbow Co. Frederick C. Shays, 

supt. 215 E. Lake 
Corry & Fuller (John Corry and Duane Ful- 
ler) plumbing, 259 N. Market 
Corson Z. S. boots and shoes, 503 W. Madison 
CORTICEJLL.I SILK CO. 278 and 280 

E. Madison 
Cortland Wagon Co. L. K. and F. M. Tenney, 

mngrs. carriages, 370 Wabash av. T. 1736 
Cortright Metal Roofing Co. S. P. Darlington, 

prest. E. J. Mathews, sec. 123 LaSalle, 

R. 11 
Cory Chester P. & Co. (Chester P. Cory) pict- 
ure frames, 62 S. Canal 
Cory Alphonso L. Dr. 4136 Wabash av. T. 9950 
Coryell George & Co. (George and George R.) 

grocers, 67 Wabash av. T. 5784 
Coryell John M. saloon, 668 W. Erie 
Corvin John, saloon, 104 Pacific av. 
Corwith Henry, capitalist, 94 E. Washington, 

R. 18, T. 1673 
Corwith N. & Co. (Nathan and Nathan jr.) 

pig lead and spelter, 110 LaSalle, R. 9 T. 1132 
Cosack & Co. Louis L. Davis, mngr. litho- 
graphers, 191 LaSalle, R. 66 
Coset Albert L. confectr. 483 Lincoln av. 
Cosgrove John C. gen. agt. The Standard Shoe 

Co. 68 E. Monroe 
Cosgrove & Welsh (Arthur Cosgrove and 

Harry Welsh) saloon, 114 W. Randolph 
Coski Davis, tailor, 37 W, Madison 
Cosmopolitan Building and Loan Assn. Wm. 

H. Hayes, sec. 59 W. Washington 
Cosper William H. weather strip mnfr. 19th, 

sw. cor. Blackwell 

Coss George W. wall paper, 2214 Wabash av. 
Cossitt Franklin D. real est. 81 S. Clark, R. 25 
Costello Mary A. Miss, dressmkr. 113 E. 18th 
Costello & Clear (Robert E. Costello and 

Michael E. Clear) coal, 76 5th av. 
Costello & Dwyer, saloon, 4413 Wentworth av. 
Costigan Mary J. Mrs. dressmkr. 4927 S. State 
Costner Henry A. dentist, 171 E. 22d, R. 5 
Cotes John H. notary, 57 Dearborn, R. 4 
Cothran George W. atty. 164 Dearborn, R. 609 
Cothrell Angenett Mrs. boarding, 5365 Tracy av 
Cottage Grove Building & Loan Assn. John 

Johnston, sec. Cottage Grove av. cor. Oak- 
wood boul. 
Cottage Grove Steam Laundry, Charles L. 

Swanson, prop. 3635 Cottage Grove av. 
Gotten John W. barber, 73 N. Market 
Cotton Alfred C. Dr. 240 Wabash av. R. 25, h. 

193 S. Wood 
COTTON J. WHITCOMB, brass and 

copper seamless tubes, 88 E. Lake, T. 5536 
Cotton Edward, horse shoer, 3027 S. State 
Cotton Fredrick, horse clipper, 51 Curtis 
Cotter P. J. saloon, 255 W. Randolph 
Cottrell C. B. & Sons, printing presses, 292 

Dearborn, T. 1540 
Cotske Herman, shoemkr. 528 Vi S. Canal 
Couch James W. painter, 175 W. Adams 
Coudrey Robert, milk, 274 Forquer 
Coughlin James J. grocer, 248 N. State 
Coughlin John, feed, flour and coal, 406 39th 
Coughlin John J. baths, 143 E. Madison 
Coughlin Mary Mrs. grocer, 531 Root 
Coughlin Michael T. engineers supplies, 49 N. 

Coughlin M. W. grocer, 3200 S. Ashland av. 
Coughlin Patrick J. coal and wood, 3200 S. 

Ashland av. 
Coughlin Thomas F. saloon 3162 S. Ashland av. 
Coughlin Thomas H. saloon, 317 Root 
Coughlin WiUiam F. saloon 116 E. Chicago av. 
Coughtry, Brown & Co. (George Coughtry, R. 

R. Brown and B. F. Hales) mnfrs. shirts, 

148 5th av. 
Cougle Bros. (Irvin B., Daniel D. and Charles 

H. Cougle) produce, 178 S. Water 
Conlson Henry C. tailor, 635 W. Madison 
Coulson J. A. cigars, 134 N. Centre av. 
Coulter A. & Co. (A. Coulter and S. Perkey) 

notions, 46 E. Jackson 
Coulter H. A. Dr. 103 S. State, R. 11, T. 1339, 

h. 817 Washtenaw av. T. 4624 
Coumbe John, carp. 216 W. Adams 
Counselman Charles, packer, 4600 Packers av. 

stk. yds. 
Counselman & Day, (Charles Counselman and 

Albert M. Day) stock brokers, 240 La- 
Salle, T. 426 
Counterfeit U. S. Government and National 

Bank Note Detector, Lucas & Co. pubs. 

164 S. Clark 
County Democracy, Charles Kern, pres. 

James C. Strain, sec. St. Clair Sutherland, 

treas. 114 E. Monroe 
County Fire Ins. Co. of Phila. John W. 

Sweeney, agt. 4209 S. Halsted 
County Commissioners office, Clark and 

Washington, R. 15 
County School Council, Donohue & Henne- 

berry, pubs. 417 Dearborn, 6th fir. 
Coupland Lemuel B. lawyer, 84 LaSalle, R. 45 
COlTPIiAXD £.. B. & CO. (Lemuel B. 

Coupland) pat. attys. 84 LaSalle, R. 45 
Courrier De LTllinois, A. Grandpre, prop. 

450 S. Canal 


i PatemtS 

144 COU 



Court Hotel, Mrs. Hannah Leary, prop. 487 S. 

Courtright Charles O. Dr. 188 S. Halsted 
Courtright Jeremiah, not. 184 Dearborn, R. 29 
Couthoui Joseph, ticket office, Tremont 

Coutre Theodore, painter, 45 N. Grove ct. 
Coutts L. S. saloon, 662 W. Lake 
Covacevih & Savinovih (Peter Covacevih and 

John Savinovih) oysters, 56 W. Madison. 
Covel Milo, saw sharpeners, 259 E. Randolph, 

R. 20 
Covert Abram H. real est. 149 LaSalle, R. 72 
Covert & Co. (George H. Covert) gents furngs. 

177 S. State 
Covey Jason J. saloon, 6632 S. Halsted 
Covey & Fuller (J. Covey and D. Fuller) 

plumbers, 259 N. Market 
Covington Lena Mrs. laundry, 1823 S. Clark 
Cowan Archibald S. drugs, 445 N. Clark, T. 

Cowan Charles H. & Co. (Charles H. Cowan) 

hides and tallow, 205 Michigan 
Cowan David, lawyer, 95 Dearborn, R. 7 
Cowan George, barber, 3937 S. Halsted 
Cowen Wm. wood turning, 84 Fulton 
Cowen Israel, lawyer, 116 LaSalle, R, 17 
Cowey John, grocer, 637 S. Ashland av. 
Cowie John W. real est. 76 Dearborn, R. 5 
Cowin & Halbach (Edward Cowin and George 

V. Halbach) house furng. 154 S. Halsted 
Cowl & Van Denburg (L. Y. Cowl and J. Van 

Denburg) electric lights, 40 W. Quincy, 

T. 4106 
Cowles Bros. & Co. J. P. McMannis, mngr. 

mnfrs. shoes, 199 E. Madison 
Cowles E. M. & Co. (Enos and Fred S. Cowles) 

grain com. 24 Pacific av. R. 22 
Cowles Horace W. com. mer. 169 E. Jackson, 

R. 808 
Cowles James A. patent atty. 164 LaSalle, R. 86 
Cowles J. T. mnfr. fire escapes, 44 S. Jefferson' 
Cowles W. H. & Co. (WiUiam W. Cowles) 

grain com. 24 Pacific av. R. 22 
Cowies & Ferren, pubs, and printers, 119 E. 

Quincy, T. 602 
COWMA5I JOHN J. coal and wood, 

South Chicago av. nr. nw. cor. 69th 
Cowperthwait & Co. Francis S. Belden, mngr. 

pubs. 184 Wabash av. 
Cowse John P. carp. 910 W. Madison 
Cox Abram Stone Co. E. P. Mott, mngr. 76 

Wabash av. 
Cox A. G. paints and oils, 197 S. Market 
- Cox A. J. & Co. (Alfred J. Cox) book binders, 

142 E. Monroe, R. 14, T. 417 
Cox C. C. mdse broker, 43 River, T. 5704 
Cox Eugene R. lawyer, Major blk. R. 58 
Cox Jesse, lawyer, 95 5th av. R. 14, T. 1225 
Cox John, shoemkr. 211 E. Van Buren 
Cox P. Shoe Mnf g. Co. (The) E. J. McGarry, 

mngr. 199 E. Madison 
Coxe Bros. & Co. George Merry weather, agt. 

coal, 140 E. Washington, R. 1, T. 1088 
Coy Irus, lawyer, Exch. bldg. Stk. Yds. 
Coy Winfield S. lawyer, 79 Dearborn, R. 68 
Coyle Bros. (Patrick and Hugh H.) under- 
takers, 2931 Archer av. h. 702 S. State, T. 

Coyle Ellen Mrs. fish, 337 W. Chicago av. 
Coyle John, teaming, 175 W. Ja kson 
Coyle Robert M. broker, 53 Michigan av. 
COYLE P. & H. H. undertakers, 2931 

Archer av. branch, 4702 S. State, T. 8391 
Coyne Frederick E. bakery, 58 N. State 

Coyne Henry, grocer, 56 Superior 
Coyne James J. grocer, 178 W. 22nd 
Coyne James R. saloon, 44 E. Kinzie 
Coyne John R. saloon, 161 E. Chicago av. 
Coyne John R. & Martin T. saloon, 193 W. 

Van Buren 
Coyne Martin T. saloon, 173 S. Halsted 
COYNE A CO. pubs.Western Manufactu- 
rer, 142 Dearborn, R. 22 
Coyne & Johnson, (Louis R. Coyne and Wm. 

Johnson) meat mkt. 172 S. Halsted 
Cozine & Miller, (James R. Cozine and 

Charles H. Miller) drugs, 3645 Cottage 

Grove av. T. 9940 
CrabnerTheo. Dr. 258 Henry 
Craby Mary Mrs. shirt mnfr. 74 Philip, 
Cracke & Steinborn (John Cracke and Henry 

Steinborn) grocers, 2900 Wentworth av. 
Crafton George teacher, 136 Walnut 
Crafts Arthur A. grain com. 24 Pacific av. 

R. 42, 
Crafts Clayton E. lawyer, 162 E. Washington, 

R. 36, T. 1675 
Crafts Edward T. Dr. 103 S. State, R. 35 
Crafts M. B. & Co. (Miles B. Crafts) grain 

com. 24 Pacific av. R. 42 
CRAFTS & STEVENS, (Clayton E. 

Crafts and George M. Stevens) lawyers, 

162 E. Washington, R. 36, T. 1675 
CRAGIN M»Ftt. CO. W. P. Cragin, 

pres. and treas. E. F. Cragin, v.-pres. C.W. 

Hubbard, sec. tin and sheet iron goods, 

137 E. Lake, T. 1570 
Craig J. D. Dr. 69 S. State, R. 16, h. Rogers 

Craig John & Co. packers, 45th se. cor. Pack- 
ers av. stk. yds. 
Craig Joseph, dentist, 374^ N. Market 
Craig Joseph C. florist, 66 E. Washington, T. 

Craig Lewis H. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 604 
Craig William M. vet. dentist, 79 E. 16th 
Craig & Barlow (Adam Craig and George Bar- 
low) printers, 77 E. Jackson, T. 1688 
Craig & PoUok, (Wm. Craig & Allan Pollok) 

meatmkt. 351 W. Madison 
Craigie James, grainer, 3535 5th av. 
Craigmile Bros. (Peter and Charles) meatmkt. 

3826 S. Halsted 
Crain J. W. drugs, 785 W. Madison, T. 7233 
Craine W. N. ins. agt. 108 Dearborn 
CraU C. W. ins. agt. 148 LaSalle 
Cram George F. maps, 264 Wabash av. 
Cramer Christ, grocer, 110 Cornelia 
Cramer & Co. (Frank Cramer) steamship agt. 

94 LaSalle 
Cramsie Alexander, carp. 2213 Cottage Grove 

Crandall Charles E. printer, 57 W. Randolph 
CRAlfDALL FRANK A. paints, oils 

glass and wall paper, 2210 and 2212 Indiana 

av. T. 8001 
Crandall Henry, wh. cigars, 19 Wabash av. R. 

Crandall L. E. & Co. (Lyman E. Crandall,) 

dry goods com. 114 Wabash av. 
Crandall Mnfg. Co. (The) Thomas W. Eaton, 

pres. and treas. Frederick H. Prince, v. 

pres. and supt Eugene L. Williamson, 

sec. mnfr. barb wire, 74 Michigan. T. 3102 
CRANDALL ROLAND A. wall paper 

and painter, 100 E. 22d, T. 8332 
Crandall, Schultz & Co. (Jas. N. Crandall, 

Wm. W. Schultz and Robt. B. Miller) 

lumber, UUman nr. 35th, T. 9597 






CKI 145 

Crandall W. C. & Co. (W. C. Crandall and W. 

F. Egle) produce com. 118 S. Water, T. 

Crane Albert, real est. 3059 S. Halsted and 116 

E. Monroe 
Crane A. 8. genl. freight agt. Chicago & 

Atlantic Ry. Co. 218 LaSalle, R. 510, T. 486 

Crane, pres. E. Worcester, sec. lO N. Jef- 
ferson, T. 4571 and 4572 
Crane Chloridum Co. Furman G. Crane, 

prop, disinfectant, 65 S. Market 
Crane E. C. & Co. (Edward C. Crane and John 

A. McDowell) real est. 58 Dearborn, T. 

Crane Elbridge G. confectr. 3026 Wentworth 

Crane,pres.Chas. R. Crane, v.pres. Herbert 
P. Crane, treas. Wm. H. Wells, Jr. sec. 
hand,hydraulic and steam elevators, 219 S. 
Jefferson, T. 4551 

Crane John, coal, Wallace sw. cor. 57th 

Crane Loran P. capitalist, 94 LaSalle, R. 51 

Crane W. B. & Co. (Wm. B. Crane and James 
O. Cole) hardwood lumber, 21st cor. 
Canalport av. T. 9158 

Craney Sarah J. Miss milliner, 428 W. Madison 

Crantz, Dahlgren & Co. (C. H. Crantz and 
Gust. F. Dahlgren) gen. western agts. Do- 
minion Royal Mail Line, 68 LaSalle, T. 

Crapo Francis H. Mrs. baker, 556 43d 

Crary Charles W. Dr. 83 47th 

Crary C. W. & Son, (Cushman W. and Hamil- 
tonTCrary) machinery, 35 E. Indiana 

Crary Lewis J. not. pub. 35 E. Indiana 

Crate John E. mantels, 229 E. Van Buren, T. 

CRATTY BROS. (Thomas and Josiah) 
lawyers, 80 Adams Ex. bldg. T. 361 

Cratty Josiah, lawyer, 185 Dearborn, R. 80, T. 

Cratty Thomas, lawyer, 185 Dearborn, R. 80, T. 

Cravener H. A. lawyer, 97 S, Clark, R. 52 

Craw Edward S. draughtsman, 115 Dearborn, 

Crawford Alexander M. grocer, 772 W. Van 

Crawford Andrew, lawyer, 164 Dearborn, R. 
203, T. 734 

Crawford A. carp. Basil av. cor. Blooming- 
dale rd. (Jefferson) 

Crawford A. carp. 951 W. North av. 

Crawford A. K. Dr. 1823 Michigan av. T. 8369 

Crawford Charles H. lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 
46, T. 379 

Crawford David, tailor, 4115 S. State 

Crawford Edwin C. lawyer, 86 LaSalle, R. 47 

CRAWFORD FRAl^K J. lawyer, 180 
S. Clark, R. 17 and 19 

Crawford George W. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 
708, T. 1284 

CRAWFORD O. I,. & CO. (G. L. Craw- 
ford and C. Meeter) carpenters and build- 
ers, rear 107 E. 22d, T. 8092 

Crawford Henry, grocer, 390 S. Halsted 

Crawford Henry, lawyer, 169 E. Jackson,R 609, 
T. 1079 

Crawford Henry Mrs. restaurant, 2129 Wabash 

Crawford Henry F. ins. broker. 191 LaSalle, R. 

Crawford John, real est. 116 Dearborn, R. 39 

Crawford John, grocer, 521 Throop _ 
Crawford John A. carp. 457 Seminary av. 

(Lake View.) 
Crawford John H. stationery, 3950 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Crawford Joseph, saloon, 362 W. Lake 
Crawford J. H. & Co. variety, 39f0 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Crawford Robert, constable, 401 Milwaukee 

Crawford R. O. Mrs. dressmkr. 1502 Wabash 

Crawford S. K. Dr. 163 S. State, R. 50, h. 767 

W. Monroe 
Crawford Thomas, coal, 3440 Archer av. 
Crawford William H. livery, boarding and 

sale stables, 531 Sheffield av. T. 3920 (Lake 

Crawford William R. not. pub. 169 E. Jack- 
son, R. 609, T. 1079 
Crawford W. R. window glass, 243 S. State, 

R. 26, T. 659 
Crawford & Co. (George L. Crawford, Charles 

M. Meeker and Walter Waters) builders, 

rear 107 E. 22d, T. 8092 
Cream City Brewing Co. Louis Schmuckert, 

agt. 12 W.Ohio 
Creamery Package Co. C. M. Gates, pres. E. 

R. Kimball, sec. H. J. Ferris, treas. 

creamery supplies, 31 River, T. 5785 
Credit Guide Co. Harry Snow, sec. commer- 

cial agency, 94 LaSalle, R. 46, T. 530 


Estee, supt. 95 & 97 S. Clark, R. 49 

Creeden Michael J. grocer, 2751 Hickory 

Creedon Stephen & Co. (Stephen Creedon) 
wh. boots and shoes, 170 E. Adams 

CREGAR S. P. vet. surg. 362 W. Van 

Crego Frank B. boots and shoes, 2508 Archer 

Crego & Berdan (David R. Crego and John H. 
Buerdan) trunks, 231 Wabash av. 

Creig John, saloon, 3755 WaUace 

Creighton Charles J. Dr. 2840 S. State, T. 8185 

Creighton M. J. Dr. 2733 S Park av. 

Creighton Michael, saloon, 3858 Dearborn_ 

Cremen Michael, saloon, 251 35th 

Cremens John, carp. Grand boul. nw. cor. 

Cremer Bros. (J. and H. J.) saloon, 242 Sher- 

Cremer Bros. (Nicholas A. and Henry J.) cigar 
mnfrs. 238 Sherman 

Cremin John F. real est. 142 Dearborn, R. 10 

CRERAR, ADAMS & CO. (John Cre- 
rar, J. McGregor Adams and Edward S. 
Shepherd) railway supplies, 11 & 13 5th 
av. T. 1568 

Cresap John & Co. (John V. Cresan and Fred- 
erick A. Hill) brokers, 10 Pacific av. R, 99, 
T. 1196 

Crescent Steam Laundry, 85 W. Madison 

Creton D. J. Miss, confectr. 1464 Wabash av. 

Creutz James, lawyer, 45 LaSalle, R. 10 

CREITTZ J. cigars and stationery, 653 

Crews Seth F. lawyer, 101 E. Washington, 

Cribben, Sexton & Co. (Henry Cribben, 
James A. Sexton and Wm. H. Cribben) 
mnfrs. stoves, 75 E. Lake, foundry, 52 E. 
Erie, T. 5523 

Cribbs Catherine Mrs. confectr. 289 E. Madi- 

Crichton J. F. milk, 626 Fulton 





146 OKI 



Crightan J. W. milk, 601 Fulton 
Crighton & Scribner (John Crighton and San- 
ford A. Scribner) com. mers. 169 Jackson, 

R. 803 
Crilly Daniel F. real est. 167 Dearborn 
Crilly Wm. M. contractor, 167 Dearborn 
Criminal Court, Old County Bldg. T. 3019 
Crisinger Delia Mrs. dressmkr. 4314 Went- 

worth av. 
Crisler A. W. milk, 17 S. Ashland av. 
Crispell Emma Mrs. dressmkr. 931 53d 
CRISS JO BIX A. restaurant, 619 Davis 

Crissinger Delia Mrs. dressmkr. 4314 Went- 

worth av. 
Crissman Ira B. dentist, 271 N. Clark 
Cristopher Celia Mrs. variety, 210 31st 
Cristy W. A., John A. Going, mngr. mnfr. 

pickles, 61 Michigan av. 
CBITCHfiLL «. S. & CO, (Robert S. 

and Charles R.) ins. agts. 141 LaSalle, T. 

Criterion Restaurant, Maurice G. O'Brien & 

Co. props. 122 Dparborn 
Criterion Theatre, Charles Engle, mngr. 274 

Critic & Umpire, James A. Jordan, pub. 155 

E. Washington, R. 15 
Crocker Annette E. Miss, music teacher, 241 

Wabash av. R. 20 
Crocker Chair Co. Frank J. Barnes, mngr. 274 

Wabash av. 
Crocker C. W. ins. agt. 205 LaSalle, R. 58 
Crocker D. J. and H. D. lawyers, 89 E. Madi- 
son, R. 6 
Crocker Joseph, tailor, 32 Rush 
Crocker Madeline Mrs. dressmkr. 5418 La- 
Crocker Martin A. hardware, 3104 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Crocker T. tailor, 505 S. Halsted 
Crocker W. C. sewing machines, 501 Davis 

Crodsky Aaron Mrs. milliner, 1305 S. State 
Crofoot, Stelle & Libby (A. B. Crofoot, E. T. 

Stelle and Cyrus Libby) mnfrs. boots and 

shoes, 235 E. Monroe 
Croft Fred. W. tailor, 157 S. Clark, R. 1 
Croker Fred, tailor, 117 S. Western av. 
Croll Daniel, meatmkt. 4607 Wallace 
Crombie James, grocer, 626 W. Indiana 
Cromie John, coal, 2700 La Salle 
Crooms Dempsy, coal, 1417 Wabash av. 
Crone Albert W. saloon, 11 Dearborn 
Crone William, coal, 337 W. Harrison 
Cronenberger Geo. J. furniture, 2507 Archer 

Crones William, barber, 5106 Wentworth av. 
Cronholm Neander N. lawyer, 164 Dearborn, 

R. 211 
Cronin Daniel G. grocer, 3203 LaSalle 
Cronin Michael, grocer, 879 Blue Island av. 
Cronin P. H. Dr. 112 S. Clark, R. 501, T. 1294, 

h. 468 N. Clark, T. 3312 
Cronin Patrick, saloon, 3621 S. Halsted 
Cronin & Lynch (Edward Lynch and D. F. 

Cronin) saloon, 259 N. Market 
Cronk Abram, furniture mover, 2819 S. State 
Cronk Anna Mrs. dressmkr. 206 E. Chicago av. 
Cronkright W. G. rags, 2541 LaSalle 
Cronkrite & Fouke (B. F. Cronkrite and C. C. 

Fouke) real est. and ins. 43rd. nw. cor. 

Cottage Grove av. T. 9913 
Cronnin Michael E. saloon, 7344 S. Halsted 
Crooke William D. ins. agt. 204 La Salle, R. 25 

CROOK. C. A. MRS. dressmkr. 2121 Wa- 
bash av. 

CROOK & BRYHE1V, (David Crook 
and E. M. Bryden), carpenters and build- 
ers, 3738 Cottage Grove av. T. 9977 

Crooke John J. Co. (The), Charles L. Crooke, 
mngr. tinfoil, 84 S. Franklin, T. 1056 

Crooker George A. Dr. 521 W. Erie 

Crooks Joseph, blksmth. 397 Lincoln av. 

Crooks Smyth, boots and shoes, 450 N. Clark 

Cropper George R. coal, 84 39th 

Cropper William B. carp. 163 E. Adams 

Cropper W. E. & Son, carps. 239 Dearborn 

Crory David, billiard haU, 3006 Cottage Grove 

Crosby Charles H. flour and feed, 4235 S. Hal- 

Crosby G. A. & Co. (G. A. Crosby and J. L. 
Board) mnfrs. dies and presses, 261 E.Ran- 
dolph. T. 863 

Crosby Michael, flour and feed, 1001 W. Van 

Crosby Peter, confectr. 1890 Milwaukee av. 

Crosby Wareham W. grain com. 10 Pacific av. 
R. 91 

Crosby & Co. (W. S. Crosby) com. mer 240 
LaSalle, R. 56, T. 211 

Crosby & Macdonald (Thomas G. Crosby and 
Charles A. Macdonald) ins. agts. 200 La- 
Salle, T. 1612 

Crosby & Rardon (Thomas G. Crosby and 
James J. Rardon) ins. agts. 200 LaSalle, T. 

Cross Andrew J. restaurant, 131 35th 

Cross Edna Mrs. metaphysician, 163 S. State 
R. 74 

Cross Edwin Dr. 1402 Wrightwood av. T. 3965 

Cross Fayette L. carp. 18 S. Paulina 

Cross Ferdinand O. rustic monuments, 387 
Wabash av. 

Cross Francis J. carp. 153 E. 21st 

Cross George, saloon, 464 S. State 

Cross Gustav, locksmith, 101 Clybourn av. 

Cross James E. lawyer, 186 W. Madison, R. 5 

Cross J. H. saloon, 213 W. Randolph 

Cross Mathew P. cigars, 3519£ Cottage Grove 

Cross N. A. & Co. (Norris A. Cross) pianos, 
236 S. State 

Cross Press & Sign Co. (The) J. L. Board, 

J res. E. M. Board, sec. and treas. 210 E. 
Cross & Cary, (E. C. Cross and George W. 

Cary) meatmkt. 1042 W. Madison 
Crossman & Co. (F. M. Crossman) livery, 414 

W. Randolph, T. 5727 
Crossman & Lee, (Abner Crossman and 

George P. Lee) decorators, 266 Wabash av. 

T. 5727 
Crotty Bros. (John S. and Charles) corsets, 

110 E. Randolph 
Crotty Thomas A. saloon, 383 W. Polk 
CROUCH R. B. oils, E. Randolph, se. 

cor. Market, T. 950 
CROUCH R. B. A CO. salt, E. Randolph 

se. cor. Market, T. 950 
Croucher Amy Miss, dressmkr. 156 Lubeck 
Crouse J. N. dentist, 2231 Praire av. 
Crout Fred H. & Co. (Fred H. Crout) printers, 

236 S. Water, R. 13 
Crow John F. carpenter and builder, 56th and 

Lake av. (Hyde Park) 
Crowe John, saloon, 610 W. Lake 
Crowe Joseph J. house mover, 434 W. 14th 
Crowe Malachi, coal, 198 W. Monroe 


W. Cor. MARKET and ADAMS, 
TELEPHONE No. 1393. 



Crowe M. F. saloon, 176 N. Morgan 

Crowe M. & Co. (Michael Crowe) com. mer. 

83 W. Lake, T. 4267 
CKOWE M. & SON, house raisers and 

movers, 433 W. Indiana 
Crowell Sarah Miss, milliner, 185 Michigan av. 
Crowhurst Bros. (Henry and Thomas) 68. 

Express Co. 1525 Wabash av. 
Crowhurst Henry, coal, 1525 Wabash av. 
Crowley John, saloon, 181 W. Harrison 
Crowley John, undertaker, 3642 Dashiel and 

3728 S. Halsted 
Crowley Julia A. Mrs. saloon, 3716 S. State 
Crowley Michael, milk, 361 E. Indiana 
Crowley Thomas, carp. 1205 W. 15th 
Crowley Williard B. milk, 11 S. Robey 
CROWIEY W. P. saloon, 560 W. In- 
Crown Steam Laundry, Geo. Binford, mngr. 

380 W. Madison, T. 4602 
Crowne Jas. M. sample room, 53 N. Sangamon 
Crowther Wm. dentist, 295 31st 
CRUE JOHN, milk, 676 W. Chicago av. 
Cruikshank & Atwood, (Charles E. Cruiks- 

hank and Fred H. Atwood) lawyers, 162 

LaSaUe, R. 69 
Crumb L. H. (Acme Engraving Co.) 89 E. 

Crumbaugh Frederick, lawyer, 164 LaSalle, 

R. 72 

S. Clark, R. 1008, T. 981 
Crump Taylor D. cigars, 3605 S. Halsted 
Crutcher Howard Dr. 181 W. Madison, R. 

Cruttenden Thomas S. prints, 252 E. Monroe 
Cruver Bros. Mnfg. Co. James M. Marean, 

receiver, knit goods, 32 S. Canal 
Crystal Laundry, T. J. Johnson, prop. 3441 S. 

CUBBOX C. H. paints, oils and glass, 

871 W. Madison 
Cubley Edwin J. musical instruments, Rav- 

enswood (Lake View) T. 3903 
Cudahy John, packer, 113 Rialto bldg. T. 732 

and 4602 Packers av. stk. yds. T. 9569 
Cuddy J. & Co. (John Cuddy) com. mers. 62 

Cudell Adolph, architect, 226 LaSalle, R. 22 
CUDELL & LEHMAXlf, (A. A. Cudell 

and Adolph A. Lehmann) cabinetmkrs. 24 

S. Jefferson 
Cuderjahn John, grocer, 6235 S. Halsted, 

Cudney TJarius, saloon, 2403 S. State 
Cudney D. Capt. saloon, 3036 Indiana av. 
Culbertson E. H. mercantile agency, 154 E. 

Lake, R. 13 
Culbertson W. C. & Son, (W. C. and James 

A.) lumber, 163 E Randolph, R. 11, T. 928 
Culhane & Schipper, (Daniel Culhane and 

John Schipper) saloon, 167 E. Adams and 

79 5th av. 
CULLEN ALEX, saloon, 2521 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Cullen Bernard A. boots and shoes, 191 W. 

Cullen Edward W. lawyer, Major Blk. R. 47 
Cullen James K. machinery, 96 E. Lake 
Cullen John, loans, 396 W. 12th 
Cullen Patrick, meatmkt. 2800 Emerald av. 
Cullen Philip, grocer, 568 S. Morgan 
Cullen & Allison, (George Cullen and Mrs. 

E. Allison) meatmkt. 221 N. Clark, T. 


Cullen WiUiam E. saloon, 183 N. Halsted 

Cullen & Fitzpatrick, (John Cullen and 
Penny Fitzpatrick) coal, 3909 S. Halsted, 
T. 9519 

Cullerton John, saloon, 889 Ogden av. 

Cullerton Patrick, saloon, 515 W. 12th 

Cullinan John, sewer bldr. 164 W. Van Buren 

Cullinan Thos. plumber, 256 and 258 31st, T. 

Culmsee Charles, stationery, 637 W. Lake 

Culver Belden F. real est. 85 E. Washington, 
R. 1 

Culver Fitz E. &. Co. bolting and mill sup- 
plies, 54 LaSalle 

Culver Frank H. lawyer, 164 Dearborn, R. 609 

Culver Harry N. lawyer, 153 E. Randolph, R. 5 

Culver John, ins. agt. 611 Davis (Evanston) 

Culver John & Co. (John Culver and Joseph 
McCullum) real est. 89 E. Washington 
and 528 Davis (Evanston) 

Culver M. E. fruit, 1317 W. Madison 

Culver Morton, lawyer, 1 .'■;■■ E. Randolph, R. 5 

Culver W. Irving, lawyer, 172 LaSalle, R. 27, 
T. 1171 

CULVER & CO. (George N., C. E. Culver 
and J. H. Hurlburt,) grain com. 47 Board 
Trade. T. 17 

Cumins & Co. (S. C. Cumins,) mnfrs. agt. 53 
Dearborn, R. 11 

Cummings Andrew, prop. Thompson's res- 
taurant, 151 Dearborn, T. 124 

Cummings E. A. & Co. (Edmund A. Cum- 
mings, Silas M. Moore, Robert C. Givins 
and Charles O. Goss) real est. Madison se. 
cor. LaSalle, T. 302, and 1365 W. 12th 

Cummings Edmund S. lawyer, 79 S. Clark, 
R. 14 

Cummings Frederick, livery, 142 W. Madison, 
T. 4173 

Cummings George W. carp. 189 37th 

Cummings H. E. & Co. (Horace E. Cummings) 
cigars, 41 E. Monroe 

Cummings James, saloon, 1260 S. State 

Cummings Lewis F. lawyer, 226 LaSalle, 
T. 1288 

Cummings Michael Mrs. boarding, 2731 La- 

Cummings & Wolcott (George W. Cummings 
and Oliver C. Wolcott) carps. 35 31st 

Cummins Benj. F. lawyer, 164 Dearborn, R. 603 

Cunard Steamship Co. Frederick G. Whiting, 
mngr. western dept. 131 E. Randolph 

Cunat Joseph, dry goods, 106 W. 18th 

Cunder John, tailor, 144 DeKalb 

Cune John, saloon, 99 Sholto 

Cuneo G. B. grocer, 66 N. Market 

Cuneo Pietro, boots and shoes, 64 N. Franklin 

Cuneo & Boitano (Lawrence and Andrew Cu- 
neo and Louis Boitano) wh. fruits, 113 S. 
Water, T. 5434 

Cunniff Edward Mrs. grocer, 138 13th pi. 

Cunniff James, meatmkt. 118 Blue Island av. 

Cummings Alexander, dyer and cleaner, 3436 
S. State 

Cunningham Bart, horseshoer, 35th nr. Forest 

Cunningham Benjamin B. saloon, 186 E. Ran- 

Cunningham Geo. saloon, 43 J /2 Harmon ct. 

Cunningham George P. Dr. 237 N. Clark, T. 
3002, h. 207 LaSaUe av. 

Cunningham Henry, saloon, 3943 Wentworth 

Cunningham John C. boots and shoes, 358 W. 


225 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

148 CUN 




(THE) Joseph T. Cunningham, pres. 

Rufus K. Dryer, v. pres. and sec. Charles 

H. Wilkin, treas. J. W. Phillips, mngr. 

carriages, 390 to 896 Wabash av. 
Cunningham Thomas S. ins. agt. 220 LaSalle, 

R. 1, T. 1452 
Cunningham Walter B. real est. 161 LaSalle, 

R. 66 
Cunningham Wm. B. lawyer, 122 LaSalle, R. 

Cunningham W. H. & Co. (William H. Cun- 
ningham) ins. agts. 175 LaSalle, R. 10, T. 

Cunningham & Keily (Wm. B. Cunningham 

and Patrick T. Keily) lawyers, 122 La- 
Salle, R. 31 
Cunningham & Rogers (Thomas Cunningham 

and H. M. Rogers) boots and shoes, 6142 

Wentworth av. 
Cunradi Charles, drugs, se. cor. Archer and 

Hart avs. T. 9505 (Brighton Park) 
Cunradi Julius, drugs, 2904 Archer av. T. 8195 
Cuny A. yarns and notions, 320 E. North av. 
Cuny Bros. (Robert and Florian) saloon, 574 

Cupid's Quiver, Hugh Scott & Co. pubs. 199 S. 

Clark, R. 30 
Cupp Henry F. milk depot, 4250 Wentworth av. 
Curley Kate Mrs. dressmkr. 2363 Archer av. 
Curley P. C. saloon, 196 Walnut 
Curley Thomas, saloon, 120 4th av. 
Curley Thorns J. boarding, 3734 S. State 
Curran Dan C. plumber, 5540 Wentworth av. 
Curran D. W. Dr. 609 W. Superior 
Curran John J. real est. 167 E. Washington, 

R. 28 
Curran John S. boots and shoes, 283 S. Clark 
Curran Michael, saloon, 152 E. 18th 
Curran Michael, junk, 196 W. Harrison 
Curran O. P. ins. agt. 108 Dearborn 
Curran Patrick Dr. 237 W. North av. 
Curran Wm. tailor, 35 W. Madison 
Curran & Wolff (John J. Curran and Isaac 

and Max Wolff) lumber dryers mnfrs. 14 

S. Market 
Current (The), The Current Publishing Co. 

pubs. A. E. Davis, pres. and mngr. 125 

Currier & Wickliffe (Thomas H. Currier and 

Howard L. Wickliffe) livery, 432 E. Divis- 
ion, T. 3339 
Currigan Peter, express, 64 Wendell 
Currlin Carl, barber, 409 E. North av. 
Curry Charles W. news depot, 183 E. Madison 
Curry John T. barber, 3873 Cottage Grove av. 
Curry R. F. express and coal, 511 Church 

Curtin Jeremiah, grocer, 3601 Lowe av. 
Curtin Jeremiah J. plumber, 3512 Emerald av. 

and Wallace nr. 43d 
Curtin J. J. plumber, 4929 S. Ashland av. 
Curtis Arthur, butter and cheese, 202 W. Mad- 
Curtis Charles A. restaurant, 612 63d (Engle- 

Curtis E. G. Mrs. boarding, ns. Cook, 2d e. 

Chicago av. (Evanston) 
Curtis Edward S. lawyer, 226 LaSalle, R. 30 
Curtis Egbert, laundry, 3035 Indiana av. 
Curtis H. C. & Co. James S. Armour, mngr. 

collars and cuffs, 234 5th av. 
Curtis Henry, grocer, 315 S. State 
Curtis Harry H. cigars, 532 Blue Island av. 
Curtis J. Lafe, real est. 79 Dearborn, R. 48 

Curtis Lester Dr. 35 University pi. T. 9947 
Curtis Lewis E. draughtsman, 204 Dearborn, 

R. 68 
Curtis M. F. restaurant, 296 S. State 
Curtis Russel H. lawyer, 59 S. ( 'lark, R. 26 
Curtis S. & Co. (Thpodore H. and Charles H. 

jr.) meatmkt. 1528 S. State, T. 8411 
Curtis W. C. & Co. (William C. Curtis and 

George W. Hopkins) produce com. 198 S. 

Curtis Wm. W. dentist, 242 E. 31st 
CURTIS «fc CO. 1I1&FG.CO. Oscar Brad- 
ford, pres. Charles A. Binz, sec. saws, 60 

W. Monroe, T. 4076 
Curtis & Hice (Bernard Curtis, Samuel Hice 

and James C. King) special com. mer. 22(5 

LaSalle, R. 16 
Curtis & Norton (Stilman F. Curtis and Frank 

W. Norton) gas stoves, 1201 Wabash av. 
Curtis & Rodman (Russel H. Curtis and 

Thomas J. Rodman) lawyers, 59 S. Clark, 

R. 26 
Curtiss Edward A. restaurant, 3823 S. State 
Curtiss & Warren (George H. Curtiss and 

Charles D. Warren) dry goods com. 165 

5th av. 
Cusack P. grocer, 332 13th pi. 
CUSACk THOMAS & CO. (Thomas 

Cusack and H. J. Zickert) sign painters, 

510 Throop 
Cushing David, saloon, 2458 S. Halsted 
Cushing Ellen Mrs. bakery, 187 W. Van Buren 
Cushing George H. dentist, 96 S. State, R, 6 
Cushing James, tailor, 208 S. Halsted 
Cushing Printing Co. C. H. Cushing, mngr. 

304 Dearborn 
Cushman F. A. carp. Kinzie cor. Wood 
Cushmann Lawrence, dentist, Blue Island av. 

se. cor. 14th 
Cuson George, toys, etc. 580 S. Ashland av. 
Custer Jacob R. lawyer, 218 LaSalle, R. 619, 

T. 1351 
Ousty John, Mrs. boarding 311 Elston av. 
CUTHBERT JAMES O. lumber, 37 

Adams Ex. bldg. T. 1546 
Cuthbert W. F. lawyer, 41st and Drexel boul. 
Cuthbertson John, lawyer, Clark nw. cor. S. 

Water, R. 1 
Cutler Geo. A. Dr. 82 E. Madison, R. 21 
Cutler George R. lawyer, 86 LaSalle, R. 47 
Cutler & Co. (Harry G. Cutler and Albert J. 

Metzl) boots and shoes, 554 W. Madison 

Cutler, T. Stuart White and Hugh M. 

Boice) lumber, 18th st. bridge, T. 9034 
Cutler, Woodrough & Co. (James H. Cutler 

and R. L. Woodrough) hardware special- 
ties, 148 E. Lake, T. 931 
Cutmore Henry, bird store, 682 W. Lake 
Cutter John D. & Co. silk mnfrs. 409 Opera- 
House bldg. T. 1284 
Cutter & Crossette, (Henry W. K. Cutter and 

Charles H. Crossette) men's furng. 237 S. 

Franklin, T. 1706 
Cutting Charles S. lawyer, 162 Washington, 

R. 29 
Cuyler Wm. H. com. R. 68, Board Trade 
Cuyler & Mills, (E. B. Cuyler and G. W. MiUs) 

tobacco, 19 Wabash av. R. 16 
Cyclostyle Co. (The) Sidney Henry & Co. agts. 

type writing duplicating process, 116 La- 
Cyrier Charles E. Dr. 107 Blue Island av. 

T. 4101 
Czachorowsky A. bldg. mover, 394 Maxwell 




Czachorowsky Mary Mrs. milliner, 446 S. 

Czahorski Stanislaus, boots and shoes, 620 W. 

Czaja John, grocer, 722 W. 18th 

Czaszervicz Mike, saloon, 31 Fisk 

Czech Simon, saloon, 2831 Archer av. 

Czeczak Ferdinand, boots and shoes, 512 Mil- 
waukee av. 

Czekala Michael, coal and wood, 99 Cleaver 

CZERWIXSHI LOUIS, grocer, 392 

Czich Ludwick, grocer, 468 S. Union 

Czojkowski John, flour and feed, 833 Wood 

t'ZMOCK EDWARD, horse shoer, 121 
Lake, T. Oak Park Line, (Oak Park P.O.) 

Czmock Morris, hardware, 123 Lake (Oak 

Czoschke Herman, saloon, 59 W. North av. 

Czosek August, saloon, 107 Cleaver 

D'Ancona Abraham, umbrellas, 105 S. State 
D Ancona & Levy, (Aug. B. D'Ancona and 

Levy) gloves, 235 S. State 
D'Angelica Louis, saloon, 213 S. Halsted 
Dabb C. W. & Co. (Charles W. Dabb and Hor- 
atio N. May) props. The Commercial 

Hotel, nw. cor. Lake and Dearborn, T. 5500 
Dabb William R. news depot, Commercial 

Dabbert Chris, coal and wood, 334 13th pi. 
Dabel H. G. & Co. (Helmuth G. Dabel and 

WiUiam C. SaUe) produce, 156 S. Water 
DABLE CJ. MRS. hair goods, 164 31st 
Dable John, crockery, 163 W. 12th 
Dackermann William, meatmkt. 2549 S. Hal- 
Da Costa Albert R. saloon, 75 Clark 
Daegling & Tammler, (L. J. Daegling and 

Oscar Tammler) contractors, 218 LaSalle, 

R. 830 
Daehler G. wood and coal, 247 Blackhawk 
Daemicke George F. hardware, 1405 S. State 
Daemicke Herman T. hardware, 2902 S. State 
Daemicke Louis C. hardware, 2976 Archer av. 
Daemicke Paul J. hardware, 52 S. State, T. 

DAFT CHARLES, livery and boarding 

stables, 270 to 276 31st, T. 8079 
Dahinden Carl, painter, 453 Milwaukee av. 
Dahinten, Feulner & Scott (F. X. Dahinten 

Sr. John Feulner and John Scott) glass 

stainers, 18 3d av. 
Dahe Charles, hats and caps, 232 E. North av. 
Dald Charles J. boots and shoes, 4 S. Wood 
Dahl H. L. tailor, 194 Dearborn 
Dahl J. M. hardware, 723 Elston av. 
DAHL MARY MRS. bakery, 165 W. 

Dahl Neils C. oysters and fish, 253 S. Halsted 
Dale Ole Mrs. cigars, 337 W. Indiana 
Dahlberg Alfred, drugs, 2459 Wentworth av. 

T. 8187 
Dahlen Gustav, boots and shoes, 403 W. Lake 
Dahlgren Frank G. grocer, 68th nw. cor. Yale 

av. (Engelwood) 

Dahlmann and Leonardo Filitti) tailors, 

192 W. Madison 
Dahlmann Wm. plumber, 947 W. 20th 
Dahlstrand John R. tailor, 4018 Cotta e Grove 

Dahm B. Christian, tailor, 17 Brigham 
Dahmke & Fisher (John Dahmke and Joseph 

Fisher) meat mkt. 982 W. Lake 

Dahnis Edward J. lawyer, 59 S. Clark, R. 23 
Dahnke Christ. W. saloon, 55 W. North av. 
Dailey A. L. & Co. (Andrew Dailey) live stk. 

com. 147 exch. Bldg. stk. yds. 
Dailey David B. barber, Armitage av. W. of 

Milwaukee av. 
Dailey John, saloon, cigars and tobacco, 1117 

Blue Island av. 
DAI.LEY J. K.. cigars and tobacco, 3705 

Cottage Grove av. 
Dailey Maggie Miss, dressmaker, 2334 Prairie 

Dailey Peter, milk depot, 1246 Dunning (Lake 

Dailey Wallace, horseshoer, 481 37th. 
Daily Business, Business Pub. Co. pubs. 119 

E. Quincy, T. 602 
Daily Commercial Report, Cowles & Ferren, 

119 E. Quincy 
Daily Evening Call. Englewood Publishing 

Co. pubs. 422 63rd 
Daily Live Stock & Produce Review, W. O. 

Hoffman, editor and pfop. 119 E. Quincy 
Daily Market Reports, Business Pub. Co. 

pubs. 119 E. Quincy, T. 602 
PORTER (THE), F. W. Rice, pub. 

61 La Salle, R. 1 
DAILY XEWS (THE), 123 5th av. 
Daily Trade Bulletin, Howard, White & Co. 

pubs. 123 E. Quincy 
Daiqui Augustina, saloon, 116 W. Lake 
Dairy World (The), C. S. Burch Pub. Co. 

pubs. 170 E. Madison, R. 71 
DAHE BAKER Y, (Blake, Shaw & Co.) 

cracker bakers, W. Adams, ne. cor. Clinton, 

T. 4531 
Dakin Thomas, prop. Adams House, 68 

Michigan av. T. 5345 
Dakin Thomas, livery, 66 Michigan av. 
Dakin Thomas D. detective, 72 E. Van Buren 
Dal Jacob, Dr. 142 Evergreen 
Dal John W. Dr. 700 Milwaukee av. 
Dalahandy Mary Ann Mrs. confectr. 136 E. 

Dalbke Charles, stoves, 189 W. Division 
Dalbke Conrad, teamster, 221 W. Division 
Dale Bros. (Henry J. and Charles J.) jewelers, 

• 86 N. Clark 
Dale George T. cigars, 3220 S. State 
Dale John T. lawyer, 139 Dearborn, R. 20 
Dale Samnel E. lawyer, 80 Dearborn, R. 16 
Dale WiUiam M. drugs, 135 S. Clark, T. 1339 
DALEtDEtf JOHN P. stationer, 299 & 

301 E. North av. 
Dales J. R. Mrs. dressmkr. 311 W. Taylor 
Daley George R. lawyer, 143 LaSalle, R. 36 
Daley James, dry goods, 1225 47th 
Daley Michael, meatmkt. 500 26th 
Daley M. tailor, 159 E. Washington 
DALL DAVID & SOX. (David and 

James L.) vessel agts. 242* S. Water, T. 

Dallemand & Co. Max Oberfelder, mngr. wh. 

liquors, 192 E. Jackson, T. 1629 
DaUiba, Hussey &} Co. H. A. Warren, agt. pig 

iron, 115 Dearborn, R. 21, T. 1747 
DAL-lilX WILLIAM, R. R. contractor, 

166 E. Washington, R. 11 
Dalman Frederick, saloon, 3010 S. State 
Dallman Minnie Miss, milliner, 130 S. Halsted 
Dallmann August, saloon, 563 S. Clark 
Dallmann Wm. meatmkt. 1015 W. 20th 
Dalmar Hulda, music teacher, 2911 Parnell av. 
Dalton Edmund J. notions, 466 Centre av. 


150 DAL 



Dalton Frances G. Mrs. lumber, 1 E. Webster 

166 av. T. 8490 
Dalton James P. ranges, 51 S. State 
Dalton James H. saloon, 109 S. Halsted 
Dalton John, coal, 332 S. Halsted 
Dalton John E. lawyer. 97 S. Clark, R. 36 
Dalton John H. saloon, '280 Sedgwick 
Dalton J. & Co. (James Dalton) wh. lace 

goods, 240 E. Monroe 
Daly F. H. carp. 289 Campbell av. 
Dary James, grocer, 3202 5th av. 
Daly John G. & Co. (John G. Daly and W. H. 

Love) coal, 159 3d av. 
Daly Mary A. Mrs. hairwkr. 5020 Wentworth 

Daly Mary L. Mrs. laundry, 57 N. State 
Daly Michael, horse shoer, 110 3d av. 
Daly Patrick, saloon, 1600 S. State 
Daly Patrick H. lawyer, 94 Washington, R. 

Daly Thomas, saloon, 2443 Archer av. 
Daly Thomas C. restaurant, 369 WeUs 
Daly William, saloon, 146 Blue Island av. 
Dameier C. W. & Son, contractors, 161 La- 

SaUe, R. 54, T. 209 
Damerau Henry L. bookbinder, 231 E. Lake 
I>AMERI> OUSTAV, merchant tailor, 

131 N. Centre av. cor. W. Huron 
Damert Frank, tailor, 627 Milwaukee av. 
Damler Charles, grocer, 986 N. Halsted 
Damm Peter, saloon, 4958 S. Ashland av. 
Damman H. & Co. (Herman Damman,) 

grocer, 1198 Milwaukee av. 
Dammann Gustav, boots and shoes, 1593 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Dammann Martin, carp. 214 Evergreen av. 
DAIOIANN MARTIN, grocer, Harlem 

av. cor. Pleasant, Harlem, (Oak Park P. 

O.) T. Oak Park Line 
Dammerau A. grocer, 745 W. Taylor 
Dammerau Frank C. grocer, 497 Cleveland av. 
Damon Asenath A.Mrs, prop. Damon's Hotel, 

51 S. Clark 
Damon Calvin A. tailor, 30 Sherman 
Damon Orrison B. Dr. 274 Park av. 
Damonia Magnetic Mineral! Co. Robt. F. 

Bullen, pres. John Lyle King, v.pres. Rus- 
sell J. Waters,sec. Lester N. Lakins, treas. 

80 Dearborn, R. 12 
Damon's European Hotel, Mrs. Asenath A. 

Damon, prop. 51 S. Clark 
Dana Charles D. & Co. (Charles D. Dana) wh. 

oatmeal and oils, 70 W. Lake, T. 4748, 10 

State, T. 5165 
Dandliker Rudolph A. & Co. (Rudolph A. 

Dandliker and Henry Bowers) exporters, 

159 LaSaUe, R. 62 
Danforth, Clark & Co. John R. Gott.mngr. 

wh. cotton goods, 188 S. Franklin, T. 632 
Danforth Frank L. tailor, 153 E. Monroe, R. 6 
Danfortli Isaac N. Dr. 69 Dearborn, R. 26. T. 


(The) D. A. Dangler, pres. C. S. Dangler, 

v. pres. D. E. Dangler, sec. and treas. 297 

Danheiser Bros. & Co. (Bernard and Isaac F. 

Danheiser and F. Borg) chewing gum, 49 

S. Franklin 
Daniel John, cigars, restaurant and barber 

shop, 717 W. 18th 
Daniels A. P. saloon, rear 116 Dearborn 
Daniels Bros. (Joseph, Meyer and Benno), 

grocers, 3844 Cottage Groveav. 
Daniels Charles A. fish, 50 E. Chicago av. 

Daniels Bros. (George and Alfred Daniels) 
saloon, 170 E. Madison 

Daniels E. F. coal, 103 Dearborn, T. 1303 

Daniels F. S. sign painter, 433 S. State 

DANIELS <-5 OIC«.! printer, 79 E. 
Randolph. (See adv. at printers) 

Daniels Isaac, meatmkt. 2516 Sanger. 

Daniels John W. coal, 224 S. Halsted 

Daniels Julia, grocer, 3718 Cottage Grove av. 

Daniels William Y. cigars, 95 E. Madison. 

Danielson S. O. parlor suits mnfr. 85 W. Ohio 

Daniher Morris, grocer, 721 W. 43d 

Danis John A. Dr. 177 Clybourn av. 

Danis Oliver, contractor, 4435 Wentworth av. 

Danish Luthersk Trintatis School, Johannes 
Tohmsen, teacher, Dania av. nw. cor. 
Wabansia av. 

Dankel William, carp. 6101 Stewart av. 

Dankert Catherine Mrs. midwife, 150 Fowler 

Danne Louis, ins. broker, 169 LaSalle, R. 9, T. 

Dannehl Charles H. coal, 887 W. Polk 

DANNEIIi WUI. plumber and gas fitter, 
453 S. Canal 

Dannells Lousia Mrs. dressmkr. 141 Oak, R. 6 

Danner Liberat, prop. Reaper House, 1196 
Blue Island av. 

Dannhauser L. Harvey H. Reese, agt. ladies' 
f urngs. 78 E. Monroe, R. 40 

Danrath Frederick, barber, 396 S. Canal 

Danville Elevator, D. L. Seymour & Co. props. 
Fuller and S. Ashland avs. office, 205 La- 
Salle, R. 12, T. 982 

Danz Adam, meatmkt. 167 Webster av. 

Danz Charles A. com. mer. 37 W. Jackson, 
T. 4680 

Danz Julius, meatmkt. 379 W. Polk 

Danziger Joseph, bakery, 520 S. Jefferson 

Danzke Herman : bakery, 81 Fremont 

Daoust E. boarding, 49 Blue Island av. 

Daprato Bros. & Co. (Charles Daprato) sta- 
tionery, 106 E. Van Buren 

Darby John E. builder, 179 W. Jackson 

Darche George C. electrical goods, 35 S. 
Clark T 5687 

DARCHE T. A CO. carps. 416 S. State 

Darcy James, boots and shoes, 3359 S. Ashland 

Dardaelli E. barber, 700 W. North av. 

Dargee Anton, grocer, 109 Cornelia 

Darke & Smith (J. R. Darke and D. S. Smith) 
painters, Lincoln av. (S. Evanston) 

Darling Ira C. & Co. fertilizers, Stk. Yds. T. 

(W. M. Darlington, Robert McGaughy, 
George M. Shaw, James E. March and 
Fred. Boyden) live stk. com. 143 and 145 
Exch. bldg. stk. yds. 

Darlow James, lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 25, T. 

DARMSTADT JACOR, saloon, 143 

Darmstadter S. & Co. (Solomon Darmstadter) 
grocers, 53 31st 

(John Darmstaedter and August Peter- 
sen) saloon, 101 Clybourn av. 

Darnell Riley & Co. (Riley DarneU and Fred. 
Boldenweck) shirts, 165 E. Madison 

Darol James B. not. pub. 169 E. Jackson, R. 
110.T. 550 

D ARROW A. II. ins. agt. 115 and 117 La- 
SaUe. T. 648, and 544 W. Madison, T. 7127 

Darrow Clarence S. lawyer, 94 LaSaUe, R. 80 


Market, S. W. Cor. Adams, 

TELEPHONE No. 1293. 



Darrow Wm. L. grocer, 193 W. Harrison 
Darrow & Colby (Henry W. B. Darrow and 
Fred G. Colby) stoves, 514 63d (Engle- 
Dart H. G. meatmkt. Chicago av. (S. Evans- 
Dart M. L. Mrs. milliner, 321 W. Madison 
Dart William, jeweler, 321 W. Madison 
DART A SOPKK, (Sam Dart and James 

Soper) meatmkt. 478 W. Madison 
Dartsch W. A. saloon, 220 E. 18th 
Dartscht Henry, tailor, 106 Clybourn av. 
Dassler William R. yarns, 68 N. Clark 
Dasso Joseph F. fruits, 786 W. Madison 
Dasso Peter A. fruits, 416 W. Madison 
Dast Joseph, grocer, 38 Washtenaw av. 
Dater P. W. & Co. (P. W. Dater) com. mer. 

502 Rialto bldg. 
Daub George E. harnessmkr. 184 W. Lake 
Daube August, ins. broker, 170 LaSalle, T. 1353 
Daube A. flour and feed, 319 W. Polk 
Daube Louis, flour and feed, 202 W. Lake, T. 

Daucher Johann, shoemkr. 778 N. Halsted 
DAUCHY & CO. (George K. Dauchy) 
vault and sidewalk lights. 125 to 127 E. In- 
diana, T. 3103 
Daudistel H. Mrs. prop. "Viaduct Hotel, 114 

N. Branch 
Daudistel Philip, saloon, 197 W. Randolph 
Dauer, August meatmkt. Ill Cornelia 
Daughton James, saloon, 143 Aberdeen 
Daul Theodore, grocer, 4937 S. State 
Daum Albert, saloon, 6508 S. State 
Daum August, boots and shoes, 77 La Salle av. 
Daum Elizabeth Mrs. saloon, 6602 S. State 
Dauntless Transfer Co. (F. A. Rhea) 89 E. 

Lake, T. 5763 
Dauser Andrew, meat mkt. 152 W. Randolph 
Dauss Ernst, confectr. 806 Milwaukee av. 
DAUTAL CHARLES, excavating con- 
tractor and teaming, 632 Elston av. 
Dautal John, glove mnf r. 65 Canalport av. 
Daveney Edward, grocer, 712 W. Ohio 
Davenport Charles W. agt. Coatesville iron 

wks. 26 W. Lake, R. 1 
Davenport E. C. prop. St. James Hotel, 36 S. 

Davenport Fred J. dentist, 188 N. Clark 
Davenport J. F. dentist, 188 N. Clark 
Davey & Co. (John, Chas. and James Davey) 
lamp black, C. M. & St. P. Ry. track bet 
Armitage av. and Bloomingdale rd. (Jef- 
David Cyrenius A. Dr. 125 S. State, R. 24, h. 

332 Dayton 
David Elizabeth Mrs. grocer, 71 Fuller 
David Jacob, coal, 249 Ogden av. 
David John C. Dr. 103 S. State, R. 35, res. 143 

Oakwood boul. 
David Joseph B. lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, R. 

David William K. pub. 120 E. Randolph, R. 3 
Davidsen David O. mnfg. jeweler, 113 E. 

Madison, R. 29 
Davidson Andrew, cut stone, 1342 W. Jack- 
Davidson Bros. & Kerber, stone yds. 330 5th av. 
Davidson Duncan, vet. surg. ws. Emery av. 

1st n. Durkee (Evanston) 
Davidson James, grocer, 242 Wells 
Davidson John, confectr. 383 Larabee 
Davidson J. A. drug, sundries, 411 W. Jack- 
son, T. 4615 
Davidson John P. cigars, 53 W. Indiana 

Davidson Malwana Mrs. variety ,213 W. Polk 
Davidson Meyer, tinware, 112 8. Franklin 
Davidson Samuel, furniture, 536 State 
Davidson Simon, furniture, 536 S. State 
Davidson Warehouse Co., Davidson & Sons. 

props, foot N. Market, T. 3315 
Davidson Wm. carp. 18 Throop 
Davidson William, mer. tailor, 3308 S. State 
Davidson William & Co. (William Davidson) 

meatmkt. 78 N. State 
Davidson & Sons (Alexander and John A.) 

marble wks. foot N. Market 
Davies Charles F. lawyer, 175 Dearborn, R. 78 
Davies Kate F. Miss, type writing, 94 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 33, T. 1182 
Davies Thomas, painter, 413 Ogden av. 
PLY CO. 200 LaSaUe, R. 15 T. 245 and 

20th and Grove, T. 8127 
Davies W. H. baker, Chestnut nr. Park av. 

Davieson Samuel, Dr. museum, 166 S. Clark. 

h. 5 Hubbard ct. ' 
Davis Ada, Mrs. prop. Marvin House, 330 S. 

Davis Ada, Mrs. prop. Vancil House, 147 E. 

Davis Adjustable Collar Co. 441 W. Indiana 
Davis Alvin, express, 1011 W. Madison 
Davis A. Mrs. prop. Grand Union Hotel, 230 

S. State 
Davis A. E. pub. The Current.125 LaSalle 
Davis Barnard, grocer, 136 E. Harrison 
Davis Belle Miss, dressmkr. 235 E. 31st 
Davis Bros. (William H. and Michael D.) 

cheese, 71 S. Water, T. 5152 
Davjs Bros. (Solomon and John J.), tailors 

48 S. Clark 
Davis Charles G. coal, 168 E. Washington, R. 8 
Davis Charles G. Dr. 240 Wabash av. R. 7, h. 

705 W.Adams T. 7052 
Davis Charles W. lumber dockage, 36 Cologne, 

T. 368 
DAVIS CHESTER B. civil engineer, 

76 Calumet bldg. 
Davis D. tailor, 4115 S. Halsted 
Davis D. L. pub. Chicago Chronicle, 763 W. 

Davis Edward E. dentist, 245 Blue Island av. 
Davis Edwin, scenic artist, 850 W. Madison 
Davis Emily E. Mrs. grocer, 216 Clybourn pi. 
Davis Ernest E. dentist, 245 Blue Island av. 
Davis Fannie Miss, dressmkr, 124 Throop 
Davis Frank, barber, 543 S. Jefferson 
Davis George B. carp. 159 E. Erie 
Davis George W. coaL 267 W. Randolph 
DAVIS CJEOROE W. dry goods, Ridge 

av. (Rose Hill) 
Davis George W. tailor, 37 E. Monroe 
DAVIS C*. HI. A CO. steam guages and 

valves, 20 S. Canal 
Davis Havilah, carp. 777 Walnut 
Davis Harry, saloon, 182 E. Washington 
Davis Harry L. restaurant, 629 W. Van Buren 
Davis H. A. lawyer, 112 8. Clark, R. 626, T. 

Davis Isaac, carp, rear 131 E. Adams 
Davis Isaac C. grocer, 226 E. Chicago av. 
DAVIS JOHN A. prop. Fifth av. House, 

284 5th av. 
Davis John E. contractor, 161 LaSalle, R. 54 

T. 209 
Davis John G. Dr. 546 63d. (Englewood) 
DAVIS JOHN A CO. steam heating and 

fire escapes, 69 to 79 Michigan, T. 3100 


152 DAV 



Davis John J. & Co. wh. cigars, 274 E. Madison 
DAVIS JOSEPH, furniture and stoves, 

■4623 Went worth av. 
Davis Julia Mrs. laundry, 191 W. Lake 
Davis J. J. Dr. 193 W. Madison, T. 4148 
Davis Louis, rneatmkt. 8. State, ne. cor. 67th 
Davis L. D. & Co. (Louis D. Davis) dry goods 

com. 126 S. Franklin 
Davis L. J. Dr. 173 S. Western av. 
Davis L. L. dentist, 522 W. Van Buren 
Davis Maria Miss, piano teacher, 949 W. Har- 
Davis Martin, prop, of Mackinaw Hat & Fur 

Co. 35 S. Clark 
Davis Martin, saloon, 176 S. Water 
Davis Mary J. Mrs. dressmkr. 3148 S. State 
DAVIS NATHAN, wall paper, paints, 

oils and glass, 1548 Wabash av. 
Davis Nathan S. jr. Dr. 65 E. Randolph, h. 291 

Davis Nathan S. Dr. 65 E. Randolph, h. 291 

Davis Nicholas, restaurant, 538 S. State 
Davis O. J. & Co. (Oliver J. Davis and Mi- 
chael Salman) saloon, 138 E. Harrison 
Davis Phoebe Mrs. boots and shoes, 181 E. 

Davis Provision Co. Henry Davis, pres. R. D. 
Fowler, v. pres. Robert Stobo, sec. and 
treas. 60 Board of Trade, T. 1636 
Davis Rachel Mrs. prop. Eldridge House, 8 

Eldridge ct. 
Davis Samuel, cigars, 192 E. Van Buren 
Davis Samuel, rags, 166 W. 12th 
Davis Samuel B. & Co. (Samuel B. William 
T. and Samuel E. Davis) cheese, 108 S. 
Water, T. 5122 
Davis Sarah Mrs. furnished rooms, 315 S. State 
Davis Sarah A. -Mrs. confectr. 735 S. Union 
Davis Sewing Machine Co. (The) A. G. 

Mason, mngr. 48 E. Jackson 
Davis Stephen B. coal and pat. medicines, 159 

E. Erie 

Davis Stephen S. Dr. 159 E. Erie 
Davis S. tailor, 197 W. Chicago av. 
Davis Thomas, coal, 366 W. Lake 
Davis Thomas A. Dr. 973 W. Van Buren, T. 7126 
Davis Thomas W. grocer, 595 Lincoln av. 
Davis W. H. Dr. 126 S. State, T. 624 
Davis Wm. L. lawyer, 94 LaSalle, R. 20 
Davis W. L. & Co. real est. Argyle pk. T. 3956 
Davis Wm. M. ice cream parlor, 356 W. Mad- 
Davis Wm. R. shoemkr. 1023 W. Madison 
Davis Wilson H. Dr. 75 E. Madison, R. 35 and 

36, T. 624 
Davis W. A. chiropodist, 455 W. Madison, R 1 
Davis W. P. painter, 840 W. Van Buren 
Davis W. H. & Co. (Wm. H. Davis, and Owen 

H. Benson) real est. 116 LaSalle, R. 47 
Davis & Hammond, (William L. Davis and 

Charles L. Hammond) real est. 94 LaSalle, 

R. 20 
Davis & Kelly, livery, 239 S. Paulina, T. 7037 
Davis & Kreeger, (iddell Davis and Moses 

Kreeger) paints and oils, 2829 Archer av. 
DAVIS <& MORSE CO. H. A. Morse, 

pres. T. Benton Leiter, v. pres. W. P. 

Penhallow, sec. and treas. dry goods, 

State se. cor. Van Buren, T. 704 
Davis & Rankin, (Daniel J. Davis and Thomas 

Rankin), can mnfr. 248 W. Lake, T.4329 
Davis & ReQua, (Lewis H. Davis and Stephen 

F. ReQua) ins. agts. 155 La Salle, T. 429 
Davison A. C. artist, 259 Ogden av. 

Davis & Son, (J. R. and Wilbur R. Davis) 

real est. 125 S. Clark, R. 38 
Davison Charles Dr. 1002 W. Madison, T. 7057 
Davison John & Son, (John and John A.) 

ship chandlers, 282 S. Water 
Davison J. C. indse. broker, 25 Michigan av. 
DAVISOV ML B. MRS. prop. Acme 

Hotel, 302 W. Van Buren 
Davison W. M. W. Dr. 558 W. Madison, T. 

7102, h. 658 Walnut 
Davison & Holmes, (Benjamin F. Davison 

and William E. Holmes) ins. and vessel 

agts. 232 S. Water, T. L47 
Davisson Nathan G. restaurant, 75 E. Van 

Davy Edward W. saloon, 251 W. Indiana 
Davy James, saloon, 281 W. Indiana 
Davy John, grocer, 204 N. Wood 
Davy Simon, grocer, 531 Austin av. 
Davy Thomas, grocer, 567 W. Taylor 
Davy W. Company, Joh Shaw, mngr. ballast 

burners, 112 S. Clark, R. 628 
Daw Bros. (Harry H. and Homer P.) hard- 
ware, 976 N. Clark 
Dawes Chester M. lawyer, cor. Adams and 

Franklin, R. 22 
Dawgialo Michael, tailor, 906 Van Horn 
Dawson Bros. (H. Gr. & W. R.) brass found- 
ers, 173 S. Clinton, T. 4047 
Dawson George E. lawyer, 164 Dearborn, R. 

Dawson James B. barber, rear 5100 Wentworth 

av. sw. cor. 51st 
Dawson Martin, mnfr. confectionery 214 E. 

Kinzie, T. 3375 
Dawson Patrick, grocer, 138 E. Erie 
Dawson P. & Son, (Patrick and James Daw- 
son) coal, 138 E. Erie 
Dawson Thomas E. jeweler, 224 S. State 
Dax J. P. & Co. horseshoer, 3421 Ullman 
Day Arthur H. & Co. (Arthur H. Day) pub. 

126 E. Washington, R. 63 
Day Edward, Mrs. dressmkr. 390 W. Lake 
Day Elizabeth, Mrs. cigars, 369 Wells 
Day Frank E. baker, 115 53rd 
Day F. C. lawyer, 186 W. Madison 
Day George B. metaphysician, 133 LaSalle, 

R. 17 
Day Joseph L. tailor, 91 S. Clark 
Day Martha J. Mrs. dressmkr. 447 W. Madison 
Day Michael O. grocer, 155 W. Taylor 
Day Ralph R. stoves and ranges, 38 S. State 
Day Richard, carpet cleaner, 132 Judson av. 

Day Spring, F. H. Revell, pub. 150 E. Madison 
Day W. E. dentist, 243 S. State, R. 67 
Dayment Eugene, upholstr. 210 W. Chicago 

Dayton Bros. (A. G. & G. H.) hardware, 497 

W. Madison and 53 S. Sheldon 
Dayton Carriage Co. Dayton Bros, props. 53 S. 

DAYTON ML E. patent lawyer, 217 Dear- 
DAYTON & POOLE, (M. E. Dayton,and 

C. C. Poole) solicitors of patents, 217 to 

225 Dearborn, opp. P. O. T. 1225 
Deach & Co. (Andrew C. Deach) paints and 

oils, 850 W. Van Buren 
Deal David B. Dr. oculist, 157 E. Washington, 

R. 19 
Deale William G. notary, 938 W. Van Buren, 

T. 7027 
Dean Henry D. architect, 112 S. Clark, R. 827, 

T. 1151 

GEO. W. RAITHEL,* ■"££%££ ST' COAL. 



DEI 153 

Dean Alexander, fruit, 534i W. Madison 
Dean, Bader & Co. (Thaddeus Dean and John 

Bader) lumber, 7 E. North av. T. 3281 
Dean Brothers Blank Book & Printing Co. 
Messer C. Dean, pres. Bradley Dean, sec. 
191 S. Clark, T. 464 
Dean E. B. real est. 152 Dearborn, R. 34 
Dean, Foster & Dawley (Charles L. Dean, 
Elmer G. Foster and Arthur J. Dawley) 
druggists' sundries, 23 E. Lake 
Dean James R. lawyer, 149 LaSalle, R. 51 
Dean Munson D. real est. 79 Dearborn, R. 75 
Dean M. D. real est. North av. ne. cor. Cali- 
fornia av. 
Dean Steam Pump Co. 226 E. Lake 
Dean Thaddeus, lumber, 242 S. Water, R. 7 
Dean Teresa Mrs. artist, 82 E. Madison, R. 30 
Dean and Payne, (John E. Dean and Oscar 
Payne) ins. agts. 101 E. Washington, R. 13 
Deane A. L. & Co. (Albert L. Deane, and James 
W. Donnell) agts. Hall's safes and locks, 
77 Dearborn 
Deane Bros. & Lincoln, (Charles E. and Ruth - 
ven Deane and John L. Lincoln, Jr.) wh. 
grocers, 2 Wabash av. T. 5292 
Deane C. Werden, lawyer, 603 W. North av. 
Deane's European Hotel, James M. Lewis, 

prop, Van Buren, ne. cor. Pacific av. 
Dearborn Duster Co. feather dusters, McCon- 

nell Bros, props. 50 S. Canal 
Dearborn Foundry Co. Erastus Foote, Jr., 
pres. Edward T. Cushing, sec. and treas. 
iron founders, 1525 Dearborn, T. 363 
Dearborn Hubbard, confectr. 801 W. Lake 
Smith, pres. Warren Champlin, v. pres. 
J. P. Fitzgerald, sec. and treas. candles 
and oils, 11 E. Lake, T. 5458, wks. Archer 
av. and Logan, T. 8506 
Dearborn Nathaniel, coal. 530 37th 
Dearborn Savings, Loan <x Bldg. Association, 
J. Foster Rhodes, sec. 175 Dearborn, R. 72 
Dearborn Seminary, Zumghus Grover, prin- 
cipal, 2141 Calmuet av. 
De Armond William W. lawyer, 163 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 23 
Deaf & Dumb School, Wabash av. bt. 62d and 

De Barr George B. laundry, 13 N. Clark 
Debartolo R. saloon, 397 Dearborn 
DeBaussett A. Dr. 263 S. State 
Debbio Angelo, saloon, 754 W. Madison 
DeBeer Frank J. tailor, 128 S. Desplaines 
DeBerge John A. saloon, 625 N. Clark, T. 3011 
Debrey William, barber, 398 39th 
Debus Henry & Co. tailors, 186 Dearborn 
Debus House, (John L. Aldrich) 341 S. Clark 
Debus John W. wagon mnf r. 833 Blue Island 

DeBusi John, tailor, 421 S. Halsted 
DeCamp Lamartine Dr. dentist, 181 W. Madi- 
son, R. 2 
DeCamp Herbert C. white goods com. 169 

E. Jackson, R. 805 
Decell & McCauley, carps. 193 Lincoln av. 
DeCelle Napoleon, dry goods, 481 Ogden av. 
Dechow E. Mrs. milliner, 423 Milwaukee av. 
Decker Abraham M. dry goods, 173 E. Madi- 
son, R. 8 
Decker Edward J. stationer, 84 S. State, R. 11, 

T. 5495 
Decker E. & Co. (Edward Decker) produce, 

129 W. Randolph 
Decker Frank, grocer, 185 S. Western av. 
Decker Frank P. saloon, 35th cor. Bloom 

Decker Henry, lawyer, 205 LaSalle, R. 201 
Decker J. N. jeweler, 382 39th 
Decker Mathiers, jewelry, 219 E. Division 
Decker Myron A. lawyer, 86 LaSalle, R. 35 
Decker M. & Sons, (M., Emil and Samuel) 

dry goods, 381 W. Indiana, T. 4542 
Decker Thomas, saloon, 277 S. Clark 
Decker &Unrath, (Jacob E.Decker and Charles 

F. Unrath) packers, 70 W. Jackson and 

171 W. Harrison, T. 4362 
Deckert & Adolph, boots and shoes, 4091 

Deckert Fairmount, boots and shoes, 4452 

Wentworth av. 
Deckert Joseph, watchmkr. 98 Schiller 
De Clercqe Gysbert, contractor, 79 S.Clark, R. 

19, h. 164 Howe 
DeClerque & Hirschman, mngrs. Agricultural 

and Horticultural Journal, 179 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 36 
DeCosta Jacob, furniture, 224 Blue Island av. 
DeCoudres J. P. grocer, 407 W. 14th 
Decroyd Abram, grocer, 729 W. Madison 
Dedekind William, milk, 203 Blackhawk 
Dedelow Frederick, tailor, 732 Clybourn av. 
DeDemor Amos B. Dr. 179 WeUs 
Deden T. A. dairy produce, 151 S. Halsted 
D£DERICK P. I£. & CO. hay presses, 

165 W. 16th 
Dedic James, meatmkt. 92 W. 18th 
Dedsall Martin, meatmkt. 575 Ogden av. 
Dedwald Nick, restaurant, Cottage Grove av. 

sw. cor. 22d 
Dee Daniel R. chiropodist, 236 S. State, R. 38 
Dee Mary Mrs. boarding, 3913 Wabash av. 
Dee Mary E. Mrs. chiropodist, 236 S. State, R. 

Dee William E. sewer pipe and sewer builder, 

160 LaSalle, T. 394 
DE.E WM. M. sewer pipe, 164 E. Adams, T. 

509, yard 40th, cor. Grand boul. T. 9927 
Deegan D. C. meatmkt. 599 S. Canal, T. 9076 
Deegan Thomas, saloon, 3559 Dashiel 
Deegan William, laundry, 110 S. Desplaines 
Deering Wm. barber, 1095 W. Madison 
Deering Wm. & Co. Wm. Deering, pres. 

Charles W. Deering, sec. James E. Deer- 
ing, treas. harvesting machines, Fullerton 

av. and Clybourn avs. T. 3427 
Dees & Co. (J. Dees, W. Kriegsmann and C. 

Chepler) paints and oils, 703 W. Van Buren 
Degeller Henry Dr. 304 Blue Island av. 
Degelmann Frederick, saloon, 503 S. Canal 
Degenhardt John, barber, 514 S. State 
Degenhardt & Co. (Charles and Frederick E. 

Degenhardt) truss mnfrs. 139 E. Madison, 

R. 22 
Degenhardt & Ehlers (Fred Degenhardt and 

William Ehlers) painters, 451 W. Chicago 

Degenkolbe Paul, meatmkt. 257 35th 
DeGolyer Bradford L. cigars, 233 Wabash av. 

De Golyer, pres. Chas. F. De Golyer, sec. 

and treas. 377 E. Illinois. T. 3156. 
De Grasse Joseph, carp. 192 Webster av. 
Dehling Johanna Mrs. midwife, 509 W. Chi- 
cago av. 
Dehm Edward, saloon, 319 W. 14th. 
Dehmlow August, dyer, 382 Sedgwick. 
Dehmlow Louis, grocer, 343 W. Chicago av. 
Dehn Ferd. coal and wood, 528 W. Chicago av. 
Dehnert Theodore, grocer, 119 E. Fullerton av. 
Dehnicke Adolph, baker, 520 Blue Island av. 
Deibler W. E. lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, R. 99. 

solicitous of \ Jr ATERT*> 

154 DEI 



Deiches F. notions, 748 W. North av. 

Deimel lgnatz, saloon, 719 Milwaukee av. 

Deimel R. & Bros, (Rudolph, Joseph and Si- 
mon) furniture, 311 Wabash av. T. 5040 

Deiss Frank, dry goods, 474 Ogden av. 

Deist August D. grocer, 260 W. Randolph 

Deist David, grocer, 2103 Archer av. 

Deist Henry, meatmkt. 1156 S. Western av. 

Deisterberg John, leather mnfr. 191 Mil- 
waukee av. 

De Jong Meyer, second-hand clothing, 1711 S. 

Deke Fred, cigars, 412 N. Ashland av. 

Dekker Klaas G. grocer, 378 Lincoln av. 

DE LAAT A. gardener, Garfield bl. ne. 
cor. Center av. 

DeLacy & Co. (William L. DeLacy) engra- 
vers, 149 S. State 

Delafontaine E. L. engraver, 130 Dearborn, 
R. 25 

Delafontaine M. analyt. chemist, 81 S. Clark, 
R. 15, T. 7121 

Delamater Nicholas B. Dr. 125 S. State, R. 19, 
T. 5444 

Delamater Samuel, real est. 56 Dearborn, T. 

Delaney Daniel, grocer, 1244 W. Madison 

Delaney Daniel, wh. liquors, 187 E. Kinzie 

Delaney John, livery, 74 Pacific av. 

Delano E. A. shafting and pulleys, 53 & 55 
S. Jefferson, T. 4641 

Delano E. F. pub. 142 Dearborn, R. 25 

Delany Emma. Mrs. dressmkr. 1239 Marianna, 
(Lake View) 

Delany James J. meatmkt. 538 and 788 S. Hal- 

Delany M. A. lawyer, 46 S. Clark 

Delavan House, Mrs. W. J. Sullivan, prop. 
143 N. Clark 

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R. R., W. 
P. Jenkins, freight agt. 201 LaSalle, T. 

Delaware Mutual Safety Insurance Co. (The) 
of Phila. Pa. Fred S. James & Co. agts. 174 
LaSaUe, T. 204 

CO. coal, Walter S. Bogle, agt. 99 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 8, T. 5754, docks, 454 N. Halsted, 
T. 3300, and 2424 S. Halsted, T. 8367 

DeLeon J. J. Dr. 206 1 / 2 E. Erie 

Delgenio Raphael, grocer, 133 Ewing 

Delgoustal A. tailor, 654 W. Lake 

Delhey Frank, tailor, 2929 Archer av. 

Delight Anthony M. barber, 103 S. Clark 

DeU & Co. (James DeU) drugs, 1128 W. Har- 
rison, T. 7187 

DeU & Co. (Joseph DeU) drugs, 276 W. Madi- 
son, T. 4371 

DeUan Charles, milk, 277 S. Hoyne av. 

DeUinger & Herren, (Geo. C. DeUinger and 
Oscar F. Herren) com. mers. 127 S. Water 

Dellon Mary Mrs. physician, 2735 Indiana av. 

Delmonico House, Francis Gleason, prop. 12 

Delmonico Hotel, Andy F. Link, prop. 808 S. 

DeLong M. E. 78 E. Monroe, R. 35 

DEEOKME OLIVER, upholsterer, 4868 

Deloulme Marius, music teacher, 3306 Indiana 

Delp Henry, saloon, 1609 47th 

Delp Josephine Mrs. saloon, 812 Hinman 

Delp Peter, saloon, 376 W. 12th 

Delp Valentine, saloon, 67 W. Van Buron 

Delsing John Mrs. boots and shoes, rear 4133 

Wentworth av. 
Delta Transportation Co. Ira H. Owen, pres. 

W. R. Owen, treas. and mngr. 210 S. 

Water, R. 4, T. 922 
De Luca, Tony & Bros, band, 360 Larrabee 
I>E LVLE M. MME. modiste, 257 W. 

Demarais Peter P. livery, 2959 S. State, T. 8474 
De Marais Telisphore, cigars, 3869 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Demarais T. milk, rear 4244 Cottage Grove av. 
Demarchi John, restaurant, 16 Rush 
De Martini John, saloon, 43 Michigan 
DE MAY LOUIS E. mngr. King's Tea 

Store, 345 E. Division 
Dembner Carrie Mrs. dressmkr. 1713 S. State 
Dement Benjamin L. loans, 134 E. Madison, R.2 
Dement Black Print Co. Alexander H. Elmore, 

mngr. lithographing, 81 S. Clark, R. 11 
Dement & Youker (Isaac S. Dement and J. 

Clayton Youker) stenogs. 77 S. Clark, R. 

22, T. 5154 
Demerest & Murray (John W. Demerest and 

Frank B. Murray) saloon, 169 Calhoun pi. 

and 36 S. Halsted 
Demeritt Daniel E. waU paper, 6730 Yale av. 

Demien John, coal, 198 Augusta 
Deming B. F. lumber, 236 S. Water, T. 873 
Deming European Hotel, J. M. Haslett and 

Co. props, 136 E. Madison 
Deming John,prop. Hotel Vendome, 112 5th av 
Demling Anton, cigars, 706 S. Halsted 
Demling Joseph, real est. Armitage av. bt. 

Oglesby and BaUou, (Jefferson) 
DEMME CHARLES, saloon, 194 E. 

North av. 
Demme &Dierkes (WiUiam Demme and Alex- 
ander Dierkes) furniture mnfrs. 597 Blue 

Island av. T. 9056 
Demonde Ernina Mrs. Dr. 47 N. Clark 
Dempsey Francis P. printer, 193 S. Clark, R. 17 
Dempsey James, boarding, 329 N. May 
Dempsey James, coal, 2906 Main 
Dempsey James C.|meatmkt. ns. Lake bt. 41st. 

and 42d (Cicero) 
Dempsey John, grocer, 3600 Cottage Grove av. 
Dempsey Joseph M. meatmkt. 490 Fulton 
Dempsey William E. constable, 132 S. Clark 
Dempster H. T. grain com. 218 LaSalle. R. 314 
DeMuth Benjamin F. boots and shoes, 150 S. 

Demuth Charles, barber, 671 W. Indiana 
Demuth W. & Co. Moses Schwarz, agt. smok- 
er's articles, 128 LaSalle, R. C 
Den Christelige Talsmand, Christian Treider, 

pub. 157 W. Indiana 
Dencer & Weise, (Mathias Dencer and George 

Weise) sash and doors, es. Purple bt. 

19th and 20th, T. 8345 
Deneen Charles S. kwyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 24 
De Nederlander, Henry Masman, editor, 545 

Blue Island av. 
DENEEN JOHN, 3725 S. Halsted 
Deneling Frank J. real est. 5238 S. State 
DeNeve Victor, carp. Berlin nr. Myrtle av. 
Denick Bros. (Frederick and Milo Denick) 

grocers, 3529 Wentworth av. 
Denicomb Edward, saloon, Cottage Grove av. 

nw. cor. 66th 
Denicomb John, shoemkr. 359 S. State 
Denieffe Joseph, tailor, 173 E. Madison, R. 1 
Denison Franklin, lawyer, 99 E. Randolph, 

R. 41 


Market, S. W. Cor. 


1f 8 r- GEO.W. RAITHEL 


Denieon Thomas S. book pub. 163 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 52 
Denkelberg Henry, tailor, 106 E. 23d 
Denker Bros. (Wm. F. and Cornelius) job 

printers, 3851 S. State 
Denker Dierk N. shoemkr. 2111 Purple 
Denman Frank E. trunks, 325 S. State 
DENNKHY CHARGES, wh. liquors 

and rectifier, 39 S. Water, T. 5077 
Dennen's M. C. Express Co. John W. Dennen, 

mngr. 90 E. Jackson, T. 485 
D£WSrfiY & BUSSE, (George Denney 
and Hermann Busse) saloon, 1248 N. Ash- 
land av. 
Dennin William J. coal, 550 S. Union 
Denning Wm. teamster, 735 Milwaukee av. 
Dennis Frank A. baths, 169 Wabash av. 
Dennis & Busse (George Dennis and Herman 

Busse) saloon, 1248 N. Ashland av. 
CO. Henry B. Dennison, pres. Albert 
Metcalf, v. pres. H. K. Dyer, treas. J. F. 
Talbot, mngr. jewelry cases, tags and 
paper boxes, 144 and 146 Wabash av. T. 5624 
Dennison S. restaurant, 197 W. Van Buren 
H. Dennison and Henry R. Hamilton) tin- 
ware, 204 E. Lake, T. 1045 
Denniston H. A. plumber, 148 N. Clark 
Denniston J. A. plumber, 148 N. Clark 
Denny Elizabeth Mrs. dressmkr. 249*4 S. Des- 

Denny & McLane (H. D. Denny and C. S. Mc 

Lane) tailors, 85 E. Madison, R. 7 
Den Sille Missionaren, The Mission Friends 

Pub. Co. pubs. 94 E. Chicago av. 
Denslow Millard S. lawyer, 94 LaSalle, R. 30 
Dent J. A. flour and feed, 1244 S. State 
Dent Thomas, lawyer, 115 Dearborn, R. 49, T. 

Dental Review (The) W. T. Keener, pub. 96 

E. Washington, T. 1202 
Denton Darius H. loans, 155 Dearborn, R. 3 
Denton John, carp. 3562 Cottage Grove av. 
Denver House, Ferd Wistawil, prop. 35 Wells 
Denver & Rio Grande Ry. Matt. Johnson, gen. 

agt. 236 S. Clark, T. 177 
Denvir Benard, coal, 594 S. Canal 
Denvir James, horse shoer, 729 S. Canal 
Denzel Albert, carpet weaver* 55 Cly bourn av. 
Denzel Paul W. music teacher, 241 Wabash 

av. R. 10 
Denzin Fritz, saloon, 129 Brown 
Deosch Sebastin, shoemkr. 249 Maxwell 
DePfuhl Francis, lawyer, 126 Dearborn, R. 20 
Depot House, John Cordon, prop. 119 S. Canal 
Deppe August, harnessmkr. 67 W. Lake 
Deppe Charles, baker, 972 Lincoln av. 
Deppe Charles, saloon, 354 E. North av. 
Deppe Christ, grocer, 748 Milwaukee av. 
Deppe Frank, baker, 549 Sedgwick 
Deppish George, collecting agt. 515 W. Taylor 
Deppish J. A. plumber, 345 W. Taylor 
DeProsse Angelo, music teacher, 241 Wabash 

av. R. 6 
cific Hotel, T. 1174, h. 8 Park row 
DERBY JOSEPH E. barber, 90 31st 
Derby J. T. lawyer, 1013 W. Lake, R. 2 
Derby Laudry, Williams & James, props. 1519 

S. State 
Derby Paper Mills, T. S. Donahue, agt. 116 

Dearborn, R. 25 
Derby William M. Jr. real est. 152 Dearborn, 
R. 8 

Derby William M. real est. 125 Dearborn, R. 8 
DERBY & POND, (H. C. Derby and E. 

K. Pond) packers, G9 and 71 24th pi, T. 

Derever George, shavings, 2(303 Wabash av. T. 

Dernbach Frank, cigar mnfr. 912 Clybourn av. 
Dernbach Frank, milliner, 926 Clybourn av. 
Dernbach Henry, cigar mnfr. 69 Menominee 
Dernbach Jacob, bakery, 397 W. Chicago av. 
DeRoode Holger, ins. agt. 200 LaSalle, R. 26, 

T. 1705 
DEROODE H. & CO, (Holger DeRoode, 

Charles P. Jennings and Thomas Korinek 

Jr.) ins. agts. 202 LaSalle, T. 1705 
DeRosa A. musician, 59 W. Ohio 
DeRosa Frank, saloon, 444 S. Clark 
De Rosa Joseph, musician, 227 N. Centre av. 
De Rose Vincent, barber, 200 N. Halsted 
Derror Walter, barber, 1829 S. Clark 
Derrwaldt Bros. (Charles and Otto) bakers, 

566 Lincoln av. 
Derudder Joseph, confectr. 396 S. Halsted 
Dervin James, milk, 2808 Emerald av. 
Deschauer Fred, dentist, 93 Fifth av. R. 2 
Deschauer Stephen, hardware, 334 Blue Island 

Deshon Daniel, furniture, 107 N. Clark 
Desjardines Joseph P. barber, 442 W. Harrison 
Des Jardins John, carp. 177 W. 15th 
Desmond Patrick, plumber, 906 W. Lake 
Desmore Frank D. variety, 5119 S. Morgan 
Desmore Ida Miss, dressmkr. 5432 School 
De Souchet A. L. Dr. 69 S. State, R. 54 
Desouza John, gents' furnisher, 1556 Wabash 

Despres Samuel, ins. broker, 184 S. Clark, R. 9 
Dessau W. F. drugs, 430 W. Randolph, T. 7125 

A€rENCY, J. B. Sanborn, pres. John 

Barton Payne, atty, collection agency, 60 

Wabash av. R. 4 
Dethke John, grocer, 163 Larrabee 
Dethke John, grocer, 1203 Wrightwood av. 

(Lake View) 
Dethmann August, cigars, 1126 Milwaukee av. 
Dethmann F. W. wines, 1126 Milwaukee av. 
Detmer Henry, carp. 406i Center 
Detmer Henry, pianos and organs, 200 W. 

Detroit F. & M. Ins. Co. of Detroit, Mich. 

Isaac J. Lowis, agt. 164 LaSalle, T. 1374 
Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee Ry. W. 

J. Spicer, gen. mngr. David Brown, ass't 

gen. freight agt. W. E. Davis, gen. pass. 

and ticket agt. 300 to 314 Rialto bldg. T. 

Detroit Steam Radiator Co, 35 5th av. 
Detroit Steel & Spring Works, M. M. DeLano, 

gen. agt. 138 E. Jackson, R. 415 

Tefft, pres. E. S. Barbour, v. pres. and sec. 

W. H. Irvine, treas, A. S. Phelps, mngr. 

86 Wabash av. T. 5285 
Dettler Frank, coal, 1008 N. Paulina 
DETTJLINU H. saloon, 5123 Wentworth 

Dettmann Charles & Son, (Charles and Will- 
iam) grocers, 617 W. Lincoln 
Dettmann F. Mrs. midwife, 270 Dayton 
Dettmann Otto, grocer, 163 Armitage av. 
Dettmann Reinnold, tailor, 66 Clybourn av. 
DETTMER HLKNRY, carpenter and 

builder, 448 N. Clark 
Detwiler G. E. contractor, 163 Washington 






156 DEU 



Deuchar Archibald, baker, 665 W . 19th 
Deuchler Gustav, barber, 304 Milwaukee av. 
Deuss Edward D. hats and caps, 54 Wells 
Deuss Hugo, jeweler, 327 Wells 
Deutch Frank W. cigars, 5246 Lake av. 
Deutsch Amerikaner (Her), The Woman's 

Temperance Pub. Assn. pub. 161 LaSalle, 

R. 48, T. 673 
Deutsch Anna Mrs. cigars, 631 S. Canal 
Deutsch Cugen, grocer, 112 Willow 
Deutsch Louis, hardware, 341 Sedgwick 
Deutsch L. wh. cigars, 64 E. Lake 
Deutsch L. restaurant, 24 S. State 
Deutsche Warte, George Brumber, pub. 86 

LaSaUe, R. 19 
DeVache Amelia Mrs. dressmkr. 183 W. Van 

DeValk John, gardener, S. State, se. cor. 55th 
Devaney Thomas, teas, 428 W. 12th 
DeVeny S. C. Dr. 800 S. Halsted, T. 9084, h. 

2542 Indiana av. T. 8169 
Hever P. R. saloon, 83 W. Jackson 
Devereux Joseph, horse shoer, 448 W. 12th 
Devereux Thomas, saloon, 249 Noble 
Deverman Herman, milk, 401 Cleveland av. 
DeVide Emil, painter, 111 5th av. 
Devine E. carp. 782 Elston av. 
Devine Luke, grocer, 23 L E. 20th 
Devine M. J. saloon, 170 W. Harrison 
Devine N. S. architect, 273 S. Halsted, R. 4 
Devine Peter, steam boiler works, 383 to 393 

S. Canal, T. 4556 
Devine William M. confectr. 179 N. Clark. 

T. 3318 

WORKS, Peter Devine, propr. 383 to 

393 S. Canal, T. 4556 
De Vi ny J. Fred, baker, 49 31st 
Devitt Phalena, news depot, 854 S. Halsted 
Devitt Peter, grocer, 666 Austin av. 
Devlin Hugh M. coin purses, 210 S. State 
Devlin John B. dentist, 127 E. 22d 
Devlin John & Co. (John Devlin, R. Basker- 

ville and L. Henely) grocers, 22 E. Ran- 
Devlin & Smith (Edward Devlin and George 

Smith) plumbers, 222 Illinois 
Devore A. A. & Son, (A. A. an John A.) 

tailors, 11 E. Jackson 
Devoy Thomas J. Mrs. milliner, 104 W. Madi- 
DeYries Frank Dr. 561 Sedgwick 
DeVries Henry, grocer, 666 Larrabee 
DeVries John, express, 669 W. Ohio 
Dewald John M. saloon, Lincoln av. ne. cor. 

Southport av. 
Dewald Joseph, plumber, 540 Larrabee 
Dewald Joseph, plumber, 692 Southport av. 
Dewalde Mathias J. hardware, 735 Larrabee 

and 334 North av. 
De Walsh E. F. carp. 95 S. Clark, R. 4, T. 5452, 

shop, 455 Racine av. (Lake View) 
Dewar D. F. & Co. (D. F. Dewar and R. G. 

Watt) plumbers, 6312 Wentworth av. and 

Wabash av. bt. 65th and 66th 
Dewerne T. barber, 145 Larrabee 
Dewes F. J. Brewery Co. 764 W. Chicago av. 

T. 7150 
Dewey Charles H. Dr. 207 31st 
Dewey C. P. & A. B. (Charles P. and Albert B. 

Dewey) Western lands, 167 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 39 
Dewey Frank J. Dr. 126 S. State, R. 17, h. 688 

W. Madison 
Dewey Mary Mrs. confectr. 2226 Archer av. 

DEWEY R. E. & VO. galvanized iron 
cornices, 90 & 92 W. Van Buren, T. 4070 

Dewey Samuel C. laundry, 908 W. Madison 

Dewev Solomon, constable, 128 S. Clark, R. 4 

DEWEY & ۩. (David C. Dewey) pro- 
duce com. 52 W. Lake 

DeWitt Abraham B. tobacco and cigars, 3124 
Cottage Grove av. 

DeWitt John H. Dr. 275 Wabash av. R. 3, T. 
5457, h. 106 Centre av. T. 4511. 

DeWitt Minnie J. Mrs. groceries, 30 Rush 

Dewitt M. J. grocer, 263 E. 31st 

Dewittz Henry, designer, 112 S. Clark, R. 625, 
T. 1284 

De Wolf Calvin & Wallace L. lawyers, 184 
Dearborn, R. 14 

De Wolf Lyman E. lawyer, 154 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 35 

De Wolf Oscar C. Dr. 439 Washington boul. 
T. 4132 

De Wolf Wallace L. real estate, 184 Dearborn, 
R. 14 

De Wolf William, upholstr. 631 W. Madi- 

De Wolf Wm. F. lawyer, 226 Dearborn av. 

Dewzel Albert, weaver, 55 Clybourn av. 

Dexheimer Adam, boots and shoes, 168 Town- 

Dexheimer Jacob, barber, 744 Larrabee 

Dexter E. F. clothes horses, 10 E. Quincy 

Dexter, Herrick & Allen (Wirt Dexter, John 
J. Herrick and Charles L. Allen) lawyers 
107 Dearborn, R. 23, T. 1169 

Dexter Ransom, Dr. 76 E. Madison, R. 1 

Dexter Wirt, lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 23, T. 

Dexter W. W. jeweler, 358 S. State, T. 22 

Dexter W. W. Co. William W. Dexter, pres. 
Charles E. Allen, sec. butter, 192 E. Kinzie 

De Young B. R. & Co. (Benjamin R. DeYoung 
and John Faron) real est. 101 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 7 

De Young Peter, plasterer, 743 W. Chicago av. 

De Zanders Emily Mrs. dressmkr. 486 N. 

Diamond Anti-Friction Metal Co. George S. 
Hunt, pres. A. L. Hale, treas. 32 S. Clin- 

Diamond A. & Son. (Abraham and Solomon 
A. Diamond) pawnbrokers, 267 S. Clark 

Diamond Chemical Works, Henry H. Graham, 
146 S. Water, R. 2 

Diamond Emery Wheel & Machine Co. W. H. 
Robertson, mngs. 48 S. Canal 

Diamond Henry, shoemkr. 125 S. Clark, R. 72 

DIAMOND MATCH €0. J. K. Robin- 
son, mngr. 56 Michigan av. T. 5277 

Diamond Prospecting Co. Frank K. Copeland, 
sec. diamond drills, 22 W. Lake, T. 259 

Diamond Sewing Machine Co. (The) D. 
Campbell,pres. and treas. J. D. Plummer, 
sec. 367 Wabash av. wks. (Arlington 
Heights, Ills.) 

Diamond W. H. brick mnfr. 159 LaSalle, R.9 

Diani Zeffero, saloon, 526 S. State 

Dibble Charles A. lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 64 

Dibblee, pres. Anson S. Hopkins, v. pres. 
and genl. mngr. E. D. Redington, sec. and 
treas. mantels and grates, 266 & 268 Wabash 
av. T. 5478 

Dibblee & Manierre, (Henry Dibblee and 
George Manierre) real est. 205 LaSalle, R. 
119, T. 1233 

Dibolo Burglar Alarm Co. 177 LaSalle 



182 Dearborn St. 



DIE 157 

Dibos Adam, cigar mnfr. 346 Sedgwick 

Dibos Joseph, cigar mnfr. 362 Hudson av. 
! Dibos Mathias, grocer, 105 Schiller 

Dicey Edgar A. music teacher, 275 Oakley av. 

Dicey Elmer C. mechanical engineer, 70 W. 
Monroe, T. 4515 

Dichter Mrs. saloon, 494 Larrabee 

DICK A. R. COMPANY, hardwood 
lumber and mnfrs. of the "Edison Mimeo- 
graph," 254 E. Lake, T. 674 
j Dick H. A. carp. 2955 State 

Dick John, carp. 1424 Lexington 

Dick J. C. P. button hole and tacking ma- 
chine, 221 5th av. R. 32. 

RICK 3IORITZ, cigars, 459 W. Madison 

DICK. WALTER, contractor and builder, 
2955 S. State 

Dickason & Schenck, (Livingston T. Dicka- 
son and Wm. H. Schenck) hardwood lum- 
ber, 505 Rialto bldg. 

Dicke Joseph, barber, 871 Blue Island av. 

DICKE & PIEFUSEK, (C. H. Dicke, 
and V. Pilfusek) cutlery and tools, 66 W. 

Dickenson F. W. variety, 1159 W. Harrison 

Dickenson John, notions, 5137 Wentworth av. 

Dicker Edward A. lawyer, 116 LaSalle, R. 53, 
T. 1402 

Dickerson L. A. Dr. 241 Wabash av. R. 23, T. 

Dickey Frank H. real est. 80 LaSalle, R. 4, T. 

Dickey John P. carp. 332 Park av. 

Dickey & Moore (Harrison M. Dickey and 
Louis C. Moore), cigars, 112 S. Clark 

Albert Dickinson, pres. Chas. Dickinson, 
v. pres. Nathan Dickinson, treas. wh. 
seeds, 115 to 119 E. Kinzie,T. 3088 and 104 to 
110 Michigan and 198 to 204 Market, T. 

DICKINSON D. H. wh. marble, 570 N. 
Water, T. 3391 

Dickinson Fannie D. Miss Dr. 268 LaSalle av. 

Dickinson Geo. B. & Co. (George B. Dickin- 
son) grain, 218 LaSalle, R. 713 

Dickinson Thomas, saloon, 204 E. Yan Buren 

Dicks Frank, meatmkt. 922 Clybourn av. 

Dicks Walter, carp. 2953 S. State 

Dickson Andrew, hardware, 196 E. Randolph 

Dickson August, milk, 859 Fulton 

Dickson Carlos, grain com. 24 Pacific av. R. 

Dickson Christopher K. cigars, 3 Rush 

Dickson Geo. B. Dr. 387 S. Leavitt, T. 7201 

Dickson John B. coal. 2826 S. Park av. 

DICKSON & LOTT (W. T. Dickson 
and Jas. P. Lott) live stk. com. 125 Exch. 
Bldg. Stk. Yds. 

Didier Louis, grocer, 373 S. Halsted 

Didion August, saloon, 318 W. Harrison 

Didiricksen Christian H. boots and shoes, 209 

Diebel William, restaurant, 331 5th av. 

Jno. W. Norris, v. pres. and western 
mngr. 57 S. State, T. 5170 

Dieckhoff John G. ins. agt. 4932 S. Ashland av. 

Dieckmann A. H. milk, 306 Austin av. 

Dieckmann John H. baker, 701 Noble 

Dieckmann William, express, 1434 E. Diver- 
sey av. 

Dieddea Jacob, saloon, 134 W. 18th 

Dieden Anthony, grocer, 41 E. Chicago av. 

Dieden John, ins. agt. 362 Wells 

Dieden John H. & Co. (Catherine Dieden) 

flour and feed, 26 E. Chicago av. 
Diederich John L. grocer, 199 E. 21st 
Diederich Leonard, boots and shoes, 384 E. 

Diederich L. H. baker, 230 Clybourn av. 
DIEDERICHS OTTO, cheese, 594 Mil- 
waukee av. T. 4534 
Diedrich & Hayes, (Nicholas Diedrich and 
David S.Hayes) furnaces, 59 E.Lake, T.5106 
Dieffenbach Mrs. stamping, 320 Sedgwick 
Diehl E. F. & Co. (EmU F. Diehl) com. 

mers. 249 S. Water 
Diehl Henry C. boots and shoes, 4642 Went- 
worth av. 
Diehl Philip, restaurant, 436 Milwaukee av. 
Diehl Yalentine, saloon, 2543 S. State 
Diekermann Frederick, baker,343 W. Harrison 
Diemer Edward, grocer, 891 N. Western av. 
Diemer Frederic, hair goods, 236 S. State 
Diener Traugott C. stone yard, 346 W. 21st 
Diener Valentine, saloon, 369 Rush 
Dienes R. Mrs. hats, 287 E. Division 
Dierazia Leonardo, barber, 465 Milwaukee av. 
Diercks Henry, shoemkr. 398 Clybourn av. 
Dierking Henry, saloon, 573 26th 
Dierks Dietrich, saloon, 1079 Milwaukee av. 
DIERSSEX F. & BRO. (Fred, and 

George) wh. fish, 28 N. Canal, T. 4598 
Dieschbourg Bernhart, watchmkr. and jew- 
eler, 2218 Archer av. 
Diesel B. & H. (Bernhart and Henry) saloon, 

2422 Wentworth av. 
DIESEIi FRANK, fruit, meat and oyster 

cans, mnfr. 701 to 705 N. Halsted, T. 3437 
Diesen N. E. saloon, 386 Milwaukee av. 
Diesing Frederick, stoves, 51 E. Chicago av. 

and barber, 172 Clybourn av. 
DIETER PHILIP, prop. Merchants' Ex- 
change Hotel, 12 S. Water 

N. Clark 
Dietmann Leopold, meerschaum pipes, 73 S. 

Clark, R. 8 
DietrichsE. F.; H. E. Warner, mngr. valve oil, 

86 W. Washington 
Dietrich Bros. (Wm. H. and Edward J.) hard- 
ware, 102 Clybourn av. 
Dietrich Edward, saloon, 97 S. Canal 
Dietrich Frederick W. tailor, 438 Wells 
Dietrich Henry Dr. 312 Sedgwick, T. 3247 
Dietrich Henry S. real est. 116 LaSalle, R. 15 
Dietrich Louis J. hardware, 3862 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Dietrich Noer, employment agency, 95 S. Canal 
Dietrich R. gloves, 134 E. Madison, R. 12 
Dietsch Anton & Co. (Anton Dietsch and 
Charles Siebold) mnfr. sash and doors, 
617 Sheffield av. (Lake Yiew) 
Dietsch Emil, saloon, 86 LaSalle 
DIETZ FRANK, mnfr. cigars and res- 
taurant, 1903 W. Madison 
Dietz John, drugs, 3905 Wentworth av.T. 8025 

and 2842 Butterfield, 
Dietz John W. printer, 63 N. Clark, R. 2 
Dietz Mathaius W. F. express, 3111 LaSalle 
Dietz Philip, grocer, 557 N. Clark 
Dietz Philip, sewing mach. 246 E. North av. 
Dietz R. E. Co. Warren McArthur, agt. lan- 
terns, 25 E. Lake, T. 5765 
Dietz R. H. saloon, 511 N. Ashland av. 
Dietzig August, milk, 2414 Hanover 
Dietzsch Gustav A. feather dyer, 75 E. Madi- 
son, R. 22 


225 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

158 DIE 



Dictzsch & Co. (Emil Dietzsch and W. E. 

Roos) grain com. 93 Board Trade 
Diez John L. & Co. carp. 530 N. Halsted, T. 

1>I EZ «fc PETERS,(F. Diez and F. Peters) 
furniture mnfrs. 253 & 255 E. 20th, T. 
Diffley Michael W. cigars, 72 E. Madison 
Diggs John H. barber, 52 W. Madison 
Dignan Margaret Mrs. saloon, 156 W. Van 

Dignan Patrick, undertaker, 165 W. 18th, T. 

Dikeman H. Waldo, lawyer, 79 Dearborn, R. 49 
Diligent Creditors' Agency, James B. Gas- 
coigne, mngr. 164 Dearborn, R. 401, T. 1220 
Dill Adam, boots and shoes, 318 Sedgwick 
Dill Walter E. n<-ws, 2136 S. State 
Dillaway R. C. W. pub. 243 S. State, R. 64 
Dilley William L. lamps, 162 E. Madison 
Dilley William H. brushes, 162 E. Madison 
Dillie Laura Mrs. dressmkr. 2906 LaSalle 
Dillon Bros. (James J. and Thomas L. Dillon) 

stationery, 194 N. Clark 
Dillon Edward, horseshoer, 2345 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Dillon Edward, saloon, 322 W. Harrison 
Dillon James, blksmth, rear 316 E. 31st 
Dillon John, saloon, 3701 LaSalle 
Dillon Mary Miss, dyer, 88 S. State, R. 23 
DILLON R. C. dentist, 657 Sedgwick 
Dillon W. S. painter, 374 W. Taylor 
Dilworth George, grocer, 352 43d 
DIME SATlirOS BASK,, William 
Converse, pres. W. C. D. Grannis, v. pres. 
J. W. Converse, sec. William Kelsey Reed, 
treas. G. W. Reed, vault supt. bank and 
safety vaults, 104 E. Washington 
Dimond Elizabeth H. Mrs. news, 8 E. 26th 
Dinan Patrick, livery, 260 N. Clark 
Dineen James, boots and shoes, 4065 S. Halsted 
Dinett Joseph, carp. 17 Tell pi. 
Dingee Samuel M. pickles, ss. Noyes, n. Ridge 

av. (Evanston) 
Dingee Squire Co. Squire Dingee, pres. Rob- 
ert F. Goldsmith, v. pres. John N. Fran- 
cis, treas. Wm. Freestone, supt. pickles, 
6 LaSalle av. T. 3080 
Dinneen John P. restaurant, 2112 S. State 
Dinnen Andrew, grocer, 663 W. Madison 
Dinnen A. G. meatmkt. 727 Ogden av. 
Dinse Ottilie Mrs. dressmkr. 712 W. 20th 
Dinsmore S. H. contr. Chicago av. cor. Ham- 
ilton (S. Evanston) 
Dinufris Paul, musician, 218 N. Sangamon 
Dinwiddie D. W. real est. 94 E. Washington, 

R. 27 
Dippe Henry, photog. 356 W. Chicago av. 
Dippe Henry, reed works, 362 Sedgwick 
Dipple John W. baker, 630 S. Canal 
Dippold Charles F. carp. 79 E. Indiana 
Dippold George, tailor, 781 N. Halsted 
DIPPOLD JOHN, mer. tailor, 565 Lar- 

Dirks Herman J. milk, 184 Cleveland av. 
Dirschmidt Joseph, meatmkt. 9 Cornell 
Dirsmidova A. Mrs. midwife, 200 DeKoven 
Disbrow Mary C. Miss, milliner, 6116 Went- 

worth av. 
Dispatch Baggage Transfer Co. A. H. Fretz & 

Co. props. 280 E. Madison, T. 1538 
Disquo John, grocer, 65 Waller 
Disston Henry & Sons, Henry D. Nichols, 
mngr. mnfr. saws,259 E. Randolph, T. 1562 
Ditchie John, saloon, 4934 S. Ashland av. 

D1TFITRTH FRANK, artist, 243 S. 

Dittman Joseph, barber, 162 Lincoln av. 
Dittmann Julius, dentist, 133 S. Clark, R. 7 
Dittmer & Minge, (John Dittmer and Charles 

Minge) grocers, 931 N. California av. 
Ditto Joseph B. notary 153 E. Washington, R. 

10, T. 38 
Ditz Joseph, confectr. 1115 W. Harrison 
Diven Thomas J. lawyer, 115 Dearborn, R. 30, 

T. 1639 
Diversey John P. cigar mnfr. 937 Lincoln av. 
DIX WILLIAM E. furniture and up- 

holstr. 4024 Cottage Grove av. 
Dix & Westover (Wm. E. Dix and Arthur N. 

Westover) furniture repairers, 4024 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 
Dixon Arthur, express, 3018 5th ave. T. 376 
Dixon B. S. builder. N. Elizabeth cor. Car- 
roll av. 
Dixon Charles, coal, 186 S. Green and 1821 S. 

Dixon Felix C. barber, 127i W. Van Buren 
Dixon Laban B. architect, 230 LaSalle, R. 98 
Dixon Theron S. E. lawyer, 53 Dearborn, 

R. 26 
Dixon Wm, D. barber, 250 S. State 
Dixon Wm. H. milk, 19 Cleveland av. 
Dixon Z. grocer, 532 W. Indiana 
Dixon & Gladish, (Wm. D. Dixon and Lean- 

der Gladish) barbers, 268 S. State 
Dixon & Howard Clay Mnfg. Co. Charles 

J. Moss, agt. firebrick, 97 Dearborn, R. 6 
DIXON «fc PETERSON, (C. G. Dixon 

and Soren Peterson) mouldings and 

brackets, 13 and 15 N, Canal 
Dlouhy John, grocer. 990 W. 18th 
Dloughy John, saloon. 608 Throop 
Dloughy Vincent, sash, 651 Throop, T. 9191 
Doak John B. saloon, 121 Michigan ave. 
Doane J. B. prop. The Chicago Butter Pack- 
age Co. 23 N. Peoria 
Doane J. W. & Co. (John W. Doane, William 

Moseback and Henry M. Humphrey) teas, 

61 Wabash av. T. 5376 
DOIIBISS «fc CO. props. Garden City 

Spring Works, 267 and 269 E. 20th 
Dobbs Edward C. Mrs. music teacher, 366 E. 

Dober Frank, saloon, 415 S. Halsted 
Dobin George, grocer, 2800 Archer av. 
Doble Wm. H. Jr. cigars, 82 S. State 
Dobrick M. Mrs. midwife, 77 Southport av. 
Dobson Henry W. produce, 172 S. Water 
Dobson Robert, grocer, 296 S. Desplaines 
DOBSON R, W., C. E. City and County , 

Surveyor, 126 E. Washington, R. 57 
Doch John, saloon, 27 Perry 
Dockendorf Mathias, grocer, 682 S. Centre av. 

and J. D. Toomey) department store, 2943 

and 2945 Archer av, 
Dodd Elizabeth C. Mrs. dresrmkr. 344 Michi- 
gan av. 
DODD FRANCIS, shirt mnfr. 280 W. 

DODO W. S. & CO. (Walter S. Dodd and 

J. D. Hayes) grocers, 519 W. Madison 
Doddridge Philip B. artist, 236 S. State, R. 19 
Dodds Williams E. Dr. 351 S. Clark, T. 1401, h. 

2629 Wentworth av. 
Dodez Lucien E. notions. 117 E. 18th 
Dodge Charles W. music teacher, 241 Wabash 

av. R. 18 
Dodge Frank A. dentist, 108 E. Washington 

GEO. W. RAITHEL, 8 ™^™ ««• COAL. 


Dodge David Dr. 182 W. 12th T. 4049, h. 152 W. 

Dodge Fred W. drugs. 182 W. 12th, T. 4049 
lODGF, HOLIflKH «fc SMITH. (Philo 

G. Dodge, Daniel W. Holmes and Winfield 

S. Smith) hardwood lumber, 426 Lumber, 

T. 9033 and mf r. step ladders, 253 E. 20th, 

T. 8255 
Dodge Jay D. notions, 1504 Wabash av. 
Dodge Nathan D. slipper mnfr. 221 5th av. R. 

Dodge Winslow J. cigars, 1435 Vi S. State 
Dodge & Carr, scarf pins, 149 S State 
Dodson Levi, carp. 1127 Bowen av. 
Doe A. Dr. 288 W. Indiana, T. 4254 
Doe Iner, furniture, 274 N. Green 
DoehleJHenry, blksmth, 324 E. North av. 
Doerfler Conrad, meatmkt. 2439 Wentworth av. 
DOER HO KFEB JOHN, coal and wood, 

2556 Cottage Grove av. 
Doering Edward J. Dr. 2406 Prairie av. T. 8248 
Doerr Adam, boots and shoes, 142^ N. Clark 
Doerr Anna Miss, feather dyer, 142 1 / 2 N. Clark 
Doerr C. P. & Co. (Charles P. Doerr) grain 

com. 24 Pacific av. R. 53 
Doerr Jacob F. architect, 2808 Wentworth av. 
Doerr John, cigars, 3320 S. Park av. 
Doerr John & Co. (John Doerr) painters, 134 

N. Clark 
Doerrer Jacob, grocer, 306 Augusta 
Doerrfeld Christopher, hardware, 220 W. 

North av. 
Doersam Emil, barber, 770 W. Lake 
Does George, tailor, 189 N. Centre av. 
Doetsch & Krall (Henry Doetsch and Michael 

Krall) iron cornices, 161 E. North av. 
Doggett, Bassett & Hills Co. Daniel H. Hills, 

pres. wh. boots and shoes, 214 E. Monroe, 

T. 1541 
Doggett Bros. (Fred W. E. Jr. and Hilton J.) 

paints, oils, etc. 112 E. Randolph, R. 3 
Doherty Michael, carp. 207 W. Indiana 
DOH KRTY W. J. & CO. importers and 

mnfrs. of advertising cards and special- 
ties, 214 to 220 S. Clark, R, 11 
Doherty & Thompson, (J. C. Doherty and 

Samuel Thompson) flour and feed, 649 

W. Madison 
Dohn Peter, mnfr. cigars, 367 Rush 
Dohney Bernard, grocer, 441 E. 22nd 
Dohoney William H. painter, 64 Wells 
Doig John P. file mnfr. 46 S. Canal 
Dolamore W. grocer and meatmkt. 363 and 

365 S. Desplaines 
Dolan Bros.(T. F. and J. M.) tailors, 141 Blue 

Island av. 
Dolan Frank, saloon, 256 W. 18th 
Dolan John, grocer, 181 W. Harrison 
Dolan John J. cigars, 80 E. Washington 
Dolan Michael J. saloon, 1084 W. Lake 
Dolan Patrick, saloon, 235 N. Clark 
Dolan Thomas J. real est. 107 S. Clark, R. 2 
Dolan & Berning (Patrick Dolan and Henry 

Berning) grocers, 112 W. Lake 
Dold John, barber, 17 S. Clark 
Dold Joseph, restaurant, 75 E. Harrison 
Dold Max, carp. 629 S. Ashland av. 
Dole George H. lawyer, 69 Dearborn, R. 31 
Dole J. H. & Co. (James H. Dole and Charles 

S. Dole) com. mers. 226 LaSalle, R. 20 
Dole & Co. (C. S. Dole, H. E. Southwell, F. 

H. Head and James Barrell) grain eleva- 
tors, 205 LaSalle, R. 18, T. 1118 
Dolen Daniel, barber, 521 Root 
Dolese William, livery, 3044 Broad 

Dolese & Shepard, (John Dolese and Jason H. 
Shepard) paving contractors, 162 E. Wash- 
ington, Room 24 T. 1469 

Dolezal & Taraba (John Dolezal and Philip 
Taraba) tailors, 204 W. 12th 

1M>LL WM. tailor, 850 W. North av. 

Dollard John H. saloon, 593 S. ('anal 

Dolle Bros. (Louis and Edward Dolle) jewel- 
ers, 348 W. Madison 

Dolle Frederick, barbers' supplies, 348 W. 

Dolph A. M. Co. George W. Gordon, mngr. 
laundry machinery, 224 E. Washington 

Dom John, painter, 266 S. Morgan 

Dom R. ins. agt. 112 S. Clark, R. 618 

Doinbrowska Caroline Mrs. midwife, 444 El- 
ston av. 

Dombrowski Max, barber, 444 Elston av. 

Domdsk Jacob, grocer, 4634 S. Ashland av. 

Domestic Laundry, William H. Nevers, prop. 
676 Larrabee 

Domestic Sewing Machine Co. (James K. 
McGill) 180 S. State, T. 374 

Dominion Royal Line Steamships, Crantz, 
Dahlgren & Co. gen. western agts. 68 La 
Salle, T. 1768 

Domka John, shoemkr. 1253 S. State 

DOMKK BROS. (Otto and Emil) tail- 
ors, 193 Clybourn av. 

Domke Charles, hardware, 4630 Wentworth av. 

Domke Henry, barber, 696 S. Centre av. 

Dommermuth Jac. saloon, 197 Blue Island av. 

Donahoe John T. lawyer, 86 LaSalle, R. 47 

Donahue James W. milk 528 W. Erie 

DOSAHUE P. W. grocer, 2017 S.Clark 

Donahue Thomas S. agt. Derby Paper Mills, 
(N. Y.) 116 Dearborn, R. 25 

Donaldson Archie, saloon, 480 Wabash av. 

Donaldson Bros. (Samuel H. and Oliver) ship 
smiths, North Branch and Halsted 

Donaldson Charles, teamster, 4206 Indiana av. 
T. 9980 

Donalski Donald, coal and wood, 744 S. Jef- 

Donat Vaclav, meatmkt. 725 Loomis 

Donat & Kara, (Anton Donat and Matej Kara) 
boots and shoes, 760 S. Halsted 

Dondelinger Albert, cigars, 395 Seminary av. 

Dong Tong, teas, 740 Milwaukee av. 

Donisky Bernard, not. pub. 723 W. 17th 

Donlin Wm. J. lawyer, 81 S. Clark, R. 50 

E. P. Donnell, pres. and treas. Wm. F. 
Gray, sec. book binders' machinery, 32T 
and 329 Dearborn, T. 1326 

DonneU L. F. badges, 167 E. Washington, R.36 

Donnellan & Nothnagel, (J. J. Donnellan and 
C. W. Nothnagel) architects, 226 LaSaUe, 
R. 31 

Donnelley R. R. & Sons, R. R. Donnelley* 
pres. F. E. Moore, sec. printers and pubs.. 
144 E. Monroe, R. 12 

Donnelly Bernard, variety, 3521 Wallace 

Donnelly Kate Mrs. dressmkr. 5461 Lake ave. 

HONNELTiY P. J. saloon, Strand st. 
(South Chicago) 

DOXMELLY TOM X. & CO, diamond 
broker, 118 Dearborn 

Donnelly & Craper,com. mers. 64 Board Trade, 
T. 990 

Donner Otto, grocer, 130 Willow 

Donnersberger Joseph real est. 162 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 24, T. 1469 

DONNERSTA^ W. tailors' trimmings, 
580 Milwaukee av. 


160 DON 



Donoghue Elizabeth B. Mrs. Dr. 323 E. Chi- 
cago av. 

Donoghue Jeremiah, undertaker, 189 W. 
North av. 

OONOGIIHE M. sample room, 457 Chest- 

Donoghue M. F. saloon, 94 W. Adams 

DO\OHOE JAMES, boots and shoes, 
494 W. Indiana 

Donohue Daniel, lawyer, Criminal Ct. bldg. 

Donohue W. J. carp. 532 13th pi. 

Donohue A. Miss, milliner, 247 Ogden av. 

Donohue Ellen R. Mrs. boarding, 4800 Went- 
worth av 

Donohue John, variety, 545 W. Indiana 

Donohue John A. ice, 2916 S. State 

Donohue Mary Mrs. boarding, 498 26th 

Donohue Michel, boots and shoes, 61 W. In- 

Donohue Thomas, saloon, 144 N. Morgan 

Donohue W. P. & Co. (W. P. Donohue) coal, 
2916 S. State, and 162 31st 

DONOHUE <fc CLEARY, (John Dono- 
hue and John Cleary) sample room, 64 N. 

(Michael A. Donohue, William P. Henne- 
berry) printers 417 Dearborn, T. 573 

Donovan Daniel, candy, 3252 S. Paulina 

Donovan Daniel, grocer, 665 31st 

Donovan Edward A. saloon, 50 Blue Island av. 

Donovan Margaret, employ.agcy. 2710 S. State 

Donovan Nellie Miss, dressmkr. 2710 S. State 

Donovan Richard W. grocer, Oglesby bt. Ar- 
mitage and Cortland avs. (Jefferson) 

Donovan & Wetzel, (John Donovan and Otto 
Wetzel), plumbers, 2691 N. May 

Doody James, coal, 3306 S. Halsted 

Doody John, meatmkt. 1201 Stone av. sw. cor. 
Aberdeen, (Lake) 

Doolan James & Bros, carps. 3144 Rhodes av. 

Dooley David, tailor, 167 S. Halsted 

Dooley Daniel A. prop. National Hotel, 228 S. 

Dooley J. M. carp. 801 W. Superior 

Dooley Kerns, meatmkt. 190 E. 20th 

Dooley Michael, saloon, 108 W. Polk 

Dooley M. J. pub. Catholic Home, 126 E. 
Washington, R. 2 

Dooley Richard, saloon, 748 Blue Island av. 

OOOL.EY THOMAS J. saloon and res- 
taurant, 45 Michigan av. 

Doolittle Bros. (William H. and Darwin Doo- 
little) drugs, 165 E. 18th 

Doolittle James R. lawyer, 169 E. Jackson, R. 
911, T. 1318 

Doolittle James R. Jr. lawyer, 169 E. Jackson, 
R. 911, T. 1318 

Doolittle William H. Dr. 165 E. 18th. 

Doolittle & McKey, (James R.Doolittle, James 
R. Doolittle, Jr. and Henry McKey) 
lawyers, 169 E. Jackson, R. 911, T.1318 

Doonan Jennie Miss, dressmkr. 1704 S. Clark 

Dooner Michael, grocer, 367 Maxwell 

Doorley John, varieties, 358 62d. 

Doose Henry E. variety store, 148 Larrabee 

Dopcke Caroline L. Mrs. cigars, 254 W. Mad- 

Dopker Benjamin H. stationery, 854 W. Van 

Dopp John, grocer, 427 N. Ashland av. 

Dopson D. J. feed, 2447 S. State 

Doran Bros. (James and Thomas) saloon, 
se. cor Pierson av. and Williams Brighton 

Doran Charles, saloon, 611 31st. 

Doran Hugh B. flour and feed, 407 S. Halsted 

Doran John, grocer, 5316 School 

Doran John L. lawyer, 333 Loom is 

Dorcey J. H. restaurant, Calvary (S.Evanston) 


Dore) grocers, Drexel boul. se. cor. Oak- 
land av. 
Dore Clarence F. lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, R. 

DOKE GEORGE P. wood engraver, 162 

LaSalle, R. 68 
Dore John C. capitalist, 149 LaSalle, R. 9 
Doremus Alfred F. barber, 504 W. Madison 
Doremus A. F. prop. West End Hotel, 503 W. 

Doren Frank, restaurant, 4109 S. State 
Dorf mann Gustav, shoemkr. 240 Dayton 
DORGABf Wl. E. saloon, Ashland cor. 

North av. 
Dorland Edwin H. Dr. 112 S. Clark, R. 516, T. 

1294, h. 4329 Lake av. 
Dorman James, barber, 85 W. Adams 
Dorn Augusta Mrs. dressmkr. 507 Blue Island 

Dorn Carl, meatmkt. 959 W. 18th 
Dorn Fred W. harness, 440 Ogden av. 
Dorn Paulina W. Mrs. midwife, 165 E. Divis- 
Dorn William, harnessmkr. 165 E. Division 
Dornan Andrew R. Mrs. dressmkr. 742 W. 

Dorney Michael, musician, 5 Waller 
Dorney Thomas, musician, 362 W. 12th 
Dorney WiUiam, constable, 128 S. Clark, R. 2 
Dorr Howard, saloon, 392 W. Madison 
Dories Louis, saloon, 2010 Archer av. 
Dorsch C. N. notions, 1143 Milwaukee av. 
Dorsch William & Sons, J. Eiseman, agt. 

boots and shoes, 221 5th av. R. 28 
Dorsey Amos, restaurant, 97 X A E. Van Buren 
Dorsey Lawrence, coal, 3515 S. Paulina 
Dorsey L. T. Dr. 182 Dearborn av. 
Dorsey M. L. Mrs. dressmkr. 185 W. Van 

Dorsey Nicholas J. Dr. 182 Dearborn av. 
Dorsey S. H. calciminer, 1322 S. State 
Dorsey & Devine, (James Dorsey and John 

H. Devine) hay and feed, 171 W. Lake, T. 

Dorszynski Kazmir, mnfr. and ret. clothing, 

690 Milwaukee av. 
Dorwin W. E. & Co. (Wm. E. and Thomas 

Dorwin) R. R. contractors, 69 Dearborn, 

R. 21 
Dosch Charles, cigar mnfr. 63 Bingham 
Doskoscil Joseph, h rness mnfr. 395 S. Canal 
Dost Julius, grocer, 512 N. Wood 
Dostal Joseph, boots and shoes, 743 S. Hal- 
Dostaler Peter E. saloon, 80 Blue Island av. 
Doty Samuel Mrs. milliner, 402 E Division 
Douaire Edward N. barber, 22 Dearborn 
Doubek James, coal, 304 E. 26th 
Doubek Joseph, shoes, 201 W. Adams 
Doud Eli H. lawyer, 125 Dearborn, R. 19 
Doud L. B. & Co. (L. B. Doud and F. B. 

Sherwood) packers, 200 LaSalle, R. 16, T. 

165, and 42d cor. Ashland av. live stk. com. 

67 Exch. bldg. stk. yds. T. 9527 
Doud & Williams (Eli H. Doud and George 

A. Williams) lawyers, 125 Dearborn, R. 19 
Dougherty Charles L. grain com. 10 Pacific 

av. R. 115 
Dougherty James, milk, 2548 Dearborn 



ESTATES MANAGED, _ ^ A 't!^,-. ~— 


DOIGHERTY JOHN T. marble works, 
175 S. Desplaines 

Dougherty Martin, carpet cleaner, 196 W. 

Dougherty Michael, wall paper, 3321 S. State 

Dougherty Michael D. plasterer, 41 Wendell 

Dougherty M. Miss, dry goods, 298 Ogden av. 

Dougherty Patrick, saloon, 446 W. 12th 

Dougherty Patrick Dr. 5101 Wentworth av. 
se. cor. 51st, T. Engelwood 65 

Dougherty William, horse shoer, Cook se. cor. 

Dougherty William M. grocer, 362 W. Ran- 

Dougherty & Winter (James G. Dougherty 
and Arthur A. Winter) druggists, 288 S. 
Clark, T. 1077 

Doughty Addison, boarding stable, 404 Web- 
ster av. 

Doughty George F. dry goods, 5101 Wentworth 
av. se. cor. 51st 

Doughty James, boots and shoes, 1121 W. Har- 

Doughty T . & Son (Thomas and William H. 
Doughty) grocers, 335 51st sw. cor. Atlan- 

Douglas Club, 3518 Ellis av. T. 9932 

Douglas Frank, machinery, 255 S. Canal 
T. 4176 

Douglas Frank L. lawyer, 204 Dearborn R. 46 

Douglas George, restaurant, 132 Madison 

Douglas Line Steamers, J. Motte Martin, agt. 
60 S Water 

Douglas Park Building Association, Charles 
L. Bonney. sec. 175Dearborn R. 70 

Douglas Stephen A. lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 56 

Douglas Thomas J. florist, 241 40th 

Douglas S. E. & E. P. (Seymour E. and Ed- 
ward P.) printers, 304 E. 31st 

Douglas W. & B. pumps, 197 E. Lake 

Douglas & Cade (Edward C. Douglas and, 
Sa • uel T. Cade) roofers, 270 S. Clinton 
T. 4743 

Douglas & Stuart (George B. Douglas and 
Robert Staurt) millers, 16th nw. cor. 
Dearborn, T. 8175 

Douglass Emma, Miss, music teacher, 3118 S. 

Douglass F. F. lawyer, 205 LaSalle, R. 201 

Douglass Gayton A. & Co. Charles R. Hop- 
kins, pres., S. W. Burnham, v. pres. 
Gayton A. Douglas, sec. and treas, photo, 
supplies, 185 Wabash av. 

Douglass House, Breed & Co. props. 3505 Vin- 
cennes av. 

Douglass John H. barber, 3118 S. State 

Dousman H. F. grain com. 504 Rialto bldg. 

Doushart S. P. lawyer, 115 Dearborn, R. 103 
T. 1584 

Dovenmuehle H. F. C. & Son, wh. boots and 
shoes, 186 5th av. 

Dover Samuel B. mech. engineer, 112 S. Clark, 
R. 713, T. 1284 

Dow B. B. & Co. (B. B. Dow) produce, 180 S. 

Dow C. C. & Co. props. South Park cream- 
ery, 120 31st 

Dow G. Q. & Co. (Goodrich Dow and Harry 
Miller) drugs. 118 53d T. 9810 and Cottage 
Grove av. cor. Oakwood boul. T. 9850 

Dow Samuel K. lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, R. 
91 T. 823 

Dow Wm. C. real est, 139 Dearborn, R. 10 

Dow William H. sash and doors, 161 LaSalle, 
R. 15, T. 883 

Dowble & McWhirter, (John Dowdle'and 
James McWhirter) cut stone contrs. 423 N. 
Halsted, T. 3402 

DOWLIXG BROS. & €0. (R. A. 

and J. W. Dowling and J. L. Rutherford) 
contractors, 150 E. Washington, R. 22 
Dowling Charles W. oils, 737 W. Lake 
Dowling House. John Gaynor, 137 S. Canal 
Dowling John M. pool rooms. 122 S. Clark 
Dowling Timothy, boarding. 662 Throop 
Dowling Timothy, grocer, 3434 S. State 
Dowling William, coal, 116 Maxwell 
Downer CharlesL. Dr. 48 S. Clark, R. 5 
Downer & Warrick (Melville B. Downer and 
William O. Warrick) pub. 164 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 23 
DO WME« W. J. florist, Sherman av. cor. 

Park (Evanston) 
Downey Joseph,mason contractor, 161 LaSalle, 

R. 94, T. 1744 
Downing Alexander, saloon, 1189Milwaukee av 
Downing Charles F. saloon, 180 E. 22d 
Downing Daniel, boots and shoes, 365 W. 

Chicago av. 
Downing Emily Mrs. grocer, 149 W. 18th 
Downing M. A. Mrs. milliner, 502 W. Indiana 
Downing M. J. & Co. pubs. 63 N. Clark, R. 5 
Downing R. F. & Co. (R. F. Downing and 
Wm. T. Shay) custom house brokers, 113 
E. Adams, R. 14 
Downs James, coal, 24 Grace 
Downs William, florist, Ridge av. nr. Foster 

Downs Wm. S. & Co. tailors, 78 Dearborn 
Downs & McGuire (P. C. Downs and D. J. 

McGuire) saloon, 715 W Indiana 
Downs & Miller (William J. Downs and 
George M. Miller) plumbers, 40 E. Wash- 
ington, T. 5006 
Dowrie William, conf ectr. 2230 Wentworth av. 
Dowst Charles, pub. National Laundry Jour- 
nal, 195 E. Washington, R. 3 
Doxson James, blksmith. 6006 S. State 
Doy Alfred E. saloon, 525 S. State 
Doyar Louis F. dentist, 118 53rd 
Doyle Dennis, blksmth. 294 Forquer 
Doyle Dennis, builder, rear 131 E. Adams 
Doyle Edward J. boots and shoes, 557 W. 12th 
Doyle H. C. carp. 2912 Prairie av. 
Doyle James, lumber insp. 242 S. Water, R. 8 
Doyle John, meatmkb. 705 W. Indiana 
Doyle John, news, 2646 S. State 
Doyle Mary Miss, milliner, 263 E. 31st 
Doyle Mary Mrs. variety, 565 31st 
Doyle Mary L. Miss, millinery, 266 E. 22nd 
Doyle Michael J. saloon, 3931 S. Halsted 
Doyle Patrick J. grocer, 429 51st 
Doyle Patrick J. saloon, 2701 Cologne 
Doyle Patrick W. plumbing, 3 Rush 
Doyle P. J. & Co. (Patrick J. Doyle and Rob- 
ert J. Goodwillie) lumber, 22nd se. cor. 
S. Centre av. T. 9004 
Doyle Thomas E. barber, 60 N. Clark 
Doyle Thomas M. saloon, 5 E. Erie 
Doyle William A. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 724, 

T. 1284 
DOYJLK W. P. carp. Jackson cor. Grand 

av. (Rogers Park) 
Dozier Jacob, barber, 2933 S. State 
Drabek Thomas, saloon, 2940 Stearns 
Drach Joseph M. music teacher, 510 Sedgwick 
Drach Sophia, Mrs. industrial school, 510 

Drake Albertina, Mrs. grocer, 4029 Butterfield 
Drake C. T. machinery, 160 S. Clinton, T. 4550 


162 DRA 



DRAKE COMPANY, A. Chapelle, gen. 

ransr. granite, 112 S. Clark, R. 222, T. 1281 
Drake Fred, undertaker, 440 W. Chicago av. 

T. 7185 
Drake F. B. lawyer, 152 W. Madison, R. 1 
Drake George B. artist, 70 E. Monroe, R. 36 
Drake G. V. wall paper and window shades, 

217 W. Madison 
Drake Harlem N. variety, 3246 S. State 
Drake Isaac, real est. 196 LaSalle, R. 11. 
Drake James C. printer, 181 W. Madison, R, 

20, and 153 W. Washington 
Drake, Parker & Co. (John D. Drake and 

Samuel W. Parker) props. Grand Pacific 

Hotel, S. Clark, nw. cor. E. Jackson 
DRAKE S. & CO. (S. Drake and F. W. 

Turner) frames and moldings, 70 W. 

Drake W. H. architect, 133 S. Clark, R. 6 
Drake & Kummerow (Fred Drake and Charles 

Kummerow) undertakers, 440 W. Chicago 

av. T. 7185 

WORKS, brick machinery, 160 & 162 

S. Clinton, T. 4724 
Drama Frank, bldg. mover, 3338 Auburn 
Dramatic Pub. Co. M. E. Seigel, sec. 82 E. 

Madison, R. 22 
Dramatic Times & Plaintiff (The) B. Bettel- 

heim, mngr. 113 E. Adams, R. 37 
Drant & Hawtin (John W. Drantand Walter 

Hawtin) engravers, 112 Dearborn, R. 11 
Draper Thomas W. house and sign painter, 

396 W. Madison 
Drath & Bro. (Frank and Henry) grocers, 1038 

Millard av. (Lawndale) 
Drautzburg John, saloon, 278 Sedgwick 
Dray Walter S. real est. 85 E. Washington, R. 5 
Drechsel John D. shoemkr, 2529 S. State 
Preckman August, grocer, 272 W. Division 
Dreesbach P Mnfg. Co. (The)mnfrs. gas fixt- 
ures, 41 S. Canal 
Dreessen William, tailor, 1045 W. Lake 
Dreffein Bros. (Julius and William) grocers, 

239 Rumsey 
Drege R. Mrs. dressmkr. 171 Clybourn av. 
Dreghorn Frederick, cigars, 175 Wells 
Dreglar C. shoemkr. 32 W. Indiana 
DREfER CARL, saloon, Clybourn av. 

nw. cor. Clybourn pi. 
Dreier Emil, druggist, 259 Milwaukee av. 
Dreier Gustav, carp. 468 W. Lake 
Dreier Gustave, grocer, 2159 Archer av. 
Dreier John, saloon, 1841 S. State 
Dreifoos E. B. cigars, 107 E. Van Buren 
Dreis Theodore, boots and shoes, 5 Spring 
Dreiske Julius W. carp. 650 Orchard 
DREISKE WIL.L.1AM, coal and wood. 

Mendell nr. Clybourn bridge, T. 4190 
Dreiske & Hinners, (Herman A. Dreiske and 

George R. Hinners) coal, 120 Dayton and 

Elston av. ne. cor. Blackhawk av. T. 4217 
Dreisslein & Jones, (Charles L. Dreisslein and 

Carrie L. Jones) stenogs.123 E. Randolph, 
R. 37 
Dreier John C, artist. 361 W. Erie 
Drelling Lorenz, milk, 2724 Farrell 
Dresden Hat Works, Louis Weitemeyer, prop. 

bleachers, 485 E. 25th 
Dresher Gustav, barber, 702 W. 21st 
Dreshfield Louis, cigars, 138 LaSalle 
Dresselhaus D. grocer 730 N. Leavitt 
Dressen Emil J. barber, 112 E. Quincy, R. 102 
Dresser Clarence P. pub. South Side Herald, 
205 LaSaUe, R. 101 

Dressier Henry, grocer, 673 N. Ashland av. 
Dreuth Henry, florist, 560 E. 28th 
Dreves Henry, s aloon, 266 W. Lake 
Dreves Louis, musician, 2902 Hanover 
Drevs John, flour and feed, 280 W. North av. 
Drew Charles W. & Co. (Charles W. Drew 
and Stanly Fleetwood) ins. agts. 162 La 
Salle, T. 362 
Drew Daniel, horseshoer, 3809 S. Halsted 
Drew Theophilus, collection agency, 161 La 

SaUe, R. 66 
Drewes Gustavus A. saloon, 125 Sheffield av. 
Drewes Herman, cigar mnfr. 184 W. Black- 
Drewitz B. Mrs. millinery, 461 E. Division 
Dreyer August, saloon, 2523 S. Halsted 
DREYER E. S. & CO. (Edward S. 
Dreyer and Edward Koch) bankers and 
real est. Dearborn sw. cor. Washington, 
T. 5645 
Dreyer Henry, com. mer. 72 S. Water 
Dreyer Phillip, milk, 1520 Milwaukee av. 
Dreyfus Jacob, furs and skins, 207 Michigan 
Dreyfus J. G. & Co. Chas. O. Hale, mngr. 

wheelbarrows, 118 E. Lake 
Drielsna A. J. saloon, 114 E. 12th 
Drier E. Mrs. restaurant, 680 S. Canal 
Dries & Co. (John Dries and Michael Heiter) 

saloon, 426 N, Haisted 
Driggs A. C. dry goods com. 211 E. Monroe, 

T. 720 
Driggs George, lawyer, 59 S. Clark, R. 18 
Dring WiUiam S. A. milk, 55 41st 
Drilling Herman, wagonmkr. 156 Pacific av, 
Drimalla Lu'dwig, meatmkt. W. North av, 

cor. Meeker, (Jefferson) 
Drinkwater James, grocer, 363 Dayton 
Drinkwater Wm. teamster, 15 Fry, T. 4024 
Drisco Lee W. Mrs. grocer, 4301 S. State 
Driscoll Richard, cigars, 369 W. 12th 
Dristow Charles, blksmth, Fullerton av. nw. 

cor Elston av. 
Driver Edward A. & Co. 4 Board Trade, T. 146 
Drobny James, saloon, 132 Forquer 
Droeger H. F. grocer, 657 N. Haisted 
Drogemuller John W. C. boots and shoes, 290 

W. North av. 
Drosdowitz Morris, milliner, 514 Milwau- 
kee av. 
Drogg Charles, express, 526 Elston av. 
Drogkamt Charles, blksmth, 139 Wells 
Drosdowitz Samuel, 2d hand goods, 1252 S. 

State and 576 S. State 
Drovers' Journal, H. L. Goodall, & Co. pub. 
Stk.Yds. T. 1284 branch, 112 S. Clark. R. 913 
Drovers' National Bank, Solva Brintnall,pres. 
Levi B. Doud, v. pres. Wm. H. Brintnall, 
cash. 4207 S. Halsted T. 9526 
Drown Ellsworth O. barber, 330 63d 
Drozclowitz Samuel, clothing, 1252 S. State 
Drozdowitz Rosa Mrs. clothing, 289 S. Clark 
Drozdowitz S. clothing 596 S. State 
Druecker John, school furniture, 1 N. Mar- 
ket and Crawford av. cor. Fullerton av. T. 
Druecker N. J. lime, 29 Fullerton av. T. 3174 
Druehi Charlotte Miss, embroidery, 274 Lin- 
coln av. 
Druehi Frank, drugs, 422 W. 12th, T. 9189 
Druehi & Franken, (Fred. A. Druehi and 
James L. Franken) drugs, 800 S. Halsted 
T. 9084 
Druiding Adolphus, architect, 163 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 27 
Druley W. M. com. mer. 319 Rialto bldg. 


Market, S. W. Cor. Adams, 

TELEPHONE No. 1293. 



Drummel Edward, prop. The Lake View 

Postillion, 1413 N. Halsted 
Drummond Tobacco Co, George T. Loker, 

mngr. 60 Wabash av. T. 5725 
BRCJRY r If ROM. (Edwin and Horace G.) 

abstracts. 101 E. Washington, R. 31 
Drury Patrick, saloon, 376 S. Halsted 
DrydenE. W. & Co. (Edward W. Dryden), 

carriage mnfrs. 71 E. 22nd 
Dryer Charles W. & Co. (Charles W. Dryer), 

dentists, 181 W. Madison. R. 21 
Dryfus Joseph, cigars, 19 Wabash av. R. 15 
Drysh John K. undertaker, 719 W. 17th 
Dubanoyski Nicholas, shoemkr. 18 Luce 
Dubech John N. & Co. (John N. Dubech) 

hardware, 2806 Wentworth av. 
Dubetz Henry peddler, 136 W. 19th 
Dubetz Samuel, grocer, 1610 S. State 
Dubsky John, laundry, 123 S. State 
Dubsky Joseph, coal, 97 Bunker 
DUCAT, JL.YON & CO. (A. C. Ducat, 

Geo. M. Lyon and E. E. Barnard) ins. 

agts. 201 LaSalle, T. 1235 
Ducat & Lyon, (A. C. Ducat and George M.) 

ins. agts. 205 LaSalle, 9th floor 
Duch Casu, August Geringer, pub. 150 W. 12th 
Duck John R. printer, 182 E. Washington 
Duckgeischel Jacob H. meatmkt. Eugenie se. 

cor. Hudson av. 
Duckmann A. barber, 94 Willow 
Duddleston Hugh H. coal, 1048 W. Madison 
Dudel William coal, 544 S. Halsted 
Dudenbostel William, boots and shoes, 1806 S. 

Dudley Emilius C. Dr. 70 E. Monroe, R. 15, T. 

Dudley W. W. ins. agt. 337 Rialto bldg. 

CO. (THE) 9 Tribune bldg. T. 512 
Duebner Henry, saloon, 20 Larrabee 
Duechting Christ, grocer, 123 25th pi. 
Duensing Charles H. ins. agt. 352 Noble 
Duerrsteiu & Goerens, (Joseph Duerrstein 

and Bernard Goerens) saloon, 129 S. Clark 
Duesing Christina, Mrs. midwife, 458 W. 

Duever Adolph, iron railings, 29 S. Jefferson 
Duff A. D. milk, 292 Dayton 
Duff Bros. (Alex. D. and John) milk, 210 

Duff Guy C. milk, 372 Dayton 
Duff Isabella, Mrs. music teacher, 232 S. Hal- 
DUFF JOSEPH, wines and liquors, 161 

N. Paulina 
Duff Wra. H. milk, 103 Fremont 
DUFFEL,Ii WIliLIAltl, JK. pub. of 

the "Evanston Citizen," 516 Davis (Evan- 

Duffer John H. baker. 159 W. 12th 
Duffin Daniel, iron fences, 2217 S. State 
Dufft Marie, midwife, 332 Milwaukee av. 
Duffus G. W. & Co. gas lamps, 93 Dearborn, 

T. 5680 
Duffy Bros. (Joseph and John) bakers, 314 

Blue Island av. 
Dufolk Nicholas, gardener, S. Morgan, nw. 

cor. 50th 
BUFOUR BROS. (HiUary and Peter C.) 

sash and doors, S. Morgan, cor. W. 21st, 

T. 9107 
Dugan Charles G. meatmkt. 353 Milwaukee av. 
Dugan Theobald M. packer, 580 Noble 
Duggan Richard J. lawyer, 135 LaSalle, R. 1 
Duhamel E. Mrs. dressmkr. 103 Blue Island av. 

Duke Warren, barber, 1215 Blue Island av. 
Duke's W. Sons & Co. James E. Avery, agt. 

cigarettes, 51 Wabash av. R. 6 
Dullaghan John & Son (John, Sr. and John, 

Jr.) Catholic books, 217 Wabash av. 
Dulle Bernard, boots and shoes, 153 E. Madison 
HIT HI A EN WM. paints and oils, 1020 W. 

Van Buren 
Dumas Edmund L. news agt. 119 Wells 
Dumke August, grocer, 691 W. 2uth 
Dummer Wm. P. lawyer, 97 S. Clark 
Dummert Henry, com. mer. 169 E. Jackson, 

R. 805 
OUMONT EMEIi & CO. wh. wines, 125 

E. Van Buren 
Dumser E. & Co. (E Dumser and P. C. Eilers) 

grocers, 533 W. Van Buren 

Dun R. G. & Co. Benjamin Douglass, mngr. 

com. agency, 161 LaSalle, 6th floor, T. 216 

Dunbar Margie Miss, milliner, 491 Lincoln av. 

Dunbar W. pub. Traveling World, 161 LaSalle, 

R. 55 
DUNCAN BROS. (David Duncan) Homoe- 

pathic pharmacy, 56 S. State, T. 7214 
Duncan David Dr. 56 S. State, T. 7214, h. 1084 

W. Harrison 
Duncan John, architect, 225 Dearborn, R, 47 
Duncan John, coal, 383 S. Jefferson 
Duncan Owen T. milk, rear 72 31st 
Duncan Samuel, barber, 445 Milwaukee ay. 
Duncan Samuel, barber, 38th W. of Califor- 
nia av. 
Duncan Thomas C. Dn 104 State, R. 13, h. 590 

W. Adams 
Duncan & Johnston, (William Duncan and 
Alexander S. Johnston) picture frames, 74 
Ewing, T. 4744 
Duncanson Alexander A. Dr. 782 W. Madison 
Duncanson Catherine C. Dr. 782 W. Madison 
Duncanson Ethelbert E, Dr. 782 W. Madison 
Duncanson Herbert W. jeweler, 759 W. Mad- 
Duncanson & Baker, (H. W. Duncanson and 

H. W. Baker) coal 725 W. Lake 
Dunckley Richard, builder, 5411 Lake av. 
Duncombe David T. lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, 

R. 63, T. 823 
Duncombe John, shirtmkr. 22 W. Madison 
Dundee Wm. baker, 334 Sedgwick 
Dunfee J. & Co. (John Dunfee) weather strips, 

102 E, Washington and 208 S. Clinton 
D' Unger Robert Dr. Palmer House, R. 721 
Dunfee & Traill (Samuel Dunfee and R. H. 
Traill) coal, Park av. cor. Chestnut 
Dunham George B. & Co. (George B. Dun- 
ham) mill supplies, 264 S. Water 
Dunham George D. glaziers' diamonds, 164 E. 

Randolph, R. 20 
Dunham, Norris & Co. (Samuel E. Dunham 
and Owen Norris) com. mers. 83 Board 
Trade T. 33 
Dunham Towing & Wrecking Co. James S. 
Dunham, pres. James R. Sinclair, sec. 234 
S. Water, T. 852, and 18th st. bridge, T. 
Dunham W. F. drugs, 67 W. VanBuren, T. 4084 
Dunil Ellsworth, junk, 606 S. Canal 
Dunkel Gustav, drugs, 363 W. Chicago av. 
Dunkins F. A. & Co. (Frank A. Dunkins and 
Morx-is S. Rothschild) restaurant, 233 Wab- 
ash av. 
Dunkle Edwin B. saloon, 522 W. Lake 
Dunklee W. A. & Co. ( W. A. Dunklee and Myron 
McGee) grain com. 24 Pacific av. R. 3 


164 DUN 



Dunklee & Co. (Oscar W. Dunklee and Charles 
Humberger) livery 66 39th, T. 9864 

Dunkley C. W. prop. Englewood Printing 
Works, 422 63d 

1>UNL.AP F. N. carpet cleaner, 627 W. 

Dunlap, Lawton & Hall, (Charles M. Dunlap, 
Lyndon C. Lawton and Richard C. Hall) 
rubber clothing, 199 & 201 E. Madison 

Dunlap & Co. store fixtures, 41 S. Jefferson 

1HJ5JLAP A CO. James P. Brewster, 
mngr. hats, 173 S. State 

Dunlay James, coal, 1637 S. State 

©UN JLEA ED. saloon, 2245 Cottage Grove 

Dunleigh Sarah Mrs. laundry, 269 Blue Island 

DunJevy Hulburd, lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 716, 
T. 1284 

Dunlevy John C. lawyer, 143 E. Monroe, R. 2 

Dunlop Alexander, tailor, 129 Dearborn 

Dunlop George L. & Co. grain elevator, 161 E. 
Adams, R. 1, and Grove cor. 19th 

Dunlop Joseph K. real est. 164 Dearborn, R. 
620, T. 1257 

Dunlop Robert, civil engineer, 157 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 29 

Dunlop '-'impson, leal est. 164 Dearborn, R. 
618, T. 1257 

Dunn Adam E. advertising agt. 57 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 8 

Dunn Dennis J. restaurant, 124 N. Western av. 

Dunn H. W. & Co. (Harry M. and Samuel N. 
Dunn) printers, 129 E. 22d 

Dunn James B. editor The Emerald, 162 E. 
Washington, R. 64 

Dunn James M. saloon, 5052 S. State 

Dunn John, lawyer, 78 Michigan av. R. 27 

Dunn John, restaurant, 107 S. Desplaines 

Dunn John J. coal, 51st se. cor. S. Clark 

Dunn John W. brick mnfr. 161 LaSalle, R. 71 

Dunn Joseph, delicacies, 158 N. Center av. 

Dunn J. Austin, dentist, 70 Dearborn, R. 10 
T. 5453 

Dunn J. E. pub. Chicago and Springfield 
Emerald, 162 E. Washington, R. 64 

Dunn J. O. & Co. (John O. Dunn) wh. liqu- 
ors, 23 S. Market 

Dunn Louis E. lawyer, 268 S. State 

Dunn Lucinda M. Mrs. vocal teacher, 500 W. 

Dunn Michael, mnfr. brooms, 111 Center av, 

Dunn Ward C. dentist, 163 S. State, R. 57 

Dunn William H. meatmkt. 1 W. 11th 

Dunn William & Co. (William Dunn and R. 
H. Thorburn) grain com. 86 Board of 
Trade, T. 1184 

Dunn W. P. & Co. (Winfield P. Dunn, Sam- 
uel McNeil and Wm. H. Pettengill) pub. 
57 E. Washington, R. 17, T. 5191 

Dunne Edmund Mrs. dry goods, 534 37th 

Dunne Edward F. lawyer, 79 S. Clark, R. 20 
T. 5645 

Dunne John P. plumber, 775 Lincoln av. 

Dunne Maurice, coal, 2438 Archer av. T. 8343, 
and 3845 S. State 

Dunne Michael J. blksmth. 1100 35th 

Dunne Michael J. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 303 

Dunne Michael J. vet. surg. 2308 Wentworth av. 

Dunne Morris, coal, 2559 S. State and 2611 
Cottage Grove av 

Dunne William W. boots and shoes, 389 S. 

Dunne Wm. dentist, 163 S. State 

Dunning Alvah N. news, 233 E. 31st 
©UNIVO^ 1>. S. & SO\S, (David S.; 

Andrew and Freeman H. Dunning and 

Frank J. Spear) props. Dunning Nursery, 

126 E. Washington 
Dunning F. X. laundry, 41 S. Halsted 
Dunning Gerald, blksmth. 2113 Wabash av. 
I>UXBTIX« G. A.& CO. glove mnfrs. 

867 W. Madison 
Dunning John R. meatmkt. 534 W. Huron 
Dunning J. C. rubber stamps, 99 E. Madison 

R. 27 
Dunning S. M. lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 42 
Dunning William C. hardware and stoves, 

799 W. Madison 
Dunnington Agnes N. Mrs. dressmkr. 2011 S. 

Dunnington James H. horseshoer, 154 E. 21st 
Dunoon David, hats and caps, 505 Davis, (Ev- 

DUMOOM GEORGE, gents' furng. tailor 

and dry goods, 507 Davis, (Evanston) T. 

19, and Chicago av. (S. Evanston) T. 125 
Dunphy Building Association, John R. 

James, sec. 80 Dearborn, R. 40 
Dunphy John M. & Co. (John M., John J. 

Dunphy and Charles P. Wakeman) 153 E. 

Monroe R. 40 
Dunton Frank H. & E. M. pubs. Dunton's 

Spirit of the Turf, 164 E. Washington. R. 31 
Dunton Thomas F. broom corn. 123 E. Kinzie 
Dunton's Spirit of the Turf, Frank H. and 

Elizabeth M. Dunton, pubs. 164 E. Wash- 
ington, R. 31 
Dunwell & Ford, (W. C. Dunwell, G. W. Ford 

and C. O. Olson) stationers, 155 Wabash av. 
Du Page House, (Nic Yack) 190 W. Randolph 
Dupee Charles A. lawyer, 185 Dearborn, R. 77 
Dupee Cyrus & Co. (Cyrus Dupee) packers, 

6 Sherman, R. 24 and 2050 Grove, T. 8461 
Dupee Horace M. packers, LaSalle ne. cor. E. 

25th, T. 8188 

Chas. A. Dupee, Noble B. Judah, Monroe 

L. Willard and Henry M. Wolf,) lawyers, 

76 to 78 Adams Express Bldg. 185 Dear- 
born, T. 1212 
Du Plaine E. A. C. smelting, 64 S. Canal 
Dupre & Schooley, (C. Dupreand J. K. Schoo- 

ley) carps. Maple av. (Evanston) 
Du Puy George A. lawyer, 184 Dearborn, R. 40 
Dupuy Leow, saloon, 183 S. Clark 
Duquesne Alfred, saloon, 111 E. Monroe, T. 

Durand Carl, artist. 34 E. Monroe, R. 19 
Durand Cassius H. & Co. (Cassius H. Durand) 

produce, 180 S. Water 
Durand Henry, barber, 1249 47th 
Durand H. C. & Co. (Henry C. Durand, Calvin 

Durand, Adam J. Kasper and David E. 

Bradley) wh. grocers, 15 LaSalle, T. 254 
Durand H. C. & Co. grocers, Ravenswood 

(Lake View) 
Durand J. B. & Co. (Joseph B. Durand) sugar, 

15 Wabash av. T. 5650 
Durand Luke, shoemkr. 25 Evanston av. 

(Lake View} 
OUKAXT W. II. grocer, 640 W.Madison 
Durant & Co. (H. W. Durant) grocer, 856 

W. VanBuren 
Durbin Land & Cattle Co. (The) G. Snydacker, 

pres. M. Rosenbaum, treas. 77 Board 

Trade, T. 1332 
Durbrow Washington, mnfr. cigars, 8 River 
Dureel Hattie L. Mrs. dressmkr. 1063 Elston av. 




Durham Albert, broker, 123 LaSalle, R. 1 
Durham Theron, lawyer, 80 Dearborn, R. 21 
Durham Warren J. lawyer, 175 Dearborn, R. 

53 T. 1066 
Durkee H. R. & Co. pig iron, 115 Dearborn, 

R. 47, T. 1378 
Durkee R. P. H. lawyer, 59 S. Clark, R. 10 
Durkin John & Son (John Durkin) wagon 

mnfr., 696 W. 22d 
Durlacher Mary Mrs. ladies' underwear, 34 

Monroe, R. 4 
Durousseau E. H. tailor. 94 E. Van Buren 
Durr Frederick J. saloon, 2718 S. State 
Durr Samuel A. baker, 3912 Cottage Grove av. 
Durselen Charles N. Dr. 2524 S. State, T. 8117 
Dusak John, mkr. button holes, 273 W. 20th 
Duschanek Emil, mnfr. cigars, 71 W. 19th 
Dusek Frank, grocer, 117 Fisk 
Dusek Frank, saloon, 1011 Blue Island av. 
Dusek John, saloon, 720 Allport 
Dusell Charles, coal, 677 W. Chicago av. 
Dushek Joseph, grocer, 141 De Koven 
Dusing John, carp. 166 Fremont 
Duske Gustav, employ agcy. 170 N. Halsted 
DVSOLD J. confectr.2706 Cottage Grove 

Dussmann Aloris, shoemkr. 169 W. 22d 
Dutcher Elmer J. saloon, 272 W. Harrison 
Dutcher Lucy G. Mrs. nurse, 3160 Dearborn 
Duthie William Mrs. notions, 525 Orrington 

av. (Evanston) 
Dutinger John, fur dresser, 604 W. 12th 
Dutro J.H.grocer,3503 CottageGrove av.T. 9820 
Dutton John, wagon mkr. 167 W. Van Buren 
Dutton Moses, coal, 158 Blue Island av. 
DUVALL &80M, (J. W. DuvaU, S. O. 

Duvall and E. J. Duvall) livery and 

boarding stables, 569 W. 12th, T. 4557 
Duwerth August, saloon, 190 Augusta 
Dux Joseph, wood carver, 536 S. Clark 
Duzewski Bros. (C. and Weizel Duzewski) 

meat mkt. 52 Fry 
Dvorak Frank P. school, 400 W. 18th 
Dvorak John, saloon, 248 Center av. 
Dvorak John, saloon, 718 Loomis 
Dvorak Joseph horseshoer, 547 W. 19th 
Dvorak & Cerveny, (John Dvorak and Frank 

Cerveny) tailors, 596 Blue Island av. 
Dvorak & Pecha (Frank J. Dvorak and John 

Pecha) real est. 439 W. 18th 
Dwelling House Ins. Co. of Boston, Mass. W" 

J. Nichols, gen. agt. 95 5th av. R. 11, P. G. 

Gardner, State agt. 202 LaSalle, R. 17, A. 

D. Hewitt, local agt. 147 LaSalle, T. 824 
Dwertmann Anton, saloon, 506 S. State 
Dwight Charles W. lawyer, 70 LaSaUe, R. 7 
Dwight John & Co. James Kirkby, agt. soda, 

8E. Lake, R. 1 
Dwight Mason C. Dr. 243 W. Madison 
Dwight T. Jr. paper, 179 E. Randolph, T. 919 
Dwight & Kern (Charles W. Dwight and Jacob 

J. Kern) lawyers, 70 LaSalle, R. 7 
Dwinell. Hayward & Co. R. H. Schell, mngr. 

wh. coffees and spices, 79 E. Lake 
Dworman Solomon, paper stock, 185 Michigan 
DWYER JAMES, livery, boarding and 

sale stable, 2560 S. Halsted 
Dwyer James B. painter, 641 W. Madison 
Dwyer James H. butter, 121 S. Water 
Dwyer James P. cigars, 68 S. State 
Dwyer James W. painter, 350 S. State 
Dwyer John, horseshoer, 41 W. 13th 
Dwyer John K. cigars, 68 S. State 
Dwyer J. J. (Eclipse Laundry) 235 Blue Is- 
land av. 

Dwyer Michael, boots and shoes, 191 Blue 

Island av. 
Dyas George K. Dr. 171 E. 22d, R. 9 
Dyas William G. Dr. 107 S. Clark, R. 6 
Dyas William G. Jr. Dr. 107 S. Clark, R. 6 
Dybdahl J. C. A. Dr. 269 Milwaukee av. 
Dyche D. R. & Co. (David R. and Hannah B. 

Dyche) drugs, 65 E. Randolph, T. 5558 
Dyche Frank B. lawyer 164 Dearborn, R. 515 
Dyckman Louis, saloon, 5031 S. Ashland av. 
Dyckman Theodore, meatmkt, 517 26th 
Dye H. L. brickdryer, 161 LaSalle, R. 54, T.209 
Dye O. J. lawyer, 125 Dearborn, R. 35 
Dyer Bros. (James E. and Oscar T.) agts, 

Woolson Spice Co. 93 E. Lake 
Dyer Bros. (Walter C. and Arthur E.) den- 
tists, 2512 Wabash av. 
Dyer Charles, saloon, 547 Clybourn av. 
Dyer E. Mrs. midwife, 4757 Butterfield 
Dyer Isaac confectr. 1412 State 
Dyer Isaac confectr. 2629 Wentworth av. 
Dyer Jonathan G. confectr. 39th nw. cor. 

Indiana av. 
DYER «& CLARK. (Clarence H. Dyer 
and Stewart Clark) coal dealers, 97 Dear- 
bom, T. 5026 
Dyer & Holmes, (J. W. Dyer and E. F. Hol- 
mes) brokers, 218 LaSalle, R. 529 
Dymacek & Uceny, (Frank Dymacek and 

John Uceny) iron works, 459 W. 18th 
Dymond D. H. carp. 1060 Wilcox av. 
Dymond W. H. coal, 161 LaSaUe, R. 9 T. 855 

pub. The Gazeta Polska, 532 Noble 
Dyrenforth Julius W. notary, 204 Dearborn, 

R. 79, T. 1163 
Dyrenforth Philip C. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, R. 

Dyrenforth William H. lawyer, 204 Dearborn, 

R. 79, T. 1763 
Dyrenforth & Dyrenforth (Philip C. and Wm. 
H.) patent lawyers, 204 Dearborn, R. 79, 
T. 1763 
Dziarowski Joseph, meatmkt. 717 Dickson 
Dziemba Frank, meatmkt. 646 Noble 
Dziemba Mary Mrs. midwife, 646 Noble 
Dzien Swiety, W. Smulski, pub. 635 Noble 
Dziewior Clement, grocer, 63 Oak 

Eagan John, saloon, 1323 47th 

Eagan & Ritchie, carps. 455 16th 

Eagen A. J. saloon, 436" Root 

Eagen John, saloon, 2710 S. Ashland av. 

Eager Fred, saloon, 126 E. Van Buren 

Eager William A. & Son. (Wm. A. and John 

B. Eager) horse shoers, 2030 Wabash av. 
Eagle Fire Co. of New York, R. A. Waller & 

Co. agts. 164 LaSalle, T. 1201 

Kearn & Son, props. M, C. Meyers, mngr. 

62 & 64 W.Lake 
Eagle Foundry Co. Wm. H. Crump, pres. 

Solon H. Chase, sec. 600 S. Jefferson, T. 

Eagle Hotel, Dennis O'Callaghan, prop. 135 S. 

Eagle House, Mark M. Graves, prop, 267 S. 

Eagle House, C. Sperain, prop. opp. Wald- 

heim Cemetery, Harlem (Altenheim P. 

Eagle H. R. & Co. (Harry R. Eagle) wh. gro- 
cers, 68 Wabash av. 
EagJe Laundry, C. & C. Schutte, props. 415 







106 EAG 



Eagle Laundry, Amos L. Pyle, prop. 301 E. 31st 
Eagle Lightning Rod Co. 600 S. Jefferson 
Eagle Photo. -Copying House, F. R. Gage and 

Fred. Ungejr, props. 7791 W. Madison 
Eagle Plating Co. (John G. McFarland) 126 

E. Washington, R. 58 
Eagle Sign Works (John 0. Webb) 175 S. 

Clark, R. 4 
Eagle Tanning Works, S. M. McConnell, sec. 

214 E. Lake, T. 794 
Eakins David S. Dr. 3(52 Wabash av. 
Eakins E. M. drugs, 3(52 Wabash av. T. 1448 
Ealy John W. Co.- (The) John McKillop, 

mngr. commercial agency, 94 LaSalle,R. 21 
Eames Eliza Mrs. grocer, 405 E. Erie 
Eames Melville C. city circulator, Tribune, 

141 Dearborn, R. 4 
EarhufE John G. Organ & Piano Co. John G. 

Earhuff, pres. and treas. 51 W. Pearson 
Earl John H. paper, 301 Dearborn 
Earl & Wilson, collars and cuffs, J. T. Web- 
ber, mngr. 178 E. Adams 
Earl Bros. (Joseph and George) com. mers. 

157 S. Water, T. 832 
Earle O. Dr. 535 Washington boul. 
Earle George A. sewing mach. agt. 656 W. 

Earle L. C. artist, 241 Wabash av. R. 9 
Earle P. N. grocer, 1064 Millard av. 
Earll Charles Dr. 328 W. Van Buren 
Early John, horseshoer, 269 W. Lake 
Early Willis J. sign painter. 3427 S. State 
KARLY Jk CO. costumers, 3427 S. State 
Earnshaw E. &S on (Emanuel and Charles) 

contractors, 134 E. Van Buren, R. 73, T. 612 
Easley George W. lawyer, 183 Dearborn. R. 54 
East New York Shoe Co. James H. Sprinks, 

agt. 12e E. Washington, R. 40 
Eastburn, Fish & Co, (J. H. Eastburn and 

Peter Fish) live stk. com. 96 Exchange 

bldg. stk. yds. 
Easter Lida Miss, stenog. 112 S. Clark, R. 730, 

T. 1284 

Easterly and H. E. Pitcher) com. mer, 342 

W. Van Buren, T. 4511 
Easterly & Spafford (C. J. Easterly and J. I. 

Spafford) gents' furng. 87 E. Madison 
Eastland & Duddleston (Leonard J. Eastland 

and George Duddleston) meatmkt. 83 5th 

av. T. 246 
Eastman Albert N. lawyer, 152 Dearborn, R 18 
Eastman Bros. (Lorenzo D. and Olen C.) 

printers, 187 E. Washington, R. 3 
Eastman E. A. & Co. (Edward A. Eastman) 

brackets, 67 W, Washington 
Eastman Joseph, plasterer, 126 Dearborn, R. 

9, T. 1685 
Eastman & Bro. perfumers, 67 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 17 
Eastman Sidney C. lawyer, 78 Dearborn, -R. 

15, T. 5269 
Easton Bros. (Edward S. and David J.) 

printers, 1204 E. Diversey av. 
Easton Charles L. lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 44 

T. 1208 
Eastroy Laundry, 4229 S. Ashland av. 
EASTWOOD A. confectr. 155 W. 13th 
Eastwood R. S. restaurant, 577 S. State 
Eaton Charles, real est. 163 E. Randolph, 

R. 35 
Eaton David B. Dr. 2725 S. State, T. 8520 
Eaton Clement L. lawyer, 164 Dearborn, R. 

411, T. 971 
Eaton Lewis, dentist, 235 S. State, R. 5 

Eaton Thomas W. machinist, 64 W, Lake 
Eaton & Prince (Thomas W. Eaton and 

Frederick H. Prince) elevators, 74 Michi- 
gan, T. 3102 
Ebbert John cigar, mnfr. 264 W. Lake 
Ebbert John H. boots, shoes, 4246 Ashland av. 
Ebel Christ, tailor, 126 Lake. (Oak Park P. O.) 
Ebel Robert, printer, 210 Clybourn av. 
Ebener Franz J. jeweler, 401 Larrabee 
Eberhardt H. milk. 98 Rees 
Eberhardt Max, justice, 9 S. Canal 
Eberhart Isa A. real est. 182 Dearborn. R. 34 
Eberhart John F. real est. 161 LaSalle, R. 75 
Eberhart Noble M. pub. Insect World, 182 

Dearborn, R. 34 
Eberle Charles, meatmkt. 613 Sedgwick 
Eberle Fred, boarding, 272 N. Union 
Eberle George, saloon, 122 E. Quincy 
Eberle Jacob, saloon, 95 Clybourn pi. 
Eberle William H. saloon, 259 W. 12th 
Eberle Win. W. S. lawyer, 162 LaSalle, R. 79 
Eberlein Charles, saloon, 2547 Archer av 
Eberlein C. & Co. (Carl Eberlein,) beer 

pumps, 155 E. Washington, R. 4 
Eberlein Frederick, drugs, 50 W. Madison 
EBKRLEI\ LOUIS, jeweler, 417 N. 

Ebers Barnard, saloon, 315 Root 
Eberstein Fred. J. variety, 152 N, Desolaines 
Ebert Albert E. drugs, 426 S. State, T. 306, and 

186 W. Madison, T, 4152 
Ebert F. J. & Co. (Fred. J. Ebert) picture 

mats, 23 S. ("anal 
Ebert Johanna Mrs. cigars, 162 Canalport av. 
Ebert John, carp. 1127 Nelson 
Ebert Julius, grocer, 407 S. Clinton 
EBERT THKO. paints, oils and glass,605 

W. Indiana, T. 7063 
Ebert & Peterson, (Albert Ebert and Martin 

B. Peterson) barbers, 432 Milwaukee av 
Ebertshauser & Riley, cut stone, 56 Division 
Ebner Joseph, saloon, 247 S. Sangamon 
Ebner Theodore, tailor, 25 Clybourn av. 
Echersberg Paul, barber, 362 Larrabee 
Eck Christopher, grocer, Portland av. cor. E. 

Eck Henry, boots and shoes, 734 Larrabee 
Eck John P. malster 381 E. 24th 
Eck Julius, stationery, 3038 Wentworth av. 
Eck Wm. carriage painter, 924 N. Halsted 
Eckart Albin, painter, 736 N. Ashland av. 
ECHARDT THOMAS, caterer, 573 W. 

Madison, and 38 E. Monroe, T. 7163 
Eckart Charles, grocer, 373 W. 12th 
Eckbom (Plattdeutsche Zeitung) Edward 

Cook, pub. 113 W. Randolph 
Eckdahl Alexander, grocer, 510 37th 
Eckdahl Axel, grocer, Butterfield, sw. cor. 38th 
Eckebrecht Frederick, meatmkt. 166 Willow 
Eckebrecht William C. harnessmkr. 218 E. 

North av. 
Eckelberg Charles, coal, 780 W. 21st 
Ecker Otto, boots and shoes, 3928 S. State 
Eckert Adolph W. constable, 128 S. Clark, R. 4 
Eckert Bros. (James A. and Frank C.) gro- 
cers, 465 W. 12th 
Eckert Frank, meatmkt. Hoffman av. nr. 

Evergreen av. (Jefferson) 
Eckert Otto V. artist and saloon, 692 Larrabee 
Eckhardt H. & Bro. (H. Eckhardt and C. 

Eckhardt) furniture and carpets. 3741 and 

3743 Cottage Grove av. T. 9935 
Eckhardt Nicholas, saloon. 448 W. Chicago av. 
ECKHARDT HIV. saloon and lodge 

hall, 448 W. Chicago av. 

RFfl Uf RfllTHFI S.W. Cor. MARKET and ADAMS, f*{\ Q ¥ 


Eckhart John W. & Co. (John W. Eckhart) 

wh. flour^ 21 S. Market, T. 496 
Eckhart & Swan (Bernard N. Eckhart and 

James Swan) flour mill, 66 N. Canal, T. 

Ecklon August, meatmkt. 76 Jay 
Eckstedt Joseph B. grocer, 1202 E.' Diversey 

av. (Lake View) 
Eckstein Bros. (Hermann and Christopher), 

flour and fee", 817 S. Halsted 
Eckstein Felix O. cigar mnfr. 201 66th 
Eckstein White Lead Co. John B. Swift, 

inngr. 235 E. Lake, T. 1092 
Eclipse Eurnace Co. Peter R. Earling, pres. 

B. Holbrook, v. pres. H. N. Mason, treas. 

E. J. Earling, sec. furnaces, 337 Dearborn 
Eclipse Laundry, J. J. Dwyer, prop. 235 Blue 

Island av. 
Eclipse Nickel Works, Joseph Rochschild, 

prop. 4 LaSalle av. 
Economy Furniture Co. R. F. Bullen. pres. 

«nd treas. Walter L. Harris, sec. Jacob A. 

Eiffert, mngr. 75 5th av. and 130 Michigan, 

T. 1772 
KUBROOKE GEO. H. architect, 110 

Dearborn, R. 16, T. 1429 
Edbrooke W.S. contractor, 1331 Milwaukee av. 
Edbrooke & Burnham, (W. J. Edbrooke and 

F. P. Burnham), architects, 184 Dearborn, 
R. 31 

Eddington Frank, washing machines, 287 E. 

Madison, R. 4 
Eddy Albert C. pumps, 220 E. Lake, T. 717 
Eddy Alfred D. lawyer, 103 E. Adams, R. 13 
Eddy Henry C. ins. agt. 161 LaSalle, R. 63 
Eddy Marie, Mrs. Metaphysician, 69 S. State, 

R. 21 
Eddy R. H. ins. agt. 4 Sherman, R. 36 
Eddy R. M. Sons, (George D. and Albert M.) 

Globe Foundry, 41 E. Indiana, T. 3429 
Eddy William H. auctioneer, 235 E. Randolph 
Eddy & Watier, painters, 935 W. Madison 
Edelblut & Schnell, (Peter Edelbut and Hen- 
ry Schnell, saloon, 59 N. Halsted 
Edelman Adolph, variety, 135 W. 12th 
Edelman W. carp. 935 Sheffield av. 
Edelmann Charles, music teacher, 167 Cleve- 
land av. 
Edelmann F. Hugo, music teacher,342 E. North 

Edelstein Solomon, second hand, 314 W. Lake 
Edelstein William, saloon, 231 E. 31st 
Eden John, barber. Chicago av. (S. Evanston) 
Eden John Jr. baths, 103 N. Clark 
Eden William, barber, es Chicago av. 3d, N. 

Lincoln av. (S. Evanston) 
Eden William S. barber, 40 E. Monroe 
Edenberg David, millinery, 86 S. Fullerton av. 
Eder August, saloon, 155 W. Randolph 
Ederer Bros, fish nets, 109 Wabash av. T. 5655 
Edgar Ellis F. broker, 19 Wabash av. R. 31 
Edgar Wm. H. Dr. 3901 Cottage Grove av. 
Edgarton A. Louis, rubber stamp, 199 S. 

Clark, R. 24 
Edgell John, saloon, 2842 S. Park av. 
Edgell William H. musician, 340 W. Lake 
Edgell William M. shoemkr. 340 W. Lake 
EDGEKTOK EDWARD E. locksmith, 

120 E. 22d, T. 8565 
Edgerton Harvey, livery, 37 E. 14th T. 8437 
Edgeworth Patrick, cut stone, Clinton, se. cor. 

Edgren & Fosberg, (Erik Edgren and Au- 
gust Fosberg) grocers, 168 Wesson 
Edler Frederick H. harnessmkr.205 Wells 


(western department), Humbird & Gor- 
don, mngrs. 185-187 Dearborn, T. 1280 
Edlind Caroline, laundry, 5135 Wentworth av. 
Edlind Eric J. tailor, 5551 Wentworth av 
Edman Samuel E. grocer, 790 Lincoln av. 
Edmanson George, oysters,154 Dearborn, T.316 
Edmonds Wm. sign painter, 199 S. Clark, R. 4 
Edmunds & Hay, (Abraham Edmunds and 
James Hay) contractors. Robey nw. cor. 
13th pi. T. 7202 
Edsall & Edsall, (James K. and Samuel C), 

lawyers, 115 E. Monroe, R, 34 
Edsen Carl H. barber, 420 Larrabee 
Edstrand Charles J. tinner, 3644 S. State 
Edstrom Leonard, clothing mnfr. 145 Front 
Edstrom & Co. (Andrew Edstrom and C. 

Gustaf son) grocers, 3216 Wentworth av. 
Edwards A. & B. J. (Andrew and Benjamin 

J.) hardware, 1033 W. Lake 
Edwards B. & Co. (Bjoern and Knist E. Ed- 
wards) pubs. American Contractor, 179 E. 
Washington, R. 12 
Edwards Charles E. prop. Hotel Edwards, 332 

Washington bd. 
Edwards David, dry goods, 544 W. Indiana. 
EDWARDS ED WARD H. contractor 

and builder, 3694 Archer av. 

611 Chicago Opera House, T. 1284 
Edwards E. & H. C. (Edwin and Henry 
C. com. mer. 169 E. Jackson, R. 712, T.1490 
Edwards George, shoemkr. 320 S. State 
Edwards H. J. & Sons, (Henry J. George D. 
and Henry B. Edwards) carriages 292 Wa- 
bash av. 
Edwards James W. artist, 70 E. Monroe, R. 30 
Edwards Jane Mrs. confectr. 3257 S, State 
Edwards John J. saloon, 14 E. Quincy 
Edwards J. Charles, meatmkt. 3710 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Edwards J. A. & Co. (James A. Edwards) 

grain com. 10 Pacific av. R. 42, T. 1238 
Edwards L. M. & Co. (Leander M. Edwards 
and Ben. T. Hosking) wh. fish, 70 S. Wa- 
ter, T. 5300 
Edwards Robert W. music teacher, 70 E. Mon- 
roe, R. 41 
Edwards Samuel Dr. 199 S. Clark, R. 5 
Edwards S. W. & Son. (Sherman W. and Sher- 
man T. Edwards) grain, 375 Carroll av. T. 
Edwards Thomas, ins, agt. 79 Dearborn, R. 33 
Edwards V. real est. 788 Lincoln av. 
Edwards William J. variety, 421 35th 
Edwards and J. B. Fitzgerald) meatmkt. 
55 N. State 
Edwards & Guhl, (E. Edwards and F. H. 
Guhl) potatoes, S. Water, foot Dearborn 
K. Edwards and George W. Richards) 
real est. Commercial av. cor. 92d, (South 
Edwardts John, saloon, 53 E. Chicago av. 
ED YE ALFRED, painter, 3149 S. Halsted 
Eeg Lina Miss, delicacies, 75 W. Ohio 
EftingJohn, grocer, 662 S. Ashland Av. 
Egan Daniel, Dr. 2899 Archer av. 
Egan H. J. Mrs. dressmkr. 135 Elizabeth 
Egan James, carp. 1232 Indiana av. 
Egan James, saloon, 146 Fifth av. 
Egan James J. architect, 142 Dearborn, R. 20 
Egan Patrick, saloon, 559 Root 
Egan Peter, variety store, 4085 S. State 



T 225 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

168 EGA 



Egan Wiley M. vessel agt. Marine ins. 11 Board 

of Trade, T. 210 
Egbert James K. Dr. 50 W. Madison and 3640 

Cottage Grove av. T. 4475 
Egbrecht William, carp. Robey, cor. 21st 
Egehergh & Petersen (Rasmus Egebergh and 

Erank Petersen) printers, 122 E. Lake 
Egen Julia Miss, contectr. lib W. 18th 
Egerbergh R. printer. 313 Milwaukee av. 
Eggebrecht John, coal, 3155 Wentworth av. 
Eggen Ole G. sewing machine agt. 857 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Eggers Albert H. grocer, 1954 Archer av. 
Eggers, Ernest W. meatmkt. 239 E. 25th 
Eggers Gustave, meatmkt. 1474 Milwaukee av. 
Eggers John C. meatmkt. 272 N. Ashland av. 
Eggers Louis, grocer, 254 E. 21st 
Eggers Martha L. Mrs. dressmkr. 805 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Eggers William F. furniture and stoves, 2109 

Archer av. 
EGOFRS & MORAtf, (Henry Eggers 
and Anthony G. Moran) furniture, 92 and 
92* W. Madison 
Eggert Albert, flour and feed, 1807 Milwaukee 

Eggert Bros. (William W. and Henry F. 
Eggert) grocers, Huron nr. cor. Lincoln 
KdK^KKT JACOB, saloon, 2849 Archer 

Eggert, McDonald & Co. (Wm. C. Eggert 
and John A. McDonald) props. Chicago 
Button Co. 71 E. Washington, R. 9 
Eggleston C. H. Dr. Truss Co. George H. 

Brewster, mngr, 69 Dearborn, R. 37 
Eggleston D. & Son, (David and Charles B.) 

com. mers. 169 E. Jackson, R. 500 
Eggleston Francis F. chair mnfr. 46 S. Canal 
Eggleston Wm. G. Dr. 65 E. Randolph 
Eggold Henry J. grocer, 578 Larrabee 
Eheim George, carp, 286 W. North av. 
Ehlebracht C. H. & Co. (Charles H. Ehle- 

bracht) paints and oils, 360* S. Clark 
Ehlebracht Hedwig Mrs. notions, 146 Ambrose 
Ehlen Henry, groceries, 133 W. 15th 
Ehlen Herman J. saloon, 399 S. Canal 
Ehlen Joseph C. paints, 594 Wells 
Ehlen Sarah Mrs. prop. Boulevard Hotel, 

Washington boul. sw. cor. May 
Ehler Morris, blacksmith, 6157 S. Halsted 
Ehlers Adolph, notions, 2704 Wallace 
Ehlers F. & Co. (Frederick Ehlers and Fred- 
erick Angerstein) grocers, 331 Laflin 
Ehlers G. saloon, 1691 Milwaukee av. 
Elders Henry, saloon, 74 5th av. 
Ehlers Henry, saloon, 364 W. Chicago av. 
Ehlers William H. saloon, 3125 Archer av. 
Ehlert John, fish, 164 Samuel 
Ehman Charles, mantel frames, 50 N. Eliza- 
Ehman Henry, barber, 4065 S. Halsted 
Ehrensing William, grocer, 346 W. 12th 
Ehrensing Wm. produce, 138 W. Randolph 
Ehret Michael Jr. & Co. Samuel H. J. Bing- 
ham, agt. roofing, 50 Dearborn, T. 5816 
Ehrhardt Frank, locksmith, 435 S. Halsted 
Ehrhardt L. & Co. (Louis Ehrhardt and Her- 

mm Mede) hay and flour, 216 Wells 
Ehrickson Frederick, shoemkr, 295 Centre 
Ehrlich Brothers (Moses and Samuel Ehrlich) 

wh. jewelery, 174 S. Market 
Ehrlich Eugene M. lawyer 112 S. Clark, R. 730 
Ehrlich Isaac, saloon, 316 W. Chicago av. 
Ehrlich Marcus L. liquors, 369 E. 31st 
Ehrlich Theresa Mrs. dry goods, 184 W. 12th 

Ehrman Brothers (Herman and Max) saloon, 

445 S. Canal 
Ehrmann Jacob, dry goods, 932 W. 22nd 
I1IKSV1I MAX A. engraver, 177 S. 

Clark, R 16 
Eich Jacob, saloon, 1090 W. Madison 
Eich Nicholas, wagon mkr. 504 Center av. 
Eich & Curtis (Charles H. Eich and Peter H.. 

Curtis) flour and feed, 5730 Wentworth av. 
Eichberg David, lawyer, 103 E. Adams, R. 12: 
Eichberg Max. real est. 144 LaSalle 
Eichelberg Henry, dry goods, 1826 S. Clark 
Eichele Maggie, Mrs. broom factory, 249 Aus- 
tin av. 
Eichengreen K. grocer, 733 W. Van Buren 
Eichler Max, pictures, 72 Clybourn av. 
Eicnmann John, wagonmkr. 158 Front 
Eickenberg Conrad, feed, 307 W. Lake 
Eickenberg Frederick, restaurant, 71 E. Yam 

Eickmeier Henry, department store, 107 WeUs 
Eickstaedt Herman, clothing mnfr. 4316 S.. 

Eiden John, contractor, 608 Emerson (Evan- 


W. Huron 
Eierman George, shoemkr. 160 Mohawk 
Eilenberger William G. boots and shoes, 334 

Clybourn av. 
Eilert & Ploger (Dederick Eilert and Charles 

Ploger) iron wks. 2600 Wentworth av. 
Eilertsen Albertine Mrs. cigars, 237 Webster av.. 
Elrich Fred, teaming, 514 N. Paulina 
Eils William, tailor, 435 Milwaukee av. 
Eimstad K. confectr. 64 E. Division 
Einbecker George, saloon, 3700 Wentworth 

Einbecker George, saloon, 2701 Wentworth av.. 

Einfeldt and Geo. L. Eastman) lumber 

and bldg. material, 4 blks. W. of depot,. 

(Oak Park P. O.) Tel. O. P. line 
Einhorn Daniel, lawyer, 225 Dearborn, R. 63 
KIft T «lFl>i, F. cabinetmkr. 457 N. Clark 
Einstein S. &. Co. (Solomon Einstein) dry 

goods com. 235 E. Monroe 
Einstein & Co. (Benj. M. Einstein, Herman 

Herbst and Arthur M. Einstein) clothing 

mnfrs. 224 S. Franklin 
Eireiner Stephen, grocer, 1025 31st 
Eischen John, painter, 161 Mohawk 
Eisele Ellen Mrs. midwife, 122 Ambrose 
Eisele Gotleib, meatmkt. 272 Hudson av. 
Eiseman M. boots and shoes, 281 E. 31st 
Eiseman M. A. & Bro. (Maier A. and Rudolph 

Eiseman) mnfrs. jewelry, 251 E. Monroe 
Eisenberg Abraham, boot and shoemkr, 1922 

S. State 
EISEKKERG J. W. carp. 58 S. Morgan 
Eisendrath B. D. & Co. tanners, 195 E. Lake 
Eisendrath B. W. & Co. (Benjamin W. Eisen- 
drath) glass 117 E. Lake, T. 5266 
Eisendrath Nathan M. grocer, 345 W. Yam 

Eisendrath W. N. & Co. (Wm. N. and Joseph 

Eisendrath) glove mnfrs. foot N. Sanga- 

mon)T. 4282, tanners,39 S. Franklin,T. 1773; 
Eisengarth William L. stoves and tinware,, 

758 Root 
Eisenmenger Louis, meatmkt. 333 W. Chicago 

Eisenstaedt Bros. (Rudolph and Solomon H.) 

wh. neckwear, 154 S. Market 
Eisenfeldt Gustav, tailor, 3245 S. State 



182 Dearborn St 



Eisfeller Henry, cigars, 765 W. Van Buren 

Eiser August, saloon, 910 N. Wood 

Eiser Frank, saloon, 402 Milwaukee av. 

Eisers Nic, saloon, 1119 Belmont av. 

Eisinger Emanuel, dry goods, 116 to 118 Frank- 

Armitage av. cor. Humboldt boul. 

Eisner Edward R. laces, 128 5th av. 

Eisner & Co. (Mrs Bertha Eisner) grocers, 
375 E. Division 

Eiszner John, cooper, 221 to 287 W. Kinzie, 
T. 4439 

Ekblad John A. shoemkr. 309 N. Market 

Ekdahl Peter, blksmith, 5918 Wentworth av. 

Ekenborg William, horseshoer, 1392 N. Clark 

Ekeren E. L. express, 43 N. Center av. 

Ekowski Frank, barber, 529 Noble 

Eklund Walfred T. grocer, 189 Townsend 

Ela John W. lawyer, 115 Dearborn, R. 104, T. 

Ela & Grover, (John W. Ela and Frank R. 
Grover) lawyers 115 Dearborn, R. 104, T. 

Elbe Louis, horseshoer, 3206 Archer av. 

Elbers John, painter, 703 Leavitt 

Elchin Charles L. boots and shoes, 2928 Went- 
worth av. 

Elder A. P. T. pub. 417 Dearborn 

Elder J. C. & Co. (J. C. Elder) map. pub. 157 
E. Washington, R. 29 

Elder Philip L. agt. T. H. White & Co. fertil- 
izers, 34 Pacific av. R. 34 

Elder Pub. Co. 417 Dearborn 

Elder R. S. real est. and loans, 108 Dearborn, 
R. 18 

Eldred Delos W. real est. 179 E. Washington, 
R. 24 

KIIUJKI) g. ». agt. The Ottawa Gate 
Mnf g. Co. 464 E. 22d 

Eldred William H. drugs, 47 E. Kinzie 

Eldredge Celia Miss, hair goods, 274 W. Mad- 

Eldredge Charles M. lawyer, 601 Rialto bldg. 

Eldredge C. S. Dr. 70 S. State, T. 5211 

Eldredge George, lawyer, 225 Dearborn, R. 33 

Eldredge George C. grain com. 6 Sherman. 
T. 1442 

Eldredge George R. lawyer, 183 Dearborn, R. 
144, T. 613 

Eldredge Mnfg. Co. B. Eldredge, pres. Philip 
Goetz, sec. sewing machines, 363 Wabash 
av. T. 5714 

Eldredge S. D. & Co. (S. D. Eldredge) grain 
com. 6 Sherman, R. 25 

Eldridge C. S. Dr. 69 S. State, R. 5, h. Tre- 
mont House 

Eldridge Edward W. real est. 40 Dearborn, R. 

Eldridge Edwin R. lawyer, 182 Dearborn, R. 
11. T. 1532 

Eldridge House, Mrs. Rachel Davis, prop. 8 
Eldridge ct. 

Eldridge Rubber Co. John F. Eldridge, Jr. 
mngr. 181 S. State 

Eleber John, coal, 356 E. Division 

Electric Hardwood Finishing Co. G. W. 
Traverse & Co. 53 S. Desplaines 

Electric Steam Laundry, Mortag & Co. props. 
2110 Wabash av. 

Electric Sudor Remedy Co. Kelly & Thomp- 
son, props, mnfrs. arm shields, 179 E. 
Washington, R. 19 

Randolph, T. 1106 

Electrical World (The), 216 S. Clark, R. 44 
Electro Aged Whiskey Co. 11 Arcade ct. 
Elementary School and Kindergarten, Mrs. 

Susan W. Beardsley, prin. 881 W. Monroe 
Elenz P. F. broom mnfr. 27 Alaska 
Elfelt Bertha F. Mrs. employ agency, 2003 S. 

Elfers Katie Mrs. dressmkr, 603 Wells 
Elflein John, furrier, 1249 W. 16th 
Elgin Frank Mrs. massage, 246 Wabash av. 
Elgin Ice Co. Henry McBride, mngr. 95 N. 

Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway, P. B. Shum- 

way, contractor, L. B. Jackson, chief en- 
gineer, 169 E. Jackson, R. 511, T. 1784 

Thomas M. Avery, pres. W. G. Prall, sec. 

76 E. Monroe, T. 604 
El Golfo Cigar Factory, L. Powell, mngr. 118 

Dearborn, R. 46 
Elias William, furniture, 84 E. 22d 
Eliassof Herman, printer, 144 LaSalle 
Eiich F. W. &Co. (Fred W. Elich) wh. liquors, 

22 8. State 
ELICH HERMAN, drugs, 709 Milwaukee 

av. T. 4333 
Eliel Gustav, ins. broker, 164 LaSalle, R. 2, 

T. 1201 
ElieJ, Kollenberg & HiRer (Lambert Eliel, 

Charles Kollenberg and Louis Hillerj 

tobacconists, 105 E. Lake 
Eliel Levi A. lawyer, 116 LaSaUe, T. 1285 
Elison, Flersheim & Co. (John A. Elison, Geo. 

B. Flersheim, Wm. B. Severn and Wm. 

Baker) real est. 86 E. Randolph, T. 5109. 
Elite Directory, 608 Pullman bldg. 
Elite News, 608 Pullman bldg. 
Elite Pub. Co (The) H. A. Pierce, mngr. 608 

Pullman bldg. 
Elk Rapids Iron Co. F. H. Head, mngr. 205 

LaSaUe, R. 16, T. 1118 
Elkan Edward, dry goods, 405 S. State 
Elkan H. & Co. (Henry Elkan, Louis and Max 

Stern) hides, 204 E. Kinzie, T. 3144 
Elkin Bros, boots and shoes, 502 W. Madison 
ELLACOTT J. P. mechanical engineer, 

194 E. Madison 
EUaf son A. piano tuner, 587 Lincoln av. 
Ellefsen Bernt, drugs, 128 Oak 
EUer George C. horse shoer, 1469 N. Clark 
Ellerbrock B. Miss, miUiner, 449 Milwaukee 

Ellerbrock Fred. F. furniture, 69 E.Chicago av 
EUermann N. E. & Co. (N. E. Ellermann and 

Frank Hook) restaurant, 14 S. Water. 
ELLERMANN JOHN H. restaurant, 

11 N. Clark 
Ellert P. J. & Co. (Peter J. Ellert) real est. 

484 N. Ashland av. 
ELLICKSON L. H. Superior Nickel 

Works 125 and 127 E. Indiana, (see adv) 
EUicott Evans T. coal, 113 E. Monroe, R. 6, 

T. 712 
EUinger A. & Co. (Albert Ellinger) mnfr. 

cloaks, 286 E. Madison 
Ellinger Conrad, shoemkr. 20 Cleveland av. 
Ellinger Morris H. picture frames,231 Wabash 

Ellinger William, saloon, 3416 Auburn 
Ellingsen John, carp. 868 S. Oakley 
EUingson Gertrude Mrs. saloon, 52 W. Indi- 
Ellingson Tallax, baker, 160 N. Centre av. 
Ellingwood Finley, Dr. 8640 S. State, T. 9869 

h. 3932 Indiana av. T. 9944 


170 ELL 



Elliot Frank M. real est. 123 LaSalle, R. 6 
Elliot William H. hardware, 3030 S. State 
Elliott Alexander, saloon, 128 N. Clark 
ELIilOTT B. C. carp, and contractor, 393 

Wells, T. 3478 
Elliott Edwin N. grocer, 823 W. 43d 
Elliott Frank C. lawyer, 84 La SaUe, R. 36, 

T. 81 
EI.L.IOTT F. P. & CO. (Frank P. Elliott, 
Cornelius Harvey and Henry CornweU) 
wh. paper, 208 E. Randolph, T. 1563 
Elliott Joel B. saloon, 1900 Archer av. 
Elliott John, saloon, 76 E. Madison 
Elliott John G. law. 225 Dearborn, R. 80 
Elliott J. H. & Co. (James H. Elliott and 

William Krick) painters, 167 E. 31st 
Elliott Maggie Miss, dressmaker, 247 E. 31st 
Elliott Mary and Lizzie Misses, dressmakrs. 

3232 S. Halsted 
Elliott Wm. E. architect, 196 La Salle, R. 6 
EUiott Wm. S. Jr. lawyer, 101 E. Washington 

R. 25 
Elliott Wm. P. lawyer, 101 E.Washington,R. 22 
Elliott Wm. W. Dr. 239 Lincoln av. T. 3408 
Elliott & Beezley (Lemon F. EUiott and 
Charles F. Beezley) pubs. 168 E. Washing- 
ton. R. 29 
Ellis Benjamin W, lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, 

Ellis Bros. & Co. (Wm. J. and Frank E. Ellis) 
props. The Public Advertising Record 
Co. 116* LaSaUe, T. 1624 
Ellis Frederick, confectr. 521 Milwaukee av. 
Ellis Henry, barber, 257 S. Western av. 
EUis James A. Mrs. bakery, 3635 Cottage 

Grove av. 
EUis J. Ward, dentist, 225 Dearborn, R. 16 
EUis L. fish, 68 S. Halsted and 983 W, Madison 
EUis Otis C. & Co. (Otis. C. EUis) shoe mach- 
inery, 52 S. Franklin 
Ellis Thomas, cigars, 821 W. Van Buren 
EUis Walter S. lawyer, 79 Dearborn, R. 33 
EUis Wm. T. pub. of Fire and Hammer, 200 

W. Madison 
Ellis & Carpenter (T. E. Ellis and W. T. Car- 
penter) meatmkt. 531 W. Van Buren 
Ellison Eliza Mrs. barber, 4104 Cottage Grove 

KL.L.ISOX JOHK B.& SONS, woolens 
and tailors' trimmings, 225 Dearborn, R. 

ERithorpe Air Brake Co. (The) Henry Beidler, 
pres. Herman A. Beidler, v. pres. Albert 
C. Ellithorpe, mngr. Albert B. EUithorpe, 
sec. elevators, 56 Waldo pi. T. 4230 

EUithorpe N. E. mnfr. needles, 44 S. Clark 

Ells Huron A. agts'. goods, 161 LaSalle, R. 58, 
and 131 Ontario 

EUsberry Isaac N. Dr. 3424 Dearborn 

EUsberry I. Jr. Dr. 3424 Dearborn 

E1^I,S WORTH J . W. A CO. coal miners 
and dealers, 138 E. Jackson, R. 400, T. 718, 
and W. Kinzie cor. Green 

Ellsworth Lewis, drugs, 351 Lincoln av. T. 

Ellsworth & Bartlett (Aloro S. Ellsworth and 
James H. Bartlett) salt provisions, 19 Wa- 
bash av. R. 17 and 2635 S. State, T. 8388 

EUwood D. Graham, confectr. 102 E. 22d, T. 

Elm Hildegard Mrs. dressmkr. 2421 S. State 

Elmer Gustav, saloon, 2520 Archer av. 

Elmer & Anderson (T. H. Elmer and G. F. 
Anderson) com. mers. 267 S. Franklin 

Elmendorf WiHiam A. varnishes, 40 Larrabee 

Elmendorf. Watte & Co. (Joseph M. Watte, 

Frank F. Axtell and Finley A. Forbes) 

com. 713 Rialto bldg. T. 1105 
Elmes Charles F. machinist, Fulton ne. cor. 

Jefferson, T. 4328 
Elmore Alexander H. lithog. 81 S. Clark. R. 11 
Elpen Louis, barber, 447 W. Randolph 
Elphicke C. W. & Co. (C. W. Elphicke and 

James A. Myres) ins. and vessel agts. 6 

Sherman R. 10, T. 1194 
Elphinston Margaret Mrs. boarding, 1057 W. 

Elsdon James G. lawyer, 79 Dearborn, R. 59, 

T. 5161 
Eisner Charles F. drugs, 1061 Milwaukee, av. 

T. 4202 
KLSXKU JOHN, saloon, 1065 Milwaukee 

Eisner S. & Co. (S. Eisner and WiUiam 

Wheeler) wh. cloaks, 167 S. Market 
Eisner William, clothing, 2488 Archer av. 
Elston N. B. milk, 3228 Indiana av. 

dressmkr. 5351 School 
Elstum W. J. Dr. 379 Wabash av. 
Elten Christian P. music teacher, 2532 S. 

Elten Gustav H. carp. 300 W. Chicago av. 
Elterman Charles, saloon, 301 WeUs 
J5L.TON GEO. A. undertaker, 28 Third av. 

and 2118 Wabash av. h. 498 Wabash av. 
Elvey Bros. & Co. (Thomas K. and Charles 

Elvey) coal and wood, 918 W. Madison 
Elvig A. J. lawyer, 69 Dearborn, R. 13 
ELWKLL K. II. mngr. Michigan Mutual 

Life Ins. Co. 175 LaSaUe, R. 14 
Elwell & Green (John Elwelland A. S. Green) 

live stk. com. 92 Exch. bldg. stk. yds. 
Elwes A. B. & Co. oils, 112 S. Clark, R. 513 
Elworth F. O. milk, 460 Austin av. 
Ely Charles F. Dr. 103 S. State, R. 35 h. 277 

E. Ontario, T. 3138 
Ely Edward Co. (The) Edward Ely, prest. 

taUors, 163 Wabash av. T. 5431 
Ely F. A. 126 Dearborn. R. 18 
Ely George, grocer, 3238 S. Ashland av. 
Emans Kate Miss, mUlinery, 6246 Wentworth 

Emanuel Louis, tailor, 1343 W. Madison 
Embroidery Stamping Co., Samuel Win- 
decker, mngr. 70 E. Monroe, R. 23 
Emde Albert, boots and shoes, 187 N. Claik 
Emeline Bath Co. A. L. Lehmann, mngr. 63 

W. Madison 
Emerald, James B. Dunn, editor and pub. 162 

E. Washington, R. 64 
Emerson Nelson B. broker, 376 Belden av. 
Emerson N. J. Mrs. metaphysician, 88 S. 

Emerson O. P. & Co.(Ozias P. Frank, Harry 

T. Emerson and David J. Maxon) com. 

mer. 213 S. Water 
Emerson Wm. H. painter, 44 E. 13th 
Emerson & Wiley (George Emerson and Mat- 
tie Wiley) saloon, 1091 W. Lake 
Emery Alben F. sale stable, 65 Wells 
Emery Cyrus & Co. electric lights, 115 Dear- 
born, R. 25 
Emery Franklin, restaurant; 344 S. State 
Emery George A. real est. 113 E. Monroe, R. 6 

T. 712 
Emery Horace L. mech. engineer, 122 S. Jef- 
Emery Jacob P. shoemkr. 3121 1 / 4 Cottage 

Grove av. 

ftO A L * arket ' s - w - Cor - Adams ' GEO W RAITHEL 

VvJlMt TELEPHONE No. 1293. «»-«■ ■■• ""■ ' IILI " 


Emery Robert Dr. 125 S. Clark, R. 42 

Emery William H. hide broker, 143 E. Kinzie 

KM1CH L.OUIS, saloon, 325 Clybourn av. 

Emig George, shoemkr. 235 Fulton 

Emmart Charles M. dentist, 3858 State 

Emmel Peter, painter, 500 Wells, T. 3254 

Emmel Wm. vegetable mkt. 148 W. Randolph 

Emmert Charles M. dentist, 3858 S. State 
T. 9824 

Emmert John, meatmkt, 175 25th pi. 

Emmert Proprietary Co. J. S. Emmert, pres. 
C. G. Berg, sec. 300 Dearborn 

Emmett Daniel D. milk, 3202 Butterfield 

Emmerich Charles & Co. (Charles Emmerich, 
William Hammermiller, John Bauer and 
Louis Nettelhorst) feathers, 287 E. Madi- 
son, T. 151 

Emmerick Frederick, saloon, 2824 Archer av. 

Emmerick George, saloon, 3136 Archer av. 

Emmick Samuei B. restaurant, 214 W. Ran- 

Emmons C. P. grain com. 4 Sherman, H. 22 

Emmons Francis A. Dr. 3422 Indiana av. T. 

Empey Nathan B. grocer, 306 W. 14th 

B. Crouch, sec. and treas. car roofers, E. 
Randolph, se. cor. Market, T. 950 

Empire Carpet Cleaning Co. Hamilton & 
Lawrence, props, 63 S. Canal 

Empire Creamery Co. (Charles J. Rennacker,) 
milk depot, 169 Lincoln av. 

EMrUiEI>l»TIL,L.INO CO. Patrick 
H. Rice, pres. Thos. J. Rice, sec. 46 S. 
Clinton, T. 4425 

Empire House, August Wendt, prop, 27 S. 

Empire Laundry, Andrew Hanche, prop. 603 
W. Indiana 

Empire Laundry Machinery Co. John A. 
. Potter, mngr. 189 E. Washington 

Empire Line, Joseph Stockton, agt. 34 Pacific 
av. R. 7, T. 1083 

Empire Packing Co. (The) Wm. S. Wilson, 
mngr. 788 W. Madison 

Empire Parlor Bedstead Co. (Titcomb & 
Pratt) 381 W. Madison, T. 4224 

Empire Savings, Building and Loan Associa- 
tion, Abram Jackson, sec. 184 Dearborn, 
R. 15 

Empire Steam Cooked Feed Co. Roland C. 
Nickerson, pres. Patrick W. Snowhook, 
v. pres. Henry F. Billings, treas. John S. 
Curly, sec. 40 Michigan, T. 3044 

Dickinson, pres. John W. Dickinson, sec. 
and treas. cements, 198 S. Market. T. 332 

Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation 
(lim.) of London, Eng. Charles W. Drew 
& Co. gen. agts. 162 LaSalle, T. 362 

Emrich Charles, tailor, 141 Schiller 

Emrick George Dr. 875 Milwaukee av. 

Emrick George M. Dr. 145 S. Canal, T. 4201 

Emrick G. M. & Co. (George M. Emrick and 
M. B. Spotts) drugs, 875 Milwaukee av. 
and 145 S. Canal, T. 4201 

Enander & Bohman (John A. Enander and 
Gustav A. Bohman) pubs. 175 E. Chicago 
av. T. 3293 

Enberg Victor, shoemkr. 48*4 E. Chicago av. 

EMM, AMKLIA MRS. principal The 
German-American Young Ladies' Insti- 
tute, 605 & 607 N. Clark 

Ender Gustav, boots and shoes, 349 W. 18th 

Ender Levi A. crockery, 2336 Wentworth av. 

Ender & Ender (John C. and Henry F.) pro- 
duce com. 130 S. Water, T. 5188 

Enders Christian, saloon, 31 E. Chicago av. 

Enders Frank, saloon, 18 E. Chicago ay. 

Enders Mathew H. harness mkr. 2703 Cottage 
Grove av. 

Enders Philip, saloon, 171 N. Clark 

Endres Louis, boots and shoes, 2350 Cottage 
Grove av. 

Endris Louis, saloon, 82 E. Chicago av. 

Endolitl dc Marble Co. WiUiam S. MacHarg, 
agt. 14 Pacific av. R. 68 

Energetic Creditors' Association, Samuel 
Eichberg, gen. mngr. David Eichberg, 
atty. collections, 103 E. Adams, R. 12 

Engberg-Holmberg Publishing Co. Jonas 
Engberg, pres. Charles P. Holmberg. 
treas. Charles G. Thulin, v. pres. Karl 
Wallen, sec. 119 E. Chicago av. T. 3069 

Engel C. carp. 2713 Emerald av. 

Engel F. C. grocer, 839 W. 21st 

Engel George, toys, 286 Milwaukee av. 

Engel H. A. grocer, 883 W. Polk 

Engel Hattie Mrs. notions, 300 E. 26th 

Engel Ida Mrs. dressmkr. 56 Samuel 

Engel M. Mrs. restaurant, 326 W. Lake 

Engel William, saloon, 299 W. 16th 

Engel William B. boots and shoes, 541 W. 
Chicago av. 

Engel & Jaeger, (Henry Engel and Albert 
Jaeger), saloon, 85 Wells 

Engelbert Peter, bakery, 116 N. Clark 

Engolbrecht Christ, saloon, 183 Armitage av. 

Engelhard Amelia, Mrs. cigars, 1772 Mil- 
waukee av. 

Engelhard Bros. (Paul R. and Oscar R.) choc- 
olate mnfrs. 283 S. Canal 

Engelhard F. justice of the peace and real est. 
1772 Milwaukee av. 

Engelhard G. P. & Co, (George P. Engelhard) 
pubs. 69 Dearborn, R. 18 

Encelhardt Henry, saloon, 219 North av. 

Engelland Peter H. news depot, 311 E. 22nd 

Engels A. milk, 230 Ashland av. 

Engels Goodman A. grocer, 258 W. Erie 

Engels Peter, saloon, 3759 S. State 

Engels P. & S. (Peter and Stephen) grocers, 
308 Blue Island av. 

Engelthaler Joseph, shoemkr. 129 W. 18th 

Engelter George, stair bldr. 112 Weed 

Enger Martenius S. boots and shoes, 157 W, 

Enger Ole, shoemkr. 2561 W. Indiana 

Engers Albert E. wagonmkr. 490 Wells 

Engers Frank W. real est. agt. 59 S. Clark, 
R. 32 

Engert Rosa H. Dr. 69 S. State, R. 27, T. 5642, 
h. 486 N. Clark, T. 3027 

Engh L. O. baker, 246 Milwaukee av. 

Engh Milian, tailor, 473 W. Madisou 

Engineers Company (The) P. G. Monroe, gen. 
mngr. pubs. 216 S. Clark, R. 8 

Engk S. grocer, 25 Hunt 

ENUL. AN l> E. bakery and confectr. 161 S. 

Engle A. confectr. 141 Evergreen 

Engle Charles, mngr. Criterion Theatre, 274 

Engle Christian S. real est. 163 E. Randolph, 
R. 58 

Englehardt Mary Mrs. bakery, 135 53d 

Englemann Mary Mrs. bakery, 91 Canalport av. 

Engbretsen J. grocer, 593 W. Indiana 

Engloking Henry, saloon, 759 S. Canal 

Englert John, baker, 3115 S. State 


172 ENG 



Englewood Bank, H. P. Taylor, prop. D. E. 

Terriere, cash. 6248 Wentworth av. 
Englewood Brass and Quadrille Band, James 

Kratochvil, leader 5960 S. State 
Englewood House, R. Rapp prop. 815 63d 
Englewood Printing Works, C. W. Dunkley, 

prop. 462 63rd 
Englewood Publishing Co. J. P. Mallette, pres. 

Artemas Williams, sec. Jno. T. Ustick, 

treas. and mngr. pubs, the Daily Evening 

CaU, 422 63d 
Englewood Steam Laundry, Frank A. Jillson. 

prop. 440 63d 
Englewood Transfer & Warehouse Co. J. R. 

Jones, mngr. 6212 Wentworth av. T. 12, 

361 63rd, T. 12, 53 Dearborn, T. 5005 
Englewood & Chicago Express Co. Robinson 

& Huff props. 6119 Wentworth av. and 61 

E. Washington 
English Brothers, (William P. and Edward J.) 

meatmkt. 112 E. 22d. T. 8177 
English George R. lawyer, 79 S. Clark, R. 16 
English R. W. & Co. lumber, Throop and 22d 

T. 9065 
English Samuel F. horseshoer, 817 W. Lake 
B \<* E,I*H T. G. clothing mnfr. 143 & 145 

English Wm. J. lawyer, 79 S. Clark, R. 20, T. 


shoes, 3852 Cottage Grove av. 
Engstroin M. Mrs. dressmkr. 145 Townsend 
Enhardt R.& Co. plumbers.2338 Wentworth av. 
Enmark M. G. meatmkt. Chicago av. (Rogers 

Ennessy Frank, cooperage mnfr. office E. 27th 

nw. cor. S. Clark, T. 8475 
Ennis Alfred, lawyer, 204 Pullman bldg. 
Ennis John E. gen. pass. agt. M. P. R. R., I. 

M. R. R. andT. P. R. R. 199 S. Clark, T. 389 
Ennis Lawrence M. lawyer, 79 Dearborn, R. 

38, T. 5055 
Ennis & Webb, lathes, 5316 Butterfield 
Ennisson W. Jay, lawyer, 164 Dearborn, R. 520 
Enoch Samuel T. & Co. (Samuel T. Enoch and 

Wm. R. Evans), carriages, 375 Wabash av. 

T. 1633 
Enquist Magnus, tailor, 353 N. Clark 
Enright Deliah Mrs. grocer, 2724 Wallace 
Enright D. K. saloon, 221 Blue Island av. 
Enright Ellen Mrs. dressmkr. 125 S. Des- 

Enright John S. saloon, 2138 S. State 
Enright J. H. Jr. grocer, 52 W. Adams 
Enright Michael, confectr. 4323 S. Halsted 
Enright M. G. & Co. employment agt. 71 S. 

('anal, T. 4644 
ENRIGHT THOMAS, saloon, 3406 S. 

Enright Thomas, grocer, 3C01 Butterfield 
Ensign F. G. supt. The Am. Sunday School 

Union, 149 LaSalle. R. 78 
Ensign Willard F. mngr. Union Horse-Nail 

Co. Ashland av. nr. W. 22nd 
Enter Henry, meatmkt. 454 N. Ashland av. 
Enterprise (The) Wood & Date, pubs. 1010 W. 

Enterprise F. & M. Ins. Co. of Cincinnati, R. 

8. Critchell & Co. agts. 141 LaSalle, T. 

427, John W. Sweeney, agt. 4209 S. Halsted 

WORKS, J. C. Shuler,mngr. 13 to 17 

S. Canal, T. 4440 
Enterprise Wire Cloth Mnfg. Co. 67 W. Mon- 
roe, T. 4096 

Enterprise Novelty Co., Morris Mitchell, pres. 
S. A. Jones, v. pres. Isaac J. Mitchell, sec. 
and treas. knit goods, 120 E. Quincy, R. 6 
Enthof Henrjt grocer, 748 Hinman 
Entzminger George G. grocer, 652 W. Lake 
Enyart John P. tailor, 799 W. Lake 
Enzenbacher A. lawyer, 143 W, Madison 
Ephraim Hyman, dyer, 316 E. 31st 
Ephraim Mendy H. barber, 169 E. Van Buren 
Ephraim Morris N, barber, 2550 S. State 
Epler Ernest G. Dr. 505 S. Canal. T. 4494 
Eppenstein Morris, pawn broker, 253 S. Clark 
EPPE\STE1K ML C. & CO. wh. 

jewelers, 67 and 69 E. Washington 
Eppenstein S. C. pawnbroker, 111 E. Ran- 
Eppenstein Saul C. 2nd. hand, 277 S. Clark 
Eppinzer Lebrecht, barber, 80 Sherman 
Epple Julius V. trusses, 51 N. Clark 
Epply William H. & Co. (WiUiam H. Epply) 

stock brokers, 14 E. Jackson 
Epps C. L. & Co. (Charles L. Eppsand Joseph 
F. Green) maltsters, Bloomingdale rd. 
cor. Dickson 
EPPSTEIK ISAAC, saloon, 95 S. Hal- 
Epstean Louis I. museum, 111 E. Randolph 
Epstein, A. jeweler, 88 S. State 
Epstein Joseph, mnfr. cigars, 715 S. Morgan 
Epstein Joseph, lawyer, 765 S. Halsted 
Epstein Louis, tailor, 343 S. State 
Epstein & Marks, (Nathan Epstein and Ab- 
raham Marks) hides, 149 E. Kinzie 
Equi Antonio, saloon, 446 Dearborn 
Equitable Accident Ins. Co. of Cincinnati, 
Campbell & Hamilton, agts. 195 La Salle, 
R. 4. 
Equitable Gas Light and Fuel Co. Henry 
Fitzhugh, pres. George S. Bowen, mngr. 
196 E. Jackson, T. 5030 
Equitable Law and Admiralty Agency, Will- 
iam H. Condon, prop. John F. Bower, 
mngr. collections, 242 S. Water, R. 10 
Equitable Life Ins. Co. of Iowa, A. J. Flit- 
craft, gen. agt. 205 LaSalle. R. 320, T. 490 I 
SOCIETY OF N. Y. W. N. Craine 
and O. P. Curran, mngrs. T. T. Watson, 
cashr. 108 Dearborn, T. 1765 
Ferguson, mngr. 94 LaSalle, R. 51, T. 1658 
Equitable Mutual Benefit Society, John F. 

Bryand, agt. 81 S. Clark, R. 35 
Equitable Savings Loan & Homestead Asso- 
ciation, James N. Buchanan, pres. Albert 
J. Bradford, sec. John L. Bennett, treas. 
122 LaSalle, R. 14 
Equitable Trust Co. George W. Kendall, 

mngr. 71 E. Washington, R. 1 
Erb Edward, ivory turner, 70 W. Randolph 
Erb Martin, sign painter, 192 E. Washington 
Erbstein Louis, cigars, 704 W. Lake 
ERBY CONRAD W. wood engraver, 308 

Erby William, wagonmkr, 170 Wells 
Erdman S. cigars, 48 W. 11th 
Ergang William, blksmth. 747 S. Halsted 
Ergo Bros. & Co. (Julius and August) tailors, 

3024 Wentworth av. 
Erhardt Gottlieb, meatmkt. 75 Swift pi. 
Erich Victor, drugs, 2500 Cottage Grove av. 

T 822 
ERICKSEN S. saloon,W. Kinzie sw. cor. 
42d, (Central Park P. O.) 






Erickson Albert, lumber inspector, 242 S. 

Water, R. 11, T. 681 
Erickson A. T. boots and shoes, 915 N. Cali- 
fornia av. 
Erickson Bros. (H. K. and J. 0.) meatmkt. 

277 W, Indiana 
Erickson Bros. (Hans and Olaf) meatmkt. 

385 Ogden av. 
Erickson Christian, mnfr. vosts, 22 Temple 
Erickson C. dry goods, 228-1190 Milwaukee av. 
Erickson Edw, grocer, 252 N. Halsted 
Erickson Eric G. shoemkr. 123 W. Huron 
Erickson George, leather and findings, 470 S. 

ERICKSON OUSTAF , saloon, Ewing 

av. nr. 100th, Colehour, (South Chicago) 
Erickson Henry, saloon, 108 W. Huron 
Erickson O. shoemkr. 152 N. Morgan 
Erickson, Rydell & Co. (John Erickson and 

Gus Rydell) clothiers, 149 E. Chicago av. 
ERICKSON & l<AR*ON (John Erick- 
son and Nels Larson) boots and shoes, 194 

Milwaukee av. 
Erie Despatch, George W. Ristine, gen. mngr. 

205 LaSalle, R. 10, T. 371 
Erie Despatch (B. &0. division) J. F. Upham, 

agt. 212 LaSalle, T. 1091 
Erie Despatch (Middle division) E. C. Smith, 

agt. 191 LaSalle, T. 1291 
ERIE EXPRESS, Wm. W. Chandler Jr. 

gen. agt. 140 and 142 E. Monroe, T. 1613 
Erie & Pacific Despatch, W. H. Hogan, agt. 

199 LaSalle 
Eriksen L. painter, 182 N Ashland av 
Eriksen & Larsen (Martin Eriksen and Hans 

Larsen) grocers, 428 W. Indiana 
son, B. Borgesen and C. Erikson) furniture 

mnfr. 373 W. Indiana, factory 141 to 151 N. 

Erler William J. contractor, 34 Spring 
Ermel Caroline Mrs. saloon, 241 S. Desplaines 
Ermeling Lewis & Co. produce, 171 S. Water 
Ermeling Wm. produce com. 201 S. Water 
Ernest Albert, saloon, 564 S. Centre av. 
Ernest Tosetti Brewing Co. Wright cor. 40th 
Ernest & Stastny (Albert Ernest and John 

Stastny) wines and liquors, 564 S. Centre 

Ernester Nicholas, saloon, 174 Blue Island av. 
Ernesti Richard, artist, 79 S. Clark, R. 18 
Ernst A. P. carp. 608 13th pi. 
ERXST R. C. window glass, 113 E. Adams, 

R. 36 
Ernst Bros. Brewing Co. Charles E. Ernst, 

pres. Leo Ernst, sec. 67 Larrabee, T. 3405 
Ernst Frederick, meatmkt. 329 Cleveland av. 
Ernst Fritz, coal, Ashland av. sw. cor. 21st 
Ernst G ttlieb, pedler, 1491 Milwaukee av. 
Ernst John, saloon, 2900 Butler 
Ernst & Schmitz (Joseph H. Ernst and Mat- 
thias Schmitz) real est. 271 E. N»>rth av. 
Ernstine Aaron, grocer, 1509 S. State 
KRPELDIN& X. & .1. (Nicholas and 

Jacob) folding dinner box mnfrs. 258 E. 

North av. 
ERRETT FRANK. MRS. prop. Acme 

laundry, 1035 W. Madison 
Erring Women's Ref age, 3111 Indiana av. 
Erskine David M. Jr. & Co. (David M. Ers- 

kine, Jr.) real est. 166 LaSalle, T. 723 
Ertel Herman, saloon, 1067 Blue Island av. 
ERTIi JOHN, saloon, 1995 Ashland av. 

(Lake View) 
Erwin John T. lawyer, 106 E. Lake 

Erwin G. L. & Co. (G. L. Erwin Jr.) dry goods 

com. 195 LaSalle, R. 9 
Esborg Annie Miss,dressmkr.l08 E. Chicago av 
Escanaba& Lake Michigan Transportation 

Co. Ira H. Owen, treas. and supt. 210 S. 

Water, R. 4, T. 922 
Ercanbrack John M. tailor, 30 E. Chicago av. 
Escarras & Santaella (Henry Escarras and 

Antonia Santaella) mnfr. cigars, 701 W. 

Van Buren 
ESCII RROS. «& RARE (Wm. August 

and Fred Esch and Frederick Rabe) ice, 

215 W. 18th, T. 9027, and Newberry av. cor. 

W. 16th 
Eschbach Anton J. confectr. 1924 Archer av. 
Eschemann August, grocer, 2725 Butterheld 
Eschenburg Arnold W. lawyer, 95 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 61, T. 1476 
Eschenburg J. Wm. gen. agt. North German 

Lloyds Steamship Co. 104 5th av. T. 1404 
Escher Amos, dyer, 112 E. Harrison 
Escher M. Mrs. notions, 431 W. Indiana 
Eschmeyer Henry, broker, 80 S. Water 
Es -man Charles A. grocer, 2503 S. State 
Eshbaugh C. F. dentist, 1370 Oak wood boul. 
Esher Edward B. lawyer, 123 E. Randolph, R. 

Esher Henry, saloon, 193 W. Huron 
Eslinger Andrew, painter, 444 Webster av. 
Eshner Joseph, saloon, 350l S. Halsted 
Eskilson Christ, roofer, 408 W. Huron 
Eskilson Christ & (Jo. (Christ Eskilson) roof- 
er, 179 W. Washington^ T. 4580 
Esmay & Co. (Isaac P. Esmay) laces, 5 E. 

ESNORFF .1. 41. J. printers, 479 Blue 

Island av. T. 9085 
Esnorff J. prop. Holland Publishing Co. 4/9 

Blue Island av. T. 9085 
Espen & Co. (Abraham Espen) fringe mnfrs. 

75 and 77 S. Market 
Espey John E. ladies toilet goods, 481 S. State 
Essant Joseph W. lawyer, 99 E. Randolph, 

R. 5 
Essen Christian, baker, 3165 Archer av. 
Essenmacher August, confectr. 338 W. Indiana 
Essers Hubert, shoemkr. 326 S. State 
Essex George S. grain com. 4 Board Trade 
Essig Benedict, variety, 3403 Wallace 
Essig Bros. (Louis and John), meatmkt. 294i 

W. Lake 
Essig Charles, lapidary, 125 S. State, R. 11 
Essler Lizzie Mrs. dressmkr. 538 Milwaukee 

Essmer Matthew E. jeweler, 312 E. North av. 
Essroger Bernard, lumber broker, 242 S. 

Water, R. 12 
ESTEE T. C. supt. Creditors' Agency, 95 

and 97 S. Clark 
Esterbrooke William W. Dr. 537 La Salle av. 
Esterblom Eric, tailor, 48 Milton av. 
Esterly Harvesting Machine Co. (The), A. 

M. Reed, gen. agt. 46 and 48 W. Lake 
Estey Mnfg. Co. furniture, 24 E. Van Buren 
Estey & Camp, pianos, 190 S. State, T. 516 
Etgen Bernard, saloon, 361 E. North av. 
Etheridge James H, Dr. 65 E. Randolph, R. 9. 

T. 5558, h. 1634 Michigan av. T, 8272 
Etheridge John H. Dr. 65 E. Randolph, T. 5558, 

h. 1634 Michigan av. T. 8272 
Etherington & Hechinger (John A. Ethering- 

ton and Peter Hechinger) meatmkt. 54 

31st T. 8162 
Ethier J. B. carp. 817 Root 
Etttdson Benjamin, saloon, 90 S, Clinton 

I>j9L"X'TOJXr €*3 POOLE, 

! PatemtS 

174 ETT 



Ettelson Marx, saloon, 1242 S. State 

Etter Louis, saloon, 542 S. Halsted 

Etterwind Frank, saloon, 18(5 13th pi. 

Ettinger Abraham B. clothing, 1534 S. State 

Ettlinger M. furs, 109 S. State 

Ettlinger Simon, printer, 173 E. Monroe and 

85 5th av. 
Etzel Louis, saloon, Elston av. cor. W. Divi- 
Etzig John, baker, 871 Lincoln av. 
Etzler Benjamin M. dentist, 68 35th 

pres. W. L. Malone, sec. miners and 

mnfrs. Malone blue stone nagging, 159 

and 161 Lasalle, R. 36 T. 1615 
Eugene Laundry, 1246 W. Madison 
Euk Lee, laundry, 71 E. Kinzie 
Euphrat Julius, cigars, 2484 Archer av. 
Euphrat Karl, clothing, 2514 Archer av. 
Eureka Compressed Yeast Co. George A. 

Glore, gen. agt. 122 E. Kinzie 
Eureka Digger Co. William H. Rhodes, pres. 

Alexander Bowers, sec. and treas. 45 N. 

Eureka House, Charles Mulcahey, prop. 73 E. 

Eureka Laundry Co. (The) Edward D. Ellis, 

pres. Fred. N. Pert, sec. John F. Ellis, 

treas. 157 W. Madison 
EUltEKA EI VERY CO. Sample & Mc- 

Rae, props. 521 W. Taylor, T. 4625 
Eureka Sash Attachment Co. Garvey & Brad- 

shaw, props. 21 N. Green 
Eureka Shoe Mnfg. Co. William Osner, mngr. 

235 E. Lake 
Eureka Show Case Co. Jos. Monk, mngr. 208 

E. Lake, T. 1135 
Eureka Storage House, (Sample & McRae), 

521 W. Taylor, T. 4625 
Eureka Towel Co. C. S. Warner, mngr. 204 

European Hotel, Christ. Bahlmann, prop. 117 

S. Canal 
EIROFEAI HOTEL., Frank Riedmil- 

ler, prop. 52 Sherman 
European Laundry, John J. Burgess, prop. 

2805 Cottage Grove av. 
Evangelical Aid Society, (The) Rev. George 

W. Lechler, sec. 112 S. Clark, R. 302 
Evans Bros. (Henry and Richard) dry goods, 

1800 S. State 
Evans Charles H. Dr. 730 Warren av. 
Evans Charles W. Dr. 341 Fulton, T. 4193 
Evans Christopher, mason, 90 35th 
Evans David, dry goods, 288 W. Lake 
Evans Edward E. & Co. (Edward E. Evans, 

Comfort E. Peck and Alexander Moody) 

restaurant, 164 E. Madison 
Evans E. W. carp. 331 Winchester av. 
Evans Harvey B. saloon, 229 S. Canal 
Evans J. G. & F. G. (John G. and Fred. G.) 

oils, 259 41st 
Evans Lynden, lawyer, 182 Clark, R. 15 
Evans Richard, prop. Hotel Cortland, 18 E. 

Evans Richard P. dry goods, 199 W. Lake 
Evans Roland, photog. 207 S. Halsted 
Evans Samuel, wool broker, 148 LaSalle 
Evans Thomas, real est. 112 E. Randolph, R. 2 
Evans Thomas tailor, 39 i Michigan cor. N. 

Evans Thomas E. flour and feed, 39 N. Union 
Evans William, capitalist, 56 Lasalle 
Evans William J. tinner, 310 S. State 
Evans W. F. real est. 236 Austin av. 

Evans William W. lawyer, 95 E. Washington 

Evanson Davis, confectr. 577 S. Canal 
Evanston Bank, Thos. C. Hoag, propr. 327 

Davis, (Evanston) T. 66 
EVAXHTOX € I T1ZEN, William Duf- 

fell Jr. pub. 516 Davis, (Evanston) 
Evanston Express, Charles Rubo, prop. 36 

5th av. 
Evanston Hotel, Mrs. J. S. Coffeen, prop. ss. 

Davis w. Railroad, (Evanston) 
EVANSTON INDEX, Evanston Index 

Co. pub. John A. Childs, treas. 325 Davis 

(Evanston) T. 39 
Evanston Index Co. John A. Childs, treas. 

pubs. The Evanston Index, 325 Davis, 

(Evanston) T. 39 
Evanston Musical Institute (The) A. F. Mc- 

Canell, director, Davis cor. Orrington av. 
Evanston Planing Mill, Benj. Peeney, prop. 

Benson av. nw. cor. Church, (Evanston) 
Evanston & Chicago Express, R. M. Jennings 

prop. 523 Davis, (Evanston) 236 E. Lake, 

Evanston and North Cook County Building 

and Loan Association, 403 Davis, (Evans- 
Evatt Wm. Dr. 573 Blue Island av. T. 9200 
Even Michael J. boots & shoes, 2044 Archer av. 
Even Theodore, jeweler, 244 E. North av. 
Evener Spring Co. A. W. Hager, pres. E. C. 

Currey, sec. 21 S. Canal 
Evening Lamp (The) A. N. KeUogg News- 
paper Co. pubs. 368 Dearborn 
Evenson Jacob, furniture, 3535 S. Halsted 
Evenson John, grocer, 1020 Milwaukee av. 
Everden Edward M. carp. 48 Hubbard ct 
Everett Edward, Dr. 69 S. State, R. 13 
Everett E. Dr. 1130 N. Halsted 
Everett John C. lawyer, 130 Dearborn, R. 8 
Everett William, coal, 5640 Lake av. T. 9933 
Everett William S. lawyer, 130 Dearborn, R. 8 
Everett & Everett (William S. and John C.) 

lawyers, 130 Dearborn, R. 8 
Everett & Post (Richard Everett and Henry 

R. Post) pig lead, 205 LaSaUe, R. 101, T. 

Everhart George P. real est. 112 S. Clark, R. 

918, T. 1284 
Everill William H. furniture, 296 Wabash av. 
Everingham G. S. & Co. stock brokers, 18 

Dearborn, T. 5306 
Everiugham L. & Co. (Lyman Everingham) 

com. mers. 112 S. Quincy, R. 200, T. 54 
Evers Robert, coal, 29th, se. cor. S. Clark 
Evers William & Co. (William Evers) com. 

mer. 215 S. Water T. 489 
Evert Peter, saloon, Front, (Rose Hill) 
Everts Charles E. tents, 274 S. Water 
Evory Henry W. furniture, 6214 Wentworth av. 
Evoy John, saloon, 4029 S. Ashland av. 
Evoy John, saloon, 858 W. North av. 6 _ 
Ewald Hermann, saloon, 115 43d 
Ewart David, restaurant, 404£ S. State 
EWABT Hi\FG. CO. A. A. Pone, pres. 

T. S. Fauntleroy, sec. belting, 11 S. Jeff- 
erson, T. 4405 
Ewel Peter, saloon, 278 S. Water 
Ewell Marshall D. Dr. lawyer. 97 S. Clark, 

R. 52 
Ewell M. D. Dr. 170 E. Washington, R. 14 
Ewer Henry, milk, 4442 Dearborn 
EWEBT CHARLES, bakery, 115 W. 

Ewert Fred. C. hardware, 3108 S. Halsted 

GE0.W.RAlTHEL, s - w TE c - P M H A ^ T r i A r s 'COAL. 


Ewert John, shoemkr. 77 Cornelia 

Ewerts Jacob, boots and shoes, 2514 Went- 

worth av. 
Ewing Adlai T. lawyer. 115 E. Monroe, R. 37 
Ewing. Collins & Ewing (Wm. G. Ewing, 

Holdridge 0. CoUins, Adlai T. Ewing) 

lawyers, 115 E. Monroe, R. 37 
Ewing Henry J. painting, 277 Lincoln av. T. 

Ewing R. P. Mrs. bakery and confectr. 677 W. 

Ewing Wm. G. lawyer, 115 E. Monroe, R. 37 
EWOIG- & McLATTttHLilN (James 

Ewing and Frank C. McLaughlin) carp. 

and builders, 3521 Cottage Grove av. 
Ex. Simon, junk, 252 Larrabee 
Excell Charles, contractor, 70 35th 
Excelsior Brick Co. Thomas E. McGinitie, 

pres. Oliver Sollitt, treas. Alfred Bury, 

sec. 161 LaSalle, R. 49 
Excelsior Children's Carriage Mnfg. Co. J. 

M. Uebele, prop. Clark se. cor. 16th 
Excelsior Cork Cutting Co. Theodore D. 

Eagle, pres. William H. Eagle, sec. Jo- 
seph A. Eagle, treas. 84 S. Franklin 
Excelsior Electric Co. Charles J. Reilly, west- 
ern mngr.; 139 E. Madison, R. 23 
Excelsior Enameling Co. John B. Brooke, 

gen. inngr.; sign letters, 158 Dearborn 

lile Mason, pres. George Mason, v. pres. 

W. L. Crawford, sec. J. A. Mason, supt. 

100 N. Clinton, T. 4441 
Excelsior Laundry, John D. Sheel, mngr. 131 

Excelsior Machine & Boiler Works John Gub- 

bins, prop. 343 S. Canal, T. 4145 
Excelsior Newspaper delivery (The) Louis 

M. Seaver, mngr. 156 E. Washington, R. 27 
Excelsior Quilting Co. 123 S. Clinton 
Excelsior sign Co. L. S. Grout, mngr. 124 

Excelsior Steel Furnace Co. H. L. Thornburgh, 

pres. John E. Cailey, v. pres. A. W. Gless- 

ner, sec. 20 N. Clinton, T. 4245 
Excelsior Stone Co. S. W. Norton, pres. B. J. 

Moore, sec. and treas. office, 159 LaSalle, 

R. 29, T. 347, yard, Archer av. cor. 23d 
Excelsior Supply Co. George T. Robie, mngr. 

sew. mach. supplies, 289 Wabash av. T. 455 
Excelsior Suspender Mnfg. Co. (Freehling 

and Mehlman) 243 E. Monroe 

CO. C. H. Potts, mngr. 208 LaSaUe, R. 20 
Excelsior Window Co. A. Leonard Lundgren, 

pres. and mngr. Emil C. Benson, sec. 

164, E. Randolph, R. 13 
Exchange Fire Ins. Co. of New York. George 

W. Montgomery & Co. agts. 206 LaSalle, 

T. 303, C. W. Elphicke & Co. marine agts. 

6 Sherman, R. 10 
Exchange for Woman's Work (Chicago) 219 

Wabash av. 
Exchange Hotel, Charles E. Morse, prop. 157 

3rd av. cor Polk 
Exchange Restaurant. Exch. Bldg. Stk. Yds. 
Exhaust Ventilator Co. 3d av. and Polk 
Exline A. A. lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 54 
Expanded Metal Co. Oscar Bradford, pres. 

Henry S. Turner, v. pres. Waubansia av. 

cor. Howard, (Jefferson) 
Exposition Hotel, William B. Gibson, prop. 

407 S. State 
Express Printing Co. pubs. The Chicago Ex- 
press, 192 E. Madison 

Eye (The) Charles Gentile, editor, 298 Dear- 

Eye Printing Co. (The) J. C. Denison, pres. Mrs. 
M. M. Tousley, sec and treas. W. H. Tous- 
ley, mngr. pub. Town of Lake Eye, 6134 
Wentworth av. T. 9587 

Eyer Daniel, ins. broker, 86 LaSalle, R. 36 

Faber Eberhard, Edward H. Keen, agt. pencil 

mnfr. 185 Dearborn, R. 25 
Faber Frank, cigar mnfr. 696 W. 18th 
Faber F. architect. 92 LaSalle, R. 63 
Faber Harry J. sign painter, 184 E. Indiana 
Faber Nicholas, boots and shoes, 162 47th 
Fabers M. & J. (Margaret and Justina) hair 

workers, 173 N. Clark 
Fabian R. shoemkr. 11 Orchard 
Fabian Simon, clothing, 48H S. Clark 
Fabian Vaclav V. mnf r.cigars 652 S. May 
Fabre John, cigars, Masonic blk. (Austin P.O.) 
Fabric Fire Hose Co. Robt. Many, western 
agt. fire hose and apparatus, 139 E. Lake 
T. 1050 
Fabrik Nic. confectr. 109 W. Erie 
Fackel, (Sunday German Newspaper) Frank 
Bielefeld, supt. Albert Currlin, ed. 274 
W. 12th 
Factors & Traders Ins. Co. of New Orleans. 
W. W. Caldwell, mngr. 202 LaSalle, T. 1281 
Fadner Bros. & Co. nursery, 1806 Wabash av. 
Faehtke Andrew, bakery, 529 S. Jefferson 
Faenke Lena, Miss, dressmkr. 4323 Atlantic 
Faethke Frank, bakery, 579 S. Jefferson 
Fagan Owen, grocer, 4725 Dreyer, (Lake) 
Fagan Patrick S. grocer, 6034 S. State 
Fagrelius Swain E. horseshoer, 2909 S. State 
Fahl Charles, 78 E. Monroe, R. 41 
Fahlgren John E. boots and shoes. 272 E. 

Fahndrich Joseph, flour & feed, 5532 Lake av. 
Fahnestock Albert, dentist. 1802 S. State 
Fahrforth Jacob, barber. 233 Archer av. 
Fahrney Ezra C. lawyer, 393 Ogden av. 
FAHMEY PETER, OR. patent medi- 
cines, 393 Ogden av. T. 7124 
Fahys Joseph & Co. (Joseph Fahys and Henry 
F. Cook) Hayden H. Butts, agt. watch 
cases, 78 E. Monroe, R. 12 
Failmezger Otto, confectr. 1231 N. Halsted 
FAIR, (THE) E. J. Lehmann, pres. Otto 
Young, sec. and treas. dept. store, State 
nw. cor. Adams, T. 471 
Fairbank Canning Co. Nelson Morris, pres. 
F. E. Vogel, sec. and treas. 50 S. Water, T. 
5393 and Packers av. stk yds. T. 9541 
Fairbank Charles N. jeweler, 3944 S. State 
FAIBBANKK. K. «& CO. (Nathaniel 
K. Fairbank, William H. Burnet and 
Joseph Sears) lard, oils and soap mnfrs. 
19 Wabash av. T. 5387 and 5389, 225 E. 18th, 
T 8235 
Fairbanks C. D. Dr. 6342 Yale, T. 14 
FAIRBANKS. MORSE & l;0. scales, 

160 E. Lake, T. 1038 
Fairbanks & Palmer Pub. Co. Frank Gilbert, 
pres. Frederick McQuigg, sec. David Ver- 
non, treas. 79 Wabash av. 
Fairchild, Campbell & Queeny, (James H. 
Fairchild, Francis A. Campbell and Ed- 
ward J. Queeny) lawyers, 139 Dearborn, 
R. 12, T. 140 
Fairchild James H. lawyer, 139 Dearborn, R. 

12, T. 140 
Fairchild & Co. (Robert A. Fairchild) pic- 
tures, 1431 S. State 






176 FAI 



Fairehild Charles E. grocer, 492 S. State 

Fairman J. William, lawyer, 82 E. Madison, 
R. 21 

Fairweather G. milk, 863 W. Indiana 

Faithorn J. N. chairman. Western and North- 
Western Railway Freight Bureau, 175 
Dearborn, R. 60 

Fake Fred L. real est. 94 E. Washington, R. 11, 
T. 1182 

Fales David, lawyer, 107 Dearborn, R. 56, T. 

Falk Andrew, tailor, 215 Larrabee 

Falk Franz Brewing Co. Franz Falk, pres. 
Frank R. Falk, sec. 91 N. Union, T. 4337 

Falk H. B. & Co. (Herman B. Falk and David 
Wormser) hops, 202 E. Kinzie, T. 3338 

Falk Joseph, junk store, 200 Canalport av. 

Falk Mary Mrs. confectr. 781 W. Ohio 

FALR M. L.. & CO. hop merchant, 19 N. 
State, T. 3485 

Falk Robert, paints, oils and glass, 678 W. 21st 

Falkenau Victor, contr. 119 S. Market, T. 909 

Falkenberg Andrew .cigars, 3806 Butterfield 

Falkenberg Frank E. drugs, Robey cor. W. 
Chicago av. T. 7087 

Falkenberg George L. laundry, 212 31st 

Falkenberg John, boots and shoes, 3170 
Archer av. 

Falkenthal Carl, coal, 1333 E. Divexsey av. 
(Lake View) 

Falker John, shoemkr. 639 S. Union 

Falker & Stern (Henry Falker and Herman 
Stern) wh. crockery, 10 Dearborn 

Falkner Alfred, carp, rear 2510 Calumet av. 

Fall Humphrey W. saloon, 37 W. Madison 

FaU John H. saloon, 378 S. State 

Faller Markus, meatmkt. 5413 Wentworth av. 

Fallis L. S. & Bro. (L. S. and C. E.) 
printers, 230 E. Lake 

Fallon Mamie Mrs. cigars, 1728 S. Clark 

Fallon Michael, saloon, 229 S. Western av. 

Fallon Peter, grocer, 1216 W. Van Buren 

Fallon Tiiomas J. constable, 3910 S. State 

FALLS S. K., M. !>., €. M. 1028 W.Mon- 
roe, office hours 8 to 10 a. m. 2 to 4. p. m. 
and 7 to 9 p. m. Sundays 10 to 12. T. 7057 

Falter Bros, cut stone contrs. 14th cor. Morgan 

Famile Journal (Danish) Fritz Frantzen, pub. 
296 Milwaukee av. 

Family Laundry, John Butler, prop. 1715 S. 

Family Medicine Co. (The) Emanuel Listen- 
waiter & Co. 229 W. Lake 

Family Pub. Co. (The) E. J. Grans, pres. 
Albert Durkee, sec. and treas. 225 Dear- 
born, R. 53 

Famous Shoe Store (Frederick Von Weisen- 
fluh) 246 S. State 

Famulla Annie Miss, dressmkr. 287 S. Jeffer- 

Fancher & Wilson, (L. R. Fancher, A. J. Fan- 
cher and J. E.Wilson) carriage mnfrs. 602 
Benson, (Evanston) 

Fanning Frank, painter, 6503 Halsted (Engle- 

Fanning Charles A. lawyer, 15 S. Desplaines 

Fanning James D. prop. Revere House, 52 N. 

Fant Frank L. lawyer, 149 LaSalle, R. 66 

Fanter Frederick, coal, 948 34th 

Fantl Jacob, saloon, 315 Johnson 

Fantl Jacob, stocking mnf r. 359 E. Division 

Farber Fanny Mrs. midwife, 186 3rd av. 

Fardy Thomas, grocer, 151 W. Huron 

Farley George, dyer, 128 S. Jefferson 

FARGO C. H. A CO. (Charles H.; 
Charles E.: Samuel M. and Frank M. 
Fargo, )wh. boots and shoes, 118 S. Market, 
T. 1249 

Farley Mary, confectr. 3706 Cottage Grove av. 

Farley Mary J. house furng. goods, 949 W. 

Farley P. ice and coal, Harlem, (P. O. Alten- 

Farlin J. W. real est. 85 E. Washington, R. 2 

Farlow Geo. Brother & Co. (George and Wm. 
Farlow and Courtney Horine) live stk. 
com. 38 Exch. bldg. stk. yds 

FAELOW J. & SON, (Jabez and S. M.) 
live stk. com. 39 Exch. bldg. stk. yds. 

Farm Field & Stockman, Howard & Wil- 
son Pub. Co. pubs. Gen. Chas. H. How- 
ard editor, James W. Wilson business 
mngr. 156 E. Washington, R. 20 

Farm Implement News (The) The Farm Im- 
plement News Co. pub. Arthur M. Leslie 
mngr. 95 Fifth av. R. 19 

Farm Journal, Wilmer Atkinson, pub. 185 
Dearborn, R. 90 

Farmer George T. ins. broker, 169 LaSalle, 
R. 9 T. 346 

Farmer, Harris & Co. (Thomas Harris W. J. 
Dodds, and John W. Farmer) grain eleva- 
tors, 4 Sherman, R. 62 

Farmer J acob, meat mkt. 507 W. 15th 

Farmer John, grocer, Hart av. near 42nd 

Farmer Journal, (Skandanavisk Farmer) C. 
Rasmussen pub. 291 W. Indiana 

FARMER, LITTLE & CO. Charles B. 
Ross, mngr. type founders, 154 E. Mon- 

Farmers' Home, Wm. Bromstedt, propr. S. 
Halsted, nw. cor. 63rd 

propr. 5359 S. State 

FARMERS' HOTEL Bernhard Loesche 
propr. 2300 Wentworth av. 

Farmers' Ins. Co. of York, Pa., James A. 
Miller & Co. agts. 169 LaSalle, R. 9, T. 346 

Farmers' Live Stock Society, Samuel Louden, 
pres. Oliver B. Sanders, sec. 168 E. 
Washington, R. 18 

Farmers' Review (The) Hannibal H. Chan- 
dler, pub. 134 E. Van Buren, R. 94 

Farmers' Supply Co. (The) Milton George, 
pres. J. 0. B. Scobey, supt. purchasing 
agts. 339 Dearborn 

Farmers' Trust Co. R. Sayer, pres. G. B. Shaw, 
treas. E. L. Lobdell, sec. Ill Dearborn 

Farming World, T. S. Gardner, pub. 629 W. 
Van Buren 

Farnham Ida Mrs. laundry, 3310 S. State 

Farnham William B. dentist, 238 N. Clark 

Farnsworth E. S. Mrs. dressmkr. 299 Bissell 

Farnsworth Henry F. Dr. 447 Belden av. 

Farnsworth Hotel, P. J. Lynch, prop. 4125 S. 

Farnum George A. & Co. (George A. and 
Henry K. Farnum and Ira D. Owen) 
cracker bakery, 213 E. Randolph, T. 841 

Farnum I. P. & Co. (Ithiel P. and George C. 
Farnum) mnfrs. boots and shoes, 240 E. 

Faro Fred. J. packer, 3917 Winter 

Faro Frederick J. meatmkt. 191 Washington 

Farom Charles, saloon, 604 W. 14th 

Farquharson Daniel F. confectr. 255 35th 

Farr Albert G. lawyer, 115 E. Monroe, R. 5 

Farr Albert L. Dr. 138 Lincoln av. 



Farr George D. hardware, Lake, nr. W. 

42nd (Cicero) 
Farr Marvin A. real e6t. 107 Dearborn, R. 17 
Farragut Boat Club, Lake Park av. nr 31st, 

Farragut Fire Ins. Co. of New York, Fisher 

Bros. agts. 146 La Salle, T. 1222 
Farrant Julia Mrs. pawnbroker, 306 S. Hal- 

Farrant Mark, loan office, 306 S. Halsted 
Farrar J. Hamilton, real est. 43 La Salle 
Farrar William G. ins. agt. 169 E. Jackson, 

R. 900 
Farrell Bros. (John J. and William E.) livery, 

12 Harmon ct. 
Farrell Edward, grocer, 357 5th av. 
Farrell Edward, saloon, 2808 Cottage Grove av. 
Farrell Isaac, jeweler, 570 S. State 
Farrell James, florist, 74 S. Slate, T. 5764 
Farrell John E. saloon, 246 N. Halsted 
Farrell Mark, saloon, 106 E. 12th 
Farrell Martin, livery. 200 30th, T. 8293 
Farrell Richard W. cigars, 203 W. Madison 
Farrell Thomas M. grocer, 5101 S. State 
Farren J. S. &Co. (Burdette H. Farren, John 
W. Keenan and Andrew H. Turner) oysters 
and fish 40 S. State, T. 5115 
Farrer C. S. Dr. 24 Ogden av. 
Farrington Mortimer, dentist, 1002 W. Madi- 
Farson Charles F. lawyer, 112 S. Clark, R. 510, 

T. 701 
Farson John, lawyer 100 Washington 
Farthing John, hardware, 82 S. Market, R. 16 
Farwell George A. cigars, 459 W. Madison 
Farwell House, Elijah S. Pinney, prop. 164 S. 

Farwell H. C. & Co. (Henry C. ) cigar mnfrs. 

117 LaSalle av. 
FARWELL .BO II*' V.«& CO. (John V. 
Farwell, Chas. B. Farwell, John K. Har- 
mon, John T. Chumasero and John V. 
Farwell, Jr.) wh. dry goods, 8. Market 
cor.E. Monroe, carpet dept. T. 240, dry 
goods dept. T. 247 
Farwell Simeon & Co. (Simeon Farwell 
Henry S. Farwell and Stephen Laskey) 
wh. men's furng. 246 E. Monroe, T. 90 
Farwell William T. & Co. real est. 164 LaSalle, 

R. 62 
Farwell Wm. W. lawyer, 80 Dearborn, R. 22 
F ASCII UNO WILLIAM, saloon, 865 N. 

Fash Henry, news, 256 W. Madison 
Fash Peter G. news, 410 and 516 W. Madison 
Fasking August, dry goods, 2869 Archer av. 
Fasking Bertha Mrs. midwife, 866 N. Dania av. 
Fasking Henry, dry goods, 3012 Archer av. 
Fass Bros. (Jacob and Charles) tailors, 161 S. 

Fass John, meatmkt. 525 N. Halsted 
! Fass Louis, meatmkt. 287 Noble 
j Fassett Herbert S. pub. The Western Under- 
taker, 4144 Cottage Grove av. 
Faubel Alfred, barber, 327 E. Division 
Faulhaber John M. wh. liquors, 78 5th av. and 

526 N. Clark 
Faulkner Alfred, carp, and builder, rear 2510 

Calumet av. 
Faulkner Clarence W. cigars, 245 Dearborn 
Faulkner Rudolph N. restaurant, 135 E. 

Faulstich John H. mnfr. cigars, 357 W. Chi- 
cago av. 
Fausel Charles, baker, 2822 S. State 

Faust Henry, mer. tailor, 6554 Wells 
Faust Wm. grocer, 186 W. Chicago av. 
Faver Gustave. saloon, 1705 S. State 
Favero & Turnbull (Alfred Favero and 

Thomas Tnrnbull) saloon, 274 S. Water 
Faxel Peter, bakery, 883 Blue Island av. 
FAXON NATHAN I KL, wall paper, 212 

Wabash av. T. 5768 
FAY A. R. «& CO. (Albert R. Fay and 

Albert R. Fay, Jr.) coal yard, 3105 La- 
Salle; office, 31st cor. Clark 
Fay Bros. (Henry and John Fay) teas and 

coffees, 362 Blue Island av. 
FAY C. HI. & CO. (Charles M. Fay and 

Thomas M. Armstrong) mnfrs. of corks, 8 

S. Market, T. 986 
Fay Edward, barber, 10 Rush 
Fay James W. & Co. (James W. Fay and M. 

H. Buck) dry goods com. 208 LaSalle, R. 20 
Fay John, installment goods, 123 LaSalle, 

R. D 
FAY J. A. & CO. John A. Roche, mngr. 

machinery, 207 E. Lake, T. 947 
Fay J. Edwards, lawyer, 175 Dearborn, R. 70 
Fay & Griggs (J. Edwards Fay and Charles W. 

Griggs) lawyers, 175 Dearborn, R. 70 
Fayette Albert A. news depot, 214 S. Halsted 
Featherstone John, Columbia iron foundry, 

36 Front, T. 4302 
FECHER MATT, flour and feed, 436 E. 

Fechney Cesare tailor, 199 S. Clark, R. 29 
Fechter Arthur E. drugs, 62 Canalport av. T. 

Fechtner Otto, barber, 324 Cleveland av. 
Fechtner Robert, jeweler, 433 Larrabee 
Feck Rudolph, milk depot, 75 Keenon 
Fecker Anton, meatmkt. 674 S. Halsted 
Fedder Frederick R. boots and shoes, 420 Wells 
Feddersen Edward A. milk 473 W. Indiana 
Feder Henry, tailor, 75 Menomonee 
Feder Henry C. Dr. 245 W. Madison, T. 4310 
FEDER, NUSBAUM& CO. (Harry and 

Gustave Feder, and Emanuel and Aaron 

E. Nusbaum) wh. dry goods, 199 5th av. 

and 170 S. Market 
Federal Trust Co. David M. Hills, mngr. 101 

E. Washington, R. 19 
Federico Alassantro, junk, 1452 S. State 
Fee Louis, barber. 351 N. Clark 
Feeger Jacob, hardware, 477 W. 12th 
Feeger & Haller, (Henry Feeger and Martin 

Haller) barbers, 397 E. Division 
Feehan John W. grocer, 598 W. Lake 
Feeney Mike, horseshoer, 361 Fifth »v. 
Feeney Patrick C. lawyer, 188 W. Madison 
Fegen Nicholas, saloon, 3401 S. Halsted 
Fehler Albert, tinware, 520 W. Indiana 
Fehling Henry, coal, 477 N. Ashland av. 
Fehn John, saloon, 121 N. Clark 
Fehr Gustav A. hardware, 80 Canalport av. 
Fehr Hans, hardware, 237 W. North av. 
Fehrncamp Carrie Mi6s, dressmkr. 323 N. May 
Fehst Ernst, saloon, 130 W. Lake 
Feibelman D. L. tailors' trimmings, 221 5th 

av. R. 19 
Feidelberg Robert, grocer, 5S8Elston a v. 
Feierabend John, boots and shoes, 409 E. 

Feige August, boots and shoes, 3127 S. Halsted 
FEIL BROS. (Frederick and Alfred Feil) 

grocers, 2271 Archer a v. and 1922 Archer av. 
Feil Henry, Jr. grocer, 1942 Archer av. 
Feil Thies J. saloon, 3246 Wentworth av. 
Feilen John, upholstr. 383 S. State 



225 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

178 FEI 



Feilen Joseph, saloon, 191 E. Lake 
Feilen Peter, saloon, 323(5 U 11m an 
Feiley, Coney & Co. saloon, 324 E. 22d 
Feinburg & Rossuck (Ida Feinburg and Jen- 
nie Rossuck) 341 S. Clark 
Feindt Wm. H. grocer, 980 W. Lake 
Feinen John, saloon, 817 Blue Island Av. 
Feis Theresa Mrs, shoe findings, 790 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Felch James, lawyer, 79 Dearborn, R. 64 
Felchman Julius, livery, 183 W. Lake 
Feld Jacob, boots and shoes, 1310 S. State 
Feldkamp Ernest R. Shells, 270 S. State 
Feldkamp John, saloon, 62 LaSalle 
Feldman Joseph saloon, 824 W. 12th 
Feldman Frank, furniture, 845 W.Madison 
Feldmann Fredrick, carp, 322 W. Chicago av. 
Feldmann Louis, saloon, 112 W. Polk 
Feldmann Louis, Jr. saloon, 608 S. Canal 
Feldmann Peter, meat market, 358 W.Chicago 

Feldon Sarah Mrs. milliner, 490 Milwaukee 

Feldstein Jesse, saloon, 545 S. Canal 
Feldt Nicholas, notions, 131 W. 18th 
Felina Ernestina Mrs. notions, 2037 Archer av. 
FELIX & MARSTON (B. F. Felix and 
Thomas Masston Jr.) who. wooden ware, 
9 Wabash av. T. 5552, and 126 W. 16th, 
T. 9133 
Felke & Meller (John F. Felke and Nicholas 

Meller') florists, 268 Mohawk 
FELLC^ER L. MRS. dressmkr. 616 Lar- 

FeUows Edgar, lawyer, 79 S. Clark, R. 9 
Fellows G. A., R. R. ticket broker, 17 W. 

Fellows Henry B. Dr. 2969 Indiana av. T. 8113 
Fellows Owen D. lawyer, 212 W. Madison 
Fellows Wm. W. lawyer, 230 LaSalle, R. 73 
Fellows & Co. (A. C. Fellows, J. C. Archibald 

and G. L. Hastings) mnfrs. collars and 

cuffs, 242 E. Madison 
Fels William, saloon, 1 S. Clark 
Fete & Oppenheimer (Joseph Fels and Sig- 

mund Oppenheimer) pants and shirts, 116 

S. Franklin 
Felsch Frederick, news, 189 E. 20th 

mnfrs. 130 S. Franklin 
Felsenthal A. & L. (Adolph and Lee) jewelers, 

170 S. State 
Felsenthal Eli B. lawyer, 122 LaSalle, R. 9 
Felsenthal Gedrot, meatmkt. 3107 S. Halsted 
FELSENTHAL M. gen. steamship 

agency, 125 LaSalle 
LER, bankers, 108 LaSaUe, T. 321 
Felsey Elizabeth Mrs. baker, Laflin sw. cor. 

IN' t*b r ji slwi 
Felsten F. G. mnfr. cloaks, 494 N. Ashland av. 
Felt Louis W. photog. 215 E. Chicago av. 
Felten Peter, painter, 936 Noble av. 
Feltenstein A. mnfr. clothing, 240 E. Madison 
Feltenstein Joel, coal, 77 E. Harrison and 2913 

Parnell av. 

Felthousen and Thomas Starr) railway 

pubs. 264 Wabash av. 
Feltman Hans, house mover, 179 W. Washing- 
ton, T. 4580 
Felton Emerson C. charcoal, 58 Dearborn, 

T. 5049 
FELZ NICK, wagon mnfr. 201 and 203 W. 

Division cor. Ashland av. 


27, h. 

Fender & Son, (Benj. F. and Sherman E. 

Chestnut (Englewood) 
Fendt Charles, saloon, 879 S. Halsted 
Fenes Louis, barber, 3304 S. Halsted 
Fenger Christian Dr. 125 S. State, R. 

214 E. Ohio, T. 5442 
Fenn Christian, saloon, 246 W. 12th 
Fenn Curtis F. Dr. 255 31st 
Fenn Henry W. carp. 62 S. Robey 
Fenn Lafayette, confectr. 3550 Cottage Grove 
Fenn & Eckert (William Fenn and Charles 

Eckert) cigars, 2330 LaSalle 
Fenne Anna Ingvarda, metaphysician, 69 S. 

State, R. 21 
Fennell W. P. lawyer, 97 S. Clark, R. 43 
Fenner Harry B. Dr. 89 E. Randolph, R. 7 
Fenton J. H. horse goods, 211 Wabash av. T. 

FENTON JOHN R. J. lawyer and no- 
tary, 164 LaSalle, R. 85 
Fenny John, plasterer, 2 E. 14th 
Fenzel Frank, carriage and buggy mnfr. 289 

S. Halsted 
Ferdig Adam, baker, 468 Centre av. 
Fergus Printing Co. 244 E. Illinois, T. 3568 
Fergus William C. grocer, 358 S. Halsted 
Ferguson Benbow B. real est. 175 Dearborn, 

R. 70 
Ferguson Carrie E. Miss, notary, 204 Dear- 
born, R. 56 
Ferguson Charles W. hardware, 549 W. Madi- 

La Salle, R. 51, T. 1658 
Ferguson E. Mrs. dressmkr. 1028 W. Madison 
Ferguson E. A. & Co. (E. A. Ferguson and 
August Bohn, jr.) mining lands, 4 Sher- 
man, R. 34 
Ferguson Frank E. carp, rear Michigan av. 

and 30th 
Ferguson G. I. & Co. (George T. Ferguson 
and Hugh T. Reed), metallic shelving, 
67 and 69 E. Washington 
Ferguson James & Co. (James Ferguson), 

grocers, 444 W. Harrison 
Ferguson John, restaurant, 162 S. Clark 
Ferguson John, stationer, 548 W. Madison 
Ferguson John S. restaurant, 243 S. Clark 
Ferguson J. C. & Co. (Nathan M. Neeld, Ed- 
ward B. Howard, John Q. and Edward W. 
Ferguson) packers, 42d nr. Center av. stk. 
Ferguson Robert, wringers, 187 N. Halsted 
Ferguson William H. H. barber, 2303 S. State 
Ferguson William G. agt. Lancashire Insur- 
ance Co. of Manchester, Eng. 132 LaSalle, 
R. 25 
Ferguson W. E. saloon, 248 Ogden av. 
Ferguson & Winston (Charles H. Ferguson 
and H. S. Winston) managing agts. The 
Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N. Y. 73 
Dearborn, T. 5054 
Feringer Henry, tinsmith, 280 Wells 
Feringer Henry, tinsmith, 764 N. Halsted 
Fermann Chris, saloon, 225 Milwaukee av. 
Fern James, dry goods, 769 W. Van Buren 
FERN M. E. dry goods, 1384 W. Madison 
Fernald Frank E. teas, 41 Wabash av. T. 5091 
Fernald, Higgins & Atkins, propp. North- 
western Goodenough Horseshoeing Co. 
219 E. Indiana, 70 3d av. 382 E. North av. 
and 12th, ne, cor. Halsted 
Fernald James W. & Co. (James W. Fernald 
and William Foster) flour and feed, 285 
W. 12th, T. 4069 


Market, S. IV. Cor. Adams, 
TELEPHONE No. 1293, 



Fernandez Antonio, cigar mnfr. 122 E. Lake 
Fernandez Edward M. S. dentist, 103 S. State, 

R. 33 
Fernandez & Suarez, (Francisco Fernandez 
and Vicenti Saarez) cigar mnfrs. 142 E. 
Fernbach Emil, cigars, 489 S. State 
Fernitz Gustave, Dr. 1020 Milwaukee av. T. 

Fernoch William, baker, 210 W. Taylor 
Ferrari Janeirio, saloon, 4139 S. Halsted 
Ferris George E. laundry, 135 Fourth av. 
Ferris L. Vernon, lawyer, 182 S. Clark, R. 10 
FERRISS L. L. «fc CO. (L. L. and J. M. 
Ferriss, I. J. Davis and Peter Hickey) wh. 
boots and shoes, 223 Fifth av. 
Ferry Albert D. & Co. (Albert D. Ferry) 

broom corn 225 E. Kinzie, T. 3146 
Ferry Chas. H. lawyer, 94 Washington, R. 14 
Fershon Fannie, Mrs. midwife, 543 S. Canal 
Feser George, saloon, 476 30th 
Fessel Christian, Dr. 220 Fremont 
Fessenden Oliver G. lawyer 99 E. Randolph, 

Fetherly Walter M. hair goods, 208 Wabash 

Fetrow, Parkins & Co. (Jacob Fetrow and 

George B. Parkins), grain com. 34 Pacfic 

av. R. 12 
Fett Frederick M. saloon, 3458 S. State 
FETTER diEORGK C. hay, grain, flour 

and feed, 351 & 353 Ogden av. 
Fettig Theo. hosiery, 89 S. Desplaines 
Feudell Arthur, artist, 70 E. Monroe. R. 32 

shoes, 2500 Archer av. 
Feuerstein Leopold, jeweler, 701 S. Halsted 
Feuerstein Martin W. boots and shoes, 4247 

S. Halsted 
Feubner Michael, saloon, 458 S. Clark 
Feursattel Christopher W. Dr. barber, 781 W. 

Feuser, Bainbridge & Co. (Anthony Feuser, 

Robert Bainbridge and John Blacket) 

produce, 192 S. Water 
Fewsmith L. ins. agt. 255 W. Madison 
Fey Caroline Mrs. dressmkr. 271 Wabash av. 

R. 6 
Fey & Grau, (Christian Fey and Herman 

Grau), house movers, 262 E. 21st 
Feyder Bertha, Mrs. milliner, 281 E. North 

Fiala John, saloon, 535 Throop 
Fiala Joseph, meatmkt. 134 W. 19th and 263 

W. 20th 
Fichte F. shoemkr. 1329 W. Jackson 
Fichtenberg Frederick, crockery, 612 Throop 
Fichtenberg Frederica, crockery, 1004 W. 

FICHTER JOHN H.coal and wood, 401 

E. North av. 
Fick Annie, Mrs. 4706 S. Ashland av. 
Fick Henry, saloon, 882 N. Halsted 
Fick Henry E. saloon, 38 W. 12th 
Fick John, grocer, 151 Willow 
Fick O. L. vet. surg. 113 Laflin 
Fick & Oliver, (L. W. Fick and John Oliver) 

lumber, Blue Island av. cor. Leavitt, 

T. 9108 
FICK & SCHUTT. German-English 

School, 186 Eugenie, cor. LaSalle av. 
Ficken John N. grocer, 165 Lincoln av. and 

470 Garfield av. 
Fickes Wm. L. saloon, 136 E. Van Buren 
Ficker August, meatmkt. 639 Orchard 

builder, 2242 Prairie av. and 44th cor. 
Ellis av. T. 8184 

Ficki ger Christoph, baker, 3812 Honore 

Fiddelke Diedrich H. grocer, 2133 S. State 

Fidelity F. & M. Ins. Co. of Cincinnati, O.; 
Witkowsky & Afield, agts. 174 LaSalle, T. 

Fidelity Mutual Life Association of Philadel- 
phia* (The) Saltzer& Sampson, mngrs.218 
LaSalle, R. 715 

Fidelity Safe Deposit Co. Bobert Boyd, mngr. 
143 E. Randolph 

Fidelity Storage Warehouse, H. B. Rogers, 
mngr. 79 E. Van Buren 

of New York, W. A. Alexander, gen. agt. 
Accident Insurance Dept. 205 LaSalle, 
R. 20 

Fidelity and Casualty Co. of New York, Geo. 
W Montgomery & Co. gen. agts. M. L. C. 
Funkhouser, special agt. John Sully, in- 
spector, 206 LaSalle, T. 303, Wm. A. Alex- 
ander, gen. agt. 205 LaSaUe, R. 20, Mogen- 
son & Dinkelman, local agts. 142 LaSalle, 
T. 1692 

Fie Kee, laundry, 145 S. Canal 

Fiedeke Frederick, meatmkt. 736 Elston av. 

FIEDLER A. R. & SON (Anton B., 
Martin A., Paul O. and Edmund G.) wh. 
dress trimmings, 183 5th av. T. 1432, and 
630 N. Franklin 

Fiedler Oscar, contractor, 672 Lincoln av. 

Fiedler Peter, saloon, 365 5th av. 

Fiehmann Henry, milk, 47 Tell pi. 

Field Arthur B. coal, 19 S. Throop 

Benedict, Peter W. Richmond, I. Field 
and Lewis S. Perry) wh. woolens, 224 

Field Horatio N. ins. broker, 148 LaSalle 

Field, Lindley & Co. grain com. 2 Sherman,T. 

FIELO MARSHA LL & CO. (Marshall 
Field, Lorenzo G. Woodhouse, Harlow N. 
Higinbotham, Joseph N. Field and John 
G. McWilliams) wh. dry goods, Adams 
cor. 5th av. T. 1255, retail, State ne. cor. 
Washington, T. 5399 and 5441 

Field Oscar, livery, 165 Michigan av. T. 5463 

Field W. B. mngr. City Laundry, 117 N. 

Field W. D. jeweler, 99 S. ( -lark 

Field & Hubbard, (Rush H. Field and George 
N. Hubbard) props. Hotel Brevoort, 143 

E. Madison 

Field & Scott, (Peter Field and George B. 

Scott) 4259 S. Ashland av. 

MNFG. CO. Joseph Fieldhouse, pres.G. 

N. Dutcher, v. pres. Joseph Fieldhouse Jr. 

treas. Sanford McKeeby, sec. wrought iron 

pipe, 30 W. Monroe, T. 4524 
Fieldmann Edward, grocer, 713 Bloomingdale 

Fields Kienzle & Co. (Charles H. Fields, Wm 

F. Kienzle and Henry Spotholt) hardware 
specialties, 2 LaSalle av. 

Fields & Bond, (Charles H. Fields and Arthur 

G. Bond) mnfrs. saddlery & hardware, 
86 S. Market, R. 2, T. 1722 

Fien Kalstein Abraham, tailor, 2005 Archer av. 
Fietz Gustave, boots and shoes, 277 N. Market 
Fifth Av. House, Jno. A. Davis, prop. 284 5th 




Filek Frank, saloon, 650 S. Morgan 

Filer Frank & Son. (Frank and Edward T.) 

grocers, 654 Sedgwick 
Fillmann & Co. (Emil Fillmann) moldings, 

203 E. Lake 
Filney William, saloon, 4013 Wallace 
FIL.STRIJP LARSEN, model and pat- 
tern maker, 259 & 261 E. Randolph 
Fina Kate, Mrs. grocer, 2818 Wallace 
Finch George B. lawyer, 80 Dearborn, R. 33 
Finch Joseph C. lawyer, 79 Dearborn, R. 62 
Finck Michael, shoemakr. 2820 S. State 
Finckle Wm. drugs, Clybourn av. cor. Black- 
Findlay Eliza D. Miss, dressmkr. 169 Lincoln 

Finegan Julia T. Mrs. midwife, 511 S. Fair- 
field av. 
Finegan Patrick E. notions, 733 W. 43d 
Fingl Jacob, meatmkt. 109 W. 15th 
Fink Herman, saloon, 30 W. Madison 
Fink Hermann, saloon, 12 Waldo pi. 
FINK .JACOB, saloon, 2210 Archer av. 

397 E. 22d and 425 5th av. 
Fink John, barber, 61 E. Kinzie 
Finkelstein August, shoemkr. 150 Pacific av. 
Finkelstein Jennie, Mrs. saloon, 3863 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Finkelstein Morris, meatmkt. 528 S. Canal 
Finkelstein Samuel, grocer, 547 S. Canal 
Finkens Fredrick, cigar mnfr. 2520 Went- 

worth av. 
Finkensi per Charles, saloon, 31 W. Polk 
Finkl Andrew, blksmith. 120 S. Clinton 
Finklston, A. H. paints, oils and glass, 845 

Blue Island ave 
Finlay Samuel, lawyer, 79 Dearborn, R. 47 
Finlay Thomas A. dry goods com. 155 Dear- 
born, R. 27 
Finley James, florist, Ridge av. (Rogers Park.) 
Finley P. J. & Co. (Mrs. P. J. Finley) patent 

medicines, 199 S. Clark, R. 27 
Finley Robert, grocer, 126 53d, T. 9929 
Finley William, cigars, 498 % S. State 
Finn Bros. (Nicholas and Patrick Finn) vessel 

agts. 6 Sherman, R. 10 T. 1194 
FINN MICHAEL., grocer and meatmkt. 

212 W. Ohio 
Finn Patrick, saloon, 4055 S. Halsted 
Finnegan Charles W. dry goods, 2820 S. State 
Finnegan Mary, Mrs. saloon, 3723 S. Halsted 1 
Finnegan Michael J. grocer, 647 W. Indiana 
Finnegan Richard J. baker, 109 W. Adams 
FIXXEY <;i]ORO£ S. broker, 122 S. 

LaSalle, Room 5 
Finney & Channon (George C. Finney and 
James Channon) ship chandlers, 270 S. 
Water, T. 868 
Finney & Haas (John W. Finney and Charles 

L. Haas) real est. 161 La Salle, R. 55 
Finstad Mary, laundry, 41 E. Chicago av. 
FIXSTAD&SMITH (H. Finstad and C. 
M. Smith) saloon and restaurant, 1010 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Finucan Frances Mrs. boarding, 39 Peck ct. 
Finucane Andrew D. Dr. 730 E. 31st 
Finucane Michael J. saloon, 2917 Archer av. 
Finucane Thomas J. grocer, 2901 Archer av. 
Florentine F. &Son (Frank and Joseph) pict- 
ure frames, 292 S. State 
Fire Alarm Telegraph, (see end of directory) 
YORK, Byron D. West, agt. 14 Pacific 
av. R. 49 
Fire Department, (see end of directory) 

Fire Association of Phila. William H. Cun- 
ningham, gen. agt. W. H. Cunningham & 
Co. local agts. 175 LaSalle, R. 10, T. 1213 

Fire Ins. Association of England, Theodore 
W. Letton, mngr. 161 LaSalle, R. 42: Fred. 
S. James & Co. 174 LaSalle, T. 204; John 
Naghten & Co. 181 LaSalle, T. 523; A. D. 
Hewitt & Co. 147 LaSalle, T. 824, local agts. 

Fire Extinguisher Mnfg. Co. Alexander B. 
Ingram, mngr. 315 S. Desplaines, T. 4075 

FIRE INS. CO. of the County of Phila- 
delphia, R. S. CritcheU & Co. agts. 141 
LaSaUe, T. 427 

Fire Insurance Patrol, 176 E. Monroe, T. 1215, 
216 S. Peoria, T. 4271, stk. yds. T. 9592 

Fire Proof Steam Covering Co. (T. D. Stanley) 
142 E. Lake 

Fire & Hammer (religious monthly) Wm. T. 
Ellis pub. 200 W. Madison 

Fire & Water, The Spectator Co. pubs. 94 
LaSalle, R. 38 

Firemans' Fund Ins. Co. of California, 
Thomas S. Chard, mngr. 161 LaSalle, R. 
21, E. W. Lyman & Co. 152 LaSalle, T. 763, 
Thomas & W. A. Goodman, 142 LaSalle, 
local agts. T. 1307 

Firemen's Ins. Co. of Baltimore, Md. R. A. 
Waller &Co. agts. 162 LaSaUe, T. 1201 

Firemen's Ins. Co. of Chicago, Geo. F. Hard- 
ing, pres. D. W. Eldred, v. pres. John L. 
Skelton, sec. 160 LaSalle, T. 394 

Firemens' Ins. Co. of Dayton, O., E.W. Lyman 
& Co. agts. 152 LaSalle, T. 763 

Firemens' Ins. Co. of Newark, N. J. Geo. W. 
Montgomery & Co. agts. 206 LaSalle, T. 303 

Firpach Michael, undertaker, 596Throop 

First Cav. I. N. G. Armory, Michigan av. foot 
of Madison, T. 5337 

CHICAGO, Samuel M. Nickerson, 
pres. L. J. Gage, v. pres. H. R. 
Symonds, cashier, H. M. Kingman, asst. 
cashier, R. J. Street, 2d. asst. cashier, 
Monroe, nw. cor. Dearborn, T. 1218 

First. Reg. Inf. I. N. G. armory, 24 E. Jack- 
son, T. 5543 

First Swedish Building and Loan Association, 
E. Hegstrom, sec. Produce Exchange Hall, 
144 S. Water, T. 5628 

Fisch Christian, tailor, 122 N. Clark 

Fisch Christ, tailor 57 Willow 

Fischbeck Frederick, lounges, 44 W. Quincy 

Fischel Jacob J. grocer, 565 S. State 

FISCHER AOOJLFH, saloon, 501 N. 

Fischer Albert A. confectr. 725 W. Chicago av. 

Fischer Alexander, jeweler, 142 Hudson av. 

Fischer August, saloon, 202 E. Van Buren 

Fischer A. W. &Co. cigars, 8 Pacific av. 

Fischer Basil, tailor, 218 Larrabee 

Fischer Charles & Son, blksmths. 3826 S. Ash- 
land av. 

Fischer Christian, saloon, 50 W. 11th 

Fischer Christian, grocer, 3730 Bloom ' 

Fischer C. Henry, grocer, 1424 E. Diversey av. 

Fischer Edward, painter, 2015 S. Clark 

FISCHER EDWARD J. drugs, 557 
Sedgwick, T. 3588 

Fischer Ernse, milk, 464 N. Ashland av. 

Fischer Ernst H. cigars, 593 Larrabee, T. 3468 

Fischer Frederick, florist, 12 Evanston av. 
(Lake View) 

Fischer Gustav, barber, 234 47th 

Fischer Gustave Dr. 310 W. 12th, T. 4378 

Fischer Jacob, meatmkt. 209 N. Clark 



182 Dearborn St 



Fischer Jennie Mrs. millinery, 892 Milwaukee 

Fischer John, chimney sweeper, 103 Clybourn 

Fisher John, grocer, 241 E. North av. 
Fischer John, grocer. 3006 Wentworth av. 
Fischer John, shoemkr. 217 Artesian av. 
Fischer John, shoemkr. 136 Wabansia av. 
FISCHER JOHN H. grocer, 2493 Archer 

Fischer J. P. F. ins. broker, 344 Milwaukee 
; av. 

Fischer Louis, saloon, 649 S. Union 
Fischer Maggie Miss, dressmkr, 12 Hein 
Fischer Nic, agt. W. & W. sewing machine, 

892 Milwaukee av. 
Fischer Nicholas, boots and shoes, 2516 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 
Fischer Nicholas, grocer, 1281 Milwaukee av. 
Fischer Otto C. dry goods, 161 E. North av. 
Fischer Otto E. Dr. dentist, 417 W. Madison 
Fischer Otto E. music teacher, 562 Sedgwick 
Fischer Richard F. piano tuner, 264 Sedgwick 
Fischer Sigmond, tailor, 77 Larrabec 
Fischer Theodore, saloon, 1021 N. Leavitt 
Fischer Wendelin, baker, 363 E. Division 

KIK (John Fischer, Fred Kistner, and 

Joseph Mynarik) iron works, 618 Blue 

Island av. cor. W. 19th 
Fischl Emil, millinery, 940 Milwaukee av. 
FISCHRUP GEORGE, boots and shoes 

Archer av. near California av. (Brighton 

Fish A. J. & Co. (Alexander J. Fish) bakers' 

machinery, 57 E. Lake, T. 5106 
Fish C. W. & Co. (Charles W. Fish) tinware 

150 E. Lake, T. 1041 
Fish E. G. & Co. (Edward G. and Mrs. Mary) 

furniture, 705 W. Madison 
Fish Frederick, meatmkt. 1202 S. State 
Fish Joseph & Co. (Joseph and Solomon T.) 

cloak mnfrs. 7 E. Madison, T. 5609 
Fish Louis, furniture, 1903 S. State 
Fish M. I. ice cream and confectr. 528 W. 

Madison, T. 7208 
Fish Peter, lumber inspector, 242 S. Water. R. 

2, T. 1551 
Fish RosweU P. com. 34 Pacific av. R. 34 
FISH R. H. confectr. 528 W. Madison, 

T. 7208 
Fish Selden, lawyer, 156 E. Washington, R. 36 
Fish Solomon T. grocer, 376 W. Madison 
Fish Ward, restaurant, 14 S. State 
Fish & Irvine (Peter Fish and John Irvine) 

lumber inspectors, 242 S. Water, R. 2 
Fishburn & Richards (R. E. Fishburn and 

Charles D. Richards) real est. 38 S. Clark, 
, R.4 
Fisher Alonzo G. druggists' supplies, 67 E. 

Washington, R. 24 
Fisher A. F. & Co. (Augustus F. Fisher), 

lumber, Laflin, near 22nd, T. 9103 
Fisher Bros. (Francis P. Fisher), ins. agts, 

146 La Salle, T. 1222 
Fisher B. G. & Co. (Benjamin G. Fisher), 

com. mers. 112 E. Quincy, R. 107 
Fisher Charles J. jeweler, 140 8, Halsted 
Fisher Edward A. lawyer, 738 W. Jackson 
Fisher Edward J. drugs, 557 Sedgwick 
Fisher Ernest, saloon. 127 E. Van Buren 
Fisher, Evans & Co. (A. Fisher and Addison 

Evans), live stk. com. 21 Exch. bldg. stk. 

Fisher Francis, meatmkt. 145 N. Halsted 

Fisher Fred F. saloon, 2502 Wentworth av, 
Fisher Freeman T. cigars. 380 31st 
Fisher George B. patternmkr. 46 Fulton 
Fisher George P. Jr. patent lawyer, 204 

Dearborn, R. 66 
Fisher Grace Miss, music teacher, 576 S. Hal- 
FISHER HART C. wh. teas, 33 Michi- 
gan av. T. 5791 
Fisher H. S. milk, 904 W. Harrison 
Fisher Henry J. lawyer, 163 E. Randolph, R. 80 
Fisher Jacob, sign painter, 691 W. Indiana 
Fisher John, Dr. 452 Wells 
Fisher John S. grocer, 682 Van Horn 
Fisher John W. meatmkt. Archer av. ne. cor. 

Fisher Joseph M. dentist, 445 N. Clark 
Fisher Louis, barber, 160 47th 
Fisher Maggie, Mrs. laundry, 455 S. State 
Fisher Mary, Mrs. midwife, 966 Lincoln 
Fisher Matt, livery, 79 E. 16th. T. 8251 
Fisher Michael, grocer, 116 Gurley 
Fisher Robert J. boots and shoes, 262 S. Hal- 
Fisher W. flour and feed, 20 S. Desplaines, T. 



E. Fisher, pres. Albert O. Fisher, sec. and 

treas. cigar box mnfrs. 83 Illinois, T. 3384 

Fisher W. P. «onfectr. 394 E. Division 

Fisher & Dolling, (Henry Fisher and Harry 

Dolling) bakers, 160 Sebor 
Fishleigh James B. lawyer, 78 LaSalle, R. 12 
Fishleigh John, broom corn, 121 E. Kinzie 
Fisk David E. real est. 154 LaSalle, R. 21 
Fisk D. B. & Co. (David B. and Daniel M.) 
wh. millinery, Wabash av. sw. cor. Wash- 
Fisk W. B. & Co. (WiUiam B. Fisk) grain 

com. 24 Pacific av. R. 54 
Fisk & Hanson, (C. H. Fisk & P. J. Hanson) 

barbers, 212 W. Indiana 
Fisk & Van Uxen, (James H. Fisk and James 
L. Van Uxen) sporting goods, 193 LaSalle 
Fiske George F. Dr. 112 S. Clark,R.211, T. 1294 

h. 499 LaSalle, T. 3027 
Fiske, Thomas & Co. (John M. Fiske and 
George Thomas) com. mers. 226 LaSalle, 
R. 24, T. 484 
Fitch Albert, barber, 179 W. Madison 
Fitch Benjamin F. paints, 194 E. 22nd 
FITCH RROS. (Timothy S. and John H.) 

hardware, 3641 Cottage Grove av. 
Fitch Calvin M. Dr. 645 W. Monroe, T. 7041 
Fitch C. A. & Co. (Cyrus A. Fitch) produce 

com. 131 S. Water, T. 5610 
Fitch Henry A. drugs, 884 W. Madison, T. 7176 
Fitch, Hunt & Co. (Harrison H. Hunt and 
Moses J. Fitch) wh. paper, 224 E. Ran- 
dolph, T. 1748 
Fitch Joseph H, lawyer, County Bldg 
Fitch Julian R. civil engineer, 516£ Davis 

Fitch Mary J. Mrs. dressmkr. 3033 South Park 

Fitch T. D. Dr. 296 W. Monroe, T. 4504 

Monroe, T. 7041 
Fitch William H. bakery and confecty. 128 

Fitch & Cornell, (Charles C. Fitch and Jason 

L. Cornell) produce, 220 S. Water 
Fitch & Howland (H. S. Fitch and W. I. 
Howland) wh. teas and coffee, 41 Wabash 
av. T. 5329 


182 FIT 



Fitchburg Machine Works, C. F. Wardell, agt. 

59 S. Canal 
Fittz Payne, lawyer, 150 W. Madison, R. 3 
Fitz & Orgelmann, (Rudolph Fitz and George 

Orgelmann) harness, 400 Wells. 
Fitzgerald E. Mrs. saloon, 4218, S. Ashland av. 
Fitzgerald F. W. grocer, 318 S. Centre av. 
Fitzgerald F. W. Dr. 319 S. Centre av. T. 9199 

and 4071 
Fitzgerald John, horse shoer, 355 31st 
Fitzgerald John, saloon, 40 Van Buren 
Fitzgerald John D. boots and shoes, 3261 S. 

Fitzgerald J. H. Dr. 492 W. 12th 
Fitzgerald Martin, saloon, 4220 S. Ashland av. 
Fitzgerald Mary Miss, saloon, 3859 Wentworth 

Fitzgerald Michael, saloon, 31 W. Randolph 
Fitzgerald Michael, saloon, 1662 N. Clark 
Fitzgerald Michael, tailor, 130 W. Harrison 
FITZGEKALD P. saloon, 915 S. Halsted 
Fitzgerald Priscilla Mrs. dressnakr. 5433 Tracy 

Fitzgerald Thomas, horseshoer, 160 E. North 

Fitzgerald Thomas, saloon, 233 E. Van Buren 

2924 South Park av. 

(Thomas and Edward) horse shoers, 160 E. 

North av. 
Fitzgerald Wm. F. saloon, 136 S. Halsted 
Fitzgerald W. grocer, 3232 S. Ashland av. 
Fitzgerald's Parlor Orchestra, (Robert E. and 

May Fitzgerald), 484 W. Madison 
Fitzgibbon Daniel, saloon, 103 Sholto 
Fitzgibbons Frank, saloon, 501 S. Clark 
Fitzgibbons John, livery, 55 13th pi. 
Fitzgibbon John, restaurant, 160 E. Harrison 
Fitzmorris James, painter, 2817 Wentworth 

Fitzpatrick Bros. (James and John), soap 

mnfrs. 424 S. Canal, T. 4122, and 26th nr. 

Western av. 
Fitzpatrick E. & L. (Emma and Louise), mil- 
linery, 2856 Archer av. 
Fitzpatrick James, Mrs. miUin'ery, 2832 S. 

Fitzpatrick James K. constable, 128 S. Clark, 

R. 4 
Fitzpatrick Patrick H. founder, 60 and 62 W. 

Fitzpatrick Patrick V. bookseller, 154 E. 22d 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, saloon, 4080 Wentworth 

Fitzpatrick Wm. saloon, 298 N. Franklin 
Fitzpatrick WiUiam P. carp. 348 S. Robey 
Fitzpatrick & Northrop (William Fitzpatrick 

and Charles Northrop) milk, 64 Bauwans 
Fitzsimmons James, saloon, 275 S. Clark 
Fitzsinimons James W. & Co. saloon, 281 W. 

Fitzsimmons John, variety, 95 Brown 
Fitzsimmons Phillip, saloon, 2979 Wentworth 

Fitz-Simons and Charles J. Connell) tim- 
ber, 18 N. Clark, R. 2, T. 3498 

Fitzsimons & Kelly, contractors, 4209 S. Hal- 
sted, T. 9622 

Fix Herman, grocer, 90 Perry av. 

Fizette C. E. tailor, 1616 Wabash av. 

FLiACH FEKI». restaurant, 986 Clybourn 

Flader Louis, boots and shoes, 1131 Noble av. 

Flagg William H. barber, 805 W. Lake 
FliAG-G W. H. & CO. (William H. 

Flagg) cigars, 66 Wabash av. 
Flaherty Andrew, furniture, 141 W. VanBuren 
Flaherty John J. saloon, 79 8. Halsted 
Flaherty Michael D. lawyer, 86 LaSalle, R. 28 
Flammang Nicholas, saloon, 171 Larrabee 
Flanagan Albert M. book pub. 163 E. Ran- 
dolph, R. 88 
Flanagan Daniel J. saloon, 64 S. Desplaines 
Flanagan James, saloon, 214 Wells 
Flanagan James M. grocer, 4(509 Wallace 
Flanagan Michael, saloon, 714 31st. 
Flanagan Thomas, saloon, 36 Exchange pi. 
eph E. Flanagan and Wm. Biedenweg) 
stained glass, 217 E. Kinzie 
Flanagan & Hoff , meat mkt. 40th and Wal- 
lace T 9557 
FL,ANI>EKS O. M. agt. for Dr. G. A. 
Frazier's Proprietary Medicines, and gro- 
cer, 1193 W. Madison 
Flanders George W. & Co. (George W. and 
George B.)com. merchants, 66 Wabash av. 
Flanders K. & Co. (Knight and George W.) 

printers, 86 Dearborn 
Flanders & Zimmerman, (John J. Flanders 
and WiUiam Zimmerman) architects, 226 
LaSalle, R. 34 
Flanigan Barbara, Mrs. dressmkr. 2 Smart 
Flanigan John, cigars, 305£ W. Madison 
Flanigan John L. milk, 324 Hermitage av. 
Flaningham Abraham L. lawyer, 95 Dearborn, 

R. 29 
Flanley Martin, saloon, 4141 S. Halsted 
Flannagan James A. grocer, 448 31st 
Flannery Daniel F. lawyer, 115 Dearborn, R. 94 
Flannery John L. mngr. Wheeler and Wilson, 

mnfg. Co. 185 Wabash av. 
Flatow Bernard Mrs. embroidery tchr. 828 

Flavin Martin J. saloon, 89 E. Kinzie 
Flaxman Isaac, clothing, 4111 S. Halsted 
Flazberg Lena Mrs. confectr. 527 S. Canal 
Fleck August W. saloon, 9 E. Adams 
Fleck Christian, saloon, 119 W. 12th 
Fleck Edward, tailor, 2935, S. State 
Fleck Jacob, coal, 293 Wells 
Fleck John, milk, 679 Sedgwick 
Flegal Simon, baker, 463 S. Canal 
Flegle Air Space Covering Co. Mrs. Carrie 

Hart, pipe covering, 34 Pacific av. R. 11 
Fleischer Adolph T. drugs, 262 N. Market, 

T. 3036 
FL.B4ISCHE11 LEOPOLD, saloon, 602 

S. Jefferson 
Fleischer Paul, photog. 249 E. Chicago av. 
Fleischer Robert, variety, 326 E. North av. 
Fleischhaus Joseph, saloon, 429 W. 18th 
Fleischmann Adam, meatmkt. 2878 Hickory 
Fleischmann Andrew, grocer, 152 Sherman 

mngr. yeast mnfrs. 245 S. Canal, T. 4040 
Fleisher Bros. A. Kaufman, mngr. wh. cloth- 
ing, 155 5th av. R. 1 
Flemer Charles, shoemkr. 80 Emma 
FLiEMISTC* A. MISS, employment agency 

and news depot, 430 Davis (Evanston) 
Fleming Bros. (James and John) flour and 

feed, 86 W. 18th 
Fleming Bros. (James and Patrick) horse- 

shoers, 592 Milwaukee av. 
Fleming Carey K. Dr. 3035 S. Park av. 
Fleming David, pawnbroker, 127 Blue Island 

GEO. W. RAITHEL, 8 - w TE c -S E E T r JET GOAL. 


Fleming James, pawnbroker, 168 N. Halsted 
Floming James H. cabinetmkr. 5201 Lake av. 
Fleming Jennie E. Mrs. restaurant, 1014 W. 

Fleming John M. Dr. 112 W. Washington 
FJLKJtKINtt JOHN M. DR. 3234 Grove- 
land Park av. 
Fleming Matthew, justice, 3900 S. State, R. 1 
Fleming Patrick, baker, 2911 Archer av. 
Fleming 8. B. Dr. 714 Fulton 
Fleming Thomas, grocer, 821 Austin av. 
Fleming William H. mouldings, 133 S. Clark, 

R. 6 
Fleming & Boyden, (Robert H. Fleming and 

George D. Boyden) , grain com. 6 Sher- 
man, R. 7, T. 1131 
Fleming & Co. (James A. Fleming), dry 

goods, 225 Blue Island av. 
Fleming & Dobyne, (Robert S. Fleming and 

James B. Dobyne), neck yokes, 35 S. 

Fleming & Schlitt, (Dennis J. Fleming and 

Jacob Schlitt) , saloon, 1606 Milwaukee av. 
Flentye Henry, clothing, 111 E. Kinzie 
FLFSCH. A. scales, and confectrs. and 

bakers' supplies, 47 Wabash av. 
Fletcher D. H. Dr. lawyer, 89 E. Madison, R. 

Fletcher John, carp, rear 121 E. 18th 
Fletcher Joseph H. ret. cigars, 225 H N. Clark 
Fletcher M. R. collections, 112 S. Clark, R. 

Fletcher Metaphysical College, M. Abbie 

Fletcher, pres. 112 S. Clark, R. 523, T. 1284 
Fletcher Wm. A. broker, 232 S. Clark 
Fliehmann Edward U. lawyer, 163 Randolph, 

R. 54 
Fliehmann Fred, boots and shoes, 41 Webster 

Flinkow Wm. saloon, 829 Milwaukee av. 
Flinn C. B. & Co. (Charles B. Flinn) lumber, 

Loomis nr. 22d, T. 9048 
Flinn J. Mrs. dressmkr. 1034 W. Madison 
Flint Charles C. news, Leland Hotel 
Flint Charles W. picture frames, 133 S. Clark, 

R. 16 
FLINT EDWARD BL DR. 211 Webster 

Flint George H. stationery, 9 Aberdeen 
Flint Henry, cutler, 12 Lessing 
Flint Herbert L. & Co. (Herbert L. Flint and 

John P. Viel) loans, 126 E. Washington, 

Flint Herbert L. grain com. 260 S. Clark, R. 22 
Flint, Odell & Co. (James W. Odell and Ed- 
ward E. Flint) grain elevators, 151 Monroe, 

R. 5, and foot of E. 14th, T. 603 
Flintoff A. Mrs. cigars, 37 Milwaukee av. 
Flitcraft A. J. ins. agt. 205 LaSalle, R. 320 and 

321, T. 490 
Flitcraft Isaiah, not. pub. 196 LaSalle, R. 3 
Flock Josie, Mrs. notions, 526 Sherman (Ev- 

Flocken Frederick, wood carver, 43 S. Frank- 
Floegel August, grocer, 423 E. 26th 
Floersch John, cigar mnfr. 3905 S. Halsted 
Floersch Joseph, barber, 482 W. Madison 
Floersheim J. & Co. (Jacob Florsheim) wh. 

jewelers, 57 Washington 

Flonacher & Long (Henry C. Flonacher and 

Louis Long) wh. paper, 207 5th av. T. 1702 

Flood Ann L. Miss, dressmkr. 549 Wabash av. 

FLOOD BROS. (J. P. Flood and A. H. 

Flood) meatmkt. 529 Austin av. 

Flood Bros. (Moses G. and James W.) prints 
ers, 164 E. Washington, R. 28 

Flood Bros. (Peter and Michael) saloon, 1205 
S. Western av. 

Flood Ramsey J. Dr. 112 53d. T. 9829. h. 5320 
Jefferson av. 

Flood Sarah A. Miss, stenog. 179 E. Washing- 
ton, R. 31 

Flood T. H. & Co. law books, 151 E. Washing- 

Flood & Co. (George H. Flood) grain, 69 WeUs 

Florez Genaro, cigar mnfr. 106 E. Madison 

Florian Mathias, saloon, 579 32d 

Florence Mnfg. Co. D. G. Littlefield, pres. 
Frank N. Lock, treas. brushes, 185 Dear- 
born, R. 25 

Florida & Southern Ry. Co. M. Solomon, nw. 
agt. 232 S. Clark 

Florio Rubassimo Italian Line, Chas. Koz- 
minski & Co. agts. 168 E. Washington, R. 1 

Florsheim Bros. (Augustus, Henry and Philip) 
boots and shoes, 66 N. Clark and 84 E. 

Florsheim Ph. woolens, 213 5th av. 

F LOR US ALBERT, saloon, 71 W. Lake 

Flory John, saloon, 3611 S. Halsted 

Flory Louis, grocer 773 W. Lake 

Flory Louis, grocer, 776 Fulton 

Flosi Victoria, Mrs. confectr. 1634 N. Clark 

Flower Abraham, clothing, 52 W. Madison 

Flower B. F. Dr. 19 S. Clark. R. 25 

Flower Harry, 2nd hand 33 W. Madison 

Flower James M. lawyer, 164 Dearborn, R. 
403, T. 1220 

Flower John F. lawyer, 166 E. Washington, 
R. 9 

Flower Moe, clothing, 295 S. Clark 

Flower, Remy & Gregory, (James M. Flower, 
Curtis H. Remy and Stephen S. Gregory) 
lawyers, 164 Dearborn, R. 403, T. 1220 

Flower Rosa, Mrs. clothing, 303 S. Clark 

Flower Samuel, clothing, 27 W. Madison 

Flower S. A. & Co. (S. A. Flower and Ira 
Brown) real est. 177 LaSalle, R. 9 

Floy Peter, baker, 167 W. Indiana 

Floyd Bros. & Co. B. F. Adams, mngr. dry 
goods com. 211 E. Monroe, T. 720 

Floyd Charles, grain com. 12 Sherman, R. 2 

Floyd, Huffman & Co. (Frank Floyd, Ruben 
M. Huffman and W. Foster Favorite) 
packers, 4 Sherman, R. 42, T. 1482 

Flupsig Oscar, meatmkt. 2333 Hanover 

Fluri John, bakery, 611 S. Canal 

Flynn A. Mrs. dressmkr. 122 Throop 

Flynn Bridget Mrs. dressmkr. 2559 S. Halsted 

Flynn Bros. (John M. and Patrick M.) saloon, 
5058 Wentworth av. 

Flynn James J. bakery, 3032 Cottage Grove av. 

Flynn John, harnessmkr. 315 Milwaukee av. 

Flynn John, baker, 641 W. 43d 

Flynn John, saloon, 1916 Archer av. 

Flynn Patrick A. harnessmkr. 2503 S. Halsted 

Flynn Patrick J. coal, office 5200 Wentworth 
av. yrd. 47th and Wabash RR. track 

FI/k'NN REimOKD, saloon, 403 W. In- 

Flynn W. L. & Co. (Wm. L. Flynn and Wm. 
Oram) produce, 118 S. Water, T. 5305 

Flynn & Duggan (Patrick Flynn and Andrew 
Duggan) saloon, 561 W. 43d 

Foebel Geo. storage, stk. yds. T. 9571 

Foehringer F. architect, 164 La Salle, R. 88 

Foerl Chas, meat mkt. Archer av. cor. 22nd pi. 

Foerster John A. tin and metallic plating 
wks. 195 W. Harrison 


! PatemtS 

184 FOE 



Foerster & Fath (Albert Foerster .and Louis 
Fath) meat inkt. 974 Milwaukee av. 

Foertsch Louise Mme. florist, 590 N. 

Fogarty Patrick L. dry goods, 3213 Archer av. 

Fogerty & Gardner (James H. Fogerty and 
Fred Gardner coal, 324 8. Clark, T. 1655 

Fogerty &Mulcahey (John Fogerty and Cor- 
nelius Mulcahey) horseshoers, 31(31 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 

FO«G J. EEIiAND, seeds. 31 Michigan 

Fogh H. J. jeweler, 71 E. Chicago av. 

Foisey Eugene E. jeweler, 109 Blue Island av. 

Foisy Anthony, jeweler, 2842 5th av. 

Folding Sewing Machine Co. Marvin O. 
Smith, pres. Frank S. Smith, sec. 303 S. 

Foley Agnes, Mrs. dressmkr. 912 S. Ashland 

Foley Bros. (Edmund C. and Andrew J.) un- 
dertakers, 459 W. Indiana, T. 7197 

Foley Daniel, boots and shoes, 398 W. 12th 

Foley David, saloon, 4109 S. Halsted 

Foley James, cigars, 166 E. Adams 

Foley James, saloon, 809 Clybourn av. 

Foley John, blksmth, Paulina nr 22nd 

Foley John M. news, 266 W. Randolph 

Foley M. contractor, es Benson av. nr. Lee, 
(S. Evanston) 

Foley Richard J. carp. 3244 Emerald av. 

Foley WiUiam, blksmth, 149 E. 18th 

Foley & Williams Mnfg. Co. W. C. Foley.pres. 
D. W. Williams, sec, and treas. sewing 
machine supplies, 70 and 72 E. Adams 

Foliambe Theodore, ins. agt. 177 LaSalle,R. 14 

Folk Fred, saloon, 291 W. Chicago av. 

Folk Herman, tailor, 298 W. Division 

Folk & Rix (Frederick Folk and John Rix) 
mnf rs. cigars, 291 W. Chicago av. 

Folke Vennen, Mortenson & Crook, pubs. 332 
W. Indiana 

Folke & Kjellberg (Tekla Folke and Emil 
Kjellberg) movement cure institute, 365 
Wabash av. and 51 Central Music Hall 

Follansbee George A. lawyer, 132 LaSalle 

Follansbee, Tyler & Co. (Charles E. Follans- 
bee and Fred C. Tyler) paper stock, 389 
5th av. T. 638 

Follansbee & O'Connor, (George A. Follansbee 
and John O'Connor) lawyers, 132 LaSalle 

Follett F. F. books, 302 S. State 

Follett Martin P. real est. 205 LaSaUe, R. 201 

FoUett F. J. & Bros. (F. J. Charles L. and 
George E.) livery, 115 Wabash av. 

Follett & Ellsworth Provision Co. (The) 
A. M